How to Reboot Samsung TV with Remote

LG control features

Any LG TV model can be turned on / off and set up without a remote control. This option is necessarily provided by the developers in case of loss, breakage or dead batteries in the remote control.

The vehicle keys have standard meanings: Power, Menu, OK, / The AV button is sometimes displayed separately. It is needed not to turn on the LG TV without a remote control, but to manually switch broadcasting to a DVD player or other external device.

To control equipment via a smartphone, there is also a separate licensed application. LG TV Remote. They can make settings and switch channels to Smart TV. Such models of equipment are produced after 2012. And for them to work, you need an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, Ethernet.

Remote setup without a remote control via a smartphone

Smart TVs work over the Internet. They are equipped with more features than classic plasma or LCD panels. And they can be controlled via smartphones, after installing the corresponding application on the mobile phone.

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There are a lot of “remote control substitutes” programs, but TV Remote is considered to be the most effective. It fits all modern TV models. And it’s easy to download it for free through the AppStore or Google Play, depending on the OS of the smartphone.

After installing the application, you need to synchronize with Smart TV. This can be done in three ways:

  • IR port;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth.

All options are wireless. And their choice depends on the model of the TV and mobile phone.

Important! The application allows you to bypass the child lock button lock. This option turns off manual control of vehicles. And thanks to remote synchronization, a virtual remote control appears, with which you can enter the unlock password.

How to turn on the TV without a remote control

The remote control makes the TV easy to operate. With it, you can simply switch channels, make settings, adjust the volume and other parameters. But what to do if it breaks down or the batteries run out, and there are no others at home. Just not watching TV? There is a way out. control buttons on the equipment itself. Let’s figure out how to turn on the TV without a remote control. Consider standard options and remote control via smartphones for Smart TV.

Examples of setting up Samsung, LG, Supra TVs without a remote control

In addition to the general scheme for setting up a TV without a remote control, it is worth understanding the features of a particular brand and brand of TV. This will speed up the process of mastering manual control during the time the remote control fails.

Possible problems when setting with buttons

There are no big difficulties when controlling the TV using the keys. In addition to being unaccustomed to this option for switching programs, gears and settings. But sometimes the following difficulties are encountered:

  • Scrolling through the settings. Especially when manually searching for channels. It takes a long time to search for the desired frequency and without a remote control, more time is spent.
  • Failure of the buttons themselves. In CRT TVs, the keys become clogged with dust over time and may stop working. This will create great difficulties in tuning and switching channels.
  • Broadcasting through a set-top box. Button settings won’t help. The receiver needs a separate remote control.
  • The child lock function has been activated. It is installed so that kids do not touch the buttons on the TV. And if you do not turn it off before the remote control fails, you will not be able to control the equipment with the buttons.

What to do if the console’s remote control breaks down? Buy a new one. And during the replacement process, you can try to switch the signal source to the antenna. And tune at least some channels through the keys on the TV.

Working with TV Samsung

Features also depend on the specific TV model. But there are general rules and methods on how to turn on your Samsung TV without a remote control. These include:

  • Find a panel with buttons. It is often hidden behind a decorative strip. First you need to find it, lightly press on it. And only after that, the buttons for controlling the equipment will open.
  • The standard panel is located on the bottom right under the TV screen. Often in new models, all keys are touch-sensitive, except for Power.
  • The easiest way to deal with the joystick is during operation. It is enough to go into the settings via Menu or Source and move the lever in different directions.
  • There is a separate Samsung TV Remote app for mobile control. The program interface repeats the buttons of the remote control, so it’s easy to figure it out.

You can control the TV without a remote control according to the general scheme given above. Or go to the manufacturer’s official website, find a model of equipment and see the instructions for it. It is easy to find out TV data by the panel or sticker on the device. It is located most often on the rear panel.

Features of the TV Remote app

The Smart TW Remote app allows you to set up your Samsung TV without a remote control. It is also suitable for all Smart TV manufacturers. And with its help, it is easy to change channels, play movies from a DVD player, install new applications and even go to social networks through the technology screen.

Among the options and advantages are a convenient keyboard for entering text, voice data input, Multi-touch for solving different tasks at the same time. In fact, the application becomes a full-fledged and even more functional analogue of the remote control.

Installation takes less than a minute. For synchronization you need:

  • Launch the application.
  • Connect the phone to the TV. go to the settings and select the TV brand from the list as an access point;
  • Wait for automatic synchronization.

After these simple steps, the smartphone will turn into a multifunctional remote control.

How to reset your Samsung Smart TV remote

Knowing how to reset Samsung and LG TVs is recommended for all owners of these TV receivers. This simple operation will help you reset the device if it freezes, incorrect user actions, incorrect operation, or in other cases.

How to restart a Samsung TV

To adjust the operation of Samsung equipment, you need to know the series and model of the device. This process is performed differently on different devices.

  • For some D-series models, to restore their settings, press and hold the “Exit” button on the remote control for ten seconds to enter the reboot menu. If the actions are performed correctly, a window will appear on the screen, notifying that the function of restarting the parameters to the default values ​​is started. You must click “OK” to confirm the action.
    If this method does not work, go to the “Menu” by clicking on the corresponding button on the TV remote control. Here you should select the “System” section, then. “PlugPlay”. Click “OK”, enter the pin code (by default. “0000”, if the user has not changed it to his own). The parameters will be restored to factory defaults.
  • To reboot the E, H and F series TVs, you need to press the “Menu” button, go to the “Support” tab, and from there. to the “Self-diagnosis” section. Now you should click on “Reset”, after which the TV receiver will prompt you to enter a pin code to continue the task. As soon as the numbers are specified, a message will appear on the screen, notifying about the reset of the parameters. You need to click “Yes” to confirm the action. If you need to restore the parameters of not the entire TV receiver, but only the Smart TV menu, you need to press the “Smart” button on the remote control and select “Reset”. Then dial the pin code and select “Ok”. The TV receiver Smart Menu will be reset.
  • You can reload J, K, M, Q or LS series vehicles in the following way. It is necessary from the remote control by pressing the “Home” or “Menu” key to open “Settings”, then. “Support”, then “Self-diagnosis” and press the “Reset” button. Now you need to dial the pin code and select “Reset” or “Yes”, depending on the series. After these steps, the TV restarts, turns off and restarts with the factory settings restored.
    Depending on the TV series, the items on the screen may differ slightly in their names, but the general meaning will remain the same.
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Reboot LG

LG TV reboots as follows.
It is necessary on the remote control to press the Home button with the image of the house to go to the TV menu. Here you need to open “Settings”, this section can be found by the icon with a drawn gear.

Next, you need to click on the button with the image of three vertically located dots and open the “General” tab. Here you should click “Reset to factory settings”. Do not turn off the TV set during the operation.

In the event that the “Security” parameter is activated, you will need to enter the pin code to reboot the TV receiver.

If the TV screen does not work due to a software glitch, you will need to restart the device and reset to factory settings to fix the problem. This procedure allows you to restore the settings of the TV receiver and delete all the changes made by the user, including the erroneous ones that led to the incorrect operation of the TV screen.

Reboot can be done from the TV panel menu for LG, Samsung or other brands. The procedure differs not only on devices from different manufacturers, but also depending on the model range and year of manufacture of the device from one company.

Good to all! There was a problem: the TV does not respond to key presses on the remote control. precisely, it reacts after fifteen or twenty presses in a row and only then turns on, or if it is already working, it executes the given command. This problem arose, as I suppose, after my searches for options to turn off the melody. Somewhere on this forum I read that it is necessary to “briefly press the MENU button on the TV and hold the volume key for five seconds.” Experts, tell me how to return the setting back, i.e. so that the TV responds to commands from the remote control with a single press. Thank. TV UEC 6000 RW

What will happen to the TV after a factory reset

Resetting the TV will restore the device to its factory settings. All changes made by the user, including installed widgets and applications in the Smart TV menu, as well as tuned-in TV channels will be deleted. All problems, unless they are hardware problems, will also disappear.

If the malfunction remains, with a high probability this means a breakdown of the TV receiver itself. In this case, you will need to take the device to a service center that repairs Samsung or LG TVs.
You need to know that even if you reboot the TV receiver, its firmware version remains unchanged, i.e. to reset it to the old one will not work.

What is a reboot for?

Most often, it is necessary to reboot the device due to a software failure that disrupted the operation of the TV receiver. It can be caused by a voltage drop, old software version, incorrect user actions, childish pranks, lack of memory, etc.

If Internet is disconnected in the Smart TV menu when installing or updating an app, Smart Hub may be blocked. To restore it to work, you will also need to restart the television receiver.

67 answers to the question “The TV does not respond to the remote control

Yes, I probably asked our Support Service specialists an overwhelming task πŸ˜‰ I wanted to solve one problem. remove the on / off melody, got another problem. the TV does not respond to the remote control

Good afternoon! If you pressed the MENU button, then simply changed the home mode to demo. Such manipulations do not affect the operation of the remote control in any way. Maybe you just need to replace the batteries in the remote control? And if you are still interested in turning off the sound, then I can write how to do it.

the TV works but when you use the remote control the sound disappears

Thanks NastyaNastya, I turned off the melody. But I still struggle with the solution of the problem with a belated reaction to the remote control. 8-(

The problem has been removed. I invited a warranty service worker to my home. He could not do anything. Asked him about the ability to reset ALL user settings. He climbed into some special menu (service menu). I chose the RESET item. Then I replaced the batteries on the remote and everything is fine! It works! Good luck everyone.

I have a similar problem, sometimes it refuses to respond to the remote control, I found a solution, I just need to lightly click my fingers at the place where the red indicator lights up (on the TV), it immediately begins to respond to the remote control, but this is not quite the same and I would like to know what case and how to solve it

Thanks for your advice, Fugas. I had the same problem. The MVideo warranty workshop could not solve the problem. The warranty is over, the problem remains. Your advice works. I’m not an expert, but it looks like there is a connector in this place on the TV and there is a snot in it. Thanks again.

Damn advice helped, clicked on the TV set it all worked. Interestingly, under the guarantee of the Samsung they will be able to do it or they will take a TV set, but the marriage will not be revealed and will end there?

Thanks a lot for the advice. It worked! True, I don’t know how long this problem has been solved.

Damn, thanks, I would never have guessed, but it helped.

sometimes refuses to respond to the remote control, I found a solution: I just need to lightly click my fingers at the place where the red indicator lights up (on the TV), he immediately starts to respond to the remote control, but this is not quite the case and I would like to know what is the matter and how to solve it ? UE40 ES 5507

Sergey, my remote control stopped working, for Smart TV, I did not understand a little, you clicked your fingers on the remote control itself, where the signal is coming from or on the TV that receives the signal, and where is this place on TV?

Tin) helped. but what do you always do?)

Sergey, the same problem and TV is the same, I handed it over 2 times under warranty. the defect was not confirmed.

Before trying to EEPROM reset, please try a factory reset, that might revive your TV also.
Press “EXIT” button for 12 seconds (15 is better since you cannot see TV), than press “Left” and “Enter”

It helped! Long press on the joystick (15 seconds) all this time, the red LED on the TV set blinks, and then on the pairing button on the remote control. And voila.

please explain which joystick you pressed and what is the pairing button

Yes, 15 seconds press the joystick up and everything worked

Thank you. Reading the previous comments, I tried everything I could.!

My LCD TV Acer stopped responding to the remote control (and to the keyboard). The volume is maximum. When you press the key. The volume (on the remote control), the percentage on the scale jerks from 100 to 99 percent and vice versa. On the remote control, only the “on” button works. off. “What could be the reason?

Good day! We have an 8th generation Samsung Smart TV. Paired with the TV is a soundbar of the same company. This equipment comes with two large format remotes and one smart remote. We use one of those two. You can switch it to TV or a bar and press the buttons. And today TV stopped responding to pressing from this remote control in TV mode. The bar works from the same remote control. The smart remote also performs its functions properly. They began to sin on this main remote control, but the second one, exactly the same, does not control the TV in the same way! The batteries were changed. What could be the reason? Maybe a combination of buttons was pressed. rock plays naughty sometimes.

I have exactly the same problem, I just can’t solve it!

On my Smart TV in Internet mode, the sound keys on the remote control do not respond. What could it be? Help.

I just took out the batteries and put them in, the problem was in the power contacts of the remote control

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BOUGHT A Mystery TV, THE REMOTE WORKS IMMEDIATELY ONLY AFTER MANY PRESSES, you need to DIRECT exactly by the button. otherwise it does not switch at all. what is the reason in the remote control or on the TV, tell me.Thanks!

Perhaps the remote control, try changing the batteries

On Smart TVs, remotes communicate with the TV via Bluetooth. Sometimes it is enough to remove. put the batteries and press the PAIRING button on the remote’s side of the battery compartment. And the TV will start responding to the remote again.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Smart TV Fix it Now

hello, a similar problem the Smart TV 48j6250 Smart TV shows without problems when you switch normal channels, it freezes, there is a black screen or a menu pops up, if someone had such a problem, please write how to solve

I have a Samsung TV. The TV did not respond to the remote control. I disconnected the TV from the network for about an hour, after switching it on, thank God everything is fine. I found this hint on the Internet.

Thanks everyone for the advice! She turned off the TV, changed the batteries, wiped the contacts in the remote control with foil. Iiiiiiiiiii. the remote control is working!

bought the remote control he is working and the TV does not switch what to do

The remote completely stopped working, switched by the Samsung phone. The problem was solved by disconnecting the TV from the network, thanks for the hint.

Please tell me the TV onyx 63 tts 11-91 stopped responding to both the remote control and the buttons what to do ?

Clicking the red light solved the problem (TV Samsung)

people for the sake of rzhaki went up to the TV set and clicked on the red light a couple of times and in nature everything worked my wife and I laughed for a long time

I also clicked on the light bulb, the remote worked! But this is not an option. What could be the reason? Please tell me.

I called support, the problem was not solved. The master was scheduled to leave for Tuesday, today is Sunday. Came up and clicked on the sensor on the TV and the remote connected to the telecom. It all worked. Thanks to the discoverer of this method.!

Samsung UE49MU6400 TV was bought 3 days ago, stopped responding to the remote control. It just turns it on and off. Everything switches normally from the phone. Clicking on the light bulb did not help.

The remote control stopped responding to buttons, only on / off. The red light on the remote control is flashing. We changed the batteries. Under the cover of the remote control, above the batteries, there is a combination of keys that must be pressed so that the TV with the remote control can again see each other via Bluetooth.

Thank you very much for the hint))) It worked.

Clicking on the red light, replacing the batteries, returning to factory settings DIDN’T HELP.
And these magic two buttons WORKED.
Thanks for the hint!

Thank you very much, it turns out that a combination of buttons is written, but I press where the batteries are in the back, someone wrote to press there and I don’t understand. I think it doesn’t look like buttons. Laughed with her husband for a long time. After all, none of us guessed.

Thanks for the advice!) And the box, as they say, just opened!) It turns out that all you need to do is pair the TV remote control by pressing the combination of two buttons indicated in the hint picture under the remote control cover. Everything worked!))

what buttons? I can not understand. TV Samsung ue49mu6670u

also a Samsung MU7000 TV set, after playing with a button on the TV set where the red indicator is on, the TV stopped responding to the remote control, channels and sound are switched only with the help of the phone, they tried to connect through the application in the Samsung phone, it did not work. the application sees it but does not allow to connect. a combination of buttons for pairing the remote control with a telecom on the advice of the service did not work, resetting the settings also cannot be done; it is impossible to enter the menu. they said you need to give it to the service. what nonsense

Samsung ue40mu6100k also the remote only worked on / off.
performed a search for devices (under the cover of the remote control it is drawn what needs to be done) and everything worked.

Yesterday I bought a Samsung UE49KS7500U. Smart works great, all buttons on the remote are active. But as soon as I connected the cable, when watching channels, the remote control stopped responding to increasing and decreasing the sound, the channels did not switch up and down either.
I exit the cable back to Smart and the keys work again.
I don’t know what the problem is.
By the way, through the phone, the volume on cable channels also does not work.
Help out!

Hello everyone!
I repaired the TV yesterday myself, with a grill.

My Samsung 5-series TV stopped responding to the volume buttons, then all the buttons on the remote control and joystick on the TV itself, and on 10/28/17 the TV stopped responding to the power off and sleep mode buttons.

1. August 2017, the TV stopped responding to the sound volume buttons, while the signal reception indicator blinked, but the function did not work, Smart Hub either worked or did not work. Because TV set is needed only for watching YouTube and sometimes 1 konal, it was critical;
2. September 2017 the TV stopped responding to all buttons on the remote control and joystick, except for the on / off and sleep mode buttons, but sometimes (late night, early morning) there was a reaction to all buttons, sometimes the functions were reassigned between the buttons;
3.October 28, 2017, the TV stopped responding to all power off and sleep buttons.

Search for a solution to the problem:
I must say right away that since the TV set is 3 years old and knowing that the same people work in the service centers as I do, then I decided to turn to the Samsung service center or to repair TVs when I break everything myself, and the initial condition was to fix the TV set without disassembling it, because it was stupidly lazy.
The TV model is UE40H6230AK, but in the end you will understand that this information has nothing to do with the result:
1. I read almost all the Russian-language forums of the CIS where the problems of Samsung TVs were discussed (I learned a lot, thought a lot (no more than 10 minutes) and did it quickly);
2. I changed the batteries in the remote control (it didn’t help);
3. I disassembled and cleaned all the boards and contacts of the console with alcohol (alcohol did not help the console, but it helped me);
4. Checked the outlet and power plug of the TV (did not help);
5. I checked the power outlet, disassembled it, extended the contacts, collected it, checked the ground (it did not help);
6. I checked the protective zero and the machine in the switchgear. shield, extended contacts (did not help);
7. Reset the Smart Hub settings through the menu (did not help);
8. Through the service password (from some forum), I reset Smart Hub, built-in browser settings, cleared the cache, turned off Wi-Fi (it didn’t help);
9. Through the password for extended access (from some forum), I got access to all factory calibrations, settings and functions. There I was looking for a function on / off Bluetooth, because even then, except for Bluetooth, I checked everything that was possible (it did not help);
10. Because all that could help me those. I already did support for the Samsung, then I called there only to clarify whether it was possible to turn off Bluetooth. The technical support manager repeated the resets and zeroes through the external access password, checked the factory settings, at the same time explaining that there is no software on / off Bluetooth, only to disassemble and disconnect the antenna with your hands, they also discussed with him the option to stupidly glue half of the laptop to the TV set and use the TV set only as a screen. the conclusion was that it was premature (in general, it was interesting and pleasant to talk to, but did not help);
11. Consistently, observing the response to the buttons, disconnected all devices and wires from the TV, turned off all devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the apartment (it did not help);
12. I took a cell phone and started a search for Bluetooth devices under, above and around the TV, a device “Samsung 9th generation TV” was found under the TV, the signal is stronger, obviously this is a TV set from the neighbors below, to interrupt the signal you need a metal mesh or grill that was found in the gas plate. grill grate 500×500 mm.
I put the grill grate on the floor, under the carpet, under the right corner of the TV (there is a Bluetooth antenna) and all the functions of the TV worked without disassembling the TV, without a useless ride through diagnostics and service centers so that everyone who wants to pay 500-1000 rubles for a “watch”

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In those. Samsung’s support by phone was not denied that the seizure of the functions of one Samsung TV set by another older generation telecom is possible and they have no solution to the problem.

thanks, it helped. holding down the Options key for the sound volume for 6 seconds.
All good

Does it happen that the “TV remote control” (no matter how illiterate it sounds) suddenly lost its connection with the display device? To restore it, you will need to re-pair the device and the remote control.

Does it happen that the “TV remote control” (no matter how illiterate it sounds) suddenly lost its connection with the display device? To restore it, you will need to re-pair the device and the remote control. Turn off the TV with the power button. The TV remote control should be nearby. Now find the “Pairing” key on the remote control and press it down (you need a needle or other sharp object). Immediately afterwards, press the power button on the front of the TV. After turning on the device, pairing should take place automatically. If this does not help, press the master reset button on the remote control and repeat the procedure again.

Samsung LE32E420M2W Trick Remote Control Works But You Can’t Find It? The automatic search function will help you. Press and hold the volume down “-” button on the front of the TV for ten seconds. The remote control will start emitting a signal, and you will have half a minute to search. To turn off the signal, press any button on the remote.

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Why is my Sony TV not responding to the remote?

If the remote control does not work properly due to poor battery contact or static electricity, you may be able to resolve the problem by resetting the remote control. Remove the batteries from the remote control. Press and hold the power button on the remote control for three seconds. Install new batteries in the remote control.

How to register LG remote?

Aim the remote at TV, press OK and MUTE at the same time for 5 seconds to initialize. The power key on the remote will blink. Upon successful registration, a corresponding message will appear on the screen.

What to do if your Sony TV does not respond to the remote control?

If the remote control does not work properly due to poor battery contact or static electricity, the problem may be solved by resetting the remote control.

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control.
  • Press and hold the power button on the remote control for three seconds.
  • Install new batteries in the remote control.

How to synchronize the remote control with the Beeline set-top box?

How to bind the volume control key to the Beeline set-top box:

  • Press the SETUP button, WAIT.
  • When the STB button blinks twice, release SETUP.
  • Press the volume up button.
  • Press and release the STB button.
  • Make sure the STB button blinks 2 times.
  • Enjoy.

How to unlock the remote?

There are many options for unlocking the remote control offered by Internet users: Press the “P” and “” buttons simultaneously. After that, a combination of the same numbers is dialed, for example 2222 or 5555. Among the common and standard codes, 1234 or 1111 are accepted.

How to unlock your LG Magic remote?

  • Press the buttons “P” and “” at the same time.
  • After pressing “P” and “”, the LED on the remote control will light up continuously.
  • Press any button for five to ten seconds.
  • A combination of buttons “Exit”, “9”, “1” is suitable for unlocking the remote control in a number of models.

How to reset Samsung Smart TV

How to reset Samsung TV remote?

Press and hold the volume down “-” button on the front of the TV for ten seconds. The remote control will start emitting a signal, and you will have half a minute to search. To turn off the signal, press any button on the remote. 14 May 2012.

How to reset the set-top box to the TV?

The first is to disconnect the set-top box unit from the 220 V socket, then turn off the modem in the same way for 15 seconds. The connection is made in the reverse order. the modem turns on, after 2 minutes. the set-top box. For the final loading of the equipment, you need to wait another 3-5 minutes.

Series M, N, Q, LS

In all these four series, the sequence and titles of the sections will be identical:

  • On the TV remote control, press one of the appropriate keys: “Home” or “Menu”.
  • Then, by controlling the cursor, go to the settings item.
  • In the following sequence, select: “Support”, “Self-diagnosis”, “Reset”.

In the cipher window write: 0000.
Point to “Reset”.

After the TV restarts, the settings will be reset to zero.

How to reset Samsung Smart TV

Samsung started producing its Smart TVs almost ten years ago. Since then, their configuration has changed significantly, and their capabilities have improved. Therefore, the configuration algorithm for each series differs from the previous one, and this applies not only to resetting the operating system, but also to other installations, including.

If a Samsung TV with the Smart TV function is frozen, its work often began to malfunction, it sometimes does not respond to the remote control, then it is quite possible that you will be able to cope with the problem yourself by simply resetting the settings.

When everything is over, the TV set will return to the new stage, third-party applications and information (as well as tuned TV channels) will be removed, however, along with them, errors that prevent it from working normally should disappear. Let’s analyze the exact sequence for each model of existing Samsung TVs. Before starting zeroing, you need to clarify the series of your device (indicated in the user manual or on the back of the TV case).

M, Q and LS series

TV sets of the M, Q and LS series were released in 2017. A complete reset of the settings to the factory settings on them like this:

  • from the remote control by pressing the “HOME” button, you need to select the “Settings” section;
  • then you need to open the “Support” tab;
  • then you need to go to the “Self-diagnosis” section and click “Reset”;
  • there you need to enter the PIN code;
  • at the end, press “Reset” again and wait for the device to reboot.

Reset Samsung Settings to Default Settings

Problems in the functioning of TV appear due to violations in the program, which is often updated automatically.

Because of this, Samsung TV starts to reboot frequently while watching TV broadcasts. The software also crashes due to incorrect user settings of the TV.

Therefore, it is not necessary to completely reboot and flash the program, but to set the TV set to the factory settings.

Frequent mistakes in configuration and how to solve them

The Rostelecom prefix combines all the advantages of digital television with a media center. on it you can watch movies from a flash drive via USB, watch TV programs that have already been shown on the air, films and series from the video catalog. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the weather forecast or look at the social network. Access to networks is supported My world on

The “Interactive TV” service implies that the system, using special algorithms, studies the user’s tastes and offers him those programs and films that have a chance to like.

E series

E-series Smart TV to reset the settings requires the following manipulations:

  • The entrance to the general menu occurs after the key with the name “Menu” is pressed on the control panel.
  • Enter the support section.
  • Click on “Self-diagnosis”, and then on “Reset”.

If the password has not been changed before, then the standard one will do: 0000.
It remains only to confirm your intentions with the “Yes” button.


Performing a factory reset will erase all TV data and settings (for example: Wi-Fi and wired network settings information.Google account and other login information, Google Play and other installed apps).

Hey! Are you the proud owner of a Philips Smart TV but can’t set it up? There is nothing wrong here. Everything is very simple! Especially for people like you, this article was written. to simplify life and save irreparable nerves.

Series H

To roll back the program, use the same scheme as on the J series. select self-diagnosis, reset, and enter the pin code, if it has not changed, then this is 4 zeros.