How to prevent iPhone from blocking

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How to change the auto-lock time and available time intervals

If we want not to disable auto-blocking, but only to change the time interval for it, we can choose from the available ones. There are several spacing options in Settings. from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

  • Go to Settings, go to “Screen and Brightness”, then. in the “Auto-lock” menu.

prevent, iphone, blocking

  • Among the options presented from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, choose the one that suits us, click on it.

Choosing the desired interval option.

Done! Now auto-blocking will be performed at the selected time interval.

Disable auto-lock via Settings

If we want to turn off auto-lock screen, we need to do it through iPhone Settings:

  • Go to the Settings section, select the item “Screen and Brightness”.

We select the section “Screen and brightness”.

  • Now we find the item “Auto-lock”, open it, and put a tick in front of the option “Never” (deactivate auto-lock).

Selecting “Never” to disable auto-lock.

How to enable auto-lock.

If auto-blocking has not been previously installed on the device, and we want to enable it:

  • Go to Settings, select Screen and Brightness.
  • Click “Auto-lock” and select the time interval for it.

Click on the item “Auto-lock”.

That’s all! IPhone is now set to automatically lock the display at a selected time interval.

How to turn off auto-lock on iPhone?

IPhone Auto Lock is designed specifically to conserve battery power, as a long-glowing screen is energy-consuming. But what to do if the user is uncomfortable that the screen locks too quickly, and this interferes with the work?

In the article, we will take a closer look at how to prevent iPhone from locking (that is, how to disable auto-lock screen on iPhone), as well as how to change the time interval for auto-lock.

As we can see, turning on and off auto-lock on iPhone is quite simple, it will take less than a minute. Also in the Settings, we can select the period of time after which the automatic blocking will be performed.

We hope that our instructions were useful for the readers, and now you can easily understand the process of regulating auto-lock on the iPhone.!

How to enable Auto Screen Lock on iPhone?

To enable and configure it, launch the “Settings” application, and then go to the “Display and brightness” section and select the “Auto-lock” menu here. There are several options available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners, one of which must be selected. The most popular option is 3 minutes.

How to set up touchscreen on iPhone 5?

Go to the Settings menu and select Accessibility. Select Touch and then Touch Adaptation. Enable the Freeze Time option. You can change the time using the “” and “-” buttons.

How to keep the screen on?

How to keep the screen on Android

  • Open Settings.
  • We are looking for the item “Screen” and in it the section “Auto-lock”, “Sleep mode” or something like that. On Flyme 7 and Android 7.1.2 it looks like “Screen and brightness” and then “Auto-lock”.

What to do if iPhone 5 is not responding to touch?

In some cases, on iPhone, the screen does not respond to touch because the smartphone is frozen.What to do if the sensor stops working

  • use the power button to reboot the device (hold the button for a few seconds)
  • remove unlicensed software from iPhone
  • reflash the device

What to do if the sensor does not work on iPhone 5s?

What to do if the touchscreen does not work on iPhone?

  • If your iPhone has a screen protector (glass), remove it and wipe the screen with a tissue.
  • Restart your smartphone by simultaneously holding down the Home and Power buttons for 15-20 seconds.

What to do if the top of the screen does not work on iPhone?

If the screen is not working on iPhone or iPad

Why auto-lock on iPhone is not active?

A no less popular feature in iOS 9 is the power saving mode, thanks to which the operating system partially restricts the operation of some services. So, in the case when it is activated (you can do this by going to Settings → Battery or from the Control Center), the ability to change the display lock time will be disabled, and the indicator will automatically be set for 30 seconds.

After turning off the power saving mode, the parameter will return to its original value (for example, for one minute).

Auto-lock on iPhone: how to enable, disable, why not active

There are a huge number of ways to increase the battery life of iOS devices, ranging from the simplest to radical ones that will limit the functionality of the iPhone and iPad. Today we will talk about the time after which the automatic blocking of apple gadgets occurs, we will tell you how to change it and what can affect it.

The display of iPhone, iPad and any other gadget, regardless of manufacturer, is one of the most energy-consuming components. Its brightness and operating time significantly affect the operating time of devices on a single charge.

To save energy, you can dim the brightness and activate the Auto Brightness function by going to Settings → Display and brightness.

Starting with iOS 11, this switch has been moved under Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Adaptation.

Change auto-lock time for iPhone and iPad

Depending on the version of the operating system, the screen of the “apple” gadgets goes out after 1 or 2 minutes. Changing this time interval is simple: select Display and brightness in the Settings menu, go to the Auto-lock section.

The window that pops up will have several options, including the one responsible for how to turn off the lock on iPhone. By checking the box next to the desired one, you can literally change the auto-blocking mode in two clicks. If desired, it is easy to return it back, but choosing the “Never” option is not recommended.

Sometimes users are faced with the problem of the auto-lock time being immutable. The explanation turns out to be simple. in the Power Saving mode it is impossible to change this interval. it is fixed at 30 seconds by default.

How to turn off auto-lock on iPhone

After logging out of a phone session, users are accustomed to locking the screen by pressing the Home button. But if a book is open on your device, a movie is paused, or files are downloading, it’s easy to forget to turn off the screen. In this case, the system independently performs this function. It is useful for every owner to know how to disable auto-lock on iPhone.

Knowing how to set up auto-lock on your iPhone will allow you to use your phone comfortably. The screen will not go dark for a long time, unless the power saving mode is activated. You can change the automatic blocking time in the settings, depending on the iOS version, the procedure may differ.

How to change the auto-lock time on iPhone and iPad

An equally important parameter is the time after which the iPhone and iPad will be automatically locked and, accordingly, the display will go out. For all, this indicator is initially set to one minute.

You can adjust this parameter by going to Settings → Display and brightness → Auto-lock.

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The time interval can vary from 30 seconds to five minutes, and there is also an option that allows you to completely disable automatic blocking, however, we recommend using it only in exceptional cases (by the way, the minimum threshold of 30 seconds appeared only in iOS 9, in previous versions iOS it was not there).

Relationship between auto-lock and charge consumption

When the screen is turned on, the battery power is drastically affected, especially at high brightness levels. The first step to reducing battery consumption is to either set the brightness to low or switch to Auto Brightness mode. To do this, open Settings and select the Display and brightness section. this path is relevant for iOS versions older than 11. Starting with it, the procedure has changed:

  • Settings.
  • The main.
  • Universal access.
  • Display adaptation.

How To TOTALLY BLOCK PORN on your iPhone

How to turn off the lock screen in Windows 10

In the window that appears, we need a “Lock Screen”.

Select the item “Show the background image of the lock screen on the login screen” and put it in the Off position.

Just in case, I will show you two more ways.

Bypass restriction for listening to music on iPhone

For such a device, there are also special programs for downloading.

Frequently used and well-proven ones are the following:

All these iPhone applications for listening to music in VK, you can find here.

With the help of these programs, downloading music will not take you a lot of time, as it was not long ago. All these applications will give you the opportunity to enjoy listening to music to the maximum! Most of them are focused on audio recordings together with VK, and some make it possible to download and listen to files on the iPhone. You can add music through these programs absolutely from any other musical resource.!

In addition to this method for listening to music from VK, there is another way. copying audio tracks to a USB flash drive.

Music on a USB flash drive from Contact, a very affordable option to listen to music for free. Thus, you can listen to music in the car, player and phone.

The easiest method to download music to a USB flash drive is to use a dedicated plugin. First, you need to go to from your computer directly in the Google Chrome browser and then use the plugin.

Well, that’s not all. The current sages have already figured out how to bypass the limit to remove the restriction when listening to music.

Today there are at least 2 ways to bypass the restriction of VK music without locking the screen to listen to music in VK from the phone. a great way without using third-party applications and programs.

First of all, you can open in a mobile browser. Then follow the link The music from your account will open there. You can turn on listening and, if your phone remains in the background (the screen turns off), music will continue to be played without limit.

In addition, you can listen to music without locking the screen, that is, do not go to the background.

Further, it will be advisable to consider what can be done to prevent the phone screen from being blocked and how it happens.

Third way. Disable the lock screen using the registry

Create a section “Personalization”, select it with the left mouse and create a 32-bit parameter NoLockScreen (type DWORD) set it to 1.

Be sure to restart your laptop or computer.

Bypass restrictions on Android

In this case, it is possible to recommend to you, download tracks and listen to them offline, this will certainly save you the Internet and save traffic. Thus, you will bypass the restriction and the permissible limit will not be a hindrance for you. To do this, use third-party applications of your choice.

So, if you wanted to listen to your favorite tunes and there was music from your account, but there is no Internet or there is no desire to pay for it. The best option would be to install a working Android app. Then, using a good application, download music to your phone.

And here the question often arises: so which of the wide variety of applications to choose? Often, changing updates do not contribute to the acquisition of stability in this regard. An application that worked perfectly yesterday does not guarantee the fact that it will carry out its activities with high quality today. To date, we can highlight the TOP-5 specials. applications on Android that allow you to listen to music offline from VK.

No matter how ridiculous it may seem, the above 3 applications with similar names are in the TOP. In addition to various applications, you can listen to music in another way. without fading the screen, how to make sure that the screen does not go out on the phone, we will consider later, but for now the advantage of programs.

Let’s hope that among them you will choose what you wanted for yourself, and you will have VK music continuously on Android. Most users probably have Wi-Fi at home, which will allow not to waste mobile traffic, if there is an opportunity to pump up music and at any time listen to only the most favorite hits without ads. Today, a high-quality phone can easily replace an mp3 player; on the way to school or work, your music will play in headphones. It is also worth mentioning the AUX cable, which is present in most modern cars (in this case, you will have to abandon the use of the navigator), so that the phone is able to brighten up your gloomy mood on the way, music from VK on Android can be played via cable, through a stereo system.

Disable the lock screen

If you have a password set in the operating system, then so that when you turn on the computer or after exiting the “sleep” mode, Windows 7 does not constantly ask you for a password, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Start again.
  • Go to the “Control Panel” section, which are located in the right column.
  • In the window that appears, find the name of the “System and Security” section and click on it.
  • In the next window, select the category “Power supply”.
  • In the window that appears, in the left column, select the section called “Request a password on wakeup”. (You can go here in a simpler way: enter the phrase “password request” in the search bar of the Control Panel, press Enter. And then select the desired item from the list).
  • We put a tick in front of the phrase: “Do not ask for a password”, and then click save changes.

Now you will not have Windows locked and a password prompt appears on the screen when you wake up from sleep mode.

Listening to music without restriction on your phone

After the freebie ended, and the owners of accounts in social. networks, received a limit of 30 minutes for listening to music, nevertheless, users did not give up and started looking for an option on how to bypass the restrictions and use wiretapping as much as they like, including such as canceling the screen off on the phone.

It is important to understand that the developers decided to take such a step, not out of their own greed. The social network VK has been under pressure for a long time, the copyright holders of the record companies, all those whose songs we had the right to listen to for free. Just at this time, they came to any. no compromise, and decided not to close the entire musical alley because of the massive violation of the authors’ rights. Based on the information on further restrictions, it is known that soon this threshold will reach 30 minutes. For the first month, listening to music will be free, you just need to bind your card, in the future, after the first, trial month, 149 rubles will be debited from your card.

So, now let’s return to the most interesting and important thing: how to listen to VK music without restriction on the phone, so as not to part with your favorite tracks and pay money for listening to them.

Hi everyone. Many of us wondered how to find out the frequency of our computer’s RAM and how it affects.

Hello everyone. Then another topic for the article turned up. And at work, a colleague brought a tablet on which in the middle of the screen could be seen.

Hello everyone. I haven’t written an article for a long time, and there wasn’t much of a reason. And then the wife brings a flash drive with a card reader. She says she was standing at.

Recently we received such a question ?! The question is, how do I connect my router to a router to expand the coverage of my wireless network? So.

Hi everyone. On our website, we have already discussed the issue of hard drive recovery with the Victoria program many times. This.

Hello everyone, the long-awaited moment has come when Nvidia decided to show the long-awaited graphics accelerator update.

Automatically turning off your monitor after a specified period of inactivity is one of the standard, programmed features found in most modern computers running Windows. The idea behind this shutdown is to reduce power consumption and increase the life of the display. This option on the computer can be either disabled or configured.

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Disable a built-in parameter in Registry Editor

It is not recommended to amend the registry without the appropriate skills, since even small changes can provoke unpleasant consequences, including disabling the system. If you decide to use this method, then before setting up the lock screen so that it does not bother you with its presence (as well as before making any other amendments), it is better to make a Windows 10 restore point. So, it will be possible to return the system to its original position, then there is at the time before making adjustments in the event of force majeure. Disabling the lock screen in Windows 10:

  • To open the registry, use the regedit command in the “Run” line of the console (called by pressing WinR).
  • Follow the path HLEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Personalization. If there is no personalization, you can independently make this subsection in the Windows section by right-clicking, then selecting the required option in the context menu.
  • Right-click on the right side of the service and select the option “Create”. “DWORD Parameter” from the menu (including for 64 OS), assign it the name NoLockScreen.
  • Now, by double-clicking, we get the opportunity to change the value for this parameter. It is necessary to set “1”.
  • We reboot the device. The function will be deactivated.

Power supply setup

If you need to turn off the blocking function on the Windows 7 operating system, for this you need to do the following steps:

  • Press the Win key on the keyboard or with the mouse cursor the “Start” button located in the lower left corner of the Desktop.
  • After that, in the command line, write the word “pitan”, the system will find files and functions that have this word in their names. From the options that appear, find the component named “Screen Off Settings”. To open, click on it with the left mouse button.
  • Then a window will appear in which there are all the power settings of your screen that are valid for changing. Here you can change: the time after which the image will darken and turn off, the brightness of the image and how long the computer will go into “sleep” mode. If you are using Windows 7 on a laptop, you will be shown setting up several power modes at once. Opposite the phrase: “Turn off the display” in the drop-down list, select the lowest answer option. “Never”. For laptops, you can separately configure for two cases: AC power, battery power.
  • The same must be done with the function “Put the computer into sleep mode”.
  • To commit the new parameters you have set, click on the Save changes button.

Ways to turn off the lock screen on Windows

If it becomes necessary to block the device, it is possible to do this without waiting for a measured period of inactivity. WinL hotkeys can help you quickly access blocking in Windows 10. In addition, you can block the device from the “Start” menu, in the Task Manager (in the “Users” tab, by selecting the “Disable” option by right-clicking from the menu), or by pressing the CtrlAltDel key combination to bring up a menu where you can select the “Block” option. In the event that there is no one to protect personal data from and the function only slows down the work, annoying with its presence, you can simply turn it off. This can be done in several ways, which we will consider.

Deleting the lock screen file folder

You can remove this function in Windows 10 in another way, simply by deleting the system files necessary for the built-in application to work. In this case, you will not receive any consequences of this action, except for the absence of blocking, of course. The content folder is located at C: WindowsSystemApps Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy. You can easily find the directory and delete it, but it’s better to do it differently. rename the object, for example, by adding one character at the beginning or end of the name, and then you will be able to return the function at any time by removing this character from the name. After renaming, the system will not find the files required to launch the lock screen. To change the name of the system directory, you will need administrator rights, you can also use the special tool Unlocker.

How to prevent the screen from locking

Automatically turning off your monitor after a specified period of inactivity is one of the standard, programmed features found in most modern computers running Windows. The idea behind this shutdown is to reduce power consumption and increase the life of the display. This option on the computer can be either disabled or configured.

Blocking via a bat file

Windows integrated command line utility rundll32.exe is used for various tasks, it provides quick launch of some commands for DLL files. So, by creating an element with the BAT extension, the content of which will include the required command, you can automate many processes. To automatically lock the screen when accessing a file, do the following:

  • Create a text file and write% SystemRoot% system32 in the body of the document
    undll32.exe USER32.DLL LockWorkStation.
  • Change the file extension to “.bat”.
  • We confirm the intention to change the element when the warning window appears.
  • By double clicking on the script file, you can activate the option.

Through the Local Group Policy Editor

One of the most effective solutions for how to turn off the lock screen in Windows 10 involves contacting the integrated system service:

  • In the line of the console “Run” (WinR) use the command gpedit.msc.
  • Let’s follow the branches “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “Control Panel”. “Personalization”.
  • Here we are looking for “Prohibiting the display of the lock screen”, double-clicking opens the setting of this parameter, where we move the mark to “Enabled”.
  • We apply the corrections made, and then reboot the device.

At the start of the OS, the lock screen will not bother you anymore, but the authorization screen will remain. If you also want to remove the password and automatically boot the system, enter the “User Accounts” (for example, using the “Run” console, where you need to set the netplwiz command) and uncheck the box next to “Require username and password”.

Using Ultimate Windows Tweaker

It is also possible to get rid of the interfering lock screen using third-party tools. The free Ultimate Windows Tweaker utility will be able to help in this matter, which provides some options for configuring system settings, including allowing you to turn off the screen lock in Windows 7, 8, 10. To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  • Download the software, unpack the archive and open the program.
  • Go to the Customization section.
  • On the Universal UI tab, in the Lock Screen block, check Disable Lock Screen and click Apply Tweaks. Done.

Do not forget about all the possibilities of the gadget

Owners of a 9-inch iPad Pro have another useful feature. True Tone is similar to Night Shift, but works around the clock. Depending on the ambient light, the image on the screen will adjust for the most comfortable work. iPad is capable of producing a different picture in daylight and incandescent light.

The mode turns on along the path Settings. Screen and brightness. True Tone

Turn on some of these parameters and after a few days you will see that your eyes have become less tired when working with your favorite gadget, false presses have decreased and the speed of work has increased.

Change the scale of the interface

This iPhone setting will not only make the labels larger, but also increase the size of the interface elements. After changing the parameter, the icons will become larger, it will become easier to hit the buttons, the battery charge and the signal level will become better visible.

Go to Settings. Screen and brightness. View and turn on the increase in the interface.

Choose the size of the text

Not all smartphone users have 100% vision. The size of the text on the screen may appear a little large or, conversely, small. In order not to squint when working with letters and messages, just choose a convenient font size.

Go to Settings. Screen and brightness. Text size and set the appropriate size.

Make the buttons contrast

The inscriptions at the top of the screen often merge, this design decision does not look the best. To immediately understand where the button ends, and where the name of the current menu begins, you can enable the selection of buttons.

Turn on the Button Forms option along the Settings. General. Universal Access path.

How to make text read better on iPhone without fatigue

We are used to looking at the screens of mobile devices for several hours a day. As much as the display developers boast, it still negatively affects our vision.

Fortunately, iOS has a few tricks and options that can make your iPhone or iPad more comfortable.

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This will help some people read the text faster, others will not need glasses when working with the device. This is necessary not only for people with poor eyesight, any user will be able to control the smartphone faster and reduce the number of false clicks.

Make the labels bold

You can achieve good readability without increasing the font size. Bold text is much more visible and contrasts well with the background.

The switch is located Bold here Settings. Screen and brightness and here Settings. General. Universal access.

Read the news comfortably

If the text size on any site seems small, and you don’t like the background or contrast of the text, you can quickly switch to Reading View. This feature is available in the standard Safari browser. Almost any page can be rendered in Reading View.

After loading the site, clicking on the icon in the left corner of the address bar, and then setting the parameters by clicking on the icon on the right.

Use a screen magnifier

Not all iOS users are aware of the presence of a magnifier on the system. It allows you to enlarge part of the screen to a gigantic size. No matter how finely the text is written, anyone can read it.

Go to Settings. General. Universal Access. Zoom and activate the first switch. This function has many parameters that are configured below.

It is worth noting the ability to quickly enable and disable the magnifier. To do this, along the path Settings. General. Universal access. Keyboard shortcuts, check the Zoom option. Now triple pressing the Home button enables or disables on-screen zoom.

How to disable on iPhone 6

In September 2014, Apple offered an improved version of the smartphone. iPhone 6, which can now support iOS 8 and updates to iOS 12. Demand for the presented model has grown instantly as modern mobile device users strive to keep up with the times and use only the latest developments. Manufacturers pleased buyers with an updated screen unlocking system.

IPhone 6 owners can use the unique Touch ID system. a touch console to unlock the screen by identifying the owner’s fingerprint.

Note! Touch ID gives users some protection against theft. Now scammers do not steal phones illegibly, since it will be simply impossible to use the device.

The instructions on how to turn off auto-lock on iPhone 6 are as follows:

  • Before activating the display, you must press the shutdown button.
  • Next, you need to wait for the lock screen to appear.
  • On the screen, depending on the settings, the message “Unlock” will appear.
  • Place your index finger on the sensor.
  • Wait for the scan and use the device as needed.

The lock screen of the iPhone 10 is removed in the same way. Modern models. from the iPhone X onwards additionally have a face recognition system. The user pre-configures the unlocking method by identifying his own face. Immediately after pressing the shutdown button, you need to look into the front camera and wait for identification. If everything is correct, the display becomes active. Thus, fraudsters will not be able to bypass the security system and use the device.

Disable auto-lock in settings

IPhone Lock Screen. Enable or Disable

The iPhone lock screen is often difficult to use. Users are faced with auto-blocking in the absence of settings made on their own. In order not to suffer from such problems, it is recommended that you study the instructions in advance on how to lock the screen on an iPhone.

How to increase the blocking time

The screen lock time cannot be increased, since the display will be locked only as long as the owner needs it. You can only increase the period during which the display remains active when the mobile device is not used. The procedure can be carried out by analogy with the above instructions.

How to Protect Your iPhone From Thieves What To Do If You Lost It!

Here, the manufacturer only gives time recommendations. You should not stop at 30 seconds, as the owner himself will experience inconvenience from using the phone in this way. It is also not recommended to choose 4-5 minutes, because during the presented period of time, you can commit unintentional actions.

How to move

In the same way, you can change the location of the clock on the screen. both on the main one and on the lock. Selectable from Clock & Lock, Screen Lock or other similar function. Typically, below each is a short list of actions that you can take if you select it. You can move the clock up, down, leave in the middle.

How to turn off screen lock on iPhone 5 and 5s

In the process of using, the owners faced the problem of how to unlock the screen on the iPhone on their own, since the available methods are sometimes difficult. But the manufacturers offered only two ways to quickly turn off the auto-lock. this is to set a lock or a password from numbers on your own.

Note! Each user can change the method of unlocking the enabled “sleep mode” screen at any time.

The first way is to install a lock. In this case, the lock is represented as a graphical figure that needs to be outlined immediately when the phone is turned on and the display is locked. This is done as follows:

  • Press the phone’s power button.
  • Display turns on. the wallpaper of the lock screen and the active display is often different.
  • If the lock screen turns on, you can see 9 dots on it.
  • A drawing is made according to them in a predetermined sequence. It may not touch all 9 points, but it may go through some of them twice. It all depends on the user who independently set a similar password so that fraudsters could not remove it. Thieves often use the owner’s data by entering a digital code based on the date of birth and other personal data. It is almost impossible to guess the graphical code if you do not peep it in advance.
  • If the drawing is entered correctly, the screen will unlock. Otherwise, you will have to face difficulties when they turn to specialists.

The second way to remove auto-lock on iPhone is to use digital protection. cipher. The system will lock the screen by analogy with the previous method, but you will have to enter a certain code to activate the display. It is also set in advance, when setting up screen protection. Similarly, the screen lock is removed from other models of iPhone 4, 4s, XR, etc.

IPhone Lock Screen. Turn Auto Lock On or Off

Before considering the issue of disabling or connecting auto-lock, it is necessary to define what the iPhone lock screen is. Every mobile phone is equipped with this function, which means that the screen turns on after pressing the power button. This is an “intermediate” moment between turning on the phone and activating it.

There are additional functions on the lock screen. you can make a call to single numbers, turn on the camera, flashlight, and more. The possibilities depend on the settings you made yourself. It provides information about updates to existing applications and message notifications.

Automatic blocking only by its name explains how the blocking is activated. This is done automatically after a certain period of time, which is pre-configured by the user. To independently configure the time for activating automatic blocking, you must perform the following steps:

  • Select “Settings” in the iPhone menu.
  • Select the parameter to be configured. To set the time, select “Screen and brightness” or “Screen”, which in English means “Screen”.
  • A form with available and set parameters opens. Select “Auto-lock” or “Lock” if using the English layout.
  • A list of time intervals will open, which is set by the manufacturer.
  • In most models, the manufacturer fixes the auto-lock activation time at 3 minutes. The time can be changed at will.

Note! You can turn on auto-blocking by simply pressing the “Shutdown” button. The screen turns off by any unlocking method, which is set by the owner of the mobile phone during settings.

The switched on display of the mobile device “eats up” more charge. you have to charge the phone earlier for about 1-3 hours. Continuous charging will shorten the uptime of the device. Therefore, you need to independently adjust the time to turn on the lock screen.

How to remove

It is easy to cope with the task on your own, but you should not remove the clock at all. This is a great opportunity to find out what hour is running without unlocking the display. The step-by-step instructions are presented as follows:

  • Find “Settings” on your mobile device.
  • In the offered list of functions, select “Clock and lock” or “Time setting”.
  • It is required to disable the clock. move the slider to the “Disabled” mode.

Hours can be added and removed as needed. The same sequence is always used. valid for all iPhone models.