How to record an application screen

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder. this application is very SIMilar to AZ Video Recorder. It’s completely free, easy, but unfortunately with a lot of ads. However, and if you ignore it, this is a great option for recording your Android mobile screen. You can download Mobizen Screen Recorder under.

Recording with Mobizen is very easy, just open the app to bring up the floating controls menu from which you can record your screen. Below these lines you have a really helpful video to learn step by step how it works.

Although Mobizen does not allow streaming of our phone’s screen, it has a very interesting feature. Once the video is finished, you can edit it, cut it out and even add an intro right from your phone.

Screen Voice Recorder AZ

AZ Screen Recorder. Another great free screen recorder app for your Android mobile. This includes features as cool as the ability to stream directly from platforms such as. YouTube and Twitch.

However, as a weak point, the app has a fair amount of publicity, and it can be annoying in the long run. You can download AZ Video Recorder safely under.

Just like Screen Recorder. no ads, AZ Screen Recorder gives you complete and absolute control over the type of video that you get. So you can tweak its frame rate or resolution so that it doesn’t take up all your phone’s resources.

In addition to this, the application offers the option of overlaying video with sound while recording, which is also very useful if you want to make a gameplay video of a game.

5 Best Apps to Record Screen on Android Mobile

We all wanted to be able to record the screen of our Android mobile. However, oddly enough, if we do not have a Xioami or Huawei phone, there is no function in our mobile phone that allows us to make such entries.

And while taking a screenshot from Android is very easy, it won’t happen if we want to take a video. For this we will have to use third-party applications.

record, application, screen

In this short article, we will show you the apps that we like best to be able to record screen on Android mobile devices. They are all lightweight, easy to use, and very useful. We hope they help you.


Another great option for recording the screen of your mobile device. This is My Video Recorder This free application allows you to not only shoot videos but also broadcast live on platforms such as. YouTube or.

One of the strengths of my VCR is its floating interface. Thanks to this, you can record videos quickly and intuitively. Plus, the app lets you record and edit GIF videos right from your phone, which is especially useful if you don’t want to waste time downloading it to your PC.

Screen Recorder. No ads

Screen Recorder Recorder. No Ads. this is the free app we like the most for Android mobile screen recorder. This app is truly complete, it is free from annoying ads and in addition to that it allows us to adjust the video quality so that it doesn’t take up much space on our mobile.

Using Screen Recorder is really easy. Just install the app, give it the necessary permissions for it to work (access to storage, camera and microphone) and customize the video to your liking. Once that’s done, hit the blue button and wait for the app to close and a bar with four icons appears.

To start recording, SIMply click on the red icon and as soon as the countdown is over, Screen Recorder will record everything that happens on your screen. If you want to end the video, click the Stop button.

If you have any questions about the recording process, watch the video below. This shows step by step how to record a screen with this app.

Screen Recorder. without ads, save the resulting video in the gallery of your Android mobile. After editing, you will be ready to share it with your friends or on social networks.

V Recorder Editor

Finally, we want to recommend V Recorder Editor, a free app for recording the screen of your Android mobile that, although it doesn’t have live streaming, has other cool features. You can download the app quickly and safely under these lines.

V Recorder works in a SIMilar way to the rest of the apps we showed you. Just use its floating menu to start and stop recording. After that, you will automatically find it in your mobile storage.

The strong point of this application is its editor. It allows you to add music, special effects, text, transitions and more to the video you just recorded. Highly recommended.

We hope this guide helps you to record your Android mobile screen.

How to Record Screen Videos. All Methods

Create a video tutorial, record an online game walkthrough, or make a video report for work. screen capture may be needed for various reasons. Despite the seeming complexity, everyone can do it. Even if you’ve never recorded video or edited before, all you need to do is find an easy-to-use recorder. This article will show you how to shoot video from your phone or computer screen without technical knowledge.

Parameter setting and recording

Set the capture mode. If you have selected an area of ​​the screen, adjust the area to be captured by moving the borders of the window. When recording a separate window, click on the desired program or browser tab to indicate the capture area to the recorder.

Select the appropriate item in the “Sound source” parameter and check the “Record sound from microphone” checkbox to add your comments. Adjust the volume of the connected device. start the capture with the “Record” button and stop with the F10 key.

We shoot video in the Screen Camera program

Russian-language program for capturing video from the monitor screen and editing video. The on-screen camera has no time limit for recording and allows you to capture online webinars and TV programs, create educational and entertainment videos with voice comments and background music.

The recorder includes several types of recording. The user can capture with sound a movie or the passage of the game in full screen mode, select a separate area of ​​the PC desktop or record the actions of a separate program on video. The video recording can be processed in the built-in video editor: create titles or a screensaver, remove unnecessary fragments at the beginning or end, re-sound the clip and embed a music track. On-screen Camera supports over 30 video formats and includes presets to optimize video for smartphones and tablets. There is also a direct sending of the clip to YouTube.

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The program is optimized to work on devices of any power, so it is an excellent choice for laptops and weak computers. Another feature of the recorder is support for all Windows versions, starting from XP.

The advantages of the recorder:

  • SIMple and clear control in Russian;
  • Several recording modes for any purpose;
  • No capturing time limit;
  • Export videos in HD quality;
  • Editing, adding music and titles;
  • Capturing system sounds and recording from a microphone;
  • Export to more than 30 video formats, presets for gadgets;
  • DVD burning;
  • Direct upload of videos to YouTube;
  • Support for all versions of Windows and low load on the system.

To record a video using a recorder, it is enough to do a few SIMple steps:

Editing and export

In the preview window, select an action: save without processing, send to the Internet or edit. In the built-in editor, you can trim the video, insert titles at the beginning and end of the video, and add background music.

The finished video can be exported to your computer in any popular video format, burned to disc or sent to your YouTube account. To do this, open the “Create Video” tab and select the appropriate item.


Download the program from the official website and install it on your computer. Run the software and select “Screen Recorder”.

How to capture video from iOS screen

By default, the iPhone comes with screen capture built in, but in this case, the sound will not be recorded. If you want to record your phone screen with your comments, it is better to use third-party applications.

Recorder RecPRO helps you capture the action on your iPhone or tablet in HD quality, and then process the video. The application includes a large number of useful tools, including overlaying images from the built-in camera and connecting a microphone.

Videos can be recorded up to 1080 resolution at 60 frames per second. RecPRO also includes streaming features directly to the Twitch and YouTube platforms, as well as a collection of filters and effects. In the editor, you can impose labels and graphics on a clip, replace the background, apply textures, rotate and crop the video.

How to shoot video on Android

One of the most popular android screen recorder apps is AZ Screen Recorder. In the Google Apps market, its number of downloads exceeds 10 million. The program includes a large number of useful functions, including manual adjustment of video resolution and creation of GIF animation from video.

Once installed, the app widget will be embedded in the notification bar. To start capturing, click on the video camera icon. After the end of recording, the clip will be automatically saved in mp4 format. To edit a video, open the application again and find the desired clip in the recordings list. Click on the three dots next to the clip name and click “Edit”.

AZ Screen Recorder is completely free and saves videos without watermark when exporting. If desired, the user can expand the capabilities of the recorder by purchasing a PRO account. After that, the function of converting videos will appear and the ability to draw on the screen while capturing.

As you can see, it is quite easy to record video from a monitor or mobile phone screen. Which method is suitable for the task at hand is up to you. If you need to write down instructions on how to use the phone, of course, you should use mobile applications. In other cases, it is better to opt for programs for the computer, as they provide more opportunities for work.

How to Record Windows 10 Screen Video:

  • Start any game.
  • Press the WinG keyboard shortcut.
  • Press WinAltR to start recording.
  • To finish, also click WinAltR.
  • Use WinAltM to activate the microphone while recording.

Still, you can use the additional settings that are paired with your Xbox Live account. In general, that’s all, there is no way to set a different format or resolution. Also, you cannot record the desktop or the explorer. To do this, use other programs.

Ezvid. Windows 10 screen recorder

The Ezvid utility is most likely a video editor with screen recording capabilities. The functionality of the editor is quite SIMple, but to write down and glue a few points, it will do quite well

To capture the desired area, enter title and above the timeline line, next to the microphone, click on the monitor icon. If you press back, the video will be recorded and reset to the timeline. The training video can be viewed on YouTube.


The most famous utility from the two thousandth, with the help of which the first game and screen videos were recorded. The utility is quite easy to use, since the main settings of the video are carried out on the main screen. Due to the small memory and processor requirements, the utility is often used to record videos with high FPS. Also, it allows you to record videos up to 120 FPS in full screen resolution.

In addition to the basic functions, there are two additional ones:

  • Taking screenshots.
  • Run a benchmark in games to determine the frame rate.

The free version of the software runs on a permanent basis, but the shooting limit is 30 seconds. Each demo video will contain a FRAPS watermark. To fix this, it is recommended to purchase a license that costs 37 or € 33.

Windows 10 Screen Recording via Action Ultimate Capture

A paid utility aimed at high-quality recording of an open game. At the same time, it can be run even on weak PCs, since the stability of video recording and almost complete absence of lags (freezes) on the recorded video is ensured.

The interface of the software is SIMple, user-friendly, there are sections for recording video, audio, conducting tests, screenshots and various hot keys.

The record button is the largest in the entire interface and is hard to miss. The price for the utility is 33. The utility is often sold at a discount. There is a 30-day trial period. In which the functionality of the program is fully available.

To start Windows 10 screen recording:

  • In the second window opposite “Scene” click on the plus.
  • Select the capture you want (in this case, screen capture).
  • In the next window, you can cancel the checkbox in front of the item “cursor capture”, if it is not needed.
  • In the lower right corner, click “Start recording”.
  • Minimize the program and write down what you need.
  • When you need to finish recording, expand the program and click “Stop”.
  • The clip will be saved in the folder where the program saves them by default.
  • The latest information can be found in the detailed program settings.
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Windows 10 screen recording via NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Thanks to the universal application GeForce Experience, the owners of graphics cards from NVIDIA have the opportunity to use additional goodies, such as NVIDIA ShadowPlay. This option is integrated into the application and allows you to record the Windows 10 screen. In this case, you can record almost everything that is on the screen (from the initial desktop, to starting and being in the game, program).

To capture an area for shooting:

  • Launch GeForce Experience and log in with your NVIDIA profile (create one if needed).
  • Go to the settings and scroll down a little to the “in-game overlay” item. It needs to be activated.
  • Then, press AltZ any time you want to record a video. Select “Record”.
  • Right there, you can connect a microphone. Shutdown is done in exactly the same way.

The quality of shooting can be changed in the settings:

All videos are saved in the user folder, along the path C: \ Users \ User_name \ Videos \ Desktop in mp4 format.

Windows 10 Screen Recording via OBS Studio

A powerful tool for recording video from the Windows 10 screen. It is often used for streaming video to YouTube and Twitch. It is used to implement:

  • Capturing video from the desktop screen, program or game, web-camera.
  • Permission to cross, display multiple windows on one screen, overlap, swap recording playback sources.
  • Scenes that turn a regular broadcast into a real professional streaming.
  • Displaying information on CPU utilization and FPS

How to Record Windows Screen Video with TinyTake

A very SIMple utility with an interesting interface. Its main task is to record the area of ​​the screen, and take screenshots. Friends with previous OS versions, not just Windows 10.

For the utility to work like a clock, it requires a computer with at least 4 GB of RAM. An additional option of the utility is the button “Share”.

Camtasia Studio

Multifunctional Camtasia, a program for recording video from the screen, includes additional functionality that allows:

  • Write anything and in any form.
  • Save recorded video.
  • Use it or any other material (graphic, video, audio) for editing on the timeline.
  • Saving the material you have created in the desired resolution, format and with the desired codec. Video export can be done in MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI and M4V formats.
  • Export created videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, etc.
  • Directly upload the created video from the project to Google Drive.

Developed by TechSmith as a powerful video editing tool. The option “Windows 10 screen recording” is present as an add-on. Such software capabilities are not free. Its full cost is 250, while the license can be installed on two machines at once.

A free thirty day version is present, but all clips made through the app will have a Camtasia watermark.

To start recording the screen of a Windows 10 computer:

  • Open the program and click the red “Record” button.
  • Select the capture area and start recording.
  • Upon completion, you can save the recording as a file or send it for editing.

How to Record Screen Videos on Android

Now we will demonstrate how to record a display using the example of the AZ Screen Recorder application, and at the end of the article we will give an example of several more programs that you can use. AZ Screen Recorder app is completely free. At the same time, it does not require Root rights, does not limit the duration of the video, does not add any inscriptions to the video and allows you to create videos in FullHD and QHD resolution with the bitrate and frame rate required by the user.

On first launch, AZ Screen Recorder will ask for permission to be displayed on top of other windows. This function is needed to display a floating program icon, in which you can see how long the screen recording takes. Therefore, click on the “Allow” button and enable the “Show over other applications” option.

After that, return to the main screen of AZ Screen Recorder app. Here you will see a message that the application needs access to the file storage in order to save the recorded videos. Therefore, we click on the “Enable” button and allow access to the file system of the Android device.

Now AZ Screen Recorder is almost ready to record video from Android phone display. To start, click on the record button in the lower right corner of the smartphone screen. After that, the application will ask you to record audio. If you want to record a video with comments on the smartphone microphone, then you must allow the program to record sound. If you only need video (no sound), then the request to record sound can be rejected.

After that, the AZ Screen Recorder program will make a three-second countdown and start recording video from the screen of your Android phone. The operation of the application can be understood by the floating button with a timer, on which the recording time will be displayed.

In order to stop recording video from the screen, you need to click on the floating button. After that, an additional menu will appear in which you can pause (pause) or completely stop recording. Also, video recording can be stopped using a notification that will be available in the Android top curtain.

After stopping the recording, the created video will be saved to the memory of the Android smartphone. By default, AZ Screen Recorder saves videos to the “/ storage / emulated / 0 / AZRecorderFree /” folder. You can view the footage using any video viewing application.

How to record screen on Android

Screen recording on Android phone may be needed for different purposes. For example, videos are used to provide instructions or to demonstrate a problem a user is facing. Also, recording video from the Android phone screen is used to create entertainment content for Youtube and other playgrounds. In this article, we will talk about how to record video from the screen on an Android phone and what programs can be used for this.

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Screen recording software

If AZ Screen Recorder app doesn’t suit you, then you can choose some other app to record video from Android phone display. Below we will consider a few more such applications.

Record video from your computer screen in Windows 10

There are many ways to capture your Windows 10 screen, from standard tools to paid software. However, the functionality of the default programs is not always enough. This article will show you how to record video with sound using the default XBox Game Bar, Movavi Screen Recorder and Screencast-O-Matic programs.

Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is built-in, so you can install it on your computer for free from the Microsoft Store. It is a customizable panel that appears on top of all windows. The main idea of ​​the utility is to SIMplify the user’s life while playing games. Its features include chatting with other Xbox users, adjusting game and notification sound levels, checking computer performance, and of course screen recording and taking screenshots. Please note that Game Bar does not know how to record the desktop, file explorer and taskbar, but it will perfectly cope with recording games, actions in the browser and working with other applications.

How to record the screen:
1. Run the application whose work you want to record.
2. Open the game panel with the Win G keyboard shortcut.
3. Start capturing video using the Win ALT R combination or the “Start recording” button.
4. Stop recording by clicking on the “Stop” button. By clicking on the pop-up notification, you will automatically open the folder with the recorded video.

Screen recording without third-party software
Hotkeys for all functions
Free utility
Capture games in high quality

Can’t write desktop, file explorer and taskbar
Not available on earlier Windows operating systems

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is another way to record the Windows 10 screen. over, the program records the desktop, any windows, applications, online video and audio. It can also be used to take screenshots, record webcam videos and capture audio. Screen Recorder is easy to use, plus it is very compact. it is a small panel that can be “magnetised” to the edge of the screen or collapsed as unnecessary. You can use the program for free, but the video will have a watermark. To remove it, you can purchase the full version for 1590 rubles.

How to record the screen:
1. Download, install and launch Movavi Screen Recorder. Click on the gear icon. this will open the settings. Go to the “Video” tab and set the frame rate to the maximum. 60 to capture the screen in the best quality. Click “OK” to apply the changes.
2. Click on the video camera icon on the panel to open the video recording mode.
3. Select the recording area. the whole screen, a specific window or any part of the screen.
4. Enable recording audio and webcam if needed. To do this, you just need to click on the corresponding icons.
5. Open the app or video you want to record
6. Click on the red circle. this is the record button that will activate the screen capture. After a three-second countdown, the program will start recording.
7. To end recording, click the Stop button and the recorded video will open in a separate window. Here the video can be trimmed, converted (by default, the recording is in MKV), uploaded to YouTube or Google Drive.

High quality video recording. up to 60 frames per second
Record audio from two sources SIMultaneously
Capturing video from a webcam
Taking and editing screenshots
Auto upload to YouTube and Google Drive.

The free version will have a watermark on the video

How to Record Screen on Windows 10 3 Free Ways

Published: 30 October 2020 Updated: 5 November 2020


Screencast-O-Matic may seem like a very unusual screen recorder. The downloaded file will not install it on a PC in the usual sense of the word. Each time the official website of the developer will open, from where you can run the utility. With its help, you can record everything that happens on the screen, including activity in the browser and actions with programs. The free version limits you to 15-minute videos, but you can choose one of the paid subscriptions: Deluxe. 1.65 per month or Premier. 4 per month (the amount will be debited immediately for a year).

How to record the screen:
1. Open the Screencast-O-Matic website and click Record for Free. On the page that opens, click Launch Free Recorder. Install the downloaded file and then run it. it will send you back to the site. Press the same button again. now the program itself will start.
2. Adjust capture settings: select screen area, adjust microphone volume and video quality.
3. Press the Rec button to start recording.
4. Press the pause button and then Done to proceed to save the video.
5. Select Save / Upload to save the video or Edit Video to edit it (not available in the free version). Choose a save method: save as file, upload to YouTube or put in the cloud storage Screencast-O-Matic.

Does not take up hard disk space
Many export options
720p video recording
Capturing video from a webcam

Free mode only allows you to record 15-minute clips
The free version cannot record system sound
No Russian interface

These are, of course, not all the ways to record a screen. Xbox Game Bar is a standard program that is always at your fingertips, Movavi Screen Recorder has several recording modes (screen, webcam, audio), and Screencast-O-Matic is ideal for those who do not want to install additional software.

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