How to make two screens on Windows

Vertical fixation

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Windows can be fixed not only on the sides, but also at the top and bottom. One program will occupy the top half of the screen, the other will occupy the bottom. This can be done with hotkeys, only the arrow is not left / right, but up / down. Pressing the arrows again will minimize one of the programs to the tray. This pinning does not work by dragging. It is worth remembering that not all programs have sufficient flexibility and adaptability, the windows of some programs may behave or display incorrectly

What is the Snap Assist tool

The Snap feature is rooted in the Windows 7 version of the system. It allowed the user to distribute windows of running programs across the screen, and pin them there so that they were equal. When there is a need to work with many windows at the same time, and there is only one monitor, this greatly helps to use the desktop space much more efficiently. You can divide the monitor into two windows vertically, or you can drag each window to the corners of the okra, and you will get the table divided into quarters, in each corner a separate concretely attached application will work (actively). The user receives information from several programs at once, optimizing and making his work more efficient.

Snap expansion in the top ten

In Windows 10, dragging and dropping windows has slightly advanced functionality. As soon as dragging starts, the diagram is shown with all open windows. By clicking on any, the user automatically sends it to a free cell or part of the screen. It is much more convenient than manually pulling the windows and setting them in the right place.

Snap Assist: How to Use

In fact, the procedure is quite simple. You have a window of a running program, in order to fix this window in a certain place, press the left button on the title, and without releasing we pull the window to the side, left or right, right to the end of the monitor. You will see a semi-transparent border, which means that the window is already in the docking zone. The frame tells you how the window (already docked) will be positioned after you release the mouse button. Are you satisfied with the situation? Release the key, and the window will automatically stand firmly in this zone.

By the way, the guiding translucent frame n instantly appears as soon as you start pulling the window, but this is not necessary, or rather, you can drag it without waiting for it to appear. You just drag the window to the desired part of the monitor and save a couple of seconds. The window is fixed in such a way that half of the available screen space is occupied. This part of the function works on earlier versions of the OS, but the new features are expanded.

How to split screen in Windows 10

Microsoft is constantly working to expand the capabilities of its main operating system Windows 10, and in the latest revisions, the function of splitting and pinning active windows (or just open ones) on one screen has been improved using the standard Snap Assist tool.


In Windows, of course, you can do a lot with the keyboard, including splitting the screen and pinning program windows. For example, you need to send it to the right side of the screen, press Win simultaneously with the right arrow. However, Assist will not appear to you in this case, the schematic appears only when you drag it. Each window obeys the general rules of system windows.

Quarters of the screen

Snap allows large monitors to be much more comfortable and informative. If before a 17-inch monitor was almost the ultimate dream, now there are panels of 40 inches, and they are relatively inexpensive. And there are many high-performance TVs that also have large diagonals. Such a monitor can be divided not into two, but into four, without deteriorating usability. Of course, there were third-party applications that provided such tools, but the built-in standard function is always better and more reliable.

For such a fixing, it is enough to pull the windows apart at the corners of the monitor. You can also use hotkeys, an additional arrow is simply added there, up and to the right. attaches the program window to the upper right corner. Thus, you can fix three windows, for example, two dock on the left side, and the third for the entire remaining right half.

Using a local account

  • Tap on the item “Accounts”.
  • Find “Your data” in the left column.
  • In the right column, click “Sign in with a local account instead”.
  • Enter the password, click the “Next” button.
  • Enter a name, a new password, a hint for it.

After that, the OS shell will change, you will be logged in under the new name of the local account.

Disable the display of the Search and Task View buttons on the taskbar

In the tenth version of Windows, the buttons “Search” and “View tasks” are displayed on the taskbar. If they are not needed by the consumer, they can be removed. To do this, tap on the taskbar. In the window that appears, uncheck the boxes opposite the corresponding items.

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How to make Windows 7 from Windows 10, customizing the interface and appearance

After installing Windows 10, many users found the interface unusual and inconvenient compared to the seventh version of the software. But reinstalling the program is also not entirely appropriate. Therefore, users are looking for answers to the question of how to make the familiar Windows 7 OS out of Windows 10. There is a certain algorithm of actions that helps to change the interface and return the look of the old version of Windows.

Disable automatic updates

Windows 10 often checks and automatically installs updates. For most users, this procedure interferes with normal work. After turning on the computer, you have to wait for hours for the computer to boot.

For convenience, the developers have provided options to warn the user before updating, as well as the installation time, which you can set yourself. There are several options for disabling updates, but experts strongly advise against using them for security reasons.

Returning to the default Start menu

Special services help to customize the classic look of the menu from the “seven” in Windows 10. The Classic Shell program is considered one of the best Russified services to help restore the previous interface. The utility is available for free download.

To restore the familiar look and settings of the Start menu, you will need the Classic Start Menu module. After downloading the application, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Press the “Start” button.
  • Change the style, appearance of the button.
  • Go to “Basic parameters”, select the parameters of the response of the button, hot keys and other settings.
  • In the “Cover” tab, select the design style, configure.

In the Customize Start Menu tab, you can set options for showing or hiding items. They can be moved, set the order of rotation.

At the top of the utility screen is the Show All Parameters item. It allows you to see hidden options that may be useful to the user.

Classic Explorer interface

In Windows 10, it has been refined and equipped with new features. For users accustomed to the interface of the seventh version of the OS, the design option in the form of folders with files seems strange and inconvenient to work.

To give Explorer a familiar look, the user should do the following:

  • Launch the Explorer menu.
  • Tap on the item “Parameters”.
  • In the window that opens, select the sub-item “Change the parameters of folders and search”.
  • In the line “Open Explorer for” select the option “My Computer”.
  • You need to remove the display of recently opened files in the “Privacy” sub-item. To do this, you need to remove the checkmarks opposite the corresponding items.

The special utility Old New Explorer can also change the Explorer interface. The service is free, in English. You can download it on the developers website.

Disable the lock screen

Screen lock is another Windows 10 innovation that users didn’t like. You can disable the parameter in the editor, following the instructions:

  • Click WinR.
  • Enter in the line gpedit.msc.
  • In the section “Configurations” find “Administrative Templates”.
  • Select “Control Panel”.
  • Enter the “Personalization” folder.
  • Find “Prevent displaying the lock screen”.
  • Enter it by double clicking.
  • Set the value “Enabled”.

You will need to restart your PC for the screen lock to stop turning on.

We refuse cloud services

OneDrive cloud service is provided to store user data in Windows 10. OS functionality allows you to customize the software or uninstall it.

The service starts automatically at the same time as the OS. You can disable autostart of cloud storage by doing the following:

  • Click on the triangle icon on the taskbar.
  • A list of running applications will appear in the menu that opens. Select “OneDrive”, click on it.
  • Go to “Options”.
  • Uncheck the box next to the line of automatic loading of the application when the OS starts.
  • Click Unlink OneDrive.

After that, the cloud storage will not automatically start with the OS. But the icon on the panel will remain. It can be removed as follows:

  • Press WinR hotkeys.
  • Type regedit in the line. Click “Ok”.
  • Paste into navigator line: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ CLSID \ 018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6.
  • Find System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree. Put “0” in the “Value” field. Confirm Action.

After the cloud service will stop automatically starting when the PC is turned on, the icon will not be displayed on the panel. The service will not be completely removed from the device, but will go into sleep mode.

How to set up two monitors on Windows 10?

Today, PC users have two or more monitors in their arsenal. The smaller display is used for office applications, while the larger display is preferred by gamers for running colorful games. However, having only one system unit, users often wonder how to connect and configure a second monitor in Windows 10.

Before connecting the second screen to a PC with Windows 10, you need to make sure that the selected monitor contains VGA, HDMI, DVI standards, which are also available on the rear interface panel of the system unit itself (the video card must support the ability to connect two displays). Thus, by connecting 2 monitors, the user can use different connectors of the plugs. It is recommended to install the main screen with the one with the best characteristics.

First of all, you need to connect both monitors to your Windows 10 PC using the appropriate cables.

After connecting 2 displays, you can adjust the clarity (and other parameters) and the position of the desktops on the monitor.

Setting up a second monitor on Windows 10 is as follows:

  • Press “Win P” to bring up the “Projection” menu and choose how to use the second monitor. A small window will appear.
  • Next, we select the option of using an additional display. In most cases, the options are “Extend” (create a second blank Windows 10 desktop) or “Duplicate” (completely duplicate the screen content on the second monitor).

IMPORTANT! If the installed monitor for some reason does not detect the Windows 10 operating system, then you can try to manually force the system to recognize it. To do this, right-click on an empty space on the desktop and in the menu that opens, select the item “Screen settings”.

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A new window will open. Under the image of a small monitor, click on the “Detect” button.

Or, you can open “Settings”, “System”, “Screen” and perform all the same actions.

If after this manipulation the image on the monitor does not appear, you should change the screen resolution and make sure that the cable is connected correctly.

In the case when the cable is connected correctly, but there is no image, we recommend installing or updating the video card driver. After updating the software, the following settings must be made in the advanced screen parameters:

  • Selecting “Graphics adapter properties”.
  • A new window will open. The adapter type should contain the name of the video card, not the base adapter from Microsoft.

It is important to note that installing a second monitor is a straightforward process. However, you need to be careful when connecting monitors and adjusting picture display parameters.

Consider another option for connecting a second monitor

It is often necessary to connect an external device due to the very small monitor of the device. When developing software for mobile devices, the manufacturer takes into account the possibility of connecting a second screen to a laptop, so first use the tools offered by the preinstalled system.

So, you need to find the blue square icon, it’s in the panel at the bottom. To connect a second Windows 7 monitor, right-click on the icon to be able to configure the graphics adapter. To open the menu, click on an empty space on the desktop.

We press the item “Output to”, then select the appropriate option. If you want two monitors to show the same picture, give preference to the “Display Clone” mode in the settings.

Catch the cat

Simple logic game. The objective of the game is to surround the cat with dots so that he cannot escape from the field. Failed. start the game again!

Setting up a second monitor

Hello dear readers!

I recently wrote about working with two monitors. The article aroused interest, but at the same time, questions arose. I wrote about the merits of working with two screens, about how to connect a second monitor, but for some reason I missed the question of setting it up. Now we have to close this gap. In this short article I will write about how you can set up two monitors. You can connect six monitors, but I haven’t worked with that many, so I’ll only write about two.

By the way, I recalled a historical anecdote on the topic:

“The easiest and fastest way to get 1000 rubles or more per day”

The Prussian monarch Frederick II, who considered himself a very erudite person, liked to hold conversations with members of his own academy of sciences, while sometimes asking completely ridiculous questions. Once Frederick asked: “Why do you think a glass filled with Burgundy wine makes a less clear ringing than a glass filled with champagne?” After a short silence, Professor Sulzer answered the monarch. “Unfortunately, given the low salary that Your Majesty assigns to his academicians, we are deprived of the opportunity to conduct such experiments”

So, after connecting the second monitor, you need to configure it. I have Windows7 OS, so I will show the settings using this operating system as an example.

Context menu on the Desktop

First you need to open the Screen Resolution dialog box. This can be done either by right-clicking on the Desktop, or by opening the Control Panel, in the Appearance and Personalization section, select Adjust Screen Resolution.

Before us opens such a window Screen Settings.

Above schematically shows the connected monitors. Usually, the operating system detects them immediately, if this did not happen, click on the Find button.

After clicking on the Define button, numbers appear on the screens indicating which monitor is the first and which is the second.

First, the Screen. select the monitor to configure.

Second, Resolution, usually recommended, it is better not to change.

Third, Orientation, you can make it landscape or portrait. This will become clearer after considering additional parameters.

Fourth, the most important thing for us, Multiple screens. There are four points, if you select Duplicate these screens, then the same will be displayed on them, two mouse pointers will move in exactly the same way. This option should be selected if the second monitor is used for demonstration to other people.

For individual work, it is better to choose the second option. Expand these screens. In this case, the screen of the second monitor will be a continuation of the first. The mouse pointer will be one, it will be possible to move it from screen to screen, drag objects, for example, program windows or folders. Look at the screenshot and photo below. part of the window may be on one screen, and another on the second. This is the mode I use in my work, I’m used to it and I’m very pleased that there is such an opportunity. Screenshot of the screen with two monitors Two monitors with an extended screen

There are two more options. Display the desktop on 1 or 2 screens only. There is such an opportunity, but why use it is difficult to say, maybe someone will share how to apply it.

Below you can determine which monitor will be the main one. The main one is the one on which the Start button and the taskbar are located.

Now let’s move on to the additional parameters. They are determined by the capabilities of your video card, so the window that opens can be different. Again, I’ll show you by example.

There are several tabs here, I’m interested in the Graphics Control Panel.

Using the settings in this panel, you can rotate the image 90, 180 or 270 degrees. As an example, I placed the monitor vertically and rotated the image 90 degrees. This option can be used, for example, when processing photographs with portrait orientation.

This is how you can connect and configure a second monitor.

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Write in the comments what options and for what purposes you are using. Recommend the article on social media and don’t forget to subscribe to blog updates. to receive announcements of new articles directly to the mail.

P.S. Update as of 01/15/2019. I recommend the recently appeared free video course on working with two monitors from the Clubprofi team:

Setting up dual monitors on a Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 computer

After turning on the computer with two monitors connected to it, they, after booting, are usually detected by the system automatically. However, it may turn out that the first time you load the image will not be on the monitor on which it is usually displayed.

After the first launch, it remains only to configure the mode of operation of two monitors, while Windows supports the following modes:

  • Screen mirroring. the same image is displayed on both monitors. In this case, if the physical resolution of the monitors is different, there may be problems in the form of image blur on one of them, since when the screen is duplicated for both monitors, the system sets the same resolution (and this cannot be changed).
  • Displaying an image only on one of the monitors.
  • Expand screens. when you select this option for two monitors, the Windows desktop “expands” to two screens, ie. the second monitor is the continuation of the desktop.

The operating modes are configured in the Windows screen parameters:

  • In Windows 10 and 8, you can press the WinP (Latin P) keys to select the monitor mode. When you select Extend, the desktop may appear to have “expanded in the wrong direction”. In this case, go to Settings. System. Display, select the monitor that is physically located on the left and check the box “Set as the main display”.
  • In Windows 7 (it is also possible to do it in Windows 8) go to the screen resolution settings of the control panel and set the desired operating mode in the “Multiple displays” field. If you select “Expand These Screens”, it may turn out that parts of the desktop are “swapped” in places. In this case, select in the display settings the monitor that is physically located on the left and at the bottom click “Make the main display”.

In all cases, if you are having problems with the clarity of the image, make sure that each monitor is set to its physical screen resolution (see How to change the screen resolution of Windows 10, How to change the screen resolution in Windows 7 and 8).

How to connect a second monitor to a video card

Almost all popular video cards, be it AMD or NVIDIA, have an additional input for connecting a monitor. The situation is similar with laptops. Most modern models are equipped with the necessary connectors.

Particular attention should be paid to the identity of the outputs of the video card and the inputs on the monitor. In the event that the connectors do not match each other, you will have to additionally purchase special adapters.

Additional Information

In conclusion. a few additional points that may be useful when connecting two monitors or just for information.

  • Some graphics adapters (in particular, Intel) as part of the drivers have their own settings for configuring the operation of multiple monitors.
  • In the “Expand screens” option, the taskbar is available on two monitors at the same time only in Windows In previous versions, this is only possible with the help of third-party programs.
  • If you have a Thunderbolt 3 output on a laptop or PC with integrated video, you can use it to connect multiple monitors: there are not many such monitors on sale yet (but soon they will be and they can be connected “in series” to one another), but on the other hand there are devices. docking stations connected via Thunderbolt 3 (in the form of USB-C) and having multiple monitor outputs (in the image Dell Thunderbolt Dock, designed for Dell laptops, but compatible not only with them).
  • If your task is to duplicate images on two monitors, while the computer has only one monitor output (integrated video), you can find an inexpensive splitter (splitter) for this purpose. Just search for a VGA, DVI or HDMI splitter on the market depending on the output you have.

This, I think, can be completed. If you still have questions, something is not clear or does not work. leave comments (if possible, detailed), I will try to help.

How to connect two monitors to a computer

If you needed to connect two monitors to a computer or a second monitor to a laptop, this is usually not difficult at all, except in rare cases (when you have a PC with an integrated video adapter and only one monitor output).

In this manual. in detail about connecting two monitors to a computer with Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, setting up their work and possible nuances that you may encounter when connecting. See also: How to connect a TV to a computer, How to connect a laptop to a TV.

How to make 2 monitors?

Using a second monitor in the computer makes it possible to do several things at the same time, and greatly helps those who work with several open windows at once. Users who have never practiced such an activity and do not know how to connect a second monitor probably think that it is very difficult, but in fact, there is nothing difficult in connecting a second monitor, and now we will figure it out!