How to put the clock on the phone screen

Sense Flip Clock Weather

This time and date clock widget is perfect for users who like Flip Clock style clock with turning pages. Features of the utility:

  • selection of widgets of different sizes. 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2;
  • the animation of flipping is implemented;
  • selection of different skins and icon display;
  • the location is determined automatically, which allows you to tell the user the most accurate forecast.

The weather display is also turned off here, if necessary, after which only a beautiful retro clock will appear on the screen. You can also test other similar utilities:

  • Sense V2 Flip Clock Weather. the application is very similar to the one described above, the only differences are in a slightly more modern and bright design.
  • Retro Clock Widget. a clock also with retro-style flipping pages. There is no weather or positioning. no settings at all, just a few widgets. Suitable for those who only want to return the clock to the screen and do not understand the features of the program.
  • DIGI Clock is a popular widget with a familiar digital display of date and time. Has a huge number of settings to change the appearance.

By turning off time on Huawei and Honor phones

You can turn off the clock on the lock screen on an Android gadget in the settings. This option is not always implemented according to the standard scheme, especially after phone manufacturers release their own shells.

For example, there is no such option in EMUI. Here you cannot use standard tools to remove the clock from the lock screen.

Home time and local time can be displayed in the EMUI system. In this case, for convenience, the user can display a double clock. They are disabled according to the following instructions:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open the menu with time and date parameters.
  • We press “Double hours”.
  • Deactivate the option.

Removing unnecessary clocks

You can hold the widget on the screen and drag the watch to the trash can, or select the “Delete” option from the menu that appears (not on all smartphones). This will remove time from the screen, but the application itself will not delete. You can add it to your desktop at any time.

Widgets installed on the lock screen are disabled in the settings in the “Security and lock” section (in other versions, “Lock screen”). It is necessary to uncheck the corresponding box.

To completely get rid of widgets or applications, go to the settings, then to the “Application Manager” and select those that are no longer needed.

Important! If an application is associated with an operating system, it cannot be uninstalled without Root rights.

Built-in widget

A widget is a callout interface element that can be placed on the Android home screen. This could be:

  • weather;
  • player;
  • clock;
  • notes;
  • the calendar;
  • etc.

By default, the clock widget is preinstalled in the system launcher, but it is hidden. To display it, perform a number of functions:

  • Go to home screen.
  • Pinch an empty area until the menu appears.
  • Click “Widgets”.
  • Select “Clock” and hold it until the main screen appears.
  • Move the dial to the desired location.

Bedr. Clock and Radio

Bedr is a pretty advanced alarm clock app that comes with a night mode option and an alternative time display theme. The alarm clock will wake you up with the sounds of your favorite radio station (which, of course, can be selected from the list). The application offers a pleasant interface where you can choose one of the many color themes, and you can also listen to the radio not only in the morning, but in general at any time of the day.

Transparent clock and weather

This is one of the most popular free clock widgets with more than 10 million installations. The small program has very flexible settings, as a result of which the owner of the gadget can set the display on the display as he needs it. Utility features:

    the presence of various beautiful and informative widgets in the sizes 2×1, 4×1-3, 5×3;

If the owner of the device does not need all this data provided by the utility by default, he can delete it in the settings and just leave the clock. For this:

  • Press your finger on the time display on the screen, which will open the settings window.
  • Go to the “Design” section, then to “Advanced settings”.
  • Uncheck the boxes in front of the items for displaying information about the current location, system information, battery charge and mark the checkbox next to the line “Hide weather”.
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A way to install a watch face on your phone

The procedure for setting the time on the phone screen is the same for absolutely most Android phones and is as follows:

  • Pick up your phone and long press on a space free from icons on the home screen;
  • A special menu will appear, in which the “Widgets” option will be available. Tap on it;
  • Find “Clock” in the list of widgets that opens. Usually several clock widgets are grouped under this shortcut. Tap on “Clock”;
  • A selection of several widgets with dials will open;
  • Long press on the widget you like, and without lifting your finger from the screen, drag it to the desired place on the home screen;
  • If you want to change the size of the widget, then long press on this widget on the home screen. White markers will appear. borders, by moving which you can either reduce or increase the size of the image on the phone.

Classic widgets from the system itself

How to add a built-in clock widget to the screen:

    Select a field with no icons on the home display. Tap on this place and hold your finger on it. You will feel the vibration of your smartphone.

How to set the clock to the screen of an Android phone in sleep mode

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to set the clock on the screen of an Android phone in sleep mode?”, And also give useful recommendations. What came of it,

Hm, so I say, I do not need “night” (I sleep at night, hours unnecessarily), but round-the-clock. As on normal smartphones, on Nokia. There are also all sorts of “desk” clocks, for example, I found it in the HTC Sensation review “: full181x320.jpg
From the image you can immediately see that this watch will immediately eat up the battery, such a clock can rather be used with a docking station or at least just the included charger. Apparently, this is why the manufacturer does not put them on the screen in sleep mode.
And I just need ordinary, normal, simple, I don’t know how else to say it so that it’s clear. Well, I also don’t want to wear a wristwatch. I just want to get my phone out of my and see the time on the screen. As on normal smartphones, on Nokia. Therefore, I need to know for sure if such a clock exists on Android.
This is such a great mystery. For some reason, this simple point is not covered in the reviews. Apparently, all the observers have not gone far from the “great and terrible”. Or simply, only Android fanatics have gathered here, who find it easier to hang themselves than to admit that their axis is not capable of doing the most elementary.

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clock, phone, screen

This is a clock widget for your lock screen. You will receive a watch that is always displayed on your phone or tablet.

This app provides the user with information about time, date, notifications, and more, and the user does not need to touch the phone. You just look at the round clock on the lock screen.

When you want this large lock screen clock to be active?
– Turn off the clock on the screen off after 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes
– Set the time for which the Android screen off clock always runs
– Stop the watch on the off screen in Russian while charging

Main features of this glowing lock screen clock:

Gestures and behavior
Turn on the screen with a double tap, swipe down, swipe down
Orientation of the watch on the phone screen: horizontal or vertical
Adjusting the brightness when the screen is off

Customize the face of the clock on the lock screen
Choose your own style of clock with seconds for lock screen
Select the date style you want to see
Choose your favorite wallpaper
Set font color and select display font
Set font size for clock on s8 lock screen
Write your own reminder text
Show date on watch when Samsung screen is off
Show the simulated touch buttons at the bottom of the clock on s8 off screen
Displays play / pause / skip buttons when playing music

Notification settings
Show notifications from other apps when received.
Shows a blinking icon at the top when receiving important notifications.
Wake up the screen when receiving a notification

Battery saving mode: reduces battery consumption when overheating
clock on screen in sleep mode: lower screen in dark environment.
Proximity sensor ( mode): lock your device in your to save battery
Automatically move clock widgets to lock screen
lock screen clock without ads

This lock screen clock widget app was created to make life easier and easier. download lock screen clock to enjoy.
If there are any requirements, please feel free to comment below or email the developer. Thank you sincerely, and don’t forget to rate 5. to support us.

In most smartphones and tablets running Android, the screen turns off after 30 seconds and the device goes into sleep mode if the user has not performed any actions with the device during this time. This setting is set by default by the manufacturers in order to save battery power. the most power-hungry element in a gadget is the screen on.

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However, a situation often arises when this option becomes annoying. For example, when reading slowly from the screen, without scrolling, it can go out after half a minute and you have to press the power button, unlock the device and look for the necessary fragment to continue. Also, the timeout can interfere in the following cases:

  • viewing photos and videos;
  • games in which a break in the user’s actions can take a long time (for example, chess);
  • work with navigation maps when GPS positioning is on.

Timeout (English timeout). a break in any action, activity. Time. time, out. absence, cessation, inactivity. Used to indicate a break for a specific time.

In some programs, the developers provide a function for blocking the system timeout (video players, e-book readers, games), but not in all. Let’s figure out how to make sure that the screen in Android does not turn off and the device does not go into sleep mode.

You can adjust the time after which Android turns off the screen and goes into sleep mode due to user inactivity in the system settings. To do this, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone or tablet, although more correctly it should sound like “go to the Android settings” and select the “Screen” section, where in the “Sleep mode” subsection set the required time or turn off this option altogether, if the option to turn it off is provided device manufacturer.

The screenshots show the timeout settings of the Huawei MediaPad T3 8 tablet, in which there is no option to disable sleep mode. In other gadgets, this can be the item “Never” or “Disable sleep mode”.

This is the easiest way, but far from the most rational, because in this case, the timeout is set for all installed applications. If we need to set its own waiting time for each program or completely disable the transition to sleep mode while a specific application is running, then we will have to use special utilities.

A large number of Android sleep management apps can be found on Google Play. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

A small and lightweight application called “Screen never dies” disables sleep mode and does not allow the screen to go out while preselected applications are running.

Working with the utility is extremely simple. launch it and mark those applications for which the screen will be always on.

The utility correctly detects the software installed on the smartphone / tablet, is free and intuitive.

An interesting application that uses the front camera so that the screen does not turn off while the user is looking at it. The camera controlled by Hold Screen On Demo monitors the user’s eyes and as soon as he stops looking at the screen, the utility turns it off.

In Hold Screen On Demo, you can configure a list of specific applications, during which the camera will track the user’s gaze and turn off the screen if the user is away. The app is free and no ads

If these utilities do not suit you, then in the “Similar” section of Google Play you can always find alternatives to the above tools

Perhaps you have any opinions on the topic “How to set the clock on the screen of an Android phone in sleep mode”? Write about it in the comments.

How to get the clock back through widgets

On many smartphones, the clock that appears on the main display is automatically duplicated on the lock screen. If you accidentally or on purpose remove them, they will disappear there and there. How to display the clock on the phone screen:

Long press in any free area on the main screen and wait for an additional menu to appear at the bottom of the screen.

Click “Widgets” and in the screen that appears, find the “Clock” application.

Tap and hold on the desired widget, and then place it on a free part of the screen.

After that, the clock should appear on the home and lock screen. Optionally you can choose analog or digital display.

How to set the clock

If the desired widget is not there, then most likely you have deleted the “Clock” application and you need to install it again through the Play Store. Instructions:

Launch the Play Store and type “Watch” in the search bar. Find and select an app from Google LLC from the list. This is the official Android tool, but you can use any other.

Click “Install” to start downloading and installing.

After that, the clock will appear on the home and lock screen. If this did not happen, then add them yourself, following the instructions described above.

Sense Flip Clock Weather

A good program that most users use. Its undoubted advantage is its stylish design that will decorate the main screen of the smartphone.

The widget offers a large selection of themes with different design options, as well as several animation options. The size can be adjusted, the parameters have the following values: 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2.

To improve the accuracy of the weather forecast, automatic location of the phone is installed. But also this function can be turned off at any time.

Pay attention to utilities that have similar functions:

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Retro Clock Widget. elegantly designed application will appeal to fans of retro style. Combined with themed screen wallpaper, they make a stylish pair. Here is a watch without weather information.

DIGI Clock. the undoubted advantage of the application is the variety of settings. You can choose the style you want, and this widget will become a highlight in the design of the home screen.

How to install the clock on the screen of an Android smartphone

Despite the convenience of the interface, smartphones with the Android operating system still have some difficulties. In particular, users may be faced with the need to install a clock widget on the phone display. Usually this setting is set automatically, but during use or after flashing it can be deleted. This is not a difficult problem, since it takes little time to reinstall the utility, and even an inexperienced user can cope with it.

Transparent widgets

This is a fairly common application that is completely free. It takes up a very modest amount of memory and does not burden the smartphone. At the same time, this software has various settings, including many fonts and themes. A significant advantage of this application is the display of weather, humidity, battery status, in addition to the clock itself.

In addition, it is possible to regulate the information that is shown on the widget. To do this, you need to hold down the click on the widget. The menu “Design” and “Advanced settings” will appear, where you can select items that will be displayed in the software.

Useful software

In addition to the standard hours offered by the system, there is the possibility of downloading programs, which often include other useful functions. Widgets with simultaneous display of weather and time are very popular. Let’s consider examples of such applications and their features.

Clock on the Android home screen. how to set it correctly

Almost every user has a clock on the home screen of “Android”. after all, it is convenient and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose a beautiful dial for your wallpaper on the screen. the interface will look more stylish. But what difficulties are hidden in such an installation??

Always on

The program is similar to the function that is present on Samsung devices with OLED displays. The essence of the application is that it displays the time on the locked screen.

  • Download the app from Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.tomer.alwayson]
  • Go to Always On → follow the instructions.
  • The settings are displayed, among which the most important are:
  • operating rules (battery usage, shutdown period, etc.);
  • gestures (actions after swipes, etc.);
  • dial settings (appearance);
  • power saving mode (battery overheating protection).

    The application will start after locking the screen and will run in an energy efficient mode.


    Simple application with minimal design and simple settings.

  • Download the app from Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.sunspock.miclock]
  • Press and hold an empty area until the menu appears → click “Widgets”.
  • Find MiClock.
  • Hold the clock → drag to the screen area.
  • A menu with settings will open, including the style and format.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Minimal clock

    This widget is popular among users, and also has many settings.

    • Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.jmt.clockwidget]
    • Hold an empty area of ​​the screen until the menu appears → click “Widgets”.
    • Find this app.
    • Pinch the widget → drag it to the desktop area.
    • A menu with settings appears, including:
  • time format;
  • battery charge display;
  • date format;
  • font style;
  • background and battery color;
  • and much more.
  • Click “Save” after completing the setup.
  • The configured clock appears on the screen.
  • Built-in widget

    A widget is a callout interface element that can be placed on the Android home screen. This could be:

    • weather;
    • player;
    • clock;
    • notes;
    • the calendar;
    • etc.

    By default, the clock widget is preinstalled in the system launcher, but it is hidden. To display it, perform a number of functions:

    • Go to home screen.
    • Pinch an empty area until the menu appears.
    • Click “Widgets”.
    • Select “Clock” and hold it until the main screen appears.
    • Move the dial to the desired location.

    iOS 14: How to Use Clock Widget on iPhone Home screen [Add, Remove World Clock Widget]

    Setting the clock to the Android screen

    The main advantage of Android (compared to iOS) is the ability to flexibly customize the system “for yourself”, because most of the parameters can be changed. Users often ask about OS modifications. One such question is about how to set the clock to the screen of an Android phone. Let’s take a look at several ways.

    Third Party Applications

    The advantages of individual applications are that they can be flexibly customized. Let’s consider the most interesting of them.

    Analog clock live

    The peculiarity of the application is that it sets a live wallpaper-clock on the screen of your device.

    • Download and run the application. [Appbox googleplay com.analogclocklivewallpaper.analogclock]
    • Click “Setting” → set the clock by specifying:
    • clock face;
    • color;
    • date display, second hand.
    • Go back → “Set wallpaper”.
    • Click apply.
    • The desktop will display a clock instead of a background image.
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