How to make the screen record


Opera also has the ability to include a separate video window, and on top of all windows. But in fact, there is nothing special to tell here, since everything works on the principle of the Yandex browser. Enter any video on YouTube and hover over the screen in the same way. You will see how a special icon will pop up, clicking on which the video will make its copy, detaching it from itself. That is, you can watch the clip both in the browser and in the hotel window, which will always be in the foreground.

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Google Chrome

After installation, a new pin icon will appear in the upper right corner. This will be the extension we need. It will be inactive on regular sites. But if you go to any YouTube video, then the add-on is activated. Click on it to duplicate the active video, opening it in a small window on top of all windows.

Of course, the display will be in the center of the screen, which is terribly inconvenient. Therefore, hover over the roller and you will see the cross icon. By holding down the left mouse button on it, you can move the video wherever you want. I prefer, for example, to watch them in the upper right corner or in the center, since I do not use this area during my work.

If you want to unpin the video, that is, do not put it on top of all windows, then click on the pin icon that is on it. As you can see, it is very convenient and SIMple.

Of course there are other extensions as well, like separate window. but there, unfortunately, there is no way to put the video in the foreground. That is, as soon as you change, minimize the browser or open a new tab, they will close the video with themselves. Agree that in this case it is of little use. After all, in fact, you can open the video SIMply in a new browser window and reduce its size. However, I did this before, until I found out about the normal ways.

Yandex browser

It is easiest to display the video in a separate window in the Yandex browser, since this function is there by default. Yes, you probably saw ads when you watched any videos on YouTube. But if you do not know how to separate the video, then I will show you.

Go to YouTube through the yandex browser and play a video. After that, hover over him. Do you see the icon in the top center? You will need to click on it to separate the vidos. The service will sort of pull it out for you, after which only a small window will appear. The most important thing is that it will be on top of all windows, even if you use Explorer or work in any program.

Well, to drag the video, just hold down the left mouse button anywhere on it and move it anywhere. And of course, I can’t help but clarify about the dimensions. If the video seems too large or too small to you, then move the mouse over any corner of the screen until the cursor changes. Then pull in the direction you want until you get the size you want. By clicking on the cross, you can close the clip completely. But this I think is understandable.

Mozilla Firefox

Unfortunately, the “red panda” turned out to be the toughest nut to crack on our list today. There are currently no built-in functions there, as well as worthy extensions. It feels like developers are ready to create addons only for downloading from YouTube, but for nothing else. However, I will show you one supplement that I found most appropriate. This extension will help us watch videos on YouTube in a separate window, but without viewing on top of all windows.

  • So, go to Mozilla Firefox and select “Menu” (three stripes in the upper right corner). “Add-ons”.
  • Enter in the search line “Iridium” and select the add-on of the same name. Or you can follow this link. so as not to hemorrhoids with the search.
  • After the addon is installed, reload or open a new tab with a YouTube video. You should now see a few new icons below the video itself. By clicking on the Pop-up video button, the video will open in a new small window that you can drag and drop anywhere. True, as I said above, this thing will not be fixed in the foreground.

The only thing that this extension can be useful is that you can read the comments on this video, and the video itself will scroll with you. That is, reading the comments, you will not miss anything. Therefore, I urge you, dear friends. If you have found a way to do all this miracle with fixing the video in the foreground, then please share your thoughts in the comments.

The Youtube Enhancer add-on can do the same. but unfortunately it is also not able to be fixed to the main background. And the only plus of this addon is that it also displays the video in a separate window when scrolling down and viewing comments.


First, we’ll take a look at how this feature is implemented in different browsers. After all, each reviewer needs its own approach.

How to display video in a separate window in Yandex browser, Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox to watch it on top of all windows

Hello everyone, dear friends. Today I will tell you how to display a video in a separate window in the Yandex browser, Google chrome, opera and mozilla firefox, as well as using a separate program. For example, I often use these methods. The fact is that sometimes I do routine work that does not require touching on any thought processes. This kind of work becomes boring, so I include either a movie or YouTube videos. Thus, in a separate browser window I have a video that I watch while I work. It turns out that the work is done, and I’m not bored.

How to dock a window on top of all windows 10 windows

Deskpins is a one-stop solution for watching videos in a separate window on top of everything else in Windows. The app is completely free, lightweight and easy to use. So download it from this site. Further, you can extract it from the archive, or run the installer directly from it, and then install it as a regular program.

You should now launch the video in a separate window. Now run the program. You can do this by pressing the CTRLF12 key combination or by clicking on the shortcut in the notification area.

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After that, a pin will appear instead of the cursor. With this pin, you must click on the browser window that should be active. That is, it must be pinned on top of everything else. And then you can narrow it as you want and move it anywhere, and you yourself can work in another place.

But just keep in mind that this method exists not only for pinning a video. You can work with it both in any browser and in Windows Explorer. Well, the most relish is that you can dock multiple windows. To do this, it is enough to repeat the entire above procedure.

As you can see, there are many ways to display a separate window with a video. over, both separately for browsers and using a universal method. This concludes my article. Hope you like it. And of course I’m waiting for you again on my blog. Good luck to you. Bye Bye!

How to stretch 4: 3 to full screen: goodbye stripes!

Author: reslton (dirol) Posted on 21.10.2017 Updated 21.10.2017

For NVidia and AMD

Video card drivers allow you to separately adjust the game stretch. Therefore, you can work through them. But first, we set the standard parameters in the game (4: 3 and 1024×768). Then we proceed directly to stretching CS GO 4: 3.

What will stretch the image?

Game and video card settings

How do I stretch 4: 3 to full screen so it doesn’t get 16: 9? Easily. But for this you have to go beyond the game settings. Now we will learn how to make 4: 3 in the form of a rectangle. Even on awkward Windows 10.

First you have to set the settings that are necessary to stretch the game. This is a 4: 3 (square) format with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, the display mode is full screen. All methods work with such a base. After saving the settings, you must close the CS GO.
Then you have to open the Game Library on Steam and find CS GO among the list. Then right-click on it and open “Properties”. Here we need the section “Launch Options”.

A window will appear with a line into which you need to copy two commands:

With their help, the game will start in a window, but without frames. After that, you will have to tinker a little with the settings of the video card itself. In this case, the image outside the game will also be stretched. So, if this option does not suit you on an ongoing basis, you can either reconfigure each time before playing the game, or try other methods.

So, most laptops have an Intel chip in addition to an NVidia or AMD graphics card. We will work through him. It is necessary:

Right-click on the desktop;
Select the line “Graphic characteristics”;
In the new window, click on the square with the inscription “Display”;
Set a resolution SIMilar to the game (1024×768);
At the bottom, find the “Scaling” section and put a tick on the “Zoom to full screen” item;
Save settings and close panel.
After that, the image will change. You can safely go into the game and enjoy the enlarged models. The result is a standard 4: 3 stretched over a rectangular monitor. In some cases, especially on Windows 10, there will be no effect.

For NVidia:

Right-click on the desktop;
Select “NVidia Control Panel”;
Find “Adjust the size and position of the desktop”;
Set the parameter “Full screen”;
Save settings.
Attention! If there is no such item, you need to reinstall the drivers for the video card. Reduced functionality of the control panel. the problem of crookedly installed drivers.

How to stretch 4: 3 to full screen: goodbye stripes!

Black bars on the sides of the screen are a common problem for those who like to play on laptops and rectangular monitors. It’s ugly, inconvenient, and distracting. But, fortunately, the problem can always be removed. Let’s figure out how to stretch 4: 3 to full screen on a laptop.

How to stretch 4: 3 to full screen

The settings of the game itself allow you to make a widescreen image. But it just adds a viewing angle, although it removes the black stripes on the sides. For real traders, this is not the most profitable option.

Therefore, you can use another method. stretching. What are its advantages:

-easier to aim. the enemy visually becomes wider due to deformation of the image;
-the mouse begins to move faster to the side, while maintaining vertical speed;
-aesthetic pleasure. black bars do not distract, the entire screen area is involved.
-If this is what you need, then let’s proceed to the analysis of how to stretch an image in CS GO!

For AMD:

SIMilarly, right-click on the desktop;
Select “Graphics Properties” from AMD;
In the window that opens, click on the “Games” tab;
Find CS GO in the list;
Click on “Profile parameters”;
Select “Display scaling” and mark “Full panel”;
Return to the main screen of the graphics control panel;
Click on the “Display” tab;
Enable GPU Scaling.
Instead of these settings, if you want to stretch all games at once, you can go directly to “Display” and turn on “GPU scaling”, and then select the “Full Panel” scaling mode.

After that, the screen in CS GO is stretched as planned. But the image on the whole computer will not suffer. Therefore, there is no need to constantly change the settings. over, the method works even on Windows 10.

If you just want to increase the viewing angle

When you do not need to spoil the image, making it disproportionate and elongated, you can SIMply change the format in the settings and expand the screen. For this you need:

Go to CS GO;
Select Settings;
In the “Screen format” section, put the banal 16: 9.

After that, the viewing angle in the game will be higher, and the image will not be spoiled by stretching. There is no practical benefit from this, as such, but aesthetic feelings do not suffer. But 4: 3 in full screen is larger for those who want to play better, but easier.

How to keep Android screen from turning off

If you want to learn how to keep the screen on your Android phone or tablet on longer, you are not alone. Fortunately, this is very easy to do, it just takes a few taps.

The mode when the phone screen turns off is called “sleeping”. It usually turns on 30 seconds after the last action. This is enough for many users, but, for example, if you read a lot from your phone, you may not have enough time. Or, for example, you are preparing food according to the recipe found on the tablet. you will not constantly press the screen with your hands in flour so that it does not turn off?

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We have published a video tutorial on our YouTube channel. If you prefer to read, scroll below:

To change the time to enter sleep mode, go to Settings Screen Sleep mode and select a more suitable time.

It is important to remember that the screen is the most “voracious” part of your phone and tablet in terms of energy, therefore, the longer it is turned on, the faster the battery will drain.

How to prevent the screen from turning off when charging

Hibernation is not enough for your purposes? On Android, you can turn off the mode so that the screen will not turn off while charging. In this mode, you can use your phone as a night light.

To activate this mode, you need to go to Settings For Developers (if there is no such item, read the article “How to enter developer mode on Android”) and check the box “Do not turn off the screen”.

Now, when connected to a charger, the screen of the Android device will be always on (but it can also be turned off by pressing the power button).

How to prevent Xiaomi phone screen from turning off

On phones running the MiUI system, there is no sleep mode setting in the “Display” section. But on Xiaomi phones, you can also make sure that the screen does not turn off.

To do this, go to the settings, in the System and device section, select the Lock and protection item:

Under Lock screen, select Sleep:

In the dialog box that opens, select the time after which the phone screen should go out:

How to keep the screen from turning off on any Android phone

If your phone does not have screen sleep settings or the time offered by the manufacturer is not enough, you can install the No screen off app. This application is available in the Play Market. It does not support Russian and has not been updated for a long time, but it continues to work properly (and does not contain ads!)

The application is very SIMple. when launched, it turns off the sleep timer (i.e. the phone screen will remain on until the battery runs out or until you turn it off). When you click on the application icon again (or when you click on the icon with the sun in the shade), the sleep timer turns on (the value you set in the settings is returned). Here’s a demo of how the app works:

Setting the computer to go to sleep through the Control Panel

If you want the computer not to go into sleep mode after closing the lid or for a long period of inactivity, you can change the corresponding settings in the Control Panel and disable this function. This solution works the same on all versions of Windows, starting from Windows 7.

So, first you need to open the “Control Panel” and go to the “System and Security” section and then to the “Power supply” subsection. If you can’t find this subsection, then use the search on the “Control Panel”. There is a search bar in the upper right corner of the Control Panel window. Enter “Power supply” there, and you will immediately find what you need. In Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can go to the power settings using the menu that opens with the WindowsX key combination.

After opening the subsection “Power supply” you need to go to the settings for the power supply scheme. Please note that you need the settings for the exact power scheme that you are using. If you use several power supply schemes, then the settings described below must be repeated for each scheme.

After opening the Power Options, you must select the “Never” option for the “Put the computer to sleep” function. Here you can also set the time after which the computer screen will turn off if the computer is idle. After making all changes to the settings, do not forget to click on the “Save changes” button.

After these manipulations, the computer will no longer go into sleep mode when idle. However, sleep mode can still be used when closing the laptop lid. In order to disable this function, return to the “Power supply” and go to the “Action when closing the lid”.

After that, you will see a window in which you can configure the behavior of the laptop when you press the power button, when you press the sleep button and when you close the lid. At the same time, for each of these actions, you can configure two options for the behavior of the computer, depending on whether it is running on battery or from the network.

To prevent the computer from going into sleep mode when the lid is closed, change the “Sleep” value to “No action required” for the action when the lid is closed.

How to prevent the computer from going into sleep mode

Many users are annoyed when their computer or laptop goes to sleep. This usually happens after some computer idle time or after closing the laptop lid.

The computer behaves in this way in order to conserve electricity or battery power on the laptop. But, if you don’t care about saving, then you can disable this function.

In this article we will show you how to prevent your computer from going into sleep mode. The article will be relevant for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Configuring the computer to go to sleep through Settings

The Windows 10 operating system has an alternative to the Control Panel, the so-called Settings menu, which can be opened from the Start menu. Among other things, this menu can be used to configure the current power plan. To do this, open the “Settings” and go to the “System. Power and sleep mode”.

In this section of the “Settings” you can configure when the computer should turn off the screen and go to sleep mode when the computer is inactive for a long time.

Configuring the computer to go into sleep mode through the Command line

You can also prevent your computer from going to sleep using the command line. To do this, open a command prompt and run the following commands in it:

  • powercfg.x.standby-timeout-ac 0
  • powercfg.x.standby-timeout-dc 0
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These commands prevent the computer from going into sleep mode (set to “never”) while online (command with the.standby-timeout-ac parameter) and while on battery power (command with the standby-timeout-dc 0 parameter).

It should be noted that the commands described work equally well in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Extending Display Life on iOS

On Apple’s gadgets, the way to keep the screen of a mobile device from fading looks SIMilar. Go to Settings, there select “Screen and brightness”, then select “Auto-lock”, and tap on “Never”.

How to prevent the phone screen from going dark

Imagine the situation. You are cooking something in the kitchen, your hands are busy, and at the same time you have launched some kind of video on your phone. And at the most interesting place, the display turns off, and you cannot do anything, as your hands are busy with cooking. Sound familiar? And SIMilar situations can arise anywhere. at work, while driving a car and other places when you need the interface of your gadget to work all the time. What to do? Below we will analyze how to set up your phone so that the screen never goes out. And also consider what methods will help us with this.

What to do to keep the smartphone screen from turning off while charging

In the section for developers there is an option that allows you not to turn off the phone while it is charging. To do this, you need to go to the settings of the gadget, select the section “For developers” (Developer options), and activate the option “Do not turn off the screen” (or “Active mode”).

How to keep the screen of an Android smartphone from dimming

The functionality of the Android OS allows us to customize the time after which your screen will be turned off. To do this, go to the settings of your phone, there select the “Screen” (Display) section, and in this section, find the “Screen timeout” option. Here you can select the time to turn off the display. Usually the maximum level is 30 minutes.

In other phone models, this option can be found along the “Screen” path, then “Advanced” and “Sleep mode”.

In other models, this is done by switching to “Screen and brightness” and selecting the “Auto-lock” option.

On Xiaomi phones, the “Sleep” option can be found in the “Lock and Protection” section.

On standard Android OS, you will not be able to completely disable smartphone display fading. And the maximum shutdown interval is 30 minutes. But on firmwares of the MIUI and EMUI level, this is quite possible, there is an option “Do not turn off” or “Never”.

Why does my mobile phone screen go blank

As you know, the function of automatically turning off the phone screen (the so-called “transition to sleep mode”) existed even before the appearance of the first smartphones. The main reason for its introduction is the need to preserve the discharge of the battery, which the working screen is actively discharging.

Added to this was security considerations when, along with turning off the display, the phone began to lock and go out. This made it possible to avoid the influence of intruders, and prevent both reading information from the screen and interfering with the functionality of the device.

Nevertheless, there are various ways to make sure that the smartphone does not go out, as well as to increase the duration of its operation. Let’s figure out how to do it.

Mobile applications that prevent turning off the phone screen

There are also a number of mobile applications that allow you to keep your phone screen on.

Among them, we note the following:

Appendix: Description:
“Keep Screen On”There are several handy options here, including a proximity sensor, per-app settings, and the ability to keep the screen on while the device is charging. In general, in terms of its functionality, it is inferior to the applications described below, but due to its free nature it can be an excellent choice.
“Stay Alive”offers an impressive number of free options as well as additional features for a fee. For free, you can leave the screen on for an indefinite time, adjust the screen off settings for a specific application, and turn off the program if the battery reaches a certain level of discharge. Paid options for solid black, an alternate lock screen when pressed, auto-start at boot, and more.
“Wakey”does all the work of keeping the screen on for free. You just click on the light bulb inside the app, and the screen doesn’t go blank until you want it to. The free version also has a timer and dimming option. The paid version has auto power off, keeping the screen on while charging, and the option to wake up the processor.

In general, the listed applications are a good alternative to make sure that the display of your smartphone does not turn off for a long time.

In our article, we figured out how to make sure that the smartphone screen does not go out for a long time. And also what methods and tools can help us with this. If the standard functionality of the operating system is not enough, use the special applications described above. Their capabilities allow you to deactivate the auto-off display, and enjoy the desired functionality of your gadget.

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