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Set up your computer

With the October 2018 Update for Windows 10, the Your Phone app will already be installed on your system. You can find the app by searching in the start menu or using the search box on the taskbar and opening the app.

When you open the app, a request is sent to your phone. Click “Allow” on this prompt and your computer and phone are now connected. You should see a screen SIMilar to the screenshot below.

How to set the clock and display Samsung on the Home screen?

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Users who first encountered the Android mobile OS are asked many questions about the nuances of its use and settings. So, one of the basic tasks that can confuse a beginner is adding a clock to the main screen of a smartphone or tablet. In our today’s article, we’ll show you how to do it.

Four ways to display phone screen on PC. use ApowerMirror

The first tool you’ll need. it’s ApowerMirror! ApowerMirror perfectly displays your phone screen on PC and provides powerful keyboard and mouse control for Android from PC. With just a few SIMple steps, users can play mobile games displayed on a large screen with a mouse, moreover, it will be an ideal choice for watching movies with family on PC instead of a tiny phone screen. During the process, you can take pictures and record the screen.

For iOS devices

  • Go to the Apple Store to download the ApowerMirror app. Then connect your iPhone and computer to the same network. You can also use the download buttons below.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and open AirPlay on your phone. Then select the device name including “Apowersoft”. You will soon find that your PC displays a phone screen.

For Android devices

  • Click the download button below to get the app.
  • Enable USB debugging and plug in the cable to connect two devices. You will then receive a notification window with your permission to install the application on your phone. Select “Accept”. If the installation fails, you must download it manually.
  • Activate the app on your phone and a window will open. Select “Don’t show again” and click “START”. You will soon find that your phone screen will be displayed on the desktop.

Note. If you’ve ever connected Android to PC via USB cable, next time you can also connect them via Wi-Fi and control your phone from PC. Press the “Mirror” button on your phone. Wait for it to determine the name of your computer. Tap the name of your PC. After a few seconds, your phone screen will be displayed on the PC.

Reduced energy consumption from the inside

The AMOLED display in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge was useful primarily for the implementation of AOD, because the black pixels of the AMOLED display are effectively disabled and therefore consume less power.

Despite this advantage, other components such as the display driver chip (DDI), application processor (AP), and various sensors still consume power.

Of these components, DDI consumes the most energy. To realize AOD in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung has reduced sleep mode power consumption to less than one-fifth of the previous level. This is almost half the size of the Night Clock feature in the previous model, which only uses the edge of the screen.

Samsung has also adopted Smart Power Saving. new hardware aLGorithm to further improve DDI performance in Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

This allowed the company to separate the power required for the DDI during normal operation and the power required for the AOD at the hardware level. That is, it is SIMilar to how the driver of a car chooses 2 or 4 wheel drive depending on the road conditions in order to use the engine power in the most efficient way.

The energy consumption figures depend on the information that users want to check through the AOD. The display uses only eight colors when displaying SIMple information including time and date. If more images or colors are to be displayed on the screen, the bit depth increases to 16 million colors, which requires slightly more power. This change happens automatically and smoothly, harmoniously through the AOD software and hardware.

There are many ways to display your phone screen on a laptop. You can choose Droid @ screen, ApowerMirror, ApowerManager and others. However, ApowerManager. it is a professional application that mainly transfers data between different devices, although it can mirror the phone screen to a PC. As a result, ApowerMirror specializes in displaying phone screen to PC and allows users to control Android from PC, thus providing a great experience.

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Smartphone clock as a widget

As you know, it is most convenient to use a watch on a mobile phone in the form of a widget. a mobile application created for permanent work on the home screen of our phone. The most popular clock widgets and widgets for displaying the weather, allowing you to conveniently track the time and weather forecast on

Using ApowerManager

For those who want to use a professional tool to display phone screen on computer, you can try this ApowerManager. It can transfer data between phone and PC, backup mobile files. It has the ability to restore content from previous backups, take screenshots, manage media content, and more.

Below are the instructions for displaying phone screen on laptop using this software:

    Install ApowerManager on your Windows / Mac.

  • Install ApowerManager app on your phone.
  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.
  • Click the Reflection icon. You will then receive a notification window asking if you want to record whatever is displayed on your phone. Select Start Now on your phone.
  • ApowerManager. it is a SIMple and practical way to display the screen of a mobile device on a PC. In addition to real-time screen mirroring, you can also perform other actions like transferring files or sending text messages by clicking the assigned icons located at the top of the interface.

    How to Cast Samsung Galaxy Screen on Windows PC «Android :: Gadget Hacks

    After leaving the mobile market, Microsoft has redirected its efforts to better integrate its services with Android. Partnership with Samsung makes Windows integration even better with a Galaxy phone.

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    Certain Samsung devices can now be displayed on Windows 10 PCs and interact with them using a mouse and keyboard. This means that instead of looking at your phone to check notifications, you can control everything from your computer along with all other windows. It keeps everything in sight and makes it easy to type long messages thanks to the computer keyboard.

    How to activate the option to turn off your smartphone on Android

    Function settings will vary depending on the gadget model. To turn on the off timer on Xiaomi you need:

    • Go to “Settings”. “Power and performance”. “Power timer”.
    • In the menu that opens, select the gear icon (in the upper right corner) and go to the “Power timer”.
    • Here you need to configure the switching on and off of the smartphone on a schedule. over, you can select not only the time for the shutdown timer, but also the days of the week.

    In order to turn off your Honor phone on a schedule, you need to configure the corresponding option on your smartphone:

    • Open settings. section “Control”. item “Scheduled shutdown / shutdown”.
    • Activate the item “Scheduled shutdown”, then set the time to turn off / turn off the gadget, days of the week, etc.

    In practice, Samsung devices are also customizable, allowing the owner to automatically turn off and on the phone. To manage the option, you will need to go to “Menu”. “Settings”. “Screen”, etc.

    Phone Schedule

    It is one of the best all-in-one applications. The program allows you to set the time when the gadget is turned off and on in one fell swoop, turn down the sound of the smartphone in time, turn on / off Bluetooth, set your favorite alarm music, make the screen brighter in the daytime and or darker in the evening to save battery power, switch Internet reception from the mobile network on Wi-Fi, when you return home and much more.

    The user-friendly interface greatly facilitates the tasks, allowing even an inexperienced user to easily cope with the settings.

    How to set the shutdown option on iPhone

    In apple gadgets, you can use the shutdown timer along with the “Sleep” option. It is designed to determine the right time to go to bed.

    To set up this timer on iPhone and iPad, you need to follow a few SIMple steps:

    • Launch the “Clock” application on the iPhone.
    • Select the “Timer” tab.
    • Click on the signal.
    • At the bottom, in the list that opens, select the “Stop” option.
    • Now you need to set the desired time for the program and press “Start”.

    After a certain time, the device screen will be locked in auto mode, regardless of what exactly was displayed and launched on the device.

    How to set up turning your smartphone on and off using apps

    It may be that there is no such setting on the device. Third-party applications that can be downloaded from Google Play will come to the rescue. The range includes both paid and free programs. But for them to work, you may need Root rights on the device.

    Cozy Timer

    Allows you to mute music or videos after the owner has fallen asleep. To do this, press the “Start” button during playback, setting the approximate time of expected sleep. There is a setting that allows you to completely turn off the smartphone screen, it will help save battery.

    The options “Timer mode” and “Schedule mode” are active, with a stop after 1 hour, etc., or with a shutdown at a certain time of the day. It also allows you to pause Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The program can be activated when the battery is low.

    How to set up and set a timer to turn on and off your smartphone

    Most smartphone owners use them even before bed. As a result, the phone can work all night long, consuming traffic or battery power, and interfering with unnecessary notifications. You can solve this problem by setting the time to turn off the device. Most models have this setting. In some models, the option allows you to set the time to turn on the gadget. Then, at the appointed time, it will turn on independently. Usually, users choose evening hours to turn off the device, and morning to start it.

    Sleep Timer

    A SIMple app lets you set up a timer to mute any media files that are playing on your smartphone. In doing so, it uses device administrator permissions. The software works with all media players, and also allows you to deactivate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi after a certain time. The software will help you save battery power. The app supports gesture control. For example, you can shake it to extend the timer for the desired time if the user has not fallen asleep yet.

    And how to attach the caller’s photo to his Contact on your Huawei phone?

    There is nothing difficult in this. Its order is described in the article “How to set a photo on the Contact of a subscriber on a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”, And to go to it, click here.

    But here’s the bad luck. Previously, after you had attached photos of their owners to your contacts, when a call came in, their large photo was always reflected on the smartphone screen. It was very nice and comfortable.

    But after some time, it suddenly turned out that now, with an incoming call, the phone screen instead of a large photo began to show a small photo in a circle.

    Here’s an example: it was and it is.

    Of course this is Heaven and Earth.

    And how to enlarge a photo from a Contact when calling to the full screen of a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

    Having investigated this issue, it turned out that this problem can be solved without resorting to installing special applications.

    The thing is that our “smart phone” (aka “smartphone”) is constantly fighting for its performance. Therefore, constantly analyzing the processor load and the most frequently performed tasks, he begins to optimize all his databases with which he operates, and rebuilds them so that there is as much free space in the random access memory (RAM) as possible. This also affected our Contacts, which contain information, including photos. So he optimized our Contacts at his discretion so that in some cases not full photos are attached to Contacts, but small photos in a circle. Therefore, in the future, it may happen that when they call you, not a large photo from the Contact will be displayed on the smartphone screen, but its small duplicate.

    But there is no need to worry. Nothing is missing in the Contacts database. You just need to force the smartphone to re-index this information and everything will return to its original state.

    First, you need to stipulate that the proposed method of “enlarging photos from Contacts to full screen” is performed under the following conditions:

    Contacts are stored in the smartphone memory, not the SIM card. If they are on a SIM card, then this will not work.

    You have a Theme installed on your phone that has not changed the Calls and Phone Calls settings. Therefore, it will be better if you return the original Default Theme, which was when you first turned on the phone. (Its order is described in the article “How to return the original Theme to the screen of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”. To go to the article, click here).

    You previously had a Google account created and all Contacts with photos on your phone were synced to it. Therefore, information about all your Contacts will also be stored on the Google server.

    How to enlarge photos from Contacts to full screen when calling HUAWEI (honor) phone

    In order to return large full-screen photos to Contacts during phone calls, you need to forcely synchronize Contacts from your phone with Contacts stored on the Google server in your Google account. For this:

    Launch the Phone Settings application.

    Smartphone screen. launch the Phone Settings application

    Select the Accounts section.

    Smartphone screen. select the “Accounts” section.

    In the “Users and accounts” section, select the Google account.

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    In your Google account, we find the items Contacts. There may be several of them. We, for example, had two items “Contacts”. Therefore, in order to forcibly synchronize our Contacts with the Contacts of the Google account, you need to click on these “Contacts” items one by one.

    Smartphone screen. click on two items “Contacts”.

    After that, a rotating circle will appear next to each “Contacts” line, which indicates the synchronization process.

    Smartphone screen. the first item “Contacts” is being synchronized. Smartphone screen. synchronization of the second item “Contacts”.

    That’s it, now we have synchronized our Contacts with the information that is stored on the Google server, and this will force our smartphone to re-index the Contacts database and restore large photos.

    Important note:
    It should be noted that during the first forced synchronization of Contacts, the smartphone may not index the entire database of Contacts, and when viewing the Contacts Phonebook, you can see that not all Contacts were returned large photos.
    Therefore, the procedure for forced synchronization of Contacts should be repeated again until all photos are fully restored.

    How to take a full screen photo of the caller on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

    Of course, it’s nice to use a modern smartphone that reflects everything clearly and clearly on its screen, including the smallest details and real color reproduction. This is especially important when shooting or watching videos and photos.

    Human psychology is designed in such a way that he perceives visual images (pictures) faster than text that still needs to be read and comprehended. Therefore, in order to make it more convenient for the smartphone owner to perceive information from the phone screen, they often resort to presenting information in the form of a visual image. We, people, are so convenient and comfortable.

    This is especially important when they call you on the phone, and the first thing you try to establish is who is calling you now. And if the phone shows only a row of digits of the caller’s phone number, then this does not tell us much.

    But if a person called you, whose number has already been entered in the Contacts of your phone and his photo is attached to him, then you literally at first glance will recognize the caller by the photo.

    And how to check if large photos on Contacts have been restored?

    Viewing the results of reindexing Contacts when recovering large photos on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone

    Launch the Contacts application on your phone.

    Smartphone screen. launch the Phone Contacts application

    In the list of Contacts, select the Contact, which has the icon of the photo of the Contact of the subscriber. In our case, this is Contact Denis Korablev.

    Smartphone screen 0. select Contact with the caller’s photo icon.

    Look at the opened Contact that you have chosen.

    If there is a small photo in a circle next to the Subscriber’s Name, it means that the large photo linked to this Contact has not been restored yet. In our case, the Contact Denis Korablev with a small photo in a circle.

    Smartphone screen 1. view of the Contact Denis Korablev with a small photo.

    Therefore, you need to perform the procedure for synchronizing the Contacts database with your Google account, the order of which is described above. Click here to go.

    If the content of the opened Contact that you have selected contains a photo of the subscriber on half the screen, then this means that the large photo of the Contact has been restored.

    Smartphone screen 2. view of the Contact Denis Korablev with a large photo.

    Now you are all right.

    If a subscriber calls you whose Contact in your phone contains a large photo, then when you receive a call you will see a large portrait of the subscriber on your phone screen, in our case Denis Korablev. Therefore, at first glance it will be clear to you. who is calling you now.

    Smartphone screen 3. screen view for an incoming call with a large photo from the Contact Denis Korablev.

    At the same time, if you yourself call a subscriber whose Contact contains a photo, then on the screen of your smartphone there will be a large photo from the Contact as a background, but it will be very blurred. This is done so that you do not get confused who is calling to whom now: if they call you, then there is a clear photo on the screen, and if it is blurry, then you call him (dial his number).

    Smartphone screen 4. screen view for an outgoing call with a large blurry photo from the Contact Denis Korablev.

    Changing the size of the clock

    Sometimes, when a user installs a new clock on the screen of an Android device, it turns out that it is covering the wallpaper or, conversely, is too small. Smartphones with Android 0.7 and higher can be resized. Also, this function is in some shells that work with earlier versions of the OS.

    To increase or decrease the clock, you need to hold down this widget. It will turn into a bounded box with markers at the edges. By moving them, you can stretch and shrink the field, thereby changing the size of the numbers.

    Minimal Clock

    A popular app with many different settings. It is downloaded and installed in the same way as the previous one. After adding the clock, a menu with settings will open, where you can adjust:

    • background color;
    • font style;
    • date and time format;
    • view of the battery and charge indicator.

    Important! When the setting is complete, click “Save”.

    Setting a regular clock to your desktop

    Each smartphone has standard widgets built into the operating system. To add time using them, you need to touch the screen in an empty place and hold your finger until the menu opens.

    Time on a smartphone monitor is convenient, but if necessary, you can delete it.

    Note! In the list, select the “Clock” item. It may have one option or several, it all depends on the phone manufacturer and Android version.

    The selected clock is then dragged to the free space. You can just touch them and the watch face will be installed on the desktop automatically.

    Analog clock live

    With it, live wallpapers are installed on the desktop, which look like a traditional dial with arrows.

    After downloading and launching the program, you need to click “Setting”, configure the appearance of the wallpaper, their color, display of the second hand and the current date. Then you need to go back and click “Set wallpaper”.

    To add a new watch to an Android smartphone, use other applications:

    • DIGI Clock;
    • Sense Flip Clock Weather;
    • Minimalistic Text;
    • Analog clocks widget. SIMple;
    • Retro Clock Widget and others.

    They allow not only to flexibly adjust the time and date, but also to change the background, clock orientation, and find out the weather forecast.

    Note! To set a dual clock, you must select this option in the widgets. The phone will display two clock options, which is useful on long trips where you need to know the local time and your.

    Dual watches are indispensable for people who travel a lot

    Removing unnecessary clocks

    You can hold the widget on the screen and drag the watch to the trash can, or select the “Delete” option from the menu that appears (not on all smartphones). This will remove time from the screen, but the application itself will not delete. You can add it to your desktop at any time.

    Widgets installed on the lock screen are disabled in the settings in the “Security and lock” section (in other versions “Lock screen”). It is necessary to remove the corresponding checkbox.

    To completely get rid of widgets or applications, go to the settings, then to the “Application Manager” and select those that are no longer needed.

    Important! If the application is associated with the operating system, it will not be possible to uninstall it without Root rights.


    It is easy to customize and the design is suitable for those who love minimalism.

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    First, you need to download the application from the Play Market, then long press to bring up the widget menu and drag the clock to the phone monitor. After that, the time display format is selected. The configuration is ended by pressing the “Continue” button.

    Third-party programs for installing the clock widget

    How can you display the clock on the screen of an Android device? There are some applications for this.

    How to move or delete a clock

    There are several ways to do this. They depend on phone model and operating system version.

    A standard trick is to hold the watch on the screen for 1-2 seconds, wait for a slight vibration and drag it down, to the side or to the middle of the monitor.

    Important! The option is SIMple, but it won’t work on every smartphone.

    The widget can be SIMply dragged from one place to another

    Honor and Huawei devices are not equipped with this feature by default. You cannot move installed widgets, but you can change the lock screen style. This is done through the item “Security and privacy” in the settings. Different styles show the time at the top or bottom.

    For Android 9.0 Pie, the clock has moved to the left. On Galaxy phones with OneUI shell, the problem can be solved by installing Samsung’s Good Lock. After launching the application, you need to click on “QuickStar”, then tap on “Install”. Returning to “Good Lock” you should run “QuickStar” again from the application menu, select the item “Clock position” and the option “Right”.

    How to set the clock to the screen of an Android phone

    There are several options for how to install the clock on the screen of an Android phone. You can also change their size, position, appearance and use special programs that improve this SIMple option. Below you will find all the possibilities associated with the watch and how to solve common problems with it.

    Onca Clock Widget is an application that will help you set the clock on the screen

    “Onca Clock Widget” is an application with the function of sounding the time. Thanks to this option, you will not need to constantly be distracted by your phone screen. A pleasant voice of the assistant will inform you about the current time at a given frequency.

    For the widget to work, there is no need to make any settings after installation. But you can personalize the widget by choosing its size, design and position. Choose between digital and analog clocks, set them on the home screen and on the lock.

    “Onca Clock Widget” has the function of sounding the time

    The ClockQ. watch face for the lock screen on the phone

    “ClockQ. Digital Clock Widget” application allows you to install and place a convenient and beautiful clock widget both on the main screen and on the lock screen. In the application settings, you can choose the theme and color of the application design (white, black or multi-colored dials are available). The widget can display the battery discharge rate.

    The widget can display the battery discharge rate

    You can choose between Roman and regular numbers. The application functionality allows you to change the second hand mode. It can be ticking or floating. This parameter is relevant only for analog clocks.

    Clock Widget. a program for displaying the time on the phone

    The Clock Widget allows you to display the time to the nearest second on your phone. It can be used both on your device’s desktop and on the lock screen. Several different widgets are available, including weather, news and clock. You can use this app to enable all listed widgets.

    Widgets can be resized by choosing the length and width of your choice. They will look neat in whatever format you choose.

    Stylish “Clock Widget” on the screen

    Minimal Clock. clock widget with individual settings

    Application “Minimal Clock” allows you to customize a convenient widget with the display of the exact time on the screen of your phone. The application has many individual settings. During the installation of the widget, you can preview its visual.

    You can also choose the actions that the widget should perform when you click on it. Thus, the application can open the alarm clock, settings or any application installed on your phone. Choose the design you like. Change the font, background and color of the theme. You can choose any photo or picture from your mobile device gallery as a background.

    Minimal Clock widget displays time to second

    Third-party clock widgets for smartphone screen

    In addition to the standard clock widget, you should also pay attention to third-party applications installed from the Play Store and Ep Store. In particular, we recommend paying attention to the following alternatives.

    A way to install a watch face on your phone

    The procedure for setting the time on the phone screen is the same for absolutely most Android phones and is as follows:

    • Pick up your phone and long press on a space free from icons on the home screen;
    • A special menu will appear, in which the “Widgets” option will be available. Tap on it;

    Tap on “Widgets”
    Find “Clock” in the list of widgets that opens. Usually several clock widgets are grouped under this shortcut. Tap on “Clock”;

    In the list of widgets, click on the clock
    A selection of several widgets with dials will open;

    Choose your favorite widget
    Long press on the widget you like, and without lifting your finger from the screen, drag it to the desired place on the home screen;

    Place the widget on the screen

  • If you want to change the size of a widget, then long press on this widget on the home screen. White markers will appear. borders, by moving which you can either reduce or increase the size of the image on the phone.
  • How to set the clock to the phone screen

    They say that happy hours are not observed. However, in the pace of our eventful lives, this tool plays a very important role. And each of us strives to have him by his side for many everyday tasks. A watch on a mobile phone is especially convenient, allowing you to abandon their not always comfortable wearing on your wrist. Having bought a new phone, we may be puzzled by the need to put a dial with the current time display. How do you set the clock on the home screen of your phone, and what actions are required for this? We will tell in our material.

    Smartphone clock as a widget

    As you know, it is most convenient to use a watch on a mobile phone in the form of a widget. a mobile application created for permanent work on the home screen of our phone. The most popular clock widgets and widgets for displaying weather, allowing you to conveniently track the time and weather forecast for today.

    The clock-shaped widget is available on the system from the earliest versions of Android OS. Usually, a standard clock widget from Google is used, which is installed in the system, and you can install it on the home screen or remove it from there at any time.

    Let’s take a look at the methods that will help you install the watch face on the phone screen if it was not there initially. Or they for some reason it disappeared from your device.

    ZenClock. the most beautiful watch face for your phone

    “ZenClock” is an unusual and beautiful clock that displays the time to the nearest second. You can install the widget on your desktop, and customize it to your liking by changing its color, size and choosing various add-ons. You can put any photo from your phone’s gallery as a background.

    Minimalistic “ZenClock” for time display

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