How to maximize the screen on your phone

Auto-rotate screen on Android phone and tablet

If you are faced with a problem when the screen does not rotate on an Android device, then this article is for you. The fact is that the orientation sensor installed inside your Android device is responsible for the rotation (orientation of the device). When image rotation is enabled, the picture in the device changes its position, depending on the position in which you hold it. So let’s decide what to do when the Android screen stops rotating.

The first step is to get into the settings menu on your device. There are several ways to do this, it all depends on the manufacturer.

For phone owners

First: go to the menu of your launcher and find the “settings” icon

Second: on the main screen, lower or raise the curtain and select the mechanical star icon “”.

Third: also on the home table, click on the touch button “properties” under or at the bottom of the display and select this item.

For tablet owners

The first method is SIMilar to the telephone.

Second: tap on the clock on the toolbar, press the operation button “”, and select the settings item.

After that, in the “Device” tab, select the “Display” item, and turn on the checkbox in the “Auto-rotate screen” item so that in the future the image rotation will automatically change its position.

There is also an alternative and faster solution to this problem, but it is not available in all Android devices. To do this, you need to lower the curtain and activate the “Auto-rotate” button.

Screen does not rotate on Android

If, after the performed actions, the display rotation did not automatically take the position, then the problem may be in the sensors themselves. In this case, I advise you to contact the service center for a more detailed explanation of the reason for solving the problem.

I had such a problem that I just didn’t do anything, nothing helped, only after I turned off the phone and pulled out the battery for 3 minutes, then everything went into place.

My screen rotates after reboot. This lasts for a while, then it stops turning again. In the settings, auto-rotate is turned on, the sensor, judging by the fact that after the reboot everything returns to normal, it also works, which may be more?

Hello. Apparently, this is some kind of software glitch. In this case, a factory reset will help you. You should also understand that the screen may not flip everywhere. That is, there are certain points (the settings menu or the desktop in some cases, certain applications, and so on) in which screen rotation is not supported. For example, on the Samsung C4 smartphone, screen rotation does not work on the desktop and in the applications menu. But it works great in settings and most applications. However, some applications do not support this feature either. Try different options and find out if screen rotation works or not. And if it turns out that the turn does not work anywhere at all, then you will have to reset to factory settings in order to fix the problem.

A video shot by a Sony Xperia smartphone on a PC and TV is upside down. How to get a normal image (you can flip a photo), is it possible to flip video images?

Transferring applications to the SD card

To transfer applications to an SD card, the device must support program transfer. Not all smartphone categories have this feature. If there is such a possibility, then the transfer looks like this step by step:

  • Enter settings.
  • Open the “Applications” tab.
  • Open the page of the lost program.
  • Tap on the item “Storage” and select “Change”.
  • Select and install the “Memory card” option in the window.

Transferring applications to a memory card

After all the manipulations, go back to make sure the icon is present.

Through the application menu

In the first case, open the list of applications. The found icon should be held down until an intermittent vibration and, without removing your finger, drag it to its usual place on the main screen. It will return to its original dimensions and settle in place immediately after the finger is removed.

Note! This option is not supported by all smartphone models.

The second method involves returning the lost icon through the Settings menu. Clicking on this tab will bring up all programs. Both standard and self-installed are displayed. The disappeared icon can be searched for by scrolling through the list or typing in the name in the window. Although the latter option is not available on all models.

The found icon can be returned to its place by clicking on “Add shortcut to the desktop”. Usually this button is at the top of the screen on the right.

Why app, camera, call and other icons disappear on Android

Determining the reason for the disappearance of icons is not easy. A certain inconvenience appears, especially if a frequently used icon has disappeared. For example, the Yandex. Browser “on Android or the handset disappeared on the screen of an Android device.

If icons disappeared on the phone, not every user knows what to do

Depending on the previous circumstances, there are several reasons for the disappearance of icons from the desktop:

  • the operating system crashed;
  • the deletion was accidental;
  • the application has moved to a different storage location (to a memory card, to a folder, to another desktop).

Note! Most often, the shortcuts of self-downloaded applications disappear. Standard ones are unstable to long pressing or applying one icon to another. In this case, they together form a new folder.

If all else fails and there are still no icons

If you can’t find the missing icon, you can take more drastic measures. The easiest way is to reboot the device.

Note! Sometimes it crashes when the cache is full.

How to restore a shortcut on Android if it’s missing

Everyone gets used to using applications from the smartphone desktop: to their presence and location. Sometimes the system crashes and one or more icons disappear. The question is how to restore the shortcut on Android. In order not to find yourself in a helpless situation and return them to their place, you should study the topic in more detail.

How to recover a shortcut on an Android phone

How can I restore the application icon on Android if it is missing? There are several ways to put the shortcut back in place. The most used of them are search in applications and through the “Settings” menu.

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There are several ways to return icons to the desktop.

How to return icons to the desktop

It is possible to return icons to the desktop. The problem of how to return the icon to the screen of an Android device can be handled by any user, regardless of experience. Only in each case there will be its own path.

Factory reset or flashing

Sometimes it is necessary to sell or give the device to another family member, then it becomes necessary to reflash the device. In another way, the process is called a factory reset. The procedure is standard for all androids. Everything happens in the “Settings” section. In the smartphone menu, it is indicated by the gear icon.

Factory reset will erase all important information from your phone

Following a clear aLGorithm, you should:

  • Click on the gear.
  • Select the stage “Recovery and reset”.
  • Select “Reset phone settings”.
  • Click on “Erase everything”.

Note! Depending on the manufacturer, the item names may be slightly different, but the meaning remains the same. For example, Samsung has changed the word “Recovery” to “Backup”, “Reset phone settings” is designated as “Reset data”.

Other brands like Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei have changed their button names. The sequence of actions: “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Reset settings”.

Gadget repairmen often use another data reset option. It is also accessible and understandable for any user and is used successfully. The process takes place using secret codes.

To reset data you need:

  • Use the call button to switch to the grid of numbers (as when dialing a phone number).
  • Enter code 27673855 #.

Important! In this case, the impossibility of turning on the phone is rarely observed, somewhere in 1-2% of such operations. This will not happen if you use the code ###. All applications will be removed, but other information, such as contacts, will be preserved.

For advanced users, Hard Reset (hard reset of Android settings) is more interesting, since it seems to them a long time to return icons to the desktop of an Android device in other ways. The reset is performed by SIMultaneously pressing a certain combination of buttons through Recovery. Most often these are the volume down and on / off buttons. You should press until the recovery appears. The operation is performed when the device is turned off with a charge of more than 80%.

If the smartphone has a “Home” button, for example, for Samsung, then a combination of volume buttons is used to activate the recovery. “Home” and “On / Off”. Sometimes you need to press the buttons to repeat. For example, on several LG models. In this case, after the Recovery logo appears, release the power button and press it again. On some SONY smartphones, you need to use the volume control buttons at the same time and turn on.

Note! The recovery menu is regulated by sound buttons.

  • Complete the path “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”. “Clear eMMC”. “Clear Flash”. Select the desired button on / off.
  • Tap “Yes” or “Yes. Delete All User Data”.
  • Select “Reboot System Now”.

This completes the process.

You can also clean your smartphone with a jing adapter or through the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) program on a PC.

Search for an icon in subject folders

Sometimes users display folders on the desktop, as a rule, frequently used types of contacts, camera, WhatsApp, Viber, VK, Odnoklassniki, etc. Applications are grouped in folders according to criteria. If the application icon on Android has disappeared, then it can be found in one of them. To find out, you need:

  • Open folder.
  • Scroll content.

Important! If the loss is found, then by pressing and holding it, move it to the desktop.

How to make a browser on the floor of the screen

Consider another trick that allows you to place the window so that it occupies exactly half of the screen.

To make a browser on the floor of the screen you need:

  • Open a browser;
  • Hold down the left mouse button in the browser bookmarks area;
  • Holding down, move the browser window to the left or right side of the screen, if necessary;
  • After the outline appears. release the mouse.

Using this method, you can open 2 browser windows, split the screen in half and do work in both windows in parallel.

You can also move the window to the very corner, then it will occupy ¼ the screen area.

Well, we examined the main properties, capabilities and settings of the browser window size. Now you know how to minimize the browser to a window or stretch to full screen, how to shrink or enlarge the browser window by changing its length and width.

Now let’s move on to possible problems.

How to make the browser window full screen

If you are faced with a situation where the browser is displayed in a small window, i.e. its size is not expanded to full screen, but you occupy only an incomplete part of the desktop, while this window can move across the desktop and scale, then to make the browser window full screen you need:

maximize, screen, phone
  • Open a browser;
  • In the upper right corner, click on the rectangle icon (button: “Expand”), which is located between the “Collapse” and “Close” buttons. (See screenshot below);

After clicking the Maximize button, the browser window will again occupy the entire full working screen.

Another way to open the browser window in full screen:

  • Hold down the left mouse button on the area in which the bookmarks are located (and not the bookmarks themselves);
  • Keeping the mouse held down, you need to move the browser window to the very top of the screen;
  • After that, an outline will appear around the perimeter of the entire screen, indicating that if you release the browser at this moment, it will occupy the entire specified area.

How to make a browser in a window

To make the browser display in the window:

  • Open a browser;
  • In the upper right corner, click on the icon with two rectangles located one on top of the other. The icon itself is located between the “Minimize” and “Close” icons.

The second way to display the browser in the window:

  • Left-click on the area where the bookmarks are located;
  • Start shuffling the mouse closer to the center of the screen, after which the browser window will shrink.

How to resize the browser window: instructions

Author: Yuri Belousov 07.01.2019

Each modern browser has a number of flexible settings and useful functions that allow you to use the browser with comfort. One of these settings, introduced a long, long time ago, is the ability to resize the browser window. You can make a browser window to fill the entire screen, or you can make a browser in a window that occupies only a certain part of the screen. The window can be easily resized: zoom in and out as needed.

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About the current, how to work with the size of windows, their appearance will be discussed in this article, and also consider some of the problems that novice PC users can sometimes face.

It should be noted that this instruction is universal and is suitable for absolutely all browsers. You can resize the window using the method described in the article in Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex browser, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and other web browsers.

How to resize the browser window: shrink or enlarge

We figured out what you can do to display the browser in the window. But you can also change the size of the browser window: reduce or enlarge, make its size so that it is convenient.

To resize the browser window you need:

  • Move the cursor to the very edge of the browser window;
  • After the icon with two arrows appears, hold down the left mouse button;
  • Move the cursor in the required direction to change the window scale: zoom in or out as needed.

You can select either one of the 4 sides and change only it, or the angle to change the size of 2 adjacent sides at once.

Actually, nothing is complicated, all the same standard actions as when resizing Windows windows.

How to make the browser full screen (full screen mode)

There is another way to make the browser full screen. enable full screen mode. Unlike the methods described above, the browser window will indeed be maximized to full screen, hiding even the Windows taskbar.

F11. key to display the browser window in full screen.

It is enough to click it and the entire work area will be occupied by the browser window.

To turn off full screen mode, press the F11 key on the keyboard again.

How to hide the browser in the entire window if there is no “Minimize” button

One of the situations that users may encounter is expanding the browser to full screen. In this case, there is neither a cross to close the browser, nor a minimize button. Even the taskbar is not visible.

In this case, to remove the browser to the entire full screen window, you need to use the coveted F11 button, already described in this article. When pressed, the window will become a standard size.

If it does not help, then press Esc (Escape) on the keyboard.

Off-screen browser. what to do

What to do if the browser is out of bounds and occupies an area larger than the screen, the window does not shrink, since the “Close” and “Minimize” buttons are not visible?

If the browser window has gone off the screen, then SIMilarly to the method described above, we solve the problem by pressing the F11 and Esc buttons.

Why does the browser not open in full screen

If every time after launching the browser does not open in full screen and it has to be deployed manually, then the main reason why this happens is a malfunction of the browser or any Windows components. To solve this problem, it is best to reinstall the web browser and roll back the system. return it to a previous state when the problem was not observed.

Didn’t find the answer? Then use the search form:

Alternative for Win7

Of course, this is not the only way for Windows 7. There is another SIMple and quick option. To do this, call the menu as described above. Only now you need an item: graphics parameters. A standard system dialog box will appear with a Rotate tab. Further, by clicking on it several times, you can safely choose the appropriate option. This is one of the easiest ways to flip the screen on a Windows 7 computer (any version).

For Windows 7

This RAM has its own ways of solving the problem of how to turn the screen on a computer. First, remember that in any case, all actions will have to be performed the other way around. That is, up. it will be down, and to the right. it will be left. On an empty space on the desktop, right-click. Minimize or close all open windows. Select “screen resolution” from the drop-down menu. Next, you need the “orientation” line. Please note that landscape can be upside-down or regular. A SIMple orientation is needed for the usual screen rotation. Feel free to choose it, confirming your action with the “apply” and “ok” keys. If you are looking for how to turn the screen on a computer for your own purposes (watch a movie in a different spread or something else), then select the appropriate options from the available ones.

If you have Windows XP or later

Nothing is impossible in any other operating system. And there is also a way to rotate the screen on a Windows XP computer. But here it all depends on the type of video card installed. In most cases, it belongs to the NVIDIA family. Bring up the desktop dialog box. Select “NVIDIA Control Panel”. It is there that you will have to carry out all the manipulations. The left side of the window that opens are those actions that are available to you as a user. So that the computer screen can be turned over as required, you need to select the item: “Display rotation”. There are 4 options in total. Feel free to try, look for a suitable.

How to flip the screen on your computer quickly and easily?

In a home where there are children, a situation often arises when, going to the computer, you find that the images are upside down. The first time this can even be a little scary. But this is not terrible. How do I flip the computer screen back to its original position? Each operating system has its own way.

Universal ways

Regardless of what operating system, graphics card and other parameters you have, there is a standard set of keyboard shortcuts that help you rotate the desktop as you please. What are the options? Standard combination: Ctrl and Alt, SIMultaneously pressed. To rotate the screen the way you want, use the arrows on the keyboard in addition. Each rotation is performed exactly 90 degrees. It is noteworthy that if this option does not work, then it will be useful to check the system for viruses and malicious “spyware”, “worms” and other programs. It is possible that this will help solve the problem with unauthorized screen flipping.

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Another universal way is to change the settings in the control panel. To get into it, you just need to click “Start” and select the desired item in the menu. In the control panel itself, you only need the “Display” tab. Already there you can safely search for suitable image rotation options on your computer.

If during work without your participation the screen was turned upside down, be sure to check the system with an antivirus. Many problems are resolved only after the infected files are deleted. If you just want to flip the screen for yourself, then use one of the suggested tips. Do not forget to return the image to its original position after, so as not to rack your brains over which settings you need to enter.

Long tap

Without a doubt, this second way to enable split screen mode is easier if you’re already inside an app and want to open another without leaving the first one. If you’re in an app, just tap the app switch icon. You will then see the main application minimized to fill the upper half of the screen, and you will see other open applications at the bottom of the screen. Tap the second app you want to use and it will automatically resize to fill the bottom half of the screen.

As with the first option, this method also allows you to adjust the size of each application in split screen mode by SIMply dragging the dividing line between the two applications to the desired location.

Can i use split screen?

Android has been officially offering split-screen functionality for smartphones since Google released Android 7.0 Nougat in 2016. And although some manufacturers have offered this alternative before Google. the truth is that most of his methods were not as successful as they had many flaws. With the introduction of Android Nougat, the split screen feature has become standard and improved as it works great on most smartphones and tablets.

Some third-party themes and interfaces may interfere with split-screen mode. But rest assured: in this guide, we’ll show you the standard ways to use split screen on any Android device, regardless of its origin.

If you have problems, the first thing you should check is that your phone has Android 7.0 or later, and then check if your smartphone manufacturer has created another method to open split screen mode.

Please note that split screen mode does not work with all applications. When you open an application that does not support split screen mode and try to do so, you will see a message at the top of the screen stating that this is not possible.

How to split screen on Android phone

There are several cases where you need to view two apps at the same time on your mobile phone. For example, when you need to copy a phone number from a photo and you don’t trust your memory, or if you want to comment with your WhatsApp friends on a live stream, without missing details. But did you know you can split the screen on Android phone? In Digital Trends in Spanish we explain how to do it.

Drag and drop

To use the drag and drop method, SIMply open the apps you want to use in split screen mode. Tap the app picker icon (usually the square on the right side of the navigation bar) and select the first app.

Drag the app to the top of the screen to lock it in place. Once your first app is installed, SIMply tap on the second app and it will appear in the lower half of the screen. And this is how easy your apps will be in split-screen mode.

Best of all, when you have the apps you’ve selected on the screen, you can adjust their size as you see fit. To adjust the size, just drag the dividing line between the two apps.

How to activate split screen mode?

There are two ways to activate split screen mode on your Android phone. Although both methods give the same results, it is possible that you will like one of them the most.

How to end a split screen session?

Although the split screen mode is quite useful, it is not a tool that you will want to use all the time. Probably the easiest way to get out of split screen mode. long press on the split screen app switch icon. With this SIMple step, the additional application will automatically close at the bottom of the screen.

Another way to end your split screen session. drag the dividing line to the top or bottom of the screen. The most interesting thing about this method is that it allows you to choose which application you prefer to keep open, instead of automatically selecting the application at the top of the screen.

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