How to make WhatsApp like on iPhone

What else might be useful to know about setting the time in WhatsApp

The messenger automatically sets the same time as on the mobile device. If it is inaccurate or completely inconsistent with the local time zone, you just need to correct the data manually.

To make adjustments on iPhone, you must select General. Next, select a time zone, and then click on the appropriate option.

Why is the time of visiting the interlocutor not visible

Quite often, the question is asked why the data about the time when the user was in the messenger is not visible:

  • The interlocutor has used the privacy settings. You can check as follows: send a message to the subscriber. If it reached the addressee, then the profile is simply hidden. It is possible to send and receive messages.
  • There is a less pleasant option when a person has added some contacts to the “black list” or blocked them. Check in exactly the same way as in the first case. When the message does not reach, there is no photo, there is a high probability of being on the “black list”.
  • Another reason is blocking a contact and adding it to the ignore list and forgetting about it. It is worth checking in the settings. Perhaps the contact whose time is not displayed is in the list of blocked users.

These are the main reasons why a contact’s visit time may not be displayed on WhatsApp on iPhone.

How to hide visiting time on iPhone in Whatsapp

Below is the algorithm by which you can remove the visit time on the iPhone:

  • Login to the messenger.
  • Go through authorization.
  • Go to the menu of parameter settings and user account.
  • Find the section “Account”, click on it.
  • Select “Privacy”, after which a list of available status display options will open. Find “Was / was online”.
  • Select an audience that will not be able to see the time of the last stay in the application.

When choosing an audience, 3 options are provided:

  • “No one”. In this case, the information will not be available to anyone, in turn, the user will not see this information about others.
  • “List of contacts”. Select those who will be denied access.
  • “All”. Openness of information to absolutely everyone.

Important! When blocking individual contacts, the user will also be denied access to information about these users.

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Disable WhatsApp Delivery Report on iPhone

In modern messengers, it is possible to see by indicators when a message was received and even when exactly it was read. In WhatsApp, this indicator is a check mark. When a message reaches the user and he reads it, it doubles and turns blue. This is convenient, because it makes it clear to the sender that his message has reached the addressee, which means that a response should soon follow. But not every recipient wants to know that he has read the message, because this implies an instant response. Sometimes there is simply no time to answer right away or it takes time to think.

Here a double situation arises and the sender’s misinterpretation of the “silence” is likely. The developers have foreseen this as well. You can turn off the blue double check and read message indicator. The advantage is that the recipient has the ability to read messages at any time, and the information about the status of the message will be hidden and you don’t have to worry if it is impossible to give an answer right away.

To turn off the delivery indicator in WhatsApp, go to the “Menu”. It is located in the upper right corner. Then open “Settings”. “Account”. “Privacy”. To turn off message delivery notifications, you need to find an option at the bottom of the screen called Read Receipts. Remove the mark from the box opposite.

What else can be done

To hide your online presence altogether, you can turn off the display of the date and time of your last online presence. To do this, in the private settings, select the “Visit time” item and mark “Nobody”.

After making these adjustments, no contact will know if the message has been read or not. In this case, the person who set the block will not be able to see this status either. This must be remembered.

Blacklist creation

There is another alternative way to remove the reflection of the time of entering the application, which will refer to a certain person or group, this is adding to the “black list”. At the same time, this person and the group will not know the time of the last call to the messenger.

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Finding a person on this list deprives him of the following opportunities:

  • voice calls;
  • text and other messages;
  • sending files;
  • viewing the status;
  • access to the user’s personal information.

In some situations, a blacklist is a great thing.

Why you might want to hide your last visit time on iPhone

There are many reasons why the user wants to hide information about the time of the visit to the application, the status of the message. There are those who generally prefer to hide their presence. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Receiving messages from unpleasant users and not wanting to respond to those messages.
  • Reducing information about your use of the messenger to a minimum, as well as building various guesses like “why were you online so late? do you have insomnia?”. This is considered an invasion of privacy.
  • The desire to just make your communication private.

Additional options in the messenger on iPhone

Some solve the problem drastically. They just block the entire WhatsApp or uninstall the app. Only in this case there is a break in communication with those with whom you want to maintain it through calls and correspondence. As a rule, such people are the majority among contacts and it is illogical to stop pleasant communication with them because of one or a couple of people.

Note! The application developers have provided for the possibility of private communication, so any iPhone owner can make adjustments to the settings and continue to use the messenger.

It is optional to uninstall the app from the iPhone

How to hide visit time on iPhone in WhatsApp

Currently, instant messengers have completely replaced SMS messages. They are convenient to use, their functionality is very wide. One of the most popular is WhatsApp. It can be installed on both Android and iOS. The messenger shows the last time a user was online, but not everyone wants this information to be available. The article will help you learn how to hide visiting time on iPhone (any versions. s, se, XR) in WhatsApp and other interesting features, for example, “Invisible” mode.

Can I see guests on WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp application does not provide a function that allows a person to find out which of the users has viewed the profile. This can only be done using third-party applications. But installing them can damage account security.

How to disable “invisibility” in WhatsApp

To disable the “invisibility”, you need to do the same steps as when setting this mode:

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  • go to settings;
  • go to the “Privacy” section;
  • change the permission of access to information from “Nobody” to “Everyone” in all sections;
  • check the box allowing to send message read receipts.

How to do it in Votsap so that it is not visible when you enter

There are 2 ways how to make “invisible” in “WhatsApp”. One of them is to take advantage of the customization offered by the developers. Another is to install a third party app. Both methods have their drawbacks.

On iPhone

To activate Hide Status, iPhone users need to do 4 steps:

  • click on the “gear” icon located in the lower right corner of the gadget screen;
  • select the item “Confidentiality”;
  • go to the item “Was (s)”, “Profile photo”, etc. and set the desired visibility settings;
  • disable read reports.

How to make previously viewed messages unread

If the user does not want to completely block the sending of read receipts, but intends to hide this fact from one of the subscribers, then after reading the message, he needs to mark it unread.

  • open the list of dialogs;
  • click on the desired one and hold until an additional menu appears at the top;
  • click on the icon with 3 dots;
  • in the drop-down tab, select the item “Mark unread”.

In addition, there are ways to discreetly read the message without tearing it off. This can be done by setting up pop-up notifications for incoming messages on the screen of your smartphone. The second method is to install auxiliary software that allows you to download messages from WhatsApp and read them without activating the application. Such utilities allow not only to remain invisible, but to receive information while remaining in the “offline” status.

These services do not replace WhatsApp. You need to install both programs on your gadget. When a person using third-party message reading software logs into “WhatsApp”, he will be able to see all the information about when the subscribers were online and whether they opened his messages.

An example of such an application is No Last Seen. For it to function, you need to allow access to notifications. In addition, many users are faced with incorrect work. the program turns off on its own after a few days of use, and it has to be reinstalled. If after these actions the whatsapp icon suddenly disappeared, then it can be restored through the settings menu.

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Another way to hide the fact of receiving information is to disconnect the phone from the Internet before opening the message. This can be done by turning on airplane mode or denying access to existing networks. However, when the connection is resumed, the subscriber will know that the text has been read.

What is Hide Status WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides a mode of operation of the service, in which a person hides the following information from other users of the application:

  • status;
  • profile photo;
  • time of the last use of “Vatsap”;
  • the fact of reading the message.

The disadvantage of this method of restricting the access of other subscribers to private information is that the user who activated it will not be able to receive this information about his interlocutors.

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In addition, if the dialogue window is open at the same time for both people, the second person will be able to see the status, despite the privacy settings.

You can download a third-party app to expand the Hide Status feature in WhatsApp. There is a large selection of similar programs in the AppStore and Google Play. They allow you to remain invisible and hide your profile information, while retaining access to information about the status and time of visits of other users. With their help, you can hide your online visit time from a single subscriber in WhatsApp.

On “Android”

The sequence of actions required to activate the invisible mode on Android is built on a similar principle. The difference can only be in the location and name of the sections.

To hide information about your online activity, you need to follow these steps:

  • click on the “Menu” icon (3 dots located vertically in the upper left corner of the screen);
  • select the “Settings” section of the menu;
  • click on the “Account” section;
  • go to setting parameters by clicking on “Privacy”;
  • choose who will be able to see information about the status, time of visit, etc., by going to the appropriate menu items;
  • uncheck the box that allows you to send a read report.

How to enable invisible status in “WhatsApp

You can choose who will have access to information about the subscriber’s presence in the network from 3 options:

How to back up WhatsApp

Messages can be copied to the built-in memory of your smartphone or to a third-party storage device (SD card). The question is what is selected by default. You need a File Manager to locate the files you are looking for. Usually in the WhatsApp directory there is a Databases folder.

As for phones with Android OS, there are two ways to save correspondence. We are talking about virtual and local space. Let’s consider each separately.

Virtual save

We are talking about cloud storage located on Google Drive. An excellent solution for those who want to change their smartphone. Or for owners of broken gadgets that cannot be recovered. Here’s how Whatsapp is backed up to the cloud:

  • Open messenger settings.
  • In the menu that appears, go to “Chats”.
  • Click “Chats Backup”.
  • You will find yourself in the cloud settings.
  • Decide on the account in which the information should be stored.
  • Think about the frequency of duplicate correspondence and replace the “Never” option with one of the suggested options.
  • There is always not enough space on the cloud, so you won’t be able to hide videos.

Local save

The easiest way to save information is on Android itself. If you are not satisfied with the automatic saving (done at 2.00 am), you can copy all chats manually. You can do it like this:

  • Go to app settings.
  • Move to the “Chats” section.
  • Open “Chat Backup”.
  • Click “Backup”.

How to back up Whatsapp to Google Drive

To cope with this task, you need to fulfill a number of minimum conditions. It’s easy to create the right storage in Google Drive, and you’ll see for yourself now. Here is a list of technical requirements:

  • operating system Android 2.3.4 (and later);
  • activation of a Google account on the device;
  • installation of Google Play services on Android;
  • free space for backup.
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to “Chat backup”.
  • Activate backup by configuring frequency (default is “Never”).
  • Select an account to copy chats. Sometimes it happens that there is no account. in this case, you need to add it. To do this, enter the username in the appropriate field.
  • Press the “Use” button. Before creating a Whatsapp backup, you need to understand the network through which the backup is carried out. Mobile Internet is associated with financial costs.

How to Back Up WhatsApp: Android, iPhone, or Computer

How to create a backup copy of Whatsapp and not be afraid of losing important fragments of your correspondence? This question is asked by many smartphone owners. Photos, voice messages, chats. all this can be saved by making a backup. Below. step by step instructions.

How to backup Whatsapp on Android

Have you accidentally deleted all the dialogs and you need to restore from the built-in memory? The instructions below do not apply when the device is manufactured by Apple. Here’s what to do:

  • Launch the messenger, open the settings menu.
  • Go to the chat, and in the settings look for the backup.
  • Save your correspondence.
  • To keep messages in a safe place, transfer them from your device to your computer.

How to back up WhatsApp to iPhone

On iPhones, backing up is a little more complicated. using the cloud resource iCloud or iTunes. As you remember, iPhones are equipped with the iOS operating system. You know how to back up WhatsApp on Android, but Apple products are tricky.

Step one. Activate data recovery using your computer. In iTunes, start recovery mode. In the device directory, you need to select the iPhone, scan and extract the required files.

Step two. Restore WhatsApp after verification is complete. You will see the contents of the copy made in great detail. Click on the WhatsApp button and view all the dialogs. What interests you can be marked with flags. Next. the “Restore” button.

How to install WhatsApp on iPhone

One of the most popular messengers is whatsapp (Russian-language options are WhatsApp, WhatsApp, etc.). It is actively used by almost a billion people. over, every day this application is downloaded and installed by thousands of people around the world. Many have difficulties or have questions related to the installation procedure. Therefore, we decided to tell you how to install whatsapp on iphone correctly and easily.

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Is it possible to install two whatsapp on iphone?

This option is not provided in the official version of the application. However, different craftsmen have come up with a couple of ways to make sure that a watsap with two different accounts works on one phone. At the same time, both accounts were active at once. What should be done?

  • Download and install WhatsApp on iPhone.
  • Open the Safari browser. Go to the website ios.othman.TV
  • You will see a list in which you need to select the item “whatsapp 2”.
  • After that, under the icon with the application, click on the green button.
  • Next, press the install button in the window that appears on the display.
  • As soon as the installation procedure is over, go to the “Settings” section. From there to the “Basic” subsection, where we select “Device Management”.
  • In the proposed list, you should find a certificate whose name begins with “VNE Software and”. Then you need to click on it and select “Trust”.

After all these manipulations, another messenger icon will be displayed on the iPhone desktop. We click on it and set up the second account, not forgetting to bind it to another SIM card.

The procedure for installing WhatsApp on iPhone

We can talk about all the advantages of the program for a long time. We only note that this messenger allows you to exchange messages, various information, including audio and video files, as well as make calls. And all this is completely free. However, in order to use all the functions of whatsapp on your iPhone and plunge into the world of unlimited communication, you need to correctly install the application.

So let’s not hesitate. Let’s move on to how to install WhatsApp on iPhone. And we will immediately reassure you. this procedure is simple. over, we will provide detailed step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the App Store.
  • In a special search box, we drive in the name of the program. Also whatsapp can be found in the Top Free section. In this case, be sure to choose exactly messenger. Search may suggest other apps that have the word “WhatsApp” in their name. For example, Run WhatsApp on tablet.
  • We load the messenger and wait for it to download. It usually takes less than one minute with sufficient internet speed.
  • We start the installation. This operation takes even less time than downloading the original file. Then open WhatsApp.
  • A window will appear where there will be a link to read the user agreement. To study it or not is up to you. All you need to do is click the “Accept and Continue” button.
  • Next, you need to go through the registration procedure. To do this, enter your phone number. Expect a message with a code. Then enter it on the special line.
  • This completes the installation.

Note that whatsapp cannot be installed on the so-called “Chinese iPhone” (various copies of the original Apple product) using the method described above. Such a device is incompatible with the AppStore and iTunes. You can run WhatsApp on it only by downloading it from a PC or laptop via a cable. over, the Chinese iPhone must also support Java applications.

Important things to know before installing WhatsApp on iPhone?

To begin with, the owners of old “apple” smartphones may not run this messenger on their device. Whatsapp requires iOS 7 or later. Thus, the application functions only on iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s and other devices that “come” with IOS 8, 9, 10 and 11 (recall, this is iphone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s, 7 etc.).

Whatsapp will no longer work on iphone 3GS. Even if you find and download an old version of the messenger, when you try to activate it, the system will indicate that a more recent program is needed.

How to set up whatsapp?

We figured out the installation of the messenger. Now let’s talk about how to set up WhatsApp to use it as conveniently as possible. To do this, we recommend doing the following:

  • Go to your profile settings and add a photo to your avatar. You just need to click on the pencil icon in the lower right corner. After that, the gallery will open, where you can upload your favorite photo or picture.
  • Limit access to personal information. Again, go to the profile settings, find the item “Privacy”. Here you can mark who will see the date of the user’s last login to the messenger, photos, statuses, payments and much more. That is, the user can hide what he wants from the visitors of his profile. Also in this paragraph there is a function that allows you to block an intrusive and unwanted interlocutor.
  • Configure the interface. We go to the settings for chats and calls. Here you can “adjust” the font and their size to your liking, set the length and width of the screen, wallpaper options, etc.
  • Set a personalized notification ringtone. It is very comfortable. After putting the original “sound”, you will be less confused and know when the message came to your colleague, husband or wife, and when to you. In addition, in the “Notifications” item, you can configure pop-up windows, enable / disable vibration, and select the color of the indicator (if available on your smartphone).

For reference! If, after using the whatsapp application on an “apple” smartphone, you decide to open it on an Android device, then with a high degree of probability old contacts, chats, chat history, etc. will not be transferred. Even though the account remains the same.