How to properly charge your new Samsung phone

Is it possible to charge the device at night

The phone needs to be recharged to the required charge level. After the end of the process, it is recommended to disconnect it from the power source. You can leave it on the network overnight, but it makes sense only if you need a fully charged phone in the morning.

How to speed up charging

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 1.0 or 2.0 fast charging technology can charge Android several times faster by increasing the charging voltage from 5 to 12V. By purchasing such an adapter, the function can be activated on devices that support the technology as follows:

  • In the settings menu, enter the “System”;
  • Select the section “Energy saving” (Battery);
  • Check the box next to Fast charging.

Compliance with the following recommendations will help speed up the process:

  • turn off the device before charging;
  • charge from the outlet;
  • when charging via USB from a computer, select the correct port (USB 3.0);
  • monitor the temperature in the room (optimal 22 ° C);
  • use dedicated software applications, more powerful USB adapters and Y-shaped cable.

USB charging from a computer

The smartphone can be charged not only from the outlet, for this a laptop or PC with a USB connector is suitable. In this case, the same cable is used as supplied with the device. The cord is removed from the charging block, inserted into a computer port, and the phone is charged. But before that you need to enable “Charge Only” mode on Android (debug function).

It is important to remember that charging in this case will take longer than usual. And after a complete discharge, this method is not always possible. In addition, not all tablet manufacturers provide this option for their devices. some devices can only be charged when they are turned off. But Samsung, Toshiba and others equip laptops with the sleep-and-charge function, thanks to which Android charging via USB is carried out even when the computer is turned off.

Some motherboard manufacturers (Asus) are adding a boost charge function that increases the charging current through the laptop’s USB from 0.5A to 1.2A.

Steps to take to properly charge your new phone

Typically, the phone is charged when the remaining charge is close to 20%. Below this level, there is a risk that Android will shut down on its own. This should be done more often during cold seasons as the battery capacity drops and it discharges faster.

In this case, it is important to observe the rules common to all devices:

  • use original chargers;
  • Nickel batteries must be fully charged and discharged. Lithium. charge to the optimum value without fully discharging;
  • do not leave the charger plugged into an outlet.

The switched off phone does not consume power, therefore it charges faster and more completely. Ideally, the process should look like this:

  • Compliance with the safety requirements of the electrical network and the operability of sockets and connectors is checked.
  • The charger is checked for serviceability and compatibility with the smartphone.
  • The gadget is connected to a charger.
  • Charging included in the network.
  • Phone disconnects after charging.

Nickel battery gadgets need to be calibrated once a month. The first time before using it you need to do it like this:

  • Turn off and charge smartphone DO 100%.
  • Disconnect the charger, turn on the gadget and adjust the screen so that it does not turn off.
  • Bring the charge level to full.
  • Leave with the display on until fully discharged.
  • Raise the charge again to 100%.

For convenience, you can use a calibrator application. for example, Battery Doctor.

Now it is clear how to properly discharge and charge a new phone after purchase. The battery with nickel. only completely. For lithium batteries, it is optimal to maintain a charge in the range of 40-60%, without bringing it to a level below 20%. It’s better to charge your phone several times a day than completely once.

How much to charge

You need to charge only as much as the battery can take. It is not necessary to turn it off after the end of the charge (the green LED has gone out). The microcircuits built into the charger and the battery will disconnect them from the network, and there will be no additional load on the battery. A small current can be drawn by the charger, so it is better to unplug it from the outlet.

How to charge a new Android phone

Having bought a new smartphone, each of us hopes that it will delight for many years with flawless work. An Android phone is fully capable of handling the task if you follow it properly from day one. After recharging the device, the happy owner enjoys the new opportunities, but already in the first months of operation, he notices that the device began to discharge quickly and is generally unable to hold a charge for a long time. There may be many reasons for this, but the main one is an elementary ignorance of how to properly charge a new Android phone.

Types of rechargeable batteries

It is very important to properly charge your Android smartphone for the first time, but for this you need to know which battery is installed in it. Depending on the model, and to a greater extent on the year of manufacture, your smartphone may have the following type of battery:

  • nickel metal hydride;
  • nickel-cadmium;
  • lithium ion;
  • lithium polymer.

The first two batteries were installed on older models and are practically not found today. They are distinguished by a large number of cycles, are immune to ambient temperature, but they are large in thickness, have a lower capacity and have a memory effect. It was they who made special requirements for charging, which explains the current misunderstanding of users how to properly charge the battery of an Android smartphone.

The third and fourth types are more perfect, compact, with greater capacity. Modern gadgets are equipped with just such.

How to recharge your phone

Only a gadget with an old-style battery should be charged in a special way (with calibration). This will avoid the memory effect. New batteries are not susceptible to such a disease, and there is no point in complex manipulations.

The fastest way to charge your device

Charge the device in the off state.

How to properly charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

You don’t need to charge your phone all the time from 0 to 100%. This contributes to the rapid deterioration of the battery and the loss of some of its capacity. Then how to properly charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Here are a couple of simple tips:

  • Charge your smartphone regularly. Do not let the battery drain completely. It is best to charge the phone with a charge level of at least 30%.
  • Can I leave my phone on charge overnight? Yes and no. Modern smartphones stop charging when the charge level reaches 100%. Keeping your phone plugged in overnight may slightly wear out the battery. But this value is so scanty that for significant battery wear in this way, you need to charge the phone every night for five years. You are more likely to die by choking on air than to kill a battery.
  • Do not overheat the battery too much. Do not cover the phone while charging, do not hold it close to strong sources of heat.

The only thing to understand when using these tips is that they are optional. Your phone battery will already last you several years, but this way you can keep it a little longer.

Is fast charging harmful for a Samsung smartphone??

The first versions of fast charging technologies did have a negative impact on battery capacity due to the fact that the phone got quite hot during the process. Modern developments are much more efficient than before, thanks to which they charge faster and heat less.

The drop in battery power is now so slight that after several years of use, you won’t even notice a change. So do not be afraid that a few months after using the smartphone battery will become unusable.

Of course, if you still don’t trust these technologies, then disable fast charging if you’re not in a hurry. Luckily, many smartphone manufacturers allow this to be done. If you cannot turn off fast charging in your device, then use a quality power adapter that does not support fast charging. The phone will charge more slowly, but more confidently.

Drawing conclusions

If you want to extend the life of the battery of your smartphone or tablet, then these tips and tricks will definitely help you, but if you do not want to bother, then it will still work for at least 2-3 years without problems.

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Beware, first of all, of the high heating temperature of a mobile gadget, since modern lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to overheating.

Is fast charging harmful for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

When fast charging technology first appeared, it really took its toll on phone batteries because they got too hot. But technology does not stand still, and new developments have become safer and more efficient than the first. Now they really charge phones faster and heat them less. You won’t notice battery wear even after years of using fast charging.

over, if you still doubt the need for fast charging, you can safely turn it off. Fortunately, many manufacturers of modern phones, including Samsung, allow this to be done. If your charger does not allow you to disable this function, you can use an alternative conventional charger. Only original or high quality.

Is fast charging harmful to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Definitely not. Samsung has long taken a liking to this technology and learned to apply it safely and efficiently.

How to Charge a New Samsung Phone Battery

Plug your phone into a charger, charge to an outlet, and you’re done. This could be the end of the writing of this article. It would seem, why bother to start it at all. But, as they say, as long as there is demand, there will be supply. While people are asking how to properly charge a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and other modern phones, I will answer. And there really is a story to tell on this topic. Today I will try to answer some questions that interest you and at the same time dispel a couple of myths about phones.

In the charging process itself, there are no tricks and tricks, as I said. Unless you should cover your Samsung Galaxy with something on top to avoid overheating. But I think you already know this.

You should also use the original charger. If yours is spoiled, take the money and buy the same from an authorized Samsung dealer or another manufacturer of your smartphone. Because cheap knockoffs can easily burn your phone’s battery, turning it into an expensive brick. You can buy universal chargers from trusted brands, of course, if they are compatible with your Samsung Galaxy. Remember that if the smartphone supports the fast charging function, then it needs the corresponding charger.


I don’t think this article was that informative or revolutionary. Anyone can easily find all of the above on Google. In general, there are practically no tricks, subtleties, and even more so prohibitions in charging modern phones. Therefore, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy anywhere, anytime, anytime, and for as long as you want.

Modern batteries for mobile devices are distinguished by better reliability and performance, so many of their problems, which everyone knows about, have ceased to be relevant. Today we will renew your knowledge in this area so that you know how to properly charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

There is no instruction as it is unnecessary. First, don’t bother with how and when to charge the battery. Just connect your phone or tablet to the power adapter and that’s it. The only thing you need to know is that you should not cover the gadget so that it does not overheat. Excessive heat will negatively affect battery life.

Secondly, do not use a non-original charger. Beware of cheap adapters from unknown manufacturers. You can use high-quality chargers from reputable brands that claim to be compatible with your mobile gadget model. If the smartphone supports fast charging, then the charger should also have this function.

It is no longer necessary to discharge and charge it fully three times in a row after buying a brand new device. Modern self-contained power supplies are devoid of the “memory effect”, so this recommendation is no longer relevant.

How to properly charge a smartphone with a new battery

The problem with any smartphone is its short battery life. Conventional phones, the predecessors of smartphones, lasted several days without recharging. The battery of modern gadgets runs out in a day, at most two. This is a payment for large screens, multimedia applications, Internet access, etc. Therefore, you have to charge the battery very often, which is why it begins to degrade within a year after use. And in order to extend the battery life of your smartphone, it is important to properly charge it while it is new. There is a lot of discussion about how to properly charge a new smartphone battery. Let’s try to understand this issue.

Smartphone battery charger

Now, with regard to the charger (charger) for the smartphone battery. Let’s briefly consider the main aspects of choosing a storage device for a smartphone:

properly, charge, samsung, phone
  • original or universal charging. It is better to charge the smartphone from the “native” charger. But if you choose the universal charger in accordance with the characteristics of the smartphone battery, then there is no difference. It is safe to charge from a computer, but it takes a long time;
  • what current to charge. The charger should charge with a current not exceeding the maximum battery charging current. This value can be found in the battery specifications. In most cases, with a smartphone battery capacity of up to 1800 mAh, the charging current is 1 A. If the capacity is larger, then 2 A;
  • cable. Use the data cable for charging. The smartphone battery identifies the charger by it. Otherwise, the charging process may end up sadly.

Battery types in smartphones

To begin with, it is worth saying a few words about the types of batteries used in phones. Modern smartphones use lithium-ion (Li─Ion) and lithium-polymer (Li─Pol) rechargeable batteries. What are these devices?

In lithium batteries, the main problem was the use of lithium electrodes. Due to the instability of lithium, it has not been possible to create a safe source of energy for consumer devices. Therefore, manufacturers began to develop electrodes not from lithium, but from its various compounds. And with a small loss of energy density, they managed to create batteries with the required characteristics.

During the discharge of the lithium-ion battery at the negative electrode, Li is deintercalated from the carbon material. At the positive electrode, lithium is intercalated into oxide. When the battery is being charged, this process is reversed. There is no metallic Li in the system. The charge-discharge process is the transfer of Li ions between the electrodes. They even began to be called “rocking chair” batteries.

Smartphones also use lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries (Li-Pol). They are based on the transition of polymers to a semiconductor. This occurs when electrolyte ions are introduced into their structure. As a result of this process, the conductivity of the polymer material increases significantly. Scientists are working towards finding a polymer material that would replace a liquid electrolyte. Such searches are under way for both Li-Ion and metal Li batteries. In the latter, in the case of using a polymer electrolyte, the energy density can increase several times compared to lithium ion.

  • polymer electrolytes in which lithium salts are embedded. It may not be a single polymer, but a mixture;
  • dry electrolytes based on polymer. Most of them are polyethylene oxide with various lithium salts;
  • microporous matrices, where non-aqueous solutions of lithium salts are embedded.

How to properly charge a new smartphone battery

We have already talked about how to properly charge a smartphone battery. Now we are talking about charging a new battery. Many have probably heard that a new smartphone battery needs to be charged in a special way. This is indeed the case. If you bought a new smartphone or a battery for it, then the battery needs a “buildup”. What does it mean?

You don’t have to try to discharge it as quickly as possible. The main thing is not to forget that the new smartphone will need to be charged only after the battery is discharged to zero. And so the new battery will need to be charged and discharged 3-4 times. After that, the charge is already done in normal mode.

For more information on how to swing a smartphone battery, read the material at the link.

With further use, the new battery for the smartphone no longer needs to be discharged to zero. over, it is undesirable. It is necessary to put the battery to charge when the battery is discharged to a level of 12-14%. By the way, you don’t need to charge your smartphone battery up to 100% if it’s not new. It is enough to bring the charge level to 80-90%.

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Experts recommend exercising your phone’s battery once a month. It consists in the fact that the battery is discharged to zero and charged to 100%. Do not forget your smartphone on charging for a long time if you use “non-native” chargers. This can damage the battery. Be careful when using third party chargers designed for car cigarette lighters. Match these chargers to the battery characteristics of your new smartphone.

No-frills proprietary software

Edge Plus is not a smartphone for work. The built-in storage is too small and there is no expansion option. There are no system functions that the Galaxy Note has in abundance. The only difference from the Edge Plus in terms of system support is the improved Sidebar.

Drag it from the top-right edge to the screen, and you will have quick access to contacts and applications, which you can define for yourself. There is nothing surprising about this function. The pre-installed Android 5.1.1 works very well, Samsung’s Touchwiz takes up much less space than the Galaxy S6. You can uninstall all preinstalled applications. You can install Samsung Essentials applications yourself, the manufacturer does not impose them on you from the outset.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Alternative

You have probably already guessed what alternative smartphones we will offer you. The most practical XXL smartphone available is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. A multifunctional gadget with great hardware, a very practical stylus and a full set of software with useful applications that you will not find on any other smartphone. Add to this a removable battery, a microSD slot, which the newer Note 5 model does not have. True, the Note 4’s price bar is also raised quite high, now it costs about 36,000 rubles.

Best hardware and mega display for Edge Plus

Starting with the 5.7-inch QHD display, which despite its AMOLED panel is very bright and has great black levels, the S6 Edge Plus has all the best parts. The new powerful smartphone is powered by the Exynos 7420, an eight-core 64-bit processor. Add 4 GB of RAM here.

Thanks to these components, Edge Plus delivers a higher level of performance than any of its lower tier solutions. The new smartphone also has much more RAM for the future software to work without delay. The package includes, perhaps, everything that a modern smartphone can offer: Wi-Fi AC, LTE Cat9, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2 and inductive (wireless) charging.

The internal memory is 32 GB. This may not be enough for you, as it is not possible to expand it with external storage, and the 64GB version of Edge Plus is not available in all countries. According to its new pricing policy, Samsung offers its new model for a rather high price. 52,000 rubles.

How to properly charge your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone

How to charge a new phone battery

How long should I charge a new phone before the first use?

How long does the Galaxy S6 Edge battery last on the first day?

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One of the biggest doubts about the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is battery life. It has a capacity of only 2600 mAh and is non-removable. Previously, it was suggested that the short operating time of these devices without recharging is one of their main disadvantages. Recently, some users had the opportunity to try a new product in operation and check if its battery is as small as it was thought before the devices appeared on the market? Although the Galaxy S6 Edge is scarce for sale. but a number of users have already managed not only to purchase this device, but also to share their impressions of its capabilities.

On the pages of the resource AndroidAuthority Nirave Gondhia (Nirave Gondhia) shared his impressions of the battery capacity delivered to him last Friday S6 Edge, illustrating his story. He plans to continue testing the battery of his new device. After the first full charge of the battery, it showed the following results:

Total time: 14 hours 11 minutes;

Time with the screen on: 3 hours 7 minutes, of which:

at maximum brightness: 1 hour 59 minutes

battery usage per screen: 25%;

Viewing 1 hour 11 minutes;

Telephone communication: 28 minutes;

The 3 most power consuming tasks for a battery are:

Battery testing is complicated by the fact that each user uses the smartphone differently. The context of the tasks that it performs is very important. Nirav Gondhia has moved all of his data and apps from a Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop. The Galaxy S6 Edge lasts 14 hours, while the Note 4 typically lasts 18 to 22 hours using apps and services like this.

The first thing every user should know about the Galaxy S6 Edge battery is the fact that the first 10% of its charge disappears very quickly. The battery then begins to lose charge more evenly. A similar strange phenomenon is observed by many users and report that the reason for this may be the novelty of the device. Will the first ten percent of the battery power be lost so quickly even a few days after starting to use the phone?

What does it mean for a phone to be able to hold a charge for about 15 hours? The Galaxy S6 Edge has enough power for one working day. Nirav Gondhia took the period from 7 am to 7 pm for a “working day”. These are the impressions of the first day. He’s going to see if they change in two weeks. It is difficult to draw any conclusions at this time. After all, there was simply not enough time to test the device. The artist is already dreaming about the Galaxy S7, but most users are not yet familiar with even the sixth generation of the Galaxy S family.

What are your first impressions of the Galaxy S6 Edge battery? Is the battery the main weakness of the novelty? Or fourteen hours of device operation is enough for most users?

How long does the Galaxy S6 Edge battery last on the first day? Oleg Dovbnya

Test smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32 GB

It’s no mistake to call Samsung the inventor of XXL smartphones. The Koreans, with the first Galaxy Note, created a new smartphone market that many laughed at at first. Too big, too businesslike, and even a stylus.

But Note, in spite of all the nitpicking, triumphantly walks around the world. Until now, it is considered one of the most innovative ideas of Samsung, because the phones of this series not only belong to the Hi-End class, but are also very convenient and useful in practice. Note is a real workhorse, it has apps and input methods that you won’t find on any other smartphone in this volume and quality.

And here comes the XXL generation of smartphones of the year. And it seems that the Samsung developers thought: “No, we will not take the Note 5 to Europe. We will ship solutions with Edge screens there, because we are actually the only ones who can produce them. There is little sense from this technology, but it looks cool. ” And that’s a shame, because the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is a great smartphone, but its problem is that everyone considers it the “worst Note 5.” And he did not deserve such an assessment.

Is fast charging harmful for a Samsung smartphone??

The drop in battery power is now so slight that after several years of use, you won’t even notice a change. So do not be afraid that a few months after using the smartphone battery will become unusable.

Of course, if you still don’t trust these technologies, then disable fast charging if you’re not in a hurry. Luckily, many smartphone manufacturers allow this to be done. If you cannot turn off fast charging in your device, then use a quality power adapter that does not support fast charging. The phone will charge more slowly, but more confidently.

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Can I use wireless charging?

Modern induction coils tend to get hot, there is nothing strange about this.

Professional cell phone repair

Expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 90 for a professional Samsung charging port replacement, depending on your model and service chosen. It is recommended that you check if your repair shop offers any warranties for parts and labor. You should also inquire about the experience, credentials and quality of parts of your service engineer.

Here are some examples of pricing for professional Samsung charging port replacement services:

file an insurance claim

You can also file an insurance claim to repair or replace the Samsung charging port. If you are insured with the carrier, a local repair center may be available for quick service. Otherwise, you will need to send your phone number by mail.

Here’s an example of a charging port deductible based on your model and service plan. Please note that these do not include surcharges. You can click the links to apply.

How much can a Samsung phone sell? Discover >

4 Ways to Recover USB Charging Port on Samsung Phone (and How Much Does It Cost)

Have a Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, or other Samsung phone that won’t charge? Is the charging cable loose or falling out of the mini-USB port? Here are four options to repair or replace a USB charging port on a Samsung phone.

NOTE: If your phone is still under warranty, please contact your carrier or manufacturer to see if you can get your device repaired free of charge. Here is the Samsung product warranty page.

Sell ​​a Samsung phone? Find an exchange and monetary gain ›

Tips on how to properly charge your Samsung smartphone

Of course, you shouldn’t get hung up on all this. Don’t worry if your phone runs down to zero and you can’t charge it for a while, or if you fully charge it on a long journey. Even without our recommendations, an autonomous power supply for a mobile device will still serve you for several years.

Samsung Charging Port Repair Cost Comparison

Here’s how much you can usually expect to pay to repair a charging port for a Samsung phone.

Samsung charging port repair option Estimated price range
Removing lint / debris 0
DIY repair 2.30
Repair service50-90 dollars
Phone Insurance Statement49-50 dollars

How to properly charge your smartphone. 5 simple tips to help extend battery life

Charging a phone battery is a device that can completely restore the functionality of a gadget in a short period. But the power supply of current smartphones is one of the details that need to be treated with care, because the performance of the phone in the future depends on the functioning of the battery. Here’s how to properly charge your smartphone and extend battery life.

Control the temperature of your device

The battery behaves differently under different conditions. If it is very hot outside, the phone may slow down and not fulfill its purpose to the fullest. High temperatures lead to:

  • loss of capacity by 25-50%, a device with a 3600 mAh battery will work as 1800-2000 mAh;
  • failure of the gadget;
  • freezing;
  • periodic shutdown.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the device in the car in extreme heat and on a windowsill in direct sunlight. Cold also has a negative effect on the general condition of the smartphone, and specifically on the power supply.

The developers of the device do not recommend carrying the phone in the outer s of the down jacket. Low temperatures can be harmful and the phone will not work. Only after rebooting at room temperature will it “come to its senses”.

After charging. disable

Frequent use of the smartphone during the day leads to the fact that the battery rapidly loses its charge level. For this reason, users make a huge mistake. plugging in the phone for the whole night.

This process harms the device. For a device with a capacity of 2900 mAh, 2.5-3 hours is enough to fully charge. After that, recharge and maintenance at 100% begins, causing the battery to “stress state”.

The consequences of this action are:

  • decreased functionality;
  • increased likelihood of contact burnout;
  • battery failure.

If the mains voltage is unstable, it leads to a short circuit. In the best case, the charging will burn out, and in the worst case, the battery will fail. To prevent this, you should remove the device immediately after reaching 100%.

Charge your smartphone if possible

It is believed that 15 minutes of “feeding” the gadget harms the general condition. However, this assumption is erroneous. This action will quickly charge the phone, albeit not to the maximum. The positive sides are:

Long-term maintenance of battery capacity.
2. Reducing the likelihood of failure of the device.
3. Prolongation of the functioning of the apparatus.

For the Sony Xperia XZ F8332 DS Blue model, a 15-20 minute charge will extend the battery life by a couple of hours. If you use up the battery and then restore it to the maximum, then the phone can withstand 50 cycles, after which the performance is halved.

To conserve the battery, the total charge level must be kept between 30% and 75%. Such operation is recognized as the most effective and useful for a smartphone.

You don’t need to charge your smartphone 100%

If there is a long road ahead and you need to stay in touch, then the device is connected to the network and the battery is powered to the maximum. In other cases, it is not recommended to do this with lithium-ion batteries.

Getting maximum recharge leads to unpleasant results. This especially affects devices where a powerful battery is installed, for example, with a capacity of 4000 mAh. Constant exposure to high voltage will result in decreased performance.

Once a month, full discharge-charge

This kind of training will have a positive effect on the capabilities of the battery. Although a battery made from durable lithium-ion material is reliable and durable, it is necessary to adhere to the established rules of use.

How to properly charge a new smartphone after purchase, for example, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 DS A720F Gold model, everyone knows:

Use the smartphone until it turns off itself.
2. Set the device to charge up to the maximum value.
3. Carry out this action several times.

How To Charge Your Phone to Get the Best Battery Life. Should You Charge Overnight?

Complete discharge of the battery should be done monthly. Such manipulations have their positive aspects. The smartphone will not lie about the charge level, it will only show the real values. The capacity of the smartphone will not decrease. Constant feeding makes the device voltage-resistant.

Correct use, in accordance with the requirements specified in the instructions, guarantees that the smartphone will last a long time, maintain performance indicators.

Correct operation is the key to successful work

If you fail to follow the recommendations, then trouble will not happen. Engineers from brands such as Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and others design devices with the expectation that the user will change the device in 2-3 years.

This suggests that the nutritional block will also work for such a period, after which deterioration in performance and loss of capacity is possible. Following the advice of experts, communication devices will last much longer, despite the set period.

See “How to properly charge your smartphone”

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