How to Record Android Phone Screen

Built-in tools

You can record videos without third-party software. The Android operating system is constantly being improved. So, in the new Android OS, you can record the screen at any time. You can pause the video, save it and share it in any social media. networks. There are no special settings and additional options. This makes the firmware even easier to use.

The app needs to be opened first. By default, it is hidden from users, but it can be started using a special command. For this you need:

  • Enable the Developer Options option. Name may differ depending on phone model.
  • Go to settings, select the section with information about the smartphone.
  • Find the item where the build number is indicated. You must click on it several times. A notification should appear stating that the user is now a developer.
  • Return to the main settings page. The item “Developer options” should appear in it. It is usually located at the bottom of the main list. If the section is not there, you can go to advanced settings. Click on “Advanced”.
  • Enable screen recording function. You need to open the developer options, select “Feature flags”. It’s in the debug section. Then find the inscription “settings_screenrecord_long_press” and activate the setting.
  • Record video. After enabling the desired settings, hold down the power key. This will open the menu. Then hold down the screen capture button, or screenshot. A pop-up window should appear that says “Start Recording”. At the same time, the settings for pause, cancel, save are displayed. The video will be saved in a specific folder on your phone. You can change the save location in the settings.

All Ways to Record Screen on Android

On all modern smartphones, you can take a screenshot. Also, the user can record a video using a third-party program. This function is useful if you need to write down instructions for a utility or play through the game. This opportunity is used not only by bloggers, Youtube channel owners. Figuring out how to record screen on Android isn’t too difficult.

Third Party Screen Recorder Apps for Android

There are many popular programs that can be downloaded to any Android device. However, most of them are suitable for devices with OS 4.4 and higher. The described utilities can be downloaded from the Play Store.

The pluses of video recording software include a wide range of features. The user can choose a utility specifically for their tasks. Minuses:

  • availability of paid content;
  • watermarks are superimposed in some applications, they can be removed only with the purchase of a premium account;
  • often the duration and quality of the video is limited;
  • sometimes you need root rights to record with sound.

Applications that allow you to record video from the screen without ROOT rights:

  • Az Screen Recorder. Allows you to capture from the display along with sound. Alternatively, you can stop recording.
  • REC Screen Recorder. No less popular utility. Most often used to create video instructions. You can record a file with sound that will come from an external speaker.
  • Screen Recorder No Ads. The program is convenient because it contains no ads. The recorded file can be edited: insert a photo, resize.

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AZ Screen Recorder

Available at A demanding app that asks for permissions prior to installation.

The program is paid, otherwise you will have to endure advertising and other disadvantages. Remember to allow pop-ups.

To do this, open the settings.

Management. the icon on the left, by clicking on which additional menu items open.

You can pre-configure the settings for Android screen video recording.

The notification shade will display buttons for pause and stop. The program will first ask for permission for sound and display.

The recorded file will open in a pop-up window where you can share, delete or edit it.

Total: Lots of settings and a fairly user-friendly interface, but ads are distracting. And there are too many things she needs to allow.


Available at Another popular solution. It stands out in that it has separate versions for Samsung ( and LG (, so use them if you have devices of these brands. However, please note that translation is lame in places.

At launch, a premium demo is offered without watermarks and ads.

A short tutorial is shown immediately.

After clicking on the circle, the control is shown.

It turns off by dragging to the bottom of the display.

For work, you will have to allow the use “on top of others”.

This is done in the settings.

You will also need to allow access to the storage and screen recording with Android sound.

Almost anything can be customized.

There is a wizard for automatic selection of parameters.

When recording a video, a timer will be displayed next to the circle, clicking on it opens the options for pause or complete stop. You can take a screenshot on the go.

The finished video is offered to view or delete.

There is no built-in player, one of the installed.

Total: original version of how to record video from Android screen. Interesting management compensates for some shortcomings in logic and translation.

How to Record Android Screen Video

Videos confidently wins screenshots in all respects. they provide more information, and it’s much more interesting to watch them. And thanks to applications that “know” how to record a screen on Android with sound, and share it with friends, anyone can do them. Let’s take a look at the best recording software.

DU Recorder

Available at Without reservation, TOP APP for recording video from the Android screen:

  • comfortable;
  • fast;
  • without payment.

At the first start, you only need to allow access to the files.

By default, it is controlled through pop-up windows, but you can also get by with a notification curtain.

There is even a mini-FAQ for work.

The main section has a tutorial and a button that starts video recording.

Parameters are hidden behind the gear.

First you need to give access to the microphone.

And also to the picture on the display.

The control interface will be shown in the curtain.

The finished video goes to the library.

Bottom line: An excellent Android screen capture tool. Be sure to put.

Android Screen Recorder. Record Video Games

Available at Another way how to make screen video on Android phone. Also requires overlay, sound and display to be enabled.

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Shows horrible video ads on every launch. Will add a short tutorial for the first time.

There are practically no settings.

The curtain looks familiar.

The finished video can be shared or deleted.

They ask for money for refusing advertising.

The interface floats as usual, gives a couple of buttons.

Total: No pause. There is no built-in player. At the same time. millions of users, apparently due to SIMplicity. Perhaps the paid version has more features, but you don’t want to purchase it.

How to Record Screen on Android: Top 5 Ways

Game Screen Recorder

Available at Promises correct operation in various gaming applications. Immediately asks for permission to use system functions.

When launched, it will show self-promotion, however, without translation.

The main section offers to add applications / games.

The gear opens quite rich settings.

Before you record something, in English it will require you to enable the mode on top of all (configurable as standard).

The interface is SIMple. one button. The first press starts video recording, the second one stops.

The file can be sent to friends or deleted. Uses third-party players for viewing, if they are in the system.

Bottom line: Potentially good application, concise interface and extensive features. Worth a try for gamers.

How to Record Android Screen Video without Programs

Finally, let’s figure out how to take a video from the Android screen without programs. It all depends on the installed applications of the device itself. For example, Xiaomi has a “native” program.

And even with settings.

So check the menu of your device, perhaps everything you need is already included.

Show clicks:

In the process of video recording, it shows taps on the screen. it is convenient for creating video instructions on the phone.

And yes the latest settings.

Vertical frame:

Initially, when recording a video, you get a horizontal inverted image (visible when viewed on a PC), if we check the box, then the video will be vertical when viewed (recommended choice).

Hide icon:

This option enables (displays) and disables (hides) the flashing icon in the notification bar that video is being recorded.

How to Record Android Screen Video

Often, to create a high-quality video instruction or video review, you need to record a video from an Android smartphone. In this article, we will consider recording video from a smartphone using the Android SCR Screen Recorder program.

The SCR Screen Recorder program can be downloaded from our website.

The program requires Android version 4.0.3 or higher

Also, for the program to work, you need root rights and a phone with good resources.

If the program does not work or slows down, try changing the program settings:

If this does not help, then perhaps you should try another program or use a more powerful phone.

After installing the program, click on the following icon in the phone:

After clicking on it, a panel with three buttons opens:

  • start video recording
  • customization
  • exit application

Before you start recording, I recommend setting up the program. by clicking the settings button.

Let’s go through the program settings:

Bit rate:

For those who do not know “Bitrate” is the speed of information transmission over the channel, the higher this parameter, the better the video quality. The optimal choice is 10-15Mbps.

Image processing:

Here we choose how the video recording will be processed, this is the processor or the video core of the phone (with a weak phone, you can play around with the settings and choose the optimal ones for yourself). For most phones, GPU is the best choice.

record, android, phone, screen


In this section, we select the codec to encode our video. Optimal. H264


Select the video recording resolution. The best choice. set the resolution of your phone.

Source (sound):

Microphone is the recording of sound from the microphone of the phone, that is, the recording of your voice.

Internal. this is the recording of application sounds (only sounds from the application without a microphone will be recorded). does not work on all phones.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder. not bad unpretentious free program that allows you to capture video on devices with the Android operating system. Can also work on older versions of Android, adjust sound and video quality, and take screenshots.

As with many free software, Screen Recorder has limitations on the ability to change video capture settings and has built-in ads, which can only be removed by purchasing the full version of the application.

Screen Recorder also requires Superuser rights (root access) in order for the program to work correctly.


This application is also intended for those users who, for one reason or another, cannot get root-rights on their Android mobile device. Like the program mentioned in the previous section, Recordable records video by connecting your phone or tablet to a personal computer.

To start working with the application, you need to go to Google Play and download there EASY screen recorder NO ROOT for mobile devices. Then go to the developer’s site and download the Recordable for PC by clicking on the “Download Recordable Actoivator” button located at the top of the page. Do not connect your phone or tablet to the computer at this time.

The activator will install drivers for Android OS on your computer and start searching for devices, after that you can connect your phone or tablet to your PC via USB. At the above link to the developer’s website, you can find a detailed video instruction on using the Recordable program, if you have additional difficulties.

Screencast Video Recorder

One of the most famous solutions in the market for capturing video on mobile devices with Android OS, a veteran of the application market for recording video from the screen, the Screencast Video Recorder program requires root rights for its work. The application can work with devices on which the Android OS version 2.2 and later is installed. Its functionality includes not only screen recording and transcoding to MPEG4 format, but also screenshot recording in JPEG, BMP and PNG formats. The resulting video can be immediately uploaded to social networks, transmitted via Bluetooth or uploaded to popular portals like youtube. In addition, the latest version of Screencast Video Recorder can record time-lapse video, which allows you to significantly shorten your video, making it faster and more convenient to watch.

The program does not work on NVIDIA Tegra 2/3 processors and Galaxy Nexus devices.

Developers want a lot of money for their solution, but there is a free 24-hour demo version that allows you to evaluate all the capabilities of the program before deciding on its capabilities and need.

No Root Screen Recorder

The program is available in two versions. trial free and fully functional paid. Requires Android 4.0 or higher operating system installed on the phone or tablet, can start recording video by shaking the device, writes voice, has YouTube integration. and other social services.

Support for Samsung Galaxy Nexus and NVIDIA Tegra 2/3 platform, unfortunately, is not implemented in No Root Screen Recorder.

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How to use No Root Screen Recorder:

-download the app from Google Play;

-download a free desktop application for your PC;

-unzip the PC client to drive D: or another;

-connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer using a USB cable;

-run the start.bat file;

-run the No Root Screen Recorder application on your mobile device and click the “connect computer” button;

-the application notification will start in the notification bar, click it;

-after saving it, you can find the recorded file in the / sdcard / DCIM folder.

Record video from the screen without root rights

Unfortunately for users, if your Android phone or tablet is not “rooted”, you will not be able to directly capture video from its screen. The only way to record video from the screen of such a device is to use programs that require your Android device to be connected to a personal computer. We will give examples of a couple of such applications below.

SCR Screen Recorder

Another popular screen recording app. Don’t install it if your phone or tablet is not rooted. The program uses hardware accelerated video encoding to obtain the best quality, and is almost the only one that can work with devices on the NVIDIA Tegra platform, including the Nexus 7.

SCR Screen Recorder is available in free and paid versions. The free version allows you to capture video with a maximum duration of only 3 minutes, and your videos will have an indelible watermark of the application manufacturer.

The program is very easy to use, it allows you to select codecs for video compression, select a frame rate, and also has preset sets of settings.

At the moment, SCR Screen Recorder is still in beta, so the developers honestly warn that the correct operation of their application on all Android devices is not guaranteed.

To run the program, you need Android OS version 4.0.3 or older.

Free but very promising video capture software Shou is still in beta testing. But the application already has a number of very interesting features, for example, it can capture video in Full HD 1080 pixels resolution with stereo sound and a frame rate of 30 fps. Also, the application can take screenshots with a SIMple shake, has no embedded ads, and can write videos without any restrictions on the size of the recorded file or the recording duration.

We can say that today Shou has one of the best functionality among video capture applications among its competitors, and besides, it does not (yet) require money for it. We hope that after the end of the testing period and the release of the full-fledged final version, the program will remain free.

Like all the other apps mentioned earlier, Shou also requires the user to be rooted in order to function.

How to Record Screen Video on Android

Record video from the screen of a phone or tablet with the Android operating system installed. an operation that is not frequently accessed, but sometimes this feature can be useful. For example, you want to show your friends the passage of a new game, or you want to create a training video on one or another function of the operating system and share it with the world. In any case, it is always useful for an advanced user to know how video capture is carried out in Android OS.

There are many programs that allow you to record video from the screen of an Android device, and today we will tell you about some of them. For most of these applications, you will need to get root access on your phone or tablet. How to do this, you can find out from the following article in our knowledge base:

But there are some applications that work without root rights, however, to use them you need to connect your Android device to your desktop computer. So let’s go in order.

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec. (Screen Recorder) is designed for those whose phone or tablet has the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat. The application has many settings, can create presets for easy automation of work and, like most of the heroes of today’s review of applications that can record video from the Android screen, requires the user to have root rights.

In Rec. (Screen Recorder) you can record sound directly from the microphone, set timers for recording, record video with sound up to one hour.

In the free version of the program, there is a limit on the duration of the recorded video file of 5 minutes, as well as recording a video with sound for only 30 seconds.

Capture video without root in Android 4.4

In the Android4.4 operating system, the ability to record video from mobile devices using a desktop computer is a standard function of the system, although this feature is implemented somewhat cluMSIly. Files saved in this way are written to the “Gallery” of the phone or tablet and are immediately available for further actions.

First, you need to enable the “USB debugging” option on your mobile device. This is done in the “Settings” menu, the “For Developers” item (“Developer Options”). If this menu item is not visible in your settings menu, you need to go to the menu item “About phone” or “About tablet”, find the line “Build number” there and click on it ten times in a row. After that, going up one level, you will find in the list of settings the item “For Developers”.

The next step is to download and use the Android SDK developer package, of which the ADB program is a part.

-download and unzip the Android SDK on your desktop PC;

-in the folder where you unzipped the Android SDK, find the sdk / platform-tools folder, and there the ADB.exe executable file;

-start the command line mode on the computer by entering (for Windows 7) the cmd command in the search bar of the main menu;

-specify the path to the folder with the adb.exe file in the command line;

-enter the following command and press “Enter” key:

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/yourfile.mp4

where yourfile.mp4. name of your video file.

The maximum duration of the file recorded in this way is limited to three minutes; you can end the recording earlier by pressing the CtrlC key combination on the keyboard.

Other commands that can be used with this:

size. sets the video resolution, for example 1280×720. By default, the recording is carried out in the display resolution of your device;

bit-rate. sets the bitrate of your video in Megabits per second, for example: screenrecord.-bit-rate 6000000 /sdcard/demo.mp4 will write video with a stream of 6 Mb / s

By default, the recording bitrate is 4 Mb / s;

time-limit. sets the maximum duration of a video in seconds (by default it is the maximum 180 seconds available for recording in this way);

rotate. unfolds the video 90 degrees;

verbose. displays the log entry on the command line.

On the Google Play and other sites dedicated to the Android operating system, you can find a sufficient number of applications that can record video from the screen of a phone or tablet. And even if you have a device without root rights, you can always capture video using a desktop computer by installing a specialized program. So brag about game playthroughs, post instructional videos on operating system functions and write any of your videos on any Android.

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How to Record Screen Video on Android Phone

Hello! Today I will show you how to record screen video on Android phone. Everything is very SIMple! See further!

You will need an android smartphone. Go to the Google Play website.

Search for “screen video”. We are interested in the DU Recorder application. Go to the app page.

Install the app on your phone.

Allow the app to access your phone. Click on the Accept button.

After the application is installed, open it.

Note. As soon as the application starts, you will be shown instructions on how to use it. When you press the main button (displayed on the right of the screen), 4 more buttons will appear:

How to record screen video

Next, go to the page (where you want to start the video), click on the Record button. You will start recording video.

After you record the video, it will appear on the main page of the application and will be automatically saved to your phone. You can edit the video or share it.

To change the video, click on the top right on the Menu button, in the window that opens, click Change. The following tools are available for video editing:

  • Pruning.
  • Remove middle.
  • Add music.
  • Add subtitles.
  • Introduction and end of the video.
  • Background image.
  • Crop video.
  • Change speed.
  • Turn.

In the application tools, you have access to tools:

  • Edit video.
  • Merge video.
  • Video to GIF.
  • Wi-Fi transmission.
  • Change Image.
  • Combining images.

In the application settings, you can:

  • Video resolution.
  • Video quality.
  • Sound recording.
  • Frame frequency.
  • Video location.
  • Invert video color.
  • Recover interface after a crash.
  • Recording mode.
  • Hide recording window when recording.
  • Shake your phone to stop recording.
  • Don’t close the application when exiting the floating window.
  • Disable toast notification after taking a screenshot.
  • Timer.
  • Hide record button on homepage.
  • Continue recording when the screen is off.
  • Recording tools (enable / disable).
  • Create a shortcut to video editor on your desktop.
  • Create Shortcut Pop Videos.

Everything is ready! This is how easy and fast you can record screen video on Android phone.

Screen video recording

Another video recording application that works stably. You can also download it for free, and then purchase the PRO version if you want to get an extended arsenal of possibilities. The program allows you to record video in high quality, and then send it to the “cloud” or social network.

The developers claim that their creation perfectly copes with recording gameplay, as well as creating a kind of video tutorial. when the user talks about the capabilities of the operating system or some utility. Also, the application allows you to keep a memory of communication with other people via Skype. Of course, there is the possibility of recording from a microphone, without which it is difficult to imagine a normal conversation recording.

The most interesting feature of this program is the presets. You can adjust the picture quality as you wish and save your choice as a separate option. This way you can create many presets, which allows you to avoid wasting time in the future choosing the resolution, bit rate and other parameters.


    Video recording up to one hour long. You can download the program for free. Doesn’t require root access. There is a possibility of using a microphone. SIMple and intuitive interface. The ability to save parameters as presets. Countdown timer and other useful features.


    Many of the above features are only available in the PRO version. Performance issues on some devices.

Rating: 6/10

The best programs to record video from the screen on Android

Many people know the fact that the Android operating system is able to create screenshots. But in some cases, this function is not enough. It so happens that you want to create a full-fledged video recording in order to then share it with your friends. But capturing video is already a non-trivial task that only third-party utilities can handle. In today’s collection we will talk about how to record video from the Android screen.

AZ Screen Recorder

The developers of this utility try to immediately mention that their creation functions without root. in Google Play this fact is even displayed in the name of the program. But what can the application do? After all, it could not do without restrictions, since they are imposed by the operating system itself.

In fact, the program allows you to record video from the screen on most smartphones, regardless of the version of Android installed. You can start the shooting process literally in one tap, if you have placed the appropriate widget on the desktop. In this case, not only the sound of the system can be recorded, but also the data coming from the microphone. This is very useful in cases where you need to record a video tutorial on a mobile operating system. And the utility also knows how to pause video recording. a rare competitor can boast of this.


    Free distribution. Doesn’t require root rights. Lack of advertising. There is no time limit. A handy widget that allows you to start recording with one touch. The ability to pause recording. Choice of resolution and bit rate. The ability to record sound from a microphone. Even richer functionality in the paid version.


    The microphone may be muted during Skype recording. Problems with taking screenshots are possible.

Rating: 8/10


One of the SIMplest programs designed to take video from the screen of a smartphone or tablet. It has a very SIMplified interface. The user needs to open the application and then press the “Start” button. After 5 seconds, video recording will start. During this time, you can minimize the program. To finish shooting, you just need to press the “Stop” button, which is located in the notification panel.

In fact, this utility is rich in all kinds of settings. But you can find many of them only in the paid version, which cannot but disappoint. However, it costs only 50 rubles. if you really want to get a high-quality video, you can definitely be generous with such an insignificant amount.

ScreenRecorder allows you to accompany the recording with sound recorded from the microphone. And the functionality of the PRO version is slightly more advanced. It also boasts a lack of ads, which can be annoying in the free ScreenRecorder utility. It should be noted that the application works stably without root only on Android 5.0 and newer versions of the operating system. On older versions of the operating system, root access is still required. But this applies to almost all utilities reviewed today.

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