How to make screen time longer

How to turn off the curtain on the lock screen?

If you mean screen lock, then to disable it you need:

  • Go to phone settings
  • Find the Security section
  • Find Screen Lock
  • Select Disable blocking (or something like that). If there is no such item, then click on the Screen lock item and select Disable (or No).

How to write on the lock screen on iPhone?

A new item appears in the iOS settings menu, in which the tweak is configured. The first switch activates the change of the inscription, after which you need to enter any text in the line below. You can cheat and enter a space there, then the lock screen will be empty.

How to turn on the flashlight on the locked screen of iPhone 11?

Swipe down from the top right corner (up from the bottom edge on older models) to open Control Center. Tap the flashlight icon to turn it on.

How to customize the lock screen on Xiaomi?

  • Go to the “Settings” menu. “Blocking and protection”.
  • Go to the “Lock Screen” tab.
  • To set the time after which the screen will automatically turn off (locked), go to the “Sleep mode”.

How to enable notifications on Xiaomi lock screen?

  • Xiaomi lock screen notifications.
  • Open the “Applications” item in the settings
  • We select the item “All applications”
  • Select the application whose notifications you want to see on the lock screen
  • In the application menu, select “Notifications”

How to remove hints on the Xiaomi lock screen?

How to disable ads on Xiaomi lock screen

  • Settings — Apps — All Apps. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Show all applications”
  • Find the “Wallpaper Carousel” in the list and open it
  • At the very bottom you will see the “Remove” button, with which you can get rid of this application, and, accordingly, from advertising.

How to make the time black on the lock screen?

How to enlarge the font on a computer in Windows 10?

Right-click on the “Start icon on the taskbar” and in the drop-down context menu select “Control Panel”.

How to enlarge the font on a computer in Windows 10

In the Windows 10 control panel, find the “Display” icon and click on it.

In the window that opens, you can adjust the font size for each specific element of Windows 10: Headings, menus, tips, icons, messages.

Increasing the font on the Windows 10 computer screen

You can also increase not only the font, but all the elements of the Windows 10 screen. To do this, at the top of the window, click on “use these screen settings” highlighted in blue.

Increase font and screen elements in Windows 10

After clicking, another window “Customize your screen” will appear, where by moving the slider “Resize text, applications and other elements” will change the size of not only the font on the screen, but also all other elements of the Windows 10 desktop.

After all the changes made, do not forget to press the “Apply” button.

How to make a font larger on a computer and laptop?

Many users who have vision problems experience serious difficulties while working with a computer. Font and other Windows display elements such as windows, icons, and shortcuts appear small.

This article will discuss how to enlarge the font and other items on the computer screen in Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

How to enlarge the font on a computer in Windows 7?

In Windows 7, the font sizes on the computer or laptop screen change slightly differently.

To do this, right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select “Personalization”.

In the window that opens at the bottom left, select “Screen”.

Here, in the upper left part of the window, select “Other font size (dots per inch)”.

Open the font enlargement setting in Windows 7

The “Scale selection” window will open, where in the “Scale from normal size” selection window you can select the magnification factor as a percentage.

After selecting the desired value, press the “Apply” button and exit your profile. After re-entering, the size of all elements of the Windows 10 desktop, including the font on the screen, will be increased.

How to increase the font in the browser?

Any browser on all versions of Windows has a useful font enlargement feature. To use it, you need to press the “Ctrl” key in the lower left corner of the keyboard and, without releasing it, turn it with the mouse wheel. After selecting the desired font scale, the “Ctrl” key can be released.

How to remove the inscription Activate Windows 10 forever from the screen

Sometimes users prefer to work in Windows 10 without activation, and this is quite possible (more on this in a separate article: Is it possible to use Windows 10 without activation, for how long and with what restrictions), but after a while the inscription “ Windows Activation “with an explanation: To activate Windows, go to the Settings section, which assumes you go to Settings. Updates and Security. Activation and enter your product key. However, you can remove the caption from the screen without it.

This instruction details how to permanently remove the Windows activation on the Windows 10 screen in several ways. manually and using third-party programs, as well as additional information that may be useful.

Universal Watermark Disabler

Another way to remove the “Windows Activation” inscription in the corner of the screen is to use a simple free utility Universal Watermark Disabler, which can be downloaded from the official website After downloading the utility, unpack the archive and run the uwd.exe file

Click the “Install” button (you may need to confirm the installation in an unsupported assembly, usually everything works), and then click “OK” to exit the system.

After automatically logging out and then logging in, the inscription does not always disappear, but if you restart your computer or laptop after that, it usually disappears (but, according to my tests, not always).

We remove the inscription “Windows Activation” using the registry editor

The first method is to use the Registry Editor to disable the display of the Windows 10 activation message. If you have already tried this method, but the parameters were returned to their original state, a solution for this will also be proposed in this section.

  • Launch Registry Editor: Press the WinR keys (Win is the Windows logo key), type regedit and press Enter.
  • Go to the registry key
  • Pay attention to the Manual parameter on the right side of the editor window. Double click on it and set the value to 1.
  • Do the same for the NotificationDisabled parameter
  • After rebooting, the inscription will disappear, but do not rush to reboot: after a while the system may remove your changes. To prevent this from happening, right-click on the Activation section (folder) on the left and select “Permissions”.
  • Selecting the “System” and “TrustedInstaller” items, mark “Deny” for them in the list of permissions and click the “Apply” button.
  • Click the “Advanced” button, and on the next screen, click “Disable inheritance”, confirm, and then delete the TrustedInstaller and System items for which the “Type” says “Allow”.
  • Apply your settings and restart Windows
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You can also use the following code to create a reg file and modify the registry. There are more parameters in the code than in the steps described above:

Another method in addition to the above is to disable the Quick Check service. This can be done in services.msc (set the service startup type to “Disabled”, apply and restart the computer), or in the registry editor: in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ svsvc, change the Start parameter to 4, and then restart a computer.

Galaxy S20 / S20 : How to Change Screen Timeout to NEVER while Charging

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Why is this circus?
Restrictions are not going anywhere
However to whom that.

what are the restrictions? There are no restrictions other than personalization restrictions, however this is bypassed by using third-party tweakers.

As for me, this window interferes with some. Personally, it just bothers me, anyway, these restrictions are not critical.

No, it’s too hard: JUST ACTIVATE WIND

Well, if you are talking about all kinds of dishonest methods of activation, then this is not the safest action. If officially, then yes, of course, this is an option.

There is a very simple, free and safe way to get rid of this. switch to Linux)))

I mean, not the safest thing to do? What happens dangerous when activated by activators from ratiborus? Tell everyone.

I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know if it will happen.
But there are chances of what will happen: after all, you have not seen the code and have not seen what, in addition to emulating the activation server, it does (or will do in some next version, as is often the case with useful software some time after development reputation). And in my opinion the potential risk is not worth it.

I support the author. in the modern world, when using “activators” on the computer and work and finances is not the best solution. Better to upgrade to free proven software or buy licenses.

And why this circus with attempts to activate, hide and seek with an activation window. Buy a licensed version of the OS once, start a Microsoft account. And lo and behold, you have a lifespan official version of Windows, download the image from the site’s office and voila You just have to go under your account. And don’t say it’s expensive you spend more on games and subscriptions

I am also for this option. But some people prefer others. for them and the material.

in all my life I have not spent a dime on games and subscriptions. why pay when you can free?

The easiest way to purchase a license! :))))))

Give money, so we’ll get it. In our reality, this is a fairy tale. Let the bourgeoisie buy.

after setting the restrictions in the registry, I clicked on some additional window without really reading it and now I have an error that I do not have permission for anything in the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ SoftwareProtectionPlatform \ Activation
I mean, I can’t do anything at all now, and everything disappeared from there, in general
This is of course my fault, but just how can I fix it ?
I did not make a backup, since I had already done such an operation and everything was without problems
help me please.

No recovery points?
Can you enter the permissions of this section? If yes, then by changing the owner, in theory you can grant yourself the necessary permissions, being an administrator.

And what to do if there is activation and there is no mention of the end of the license anywhere. but nevertheless an inscription appeared on the desktop about the imminent termination of the license when the computer was turned on. The history of the installation of the system on this computer is not known to me. thanks for the answer

What is the Windows 10 edition? It looks like just some kind of corporate unlicensed assembly on behavior.

Hello and thanks for the quick response I can’t attach a screen here, it’s here (link)

Obviously a pirated version (although not a corporate one, as I assumed). I do not offer solutions for “workarounds” on this topic on the site, sorry.

tried everything turns off for a maximum of 3 hours.

Thank you very much. The way to change the registry helped. After restarting the laptop, the inscription disappeared.

I tried it all. I do not advise anyone. Not only was the inscription removed only for a while, but also there is no more access to the Activation folder.

Did it helped thanks for the advice tortured these letters. will appear again or not let’s see but rummaging in the registry was even interesting. Thanks again

Thank you very much, otherwise it always interferes with games. Honestly respect.

I tried it using the uwd program, after installation, there was no request to reboot, the screen turned black. After a forced reboot, the inscription disappeared along with the Internet. Diagnostics says that the device or resource is not accepting the connection

make, screen, time, longer

Hmm this program didn’t seem to fit anywhere when I tested it. Maybe it just coincided (for example, with problems with the provider)?

How to make infinite time in CS: GO

The first thing to learn is that you can only do infinite time on your own server. Do not try to do this in MM or Fight to the Death mode. you will fail. The second point. you need to open the console and activate the commands using sv_cheats 1. To open the console, go to the settings and click “enable developer console. yes. Next, in the settings, we look at which letter you have to open it (by default, e). Now let’s go directly to the commands that allow you to make the round longer.

How to increase time in CS: GO

Sometimes for practice or just to have a little fun with friends, you need to increase the round time in the game. Despite the mass of information on the net, people still have questions about how to make more time in CS: GO. In this article, we will cover this topic in detail.

How to change round time in cs go using console commands

In order to change the time in cs go on maps where you need to defuse the bomb, we need the mp_roundtime_defuse 9999999 command, where instead of three nines you put the number you need. For example, to set the round time to 5 minutes, you need to register mp_roundtime_defuse 5 (do not forget to register sv_cheats 1 first).

If you have a card with hostages, you won’t be able to extend the round this way. Another team will be needed. mp_roundtime_hostage 999999. So keep this in mind.

Once you have written this, you will need to restart the round. To do this, simply enter mp_restartgame 1. After restarting, new settings will be set.

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Other commands for setting time in CS: GO

You may also find other console commands useful. Here is some of them:

  • mp_timelimit. the number of seconds allocated for this card. As you remember, after a while the current card will automatically change to another. To prevent this from happening, you should register mp_timelimit 999;
  • mp_buytime. determines the number of seconds to buy weapons. By default, this is like about 30-45 seconds. you can set your own value;
  • mp_freezetime. freeze at the beginning of the round. Remember, before the round you are not allowed to move? So, using the mp_freezetime command, you can either extend the time or remove it altogether;
  • mp_c4time. in how many seconds the bomb will explode. The default is 35 seconds. You can bet at least 1000 if you need it.
  • mp_maXRounds. the number of rounds in the game. By default there are 30 of them. You can set less.

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make, screen, time, longer

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Useful software

In addition to the standard hours offered by the system, there is the possibility of downloading programs, which often include other useful functions. Widgets with simultaneous display of weather and time are very popular. Let’s consider examples of such applications and their features.

Play Store widgets

    Launch Play Store and tap on the search bar located in the upper area of ​​the window.

Enter the query “clock widget” and select the first hint from the list or just click on the search button.

Check out the list of results presented. If necessary, you can go to the page of each of them to evaluate the design and possibilities. To do this, just click on the name of the application.

iPhone XR: How to Change Screen Timeout (Screen Lock Time)

Having made your choice, click “Install”. As an example, we will use the Transparent Clock and Weather mini-application, which has a fairly high rating among Android users.

If an installed widget, such as the one we have chosen, also displays the weather, the first time you launch it, you will be asked for permission to grant it access to the location. In this window, you should click “Allow”, at least if you want the weather for your region to be displayed correctly.

When the application is launched, familiarize yourself with its capabilities, available functions and settings, at least in order to understand what it is.

Directly to add a clock widget, you will need to return to the Android home screen again and open the launcher menu. As already mentioned, this is most often done by holding your finger on the screen and selecting the appropriate item from the list of available.

As in the previous method, scroll through the list of gadgets and find the item whose name corresponds to the one you installed from the Market.

Quite often solutions from third-party developers contain a very extensive selection of widgets in their arsenal. Therefore, we recommend that you look through each of them in order to ultimately choose the most suitable.

Surely, having decided what kind of clock you want to see on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, install it by moving it or with the usual tap (again, it depends on the OS version and the shell used). If necessary, allow the launcher you are using to create a widget.

Assess the appearance of the added widget and resize it if necessary. Please note that the “Transparent clock and weather” we used as an example also displays the air temperature in the notification bar, and there are many such applications.

As you can see, using third-party widgets to add a clock to the Android home screen is also easy. In addition, in contrast to the meager set of standard solutions, Play Store offers almost limitless possibilities for choice. You can freely try several applications at once, install them on your device and evaluate, and then keep only the most interesting and interesting for yourself.

Installing on the lock screen

Also, Android smartphones can be installed on the lock screen. This is very convenient if you often need to check the time, but unlocking the phone is not very convenient for this. In this case, the application “Glowing Dresser Clock” will help you. It is free to install and boasts absolute ad-freedom.

How to get the clock back through widgets

On many smartphones, the clock that appears on the main display is automatically duplicated on the lock screen. If you accidentally or on purpose remove them, they will disappear there and there. How to display the clock on the phone screen:

Long press in any free area on the main screen and wait for an additional menu to appear at the bottom of the screen.

Click “Widgets” and in the screen that appears, find the “Clock” application.

Tap and hold on the desired widget, and then place it on a free part of the screen.

After that, the clock should appear on the home and lock screen. Optionally you can choose analog or digital display.

Setting the clock to the Android screen

Widgets. this is what mini-applications are called that can be added to any of the home screens of an Android device. They can be either pre-installed, that is, integrated into the operating system from the start, or developed by third-party developers and installed through the Google Play Store. Actually, the watches we are interested in are presented in sufficient quantities in both the first and second categories.

How to enlarge the clock on the Android phone screen

On almost all Android devices, the clock is displayed on the lock screen by default.

On some smartphone models, you may need to install an additional application or add them through widgets. If you accidentally deleted the clock from the lock screen and do not know how to get it back, then below we will tell you in detail how to do it.

Standard widgets

First of all, we will consider how to install the clock on the screen of an Android device, using the basic capabilities of the latter, that is, by choosing one of the widgets built into the mobile OS.

    Go to the screen where you want to add the clock and open the launcher menu. Most often, this is done with a long tap (finger hold) over an empty area. In the menu that appears, select “Widgets”.

Note: There can be just one widget in the “Clock” section, or several. It depends not only on the version of the Android operating system, but also on what additional features the direct manufacturer has endowed its product with. So, on the device we are using as an example (“pure” OS Android 8.1), two clock widgets are available.

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Note: If you are using a launcher other than the standard one, the first time you try to add a widget to the home screen, a small pop-up window will appear asking if you want to do this. Click “Allow” in it and, if you do not want to face this question anymore, first check the box next to the item “Do not ask again”.

Once you have determined the correct size, click on an empty area on the screen to exit edit mode.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in installing the clock on the screen of an Android device, especially when it comes to a standard set of widgets. If none of them suits you for some reason, we recommend installing an application from third-party developers, which we will discuss further.

The easy way

You may have heard of the key combination Ctrl and “” (plus). With it, you can really enlarge the inscriptions on the screen to the desired size. And if you feel that you have gone too far, then instead of a plus, hold down “-” (minus). Very simple, intuitive and works. You can increase the font this way both in the browser and on the desktop. When working in Microsoft Word, the size of words, of course, cannot be made more. you will have to use standard tools and combinations. But such programs are an exception. Most of the time the combination works.

True, this method has a significant drawback. it is one-time. If you increased the font size on one page, and then went to another, you will see what you were trying to get rid of, and you will have to repeat this action again. At first it may seem that this is nothing, but then it will quickly get bored.

This method is more suitable for those who are satisfied with the default size of the inscriptions on the screen, but who have seen especially small text and do not want to strain their eyes too much. Then the combination of Ctrl with “” is a great option. It can be used with the method shown below. It will be possible to enlarge the font and leave it that way, and all programs, except perhaps some browsers (but not all), will use it.

How to increase the font on a computer

Everyone wants to work on a computer comfortably, so that using an electronic friend causes not stress, but positive emotions. The car can be customized almost completely for yourself, but not everyone knows about this and continues to endure some inconveniences, although they can be corrected. One of these inconveniences is the small print.

Someone wants to make it bigger so that you can look at the screen pleasantly and you don’t have to strain your eyes. But he does not know how to make the inscriptions on the screen any longer, and continues to endure. What for? There are opportunities to create more comfortable working conditions. Or, let’s say a person wearing glasses wants to work on a PC without them. He had heard somewhere that it was possible. But as? The inscriptions are small.

Most PC users do not want to delve into the nuances of system behavior. And this is not to say that it is bad. not all drivers understand cars, just as not every one of us who uses electricity can fix a malfunction on our own. But the inconveniences have arisen. Small inscriptions in the system begin to annoy. You either have to endure these difficulties, or call a wizard, or climb to find a solution on the Internet. Making the letters on the screen bigger is as easy as shelling pears, and you’ll see for yourself. Here are solutions to the question of how to increase the font on a computer.

Once and forever

So how to enlarge the font on a computer?

  • The beginning of the beginning is the Start menu. In it you will need a “Control Panel”.
  • Then go to the section “Registration”.
  • You will see the title “Screen”, and there you will need to select “Resize text and other elements”.
  • After that, a window will open where you can change the font size.

You can pay attention to the warning that when performing this manipulation, some details on the screen may not fit into its borders. Keep calm. If this happens, then horizontal scrolling is turned on. access is not lost to anything, everything remains in place. In general, for many users who set a font in size of 125 percent, everything usually fits and it is very rarely necessary to scroll the screen.

You can change the size of the text from 100 percent to 125. This feature is primarily striking, but the system provides the ability to install any convenient font. You can do it like this:

  • in the left column there is a button “Custom font size (dots per inch)”. You also need it. When pressed, the “Scale Selection” tab is highlighted;
  • among other things, the text contains the words “Scale from normal size”, and next to it you can select any one you want by the arrow;
  • or alternatively, move the slider with the mouse. You will see a kind of “ruler” at the bottom of the window. By moving it, you can also choose any convenient text size.

You may need to restart your computer for all changes to take effect.

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