How to make the screen smaller on Samsung

Change resolution in Windows

To make the whole picture bigger on the monitor, go to the “Advanced display settings” section. A link to it is located at the bottom of the settings page.

Select the desired computer resolution. The larger it is, the smaller the picture will be. Conversely, lower resolution increases the picture. This parameter is specified in pixels, for example “1024 x 768”. The first number is responsible for the number of dots on the display horizontally, the second. vertically. The list of supported resolutions is set by the monitor and video card settings. After selecting the desired value, click “Apply”.

Changing and Adjusting Monitor Resolution

The best solution to make your computer screen smaller / larger is to buy a new monitor with a different diagonal. But if this is not possible, you can change the size of the image on the display programmatically. Installation of additional software is not required, since they are all built into the Windows OS.

Increasing the size of screen elements

In the context menu on the desktop, find the penultimate item. “Display settings”. To open this menu, right-click on any free space on the desktop. In the Windows 10 interface, you can go to this item through the notification panel, path: “All parameters. System. Screen”.

Move the slider responsible for the scale of the elements. The default is 100%, and application text and interface elements have standard sizes. Depending on the monitor resolution in use, the upper percentage limit may vary.

In the OS interface, the changes made will be applied immediately, and the image elements will become larger. But individual user programs will only take effect of the changed settings after you sign in to your account again. To do this, click “Sign out now”, and then log in again on the computer.

Zoom in on individual elements

The rest of the computer screen settings can be changed according to the old scheme, through the classic control panel. To go to it, click on the penultimate link in the current window.

From here, you can go back to setting up through the Windows 10 interface, turn on Magnifier, or set a custom zoom level for your computer screen. Changes will take effect after clicking on the “Apply” button in the lower right corner.

The system does not recommend using this type of scaling in the old interface. But if you want to use it, click on the last item. Set the scale of the elements. from 100% to 500%.

You can also make single parts of the computer interface larger or smaller:

  • Window titles
  • Menu
  • Message windows
  • Panel names
  • Badges
  • Hints

In this case, a preview will be available, allowing you to evaluate the changes made before confirming them.

How to increase

  • Sound effects are also customizable via settings. You need to open the phone menu and select “Settings”.
  • Then select the “Sound and vibration” tab.
  • Among the parameters, select the desired one and configure each of them manually.
  • Save the edited parameters.

Setting up sound on your Samsung phone

Use the standard volume rocker to debug audio on your device. This is the name of the buttons located on the side of the case, above the power button. By pressing the button down, you can make it quieter, up. accordingly, louder.

On the latest versions of Android, when you press the sound buttons, not one scale appears, but several. Using the touchscreen, you can separately adjust the speaker volume during conversations, media playback, system and program notifications. Just slide your finger on the desired scale.

How to set up sound on a Samsung phone

Wondering how to increase volume on Android Samsung? Although the phones of this brand are distinguished by relatively loud speakers, audio or video files do not always have sufficient sound quality for full playback on them. There are several ways to increase the level of built-in speakers using deep settings or third-party applications.

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How to make it quieter

To make the phone quieter, just press the bottom button on the rocker. You can also lower the level on the special scales in the setup menu as described above. Android also has predefined modes that let you automatically adjust the sound. For example, if you want not just to reduce the noise level, but to completely remove it, select the “Do not disturb” mode. And if you want, on the contrary, to hear a call or a message signal on the street, select the appropriate item.

How to make a speaker louder

Not all android users know that the speaker volume limits installed in the system are conditional. In fact, its capabilities are much greater, however, in order to avoid unnecessary load and breakdown, the developers lay not the maximum value, but 20-30% less.

You can set the maximum level through the developer menu. To get into it, on most devices, it is enough to type the command ###, in the list that appears, select the Hardware Testing item, then Audio.

A screen will open with 2 items. Normal Mode and Headset Mode. Entering the first one, you will debug the sound through the main speaker, the second section allows you to edit the volume in the headphones.

When you open the section, you will see the Type parameter. Click on it and select Media. In the Level line, set Level 0. In the upper and lower values, set new numbers, the maximum value is 255.

Save your settings and restart your phone. Speaker settings change, not only during music playback, but also during calls, program and system signals.

How to make the screen on a personal computer smaller

Few are wondering how to make the screen smaller on a computer. But when working with a PC, a variety of situations can arise, and you will also need a solution to this issue. After all, it often happens: I pressed something, twisted something, and all the letters suddenly became huge and do not fit on the monitor.

Typical problems

Most often, users are worried about the problem of increasing characters in Internet browsers or text documents, it is no longer possible to make them. Solving such a problem is not difficult. To do this, hold down the “Ctrl” key, and then turn the mouse wheel down. The image will immediately become smaller, but there may be a slight delay. depending on the performance of the computer.

Also, the problem of large shortcuts on the desktop often arises, which cover the entire monitor, and some do not even fit on the screen. To solve this problem, you need to right-click on an empty field, select “View” and put a checkmark in front of “Normal icons”.

There are also situations when some names of panels, menus, and other elements in the Windows system take on an unacceptably large size. It will not work to correct this situation with the listed methods.

If you have a problem with the monitor, as in the picture shown, then you need to proceed as follows:

  • Follow the path “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Appearance and Personalization”. “Screen”.
  • In the drop-down list below, select the required items and set the required font values ​​(standard 9-11).
  • Click “Apply”.

These are some SIMple ways to make images on a computer smaller.

Change screen resolution

In fact, it is impossible to make a computer screen smaller; you can only change its resolution. the number of points per unit area. The standard resolution for computers is different and is set by the size of the monitor. The larger it is, as a rule, the larger and the resolution.

Here, to solve the problem posed, you need to deal with the question that has arisen: do you need to change the screen resolution? Or make the image on the monitor smaller? If you “narrow down the computer monitor”, then the image on it will increase in size and will be uncomfortable for viewing.

In any case, regardless of your goal, you need to take the following steps:

  • On a free space on the desktop, right-click.
  • In the list that appears, select the item “Screen resolution”.
  • In the window that appears, select the drop-down menu “Resolution”, select the option “(recommended)” or select the required resolution.
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Thus, it is possible to make the screen size really smaller by reducing the number of dots per unit area. But it is worth noting that it will not work to set the parameters below the parameters allowed by the computer manufacturer.

The need to make the screen resolution smaller may be required in various situations, the most common of which is the launch of a computer game with weak hardware. The rule works here: the fewer the number of points, the higher the performance.

Screen and font scale

How do I zoom in / out the screen? change font size and style? Go to Settings. Display. Screen and Font Scale.

By changing the scale of the screen, you will see the changes above for the example of SMS messages. For the visually impaired, the elderly, I recommend setting the maximum font size. Accordingly, the smaller the font size, the more information fits on the screen.

To change the font style, use the settings below. There are 5 preinstalled fonts available: basic, gothic, choko cooky, Cool jazz, Rosemary.

Do not turn on the screen

The option prevents accidental activation of the phone screen in a dark place, for example, in a or bag. This will save you battery power. I recommend enabling (Settings. Display. Do not turn on the screen).

Screen mode

You can change the optimization of the color range, color saturation, and display sharpness. There are 4 installation options available:

  • Responsive display. all color settings are automatically set. I recommend setting this setting.
  • AMOLED movie. suitable for watching videos. AMOLED is the name of the technology by which the smartphone screen is made.
  • Photo AMOLED. for viewing photos and any images.
  • Main.

Go to Settings. Display. Screen Mode.

Icon frames

This option adds borders (background) to icons on the screen. This is expected to make the icons stand out on the Home screen and Apps screens. In fact, it doesn’t look very pretty. Better not to use.

To enable icon frames, go to Settings. Display. Icon frames.

Status bar

The status bar is what you see at the very top of the screen. These are notification icons, time, battery power, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons (if enabled), a cellular network icon.

Go to Settings. Display. Status bar. There are 2 options available here:

  • Show only recent notifications (3 icons). Allows you not to litter the string, so as not to get confused yourself. To remove the notification icons, SIMply delete the notifications themselves via the quick access menu (swipe down from the top of the screen and “Clear all”).
  • Show charging percentage is a very useful feature.

Main screen

You can set the home screen that will be displayed when the phone is booted up in Settings. Display. Home screen.

Here is a screen layout. Additionally, you can customize the wallpaper, add widgets and select the screen grid (4 × 4, 4 × 5, 5 × 5. i.e. choose how many icons vertically and horizontally will fit on the screen).

Display settings

How do I set display brightness and set automatic brightness? How do I increase the font and scale of the screen? How do I choose the home screen and timeout time (when the screen goes blank)? Change the splash screen and icon frames. Read about everything about this and other display settings in this article.

Screen timeout

A very useful option that will add convenience to using your smartphone and conserve battery power if you forget to turn off the display. Those. this is the time after which the screen turns off and locks. The following options are available (period of inactivity):

  • 15 seconds,
  • 30 seconds,
  • 1 minute,
  • 2 minutes,
  • 5 minutes,
  • 10 minutes.

Go to Settings. Display. Screen Timeout.

I recommend setting 30 seconds. that’s quite enough. If there is no activity during this time, the display will turn off.

Display brightness

Setting the display brightness is easy. There are two ways to do this.

We make a swipe from top to bottom from the top edge of the screen. a quick access menu will appear, we also make a swipe. At the bottom, set the desired brightness.

Go to Settings. Display. Other screen settings are also available here. more about them later.

Ways to reduce screen size on laptop

If the screen is stretched, you can reduce it to its normal size in several ways, among which the main one is changing the resolution. The higher the resolution, the smaller the size of the elements on the screen.

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Change Resolution

The procedure for changing the resolution differs slightly depending on the version of Windows. Only the first step remains unchanged: you need to right-click on the desktop and go to the “Screen Resolution” section.

If your laptop is running Windows 7, follow these steps to zoom out:

  • Find the line “Resolution”.
  • Set the value to be greater than the current one.

Try to choose the value next to which it is written that it is recommended. The higher you set the resolution, the smaller the items on the screen will be. If the desktop is too stretched, so that some elements do not fit on it, then this method should help.

Now let’s see what to do if the laptop is running Windows 10. After selecting the item “Screen resolution” in the context menu of the desktop, you will be taken to the “Screen” section of the “System” tab. To zoom out, go to Advanced Display Settings. Inside you will see the already familiar line “Resolution”, in which you need to set a higher value.

You don’t have to go into advanced options, but play with the line “Resizing text, applications and other elements.” Make sure it is set to 100%. If more, try reducing to 100%, then all icons and panels will become smaller.

You can also increase the resolution and at the same time reduce the scale of the screen, which is stretched out, through the control panel of the video card. In the system tray there should be a graphics adapter icon, after clicking on which you can get into the settings.

The video card control panel should have a “Resolution” section, which functions in the same way as in the system. To zoom out, just set it high. Then all icons on the desktop, font and interface elements will become smaller.

Reducing individual elements

If the only irritation is the size of the icons and the font, and the screen resolution and the size of interface elements such as the taskbar are fine for you, then you do not need to make the entire laptop screen smaller. Only work with icons and font. To make desktop icons smaller.

make, screen, smaller, samsung
  • Right click.
  • Expand the “View” menu and select the size of the icons (small, regular, large).

If you need to correct the font, then open the “Display” section in the control panel and in the menu on the left click on the link “Another font”.

Provide a value that expresses the scale from the usual size. The lower the value, the smaller the font. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the letters will be hard to distinguish.

Zoom out in applications

If the display of the desktop suits you, and only the appearance of individual applications raises questions, then their size can be reduced in two ways. The first method is universal, it works in almost all programs in which zoom is provided. for example, in browsers. It consists in using a keyboard shortcut.

If you do not understand why the browser has stretched out, and the scale has increased so that you have to scroll horizontally in the browser to read a line, then try holding down the Ctrl key and turning the mouse wheel. From yourself. the image will increase further; to itself. the stretched window will zoom out to its normal size.

You can do it differently: hold down the same Ctrl key, but instead of the mouse wheel, use “” and “-” on the numeric keypad. This should be done until the stretched browser starts to display normally on the laptop. To remove inadequate scale and return the default value, press Ctrl0.

If we are talking about the size of the browser window, then you can use another method: expand the control menu and zoom out by clicking on the minus.

The screenshot shows how to do this in Chrome, but the procedure is not much different in other browsers. If you need to make another application smaller, then it should have its own settings that allow you to change the scale.