How to quickly charge your iPhone

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Turn on power saving mode

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In iOS 11, even such a switch was provided in the control panel, and in older versions of the system, you need to go to Settings. Battery and activate the toggle switch there.

In this mode, the power of the iPhone is reduced, some processes are turned off, performance decreases, but energy consumption is also reduced. So not only charging will be faster, but further during the day, the device will not be so gluttonous. If you do not have time to “refuel” by 90-100%, it will be useful.

 87W USB-C adapter

The most powerful portable power adapter in the Apple lineup. They are bundled with the gluttonous MacBook Pros. It literally “pumps” energy from the outlet to the connected gadget.

 Lightning to USB-C Cable

If you choose one of the last two blocks, you will have to acquire such a cable. They are no longer a regular USB port, but a new Type-C, and with such a cable you can directly connect the iPhone to the latest MacBooks.

 Lightning to USB cable 2m

The native cable from the iPhone is usually carefully laid at the desktop and you don’t want to pull it out for charging before going to work. Get another original cable, but already two meters.

It will turn out to be convenient to place the iPhone in the corridor or hallway for fast charging.

Leaving iPhone to Charge

Now the main thing is to give the device time to recharge. Many at this time have already been collected, are on the doorstep and do not know what else to do. They start playing games or just flipping through photos. So the smartphone can not only charge for longer, but also not receive a percent of energy at all.

It is better to review the collected things again, make a plan for the day, spin your favorite spinner.

How to charge your phone faster: tips

All smartphone owners are familiar with the situation when the phone becomes necessary more than ever, and the battery charge remains catastrophically low. What to do in this state of affairs at home, on the street or in conditions where there is no way to recharge the phone at all, read this article.

Fast charging outdoors

How to charge your phone faster without being at home:

Battery charging without charger

It is not uncommon that there is no charger, no USB-cable, or any other “legal” way to connect the phone to an outlet nearby. Or the source of electricity is not supposed to be nearby. Then how to quickly charge your phone without charging? You can try to use the following methods, but keeping in mind that they can be dangerous both for the battery and gadget, and for you:

  • If there is an outlet nearby and an unsuitable charger for the phone. It is necessary to cut off the connector for the charging port, then loosen the visible wires and strip them. Then take out the battery and connect the wires, strictly observing the polarity: “to”, “-” to “-“. Then the bare wires should be insulated and the device should be connected to the mains.
  • You can try charging the battery with alkaline batteries, paper clips, and tape (to secure the ends of the paper clips to the batteries and phone battery). In this case, it is also important not to confuse with the polarity.
  • Another way where scotch tape is involved. sealing the battery contacts with adhesive tape.

How To Charge iPhone FASTER Easy Method

Dangerous methods

Such methods of charging the battery are permissible only in emergency cases:

  • How to charge your phone faster in nature. with a knife and fire. Preheat the blade over a fire, then place the phone battery contacts on hot (not hot) metal.
  • Quite a tough, but effective way. hit the battery against a stone.
  • Another “inhuman” method is charging with water. the battery is pierced with a needle and put in water for a short time.

How to quickly charge your phone at home

To quickly charge your phone at home, you need to do the following:

  • Leave the device alone while charging. while you are looking at a photo, updating social networks or playing, half of the charge goes to powering these operations, and if the screen of the gadget is in maximum brightness mode, then the “recharge” rate is reduced to “turtle”.
  • Turn on “Airplane mode” (“Airplane mode”). You will not be able to use the Internet and stay connected, but turning off the ability to generate wireless radio signals this way will greatly increase the charging speed of the device.
  • Turn off your gadget. this is the most efficient way to tell you how to charge your phone faster. The device in the off state does not consume battery energy at all, which has a very positive effect on the charging duration.
  • Do not charge your device from a computer or laptop. There is no way to quickly charge your phone via a USB port. With this “feeding” it is also important to make sure that the PC does not go into sleep mode. some devices in it stop supplying current via USB. We must not forget to turn off synchronization, which will significantly extend the charging of the gadget. Ports 1.0-3.0 give a current rate of only 0.5-0.9 A. A conventional charger from the network. 1.5 A, which can shorten the charging time by up to three times. However, in the near future, it is planned to develop a USB 3.1 port, which will increase the current to 3 A.
  • Try using a more powerful charger. For example, the current rate of a standard “iPhone 6” charging. 1 A, and at the iPad charger. 2.1 A. There may be such a case that the device cannot be charged faster than from the charger included in the kit, but still it will not be superfluous to try.

Do not use a laptop USB port

You can connect smartphones and tablets to your computer via a USB cable and they will start charging, but the process will be much slower than when you plug them directly into a wall outlet. For example, the iPhone 6 comes with a charger that supplies about 1 A. If you use USB 3.0 chargers for the iPhone 6, you get about 0.9 A. When you charge from the older USB 2.0 port, you get just 0. 5 A. modern Android phones and other electronic devices are capable of drawing more power than the normal USB port on your computer can handle. Check the specifications of your tablet or phone to find out its capacity.

Use a specially designed charger for this purpose and connect it directly to the mains, not through the USB port of your computer.

Flight mode

Another powerful method to make your phone charge faster is to switch to airplane mode before plugging in the charger. This allows you to disconnect the handset from all cellular, radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, which are slowly and discreetly draining battery power, even when you are not using these services.

Whether it’s Android, Windows or iOS, you can always turn on airplane mode by tapping on the icon in the apps settings on your phone screen. Select flight / airplane mode and confirm. A small airplane image will appear at the top of the screen, indicating that the mode is activated.

Check if your USB cable is good enough

USB cables have different capacities. For best results, make sure you are using the original cable from your smartphone. Cheap USB cables purchased independently are not capable of transferring enough power to charge your tablet or phone properly.

Find a Power Adapter for Your iPhone

The phone will charge much faster if you use a power supply unit with a higher capacity instead of the charger with which the device was sold. For example, the Apple iPhone 6 plus comes with a charger of about 1 A (5 W), but if you use it with a 12 W, 2.1 A adapter from Apple iPad, it will charge in less time. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge iPhone 6 plus using the iPad adapter instead of 3-4 hours with the included charger.

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Fast charging for Android

Although Android chargers come with a universal plug, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. You shouldn’t connect the charger cable to your PC if you want to speed up the charging of your gadget: each USB 2.0 port delivers about 2.5W of current, and USB 3. about 4.5W. However, the power from the outlet will give even more, so this method is preferable in cases where fast charging is needed.

Most modern Android phones support fast charging, which gives up to 15 watts of output and dramatically reduces cycle time. See sites like Qualcomm for a list of fast-charging models (Remember: you don’t need a Qualcomm processor, you only need a Qualcomm power system).

It should not be overlooked that fast charging support does not guarantee that the charger the phone is bought with will charge it quickly. You may need to purchase a quick charge cable separately. For example, the LG G4 supports fast charging, but the native charger does not quickly charge.

Put your phone down

It runs the risk of sounding too obvious, but the fact remains: charging the phone without disconnecting it only slows down the process. If you wait for the battery to charge and continue to play games by plugging in the charger, you may have to wait longer to fully charge: games consume a lot of power and slow down the charging process.

Charging iPhone correctly

Probably since the very first phones appeared, we were very worried about this issue. We tried from time to time to fully discharge and fully charge. Today it is not relevant at all. Batteries have become completely different and today the whole point is only in the number of charging cycles.

For example, if you bought a phone, then in the next two years you can definitely not worry about how exactly it is worth charging your iPhone. Like the smartphone itself, the battery will wear out over time and need to be replaced.

The capacity of the battery will decrease over time and it will not depend on your charging methods at all. So just don’t think about this question.

How to charge a new iPhone

You bought a brand new iPhone and now you don’t know how to charge it for the first time. The main thing is not to panic in this situation, everything will be fine. As I wrote a little above, how exactly you charge your phone does not matter at all. Therefore, when you have little charge left or you just need to charge according to the situation, then we just do it and are not afraid.

The further state of your battery depends only on the type of use of the smartphone. If you like to actively play games and drain the battery very quickly, then of course you will have to change not in two years, but for example one and a half.

Each person has a different way, so we just use it and don’t bother.

How to properly charge your iPhone

So, today we will talk about charging the iPhone and how to properly do this process. If you want your iPhone battery to last as long as possible, then this material is for you.

In fact, this topic has been touched upon thousands of times and each time we learn something new. But there are some points that are simply outdated, or just a lie.

In addition to the main topic, I would like to touch on a couple more points about charging:

How to Charge Your iPhone Faster

 87W USB-C adapter

The most powerful portable power adapter in the Apple lineup. They are bundled with the gluttonous MacBook Pros. It literally “pumps” energy from the outlet to the connected gadget.

 USB Power Adapter 12W

This block is much more powerful than the standard one: 12 W versus 5 W. It comes with some iPad models, but it will do a great job of charging an iPhone. The smartphone will charge almost twice as fast.

It is high time for iPhone Plus owners to think about purchasing a block with the code “MD836ZM-A”, iPhone will spend less time at the outlet.

Turn on power saving mode

In iOS 11, even such a switch was provided in the control panel, and in older versions of the system, you need to go to Settings. Battery and activate the toggle switch there.

In this mode, the power of the iPhone is reduced, some processes are turned off, performance decreases, but energy consumption is also reduced. So not only charging will be faster, but further during the day, the device will not be so gluttonous. If you do not have time to “refuel” by 90-100%, it will be useful.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Surprisingly, many people still do not know that the cellular module and Wi-Fi are the main consumers of energy in any smartphone. Disconnected them and charging will be much faster.

And at this time, background data synchronization will not occur, geolocation and all network activity of the device will be disabled.

Remove all iPhone cases

The advice is relevant in the summer as never before. During charging, the device heats up noticeably, and if after leaving you run resource-intensive programs or navigation on it, the iPhone will become seriously hot. All this will not have the best effect on the battery and will be inconvenient to use.

If you carry the device in a case or case, remove it from the protection for quick charging.

Use a powerful charger

For fast charging, do not try to charge the device via USB from a computer. Take the complete power supply unit and plug it into an outlet. Finding a more powerful iPad adapter will shorten your charging time.

These things will help you charge your iPhone as fast as possible:

How to quickly charge your iPhone

Quite often, you can observe such a picture when the user forgets to charge his device at night, but he needs it throughout the day. In such situations, it will be useful to know a few tricks, the use of which will significantly reduce the charging time of the iPhone.

 Lightning to USB cable 2m

The native cable from the iPhone is usually carefully laid at the desktop and you don’t want to pull it out for charging before going to work. Get another original cable, but already two meters.

It will turn out to be convenient to place the iPhone in the corridor or hallway for fast charging.

We use a computer or laptop

How can I charge my phone without using a charger? It’s simple, just plug the cable into a USB port on your computer. Some laptop and PC models have a special connector with increased output voltage, up to 2.1 amperes. This will answer the question of many users of smart gadgets, how to quickly charge any phone from a computer via USB. The charging time in this case will be no more than 2 hours, for iOS and Android smartphones.

Fast charging function

Manufacturers of Android gadgets have repeatedly announced the so-called “Fast Charge” function. Samsung, Motorola, HTC tried to solve the problem of fast charging the smartphone without killing the battery of the device, some of them succeeded, but for the general mass it remained at the level of marketing illusions.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be charged up to 30% in 15 minutes from zero percent, a good indicator, but still not the ultimate dream of many users. Unfortunately, Apple does not declare such a function in its devices, but it is there! Fast charging of the legendary iPhones has become especially relevant with the entry of the energy-intensive iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus to the market, let alone the 8 iPhone model, which, according to statements, will have a capacity of 3000 mAh.

Since the overwhelming majority of devices do not have a built-in emergency charging function, a little below we will analyze how to quickly charge almost any phone in 10 minutes, we will give examples and even attached a video instruction.

Turn on power saving mode or air mode

Turning on the power saving mode for iPhones and Android devices will help reduce the charging time of the smartphone’s battery by 20-30%, that is, in real terms it will be 20-30 minutes. If you need to fill in the indicator only up to 30-40 percent, it will take no more than 30 minutes, when the air mode is on.

Air mode disables network search functions, disables wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS wireless interfaces. All this significantly affects the power consumption of the device, therefore, the battery is charged at an accelerated rate.

Android platform

How can you save battery power using DU Battery Saver and avast battery saver apps for Android platform?

DU Battery Saver app can manage power profile settings. A modern interface and many useful options will help you save cell phone energy. The operating time increases by 10-30% if you strictly follow all the tips and tooltips.

Avast battery saver does not lag behind in functionality, Samsung owners are simply obliged to install it in order to extend the life of the device by several hours. The application will help you optimize the power supply schemes of the Android OS.

Battery charge time calculation

To understand how long it takes to fill the phone battery with energy, you need to be able to correctly calculate the charging time. Sounds harder than it really is.

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The principle of the charger is quite simple, when the charger is connected to a network with a voltage of 220 Volts, the voltage drops to 5 V and is converted into direct current. To calculate how long the smartphone battery will take to charge, it is enough to know the capacity in mAh and the output current of the unit. Take, for example, the common output values ​​of 5 V and 1000 mA, this means that with a battery capacity of 1000 mAh, it will take about 1 hour to fill the battery to 100%. For a standard smartphone, the charging time will be approximately 2-3 hours, provided that the original charger with a calibrated output voltage is used.

Other ways to recharge the battery

There are a lot of banal and at the same time unusual ways of filling the device with energy. Let’s consider some of them.

iOS platform

The Mobile Doctor pro application for iPhone will help you figure out which of the applications or interfaces is eating up the battery of the device so much. An excellent informative program for those who like to control their device completely.

We also advise you to read the article about the reasons and ways to eliminate the rapid discharge of the phone battery, link here.

How to charge your phone quickly and without consequences?

Smartphone users, regardless of “religion”, that is, which device (iOS or Android) you have in your hands, know that you shouldn’t leave the house with an empty battery. What to do when only a few minutes are left before going to work or on business. In today’s article, we will find the answer to an acute question: how to quickly charge a phone so that it will work for at least 3-4 hours. We will warn you right away, we do not live in a fairy tale and it will not work to fill the battery in 30 seconds to 100%, such technologies are under development.

2 Rule

Do not leave your smartphone connected to the cable for a long time. Especially don’t leave it charging overnight. This is the second common mistake. Additionally, when it reaches 100%, it may just start to heat up. this is a normal process, but heat has a very bad effect on the battery.

In the battery status settings, you can see that charging will slow down by 80%. And the controller should turn off charging by 100%. But, all the same, it will constantly turn on. generally all the time. The phone is full of software, it constantly connects to the network, notifications come, SMS, updates are downloaded, even your mail needs to be constantly checked. This consumes a charge and the phone will be constantly recharged.

It’s okay if it is connected to the charger 100% for a few hours, but as soon as you notice it, just unplug it from the cable. And at night. never leave.

How to quickly charge your iPhone

IPhone charges the fastest when it is off. 2. Use airplane mode. 3. Charge with a charger. it will be much faster. 4. When connecting to a PC. charge from the USB 3.0 port, there the voltage is higher than that of USB 2.0 5. Do not use your smartphone while charging. 6. Use original or just good Lightning cables.

Useless myth about 20%. 80%

It is advised that the iPhone battery last as long as possible. do not let it discharge more than 20% and do not charge more than 80%. This will not complete charging cycles and the battery will last longer. This is complete nonsense.

Even in push-button phones, controllers appeared that simply do not allow the battery to go to full discharge, when the phone shows 0%, this does not mean that the battery is at zero. To go to full discharge, a discharged phone must lie idle for more than a week, or even longer.

Plus, on the iPhone there is already software battery calibration, which itself monitors it and corrects flaws in the work. So, by opening the battery settings, you can see that the system, upon reaching 80% of the charge, will carefully charge the phone itself so that the battery does not overheat.

So, in any case, he will not go into full charge and not recharge, this must still be done. So, do not waste time and nerves on this. over, frequent recharging is what really kills the battery. By the way, I have already considered this myth in the article on how to charge a smartphone correctly.

5 Rule

It is recommended to calibrate the battery to discharge the smartphone completely once a month and then charge it completely. This is especially helpful when different charge values ​​are often shown. So, when charging, you will always be shown the exact values.

It is absolutely not necessary to do this, since the built-in calibrator will in any case do its job in the process of daily use of the phone and the data will be shown correct.

4 Rule

Use only approved chargers and cables. Broken chargers are especially dangerous. original and non-original. When they break, they can melt altogether, heat up the phone very much.

As soon as you notice that the original or other charging is heating up, go to the trash can. I myself had three of these, all originals, two very hot the iPhone, the third just melted by itself.

You should also pay attention to the cable, if the phone gets very hot during the charging process from USB, then most likely it is in it or in the battery.

Interesting! I also recommend that you read the article on what to do if. iPhone is running out of battery quickly.

How to charge a new iPhone

At the moment, with the new iPhones, no special action is needed. IOS comes with an excellent battery calibrator that adjusts to the device you are using. over, here is a lithium-ion battery, which does not need any full charge cycles at all.

If desired, after first turning on the phone, it can be completely discharged to 0, and then charged to 100%. But there is no point in this. Everything will work fine anyway.

But, if you brought the phone home from the cold, let it first warm up to room temperature, and then connect it to the charger.

At what percentage to complete charging?

How long the charger will last depends largely on how correct it will be used. Many have heard that a new phone needs to be recharged for three days before use. It should be noted that this statement is true only for nickel batteries. How much do you need to charge lithium-ion devices at home??

Experts say that you cannot bring the energy indicator to 100%. the battery is damaged if it is charged frequently. A full circle of discharging and charging should be carried out no more than once a month.

It is advisable to recharge more than 50%. The maximum safety of the charger is ensured at a charge level of 40-80%. The reason lies in the voltage generated in the lithium polymer cells. The higher the charge, the higher the voltage, which significantly damages the device. Excessive loading can reduce the number of charging cycles. Batteries charged to 100% withstand from 300 to 500 cycles, and up to 70%. from 1200 to 2000.

A lithium battery works well if the electrons in it periodically move. With a constant connection to the network, this result cannot be achieved.

How to properly charge your iPhone?

Many people who switched from old phone models to the iPhone and using it for the first time were surprised at how quickly the gadget’s battery drains. This is due to the large number of power-hungry applications.

For some, recharging the battery has become a daily ritual akin to brushing your teeth. Often the device is connected to a power source while going to bed. Some users wait until the smartphone is completely discharged.

In any case, everyone would like to spend as little time as possible on charging and change the used battery less often.

What is the best way to charge your iPhone?

There are many ways to charge a smartphone, each of which has its own positive and negative features.

When purchasing a gadget, many use the included European or Chinese charger. It connects to the device via USB. It is advisable to choose charging with a low current, since this will reduce the load on the battery. The problem does not arise on modern phones, where a charge controller is installed, which automatically lowers the voltage to an optimal level.

Another way to recharge is from a computer. The same USB is used. To recover the charge faster, pay attention to the type of socket on your PC or laptop. There are three types of equipment, numbered 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The first two types give a current of 2.5 W, the last one. as much as 5 W. That is, it is the third option that should be preferred. Finding the connector is easy enough. it is colored blue.

Can I charge my iPhone with an iPad? For a long time, there was a myth about the dangers of this method. On its website, Apple developers, on the other hand, claim that it will not cause any damage. In this case, a more powerful charger is used, which will more than cover the needs of the phone. However, numerous users claim that after a year they notice a dramatic change in the battery life without recharging, if you use the iPad device regularly.

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Some users manage to connect the gadget to the car power supply. Most experts unanimously talk about the dangers of this method, so it’s best not to use it. The voltage in such a network is unstable, so it is possible to spoil the power controller in a short time. Cheap car charger just can’t keep the smartphone from the next leap.

Without a cord, the iPhone can be charged using the slip-on case. Its rear panel is a signal transmitter. Apple does not release such models, but there are many compatible options on the market. Also, a convenient wireless method is the LED lamp, which is a platform for the phone. The mount is secure, so if the device vibrates from an incoming call, it will not fall on the table or floor. There is every reason to believe that the future lies in wireless charging, since manufacturers of mobile accessories are actively working in this direction. In particular, a special acrylic disc with a built-in energy transmitter was made.

In addition to the charging method, the storage temperature of the phone also plays an important role. The battery works best at 15-45 ° C. Despite the convenience of wireless devices, they have significant disadvantages. Additional heating is created, which causes the battery to fail faster. We should expect more secure models to appear on the market.

Also, the battery will be “grateful” to the owner for lowering the screen brightness, turning off unnecessary applications, GPS. Use airplane mode in areas with poor connectivity.

Modern devices are so well thought out and equipped with protective mechanisms that you just have to not expose them to additional risks. Then the battery will serve for a long time and reliably.

Question answer

The answer is just like any other iPhone, the previous section says.

How many charge-discharge cycles a lithium-ion battery can withstand without a noticeable drop in capacity?

The answer is about 400-500, if you follow simple rules, which corresponds to 3 or 4 years of the device’s life. In most cases, users change the smartphone itself much more often than the battery in it.

No, for you, at the factory, the manufacturer has already done this, it is enough to adhere to the recommendations described above in order to save the life of your device as long as possible. Fully discharge, no need.

A smartphone, like any other phone, is equipped with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, so they are subject to the same conditions as for the rest of mobile technology. How to properly charge the iPhone 5s, disassembled above, look in the section “valuable tips”

The standard battery charging time is about 2-3 hours, but you need to navigate according to the messages of the system. iOS will tell you when it’s time to plug in the lanyard and when the battery is full. There are exceptions when the controller fails, but that’s a completely different story.

First charge

How do I charge my phone correctly after purchase? The answer is simple. connect the charger when the indicator shows 20%. This value is the most optimal and safest for the battery. It’s no coincidence that iOS issues a warning as soon as the score is reached. Stick to this figure, but without fanaticism, if the iPhone is discharged and turned off, it’s okay, you don’t need to allow it to be repeated regularly and everything will be fine with a Li-ion battery.

This question worries only the responsible owner of the smartphone. It is understandable, the user wants to extend the life of the device for the maximum amount of time. Charging your iPhone for the first time is like first love, you need to experience it and it will be easier.

Tips are suitable for the entire line of Apple smartphones, whether 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, 8

Valuable Tips

Despite the fact that Apple uses quality power sources in its devices, you should ensure that your iPhone is properly charged. Over time, the capacity of the battery of any device is steadily decreasing, but the question arises: how to charge the phone so that after a couple of years of active use of the smartphone the battery “lasts” at least one day? Just follow these tips.

  • Do not charge and use your phone at extreme temperatures: the manufacturer recommends using your smartphone at temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees. IPhone charging should also not be carried out at temperatures below.20 and above 45 degrees.
  • Avoid constant, systematic deep discharge of the battery, it is harmful for lithium-ion batteries.
  • It is best to use original accessories and chargers, since in them the current and voltage do not jump, like in the Chinese cheap counterparts.
  • The most optimal and safest time to replenish the charge is from 20 to 80% according to the indicator in the iPhone. At least that’s what the manufacturers of Li-ion power supplies say, and we tend to believe them.

Now let’s answer the question of how to properly charge your new iPhone for the first time.?

5 Neat Tips to Charge Your iPhone Faster

A bit of theory

Many “experts” with foam at the mouth argue that Li-ion power supplies require preparation for work, in the form of “buildup”, performing several full charge / discharge cycles. This information does not correspond to reality, in fact, manufacturers have already done it up to us, and by repeating the procedure, you simply reduce the number of working cycles, reducing the life of the elements.

Over time, the number of battery life cycles sharply decreases, and after 3-4 years it may be time to replace the spent modules, fortunately, it is not expensive, and replacement can be done in any, even not particularly well-known service center. Therefore, many users have a question about how to properly and safely charge a new smartphone and whether it is necessary to completely, to zero, discharge a new iPhone?

How to properly and safely charge your iPhone after purchase?

Modern smartphones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, sometimes lithium-polymer batteries are installed in expensive devices. Nickel-metal hydride, cadmium, alkaline batteries have long disappeared from the field of view of manufacturers of mobile equipment, having proven their ineffectiveness as a reliable power source for the phone. In this article, we will analyze how to properly charge an iPhone with its Li-ion batteries.

Do not be afraid to spoil modern batteries in smartphones and other mobile devices, everything is thought out for the user. Use original or high-quality accessories, in this case the device is guaranteed to withstand more than one year of intensive use. Problems with energy storage devices usually occur in 3-4 years of operation, they are not expensive and do not cause much trouble after replacement.

Apple 20W USB Type-C Power Adapter

Instead of the old 18W adapter, Apple has a new 20W adapter. Its pluses are trouble-free operation and reliability, in minuses there is only one connector, so I propose to look at other, more versatile options.

  • Total power: 20 W;
  • Connectors: one USB Type-C;
  • .

Satechi Travel Charger

A small adapter with two connectors, Type-C outputs up to 18 watts, and Type-A no more than 12 watts. Here you can also connect a USB Type-C to Lightning cable from the new iPhone, and the same Apple Watch, for example, to recharge. there is still an old type port.

  • Total power: 30 W;
  • Connectors: one USB Type-C, one USB Type-A;
  • .

Mains charger Satechi

This powerful adapter is notable for being able to power a large MacBook Pro. This is a kind of alternative to the complete power supply for home or office, where we get four ports at once: two with Type-C and two with USB Type-A. I use this myself, it’s a very convenient thing, you can charge the entire fleet of gadgets at once.

  • Total power: 108 W;
  • Connectors: two USB Type-C, two USB Type-A;
  • .

How to easily and very quickly charge iPhone 12

At the presentation of the new iPhones, Apple announced that from now on the charger and headphones are excluded from the package. The box now contains only the phone itself and the cable. over, this innovation applies to both the iPhone 12 family and older models like the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and other smartphones that remained on sale.

About what kind of charging you can choose for the iPhone, I told in this article:

How to quickly and easily charge iPhone 11

All modern iPhones support fast charging, so it makes sense to buy accessories that support the Power Delivery standard. If you choose from Apple branded chargers, then it makes sense to buy an 18 or 20 W unit for your iPhone. It makes no sense to take more powerful, there will not be much difference in charging speed, but such an adapter can be used in tandem with a tablet or laptop.

Native Union Smart Hub

I have a 45 W Native Union Smart Hub charger on my farm, it is small in size, it has three ports and a rich set with adapters for sockets from different countries. The gizmo is great, except that the price can be embarrassing, but Native Union does not produce cheap things by definition.

  • Total power: 45 W;
  • Connectors: one USB Type-C, two USB Type-A;
  • .