How to narrow the screen on a laptop

7 Ways to Turn Off Windows 10 Laptop Screen

For better or worse, we don’t live in 1999 and most monitors don’t have a screen off button. over, I have never seen a laptop with a separate button to turn off the screen.!

But don’t worry, there are many ways to turn off the screen on a Windows 10 computer or laptop. Here are 7 of the easiest and fastest methods.

DisplayOff application

If “Turn Off Monitor” for any reason does not work on your computer, try DisplayOff, which offers a SIMilar functionality. screen off. What’s more, both apps have a nearly identical user interface.

Download: DisplayOff

Close the laptop lid

You can configure your laptop so that when you close the lid, the screen turns off, but the computer continues to work.

To do this, go to Settings System Power & Sleep Advanced Power Options and select Lid Closing Actions in the left pane. Next, select “Do nothing” next to the “When the lid is closed” option.

Done! Now, when you close the laptop lid, the screen will turn off, but the laptop itself will continue to work.

Use a script to turn off the screen

You can also use a special script, after which the screen will turn off, but the computer will work. Download this script and place it on your desktop. Double click on it and the screen will turn off.


Yes, you guessed it! Dark is yet another application with one function. Just double click the EXE file and your screen will turn off.

Download: Dark

Turn Off Monitor App

Another application called Turn Off Monitor does one thing. turns off the screen. The app is portable so you don’t need to install it on your computer.

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This is already something new! Instead of running the EXE file, BlackTop prompts you to press the key combination to turn off the Windows 10 screen. The key combination is as follows: Ctrl Alt B.

Download: BlackTop

How do you turn off your Windows 10 computer screen? Share your experience in the comments below.

Monitor Energy Saver

Monitor Energy Saver is another program that, as the name suggests, offers more features than just turning off the Windows 10 screen. You can also pause applications and update your chat status to Away.

Video. The screen on the computer has increased. What to do?

Returning the screen to its normal position

Connected monitor or TV

  • First you need to try to disconnect the additional device from the laptop.
  • If after that the screen returned, then the problem is in the difference in resolutions between the laptop monitor and the TV or the second monitor.
  • The next time you connect, you will need to select the desired display, and change the resolution manually in the “Screen Resolution” option.

In the “Multiple screens” section, after disconnecting or connecting the second screen, select the appropriate value

Reasons why the monitor screen becomes narrow

Most often this happens for several reasons:

  • Incorrect screen resolution setting;
  • The video card driver is not installed;
  • Connecting a TV, laptop, or additional monitor to a computer;
  • Incorrect monitor settings.

Now let’s look at all these reasons in more detail.

Changing system fonts

System fonts are a collection of desktop icons, their signatures and design elements. In other words, what is responsible for displaying the workspace on the “table” or windows like “Explorer”.

These elements are interconnected, so when one parameter is changed, the rest are automatically adjusted to it. How to change the font size for a better readability?

How to expand the screen on a laptop / computer (small details, text, numbers are invisible)

User question

Tell me how you can make the text on the screen larger (generally all). Otherwise, it is very difficult to read the text, some elements are invisible.

PS In the browser, I was tortured to press Ctrl and turn the wheel (but here at least you can adjust it), but what to do in other programs.

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Well, in general, most often the described problem occurs with an incorrectly set screen resolution (or scaling). Then many elements in Windows and programs will be small and it will be difficult to read something.

However, I will make a small remark: if you are using a program that is too old, it is possible that it does not support scaling in Windows, therefore, it is in it that the elements will always be small (regardless of your OS settings). But this is a special case.

And so, let’s move on to the point setting of the system.

Change Resolution

  • Call the context menu by pressing the right mouse button on an empty space of the desktop.
  • Click on the line “Screen resolution”.

Right-click on the desktop, select the “Screen Resolution” option
Choosing the right resolution.

Use the slider to set the appropriate resolution
Save changes.

Click “Apply”, then “OK”

Through the settings of the OS itself

  • Call the desktop context menu and go to the “Personalization” section.

We call the context menu of the desktop with the right mouse click, go to the “Personalization” section
Find a tab named “Window Color”, open it.

Find and click on the “Window Color” icon
In it, click on the link “Additional parameters”.

Click on the link “Additional design options”
Expand the list in the “Item” parameter.

Expand the list in the “Element” section
After selecting the elements, use the sliders to set the desired size and type of font, etc.

narrow, screen, laptop

Select an element and configure the necessary parameters
Save settings.

Click “Apply”, confirm “OK”

Personalization setting

Quite SIMple manipulations will help to optimally scale the image in any version of Windows. I will show everything using the example of “ten”, but for the previous editions the essence will remain the same.

  • Go to the “Desktop” and right-click on the unoccupied area. The menu will have an item “Display settings”:
  • The settings window will appear, which will allow you to change the screen resolution and specify the percentage:

How to zoom out the screen on a computer, laptop

Sometimes, in order to increase the comfort of spending time at the PC, it is important to understand how to zoom out on a Windows 10 computer. If the “icons” and inscriptions are too large or small, then the eyes can quickly get tired. And this is not very good for people. Who spend a lot of time in front of a laptop screen.

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In this post, we will look at several options for resizing icons and other elements on the monitor, without using third-party applications.

Differences Windows 7

  • Open the control panel in any way you know. Recommend. via “Start” and be sure to select the “Categories” view mode (upper right corner):
  • Go to the section “Registration.”:
  • Then select the “Screen” tab:
  • You can now adjust the screen reading comfort by specifying an appropriate value:
  • Also, there are several elements on the left that allow you to optimize the picture. The higher the number, the smaller the icons on the screen. But you can only choose from a limited list that is supported by your equipment:

The author recommends:

Video adapter options

If, in addition to the video card driver, you have installed additional software from AMD or nVidia, then in the notification area (bottom right) there may be a special icon, by clicking on which you can open the Nvidia or AMD control panel window:

Expand the “Display” tab on the left to access the required options.

How to zoom out on a computer screen using the keyboard

There is one SIMple keyboard shortcut that works in most applications. Also, it is relevant for the operating system Windows 7. But on the “top ten”. does not work. What needs to be done?

It is enough to press the combination Ctrl or Ctrl to zoom in / out by 10%. The more clicks, the stronger the changes.

You can use this method in any browser. in Opera, Chrome, Yandex, on any site. in Contact, Odnoklassniki. Really change the scale of the browser window not only using the keyboard, but also through the menu. Here is an example from Google Chrome. go to the settings menu and there we see the corresponding controls:

Alas, the specified keyboard shortcuts do not work in Word and other text, spreadsheet editors. A different approach needs to be taken:

  • Go to the “View” tab, which is located at the top. Then we click on the magnifying glass to open a window with the necessary options:
  • And you can do it easier. there is a “slider” at the bottom right, by dragging which you can change the page size:

Alas, I cannot guarantee that you will find SIMilar controls in other applications. Just take a close look, or ask a question about a specific utility in the comments.

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