How To Make Two Screens On A Laptop

What you need to know when connecting a monitor to a laptop

How To Make Two Screens On A Laptop

Connecting a monitor to a laptop may be necessary in various situations. If we spend most of the day, for example, in the office, then connecting to a large display will make our work easier and will allow us to use a laptop more comfortably. The monitor will also be indispensable if the display in a laptop is damaged. Depending on our preferences, the laptop can be configured so that you can use both screens at the same time or only one monitor (even with the laptop lid closed).

The laptop has a monitor output.

Depending on the model and age, they may be different, that is, the following connectors:

  • D-Sub (VGA);
  • DVI;
  • DisplayPort;
  • HDMI.

Before connecting an external monitor to your laptop, you need to make sure that there are compatible connectors. You should carefully check which type of connector, especially since in the case of DisplayPort, the inputs differ in size (Mini DisplayPort or Full DisplayPort).

If the connectors on the devices are different, then in this case you need a special adapter (the so-called “adapter”) or a ready-made cable. With their help, you can connect VGA to DVI or DVI to HDMI input. The cost of the “adapter” depends on what combination is used. the most expensive adapters connecting D-Sub (VGA) and HDMI inputs. In the case of VGA-DVI or DVI-HDMI, the price is usually a couple of dollars. In addition to the above, there are also USB adapters with which you can connect multiple monitors.

Let’s go directly to the process of how to connect a second monitor to a laptop. The connection itself does not require any special procedures. when there is a Corresponding cable or adapter. you just need to connect the devices and only then turn them on. The monitor should be automatically detected when the system starts up. By default, both screens will display equal content. Now you can do this. expand the desktop to two screens or display the picture only on an external monitor.

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Extend your desktop to two screens

If you want to use the monitor as an additional screen, then you need to enable the extension of the desktop to two screens. Thanks to this you will be able to drag windows between displays, and adjust them arbitrarily.

If Windows 10 is installed, right-click on the desktop and then select “”. For older systems, right-click and go to “”.

The settings window will open. Here go to the field with the name “”. using this menu you can choose how the image will be displayed when two screens (or more) are connected.

Select an option “”. Now the desktop will occupy the screens of the laptop and monitor, and on each other windows can be configured. for this, simply drag them over the first screen to be displayed on the second.

Above these parameters are pictures showing the connected displays. The monitor icon can be grabbed and moved to any location, so that it matches its installation in reality. The correct position of the monitor in the figure is made when moving windows between screens Using the Appropriate Screen Edges.

How to connect a monitor to a laptop and display the desktop on two screens

If the display on a laptop does not work or you want to display your desktop on a wide screen, then see how to connect a monitor to a laptop. We will also consider what settings to use in order, for example, to turn off sleep mode when closing the lid.

View image only on external monitor

For example, if the display in a laptop does not work or you just want to use it as a desktop computer and view the picture only on the monitor, then this is also not difficult to do. To do this, you will need to display the image only on the monitor, and also turn off sleep mode after closing the lid.

First right click on the desktop and open “” (on Windows 10) or resolution (on Windows 8.1 and earlier OS). Then you will see pictures showing the connected displays. Probably your main display in laptop is number 1 and monitor is number 2.

Expand field “” and select the option “Show only on 2”. But, if you have monitor number 1, then select “Show only on 1”. Now the display in the laptop is completely deactivated and the image will be displayed only on the connected monitor.

The next step is the power option. set the parameters so that when the lid is closed, the system does not go to sleep. To do this, right-click on the Start button, go to the Control Panel and find the “Power Supply” function.

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On the left, go to the “action when closing the lid.” Specific meal plan options will appear.

In the “When closing the lid” section, select “No action required” in the sections where the laptop operates only on battery power and, accordingly, from the mains. Save your changes. Now you can close the lid and the device will NOT go into sleep mode. You have learned how to connect two monitors. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse via USB and work with the device like from a desktop computer.

Scissors app

  • In the main menu “Start” go to the section “All programs” “Standard” and select the program “Scissors” from the list;
  • A cross appears instead of the cursor. It must be brought to the place where you are going to take a picture;
  • Hold down the left mouse button or touchpad and drag the cross along the page, highlighting the desired area;
  • After you release the mouse button, the screenshot will go to the clipboard.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Lenovo laptop

There are several ways to get images from the monitor and save them. Let’s talk about the most popular of them.

How to save a screenshot

After the picture is taken, it must be “taken out” from the device memory and saved to a separate file. If this is not done, the image will simply be lost. There is an easy way to do this using text or image editors.

  • In the main menu “Start”, in the “All Programs” section, find the Paint program, or any other graphics editor;
  • Press the key combination “Ctrl” “V” on the keyboard;
  • It remains only to save. There are two ways:
  • Click on the image with the right mouse button. From the menu that appears, select the term “Save Image As”;
  • Press the key combination “Ctrl” “S”;
  • A separate window will open in which you will need to enter a name for the saved file and specify the location for storing it (desktop or some folder)
  • Click the “Save” button.
  • In the “Fragment and Sketch” program, after adding an image to the clipboard, a notification about this will appear in the right corner of the screen and an offer to save the file. You can use this function by clicking on the message that appears.

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    Full screen capture

    • A screenshot of the entire screen is taken using the “Print Screen” key combination (may be designated as “PrntScrn”, “PrtScn”, “PrtScr” or “PrtSc”), in some cases “Fn” “Print Screen”.

    Snip Sketch app (Windows 10 only)

    • On the keyboard, press the key combination “Windows” (it shows the logo) “Shift” “S”;
    • Several tools will appear in the upper part of the display to limit the area of ​​the image: rectangle, whole screen, arbitrary shape;
    • Choose the appropriate option and select the desired area with its help.

    Snapshot of the active window

    • “Alt” “Print Screen” (or in combination with the “Fn” key)

    Windows standard methods

    Standard methods involve using keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot and save it. In this case, the user does not need to download individual programs or register on the sites. All you need is your laptop keyboard.

    third party programs

    Special programs have wider functionality than standard ones. For example, with their help, you can immediately upload a picture to the network or edit it. Yes, they do require Some computer skills. True, dealing with them is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

    Reference! Download software only from trusted sources. Doubtful programs are not only of poor quality, but also contribute to Incorrect operation of the entire device.


    • Download the program for the Windows operating system and install it following the prompts on the screen;
    • After installation, LightShot will start automatically.
    • Before the first implementation, it is most convenient to go to the settings menu and look at the “hot keys” and, if necessary, edit them. Hot keys are a combination of those buttons on the keyboard that you need to press in order for the program to perform this or that action (in this case, took a screenshot of the screen)
    • After typing the above keys, the toolbar will appear on the screen and the image area will be highlighted. You can change its size, position, add a signature, send it to the Internet and much more. Through the same panel, you can save a snapshot of a laptop. For each action, you need to click on the corresponding icon.
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