How to record a gif from a computer screen

Professional method of recording computer screen and sound

If you want to capture game videos, online conferences and other video and audio on computers, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the desired screen recorder for screen recording, microphone voice recording, and snapshots. In addition, you can also customize video and audio parameters, edit and manage recording with ease.

  • 1. Save all screen activity including screen video, audio and snapshots.
  • 2. Adjust frame rate, video codec, video quality and even audio settings.
  • 3. Add annotation, watermark, leaders, text, callouts, lines and other elements.
  • 4. Manage and edit computer screen recording video with sound in clicks.

Step 1: Download and install the computer screen recorder, you can run the program on your computer. Select VCR the ability to record computer screen and sound, which you can select in the custom area or fixed area according to your requirement.

record, computer, screen

Step 2: When you need to capture video with audio file, you can enable Sound System option to add streaming video online. In addition, you can also enable the Microphone option and the Webcam option to add a commentary to the screen video before clicking the REC button.

Step 3: While recording your computer screen and sound, you can add annotations, airbrush, callouts, shapes and other elements. You can also take a photo by clicking the camera icon button. Once you get the video you want, you can click on the Stop icon to save the files.

Step 4: Then you can trim the recorded video, adjust the audio volume and even use the recorder before clicking the discount button. You can also go to the Recording History option to play the video, rename the recording, or even share it with social media websites.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Record Computer Screen and Sound

What is the Difference Between AnyMP4 and Other Online Screen Recorders?

Why should you choose AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder? If you need to record computer screen and internet sound, it can record screen video with custom quality, export to different video format. What’s more, you can capture files with no size or time limit.

How to Record Computer Screen and Sound Without Lag?

If you need to record computer screen and video without lag, especially for game video, you must make sure there is enough storage space. Just select “Options” from the “Tools” drop-down list. On the Input & Codecs tab, you can expand the drop-down list and select Always Fix. (Find a lag-free screen recorder)

Is it possible to record computer screen and sound at 120fps?

When you need to capture screen and audio from your computer for social media websites like YouTube, you don’t need to record files at 120fps. Instead, you can choose a frame rate of 60FPS, which is a suitable video quality for online streaming sites.

How to Record Computer Screen and Internet Sound for Free

If you just need to record your computer screen and sound for a simple video, an online screen recorder is always the best choice. AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder is your desired screen recorder without any limitation. It not only captures screen video with audio files, but also allows you to adjust video settings, add annotations and manage files easily.

Step 1: Go to the online screen recorder, you can click Launch Free Recorder to install the recorder installer to your computer. Then you can run the free online screen recorder.

Step 2: Select the desired area for recording, you can also enable the Webcam option as well as the Microphone option to capture webcam video and microphone voice.

Step 3: After that, you can click the REC button to record the computer screen and sound in the best quality. Click the Stop button and it will automatically save and download the recording file to your computer.

2 Most Effective Methods to Record Computer Screen and Sound with Ease

How to record computer screen and sound? Capturing video from your screen with sound is easy. There are dozens of screen recorders available for both Windows and Mac, including free screen capture tools. What’s the best way to record screen video with sound for your computer? Just learn more about the two most effective screen video recording methods from our detailed comparison article.

Comparison of two methods of recording computer screen

Screen Recorder AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder AnyMP4 Screen Recorder
Video recording with soundAvailableAvailable
Schedule recordingNot specifiedAvailable
Real-time editingNot specifiedAvailable
Editing optionsNot specifiedAvailable
Hardware accelerationNot specifiedAvailable
Exported formatWMV, MP4WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, MOV, M4V, GIF, CAF

To capture the computer screen and sound in different situations, you can learn more about the 2 most effective methods from the article. Whether you need to record screen video online without any restrictions or record screen video as a profession, you can always easily find a suitable method from the article.

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    How do I record screen and sound with QuickTime? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use QuickTime recording to record screen and sound on Mac and Windows.

    Here are 3 Easy Ways to Record Screen on HP Laptop. You can record not only your computer screen, but also internal / external audio and webcam. Just read and follow.

    What are the best free screen recorders to capture videos without watermarks or even no time limit? Just find out more about the 8 best programs from this article right now.

    Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

    Movavi is actively involved in software development. Now in the list of their products you can also find Screen Recorder Studio. a solution for recording video from the screen. Its peculiarity lies in the presence of a small built-in editor, which will open immediately after the completion of the recording. This will help some users to immediately process the video, giving it the proper look. Let’s take a closer look at the capture process itself:

      Launch Movavi Screen Recorder Studio and navigate to the Screen Capture section through the main window.

    At the bottom of the main window is the “Capture area” section. Here you can select an area of ​​a certain size that will fall into the frame or immediately assign a capture of the entire screen. Similar actions are performed by changing the size of the rectangle showing the hotspot.

    Pay attention to the items on the right. This is where the webcam, system sound, and microphone are configured. The convenience of this panel lies in the fact that the volume during recording is adjusted quickly enough, for this you do not need to go to additional menus.

    There is also a separate menu with parameters. Now we will not analyze it in detail, but we will point out that here you can configure the effects, hot keys, output format and edit the webcam setting.

    When you’re ready to start recording, press the appropriate hotkey or the red Rec button.

    When using the trial version, a notification will appear on the screen stating that certain restrictions will apply. You can get rid of them only by purchasing a license key.

    By default, capturing starts three seconds after pressing the button, and at the bottom of the countdown numbers show the combinations responsible for controlling the recording.

    If necessary, simply end the recording by clicking on the dedicated button or holding F10.

    A preview window will immediately open, from here you can save in other formats and go directly to the editor.

    By default, all videos are saved in the “Documents” section.

    Today we will not consider in detail the built-in editor, since this is not included in the subject of the article, and there is simply nothing interesting in it, only quite standard tools familiar to many users. However, the ability to quickly edit is still pleasing and already suggests that it is still worth getting to know Movavi Screen Recorder Studio.

    oCam Screen Recoder

    oCam Screen Recoder is one of the oldest but still popular screen capture software. It also records sound, so you can safely connect a microphone. As for the entire operation of creating a video, it is quite simple to do it, but it looks like this:

    • Download oCam Screen Recorder and install it on your computer.
    • Run the program. The screen will display the oCam Screen Recorder window itself, as well as a frame that allows you to set the desired area for recording.
  • Move the frame to the desired area and resize it to the desired size. If necessary, it can be expanded to full screen.
  • Before you start recording, you need to take care of the final format of the video file. To do this, click on the “Codecs” section. By default, all videos are saved in MP4 format, but it can be changed in one click.
  • When you’re ready to capture the screen, click on the Record button to get oCam Screen Recoder to start working.

    While shooting a video clip, you can pause recording and take screenshots. Please note that the length of the video is limited only by the amount of unallocated disk space, so as you shoot, you will see the growing file size, as well as the total free space on the HDD.

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    Click Stop to confirm the shooting.

    A Windows Explorer window will be displayed with all the files that were captured.


    The next in our material is a software called Bandicam. At the moment, it is the most popular among gamers because it has a built-in function to capture the game, video from the webcam and sound from the microphone. All this will allow you to create the highest quality content not only in terms of gameplay, but also various training materials. The capture operation is performed according to the principle similar to that which was analyzed in the previous method.

      Download and install Bandicam. First of all, you will be faced with the need to adjust the basic parameters so that the picture and the accompanying sound are of high quality. To do this, we are with our other materials, where basic instructions on these topics are collected. They are located at the links below.

    In the main window, you will see all the available capture options. rectangular area (user-specified size), full screen, capture around the cursor, or game recording. Recording a game involves capturing the active window with everything that happens in it.

    Let’s look at an example using a rectangular area. Above there are basic settings that allow you to choose the optimal size.

    When recording starts (by pressing F12), the frame around the area will turn red. At the top, there will be two buttons responsible for pausing or ending the capture. In addition, there is a drawing mode that allows you to add text to an area or select certain areas with a brush.

    If you need to stop recording, just press F12 or the corresponding button in the menu.

    After that, you can move to the folder where all the finished materials are stored to view them.

    As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the implementation of this goal. The main thing is the correct configuration and the choice of the recording mode. Please note that the trial version of the program has some limitations, as well as the inscription “Bandicam” will be present on the video itself at the top. You can get rid of this only by purchasing a license. For more detailed information on this topic, look in our other article below.

    Recording video from the computer screen

    As mentioned earlier, we will use certain software. Almost every tool works in about the same way, but each one has its own peculiarities. Therefore, we advise you to first familiarize yourself with all the available options, and then proceed to the selection of the tool. This way you can evaluate all solutions to find the optimal.

    Recording video from a computer screen

    Sometimes the user may need to record video from the screen on the computer. In most cases, special software is used for this, since there are simply no other capture options, except for the case with the Windows 10 operating system, which we will also discuss below. Therefore, the user goes to the Internet and finds the software he likes, installs it and is faced with the question of the correctness of the video capture. Today we want to visually show the completion of this task, having described each stage in as much detail as possible, so that even for novice users everything will work out the first time.

    Windows 10 standard tool

    The developers of the Windows 10 operating system have added to the built-in functionality and a tool for capturing video from the screen. Initially, its main task was to record gameplay, but now you can capture almost any window. Of course, there are some limitations and shortcomings, but you can use this tool for free without downloading it first. You will find a detailed guide on how to work with the standard Windows 10 utility in our next article.

    On the Internet, there are still a lot of a wide variety of programs that allow you to perform the action that we talked about above. They all work approximately according to the same algorithm, so it makes no sense to consider each solution. We will simply recommend that you study the popular software in order to choose the one that will be more suitable from it, if the options presented above do not suit you.

    You are now familiar with recording video from your computer screen. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this, you just need to download the software, pre-configure it a little and start the operation.

    How to Record GIF from Windows Screen

    In today’s article, we will look at how you can record your computer screen in GIF animation.

    You can explain to someone for hours where to click to do certain actions, or you can do everything on your computer and record all these actions in a GIF animation, and then send this file to the right people so that they see a short video instruction and can repeat everything themselves. At the moment there are many programs for recording video from the screen, as well as for creating animation, but we will consider one of them.

    Record GIF from Windows Screen with Gif Screen Recorder

    Gif Screen Recorder is a simple free utility that does not load you with ads and allows you to record part or all of the screen, then edit the recorded and create GIF.

    Go to the Gif Screen Recorder download page and click on gifrecordersetup.exe to download the setup file. This program will work in all versions of Windows, the only thing that it needs to work is NET Framework 4.0, which will be automatically installed if it is not in the system.

    Put a full stop in the field “I Agree” and click “Next”.

    Select the path for installation, or leave the one that is and click “Next”.

    Run the program if it is not on your desktop. you can find it in the Start menu = All Programs.

    A frame will appear in front of you, which indicates the area that you will record.

    At the top left of this frame are the Record, Pause, Stop Recording and Help buttons. To the right of the help (question mark) there are available frame sizes, you can choose any size of the recording area. You can take the frame and drag it to any desired place on the screen, that is, press the left mouse button on the Gif Screen Recorder window and, without releasing the left button, drag the mouse in the desired direction, when you select the optimal recording area, release the left button.

    At the top right, you can choose the color depth and frame rate, they will determine how clear the pictures will be and how big the animation is at the output.

    For example, we need to record the “Parameters” window, set the desired size of the Gif Screen Recorder so that the red frame covers the entire parameters window and click “Start”.

    We do some actions and at the end we press “Stop”. Do not forget that you can also press pause or press Start again to overwrite what you started.

    After clicking on “Stop” you will see a window with a choice of a place to save the resulting animation. Write a name for the GIF file, select a location to save and click “Save”.

    After saving, you will be offered several options for further actions: the first “Open the gif animation in the editor”. to edit the resulting animation, we need to click on this item; the second “Open the gif animation in a browser” is a simple preview of the animation you just created; Open the folder containing the gif file ”. Open the folder containing the animation you created;

    “Start new recording”. recording a new animation; “Nothing”. do nothing, just close the program. We choose the first!

    On the right side is the animation itself, on the left side frames in time. You can view each frame by clicking on it with the left mouse button and remove unnecessary.

    You can remove as several frames at once by selecting them using the shift key and the arrow keys, then click at the top of the window “delete image” (you can also press the delete key on your keyboard), or select one unnecessary frame with the left mouse button, and then click “delete image “.

    To view the resulting animation in the same window, click on the “Show Animation” icon.

    In the upper window there are buttons to save and save as, select the one you need to save the resulting animation.

    Also, the top menu allows you to add any image to the animation by clicking on the “Add image” icon.

    Using the top menu, you can edit any frame from the animation by selecting the desired frame and clicking on the “Edit image” icon.

    By clicking on the export icon you can convert animation to avi, resize animation and much more.

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    A huge plus for the Gif Screen Recorder program, it is very easy to install, does not impose unnecessary programs during installation, does not show any ads, does not mold ads on the final result (as many others do) and does its job perfectly! That’s all for today, if you know other methods or just have some additions. write comments! Good luck

    Recording with sound

    However, there is a much more convenient and faster way. software that allows you to simultaneously record both audio and video. You can record the sound of a webinar today using the following tools:

    • iSpring Free Cam is a program that is understandable to everyone who has ever worked at a computer, there is nothing superfluous in iSpring Free Cam: a simple interface is easy to understand and easy to use;
    • Faststone Capture. has a wider functionality, but at the same time there is one big drawback. the period of free use of the program is only 30 days;
    • Jing is a very convenient and intuitive interface, pleasant appearance and the ability to attend a webinar immediately after its creation, of the minuses. the program is available only in English, so without knowing the language, some difficulties may arise.

    Also commonly used software for creating webinars are:
    oCam Screen Recorder, QIP Shot, Fraps, Camtasia Studio. All programs are quite comfortable to use and provide a number of necessary functions. With such assistants, there will definitely be no questions about how to record a webinar with sound.

    Review of software for recording webinars

    It is very easy for an experienced user and extremely difficult for a beginner to ask how to record a webinar from the screen. In practice, everything turns out to be very simple: there is specially developed software that allows you to record video directly from the screen of a laptop or desktop computer. Most programs have a simple and intuitive interface, so work with such software. pure pleasure.

    There are many programs, and most of them are shareware. Of course, beginners are more suitable for those in which many necessary functions are available, and the intuitive interface allows you to quickly figure out all the intricacies.

    Software for saving video from the screen, like any other software, can be paid and free. The paid versions have a lot of convenient and useful functions, but it is advisable for inexperienced users to start working with the free versions.

    Free software can be downloaded from the sites:

    • Wiziq;
    • Kastim;
    • Expertsystem.
    • GVOConference;
    • Meetcheap;

    It happens that simply recording video from the screen is not enough and you need to add sound. You can go the hard way: record a video, and then an audio track in a separate program, then both files will need to be connected.

    How to work with programs

    Everything ingenious is simple and clear, but if you have difficulties with how to record a webinar, you need the following general sequence of actions from Honor:.

    Program selection. The software that allows you to record webinars is presented today by a variety for any, as they say, taste and color. It is almost impossible to objectively describe all the advantages and disadvantages of all programs, since each user is individual.

    Download. After the software is selected, you need to download and install it on your computer. Installation is usually quite simple and consists of clicking the Install shortcut and a series of sequential steps, which are described in detail in the installation program. If there is additional information about the installation and use of the program, then it is better to familiarize yourself with them in advance. As a rule, all recommendations are posted on the site where the software is downloaded from.

    Registration and settings. When the program is already installed, you can open it and get familiar with the interface, as well as the main functions. In order to continue working, some programs ask you to register on the website of the author of the software or provide information about the user to collect statistics. Then you can start customizing for your own goals.

    Directly recording video. After installing the program, you can immediately record a video, but it is advisable to first check all important settings. For example, by default, there may be no check mark on the “Record Audio” function, and then the webinar will be recorded, but without sound.

    Editing. Some of the software supports the function of editing video after recording. From minor light, color and sharpening adjustments to advanced features such as trimming or subtitling footage.

    Preservation. Programs that allow you to save video from the screen are needed so that the recording can be saved and reviewed after the broadcast online. In addition, there is software that supports the ability to upload the recorded video to popular video hosting sites in one click. Some programs have their own resources and allow you to share a link to a video immediately after recording.

    How to record audio

    As a rule, beginners face the same problem, namely the presence of unnecessary noise on the audio track. You can avoid this unpleasant situation if you use a program with advanced sound recording settings or special audio editors. Among them, for example, “AudioMaster”.

    How to record a webinar from a computer screen?

    Today, without leaving your home, you can not only pay bills or virtually visit the world’s largest museums, but also easily work, study and teach other people. One way to spend time on the Internet for the benefit of yourself and others is to record a webinar.

    Even for someone who is completely ignorant of the technical wisdom, it’s not at all difficult to figure out how to record a webinar. You just need to have a computer with Internet access at hand.

    Brief summary

    Everyone who has participated in a video conference at least once has probably wondered how to record a webinar in order to share their own knowledge or be able to return to what they watched after the online broadcast.

    Everything is very simple even for a beginner: first you need to decide on a suitable program and understand its settings. After that, you can record a webinar, edit the video and put it on the network or use it for personal purposes.

    Easy Guide to Record Computer Screen in Windows 10

    This part shows you simple steps to record computer screen on Windows 10:
    Launch UkeySoft Screen Recorder
    Customize the recording area and sound
    Start Screen Recording on Windows 10

    Below are detailed instructions on how to record your computer screen in Windows 10, including choosing the output video format and quality, adding a watermark for text / image, mouse click effect, customizing hotkeys, and more.

    Launch UkeySoft Screen Recorder on Windows 10
    Click the download button below to download the trial version of UkeySoft Screen Recorder.

    Install a screen recorder on your Windows 10 computer. Then launch it and you will see that it has two main functions:

    Screen Recorder: Capture and Record Any Activity on Windows Computer.
    Toolbar for Editing Videos, this feature can help you cut and merge video clips with zero quality loss.

    To record the computer screen, click “Screen Recorder”, and you will see the intuitive screen recording interface.

    Tips: In order to better meet the requirements of users from all over the world, we have released a multilingual version of UkeySoft Screen Recorder. Interface languages ​​include: English, English, Magyar and Portuguese Brazilian.

    Setting the audio input source
    You can record sound either from the built-in audio system, or from the microphone, or both, or without. If you want to record only online video without extraneous noise, select the “Computer Sound” option; If you want to record a tutorial video and record your voice, select the “Computer sound and microphone” option; If you want to record video in online voice chat, just turn on the “microphone” option; If you just want to record your computer screen without sound, select the “No” option.

    Additional settings (optional)
    If you want to set the target, video format, watermark, cursor, hotkey, etc. Please click the “Settings” icon in the bottom right corner, the program will display the settings window.

    To set the output video format, click Video and select the desired output video format. UkeySoft Screen Recorder supports four output formats: MP4, AVI, WMV and FLV.

    You can also select High, High, Medium, Low, Low quality according to your needs.

    If you want to add watermark while recording the screen, please click the Watermark menu, you can add text watermark and image watermark.

    To add a watermark, enter your text and adjust the display position.

    The recording screen also allows you to add a watermark image, you can select an existing watermark or upload an image from a local folder.

    Adjust watermark image position, size and transparency.

    To set the cursor effect during recording, press the Cursor menu and set it.

    Install Hotkey: To make it easier for users to record videos, you can set a hotkey according to your needs. By default, below are the functions of each hotkey:

    Start: Ctrl Alt F1
    Pause: Ctrl Alt F2
    Stop: Ctrl Alt F3
    Screenshot: Pause: Ctrl Alt F4

    After completing the above settings, click “OK” to return to the main recording interface.

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    Customize the recording area
    Now you can customize the recording area by clicking the User Defined button, then you can also drag the edge of the frame to customize the area. In addition, if you choose “Full Screen”, the program will automatically hijack your computer in full screen mode. If you want to record webcam video to your computer, click “Camera@USB2.0 VGA UVC Webcam” the program will display the webcam pop-ups for preview.

    Press “REC” to start recording.
    After setting up the recording area or selecting full screen recording, simply click the “record” icon in the lower right corner of the recording area to start recording your computer screen.

    Or you can press “Ctrl Alt F1” hotkey to start recording the computer screen.

    While recording, you can use the mouse or hotkeys to control the recording process, or hide the floating bar. If you want to finish the recording process, please click the end button, the recorded video will be automatically saved in the computer folder.

    Tips: You can also use the hotkey to pause or end the recording process.

    Editing Recorded Video (Optional)
    Ok, the recorded video is saved on your computer. If you want to edit video, please close “VCR” function and return to its main interface, then open “Video toolbar” to edit recorded video.

    Free download UkeySoft screen recorder and try to record everything on your computer.

    How to record your screen on Windows 10

    Justin Sabrina Updated on April 24, 2020

    I want to record a tutorial video on makeup at home and. YouTube. How to Record Makeup Tutorial Video on Windows 10?

    How to capture any activity on Windows 10 computer in full screen mode? I want to record a Windows 10 user guide.

    I want to record a game video on Windows 10, does Windows 10 have a screen recorder? How do I record my screen for free on Windows 10? I know Windows 10 has its own built-in video recorder called Game Bar. I tried this free video recorder but it is very difficult to use, is there an easier to use video recorder for Windows 10?

    Want to record your gameplay and post to YouTube or share with your friends? Do you want to record videos online such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion TED? Do you need to record webcam video when communicating via Skype or TeamViewer? Are you a company executive trying to record a video of an online meeting? Are you a teacher looking to record teaching materials or teaching aids to teach something like video editing skill by recording webcam video? In this article, we will teach you an easy way to record screen on Windows 10.

    What you need is a professional screen recorder, then you can record your computer screen easily, this article will teach you how to record your screen on Windows 10 as well as Windows 8.1 / 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

    Recommended Screen Recorder for Windows 10. UkeySoft Screen Recorder

    UkeySoft Screen Recorder is one of the most popular computer screen recorder and video recording software on the market. It is designed to record video from your computer screen and webcam, and also allows you to easily take screenshots of your computer screen. Since it has multiple recording functions, users can use it to record any activity on their Windows 10 computer.

    • Record your computer screen in full screen or customized screen size.
    • Capture everything on Windows 10 computer.
    • Record and save high quality video files.
    • Various output formats MP4 (MPEG4), MP4 (H264), AVI (MPEG4 / H264 / XVID), WMV, FLV.
    • Record local video, online videos / movies, etc. on Windows 10.
    • Sound recording either from the built-in audio system, or from the microphone, or from both, or without.
    • Editing recorded video with built-in video editing function.

    Free download the Windows version of UkeySoft Screen Recorder and start recording your screen on Windows 10.


    If you want to record your screen on Windows 10, there are several free methods for recording your screen on Windows 10, such as recording the Windows 10 games bar, but the Windows 10 games bar will only record events in the currently active app, not the entire screen. If you run it while Chrome is the active window, it will only record what is happening inside Chrome, besides, the game bar is difficult to use and its interface is very complex. But which screen recording is best for Windows 10? As above that we recommended UkeySoft Screen Recorder, it can help users to record Windows 10/8/7 / XP computer screen easily and quickly. Is UkeySoft Screen a great recording software? Practice. the only standard to check the truth, you can download and try it for free.

    How to Record GIF from Computer Screen

    GIF is a popular image format that differs in that pictures can be animated. It looks like a video, but no sound. Such a format for presenting information is convenient when you need to show a small volume on a dynamic image. If you make a video, then the file can be cumbersome, and the animated GIF image will be lightweight. At the same time, the quality is not lost.

    In this article, I will show you how to record a GIF from the screen. To solve this problem, I will use the ScreenToGif program. Thanks to it, you can make animated GIF screencasts. recording from a computer monitor. This is very convenient if, for example, you need to give instructions on how to work on a computer or explain a situation by describing a particular problem on a PC.

    GIF from the screen with ScreenToGif program

    ScreenToGif has a number of advantages that allow me to recommend it to you: the program is free, in Russian and supports all modern versions of Windows. Plus, the intuitive interface makes this tool very easy to learn.

    ScreenToGif can be downloaded from the link below.

    Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10;

    Run the downloaded program. It does not require installation and works directly from a file. You will see an interface where you can choose what to record.

    • Recording. Allows you to make a GIF from the screen. That is, everything that happens on the monitor will be recorded.
    • Webcam. Records in GIF format from a webcam. Everything that enters the lens will be recorded.
    • Board. Opens a whiteboard with tools, on which you can draw, paint, erase, and all this will be recorded in GIF.
    • Editor. Opens the GIF editor.

    Also in this window there is a button “Settings”, which opens the options of the program. But about them below.

    I will show you how the program works using the example of the first operating mode. “Recording”, which allows you to shoot GIF from the screen. As soon as you select the mode, a window will appear in front of you. Everything that is included in the frame of this window will be recorded on the screech. You can resize the window and adjust the recording quality using the buttons below. There is also a “Record” button, which starts the beginning of recording, and a “Stop” button to end.

    When you finish recording GIF from the screen by pressing the “Stop” button, what happened will open in the program editor. Here you can save it and start using it using the “Save As” function.

    If necessary, you can use other options that are in the tabs at the top of the editor. I will not consider them in detail.

    Recordings in other modes are similar.

    Now I will consider the program settings. They are collected in several sections. I’ll go over each one in order.

    • Application. These are the main options. Here it is possible to enable the display of a mouse click on the record, configure hotkeys and more.
    • Interface. Design options.
    • Tongue. Large selection of interface languages.
    • Temporary files. Defines folders for temporary files.
    • Additionally. You can connect a software library for recording audio.
    • Donation. The program is free, but who wishes, you can express gratitude.
    • About the program. Software data.

    In this article I will tell you about a program with which you can shoot video from

    In this article, I will tell you about a small free application that allows you to shoot videos from

    Portable. these are versions of programs that can be run without being installed on a computer. For use…

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