How To Make TV A Computer Monitor

9 ways to transfer images from your computer to your TV screen

The laptop is very convenient for work with its dimensions and low weight. But when it comes to viewing or gaming, a small monitor wants to be replaced by a larger screen. In case you have a TV with a large diagonal, you can connect your device to a TV or home theater. In the article, we will consider how you can display an image from a laptop on a TV.

How To Make TV A Computer Monitor

Determine available connections

To transfer an image from a laptop to a TV, you need to find out what methods are available for this. First, you should look at what ports are present on the TV and laptop, and then decide how best to duplicate the laptop screen.


S-is an analog interface. It can only transmit files of standard definition television (576i and 480i), which means that there can be no speech quality in modern formats. TVs are rarely equipped with such a port, therefore, in order to project an image from a laptop, an S-to RCA adapter is additionally required. Also, do not use an S-cable longer than 2 meters, as this will lead to a deterioration in signal quality. To transfer sound to TV, similar to DVI, you will need to use a “minijack”.

Let’s look at how you can output an image to a TV via USB. In this case, when connecting USB-USB, it will be impossible to view, since this standard is not designed for data transfer. In this option, it will be possible to view images, presentations, text documents. With this connection, the TV will see the laptop as a USB flash drive.

But to duplicate the laptop display, you can use the output to the TV’s HDMI port. To do this, you need an adapter, which is an external card. You will need to install the driver from the card to the laptop. When purchasing such an adapter, pay attention to the characteristics of the transmitted (Full HD support) and sound.

We have already considered the connection using a local network wirelessly. Lan is a network but wired (Ethernet) connection. If the TV does not have a Wi-Fi module, then you can use this method. To mirror the computer screen to the TV, you will need to follow the same steps as for the WI-FI connection. Namely:

  • Connect TV to a router using a network cable. In this case, the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) must be configured on the network device. Otherwise, you will have to manually register the network settings in TV;
  • Connect your laptop to the same network. Wired or wireless. it doesn’t matter;
  • Install the program on the laptop to output files to TV. We’ve already covered the Home Media Server application, which is easy to set up and install;
  • Share the required folders. That’s it, now you can transfer images and send for playback.

How is it possible to transfer an image from a computer to a TV using VGA? The VGA standard allows only analog signal transmission without sound. To reproduce sound, you will need an additional adapter with the so-called “tulips” or “minijack” plug. Another option is to leave the sound playing on the laptop or through the speakers connected to it. To do this, you can use the function keys of the laptop. It should display 2 screens, for example, F10Fn (function enable key). It is now possible to show from laptop to TV. When setting up display on a laptop, you can increase the resolution to get a better picture.

The color image is formed by means of three main signals: Red, Green, Blue. If the image is output from such a connector, then it is logical to use the same TV input. RGB replaced Scart when it became impossible to use scarts in thin TVs. Mostly RGB is available on older models. Compatible with Scart and composite RCA (tulip) cables. or games from the computer monitor to the TV will be broadcasted as with any other cable connection.

Ways to output images from a laptop to TV

There are wireless and wired methods for displaying images from a laptop to a TV. When using a wired connection, it is not necessary to have the same ports on both devices. If they are different, then you will need to use adapters. If it is required to translate digital data to an analog input, additional converters or attachments will be needed.

The disadvantages of a wireless connection are limited bandwidth and possible signal interruption. The disadvantage of connecting via a cord may be the presence of the cord itself, as well as the limit of the cable length for different standards. However, if you need to connect a laptop and enjoy watching, this drawback is completely for the bride and will NOT cause inconvenience.

All modern TVs are equipped with DLNA technology, which allows devices to exchange data within the home network. This can be done both via cable and WI-FI. If there is a connection via WI-FI, then both the laptop and TV must be connected to it. But the TV will only “see” the shared folders. In order for the TV to have access to all the information, you can open general access to all folders in the “Network” settings on the laptop. But this is not recommended for security reasons. After all, in this case, everyone who will be connected to your network will be able to use your data. Another option is to make a specific folder publicly available.

But for more convenient display of the image on the TV, it is better to download the program. One of the recommended ones is “Home Media Server”. It is free and universal for different TV models, and also has wide functionality. To install on a laptop, just download the application (preferably on the official website) and launch the installation file. After starting the program, in the settings window, you can select the category of media resources and already specify access to the folders there.

If your devices support Miracast or Intel WiDi technologies, then it is enough to enable these functions on the TV. Then he can connect wirelessly to your laptop without a router, directly. On the laptop, however, you need to install the appropriate application. But when connected, you can display any picture from a laptop.

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If the TV does not have a WI-FI module, then you can use various adapters that can be connected to the HDMI port. For example, one such device is the Google Chromecast, which looks like a USB flash drive. The gadget is designed for streaming multimedia content.

Connection via HDMI can be called optimal in order to transfer media data from one equipment to another. This standard provides high-speed transmission, even of Ultra HD-quality files, and transmits more than. but also multichannel sound.

How to output images from a computer to a TV using HDMI? It is enough to connect the two devices with a cable. Then switch to TV AVI mode and select the port to which the cord is connected. On a laptop, you need to call the screen settings and set the required resolution there, as well as select the display of displays. This means that on a laptop, you will be able to control both screens, and you will need to select a display for the TV screen. The options are:

  • Duplications. the same image on both screens;
  • Display on 1 screen. the second one will be turned off;
  • Screen Enhancements. TV will become a second monitor.

Settings may vary depending on the version of the operating system.

The next way is how to transfer the image via DVI. DVI was developed for transferring content to digital devices. Predecessor to HDMI. And, unlike the latter, it does not transmit sound. In this case, you will need a TRS connector or adapter, otherwise called “minijack”. a very popular audio connector, probably familiar to many as an input for connecting headphones. To duplicate the screen of a computer or laptop, you will need to follow the same steps as for HDMI. Once connected, transferring the playing file is easy.


Scart is a European standard for transmitting analog and digital signals. It has different specifications, so it can transmit different signals (audio channel, control). The convenience of the interface is that it allows you to connect a high-quality RGB source to your TV without intermediate coding.

To broadcast a movie from a PC or laptop, it is better to use a VGA-SCART adapter. This is explained by the fact that a large number of TVs are equipped with a SCART connector, and computers. VGA.

A wired connection with a large number of connectors is best chosen from the latest technologies. The best option is HDMI. In general, setting up your laptop and TV is NOT difficult. The main thing is to select the input signal on the TV, and on the laptop perform the settings that are required for the corresponding technology.

Using a laptop as a monitor for a computer

If the question arose of how to use a laptop as a monitor, then you should know that you will NOT be able to do this directly. Even if the laptop has a connector to which you can connect a cable from the computer’s system unit, the image will NOT appear on the display. The installed system will be displayed on the laptop screen, there will be no connection with the PC.

Desktop customization

It is possible to display the image from the computer system unit on the laptop display only if you have previously configured the display of the computer desktop. To do this, you need a monitor, at worst, a modern TV with an HDMI, DVI or VGA connector (depending on which connection the PC monitor supported).

For the connection to be established, the card in the system unit must have at least two outputs. Here, one output cable goes to a PC monitor or TV, from the second to a laptop. The desktop is configured on the computer, the laptop will be the second display for now.

  • Right click on the desktop. Open the Screen Resolution tool (Display Settings on Windows 10).
  • The system should detect that there are two displays connected to the computer block. You can duplicate images on them, extend the desktop to two screens, or select only one monitor.

The laptop display in this case is the second device for displaying a picture. Set the value “Display the desktop only at 2” so that the image from the card from the computer system unit is transferred to the laptop screen.

This connection is only possible if the laptop has an input, not just an output. The presence of one connector for connection to the system unit is not yet to say that you can make a laptop monitor for a computer.

Remote control software

You cannot use a laptop instead of a monitor, but you can make a remote connection and display data from the computer on the laptop screen. In this case, it is not necessary to connect the laptop to the system unit, the connection is established over the network. There are several proven options to display an image from a computer on a laptop display without connecting to the system unit.

  • ZoneOS ZoneScreen.
  • Radmin.
  • TeamViewer.

To configure the computer, there must be a monitor, the laptop in this case will be the second display. First, let’s see how the ZoneOS ZoneScreen program works. The application has two modes of operation. the server (the computer from which the image will be sent) and the client (the laptop, which will perceive the signal).

  • Run the program on your PC. Select the “Act as a server” mode and click “Next”.
  • Leave the port by default. 2730. It is better to set the resolution as supported by the laptop display.
  • In the next window, select the image transfer options. The higher the baud rate, the lower the latency. But as the speed increases, the load on the network and the computer increases. Set the number of uncompressed frames to 10 so that the load is not excessive. After the connection is established, experiment with the settings, choosing the optimal parameters.
  • Click “Start” to start data transfer. If the connection has already been established, but you changed the settings, Click “Reloaded”.

Now you need to configure the client, that is, the laptop. Run ZoneOS ZoneScreen on it and select the “Act as a client” mode. Leave port 2730 and enter the IP address of the computer to establish a LAN connection. To find out the IP address:

  • Run Command Timeline on your PC. Type “IPconfig” and press Enter.
  • Look at IPv4 addresses.
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I entered the computer data in the client on the laptop, click “Next”. A window will appear through which you will see the PC desktop on the laptop screen.

If ZoneOS ZoneScreen does not work (there are compatibility issues with the latest Windows versions), try setting up remote control via TeamViewer or Radmin. The first program is distributed free of charge, in the second you need to buy a license, but there is a demo access for 30 days.

You should download TeamViewer from the official website. To make the program work for free, during installation, check the item “Personal / non-commercial use”.

To establish a connection to a remote computer via TeamViewer, you need to know the ID and password. Naturally, TeamViewer must also be installed on the computer. The process of pairing devices is extremely simple:

  • Find out the computer ID and password (just start TeamViewer on it, the identification data will be assigned automatically).
  • Open TeamViewer on your laptop. In the Partner ID line, enter the PC identification number. Enter a password to connect to a computer.

After completing this simple procedure, you will see the PC desktop on the laptop display and even be able to control it. But the computer must have a working monitor, otherwise nothing will come out.

How to connect a laptop as a monitor

How to use a laptop as a computer monitor or a second laptop

There may be several situations when there is a need to use a laptop as a monitor. The most common problem is the failure of the main display of a personal computer. Therefore, in order to use in the future the power of the system unit and the data that are stored in it, you will need a monitor of the second external device. The same situation can occur when the display matrix of the second laptop does not work correctly.

Ways to connect a laptop as a monitor

The most stable and reliable way to do this is by cable connection. Depending on the laptop model, its external interfaces may differ. You can use a laptop as a monitor through the HDMI connector or through the VGA output. If the system unit contains only an HDMI jack, and the laptop is equipped with a VGA input, then a special adapter will be required for their joint work.

Use a laptop as a monitor with a cable connection

Having decided on the necessary cable and established with its help the connection between the system unit and the laptop, we proceed to setting up the display. To do this, turn on the laptop and wait for it to fully boot. After that we activate the “Properties” or “Screen resolution” settings menu item (depending on the installed operating system) by right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop. In the window that opens, we see the parameters of the current display.

To use a laptop as a computer display, you need to select the required monitor by name from the list that appears. Then you need to expand the PC desktop to the connected device, set a checkmark opposite the corresponding menu item. To do this, you need to confirm the changes made by clicking the “Apply” button, and then “OK”. After performing THESE simple settings, you will be using your laptop screen as your main monitor.

The advantages of this method:

  • reliable connection;
  • stable data transfer rate;
  • simple settings.

Disadvantages of cable connection:

  • lack of the required cable;
  • mismatch between laptop and desktop PC connectors;
  • the need to purchase an adapter.

How to use a laptop as a display over Wi-Fi

For computers with the operating system Windows 7 and later, as well as Mac devices, there is a special program called Air Display. It allows you to quickly and efficiently connect your laptop as a computer monitor wirelessly. To do this, the application must be installed and activated simultaneously on two devices. By following simple settings, following clear prompts, you will quickly achieve the desired result.

Stable connection of the laptop as the main display of the PC will be provided by the MaxiVista utilities. It is specially designed for this function and is available in two versions:

  • client (for a managed device, whose monitor will be used as the main one)
  • server room (needs to be installed on the main device).

When the application starts, the server should automatically detect the client laptop. After connecting to it and completing the step-by-step settings, you can use the laptop as a computer monitor. The main disadvantage of this utility is that it is not free and is not cheap. In addition, there are a number of programs that allow you to remotely use the display of a combined device:

  • TeamViewer;
  • Radmin;
  • RDesktop and others.

These applications have their own characteristics and more complex configuration. Among all the listed methods, each user will be able to choose and apply in his case the most convenient and accessible option for him.

And if on the contrary, a TV instead of a monitor

The temptation to put, instead of a conventional display, a TV with a large diagonal is very great. Imagine how gorgeous modern toys will look with a detailed picture on such an area. And one more curious observation: if you take TVs with a small diagonal, they cost more than monitors of the same size. But with a large diagonal, for some reason the opposite is true. the price of a 27-inch display is comparable to a 32-inch TV. So, of course, in this case it is more interesting to take TV.

How to turn a monitor into a TV

If you have an old or unused monitor in stock, do not rush to get rid of it. Showed ingenuity, you can make a TV out of him.

As you know, in such monitors, a VGA connector is used as an input, to which a VGA cable is connected.

In order for the monitor to function as a TV, you need to connect any digital TV set-top box to it: for terrestrial, cable, satellite TV, or a smart TV set-top box with Internet access.

Each set-top box has an HDMI output on the rear panel, which allows you to transmit digital and audio signals simultaneously.

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The trick is that using a special adapter, you can connect a VGA cable and speakers for sound to the HDMI connector.

Any external powered desktop computer speakers are suitable for sound reproduction. They connect to the audio jack in the adapter housing.

As you can see, everything is pretty simple. The resulting system can be used in the country.

What you need to know

The main parameters that must be taken into account when connecting a computer monitor are sound reproduction and signal connection type.

For a while, monitors with built-in speakers were often seen on the market, but, unfortunately, this is rather an exception to the rule, and most of them, especially the old type, do not have this function. The problem is solved by connecting computer speakers or an old radio tape recorder if there is an appropriate output.

There are TV tuners with a built-in speaker, although the sound quality is poor there. But this is a quick solution that requires a minimum of wires to connect.

How to turn a monitor into a TV without a computer

It is not at all necessary to throw away an old unused monitor after buying a new one. It can be adapted as a TV, I bought some devices. But before you understand how to make a TV out of a monitor, you need to understand the conversion methods. There are several of them: upgrading the device itself or buying a TV tuner. The choice depends on the availability of certain skills, as well as financial capabilities.

Is it possible to convert a monitor into a TV

The need to use the monitor as a TV can arise quite often. There are not always free funds for buying a small TV, for example, for a summer cottage, kitchen or garage, and monitors are often left unnecessary after buying new ones. In this case, this option would be a good solution.

There are several options for redesigning the device:

  • purchase of a special board and its replacement in the monitor itself;
  • purchase of a TV tuner for external connection with a connector required for this monitor;
  • purchase of a standard TV tuner and converter to connect the device.

The easiest option is to buy a TV tuner. It is a small-sized device for receiving a television signal. TV tuners have been around for a long time, but now they have become especially popular due to the beginning of digital TV broadcasting.

They are of two types: computer (or internal) and external. The first category has long lost its relevance due to the limited set of functions. The second is convenient in that you can connect without the computer itself.

Such a device helps Not only to start receiving digital television with a higher quality, but also to connect directly to the monitor instead of the TV.

The TV tuner requires an antenna connection, just like a regular TV.

HDMI to VGA adapter

VGA and HDMI connectors differ not only in shape, but also in how they work. VGA is an older interface that can only transmit analog images. HDMI is a more modern solution. It transmits a digital image and is able to reproduce the picture in the best quality, and also adds sound.

The adapter-converter should allow not only to connect to the required connector, but also to ensure the correct transmission of image and sound, which does not always happen. Sometimes the models of the used equipment may be incompatible and require additional settings and devices.

Some monitors may have problems with the maximum resolution. HDMI supports HD format, and if the monitor cannot play it, the device will not work properly.

There are various HDMI standards, and a new converter, especially if it is cheap enough, may not support them.

Another problem is sound reproduction. this is solved in two ways:

Choosing and connecting a TV tuner for a computer

The most affordable way to make a TV out of a computer monitor is to connect an external tuner to it. Let’s figure out how to choose it correctly and connect it correctly.

Is it possible to use the monitor as a TV, and what is the threat

Before you start exploring the process of turning a display into a TV, take a look at the source material. In principle, is it possible to make a full-fledged TV from a computer monitor? If the display is NOT too old, chances are that it already has a built-in decoder for getting a TV picture. In this case, you’re in luck, and the whole transformation will NOT take much time or money. It’s another matter if there is such a tuner. We’ll have to look for the appropriate fee.

The work on installing a new board is not so expensive. within 1,000-1,500 rubles, and after that the monitor will become a real TV. So, before taking on the Cardinal transformation of the device yourself, assess your opportunities and risks.

Fundamentally: what is better TV or monitor for a computer

Here the question immediately arises: what if suddenly you no longer need a large screen for games? Well, in this case, the TV can be used for its intended purpose, but the display will have to be completed or altered. It so happens that the TV as a monitor for a computer is universal.

Diagonals from 49 will be simply luxurious in this role. For advanced gamers, it’s hard to imagine anything better. Unmatched sensations and full immersion in virtual reality are provided to you. If you are a fan of tanks, try at least once on the 60 ” diagonal, just remember to return to the real world.

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