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Folder for storing deleted files on OC Windows 10

How to delete files from the recycle bin on the Windows 10 operating system

As mentioned above, data deleted from a PC first goes to the system folder, from where it can be permanently uninstalled or restored. The complete uninstallation process is the same on all Windows operating systems:

  • Find the trash can icon on the desktop.
  • Tap on the icon twice with the left key of the computer manipulator.
  • View directory contents.
  • Right-click on the free space in the folder and in the context menu, click on the line “Clear”.
  • Wait until the end of cleaning.

Sometimes the user, by mistake or inattention, deletes certain files. In this case, they can be restored according to the following scheme:

  • Similarly, start the system folder where uninstalled objects are stored.
  • Right-click on the name of the desired file directly in the directory.
  • In the window of the context type, select the item “Restore” and confirm your action by clicking on “OK” in the next window.
  • Make sure that the previously deleted file is displayed on the desktop.

Note! The restored item will be in the same place it was before deletion.

Recover files from the Recycle Bin on Windows 10

How to return Trash to desktop in Windows 10 via Local Group Policy Editor

When performing the task, experienced specialists recommend the following algorithm for use:

  • Find the “Win R” buttons on the PC keyboard and hold them down at the same time to open the “Run” window.
  • In the “Open” field, type in the command “gpedit.msc” from the keyboard, then tap on “Enter” or “Ok” at the bottom of the window.
  • After the previous manipulation, a special window should appear on the screen, where the user should familiarize himself with the information presented in the parameters column on the left.
  • Expand the “User Configuration” section by tapping LMB on the arrow next to this line.
  • Next, you will need to expand the “Administrative Templates” folder, then double-click on the “Desktop” line.
  • In the central part of the presented menu, find the item “Remove the basket from the desktop” and tap on it twice with the left key of the manipulator.
  • In the next window, you must set the toggle switch opposite the line “Not set”.
  • Click on “Apply”, and then “OK” and close the menu.
  • Restart the PC in the standard way through the “Start”, so that the previously made changes take effect.

How to disassemble �� Samsung Galaxy A10 SM-A105 Take apart Tutorial

Restoring the folder for storing files uninstalled from PC in Windows 10 Local Policy Editor

After restarting the PC, the icon of the corresponding component should appear on the desktop.

How to create a shortcut to a system component on the desktop yourself

The process of completing the task is divided into several points, each of which deserves special attention and study:

  • Right-click on a free space on the desktop.
  • In the window of the context type, click on the line “Create”.
  • In the next menu, select the line “Folder”, thereby creating a new directory.
  • Name the folder “645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E”, then tap on “Enter”.
  • Make sure that the corresponding icon is now displayed on the desktop. After that, you can figure out how to find the trash bin on your Windows 10 computer.

Important! After performing the above manipulations, experienced specialists recommend restarting a stationary computer or laptop for the final application of the changes made.

Create an app shortcut on the Windows 10 desktop

How to find the trash bin in Windows 10

This folder has its own path. To find the bin executable file, you need to take a few simple steps. Where to find the Recycle Bin in Windows 10:

  • Open “My Computer” on the desktop or File Explorer.
  • Go to the local drive where the operating system is installed.
  • In the search line, which is located at the top of the window, enter the phrase “RECYCLE.BIN” and tap on “Enter”.

After performing the above manipulations, the user will have access to the root folder of the basket. It will be empty if the user has not deleted anything.

Note! The icon of this system component can be transferred to the desktop or a separate shortcut can be created by specifying the path to the directory.

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How to open the back cover on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Let’s take an example of how specialists open non-removable back covers on a Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. It is much easier to do this when you have special equipment at hand. It resembles an ordinary vise equipped with a large suction cup.

It serves as a holding tool for the back of the case. No hot air gun is needed with this equipment. Since it refers to methods that have a certain share of the risk of breaking Samsung with high temperatures.

How To Open Samsung A10, Disassemble Samsung Galaxy A10

  • In the middle there is a niche for a telephone. A body is placed between two rubber vise holders;
  • The cover of the device closes and the suction cup is activated. It is attached to the back of a Samsung smartphone. The joints must be moistened with alcohol or an alcohol-containing solution;

Ultimately, the glue between the parts of the case yields and the device is disassembled into two main parts. the back cover and the Samsung mobile phone module. When the cover comes off the module, you do not need to immediately open the fixture. It is necessary to remove the suction cup from the body, after which you can open the machine.

How to open the back cover of a Samsung phone

Let’s find out in what ways you can open the back cover of your Samsung mobile phone. No mobile phone is complete without a SIM card. This is a small chip that provides us with cellular services. On some Samsung models, you need to remove the cover to gain access to the slot where the chip is inserted. And also Micro-SD. a flash drive for a mobile device. Or get to the motherboard for repair.

Method to remove cover on Samsung J5 phone

Recently, developers of mobile phones of various brands have begun to create cases in which the back cover is simply absent. In fact, it exists, but it is not possible for ordinary users to open it without special devices. For example, the two parts of the Samsung J5 are glued together. And in order to glue them, the body must be exposed to heating at a temperature of 100 degrees. This will require a hot air gun.

Before opening the case, be sure to remove the cells for the SIM card and flash drive.

The muzzle of the hot air gun must be directed towards the back of the Samsung and its seams. Then you need to arm yourself with a plastic card or a plastic scalpel to pry the front screen module.

The lid is not a thin plastic sheet, as in classic smartphones, but rather a depression in the form of a bath. You should be very careful when working along the seam of your phone with a card. Don’t run it too deep. 0.5 cm is enough. Be careful not to disrupt important phone modules.

When the lid yields, do not rush to open the case completely, do it with caution. After all, both parts exchange information using a wide ribbon cable that connects the screen module and the Samsung motherboard.

To disconnect the ribbon cable, you need to open the mount cover and remove the ribbon cable from the socket. It’s pretty simple. The main thing is not to rush and be attentive.

Removing the cover with the tools at hand on the Samsung Galaxy S9

The more popular model Samsung Galaxy S9 practically does not differ in the process of disassembling the case from other models. Here, everything is also glued together, the engineers at Samsung decided. But we will consider manual disassembly of the device, without any special tools. We will use the tools at hand that are in every home. For example, instead of a hot air gun, you can use a regular hair dryer to dry your hair. But use it to its fullest. Direct the hot air flow exclusively at the joints of the case.

It is necessary to warm up the glued joints with a hairdryer for a few minutes. A suction cup is also required to safely remove the back cover.

    Attach the suction cup to the top or bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S9 case. Gradually start pulling the cover away from the screen module. It’s nothing that at first she won’t give in. Do this regularly but effortlessly. After a while, a gap will begin to appear between the body and the lid;

System requirements

To develop apps for Samsung mobile devices, you first need to set up the Android IDE, if your IDE is already set up, you can skip this section.

  • Make sure your development system meets the requirements listed in Android System Requirements.
  • Set up your Java environment:

To develop Android applications in Java, you need the following:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK). provides the tools you need to create a Java application.
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE). allows you to run Java applications on your computer.

To configure these components: 1. Go to Java SE Downloads. 2. Click Java Download to display the download page for the latest JDK, which includes the JRE. 3. Click the download package for your operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. 4. Install the JDK package. For more information on installation, see Installing the Java Platform.

  • Download Android Studio:
  • Go to Android Studio.
  • If the browser detects your operating system, click Download Android Studio; otherwise, click Download Options and select a different platform: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.
  • Unpack and install the kit. It includes core components and Studio IDE.
  • Launch Android Studio.
  • If you are notified of platform and plugin updates, click Refresh to exit Studio and launch the SDK Manager. Then install the suggested packages.
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Mobile. Assembly | Samsung Developers

This guide teaches developers how to configure workstations to use the Samsung Mobile SDK in their applications. It covers basic topics such as downloading and installing the SDK.

  • System requirements.
  • Downloading Samsung Mobile SDKs.
  • Getting Started with Android Studio.

Common Reasons Your Tablet Won’t Turn On

The problem with Samsung tablet not turning on is more common than you might think. Most people panic, but they need to understand that sometimes the cause is not serious and can be quickly corrected.

Here are some possible reasons why your Samsung tablet won’t turn on:

  • Freeze in power off mode: When you at some point turned off the tablet and tried to turn it back on, your desk could freeze and freeze in off or sleep mode.
  • Low battery: Your Samsung tablet might be low and you didn’t notice, or your tablet’s charge level is incorrectly displayed.
  • Corrupted software and / or operating system: This is usually indicated by the fact that although you can turn on your Samsung tablet, you cannot leave the startup screen.
  • Dirty Tablet: If your environment is dusty and windy, your Samsung tablet may become clogged with dirt and lint, causing your device to overheat or move properly, and make the system work funny.
  • Defective Hardware and Components: You might think these small bumps and scratches do nothing other than make your phone look ugly on the outside, when in fact it can break or weaken some of the components on the inside. This will cause your Samsung tablet to malfunction.

does not turn on. Dr.Fone

Have you played Candy Crush when your Samsung tablet decided to shut down even though you clearly saw that your battery was more than half full? You tried to turn it back on several times, but nothing worked. What should you do? You have important files inside and you should try to fix your Samsung tablet soon.

Did you know? Many phones cost over 100. Determine the value of your phone.

If you are not comfortable removing the back cover by yourself. which may mean that you may not be comfortable completing the repair. you can take your phone to your local repair shop or get it repaired by email service.

NOTE. You can get your phone repaired for free or at a discounted price if your Samsung Galaxy is still under warranty or you purchased insurance. Doing it yourself can void your warranty. It can also cause additional damage, which is more expensive to repair than the original repair. If you are going to remove the Samsung Galaxy battery, make sure the charge level is below 25% to prevent the Li-ion battery from catching fire and exploding.

samsung A10 back cover open | Pardeep Electronics

II. Interior

  • Download apps from the Google Play Store whenever possible because these developers have been verified by Google.
  • Know what you are sharing with the app. make sure the app isn’t secretly extracting data you don’t want to share.
  • Get reliable antivirus and antivirus software to protect your tablet from viruses and phishing attacks.
  • Always updates your OS, apps and software, so your device is using the latest version of everything.

As you can see, it’s easy not to panic when your Samsung tablet won’t turn on. Knowing what to do in this situation helps to make sure you can fix it yourself before spending money on tablet repair.

Can DeX replace your computer?

Today’s smartphones have enough processing power to handle most workloads, but the limitations of small screens can make it difficult to multitask or make you more productive. Using Samsung DeX with a full-size monitor, keyboard, and mouse removes the need for a laptop or desktop PC for good.

For individuals DeX. a great way to be more flexible. Instead of loading up your laptop to do your work at home, just plug your phone into a monitor and get started right away. You can run up to five applications at the same time and easily complete most tasks without the hassle.

For business owners and IT decision makers, DeX allows you to consolidate IT investments and device management by using your smartphone as the primary computing device, giving your team access to corporate email and applications. instantly accessible wherever they are. Instead of having a separate PC for each employee, you can deploy flexible workstations with a DeX cable, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, knowing that users can get in and start working in seconds.

Even businesses that rely on legacy Windows apps that don’t have mobile or web versions should consider DeX as an option. You can use a virtual desktop app like VMware, Citrix, or Amazon WorkSpaces in DeX to access the full Windows desktop.

Samsung Galaxy models with snap-on covers

Most older Samsung Galaxy phones have snap-on back covers that can be easily removed. These include Galaxy S, S1 through S5, Galaxy J, J1 through J3, and Galaxy Note Note 1 through Note 4.

To remove the back cover, simply look for the notch on the side of your Galaxy phone. Then use your fingernail or plectrum to pry it up and off the phone until it comes off completely.

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How to open HEIC (HEIF) file in Windows (or convert HEIC to JPG)

Recently, users began to encounter photos in the HEIC / HEIF (High Efficiency Image Codec or Format) format. the latest iPhones with iOS 11 by default shoot in this format instead of JPG, the same is expected in Android P. Windows these files do not open.

This tutorial details the ways to open HEIC in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, as well as how to convert HEIC to JPG or set up iPhone to save photos in a familiar format. Also at the end of the material. a video where everything stated is shown clearly.

Setting HEIC / JPG format on iPhone

If you don’t want your iPhone to save the photo in HEIC, but you need a regular JPG, you can set it up as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Camera. Formats.
  • Select “Most Compatible” instead of “High Efficiency”.

Another possibility: you can make sure that the photos on the iPhone itself are stored in HEIC, but when transferred by cable to a computer they are converted to JPG, to do this, go to Settings. Photo and in the “Transfer to Mac or PC” section, select “Automatic”.

Opening HEIC in Windows 10

If you are not particularly keen on paying for HEIC / HEIF codecs, I recommend using one of the free ways described below to open such photos or convert them to Jpeg. And maybe Microsoft will “think again” over time.

How to open or convert HEIC in Windows 10 (any versions), 8 and Windows 7 for free

CopyTrans developer has presented a free software that integrates HEIC support into the latest Windows versions. “CopyTrans HEIC for Windows”.

After installing the program, thumbnails for photos in HEIC format will appear in the explorer, as well as the context menu item “Convert to Jpeg with CopyTrans”, which creates a copy of this file in JPG format in the same folder where the original HEIC is located. Photo viewers will also be able to open this type of images.

Most likely, popular photo viewers will support the HEIC format in the near future. At the moment, XnView version 2.4.2 and newer can do this when installing the plugin

Also, if necessary, you can convert HEIC to JPG online, several services have already appeared for this, for example:

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“Extension for HEIF images” is free, but for “HEIF and HEVC Media Extensions”, to which the link leads when you try to open the file, it costs 1 dollar))

Thank you, everything worked out with the photos, but what about the video? how to convert videos to another format so that they play on the computer?

In theory, the VLC player should play them without any additional manipulations.

Best and Free Option: Download from Microsoft Store and install “HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer”.

some HEIC files didn’t want to be converted

It was necessary to open a file with the heic extension on a Windows 7 PC. Renamed to jpg and opened in “Photo Viewer”.

Thank you! I downloaded the application, but found an online converter: Allows you to quickly download ready-made photos directly in an archive (not one by one).

Thanks, CopyTrans HEIC for Windows worked. Files are visible in File Explorer and opened by Windows Photo Viewer

CopyTrans HEIC didn’t work for me. Maybe the computer needs to be rebooted. Although on the W10, it seems like it is no longer necessary to reboot after installing the programs. The item appeared in the menu “convert to”, but nothing happens. From the word “finally”. I did this: I opened another photo in the Irfan View program, dragged it into the window image-00-00-00-00-00.heic. The program warned me that the file format was wrong (I don’t know for whom) and offered to rename it. I agreed and ……. Received image-00-00-00-00-00.jpg. EVERYTHING. Now I will delete CopyTrans HEIC (maybe it was she who “infiltrated” Irfan View and nailed it) and repeat the experiment. If I get the same thing, then. delete this CopyTrans HEIC.

Many thanks! They helped a lot! Everything opened up. Photo with copytransheic and video with HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer

thanks, all pictures open, how to convert a video to another format so that they play on a computer?

Perhaps the easiest way is not to convert (since this is associated with a loss of quality), but simply to play with another player that can do it. My recommendation is VLC. But if you decide to convert, then the best (in my opinion) free converter is Handbrake.

I found a good batch converter, you can convert the entire folder (this was actually the most necessary functionality, because it was necessary to convert about a thousand files), the speed is about 1 file per second. What pleases me is that it is free (at all), does not include ads, does not transmit any data during operation.

Just like Dmitry (comment above), simple renaming of the HEIC extension to JPG worked for me. FastStone ImageViewer and Total Commander view them fine after that.