How to make the full version on iPhone

Scan documents using Notes on iPhone

  • Run the standard Notes utility.
  • Create a new one and click the Plus label.
  • Select the item “Scan documents”.
  • Point the camera at the paper and take a photo. at this time, the system independently recognizes the boundaries.
  • If desired, you can adjust the text and use special filters to help improve the quality of the scanned copy.
  • After completing the procedure, press “Save”. User can make copies of several pages at the same time.

All photos will be sent to the created draft. In the future, they can be exported to other applications through the “Share”, choose to save in PDF-format or print on a printer.

Important! The user should not forget that ready-made duplicates are not sent by the system to the standard photo gallery of the gadget.

Where to Find a Document Scanner on iPhone

When closely interacting with the gadget, users regularly come across the Notes application, which is located on the main screen. In addition to its standard functions, it is able to connect a scanner for documentation, storage and publication in the iCloud program.

After going through the options, you must click the plus sign, which will open a new blank page for inserting or adding documents. The selected files will be ready to be duplicated.


Refers to fast and convenient document scanners iOS, has the functionality of automatic border recognition, resolution. up to 200 dpi, can be used as a QR code recognizer. To take a photo, just aim the lens at the papers and instantly get their digital version.

Quality optimization is carried out using several color modes, if the procedure is carried out hastily, then the text is immediately recognized and uploaded to the cloud. For important information, the application has Face ID and Touch ID protection.

List of popular third-party scanners for iPhone

The question of how you can scan documentation on an iPhone is easy to answer. To carry out the process, just use one of the following utilities.


There will be no difficulties with how to make scans on the iPhone through this application. It can create duplicates in PDF format, so it cannot store them in the “Camera Roll” section. To sync, just drag the item to the Dropbox folder from the main screen, without having to open the documentation and select a specific action from the menu.

The developers claim that the utility will automatically recognize the contours of the captured object, but in practice this does not work. In most cases, the application asks the user to manually crop the image.

The utility allows you to save in various formats. A3, A4 and others. In order not to get an uneven and slightly flattened image, you will have to set the dimensions yourself.

ABBYY Fine Scanner

The free scanner application for the iZhone is characterized by the ability to select one image from three created. The process takes place automatically and is selected by the system itself. Experts assure that among the photographs taken without focusing, the utility accurately recognizes and saves the best.

She carries out high-quality cropping of the image, precisely defining its contours. During saving, you can select the appropriate category, set tags that will help you easily find the current documentation in the future.

Important! The application supports saving to cloud storage, photo gallery and allows you to send photos to email. It is considered the best among the free content versions.

How to scan documents in iOS 13

How you can scan documents on iPhone: iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 introduced great functionality to duplicate documents right from the Files app. After the end of the process, it can be saved to any place convenient for the user. This approach allows you to save money on paying for using third-party applications for creating duplicate texts.

Important! The procedure is carried out according to the above algorithm and does not take much time.

How to reset iPhone through settings

This method of resetting the machine’s settings involves using standard system tools.

If the user does not know how to reset the iPhone in this way, then this requires the following steps.

Open the gadget settings and select the “Basic” section there.

After that, a list of settings will open, where you need to select the “Reset” tab.

Next, the next settings window will open, in which you need to select the “Reset settings” item. The system may ask you to enter the lock password if it was set by the owner of the phone.

You must select “Reset all settings”

After that, you need to wait for the smartphone to restart in order to properly configure it.

Note! If the smartphone does not turn on as a result of a factory reset, then you need to contact the service center for help. Highly qualified specialists will quickly find the cause of the malfunction and repair the gadget using original spare parts.

Using this method, you will only be able to reset the device settings, so the files and utilities located on it will not be deleted.

Why do you need to restore factory settings iPhone, iPad or iPod

In the process of using the iPhone or iPad, the gadget often starts to slow down, freeze or reboot spontaneously. This is due to the installation of low-quality programs on it, which conflict with each other. It can also occur as a result of incorrect operation of the iOS system. Because of this, you often have to reset the settings on the gadget, and in some situations completely format it.

Note! In addition, as a result of installing a large amount of software on the gadget, there is often not enough free memory. Therefore, all users should know how to make iPhones like new (in terms of returning the original state of the operating system) in case of incorrect operation or memory overflow.

It is also imperative to clear the iPhone or iPad of confidential information when changing the owner (selling or donating a gadget).

How to prepare iPhone for a factory reset

Before you reset your iPhone, be sure to do the following:

  • Back up iPhone. This will protect your contacts, photos, videos, music, and more from being deleted by a hard reset. Thanks to this, all deleted content can be restored at any time, and not only user files but also installed utilities can be returned to their place. It is necessary to set passwords for backups, as confidential information can fall into the wrong hands (do not use a combination of only zeros, 1-2-3-4-5 etc.). But the most important thing is not to forget the set password, because it is impossible to recover it.
  • Charge the smartphone battery by at least 30-50%. The phone should not be discharged during the reset, as this can lead to irreversible consequences. In most cases, the functionality of the gadget can be restored with iTunes.
  • If the settings are reset using the iTunes utility, then you need to prepare a USB cable. You must also sign out of your iTunes Store, iCloud and App Store accounts, and the system will ask for your Apple ID password.
  • It is also required to check the IMEI of the gadget for blocking. To do this, you can use any internet service such as On such a service, you need to enter the phone’s IMEI into the check form. It must be “Unlocked”, otherwise all settings will be lost, which will completely block the gadget.
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How to reset iPhone DO to factory settings

Many iPhone users in the process of using them are faced with incorrect operation of iOS. It is because of this that you often have to reset the device settings or completely clean it from the installed software and files. But users sometimes don’t know how to reset iPhone DO to factory settings. This is especially true for newbies who are new to the iPhone. It is because of this that all methods of resetting the iPhones XR and other models will be discussed in detail below in the article. Thanks to this, each user of a smart gadget will be able to reset it independently and restore its performance.

What is Hard Reset and how to do it on iPhone

Hard Reset is a complete formatting of the phone (the gadget will be reset to factory default). In this case, user settings, contacts, text and multimedia files will be deleted from it. Therefore, this method is suitable for those users who do not know how to reset iPhone. It should be remembered that hard reset is performed differently on different iPhone models.

On iPhone SE, iPhone 6 S, iPhone 6 S Plus and older models, this requires simultaneously pressing and holding (10 seconds or more) the Home key and the Power button until the image of a bitten apple appears.

Hard reset iPhone SE, iPhone 6 S and 6 S Plus

On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, this requires simultaneously pressing and holding (10 seconds or more) the power button and the volume down button until the bitten apple icon appears on the display.

Hard reset iPhone SE, iPhone 6 S and 6 S Plus

To completely reset an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you need to press on them and immediately release the volume up key, followed by the volume down key. Next, you need to press and hold the power button until the image of the bitten apple appears on the display of the gadget. You need to press the keys quickly, otherwise you will have to repeat the procedure again.

Mobile device manufacturers do not place restrictions on the number of hard resets, so you can clean the device at least several times a day.

Important! If at least one function button does not work on the phone, then performing a hard reset using this method will not work.

How to Reset iPhone via iTunes

This method of resetting the iPhone will completely reset the gadget, so all data will be permanently deleted from it. This will install the latest version of iOS on it. Simply put, using this method, you can update the device firmware to the latest version.

Therefore, you need to create a backup of your phone in advance so that you can restore contacts, photos and other important information. In addition, this will allow you to restore its performance after severe software failures.

How to reset iPhones to factory settings using iTunes:

  • Check the version of the program, as it must be the most recent.
  • Deactivate the “Find iPhone” option, for this you will need to specify the Apple ID password.
  • Connect device with USB cable to PC.
  • Run the iTunes utility on the computer, which should quickly detect the device.
  • Next, in the utility menu, click on the phone icon, this will expand the list of devices in which you need to select your gadget (if the device does not display the device, then you should try to reinstall it).
  • Then, in the left block of the iTune menu, you need to click on the “Browse” tab, and then in the right block, select the “Restore” tab. The phone will automatically reboot and ask you to enter data as when you first turned it on.
  • Then you can customize the phone to fit your needs.

You need to click on “Browse”, and then “Restore”

You can also reset the settings of a mobile gadget using a backup (backup) of a clean system. In this case, you need to do all the same, only in the 6th paragraph, select restore from backups in the right block of the program.

Important! It is necessary to monitor the status of the recovery process, because for unforeseen reasons it may be interrupted (the connection between the PC and the phone will be cut off, the battery will not be charged enough, etc.). This will allow you to quickly restore the functionality of the gadget, because the cause of the failure will be known.

What happens if you reset the settings on iPhone

Standard reset will not affect user-generated content (photos, ringtones, videos, etc.) on the iPhone or iPad. The programs installed on the device will also be saved. As for network settings, screen skins, location settings, maps, etc., they will be deleted.

When you reset the iPhone using iTunes or hard reset, personal information will be erased from the phone and all software will be demolished. Accordingly, before such a reset, it is imperative to make a backup copy of the data so that you can format the gadget at any time and restore information deleted from it. In addition, a backup of the phone will allow you to roll back the operating system to a working state when a malfunction occurs in the operating system.

Note! This copy must be kept out of the reach of prying eyes, as this data can be used by unauthorized persons.

In the article, almost all methods of resetting and formatting an iPhone were analyzed in detail. With the help of these step-by-step instructions, any user can independently clean the gadget of debris and restore its performance.

Without iOS 10.0

If your iPhone has an old version of the operating platform, that is, lower than iOS 10, then you will not be able to install the latest version of Viber, since the technical characteristics of the system do not fall under the requirements of the application. Therefore, you will only be able to install the old suitable version of the messenger. How to do it:

To a smartphone with iOS 10.0

  • Go to the App Store from your phone.
  • At the bottom, click on the search icon (magnifying glass).
  • A search bar appears at the top, where you enter the name of the application. Viber.
  • According to the search results, select the Viber messenger and click “Download”.

The download will start automatically and will only take a few seconds. After its end, the application will appear on the main screen of the phone. a standard lilac Viber icon with a handset. It is already ready for use and does not need to be installed additionally. Launch and register using your mobile phone number.

Does Viber exist for iPhone 4

Due to the outdated platform, many iPhone owners face this system error when trying to update the messenger:

Thus, it is possible to install the Viber application on the iPhone 4, however, with a few remarks in the instructions. That is, this means that the download of the file and its installation will take place in a non-standard mode due to the outdated platform. There are two ways out here. download an old suitable version of the messenger for your iPhone 4 or upgrade the operating system through an update.

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How to install Viber on iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was once a very popular smartphone from the prestigious Apple company. Today this phone model is considered outdated, but it still has a number of updates and popular applications. The developers of Viber Media pay special attention to the iOS operating system, so any owner can download Viber on his iPhone. It is very easy to download and install Viber on iPhone. The installation method depends on the new version of the iPhone 4 operating system.

How to update iPhone

If you like the first option of downloading the messenger more, and you also want to receive updates for other programs, then you need to update your operating system on your phone to the maximum possible. This can be done in two ways:

  • Via phone.
  • Via computer with iTunes.

To update the operating system on the iPhone 4 from the phone, you need to go to “Settings”, then “General”, click “Software Update”. Before doing this, your smartphone must be connected to Wi-Fi. In the “Software update” section, a search is made for an available new version of the operating system, and if there are any, then a line with the version number and the “Update” button appears. Click on it and wait for completion.

Updating the system through iTunes may seem much more difficult, but this method is considered more effective:

  • Install iTunes and sign in to your iCloud profile from your computer.
  • Connect the phone via the cord to the computer.
  • Wait for the two devices to pair and display a black smartphone icon at the top left.
  • Click on it, select the “Update” item, in the case of available new versions, the iOS OP on your four will be updated.

How to open the full version of the site

Most Apple device users are familiar with, which allows you to manage your iCloud cloud storage and provides access to many useful applications (including Find My iPhone) from a desktop PC. When we try to access this resource from an iOS device, we will see the following picture:

The site offers to set up iCloud and download a couple of applications, but we do not get access to the main functions through the browser. To solve this problem, you just need to go to the full version of the site, for which you need to click on the address bar at the top, and then “pull” down the opened window with bookmarks, after which we will see the button we need.

This is how we get to the usual start screen of the website.

In the same way, you can go to the full version of other sites. However, this function does not always work. For example, it is perfect for Wikipedia lovers suffering from a poor mobile version of the directory. But the feature will not save the readers of they will have to put up with our mobile “skin” for now. (editor’s note)

Working with tabs

The first feature in this article lets you see tabs open on all of your devices with the same Apple ID. This is convenient if, for example, you read an article on your iPhone in the subway, but at home you decided to finish reading it on your iPad.

This list appears at the bottom of the screen when you open the tab manager, which is invoked by a button with two squares or a “pinch” on the page with two fingers (the latter method works only on iPad).

If you have multiple tabs open in Safari, there are two ways to sort them. The first is drag and drop on the top bar (again, iPad only). The second is the same tab manager. It lets you drag and drop tabs with your finger on them like apps on the iOS home screen. Swiping left on a tab will close it.

There is also one non-obvious way to switch between open tabs on iPad, which is similar to switching between apps with a 4-finger gesture. Only here we are using two fingers and before dragging and dropping a little “squeeze” the page. How it looks, you can look at

Hidden and useful Safari features for newbies and more

Safari is the main browser on Apple mobile devices. It is installed by default, has an excellent speed of work and almost all the functions necessary for an ordinary user. Some of them are subtle but very useful. Below are the hidden features of Safari that will make browsing the web easier.

Quick access to your favorite sites

Each user has a set of sites that are visited regularly. Safari provides a couple of options to ensure the fastest and most convenient access to your favorite pages.

The first is to add bookmarks directly to the home screen. This is done using the Share menu.

After adding, the bookmark will look like a regular application, and you can open your favorite links without even going into the browser before.

The second feature is relevant only for iPad. adding a bookmark bar to the Safari interface. To do this, go to Settings. Safari and enable the Show Favorites Bar option. Now pages from your Favorites folder are always available with one click, without having to open the bookmark menu. Links that do not fit into the line will be hidden behind the “ellipsis” in the right corner of the panel.

Updating saved passwords

Like any other modern browser, Safari has a pretty handy password manager that allows you to save login-password pairs for quick authorization on sites. It works great inside the Apple ecosystem, but there can be problems outside of it. For example, if you change the password for your account on any site using Chrome for Windows, this information will not be updated in your Apple account, and when you try to log in using the saved password on your iPhone or iPad, you will receive an error.

In this case, you need to delete the old password from the database and save the new one. To do this, go to Settings. Safari. Passwords and autocomplete. Saved passwords.

Next, we find the desired site and delete the authorization data with the usual swipe to the left. We return to the browser and go through authorization on the site with a new password, after which we answer in the affirmative to the question of saving it.

By the way, all passwords in the settings section mentioned above are presented in clear text, which is highly questionable from a security point of view.

Hidden features of buttons

Button in the form of an icon. designed to open a new tab has one more function. If you hold your finger on it for a second, a list of recently closed tabs will appear. You no longer need to go into your browsing history if you accidentally closed the desired page.

Other elements of the Safari interface work in a similar way. So, if you hold down the “back” button for a second, we get a list of the last visited pages. And the button with the book, when pressed for a long time, allows you to add the current page to your bookmarks, “reading list” or “shared links”.

Search by words on the page

Everyone knows the keyboard shortcut for finding text on a page in any desktop browser (CtrlF for Windows and CmdF for Mac). But how do you find text in Safari on iOS? Everything is very simple: the desired combination of words should be entered directly into the address bar, after which you need to scroll down the list, where we will see the search results. Completely unintuitive.

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When you click on this line, the browser will scroll the page to the first match, which will be highlighted in yellow, and the controls at the bottom will allow you to navigate between all found matches.

That’s all for now. I think even experienced iOS users will discover something new in this article. If you know any other cool Safari for iOS tricks, share them in the comments. Enjoy your surfing!

Ways to Add Emoticons from iPhone to Android

Android smartphones differ significantly from iPhones not only in terms of features and available applications, but also in terms of visual design. One of the features of iOS devices are emojis in the original style, which are not available on phones of any other manufacturers by default. In the course of the article, we will look at several methods for adding such emoticons on Android, despite the limitations.

AI Style OS 12

This option is a direct alternative to the previous one, but this time for installation you will need to use two applications at once. AI Style OS 12 allows you to use a huge library of styles and internal settings that make each keyboard unique in its own way. In addition, there should be no problems with the installation, since the control as a whole remains quite simple.

    First thing you need to do is follow the link below to download and install the Cheetah Keyboard app. It acts as the main software and must be added without fail.

Once downloaded, open the Settings app and navigate to the Language & Input section. Here you need to select “Virtual Keyboard”, which is called differently depending on the version of OS and shell.

After confirmation via the pop-up window, deactivate any other options and you can exit the settings.

Now go to the following link and, by analogy with any other application, complete the installation.

To complete on the next screen, use the “Toggle” button and select “Cheetah Keyboard” in the pop-up window. Immediately after that, the application will open and offer to test the keyboard along with emoticons.

In the process of using Cheetah Keyboard with the theme installed, you will get an excellent keyboard with emoticons relevant to iOS 12. At the same time, if you are not satisfied with both options, with an overview of other similar applications.

Adding emoticons from iPhone to Android

The procedure for adapting emoji from iPhone to Android one way or another comes down to choosing one of the applications that often require ROOT rights or replace the original keyboard with your own version. We will consider only a few varieties of software that are quite popular and guarantee performance on most devices.

Apple Keyboard

Start with an option that works quite stably on devices without ROOT rights and acts as a keyboard to replace the standard component. It uses a built-in set of iOS-style emoticons and stably supports any software with the ability to insert emoji.

    Download and install the Apple Keyboard from the link provided above. At startup, on the main screen, use the “Enable in Settings” button and on the “Available virtual keyboard” page enable “Apple Keyboard”.

Note: In the future, if necessary, you can independently visit this section and change the keyboard at your discretion.

Return to the start page of the application and on the second tab, tap on the button “Switch input methods”. When a pop-up window appears, re-select the Apple keyboard.

If the modification procedure was completed successfully, after returning to the application and clicking the “Finished” button, a window with the settings will appear. Make the necessary changes and test the keyboard in any text editor or messenger.

The main problem with the Apple Keyboard is the presence of advertisements, despite their relatively rare occurrence. The rest of the software works at a more than decent level, providing several important parameters and design styles.

Emoji Switcher (root)

Emoji Switcher, unlike previous products, is not a keyboard application, but simply replaces the standard set of Android emoticons that automatically connect when using most keyboards. In this regard, this method is the most effective, but it will require additional actions.

    First, before installing, you need to root the smartphone using one of the existing methods. It is best to use common options like SuperSU to negate any potential problems.

Read more: How to get ROOT rights on Android
After adding root, install the Emoji Switcher from the Play Store page. The application works great with almost any version of Android, so it is unlikely to have any difficulties with installation.

Run the application and go to the last page with a swipe to the left, if you want to familiarize yourself with the main features. At the final stage, an automatic compatibility check will begin and a request for obtaining ROOT privileges will be presented.

On the same page, use the “Start” button to go to the settings. Please note: the software will work best with the Gboard keyboard (standard Google keyboard), while other options do not guarantee stability.

While on the page “EmojiSwitcher”, tap on the item “iOS” and select one of the types of emoji. The sets offered here practically do not differ from each other and fully correspond to their counterparts with the iPhone.

When you click the Install button, a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the installation. After completing the task, wait for the download to complete.

Now open the keyboard in any suitable field, go to the emoji tab and check the appearance of the default set. If something does not suit you, you can always reopen the application and choose another option.

The only minor drawback should be noted only built-in advertising, which can be disabled by purchasing the corresponding option.

The best choice from everything discussed in the course of the article is precisely the Emoji Switcher due to the minimum amount of ads and a fairly high stability. In any case, the solutions presented are quite enough to install emoticons from iPhone to Android.

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