How To Make Screen Video On Laptop

How to take a screenshot of the laptop screen on the keyboard

Take a picture of the screen of a Samsung, hp, acer laptop, good (toshiba satellite), asus or Lenovo, in windows 8 and windows 7, or rather take a screenshot (screen, print screen, touch screen), you can very quickly and easily.

If you take a screenshot on the keyboard, or with the help of additional programs, then there is absolutely no difference between windows 8 and windows 7. everything is done the same.

Also completely comments on the difference, what you will screen: laptop screen, desktop, in the game or on the Internet page.

The screenshot does NOT depend on the laptop and keyboard model either. It is done the same way on samsung, Acer, toshiba, ASUS and any other.

Ideal for taking screenshots on laptop / computer keyboard

Perhaps, the SnagIt program jumped over everyone. With its help, you can convert a screenshot taken beyond recognition and even record what is happening on the desktop or in the game to a file.

How To Make Screen Video On Laptop

Regarding games, many developers predict such a function and you just need to press the f12 key.

The program to take a screenshot in a laptop (computer)

With scissors, you can take a screenshot of the screen or part of it quickly, but the possibilities for editing the picture are very limited.

There are many more opportunities in Special Programs, of which there are a lot today. For free you can try FastStone Capture, Screenshot Captor, EasyCapture, DuckCapture.

The only drawback is that they have Russian, which is very important for beginners.

If you definitely want to have a free program with which you can take a screenshot, then take a closer look at. LightShot.

After installation, it is placed in the tray. After you make a screen (full screen or part), you can edit it a little: put an inscription, arrows, lines or share it in a contact. Look at the picture below.

The fastest way to take a screenshot on a laptop or computer

Windows 7 or windows 8 includes the standard scissors utility. It allows you to instantly take a screenshot of the screen.

If you have installed “native” drivers for the keyboard, then you can launch it by clicking on the Print screen button.

In a laptop, it may have an abbreviated name “PrtSc SysRq”. in translation it means “screen print”.

Press this key, you put the full screenshot on the clipboard. then you can paste it into any graphics editor, for example, into the program included in Windows applications: “paint”.

If you want to take a screenshot of a part of the screen, then run the “scissors”. To do this, click start, in the search bar, enter. scissors. and click on them at the very top.

Where to find the Saved Box

With beginners, it often happens that they can take a screenshot on a laptop, but then they cannot find it. Let’s try to answer this question. where to find it?

Whatever you do it, it is always possible to save it to your laptop or computer wherever you want. Usually you need to click “file” and name it on the line “save as”.

Then you can give it a name and indicate where to save it. It is best to specify “desktop”, then you will NOT have to search.

If you took a screenshot, and did not specify the save location, then look in the folder “my documents”. Almost always, windows places all important files there. success.

Taking a snapshot in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers its users the same two ways to take screenshots.

1. The shortcut keys “Win” “Prt Sc”.

2.Using the Scissors tool.

Open the program and click “Create”.

Use the left mouse button to select the desired screen area.

Save the result by clicking “File”. “Save As”.

How to take a screenshot on Windows 7

Before taking a screenshot of the screen on a laptop, see what version of the operating system is installed on the device. If you have Windows 7, then you can resort to the below description of how to create snapshots.

The easiest way to take a screenshot in Windows is by using the Print Screen button. On your keyboard it will be called “Prt Sc” or “PrtScr”.

Clicked on this button, you will NOT see any changes or PC actions. However, a screenshot of your screen is already in the device’s memory. To extract it, you need to open any program you have installed for viewing images (for example, Paint) and insert your photo (box) into it using the “Ctrl V” buttons.

All screenshots created with the keyboard shortcut “Win” “Prt Sc”, or simply “Prt Sc” are saved in the “Screenshots” folder located along the path C: UsersUser_namePicturesScreenshots

Also, you can create screenshots using the “Scissors” tool.

To do this, click “Start” and type in the search box “Scissors”. The program window will open. You need to click on “Create” and use your mouse to select the desired area of ​​the screen.

With the power of this tool, you can make a screenshot of the entire screen or part of it, while Applying a rectangular area or drawn by hand.

After the performed actions, the window for editing the resulting image will pop up, in which you can, if desired, add a “signature” to your pictures or simply write text on it.

Upon completion of editing, press the button “Save”.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop using programs.

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of programs for taking screenshots. Unlike standard Windows tools, they have more powerful functionality and allow you to take not only pictures, but also immediately edit them, and often upload them to the authors’ servers in order to share them with friends and acquaintances.

Now we will consider just a couple of the most popular programs and the features of working with them.

Screen area of ​​the screen in OS Windows 10 from the keyboard method number 3

The operating system since 2017 allows you to take a screenshot of any part of the screen. To do this, use the simultaneous pressing of the Win keys (Start button) SShift from the keyboard (it is important to press the keys simultaneously, and not in a row). When a cross appears on the monitor, use it to mark the boundaries of the saved area. The file is created. It remains to paste it into Paint or another application, pressed CtrlV.

How to take a screenshot in the browser

Very often, when surfing the web, you need to save a web page in a graphical form. This can be helped by special plugins, developed for a variety of browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Let’s analyze how to install and use such plugins using Firefox as an example. Let’s go to the add-ons page located at, and using the search terms, we will find the FireShot extension.

Click the “Add to Firefox” button and install the plugin, and then restart the browser.

Now in the upper right corner there is a corresponding button that allows you to take screenshots of the screen, while saving them with preliminary editing or without it.

One of the main advantages of the plugin is the ability to create screenshots of the entire page, and not just the visible part of it. In addition, the built-in extension toolkit allows you to save a snapshot to the clipboard, publish it on the Internet or send it by e-mail. Judging by the drop-down menu, Fireshot can integrate into Interner Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

Let’s say a few words about creating screenshots froms. The easiest way to do them is to use the capabilities of the player itself. For example, in Media Player Classic, to save a frame from a movie, just press the AltI key combination.

This concludes our article. If you know how to take screenshots from the laptop screen in some other way, tell us about it in the comments below. Perhaps this information will be useful to readers.

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Popular Apps

There are many third-party screen capture software available. Each of them has its own functionality. Let’s list the most popular applications:

  • FastStone Capture is one of the best laptop and computer screen capture tools. Allows you to flexibly configure “hot” keys, captures a picture from any type of window, offers a convenient editor for editing images and supports all the most common file formats.
  • Snagit also has a fairly rich functionality that allows you to edit snapshots, convert them from one format to another, capture different parts of the screen (windows, fixed-size areas, the entire page with scrolling).
  • Fraps. This program is focused on creating screenshots in games. Does NOT cause freezes, makes it possible to set hotkey combinations, saves images in the most popular formats.

How to take a screenshot on a Dell laptop. Taking a screenshot in Windows 8

Creating a screenshot on a laptop running Windows 8 is not fundamentally different from taking pictures on previous OS, you can use the tool:

“Scissors”. to take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen.

The shortcut keys “Win” “Prt Sc”. to get a full image of the desktop.


The first and most popular and convenient program for screenshots is “Lightshot”, from the creators of the equally popular image hosting

After downloading and installing the program, it will automatically be added to startup and its icon will appear in your tray.

Now it is permanently ready for “battle”, and to create a screen, you just need to press the “Prt Sc” key, and then by pressing the left mouse button select the required area.

You have highlighted the area of ​​the screen, what to do next?

Let’s take a look at the basic Lightshot settings.

1. Cancel screenshot creation.

2. Save the picture to your laptop.

3. Copy the resulting image for subsequent pasting into the same “Paint”.

4. Upload your screenshot to the server and get a short link to it, which you can immediately share with someone.

5. Drawing panel, thanks to which, you can make any notes.

That’s it, it’s easy enough to take pictures using the Lightshot program.

How to make a screenshot on a laptop

Basically, a laptop or a computer does not matter, as does the model: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, and so on. Everywhere, and in all versions of windows operating systems, you can take a screenshot using the key “Print Screen”. Do NOT be discouraged if you have a print screen on your laptop, it just has a different name. PrtSc and you can find this button in the upper right corner. For an illustrative example, I give you 2 photos with a keyboard, in which there is an arrow for the button you need.

After you pressed the PrtSc key, the screenshot was taken, but it is stored in the clipboard for now. If you reboot the laptop, a buffer demand will occur and your snapshot will be lost.

How to take a screenshot of an open window

In the case above, we learned how to take screenshots of the entire screen, and now let’s find out in a new, standard OS function “screenshot of an open window”. There is an open window, I will enter your work area. Those. it will NOT include the taskbar with the time, the desktop background (if any), etc. To take a screenshot of the window, press the PrtScAlt key combination. For example, see the photo:

Those. as you already understood, you need to press these two buttons simultaneously. Everything, you can save your box.

How to save a screenshot on a laptop

In fact, it is very simple and you can do it in a million ways, the most basic and at the same time simple ones we will now consider.

  • Open the standard windows xp, 7, 8, 10 application “paint”. You can find it in the start menu. all programs are standard. Paint. Then press “CtrlV”. Now save your screenshot with the CtrlS keyboard shortcut.
  • Do everything the same as in the first case, only with any other graphic editor.
  • Open a chat on a social network, for example, a PC and press CtrlV in the input field, i.e. will insert.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

A screenshot is a snapshot / photo (call it what you want) of your laptop screen. precisely, for dummies. a box is a duplicate of what you see in front of you at the time of its creation. Everything exactly, down to a single pixel.

Why take a screenshot? For example, show the correspondence, and everything else. I will use them for an illustrative example. Where, where to press, what should be displayed, etc. This is a very convenient option that you will definitely need more than once.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

Congratulations, you’re in luck today. And here there are no programs to download, there is a need to install. The thing is that your laptop already has a standard program called “scissors”.

To open it, go to the start menu. all programs. standard. scissors.

We open them and you do not need to click anything else. You can already use the cursor to select the area you need for the screen. Just highlight an area of ​​the screen, and release the mouse. After that, click in the top menu “file” and select save.

A very large article turned out for just one, simple button, but now you can create 3 types of screenshots using windows and save them. To better assimilate the information in the most gifted teapots (no offense), I suggest looking at:

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

Windows 10 Features. Snapshot Sketch

How do I take a screenshot on a laptop? Windows 10 has a built-in functional utility for taking screenshots, which allows you to take not only screenshots of the entire screen or active window, but also of a certain shape.

1. Open the START menu and start typing. “Sketch on a fragment”, open the appropriate application from the list of proposed.

2. To take a screenshot, click on the “Create” button, a window with four options for images will open:

  • rectangular
  • freeform
  • Active window. you need to name it to select
  • whole screen

3. After selecting an option, you can immediately save the resulting result by clicking on the button with a floppy disk, indicating the type of file and selecting the desired directory. Also, in this window, you can immediately edit the image a little: add explanations, crop, use handwriting.

Interesting! You don’t have to open this application, but just press “WIN SHIFT S” on the keyboard to open a window with options for creating snapshots. And then just save them in any graphic editor by analogy with the Print Screen key from the first chapter.

How to make a screenshot of the screen on a laptop. programs

In some cases, it is more convenient to use special utilities. screenshots, which can automatically create screenshots on a laptop and save them. Consider three of them.


Fast, high-quality and handy screenshot with interesting and necessary functions. There is a built-in and online editor, the resulting images can be immediately and easily shared. A really high-quality and convenient tool, which makes it much easier to work with a screenshot.


  • The image is uploaded to the service, and the user receives a public link that he can share with whoever he wants
  • Search by Similar Images
  • Convenient to use
  • versatile
  • editor


An easy-to-use and functional utility that allows you to create screenshots in one click, process them and share with friends on social networks. Excellent and efficient software that does NOT take up much space on your laptop.


  • Support for keyboard shortcuts for control
  • Sharing functions in social networks
  • Image editing
  • Support for popular image formats
  • Launch at system startup
  • compression function
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Print Screen button on keyboard

Almost any keyboard on laptops has a special button. Print Screen, clicked on which a screenshot will be taken. It is located at the top right of the panel with buttons F2-F12. It says: “Print Screen” or the same phrase, but already in abbreviated form: “Prt Scr”, “Prnt Scrn” or similar.

Important! Often you need to press it with another key. Fn, moreover, it is this key that is pressed first, and only then the print screen. If you need to take images only from the currently active window, you must also press the ALT key. On some laptop models, pressing Fn is optional. Remember these combinations:

  • FN Print Screen. captures the entire area
  • FN ALT Print Screen. captures only the currently active window with its current size
  • WIN Print Screen. the image will be immediately created in the “Images” section, in the “Screenshots” folder, in PNG format

If you have Windows 10, then press the “WIN Print Screen” keys together, the screenshot will be immediately saved in PNG format along the path: “Images”. “Screenshots”. You can open this folder in Explorer. press the “WIN E” keys together and go to it in the left column.

If you want to further edit the image and save the image in a different format, for example, in JPG, then:

1. Press the Fn and Print Screen keys on the keyboard at the same time, the screenshot will be taken and go to the clipboard. You need to save it to an image file.

2. Press the WIN key on your keyboard to open the Start Menu and immediately start typing the word “PAINT”. From the match list, open the appropriate program. You can also use any other graphics editor.

3. In the program, press the “CTRL V” buttons together, the snapshot will be inserted. Next, in the menu, click on “File”. “Save As”, specify the file type, preferably JPG and specify the directory for saving, or just click on the floppy disk icon. If desired, you can edit the image before saving.

Important! If you do not have the Print Screen key on your keyboard or it is broken, then skip to the next chapters, there are described how to do it without using it.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop: all ways

It is really easy to make a screenshot on a laptop, both using a special key on the keyboard. Print Screen, and the capabilities of the Windows operating system.

In this material, we will consider in detail all the ways to create them, and you will learn how to make a print screen on a laptop quickly and, most importantly, simply.

From the previous publication, you could learn what to do if the flash drive is not formatted. Now we will consider in detail and with examples how to take a screenshot on a laptop windows 10, 7 and earlier versions of this OS.

Interesting! The instruction is universal and is suitable for laptops of various models. So you can take a screenshot on laptops: Lenovo, ASUS, HP, Toshiba, Acer worthy of the brands.

Windows 10 and 7. Scissors tool

The tool works almost the same as the previous one and should be used in Windows 7 or 10 if it doesn’t work.

1. Open the START menu and start typing. “Scissors, open the application from the list of suggested”.

2. Select a mode in the appropriate box and take a picture. To save it, click on “File”. “Save As” and specify the directory. Also here you can select the file type, better specify. JPG.

Screen Capture

A very popular and effective utility with many functions, it is especially convenient that there is a search history for the created images. You can view them anywhere from the cloud storage and immediately share with friends.


  • Snapshot history
  • Embedded in the context menu
  • Easy to manage
  • There is a nice built-in editor
  • Saving to cloud storage
  • You can add text on the picture

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

A screenshot of the screen is called his photo. a picture that contains an image of what is currently shown on the monitor. What is a screenshot for? Perhaps you want to explain to someone the features of the interface of a program by sending the corresponding image, or you just want to save (“photograph”) a frame in the game, a working document, etc. There are many situations in which a screenshot will be useful, and since with the appropriate knowledge, the creation of such images takes a few seconds, it makes sense for each user to learn how to take screenshots and use another opportunity that modern computer technology provides. How do I take a screenshot of the screen? Is it possible to “photograph” only a certain part of it or only the active window? Are there programs for quickly creating screenshots, saving them to a special folder and publishing them on the Internet?

How to screen the screen using the Prt Sc key?

First, let’s consider the simplest and most affordable way, where you only need to press one button! Any standard keyboard has a Print Screen key (other Possible names: PrtSc SysRq, Print Screen Sys Rq, prt sc). It is designed to take screenshots, so in most cases you can “take a picture” of the screen by pressing it:

Did you press PrtSc on your computer or laptop keyboard but nothing happened? In fact, the screenshot was automatically placed on the clipboard, which allows you to paste it (CTRLV or right-click and Paste) into any image editing program (Paint, Photoshop) or document (Word).

When working with your computer, you can easily find the Print Screen key at the top right of the keyboard. For laptop users, you may need to use an additional Fn key (located between CTRL and Win), since the PrtSc function can be combined with any other. For example, with Insert:

In this case, the screenshot is also saved to the clipboard, after which the screenshot can be copied to Paint. At the same time, the Print Screen key works in the case of Windows 7, and in the case of Windows 10 or Win XP installed on a PC or laptop.

Another useful tip: for those situations when it is necessary to “photograph” only the active window (an open document or application), it is enough to simultaneously press the Alt Print Screen key combination. The image of the active window will also be saved to the clipboard. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the buffer can contain only one object for subsequent insertion, i.e., after taking 2 screenshots in a row, only the last one will be in the memory of the computer or laptop.

Other ways to take a screenshot

The banal absence of the PrtSc key may prevent you from quickly taking a screenshot. What to do in this case? There are several options:

1. The “Scissors” program. If your computer or laptop has this application (Start menu), then by opening it and clicking on the arrow next to the “Create” button, you can easily send a photo of the entire screen, a certain selected area or a part of an arbitrary shape to the clipboard:

After that, all that remains is to save the picture in the required folder:

2.Special editor programs. There are many applications that allow you to quickly take a screenshot, such as Subsequently, you can save, insert into documents, edit, share it on forums, etc.:

  • Light Shot,
  • СlIP2net,
  • NET,
  • ShotTheScreen,
  • Fraps and others.

Let’s look at an example of how the Light Shot program works in Windows. After launching it, a shortcut in the form of a pink Feather appears in the bottom quick access panel. You can activate the program either by clicking on the shortcut, or by pressing the PrtSc button. Next, it remains to select an area for creating a picture:

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In the drop-down menu panels, you can find all the necessary functions: save, print, add text, etc. In addition, in the settings of the Light Shot application, you can set any hotkeys that activate the program or allow you to upload a screen image directly to the server:

Another convenient editor for creating screenshots in Windows, which will take its rightful place among the applications of any computer or laptop. clIP2net. Simple and intuitive program interface in the form of a menu bar, which is activated after starting the application. To save a screenshot, just click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the window, and the “Send” button will automatically generate a code that will allow you to insert the image into any other programs, applications and Internet forums: ICQ, social networks, site administration panels, etc.

Making screenshots on a computer or laptop using clIP2net can be made even more convenient if you register hot keys in the settings menu, set the Required snapshot format, specify the snapshot download server and much more. Finally, for users officially registered on the website of the developer of the editor program, some other opportunities are opened up related to storing photographic materials on the Internet.

Use Microsoft OneNote and Windows keyboard shortcut

Start Microsoft OneNote.

Choose Paste followed by Screen Clipping.

Right click on the OneNote icon and select the Send to OneNote window.

Click Screen Clipping option.

Press Windows and S keys (for Windows 7) or Windows shift and S keys (Windows 10) for a screenshot on a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop.

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 7/8/10 Laptop Lenovo

If you have a Lenovo laptop but don’t know how to take a screenshot, you’ve just come to the right place. This article details the steps to take screenshots on Lenovo laptops. So you can use different ways to take a quick screenshot on Lenovo laptop.

3 Ways to Take Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop and Why Choose FoneLab

As the name suggests, the Print Screen Key allows users to capture the current viewing screen from different regions. You can view the screenshot on second digital devices, just like you already printed the screen of a Lenovo laptop.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder lets you capture. audio, online tutorials, etc. On Windows / Mac and you can easily resize, edit or audio and more.

  • Write it down. audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

In general, you can take screenshot on Lenovo laptop with or without print key. If you want to add text and other captions to your screenshot. Just free download FoneLab Screen Recorder to try it now.

You can also use it to take screenshots on Mac.

Recommendation: Use FoneLab to Take Screenshots and Record with Sound on Lenovo Laptop

What to do if your Lenovo keyboard is not working? If you want to get an easier and better way to take screenshots on your Lenovo laptop, you can try FoneLab Screen Recorder.There are different drawing tools in different sizes and colors. Alternatively, you can also take screenshots from streaming with FoneLab.

over, you can record live broadcasts and online without loss of quality. It also supports recording system sound and microphone voice at the same time. In short, you can Get everything you need from Lenovo Screenshot Software.

  • Take a screenshot on Lenovo laptop with text, lines, arrows, step tools and other drawing tools.
  • Gameplay recording, tutorials, movies, Skype calls and more.
  • Capture streaming audio and microphone voice.
  • Use hotkeys to start and stop recording, and take screenshots.
  • Set the quality. frame rate, bit rate, formats and other settings before recording.

Why do I need a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop

Is there a way to share what you are watching or viewing on your laptop? Well, you can take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop. Alternatively, you can also show others how to do it with a screenshot or.tutorial.

Yes, you can add shortcuts and other tools to your screenshot to convey more information.

Any need to write or explain in long sentences. You can take a screenshot on a ThinkPad or Lenovo laptop with less time and confusion. Imagine what you can do with Lenovo screenshots.

As a result, next time you can get the same information offline by viewing screenshots directly.

What is Lenovo and its laptop

Lenovo. a technology company that designs and manufactures laptops, desktops, tablets, data centers, virtual reality, and smart devices and workstations. As one of the largest personal computer vendors, Lenovo successfully sells ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga and Legion laptops.

According to the report, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. the best laptop for business in 2020. What’s more, the Lenovo Yoga 920 received a lot of good comments than other 2-in-1 laptops in 2017. However, many users are complaining about its poor phone support.

Way 2: Run the SnIPping Tool for a screenshot with a custom region

You can take your own screenshot on Lenovo laptop using SnIPping Tool. For example, you can Get Free Form SnIP, Rectangle Knife, Window SnIP and Full Screen SnIP from this standard Windows screenshot capture tool.

Search Scissors. which refers to the Start menu.

Select target screenshot mode from New or Mode drop-down menu.

Use the left mouse button to drag the screen area to capture.

Take a screenshot on Lenovo and save it on your laptop.

Use the Print Screen key on your keyboard

Screenshot on Windows 7 Lenovo laptop:

Press PrtSc key to copy Lenovo screenshot to clipboard.

Open Draw Application.

Paste and save the screenshot.

Screenshot from Lenovo laptop running Windows 8/10:

Press Windows and PrtSc at the same time.

The screen will dim shortly, indicating that a screenshot was taken.

Find this picture in Pictures library accompanied by Screenshots folder.


  • Thanks to the adaptive keyboard, the 2nd generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon does not have a Prtsc key. Thus, if you want to take a screenshot on Lenovo ThinkPad, you need to press Fn and T keys at the same time to take a screenshot on ThinkPad.
  • You can find PrtSc key in the upper right corner of Lenovo keyboard. As for some ThinkPad users, the Print Screen button may be in the lower right corner between the other and Ctrl.
  • This is PrtSc Screenshot of the key is not available for gameplay.
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