How to make two screens on a computer

Two monitors on one computer

It is very convenient to use two monitors (or monitor and TV) on one computer. Rationale. the desktop area doubles, which means that the amount of information simultaneously displayed on the screens of two monitors also becomes larger.
Glancing over the static information field is more effective for the eyes. When you open two programs or folders on one monitor, they will overlap, and if there are three or more windows, then it will not be very convenient to sort through these windows.
On two monitors. a computer monitor and a projector, having two desktops, it is much more convenient and practical to work.

How To Use Split Screen On Windows 10

It should be noted that connected monitors may have different resolutions and display diagonal.

Important note: please note which version of HDMI and DisplayPort your video card and monitor support. here’s more details:

Programs for setting up multi-monitor systems

Setting up a computer with two or more monitors connected at the same time (when each monitor is connected to a separate video card output) for convenient control and switching between monitors is easier to do using the following programs:

or don’t press the winP keyboard shortcuts, find the DisplaySwitch.exe file.
On Windows 7, 8, 10 x64, the Displayswitch is located in the C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 folder; on Windows XP it can be found by searching in the Windows folder.

right-click on the DisplaySwitch. the icon to switch between two monitors and select “pin to taskbar”.
You can turn the projector on and off by two clicks with the right mouse button (in the picture it is indicated by an arrow):

click on it with the mouse. and a window for selecting the operating mode of monitors will open, as when you press the winP keyboard:

Now one click of the mouse replaces many unnecessary and unnecessary actions.
Mode selection:
only a computer;
projector only. will be produced from this shortcut.

Selecting a Primary Monitor

When using two, three or more monitors, set the primary monitor. This display will open all your applications. Windows windows, browser, programs, games.

  • Windows tools,
  • use the TVGameLauncher program.
  • In the first case, in Windows 10, press RMB on the screen, select Display Settings. Display. mark the selected monitor by clicking the mouse and put a checkbox in the Make the main display checkbox

    choosing a home screen in a multi-monitor Windows 10 configuration.

  • The second option: using TVGameLauncher (download and watch the review). a very convenient program for changing the main monitor.
    When using TVGL, all shortcuts remain in their original places.
    Just one click of the mouse on the shortcut “TVGL to TV”. and the main monitor changes instantly (and vice versa. “TVGL to monitor“)!

Desktop wallpaper when using two or more monitors

For example, for two monitors it is possible to select a different wallpaper mode and customize the wallpaper:

  • on this desktop;
  • for each monitor separately;
  • if desired, set a time for changing pictures.
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In this DisplayFusion window, you can set these parameters.

Wallpapers for 2 monitors of various resolutions can be downloaded here

If you use a laptop as a home computer that has an output for connecting a monitor, and there is no image on the connected monitor, then for it to work, you need to install the latest version of your video card drivers.

make, screens, computer

Using DisplayFusion makes it much easier to work on two monitors.!
With powerful features like Taskbar Multi-Monitor, TitleBar Buttons, and fully customizable hotkeys, DisplayFusion makes multi-monitor control very easy.
Using the DisplaySwitch applet, switching between monitors, as well as turning them on or off, can be done with just two mouse clicks, and with a wireless mouse this can be done without going to the computer desk.

How to make two Viber on one computer

The Viber application is no longer considered only mobile, now you can work on it from a computer or tablet. To start using the messenger, you need to register in it. Registration of a specific user is carried out by a mobile phone number. Today it is no secret to anyone that one person can have several SIM cards, for example, from different operators for the benefit of communication or for different purposes. personal and work. Can a similar action be carried out with Viber? Is it possible to use two messengers at once on one device, namely a computer under different phone numbers?

New user

Let’s start with the simplest and most understandable option without using third-party programs. If you have not yet downloaded Viber on your computer, then do it and go through authorization using your first SIM card. Now let’s start configuring the second profile and create a new user using the Windows system:

  • you need to not only create a new user, but also give him administrator rights, for this go to the Control Panel, open the “Accounts” section, then “Family and other people”, select the “Add user” option;
  • when you fill in all the data for the new user of the system, you will need to log into this account, it is done like this: go to drive “C”, find “Viber.exe” and call the command “Run as another user”, through the functions of the right mouse button ;
  • confirm the launch, and the installation window of the program opens;
  • register again using the second phone number, while the two programs are not synchronized with each other.

To register both the first and the second profile on the computer, the SIM card must be inserted into the phone, which also has a mobile version of Viber, since the computer does not work without a mobile version. Therefore, you will need two smartphones.

Special programs

To have two identical programs on one device, you can use the cloning function by installing special programs. They work on the principle of changing the code and bypass the factory settings of the system. The most popular clone programs include:

  • 2 Accounts;
  • Parallel Space;

It should be noted right away that inexperienced users may not understand the functionality of the utility and how it works to successfully create a clone application. As an example, consider the instruction for one of the presented clone programs, which is the most popular. Parallel Space:

  • Download and install Parallel Space on your computer.
  • Install it and run.
  • At the bottom, press “Start”.
  • Open the tab where all your programs will be presented.
  • Choose “Viber” and click on the top “Add to Parallel Space”.
  • Confirm the action on the “Accept” button.
  • The program takes you to the next page, select “Viber” again and click “Create shortcut”.
  • There are now two Viber shortcuts on the computer desktop, and they look different outwardly. The cloned one will be presented on a white background. Launch it and register under a second SIM card.
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Such a useful utility allows you to clone any program and duplicate system files, thus you can either alternately or simultaneously work in the same application under different accounts.

Methods for setting up two accounts

So, if you want to differentiate work in Viber into two separate profiles and use them for different purposes, then in addition to having two SIM cards, you will need to familiarize yourself with the features of dual installation of the application on a computer and choose one of the convenient methods for yourself.

Virtual machine

A second account can be created on a computer using a virtual machine called VirtualBox. How it works:

  • First download the VirtualBox program and install it.
  • Next, start the virtual machine and follow the prompts to go to the working menu.
  • There you select the command “Create”.
  • Enter all the necessary information into the window that appears, confirm “Create” at the bottom, and after “Run”.
  • If you did everything correctly, then the Viber installation window opens, where you register the second phone number.

Android emulator

What is an emulator program? This is a special utility that allows you to reproduce the work of an Android smartphone on a computer, and a Windows computer system on a phone. That is, you can use Viber on your computer in the usual way, and install the second profile through the emulator and use it in the program. There are a large number of emulator programs, you can choose any for yourself and install it on your computer:

When you install the program, launch it, and on the computer screen, the interface of the Android smartphone is displayed in the utility window. It is identical to the phone interface. You go to the Play Market under your account, right inside the emulator, download Viber, after downloading it appears in the menu on the screen, you go into it and register under a different phone number. You will have to work in the second account only through the emulator. Depending on the selected program, the instructions may differ slightly.

Is it possible to install two Viber on one computer

The Viber program is designed for communication and to start using it, you must have a smartphone and a SIM card. Over the long existence of Viber, the messenger has undergone a large number of changes and one of the successful results was the release of the computer version. However, the desktop version on the computer is tied to the mobile version and works under its profile. The account of each user is registered under a certain phone number, the SIM card of which is inserted into the device and a similar circumstance allows for customer identification, as well as to comply with the rules of confidentiality and security.

Thus, only one account can be assigned to one device with a SIM card; it is impossible to download the program a second time and register under a different mobile number. This condition is not provided by the developers. But the technology and IT industry is moving forward and has introduced several workarounds. You can use special programs to install a second account or trick the system and make changes to the installation files on your computer.

How to take a screenshot: keyboard shortcuts

Windows developers are well aware of exactly what their customers want. For a large number of users, the ability to take a screenshot is very important. The easiest option is to use OS tools. If you do not need to process the image, and you want to capture the entire area of ​​the screen on a laptop or computer monitor, just press certain buttons on the keyboard.

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How to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer or laptop

Here are several options for you to make a screen: using Windows tools, as well as third-party software.

A screenshot is an image of what is on your monitor screen. Otherwise it is called that: a screenshot. It can be useful, for example, when there is some problem with the computer: you can send a picture to the technical support department or just a friend.

If you work with text or image editors, screenshots are also invaluable. And in general, sharing images of the content of any site is much more convenient than sending a link to the source. So the interlocutor immediately understands what is at stake and additional comments are often not required. And if you think about gamers, then how else to capture a bright moment from the game without the help of a screenshot?

If you still don’t know how to make a screenshot on a laptop or computer, today’s article will help you. We will consider several methods, ranging from the simplest utilities built into the operating system and ending with specialized programs that open up a wide functionality for working with screens for the user.

Print Screen (abbreviated as PrtScr, PrtSc or Print Scrn)

This is a hotkey that copies an image of the current screen state to the clipboard. Usually located in the section with the “Break” and “Scroll Lock” keys. The screenshot below is an example.

After you clicked on “PrntScr”, you will not see any visual changes, however the screenshot has already been created and is in the clipboard. Next, you need to open any program for viewing images. Even standard Paint will do.

make, screens, computer
  • Run it and press the key combination “Ctrl V”. Now the image from the clipboard will be copied to the utility, and you will see the screenshot created earlier.
  • Open the “File” menu and find the item “Save As”.
  • Choose the format you want and save the result anywhere you like.

This method is completely universal and suitable for any computer or laptop, regardless of manufacturer (HP, asus, lenovo, acer, sumsung, etc.).

By the way, many sites and messengers are able to work with the clipboard. For example, if you open a dialog in VK and press the same key combination “Ctrl V”, the image will be inserted. You can do the same on Skype, Discord or Telegram. This is very convenient if you do not plan to modify the screenshot in any way, but you need to send it quickly.

Win PrntScr

If you also do not need to edit screenshots, but want to save them for future use, then it is easier to use the combination “Win PrntScr”. Thus, the resulting result will be saved in the “Screenshots” folder. The easiest way to find it is through the Quick Access Toolbar, which in Windows 10 is located on the left side of the File Explorer window. Category. “Images”. Or go to: C: \ Users \ Username \ Pictures \ Screenshots.

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