How to record a video from a laptop screen

How to Record Screen Video in On-Screen Camera

Download the program and complete the installation;
Adjust the parameters for capturing image and sound, record video;
Start editing or add music;
Download the resulting file to a PC, burn it to DVD or share it on the Internet.

Screen Capture in Movavi Screen Capture

Download the installation file from the link above, complete the installation process
Customize the program for your first recording
Take advantage of basic editing features
Save the result in a suitable format

Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is a software built into the Windows operating system that allows you to capture screen images with sound or take screenshots. The footage is immediately saved to the selected folder. For Windows users, this method is convenient because the software is already in the operating system and does not require any additional installations. The main drawback is that, like most other built-in utilities, the functionality of this application has only basic functions and does not have the ability to edit.

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OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a specialized program for recording streaming video from the screen simultaneously with streaming. It is open source and available on all modern operating systems such as Windows 10, the latest macOS and Linux. The application is popular with professional gamers and is quite difficult to master for an ordinary user.

How to record video from your computer screen: 5 free programs

Need to record a presentation at work or want to share a walkthrough of your favorite game with your friends? To record images from your computer, you need a dedicated application. We have prepared an overview of the five most popular and easy-to-learn programs.

After reading this article to the end, you will learn how to record a video from a computer screen with sound and which utility is better for this.

Recording videos in OBS Studio

Download the distribution and install
Perform the required configuration on first launch
Adjust capture sources of picture and sound
Write down and save the file

Screen Camera

Screen Camera is an application with a user-friendly interface and wide functionality. It will help you to independently record an image from a laptop or computer screen without reading long instructions and unnecessary effort. To understand the program, it will take only a few minutes from the moment of the first launch.

Capturing images and sound is easy to set up before getting started. You can record the entire screen as a whole, select a specific fragment or a separate window. Also, while recording, you can capture system sounds and voice from the microphone.

The big advantage of this software is the ability to immediately view and edit the footage. You can trim unnecessary fragments or add music, screensaver and titles, choosing from the ready-made ones or customizing everything yourself. After editing is complete, you will be prompted to share the file on the Internet, save it to your computer, or burn it to disk.

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You can download Screen Camera for free from this link.

What programs record video from the screen

Software for recording what is happening on the laptop display is produced by many developers. The functionality of such software varies: some applications are used to create video in low resolution and with a low frame rate, while others allow you to convey all the nuances of the image without loss of quality.

Screen recording without third-party software

Although a large number of applications such as those mentioned above are hosted on the network, you can take a video from the laptop screen without installing additional tools on the hard drive. A number of tasks can be solved by means of the operating system or with the help of browser add-ons.

How the video is recorded from the display

The programs intercept the data stream from the video card and save it to a file of a certain format. The user can set the desired video quality and select the shooting area (part of the screen, application window, entire desktop). You can add sound and the app will capture the audio stream coming from your sound card or microphone.

The last option allows you to record voice comments from the creator of the video, designed to explain what is happening on the screen, which is relevant for video tutorials, game sessions and video reviews. Audio recording is included optionally, at the request of the user.

Working with Windows 10 Game Bar

The new version of the OS from Microsoft provides the option to take screenshots and record video while gaming. To activate this feature, you must start the game in full screen mode, and then press the WinG combination on the keyboard. Thanks to the GameBar, it is possible to capture images and sound and then save them to a file. The volume is adjustable, and if necessary, you can record a video without sound.

The resulting files are edited without the use of third-party programs: you will be able to crop a picture or combine video files into one due to the built-in tools. You can select the path to save the shooting results.

You need to enable the game panel in the “Settings” section, which can be accessed through the “Start” menu. In the “Games” item, set the switch under the “Record game clips” line to the “Enabled” position.

How to record video from the monitor screen

To cut out a fragment of an interesting video clip, record user actions while working on a PC, or record the passage of a difficult level in a computer game, you do not need to acquire a separate camera or tripod to secure your smartphone. You can record video from a monitor on a laptop using special software. What applications are used for these purposes, what are their capabilities and scope, will be described in this article.

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TOP 10 best screen capture software

Screen Camera.
A shareware application created by the domestic company AMS Software. The trial version can be used for 10 days, videos created during this time are accompanied by a special mark placed at the very bottom of the frame. It features a simple interface, allows you to record any activity, from working with electronic documents to playing video on a laptop or running a game. Equipped with a built-in video editor, the ability to select the shooting area and sound source, overlay an audio track, set the frame size, convert the resulting video to the desired format, and send it to YouTube. The developer’s website contains an understandable online tutorial in the form of articles and training videos.

FastStone Capture.
Lightweight application with built-in codec for storing high-quality video in.WMV format, support for 1440p and 4K resolution, simple operation, mini-editor, selection of capture area, audio recording from two sources (sound card and microphone), transmission of mouse and system clicks Windows sounds. Does not overload the processor, creates small files, does not add marks indicating the use of the free option. Works under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. A portable version is also available. Among the shortcomings should be highlighted the lack of Russification and errors when recording games.

A paid program with a stripped-down, but functional enough for the needs of ordinary users, a free version. The software has a fully Russified interface, a well-thought-out and convenient arrangement of menu items, support for 4K resolution and 720p / 1080p format. Allows you to shoot video from a laptop screen and simultaneously capture a video stream from a webcam, suitable for recording any games, make notes, add logos and take screenshots. Without a purchase, the user will be able to shoot only for 10 minutes, in the paid version, the size of the video file and the duration of the recording are limited only by the volume of the PC hard disk.

Ashampoo snap.
The program is designed for users with minimal experience. Writes video with audio or no audio capture, can create collages from screenshots (including from 3D games), add watermarks, enable timer recording, instantly capture all windows visible on the desktop, visualize mouse clicks, create GIF animation, upload images to cloud services. Works with multiple monitors, adjusts to screen sizes, recognizes texts in several languages. Full functionality is available as a paid option.

It captures all the actions that are displayed on the display, captures sound from the audio system and from the microphone, works with two audio sources at the same time, tracks cursor movements, allows you to specify the capture area, and also pause recording. The program has its own video editor. Runs from a hard drive or flash drive (with the purchase of a special license), compresses video on the fly, so the videos are small. Paid, flags videos created during the trial period. Can convert files to different formats using external codecs installed on the system.

Writes videos in several formats, is suitable for creating video tutorials, presentations, screenshots, GIF animations, flash movies, executable files (with the.EXE extension), captures sound from different sources, works with hot keys. Supports recording 3D games, drawing with the cursor during shooting, fixes keystrokes and key combinations (including system ones). The package includes a convenient video editor that allows you to remove or insert frames, add effects, captions, overlay audio. The set of options is wider in the PRO version.

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Free and open source software. Video recording is carried out in AVI and MP4 formats, as well as SWF, which is convenient for creating training and advertising materials. Supports several common codecs, including H.264, MPEG-4 and Xvid, allows you to add notes, highlight the capture area. Works with a variety of audio sources.

Free Screen Video Recorder.
Free software with a minimalist design for writing. what happens across the entire screen area. Videos are saved in AVI format, screenshots. in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TGA. Not suitable for shooting games, as there is often no picture in the finished video when there is sound.

Movavi Screen Capture.
A paid program that puts a watermark when running in a trial version. Suitable for recording individual sections or the entire desktop, video and audio from sites, Skype negotiations, creating screenshots, presentations and video courses. The application has a convenient timer, as well as its own editor for removing unnecessary fragments, adjusting the image, inserting text notes. Presses on the keyboard and mouse buttons, cursor movements are also recorded. Supports many popular audio and video formats.

Most applications require separate installation of codecs to work with different formats. A considerable part of such software works under new versions of Windows: from 7 and higher, although some are compatible with XP, and some are released under 32- and 64-bit operating systems.

Browser extensions

Add-ons for popular browsers eliminate the need to install entire software packages.

Among the extensions for Chrome, Screencastify is worth noting. With it, you can take pictures of the desktop, the contents of tabs, capture video from a webcam, record sounds (background and system), save files to local media or to the Google Drive service. Supports Full HD resolution, video cropping, adding annotations. In the paid version, the shooting duration is not limited in time, while in the free version, the maximum video length is 5 minutes.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is developed for FireFox. It will allow you to record user actions, videos on sites that do not provide for downloading, create a training video, and also capture the passage of the game. With it, you can select the capture area, image quality, output file format, location to save it.

During shooting, you can select fragments, insert inscriptions, take screenshots. The project is free, but the developer accepts voluntary donations.

Recording video from a laptop display is possible without auxiliary equipment and significant costs. In addition, the picture and sound quality is better when using special applications than when shooting with a smartphone camera or digital camera. The user only has to choose the appropriate software, familiarize himself with its controls and click on the “Save” button.