How to Record iPhone 10 Screen Videos

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Reflector app to record video from iPhone and Mac screen

You can also record video from the iPhone screen using third-party applications. One of them is Reflector. Immediately, we note that this utility is available on the two most popular desktop platforms. Windows and OS X. and has a free version with some restrictions.

Simply put, Reflector emits an AirPlay receiver. And thanks to the Video Replay function, users can display everything that happens on the iPhone on the computer screen. Also the app has a recording function.

Separately, it should be noted that Reflector does not have its own main window. After launch, users can make some settings related to the quality of the resulting image, if necessary, set a password when connecting, etc.

Vidyo. an application for capturing video from the iPhone screen

With the Vidyo app, you can record MOV videos from your iPhone and iPad at up to 30 frames per second. The utility supports work in any application and allows you to simultaneously record sound from a microphone.

The main difference between Vidyo and its counterparts is that the program works on devices without jailbreak. According to the developer, during recording, it has almost no effect on the performance of the gadget.

In addition to recording from the iPhone and iPad screens, the application allows post-processing of the material. The user can add his own sound track, import audio recordings or videos from the library, record his own Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the microphone. Unique trimming function allows you to accurately adjust the soundtrack.

Vidyo app. for recording for

For the ability to record screencasts on the iPhone and iPad, you will have to pay 300 rubles. The developer appreciated that kind of money for an application that is compatible with any devices on iOS 9.

IPhone Screen Recording. Basic Methods and Third-Party Programs

How to Record iPhone Screen Video with Sound? This question is very often interested in the newly-minted owners of brand new iPhone 5s 6 7 8 X. In today’s article I will tell you about various ways to record video from the iPhone screen with and without sound using standard programs and third-party applications.

The best programs for capturing video from the screen iPhone

In the process of working with phones of the iPhone brand, it becomes necessary to record what is happening on the screen. This could be home screen actions, letplays, app settings, or an important broadcast. This requires specialized software that you simply cannot find. Now I am going to tell you about the best iPhone screen capture apps.

How to record video from the screen iPhone with sound using built-in programs. step by step instructions

Capturing video from the iPhone screen will help you create a gameplay screencast, video tutorial, or perform any other task related to capturing what is happening on the display.

Previously, screen recording was only possible with a jailbreak, but now users can launch a screencast using built-in iPhone functions, third-party apps from the App Store, or from their Windows computer, MAC OS.

  • To do this, you need to open the iPhone settings and go to the “Control Center” section. Recall, “Control Center” is a menu that opens with a swipe from the bottom edge of the screen. There you can adjust the screen brightness, as well as other commonly used iPhone functions.
  • After you have opened the section with the settings of the “Control Center”, you need to go to the subsection “Customize controls”.
  • This will take you to a menu where you can customize which items will be available in the Control Center. Here you can add and remove items, as well as change their order. In order to be able to enable iPhone screen recording, you need to add an item “Screen Recording”.
  • Now you can enable screen recording on iPhone. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center. Then click on the screen recording button, which looks like a dot and a circle. As a result, a countdown will appear inside the button, and then the button will turn red, signaling that screen recording has already begun. To stop recording, return to the “Control Center” and press this button again.
  • Also, when you turn on screen recording, you can open a menu with additional settings. To do this, you need to press the record button and hold it down for a while. As a result, a menu will appear on the screen in which you can enable sound recording from the microphone.
  • After stopping the recording, the resulting clips can be found in the “Photos” application in the “Videos” album. Using the “Share” button, you can send these videos from the “Photos” application to the cloud storage or by email. You can also connect your iPhone to your computer and upload videos directly, they will be in the same folder as your photos.

iTools. Screen Recorder iPhone

In the absence of a connection to a wireless network, owners of computers based on the Windows operating system can use the third method. In this case, you need an iPhone, cable and iTools app.

iTools is a fairly popular utility from Asian developers. The app is an alternative to Apple’s iTunes media combine.

But unlike the program from Apple, iTools has wider functionality. For example, it allows you to record screencasts from iPhone and iPad.

iOS 11 and higher

Starting with the 11th version of iOS, iPhone can record video from the screen using the built-in tool. In this case, the finished file is saved to the “Photos” application. In addition, if the user wants to have additional tools for working with video, you should think about downloading a third-party application.

The most popular iPhone recording software. Combines ease of use with advanced video editing features. The process for enabling it is similar to the standard recording tool, but there are slight differences. Read about how to use DU Recorder and what else it can do in our article in Method 2.

The iPhone OS also offers its own video capture tools. To enable this function, you need to go to the phone settings. In the future, the user will only use the “Control Panel” (quick access to the main functions).

First you need to make sure that the “Screen Recorder” tool is in the “Control Panel” of the system.

Go to the “Control Center” section. Click Configure Element. management “.

Add a Screen Recorder to the top block. To do this, tap on the plus sign opposite the desired item.

The user can also change the order of elements by pressing and holding an element in a special place indicated in the screenshot. This will affect their position in the “Control Panel”.

The process of activating the screen capture mode is as follows:

    Open the iPhone Control Panel by swiping down from the top-right edge of the screen (in iOS 12) or from the bottom up from the bottom of the screen. Find the screen recording icon.

Tap and hold for a few seconds, after which the settings menu will open, where you can also turn on the microphone.

Click “Start Recording”. After 3 seconds, everything you do on the screen will be recorded. This also applies to notification sounds. You can remove them by activating the “Do not disturb” mode in the phone settings.

To end the video capture, go to the “Control Panel” again and click the record icon again. Please note that you can also mute and unmute the microphone while filming.

You can find the saved file in the “Photos” application. the “All photos” album, or by going to the “Media types” section. “Video”.

IPhone Screen Recording

In the process of surfing the Internet or spending time in the game, the user sometimes wants to record his actions on video to show his friends or post on video hosting. It is easy to implement and also add system and microphone sound transmission if desired.

IPhone Screen Recording

You can enable video capture on iPhone in several ways: using the standard iOS settings (version 11 and higher), or using third-party programs on your computer. The latter option will be relevant for someone who owns an old iPhone and has not updated the system for a long time.

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iOS 10 and below

If the user does not want to update to iOS 11 and higher, then the standard screen recording will not be available to him. Owners of older iPhones can use the free iTools program. This is a kind of alternative to the classic iTunes, which for some reason does not provide such a useful function. Read about how to work with this program and how to record video from the screen in the next article.

In this article, we have analyzed the basic programs and tools for capturing video from the iPhone screen. Starting with iOS 11, device owners can quickly enable this feature in the “Control Panel”.

Record video audio from your screen for free

  • Record high quality video from your PC screen, as well as audio from your system or input device in sync with video.
  • Simplify the number of steps and mouse clicks, for a more comfortable use. Manage your entire recording process effortlessly.
  • Support for output to multiple formats and conversion using the latest compression technologies. Better quality and smaller size.

How to Record Screen to Make Video with TechSmith

TechSmith iPhone Screen Recorder lets you record your screen without jailbreak. This function is very easy to run!

Enable Screen Recording on your iOS device (in Control Center Customize Controls, scroll down and click the plus sign next to Screen Recording).

Set up screen recording (Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click the screen recording button. Then select TechSmith Capture.).

Record your screen shot (click “Start Broadcast” when you’re ready to start recording. Then close Control Center and start the process you want to record).

How to Record iPhone Screen Video Using a Third Party App

If you belong to the group of Apple fans. iFans that never stops using an iPhone, here’s a handy recording software you can try. TechSmith Capture offers powerful screen recording technology for your mobile devices. You can easily record apps and other content for demo videos, presentations, and tutorials. The possibilities are endless.

record, iphone, screen, videos

How to record video from your computer screen

Except for the need to use screen recording software on mobile phones, there is an increasing need for PC recording. Whether used for conferencing, online courses, video tutorials, music videos or HD movies, powerful PC screen recorder software will definitely work great and professional.

IFun Screen Recorder was created to solve the mentioned problems. How to record video from your computer screen? Check out the following instructions to see how easy it is!

How to Record iPhone Screen Video without Third Party Apps

If your iPhone storage is almost full to download other apps, and the question of how to record a screen to create video is really an absolute must, don’t worry, you can do it with the original iOS system.!

Before you get started, to ensure a smooth experience, you can go to Settings Control Center Customize Controls in advance and then tap the plus sign next to Screen Recording. When done, the menu will look like this:

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the screen recording button when you’re ready to start recording.

Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the button again. You can stop recording whenever you want. After that, you can easily find the video in the photo gallery.

How to Record Screen Videos 2021: Safe, Fast & Free [All Devices]

Where there is demand, there is a perfect product. Screen recording software is no exception. For business, people sometimes record conference calls to make a backup; in education, teachers record online courses, spreading knowledge anytime, anywhere; and for the internet, media bloggers usually use such screen recording tools to create game video blogs, and some do video tutorials in areas such as food, makeup, clothing, etc.

Indeed, a screen recorder plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life. How to record video from computer or phone screen? This article will introduce you to the free and useful recording tools that best suit your needs. Stay up to date!

How to Record iPhone Screen Video

According to Google, in 2020 the number of active devices running iOS reaches a record 1.5 billion, and therefore, naturally, a significant part of users have a demand for how to record video from the screen. Otherwise, the Apple team would not have updated the recording function in their iOS 14. There are two ways to easily decide how to record video from the iPhone screen.

Why Choose iFun Screen Recorder

iFun screen recorder can record any area of ​​the screen with no recording time limit. What’s more, it records HD video without watermark.

How to record video from the screen. Is free

You don’t need a penny to use the various functions. You don’t need to pay anything to get 100% quality service.

How to record video from the screen. Easily

Designed with a user-friendliness philosophy, every step is carefully thought out so that a beginner can master the software in a matter of seconds.

How to record video from the screen. Functionally

iFun Screen Recorder supports taking screenshots while recording. In addition, more than 12 output formats are supported for storage and conversion to other formats you need. Plus, it’s also guaranteed to be free of lags when recording HD.

How to record a video from the screen of an iOS device

Increasingly, many users are wondering how to record what is happening on the screen of an iOS device. We will not argue why this is necessary. there can be many reasons. Let’s better see how you can implement this with minimal costs on our part.

First of all, let’s give credit to Apple for taking care of the users with the amazing AirPlay Mirroring feature. This iOS feature makes it easy to broadcast the action that unfolds on the screen of your smartphone or tablet to Apple TV. But skillful developers decided to add another way to use AirPlay Mirroring. recording video from the screen. Just what we need.

So let’s get started. But first about the requirements. First of all, we need a computer. The operating system can be OS X (10.7 or newer) or Windows (XP or newer). Then, make sure we are using the correct iOS device. For our purposes, you need an iPad 2, 3, 4 and mini, an iPhone 4S or 5, and a 5th generation iPod Touch. And finally, the last condition. Your devices must be connected to the same local network.

If there are no difficulties at the previous point, then we proceed to the next stage of preparation. Download the Reflector app from the official website. The program is paid, but even the demo version allows you to record up to 10 minutes of video, which is more than enough for most of us. Reflector is available in both OS X and Windows versions. After installing the program on your computer and in order to avoid problems in the future, make sure that your firewall is not blocking Reflector.

Now let’s turn to the program settings. First, you need to select the device from which you are going to record video. Then you can select the playback mode: full screen or in a window, as well as select the background colors for the video. In addition, in the settings you can see the rate of frames per second.

After all the preparations are made, let’s turn to our iOS device. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and connected to the same network as the computer, and then bring up the multitasking panel. We do one left-to-right swipe for the iPad and two for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition to traditional elements, we find there a new button. this is AirPlay Mirroring. We boldly press it and see the device selection dialog. Here you need to select the name of your computer, then Mirroring or Video replay will appear, here we just activate the switch.

After a couple of seconds, a copy of the screen of your device will appear on the computer screen, which will reflect any of your actions with the gadget. Please note that the sound is no longer played from the device speaker, but from the computer speakers. The only thing left is to turn on the recording. In the case of OS X, click Device. Start Recording, in the case of Windows, you will need to right-click directly on the broadcast image.

After that, the recording will begin, which, let me remind you, in the unregistered version of the program is 10 minutes. Video recording can be stopped at any time by pressing the same sequence as when you started recording. After that, Reflector will immediately offer to save the resulting video, indicating the name. We press save and wait a couple of minutes for the video to be saved. That’s it, the recording is ready.

How to Record Screen Video of iPhone and iPad Running iOS 10 and iOS 11

Often there is a need to record the screen of an iPhone or iPad, and the purpose of this can be completely different. creating a promotional video, demonstrating gameplay, publishing on social networks and a number of other reasons why many owners of Apple products are looking for a way to record the screen of an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

Fortunately, Apple has recently made it possible to record iPhone and iPad screens on video, without the need to purchase special software or use a Wi-Fi connection. The picture will be transferred to a computer and instantly written to a file, which can then be used to solve your problems.

This method of recording the screen of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is relevant only for owners of Mac computers running OS X 10.9 or later. Note that this is the only way to achieve maximum quality when recording the iPhone and iPad screen, that is, the picture will be transmitted to the Mac computer in the original native resolution of the smartphone or tablet screen.

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen Videos on Mac?

Connect iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to Mac with Lightning Cable.

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Launch QuickTime Player on macOS (OS X).

In the menu, select the section “File”. “New video”.

By clicking on the arrow in the window that appears, select the connected iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as the sound source. Along the way with this, you should choose the maximum video quality so that the picture is of the highest quality and detailed.

As soon as a picture from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch appears on the Mac screen, you can press the red record button and record video from the screen of the connected device.

To save the recorded clip, select “File”. “Save” from the menu, then enter the desired name for the saved video and specify the path to the storage location on your Mac.

The undoubted advantage of this method for recording the screen of iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 and iOS 11 is that video is recorded in the highest possible resolution. It is simply impossible to achieve the best quality, so the AirServer and Reflector 2 programs, which work over Wi-Fi, can be safely put aside.

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A pretty decent Bandicam program will help you record video from the monitor screen, as well as create screenshots. It can be used to record video files in video games. At the same time, the software can be used when working with a webcam, in Skype, and so on. The program supports popular formats BMP, PNG, JPG.

How to record video from a computer screen

If you want to record a video from the screen with sound, you will definitely have to download and install one of the proposed programs. Next, you need to follow the instructions for the selected utility. Each program has its own nuances, for example: regarding the recorded online video, regarding its size and quality.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture was designed for taking screenshots. Also, using the program, you can record video directly from your PC monitor. The utility is small in size, but has many advantages:

  • although the video comes out in a small format, it is of very decent quality;
  • the resulting picture contains no inscriptions and other unnecessary garbage;
  • support for 1440p format;
  • you can record with sound from two sources at once;
  • the program is lightweight, while there is also a portable version;
  • works with Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP.

AZ Screen Recorder

After checking out AZ Screen Recorder app, everyone can figure out how to record a video from the screen of an Android phone. The program is very simple and distributed free of charge. At the same time, the software has impressive functionality.

How To Record Your iPhone Screen

After the program is downloaded to the gadget, there will be a special button on the left side of the display. If you click it, a window will appear in which you can select the necessary functions, in particular, “video recording”.

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen Videos on Windows

To understand how to record video from the iPad screen, you need to use the iTools program. Next, you need to connect your device to your computer and in the utility find a tab called “Tools”. “Desktop in real time (Real-Time ScreenShot)”. Then press the record button, select the desired quality and resolution of the video recording from the screen of the gadget. The same steps are worth following if you own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7.

The best programs that record video from the screen of any device

There are special programs using which everyone can make high-quality video recording from the monitor of their PC with sound. Among the most famous and most popular utilities: Bandicam, Fraps, FastStone Capture, UVScreenCamera, Camtasia Studio and many more.

Each recording program that makes it possible to record video from the screen has its own characteristics. Some of them are paid, some support or do not support certain video recording formats, work with any version of Windows or not.

Algorithm for recording video from the iPhone screen with sound

The capabilities of previous operating systems allowed you to perform these actions using third-party applications. In versions 11 and higher, this can be done without filling the memory by installing programs.

  • In the settings, select the “Control Center” menu.
  • In the menu that opens, click on the settings for controls.
  • In the list that appears, select the item “screen recording” and put in front of it “”.

After that, the shortcut of the activated function must be added to the main screen.

When activated, the function will automatically record without sound. You can activate the microphone using Force Touch.

Screen Recorder List

You can record video from the screen of an Android phone with software version 5.0 and higher using several programs:

  • AZ Screen Recorder. Easy control of the program allows you to record screencasts with no time limit. The recording is available in several formats. The free version of the application does not contain additional functions that may be useful when using.
  • Filmit Pro. Free application with a nice interface. In addition to video recording, functions such as screenshots, applying filters, photo editing, etc. are available.
  • Mobizen. The program works by analogy with AZ Screen Recorder. It allows you to take video and record sound from your Android phone screen. Created screencasts can be edited, trimmed, sound volume changed, etc.

How to record video from the phone screen with sound without installing additional software

Recording is not available in every gadget. For Android devices, you can download a third-party application and implement your plans only if you have version 5.0 or higher. IPhone Screen Recorder with Sound is available on iOS 11 models without additional software.

Screen Recording for Xiaomi, Huawei and Honor

Screen recording in smartphones of these brands is available using the stock application. In devices of the Xiaomi brand and the Redmi sub-brand, the application is located in the “Tools” folder. To edit videos, you can use the built-in video editor. In the application settings, you can change the resolution, frame rate, sound source, etc.

In Huawei and Honor, you can record video with sound from the screen without installing additional software by selecting the appropriate application on the quick settings panel.

How to record video along with music on iPhone?

The iPhone can do incredible things, but sometimes users can’t figure out how to accomplish a small task using a smartphone. And although everyone praises Apple for striving to make it as easy as possible for people to work with their equipment, some functions of the same iPhone are somehow kept secret.

For many years, users of this smartphone have tried to learn how to record video while playing music. This technique does not work by default. However, there is an unconventional and unexpected way that you can use your iPhone to record video while playing audio.

How to Record Video with Music on iPhone in the Camera App?

If you have an iPhone X or an earlier version of your smartphone, skip to the next section, as unfortunately, you will not be able to use the Camera application for these purposes for our purposes.

Using the Camera app to record video with audio in parallel is only available on iPhone XS or later. To do this, you need to use the QuickTake function (detail). Can work in this mode and iPhone SE (2nd generation).

Here’s what you need to do to use the Camera app to record video while playing music:

While holding down the center shutter button, pull it towards the right edge of the screen.

Holding the shutter button between the two circles will record video. If the shutter button is brought to the circle on the right, then the finger can be removed. the recording will continue.

When you’re done, tap the red square to stop recording.

Third party video recording apps

If you can’t or don’t want to use the Camera app to record videos while playing music, there are alternative apps in the App Store. Interestingly, Apple often celebrates the work of third-party developers and some of their solutions eventually appear in the company’s own applications. So do not be surprised that some applications allowed recording video in parallel with the sounding music long before the implementation of this feature in Apple’s proprietary Camera.


If you don’t like social networks and their platforms, then try using the Mideo app. While this service comes at a cost, it does provide an excellent video creation service. This is one of the easiest ways to play music and record video on iPhone at the same time.

How to Record Videos with Music on iPhone in Snapchat?

When Snapchat first launched, with its service of image posts disappearing over time, few could imagine the profound impact it would have on the entire industry and social media. Now there are hundreds of cool features, filters and options to make your photos and videos perfect.

One of the best features is the ability to record video while the iPhone continues to play audio. This is a great feature that comes in handy when recording lip movements that simulate singing or capturing magical landscapes. To use this option, follow the simple instructions:

Hold the capture button in the center of the screen to record video.


5KPlayer is a completely free program that allows you to broadcast from iPhone to computer, as well as record video from the screen (and at the same time work as a media player).

  • Download 5KPlayer from the official website and install the program on your computer.
  • When requesting access to networks from Windows Firewall, give this permission.
  • During the first launch, the program will ask you to register: it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to refuse registration once (the bottom button in the window).
  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Control (swipe from the bottom of the screen) and select “Screen Repeat”.
  • Select 5KPlayer from the list.

After the connection is made, the screen of your iOS device will be reflected on the computer screen. you can use and, if necessary, record a video with sound.

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How to Transfer Image from iPhone to Windows or Mac OS Computer

If you need to display an image from an iPhone to a PC or laptop via Wi-Fi, it is relatively easy to do this: Windows programs are available for transferring images via AirPlay, and Mac OS also has a built-in method of broadcasting from an iOS device.

This tutorial shows the ways to transfer the image from iPhone to computer (which works also for iPad). Unfortunately, none of the features involve on-screen control of an iOS device; such functionality is not provided by Apple for security reasons. See also: How to Transfer Image from Android to Windows 10 Computer.

iPhone X: How to Screen Record & Enable Audio Microphone : Record Gameplay, Videos, etc

Transfer Image from iPhone and iPad to Mac OS

If you have a Mac computer, you can use both the built-in system tools if you need a cable connection, and third-party applications if you need to connect via Wi-Fi to broadcast images to it from your iPhone.


ApowerMirror also allows you to use its functions for free (but there is also a paid version with advanced functionality). After downloading, installing the program and registering a free account, just select the “iOS” tab in it, and you will see everything you need to do: open the iPhone control center and display the image on your computer.

Everything works smoothly and quickly, and if you wish, you can record your phone screen or create screenshots right away on your computer. ApowerMirror download is available on the official website

IOS Image Output on Mac in QuickTime Player

You can use QuickTime Player to cast the iPhone screen to the Mac and, if necessary, record the content, using this method:

  • Connect the iPhone with a cable to your Mac, when prompted whether you need to trust the computer. confirm trust.
  • Launch QuickTime Player on Mac OS (via the Applications folder or search in the status bar at the top right). From the QuickTime Player menu, choose File. New Video.
  • In the window that opens, click on the arrow next to the record button and in the “Camera” point, select iPhone.

Immediately after that, his screen will be reflected on the Mac OS desktop. If you need to record video, you can specify the quality of the recording, the source of the sound recording.

HDMI cable and adapter

If you are unfamiliar with such devices, I will explain briefly. The device itself is a small box with various inputs and outputs. You connect the phone to it via HDMI cable, and the box itself to the computer via the Thunderbolt or USB port.

Now everything that happens on the iPhone screen will be transmitted to the computer, where you can save it to a video file using a special program.

How to Capture Screen Videos on iPhone and iPad

To get started, go to Settings → Control Center → Customize Controls and tap the green icon next to Screen Recording. This will add a recording icon to the “Control Center”.

Step-by-step instructions on how to record video from the screen:

  • Open the “Control Center”. To do this, swipe down from the top-right corner of the display on devices without a Home button, or swipe up from the bottom of the display on a smartphone or tablet with a Home button.
  • Tap the record icon 2 times to start video recording, or press and hold it to turn the microphone on or off. You can also use a third-party extension like Messenger video streaming or Zoom screen sharing.
  • You will see a red indicator in the upper left corner of the iPhone (or in the upper right corner of the iPad). Click it to stop recording.
  • If you left the default settings, open the “Photos” application, where you will see the created video.

After you press the button to start recording, a 3-second countdown will begin before starting. The icon will turn red and blink while recording is in progress.

When you’re ready to finish and save your video, look at the red around the current time in the upper left corner of the iPhone display on newer models, or in the upper right corner on iPad.

After clicking this icon on the status bar, click Stop to complete the process and save the video. Or use “Undo” to continue recording.

After clicking the “Stop” button, you will see a pop-up notification, by clicking on which you can go to the saved record and share it.

By the way, if you want such wallpapers, you can download them from here. There are other wallpapers from the iPhone SE 2020.

How to Record Screen on iPhone with Sound

Screen Recorder on iPhone is a useful feature that you can use to create short and not-so-great videos. Today I will tell you how to record a video from the iPhone screen with and without sound.

This step-by-step guide is great for iPad and iPod touch. I will also tell you how to write an image from the screen when connected to a computer via a Lightning cable.

Which iPhones have built-in screen recording

You do not need to install third-party applications for this, because the built-in ability to record what is happening on the iPhone screen appeared with the release of iOS 11. The function is out of sight, so it is not surprising that not everyone knows about it.

The following Apple device models are capable of recording:

  • IPhones from iPhone 5s and older: SE / 6 / 6s / 7/8 / X / XR / XS / 11 and so on, including all Plus and Max versions. And of course the new 2nd generation iPhone SE.
  • Tablets iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2nd generation), Pro (12.9-inch, 1st generation), Pro (10.5-inch), Pro (9.7-inch), Air 2, Air 6- 1st generation, iPad 5th generation, iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and newer tablets.
  • All iPod touch 6th generation or older.

Owners of older devices, such as iPhone 5 or 4, will have to use other methods described below to capture video from their phone.

To view the installed version of iOS, go to “Settings” → “General” → “About this device” → “Software version”.

In our IPWS-OTA service, you can enter the device model number and see what the maximum iOS version is available for it.

IPhone Screen Recorder with Sound

If you activate recording by clicking the button in the “Control Center”, as described above in the article, there will be no sound in the final video.

By default, the microphone is turned off: this is the reason why the screen recording goes without sound.

To turn the microphone on or off, do not just press, but press and hold the record button. In the window that opens after this, activate it.

You will have to turn on the microphone by long pressing the icon every time you decide to remove the screen on the iPhone with sound.

Using QuickTime

QuickTime Player is a standard macOS player that is built into the system and can record an image from a connected iPhone or Mac screen.

First of all, let’s figure out on which equipment it will work and on which it will not. Your iPhone must be updated to iOS 8 and have a Lightning connector. available in phones from iPhone 5 and later, and tablets from iPad 4 and later. It follows that the iPhone 4S and iPad 3 do not support this option.

You will also need a computer with macOS at least Yosemite (version 10.10) and a Lightning cable (included in the box with the iPhone).

Connect your smartphone to Mac using a cable and launch QuickTime. From the top menu select “File” → “New Video”.

By default, a window will open displaying the video of the built-in camera. At this stage, the player will request access to Mac cameras and microphones. you need to allow otherwise video and sound from Athos will not be displayed.

Click on the small down arrow to the right of the round red record button.

From the drop-down list in the field, you need the camera and microphone of your device. Here you can also select the video quality. Be careful with this parameter, as the size of the final file can grow a lot.

An exact snapshot of the image from your iPhone is displayed on the Mac screen. To start recording, click on the red round button (click on it to stop).

Automatic saving is not provided here. Therefore, after you finish recording the iPhone screen, do not forget to select in the top menu “File” → “Save”.

Reflector for Mac and Windows

Reflector is a receiver software for Mac and PC that allows you to broadcast your iPad or iPhone display to the screens of various devices in real time. There is a version for macOS, Windows, Android and Amazon Fire TV.

Reflector’s capabilities are significantly superior to the functions of recording a screen image from a smartphone, the program is more intended for remote work and showing the screen of any of its devices to the interlocutor. Of course, with the possibility of recording it.

Data transfer is carried out wirelessly over Wi-Fi using the built-in AirPlay function of Apple devices.

All you need to do is install and run the program, then go to your device and in the AirPlay menu select which screen to broadcast the image for video capture.

With Reflector, you can easily play iOS games or show apps on the big screen without unnecessary wires and complex settings.

This function is supported by all new devices starting from iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Reflector is a paid program, but it has a 7-day trial period. At the time this article was published

Which of the following video capture methods to use is up to you. By far the most convenient screen recording method has been built into iOS since version 11. Therefore, only owners of old smartphones cannot use it. They will be helped by the Reflector program, which works on macOS, Windows and even Android.