How to put a password on the Samsung a50 app

Google Find My Device unlock if you forgot your password

Another way to unlock your Samsung phone lock password is by using Google’s Find My Device.

To perform this method, you will need to do the following:

How to lock your phone screen while watching a video?

How to lock the screen of an Android device while watching YouTube?

  • Select a video and start playback
  • Open the notification panel and click on the Touch Lock icon.
  • Select the video you want to watch and stay on the screen with its description
  • Do not start playback!

Google login for older Samsung devices (Android 4.4 or below)

Old Samsung devices have the ability to bypass the lock if you forget the access code to your gadget.

If you are the owner of a device based on Android 4.4 or earlier versions of Android, then do the following:

  • Go to the password entry screen;
  • Enter the wrong code five times;
  • After that the message “Forgot your password? “;

Samsung Galaxy A50s A50. How To Set App Lock and Hide

What’s the standard Samsung password on the phone?

If you’ve forgotten your Samsung password, don’t worry; you can recover the passcode using your gmail account, or, as a last groove attempt, with a factory reset. Perhaps this article will help you: How to recover Samsung if you forgot your password?

Use a hard reset as the last method to be performed only if you are 100% sure that you do not have a Gmail account associated with your phone.

We put the password on stock Android

The essence of the process is the same, except that the menu is modified, like the name of some items.

Find the “Security” section, open it.

Next, select “Password” or PIN-code by analogy with Samsung.

We perform the same actions. enter the password twice and save it.

Your device requires a password to unlock the screen.

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It is a quality utility, although it is not available for free distribution. Tasker not only protects data, but also optimizes device performance.

  • install the application, go through the registration process in it;
  • after creating a personal profile, go to the menu and select a task. A list of those installed on the smartphone will be offered, you must select those applications that you want to protect;
  • By tapping on the desired icon, the user will see a window in which he will need to activate the slider and set the “Block” command in front of the name;
  • go to the main screen, select the “Screen” icon, then go to “Lock”. Set the secret access code here.

You can protect information on your Samsung smartphone using built-in tools and third-party applications. They can be distributed on a reimbursable and free basis. Basic functionality will suffice for simple protection. Paid utilities offer advanced features. For example, optimizing and improving device performance. But they are more suitable for advanced users.

How to unlock Samsung password if you forgot it?

Several variations of the factory password are presented, each smartphone has its own one. If you know any more, write it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Factory default password: 00000000 (8 zeros). Also 1234, 12345, 0000, 00000. If not one does not fit, you can reset it. Attention all data will be lost! (Except those on the SD card if you remove it). To do this, you need to remove the SIM card and then enter: 27678451 # (on some models 27673855 #) the password will most likely be reset to 8 zeros.

How to put a password on an Android app

One of the most common questions for owners of Android phones and tablets is how to put a password on the application, especially on messengers WhatsApp, Viber, VK and others.

Despite the fact that Android allows you to set restrictions on access to settings and installation of applications, as well as to the system itself, there are no built-in tools for setting a password for applications. Therefore, to protect against launching applications (as well as viewing notifications from them), you will have to use third-party utilities, which are discussed later in the review. See also: How to set a password on Android (unlock your device), Parental Controls on Android. Note: applications of this kind may cause “Overlays detected” error when asking for permissions by other applications, please consider this (more: Overlays detected on Android 6 and 7).

Setting a password for an Android app in AppLock

In my opinion, AppLock is the best free application available for blocking the launch of other applications with a password (I will only note that for some reason the name of the application in the Play Store changes from time to time. either Smart AppLock, then just AppLock, and now AppLock FingerPrint, this may be a problem considering that there are similarly named but other applications).

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Among the advantages are a wide range of functions (not only the password for the application), the Russian interface language and the absence of the requirement for a large number of permissions (you need to give only those that are really needed to use specific AppLock functions).

Using the application should not be difficult even for a novice owner of an Android device:

  • When you start AppLock for the first time, you need to create a PIN code that will be used to access the settings made in the application (to locks, etc.).
  • Immediately after entering and confirming the PIN, the “Applications” tab will open in AppLock, where, by pressing the “plus” button, you can mark all those applications that need to be blocked without the possibility of launching by unauthorized persons (when blocking the applications “Settings” and “Setup package “no one will be able to access the settings and install applications from the Play Store or APK file).
  • After you mark applications for the first time and click “Plus” (add to the list of protected), you will need to set permission to access the data. click “Apply” and then enable permission for AppLock.
  • As a result, you will see the applications you added in the blocked list. now you need to enter a pin code to launch them.
  • Two icons next to applications allow you to block notifications from these applications or display a fake startup error message instead of blocking (if you hold down the “Apply” button in the error message, a PIN-code entry window will appear and the application will start).
  • To use a text password for applications (as well as a graphic one), and not a PIN, go to the Settings tab in AppLock, then in the Security Settings section select the Lock Method and set the desired password type. An arbitrary text password is here designated as “Password (Combination)”.

Additional AppLock settings include:

  • Hiding an AppLock app from the app list.
  • Delete protection
  • Multi-password mode (separate password for each application).
  • Connection protection (you can put a password on calls, connections to mobile or Wi-Fi networks).
  • Blocking profiles (creating separate profiles, in each of which different applications are blocked with convenient switching between them).
  • On two separate tabs “Screen” and “Rotation” you can add applications for which the screen will be blocked from turning off and rotating. This is done in the same way as when setting a password for the application.

And this is not a complete list of available features. Overall, it’s a great, simple and well-functioning application. Among the shortcomings. sometimes not quite correct Russian translation of interface elements. Update: since the writing of the review, functions have appeared for taking a photo of guessing the password and unlocking with a fingerprint.

CM Locker Data Protection

CM Locker is another popular and completely free application that allows you to put a password on an Android application and more.

In the “Lock Screen and Applications” section of CM Locker, you can set a graphic or digital password that will be set to launch applications.

Section “Select items to block” allows you to set specific applications that will be blocked.

An interesting feature is “Attacker Photo”. When you enable this function, after a certain number of incorrect attempts to enter the password, the one who enters it will be photographed, and his photo will be sent to you by E-mail (and saved on the device).

CM Locker also has additional features, such as blocking notifications or protecting your phone or tablet from theft.

Also, as in the previous considered option, in CM Locker it is easy to set a password for the application, and the function of sending a photo is a great thing that allows you to see (and have proof) who, for example, wanted to read your correspondence in VK, Skype, Viber or Whatsapp.

Despite all of the above, I didn’t really like the CM Locker option for the following reasons:

  • A huge number of required permissions, requested immediately, and not as needed, as in AppLock (the need for some of which is not entirely clear).
  • Requirement on first launch of “Fix” detected “Threats” to device security without the option to skip this step. At the same time, some of these “threats” are my purposefully made settings for the operation of applications and Android.

This is not a complete list of tools that allow you to restrict the launch of applications on an Android device, but the options given are perhaps the most functional and fully cope with their task.

CM Locker

The functionality of the software differs little from the above-described product. It has a number of features: Russian interface, light weight, the ability to lock the screen, sending photos to the user’s email address in the event that he has forgotten the data to unlock. Instructions:

  • launch CM Locker, activate the requested additional permission;
  • the main screen with a set of functions will open. Select “Screen lock”;
  • go to the “Set password” section. A list of utilities that are installed on a specific smartphone or tablet will automatically open. You will need to select the one you want or activate the trigger opposite the entire list;
  • create a key or enter an unlock code.

How to put a password on an app in Samsung

Modern smartphones have a large amount of memory and store a lot of the owner’s personal information. This is not just about photos or videos, but also the data stored by applications that allow you to work with finances. Theft of such information is fraught with large financial losses. Let’s figure out how to put a password for an application in Samsung using system capabilities, what third-party utilities are, consider the most popular and reliable.


Convenient free application that allows you to set a password for the application in Samsung. Algorithm:

  • after the first launch, the user must be given permission to access the Vault data. Here you need to come up with and specify a password that will enable access to the application itself. After entering it, Vault will offer to purchase a paid version that has advanced functionality. She will list all the features, benefits. For high-quality protection, a free option will be enough;
  • on the main screen, tap on the “Lock” icon;
  • the program will display a list of installed utilities, which are either by default or downloaded by the owner himself. Above, the products for which Vault recommends privacy are listed separately. Check the boxes to set the access code;
  • select a privacy mode: basic or hidden. If you select the hidden mode, when you try to open it, the program will fake a crash. To be able to enter a password, you will need to press and hold “OK”;
  • set a secret code on the opened keyboard;
  • give Vault all permissions to work correctly.
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The standard way to set a password on an Android app

Most smartphone manufacturers have provided their users with the ability to block certain utilities and protect them from unauthorized launch. Note that you can block not only individual utilities, but the entire system. There are many different options for this: pin code, pattern keys, fingerprint scanner and others. It is recommended to use two-layer protection.

On Samsung smartphones, the “Safe Folder” option is responsible for setting the password. All those applications and data that need separate protection are moved to it. Algorithm:

  • sequentially go to “Settings”. “Lock and Security Screen”. “Security Folder”;
  • sign in to your current Samsung account. If not, you need to create;
  • a password is assigned for the secret folder, protection is selected. After it is password-protected, utilities are moved to it, which they want to hide from strangers.


AppLock, which has rich functionality, will help you set a password for an application in Samsung A50. Work algorithm:

  • After the first launch, the program will offer to make a choice of those utilities that will need to be blocked for third-party access. It will be enough to set at least one choice, the rest can be made later. When you run it again, the utility will display a list of recommended programs that need to be blocked.
  • Set pin-code or pattern. You will need to enter twice for the program to remember the data.
  • AppLock will ask for permission to collect information about the device and how it can be used. After consent, you will need to confirm the changes.

Note that you can install a secret code on all applications that are on the device at once. For this, a trigger is provided in the top line. The data list is available in the “Locked” menu.


It is a quality utility, although it is not available for free distribution. Tasker not only protects data, but also optimizes device performance.

  • install the application, go through the registration process in it;
  • after creating a personal profile, go to the menu and select a task. A list of those installed on the smartphone will be offered, you must select those applications that you want to protect;
  • By tapping on the desired icon, the user will see a window in which he will need to activate the slider and set the “Block” command in front of the name;
  • go to the main screen, select the “Screen” icon, then go to “Lock”. Set the secret access code here.

You can protect information on your Samsung smartphone using built-in tools and third-party applications. They can be distributed on a reimbursable and free basis. Basic functionality will suffice for simple protection. Paid utilities offer advanced features. For example, optimizing and improving device performance. But they are more suitable for advanced users.

How to protect your phone

Everything is done very simply, there is only one thing, but. passwords are often forgotten, so be sure to write it down.

Otherwise, you will not only protect your data, but will lose it forever. you will remove it, but the data may not be restored.

So, first of all, we launch “Settings” and look for a category called “Lock Screen”.

Now we are interested in the “Password” parameter. you can also select a PIN-code or a pattern there.

As soon as you click on the parameter you are interested in, a window will open where you will need to enter the password you have invented twice.

After that, you will have to always enter it, not only when you turn it on, but every time you start the screen.

How to put a password on the app and phone Samsung a50

Many owners of Samsung a50 have personal data on their phone and do not want to provide access to third parties or simply protect them from prying eyes.

These can be personal photos on your work phone, access to a bank account, and even dating apps.

There are many examples. If you have data or applications on your phone that you want to protect, you can do by setting a password.

At the same time, on Samsung a50, you can use the tools of the phone itself, but in order to put a password on applications, you will need to install a third-party program.

How to protect an application

There is a useful tool on Google Play that will encrypt the application you specify, create special secure data, and protect your photos, videos and music.

Proper protection Samsung a50 protects you from theft of sensitive data such as: passwords for electronic banking, email, instant messaging and credit card numbers.

The AppLock app further enhances your security by allowing you to enter passwords for specific programs on your phone. How it works

Run the application. When you turn it on for the first time, you will be prompted to access files and monitor other programs on your device. Agree.

There are a number of options in the menu. Photo and video safe is a special place where your photos and clips will be placed.

To enter a certain category, you will need to enter a password, draw a template or use a fingerprint.

Advanced. advanced features that allow you to block access to, for example, incoming connections, Play Store and settings.

General. a list of applications on your Samsung a50 to which you can put a password.

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Click the lock icon next to the program you want to protect.

At this stage, you must make sure that we have active access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network or a data packet with an operator. the application uses remote authentication servers.

There are 3 options for blocking the application. The choice is made in the settings, which are accessed by clicking on the sign of the three horizontal lines to the left of the main AppLock name.

Code. any sequence of numbers or “Drawing”. we draw between 9 points.

Fingerprint. the highest level of security. After choosing, we accept consent

Everything. your application has been blocked. Launching the protected application from the start screen will prompt you to enter the decryption method we have chosen, that is, the password. Success.

How to set a password on a Samsung Galaxy Tab?

To put a password on an Android tablet, go to the system settings and select the “Security” section in the “Personal data” group and then “Screen lock”. Now you can set a password of the type you want: Scrolling. The standard way to lock the screen.

How to set a password for apps on Samsung?

Instructions on how to set a password for any application in Android:

  • Launching Smart Applock.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the plus sign
  • Check the boxes to mark the required programs and click on the “Save” button.
  • We draw a pattern for you, confirm it again.

How to put a password on the Xiaomi Mi a2 Lite app?

  • Find the item “Application Protection”.
  • Specify the key twice.
  • Or pin code (password).
  • Log into your Mi account to be able to recover your password if you forget it.
  • Specify the application to be flashed.

How to set a password for an application in Windows 10?

  • Go to the Security basics page and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Select Advanced Security Options.
  • Under App Passwords, select Create New App Password.

How to put password on Huawei app?

Let’s see how to set a password on Huawei. Open on Android “Settings” then “Screen lock and passwords” and “Password”. Banking applications

  • Click on the account name.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Change access code”.
  • Set a new password and save the changes.

Galaxy A50/A30/A51/A31 How to Lock Apps and Use Secure Folder [Hindi]

How to put a password on applications on iPhone?

How to set a password for an app group in iOS 12

  • Go to Settings. Screen Time and select Enable Screen Time.
  • Below we click Use a password code and set a four-digit code, it will be used to lock applications.
  • Go to the Settings. Screen Time. Program Limits.

How to set a password for the application in the settings?

It is located in the settings. It is necessary to find the item “Security”, and inside already find the section “Blocking applications”. All that remains is to choose a separate password or use the main one and you can choose the applications that will be blocked. When you start them, you will be prompted to enter a password.

How to put a password on the gallery?

When you need to fence off something specific. for example, a gallery. then you have to resort to additional methods. By default, “pure Android” does not provide this capability. But proprietary shells (modifications of smartphone manufacturers) will help. It is impossible to specify all possible varieties of “Android”, so first rummage through the settings. Among the most popular brands that provide the ability to block specific applications, Meizu (Flyme), Xiaomi (MIUI) and Asus (Zen UI) stand out.

On Samsung

Owners of the latest Samsung devices are in luck. their devices are already equipped with built-in security tools.

We are talking about the “Safe Folder”, or Secure Folder. a folder that acts as a safe. Files, images and applications can be placed here. Even if the attacker has time to connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable.

Samsung S20/A50s/A30s/M31 App Lock Setting | Use Secure Folder Lock

  • We find the settings item. Go to the “Lock and Security Screen”
  • Here we need to find the “Safe folder”.
  • The user will need to sign in to their Samsung account or create one.
  • Now we choose a password. After. the second stage of protection, like a fingerprint.
  • It remains to manually place any content in the folder.

With Tasker

Finally, let’s talk about all the delights of Tasker. In order to take advantage of its capabilities, you have to pay. Tasker is not distributed free of charge. You will also need root rights.

Tasker has a broader purpose than its counterparts. An application not only to protect privacy, but also to automate processes.

  • After installing the application, enter it and create a profile.
  • Now we need a context. In the list, select “Application”.
  • Tasker requires a specific task. We are looking for “Screen” and then “Block”.
  • We select the necessary additional parameters and check the result.

How to put a password on the phone through programs

It’s easy to set a password for Android apps. Often, a large set of OS features allows you to avoid additional Google Play fuss, but not always. It will be lucky if the firmware of a particular phone supports this feature, but more often you cannot do without third-party programs.

Among them are Smart AppLock, CM Locker and Tasker. Let’s consider each of them.

How to put a password on the application: all methods

A friend asked to give him a phone while you are standing in line, a child demands to play, a colleague wakes up curiosity. there are many cases when you want to be completely calm while giving your device to others. Let’s figure out what the options are. By default, most Android skins do not allow any application to be password protected. How to set a password for the application?

It is wrong to underestimate the lock screen. It really helps when using additional security methods such as a password, PIN, a certain pattern, fingerprint.