How to make the screen not go blank

How to remove notifications in Windows 10?

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What to do to keep the smartphone screen from turning off while charging

In the section for developers there is an option that allows you not to turn off the phone while it is charging. To do this, you need to go to the gadget settings, select the “For developers” section (Developer options), and activate the “Do not turn off the screen” option (or “Active mode”).

How to keep the screen on

By default, the display of devices turns off after a few minutes of inactivity, which is justified by energy savings. But there are situations when you need it to remain active: for example, I need it when I redraw pictures from a tablet. It is very easy to make the screen not go blank in the settings of any device on any operating system.

Extending Display Life on iOS

On Apple’s gadgets, the way to keep the screen of a mobile device from fading looks similar. Go to Settings, there select “Screen and brightness”, then select “Auto-lock”, and tap on “Never”.

How to keep the screen of an Android smartphone from dimming

The functionality of the Android OS allows us to customize the time after which your screen will be turned off. To do this, go to the settings of your phone, there select the “Screen” (Display) section, and in this section, find the “Screen timeout” option. Here you can select the time to turn off the display. Usually the maximum level is 30 minutes.

In other phone models, this option can be found along the “Screen” path, then “Advanced” and “Sleep mode”.

In other models, this is done by switching to “Screen and brightness” and selecting the “Auto-lock” option.

On Xiaomi phones, the “Sleep Mode” option can be found in the “Lock and Protection” section.

On standard Android OS, you will not be able to completely disable smartphone display fading. And the maximum shutdown interval is 30 minutes. But on firmwares of the MIUI and EMUI level, this is quite possible, there is an option “Do not turn off” or “Never”.

Mobile applications that prevent turning off the phone screen

There are also a number of mobile applications that allow you to keep your phone screen on.

Appendix: Description:
“Keep Screen On”There are several handy options here, including a proximity sensor, settings for each app, and the ability to keep the screen on while the device is charging. In general, in terms of its functionality, it is inferior to the applications described below, but due to its free nature it can be an excellent choice.
“Stay Alive”offers an impressive number of free options, as well as additional features for a fee. For free, you can leave the screen on for an indefinite time, configure the screen off settings for a specific application, and turn off the program if the battery reaches a certain level of discharge. Paid options for solid black, an alternative lock screen when pressed, auto-start at boot, and other features.
“Wakey”does all the work of keeping the screen on for free. You just tap on the light bulb inside the app and the screen stays on until you want to. There is also a timer and dimming option in the free version of the program. The paid version has auto power off, keeping the screen on while charging, and the option to wake up the processor.

In general, the listed applications are a good alternative to make sure that the display of your smartphone does not turn off for a long time.

How to make the screen not go blank. Why does the monitor go out?

What to do if the monitor screen goes blank, but the PC continues to work

If, while working at the computer, you observe an involuntary shutdown of the screen, but the PC itself is working at the same time, the essence of the task is far from always hidden in the monitor. The case may be a connection error, a malfunction of the video card or other devices, as well as for a number of other circumstances, but first things first. Below we will consider all the prerequisites for which a similar trouble may arise.

Reason 1. monitor malfunction

Since the monitor screen goes out, but the PC continues to work, you should start by checking the most trivial premise of the malfunction.

First you need to turn off the PC, and then turn it on and watch the monitor.

  • When the PC was turned on, the monitor cleared up and immediately darkened?

Perhaps the point here is in the backlight lamps installed in modern LCD monitors. They could burn out.

  • The monitor screen is black, and when illuminated under a backlight, it is faded?

Most likely, the matter is in a malfunction of the voltage inverter.

In order to understand what is the real cause of the monitor malfunction, disconnect it from the system unit. If the inscription “No signal” or something similar does not appear on the screen, you cannot do it on your own. Repair can solve the problem, but in the worst case, you will have to take the latest monitor.

Reason 2. video card malfunction

Read more: How to check a video card for performance

If any component is faulty in the PC, it often warns about this when turned on by intermittent signals.

Disconnect the PC from the network, wait a few minutes, open the lid of the system unit and move a slightly discrete video card (if you have one installed). Turn on the PC. If this does not work, remove the discrete video adapter and connect the monitor to the on-board (integrated) video card.

If you haven’t cleaned your own PC for a long time, it makes sense to do so for now. It may be entirely possible that the dust that has accumulated in the system unit does not allow the video card or RAM to work correctly, causing it to fail. Disassemble your PC and clean it from dust. We recommend using a USB vacuum cleaner and a soft brush for this. This function must be done at least 2 times a year, but more often.

Reason 4. cable damage

A fairly common reason for almost all computer failures, but it is not so easy to see it at first sight. From the outside, the cable may appear completely safe and sound.

You can check this in the following way: find a similar cable and connect it. If everything works, you understand what the problem is.

Reason 5. incorrect connection

or less modern computers have two video cards. built-in and discrete. If you or someone, without your knowledge, mistakenly connected the monitor to the wrong place, the PC simply will not see it, although it will show the corresponding signs of life.

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The fact is that in the BIOS settings, the default preference is given to the strongest card, that is, the discrete one. In this case, when connected to the built-in video card, the monitor screen will remain black.

To solve the problem, check if your monitor is connected to the correct video card.

Reason six. malfunction of the processor or motherboard

In this case, coolers continue their work, thereby creating the illusion of a correctly working computer. Pay attention to whether there is an intermittent beep when starting the PC, whether a mouse with a keyboard is highlighted, a USB flash drive connected via USB.

Reason seven. obvious life situations

An absolutely serviceable monitor can completely stop showing signs of life due to the fact that its owner or someone without his knowledge, by the wildest accident, turned off something. Be it the monitor’s power button, the cable for connecting it to the PC or the power cable, but if you are sure that everything must work, you definitely will not think to direct your attention to such trifles, but you should start with this specifically.

Bottom line: before that, than to panic, specifically check the inclusion / connection of the monitor.

That’s all, now you know exactly what to do if the monitor screen goes blank, but the PC continues to work.

How to keep the screen from dimming on Windows 7

The issue we are considering is the most pressing and whole problem, mainly for users of netbooks, as well as laptops, for whom power supply issues are a priority.

Based on this, the main task of such a device is the issue of energy saving and its economical waste, and since the display backlight consumes an impressive share of energy, the device is trying to save on it.

The standard settings accepted by default after installing Windows 7 are the most optimal for a computer, but for most users they are not convenient or not at all acceptable. They can be changed at your own discretion, which is quite simple.

So, now we will take a step-by-step look at the solution to the current issue of a fading screen:

  • In the left corner of the bottom panel, click on the “Start” button.
  • Here we select the section of the menu called. “Control Panel”.
  • Next, select the item. “Power supply”.
  • Now go to “Setting up the power plan”.
  • Here, depending on your device, namely a personal computer or laptop, parameters are selected and set based on your own needs and preferences.
  • Thus, in this menu, you can adjust or completely disable each of the parameters that are offered. This, and will serve as a solution to the question we are considering, how to make sure that the screen does not go out on Windows 7, and will also allow you to more rationally configure the computer’s power supply system.

Types of power supply

It should be noted that the issue of turning off the display may depend on a number of other factors. Among them, the main one is the type of power used, namely the battery or directly from the network.

Depending on the type of power supply, all screen off options vary greatly.

I must say that in the case of using battery power, you should think about the issue of saving energy and setting balanced power consumption settings. Otherwise, solving the issue of turning off the display, you can create yourself a problem of high-speed battery discharge, which is also extremely inconvenient.

How to make the computer not go out

By default, after installing Windows 7, it is configured so that after 5-10 minutes of inactivity, when the user does not press any buttons and does not touch the mouse, the screen first dims, and after a few moments it turns off completely.

This is done in order to save energy and resources of your monitor. But this function is far from always convenient and often turns off the monitor at the most inopportune moment.

Now we will learn how to make sure that the screen does not go out in Windows 7.

First you need to go to the control panel in any way you know. For example, through the Start menu.

In the control panel window that opens, look for the “Power supply” icon.

Power Options in the Windows 7 Control Panel

On laptops, getting into power management can be easier. right-clicking on the battery charge icon and selecting “Power supply” in the menu that opens.

Next, at the top left, we are looking for the line “Setting the display to turn off” and click on it.

Setting to turn off the display in Windows 7

The last thing to do so that the screen does not go out on Windows 7 is in the newly opened window in the line “Turn off the display” select “Never” and click the “Save changes” button below.

We make the screen not go out in Windows 7

After installing Windows 10, you may find an unpleasant thing. after a short time, the system turns off the monitor. But not all monitors immediately immediately return to working condition.

This was inconvenient for me personally and I had to disable this automatic screen off in Windows 10, if you are also interested in this, then this note is for you.

But why does the system turn off the screen? This is all done in order to save money, because the monitor in standby mode consumes much less than if it was working.

Therefore, it makes sense not even to disable this behavior, but simply change the interval after which the monitor should turn off.

Let’s look at how to do this. right-click on the Start icon and select Power Management there:

Then click on the item that is responsible for setting up your power supply scheme:

And it will become possible to either change the time or generally prohibit turning off the monitor, for this, select the appropriate value in the menu:

After that, do not forget to save the changes, and then click on the cross =)

But I will give you advice. if you leave the computer often, then I do not advise you to set such a time so that the monitor, for example, turns off every two minutes. That is, if it turns off or on often, then I don’t think it’s good. But if you have a CRT monitor, that is, an old, large one, then I advise you to very wisely approach the shutdown after a while. the fact is that they consume a lot of electricity, and if your PC works for a long time and you sometimes go away for a long time. then let the monitor go out at this time. Otherwise, a CRT monitor can take 80 watts at least.

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Many people have a question how to make sure that the screen does not go out on Windows 7. The solution to this problem and the answer to the question is covered in this article below.

Many users of personal computers, as well as laptops, are faced with the fact that from a short inactivity, the monitor on their device turns off or goes out.

Sometimes such a phenomenon can disrupt or interrupt the operation of running programs, which is not desirable, and sometimes not permissible. At the end of the day, it’s just very inconvenient.

In addition, in some cases, the backlight of the screen may fade away directly while working at the computer and it will be necessary to perform certain manipulations in order to return the device to working condition.

For those who do not understand the reasons for such phenomena, the explanation is simple. it is connected with the power settings or directly with the monitor itself.

Black screen when the monitor is running

Above, the simplest method was considered that allows you to fix the problem of a dying monitor directly by system means. However, sometimes it happens that the monitor does not work at all, and completely different manipulations are required.

The appearance of a black screen and fading of the display can be caused by other more serious reasons that require more radical solutions:

  • Excessive humidity in the room where the computer and monitor are used can have a negative impact. Condensed water can collect directly on the surface of the monitor. Since water is a fairly good conductor of current, which, due to its accumulation, can cause malfunctions in the operation of the monitor up to its complete shutdown. In such a situation, you just need to let the monitor dry out. Often this will be the solution to the problem in question.
  • If the monitor goes out and does not turn on, or it is active, but instead of an image it gives out a purely black screen, then most likely the problem is in a faulty matrix. In order to make sure of this assumption, you just need to connect the desired monitor to another computer, and also try to change the connection cable itself. If the monitor is already connected to another computer using a new cable, but the problem persists, then the help of an experienced electronics engineer is already required. It is highly discouraged to carry out such repairs on your own without the appropriate skills.
  • Another major problem can be a faulty video card. In this case, you should also try it on another computer and test it. It is also possible that the video card simply overheats a lot, and therefore it is necessary to check its cooling system for serviceability. Most often, this problem is solved by fixing the fan, in the case of using an active cooling system. If, however, passive cooling is used, then in this case, either its repair or a complete replacement will be required. In addition, you should check for serviceability and the video card connector itself on the motherboard.
  • The cause of the problem may also lie in a malfunction of other components of the computer. In this case, if possible, each of the nodes should be checked in turn. The reason may lie in the motherboard, power supply, memory modules, and so on.
  • A rather commonplace and frequent problem is poor or broken contact. Thus, the problem lies in the cable connecting the system unit to the monitor, as well as in the corresponding connectors. This flaw is quite easy to identify and fix.

If you find the first signs of a monitor malfunction, you should search for the problem as early as possible and fix it. Timely repair measures can extend the life of the computer for several more years.

How to prevent the screen from dimming on Windows 7: 2 comments

It doesn’t seem to bother me that the laptop goes out periodically. But, I read the information and decided that it is possible, it turns out, to do without such a problem. Thanks for the tip.

Hello. The screen also went out after not using it. You touch the mouse, but it does not resume. I think this video card is to blame. I have a stationary PC, not a laptop. After reading your article, I found the limit of 30 minutes. Included the “never” position. Thanks for the hint.

Bypass restrictions on Android

In this case, it is possible to recommend to you, download tracks and listen to them offline, this will certainly save you the Internet and save traffic. Thus, you will bypass the restriction and the permissible limit will not be a hindrance for you. To do this, use third-party applications of your choice.

So, if you wanted to listen to your favorite tunes and there was music from your account, but there is no Internet or there is no desire to pay for it. The best option would be to install a working Android app. Then, using a good application, download music to your phone.

And here the question often arises: so which of the wide variety of applications to choose? Often, changing updates do not contribute to the acquisition of stability in this regard. An application that worked perfectly yesterday does not guarantee the fact that it will carry out its activities with high quality today. To date, we can highlight the TOP-5 specials. applications on Android that allow you to listen to music offline from VK.

No matter how ridiculous it may seem, the above 3 applications with similar names are in the TOP. In addition to various applications, you can listen to music in another way. without fading the screen, how to make sure that the screen does not go out on the phone, we will consider later, but for now the advantage of programs.

Let’s hope that among them you will choose what you wanted for yourself, and you will have VK music continuously on Android. Most users probably have Wi-Fi at home, which will allow not to waste mobile traffic, if there is an opportunity to pump up music and listen to only the most favorite hits without ads at any time. Today, a high-quality phone can easily replace an mp3 player; on the way to study or work, your music will play in headphones. It is also worth mentioning the AUX cable, which is present in most modern cars (in this case, you will have to abandon the use of the navigator), so that the phone is able to brighten up your gloomy mood on the way, music from VK on Android can be played via cable, through a stereo system.

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Disable Lock Screen Using Local Group Policy Editor

Then, on the left side of the editor window, open the parameters in sequence:

In the “Prohibit the display of the lock screen” window that appears, check the “Enabled” item

How to turn off the lock screen in Windows 10

In the window that appears, we need a “Lock Screen”.

Select the item “Show the background image of the lock screen on the login screen” and put it in the Off position.

Just in case, I will show you two more ways.

Hi everyone. Many of us wondered how to find out the frequency of our computer’s RAM and how it affects.

Hello everyone. Then another topic for the article turned up. And at work, a colleague brought a tablet on which in the middle of the screen could be seen.

Hello everyone. I haven’t written an article for a long time, and there wasn’t much of a reason. And then the wife brings a flash drive with a card reader. She says she was standing at.

Recently we received this question ?! The question is, how do I connect my router to a router to expand the coverage of my wireless network? So.

Hi everyone. On our website, we have already discussed many times the issue of hard drive recovery with the Victoria program. This.

Hello everyone, the long-awaited moment has come when Nvidia decided to show the long-awaited graphics accelerators update.

How to remove the screen lock on your phone

Despite all the above advantages of locking, there are still reasons why a person may need to remove the screen lock on their phone. Although not recommended, we will look at how you can do it.

The answer to the question of how to remove the screen lock on a smartphone is very affordable. To do this, either in the menu, or on the main screen, or on the curtain, find the icon with gears and go into it. A settings menu will be formed in front of you, and there it will be necessary to perform the following series of actions:

  • find the “Security” section and click on it;
  • click on the item “Screen lock”;
  • enter your password or graphic key, due to which the device will be unlocked; if you enter it correctly, a list will appear where you should select “No”.

After all the actions listed above are performed, the lock will be released, and the phone will be unlocked immediately upon exposure with the appropriate key.

Why do you need a screen lock on your phone

We will devote this section to information about what blocking is and what it is for. In the following sections, we’ll take a look at how to remove the screen lock on your phone. Initially, the process of locking the screen on smartphones and phones was designed to protect the phone from sudden touches, unwanted actions of unauthorized persons, and activating the display at an inopportune moment. Thus, it is possible to save battery power and avoid unpleasant situations. If the locked screen is an obstacle to your interaction with the phone, it can be eliminated and today we will look at how to do it.

Screen locking on phones allows you to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access to personal information that is stored on it. When it is installed, then no one, except for the owner and the people to whom he entrusted the password or graphic key from him, can use the telephone (except for the premise of emergency calls). This makes it possible to prevent the compromise of personal information, for example, as a result of the loss or theft of a smartphone. But you should also understand that sometimes you just need to remove the sleep mode on Android and iPhone.

Many, for a number of root reasons, do not consider it necessary to install suitable protection on their own telephone set. But it is important to understand that its absence may be completely unhelpful.

First, it prevents inadvertent behavior. For example, if the unlock button is accidentally pressed in the jeans. then almost no applications will be launched, since this will be prevented by the lock screen.

Also, the corresponding screen displays notifications and other information (for example, date, time). This makes it possible to quickly familiarize yourself with incoming calls, SMS, find out where the likes were put and who made reposts while the owner of the phone did not use the device.

Listening to music without restriction on your phone

After the freebie ended, and the owners of accounts in social. networks, received a limit of 30 minutes for listening to music, nevertheless, users did not give up and started looking for an option on how to bypass the restrictions and use wiretapping as much as you like, including such as canceling the screen off on the phone.

It is important to understand that the developers decided to take such a step, not out of their own greed. The social network VK has been under pressure for a long time, the copyright holders of the record companies, all those whose songs we had the right to listen to for free. Just at this time, they came to any. no compromise, and decided not to close the entire musical alley because of the massive violation of the authors’ rights. Based on information on further restrictions, it is known that soon this threshold will reach 30 minutes. For the first month, listening to music will be free, you just need to bind your card, in the future, after the first, trial month, 149 rubles will be debited from your card.

So, now let’s return to the most interesting and important thing: how to listen to VK music without restriction on the phone, so as not to part with your favorite tracks and pay money for listening to them.

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