How To Record Laptop Screen With Sound

Where is the screen recording app on Xiaomi smartphone

If you have NOT changed the factory settings of your smartphone, look for the Xiaomi app Screen Recorder with sound in the “Tools” folder. The name is “Screen Recorder”, the icon is a white camera icon on a red background. Click on the button. a blank page opens. In the middle of the screen there is an icon with the caption “No records”. In the future, the recordeds will be displayed on the page. In the upper right corner. the settings button, in the lower right. the application launch button.

Screen recording on Xiaomi. how to record the screen correctly

How to record

On the application page, press the red button in the lower right corner. A button with a red circle appears on the screen. Further procedure:

choose the game or other application you want. Do not be afraid of the letter screen and enters the program. the buttons will not disappear, it can be removed only by clicking on the cross;

After selecting the application, click on the red circle;

upon completion of shooting, press “Stop” (red square on the button).

Setting up screen recording

Before enabling screen recording on Xiaomi, it is recommended to set the correct settings.

Let’s go through the lines:

Resolution. it is better to set the maximum, the image will be clear and detailed.

Quality. The higher it is, the higher the clarity of the picture. But the larger the file size and the higher the performance of the device during the recording process. If the hardware is powerful and there is enough memory, you can set the maximum parameter. In other cases, it is worth slightly lowering the resolution.

Frame rate per second. If the device has performance problems, it is better to set it to “30”. A value of “24” is allowed, but in this case the flow will not be as comfortable for the eyes. If set to “15” will play as a slide show.

Orientation. adjusts the position in which the will be recorded. In most cases, “Auto” is set.

Sound. When set to “System Sounds” (in some devices. “Speaker”), sound is recorded directly from the smartphone. Need to record your comments? We choose the term “Microphone”. To record the screen without sound Xiaomi, press the term “Silent”.

Below, under the line “Recording settings”, there are several additional options, the setting of which will make the process of recording the screen more comfortable. Just select the option you want (for example, “Render gestures”) using the slider.

Figuring out how to shoot and how to turn on sound on Xiaomi screen recording is quite simple. The function allows you to record the screen on a Xiaomi phone without downloading additional software and at the same time practically DOES NOT load the processor, operating system.

small customization

To record from a computer screen with sound, you must turn on the sound source. To do this, click the “settings” icon in the form of a gear. In the menu that opens, click on the line “Do not record sound“. A list of all available microphones will appear. Select the microphone you need.

It remains to press the button. The recording will start immediately. You will see that the timer has started counting down the timing of the recording. Seconds ran, as they say.

Press the Record button again to stop recording. The program will need a few seconds to process the footage. After that, you will be prompted to view the resulting masterpiece and, depending on the result, save it or not.

How to Record from Computer Screen with Windows 10 Sound

  • Monosnap. The easiest option. Screen and webcam recording, drawing explanatory arrows, floor recording frames. Screenshot of the visible part of the screen. cloud file storage.
  • FastStone Capture. Recording from the computer screen. Screenshot of the entire image (page) and parts visible and invisible on the screen.
  • FlashBack Express. Versatile screen recorder and webcam recorder. Time-lapse screenshot. Export in AVI, MPEG4, WMV (Windows Media) formats. Advanced recording settings.

How to Record from Computer Screen with Windows 10 Sound

I bring to your attention three free programs for recording from a computer screen with sound. Each has its own characteristics. They are all easy to use and understand. They say about such people: “Even my grandmother said it was simple.” See for yourself!

Recording with FastStone Capture

This is a more advanced program compared to the simple Monosnap. There is a built-in selection of areas for screen recording.

  • Active window or object.
  • Rectangular floatable area.
  • Fixed area with fixed size and position.
  • Full screen monitor without taskbar.
  • Full monitor screen (with taskbar).
How To Record Laptop Screen With Sound

Run the program. A sticker menu will appear on your screen. It will be the floor of all working windows. Dragged by the mouse to any part of the screen. It looks like this.

To record, you must name the icon with the image of the film strip. The recording settings menu will also appear here.

On the screenshot, Full Screen is selected. Full monitor screen.

By checking or unchecking the Record Audio checkbox, the sound is turned on and off during recording. And the last setting option is the choice of the sound source. The selection is active, provided that the recording from the computer screen will be with sound, the checkbox in Record Audio is checked.

After setting the window type for the picture recording and selecting the sound source, click the Record button. The recording window will be highlighted with a red frame. If you record the entire monitor screen and choose Full Screen, then there will be no frame. In any case, press some key, “space”, for example. And you will see the registration window.

How to insert a webcam recording into a screen recording

FastStone Capture does not have the ability to record from a computer screen with sound and from a webcam at the same time. Therefore, if you need to insert a webcam recording into your desktop recording, you can use the built-in Camera tool in Windows 10. Click the “Start” button and locate the camera in the list of installed programs and applications in Windows 10. Run the program.

A working window of the Camera with your image will appear on the screen of your computer. Unless, of course, you have sealed your webcam with masking tape, like Mark Zuckerberg or Elona Musk. If you have glued it, then it’s time to remove it.

To remove the autosearch frame from the face, you must switch from the photo mode to the mode. Click on the button with the camera image. The button, records will become active. A timer recording with zero digits will appear at the bottom.

Recording in the “camera” is not necessary. You will be recording from the computer screen using FastStone Capture (or maybe another one). Just drag the Camera window with the mouse to the desired place on the desktop and launch the program. Thus, you can record from the computer screen with sound and inserted into it from the webcam.

How to Record Computer Screen with Sound Windows 10. Screen Recording with Monosnap

This is a handy screenshot tool that can record with sound. The program is free. It is better to download it from the official site. So you avoid installing any additional surprises such as Yandex browser and similar obtrusive software.

With Monosnap you can:

  • record from computer screen with sound,
  • insert webcam recording (picture-in-picture) into desktop recording with sound,
  • the recording floor puts direction arrows and frames to show the viewer the desired object in the frame.

Monosnap can record from webcam and laptop desktop at the same time. Enough during recording will enable the icon in the control panel. In this case, the recording will look like the picture below.

After installing Monosnep, the program icon will appear in the taskbar. Click on it with the right mouse button. In the menu that opens, select “Burn Desktop”.

A working window for recording from the computer screen will open. Adjust its size. Just drag the mouse on the side of the window as shown in the picture.

The window is moved around the desktop by simply dragging and dropping. To do this, click on the upper edge of the window and hold down the mouse button and drag it to the desired location.

multiple designations

  • Follow mouse pointer turns on the highlighting of the mouse cursor.
  • Inset Title ClIP opens the design editor. On the Title tab, you can enter any text, select its parameters and screen fill color.
  • Title ClIP Duration, as you probably already guessed, the time of demonstration of the splash screen with the text before starting recording from the computer screen.
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After finishing the design, click the Start button. Recording will start immediately. A small yellow rectangle menu will appear under the red frame of the recording area.

To stop recording, click the black square in this menu. Another window with three buttons will appear.

  • Resume. continue recording.
  • Save. finish recording and save.
  • Discard. Remove without saving.

How to record from a computer screen with sound in FlashBack Express

After installing the program, the Player and Recoder shortcuts will appear on the desktop.

Start recording. The following window “Welcome” will open on the screen. So that it does not bother you as unnecessary, Uncheck the “Open this window at startup” checkbox. Click the Record Screen button.

The recorder window opens next. You know, the interface here is so intuitive that it’s just a delight. There is even nothing to explain further.

The only thing I want to draw your attention to is showing the camera window during recording. The checkbox is unchecked by default. Accordingly, the window is NOT displayed on the desktop during recording, although the webcam is recording. Therefore, during recording it is not always clear where this window will be located later. Won’t it interfere with showing the desired parts of the computer screen.

Webcam recording can be turned off if you don’t need it.

After the end of the recording, it is saved as a file in the FBR format, which can be opened for viewing by the program itself. To do this, double-click on the Player shortcuts. In the menu of the player window that opens, select “File”, then “Open”. Then open the file you are interested in from the list.

But in order to play with other players, you need to convert it to another format. Now that the recording is loaded into the player, click “File” again and select “Export” from the drop-down menu.

A dialog box opens with three options for exporting the recording. Select the desired format and click “OK”.

All. Congratulations, your recording of the computer screen with sound is ready to be played or uploaded to YouTube.

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What programs do you use to record your desktop with sound? What interesting options they have?

Record from a computer without a stereo mixer

On some laptops and sound cards, the “Stereo Mixer” device is either absent (or rather, NOT implemented in the drivers), or for some reason its use is blocked by the device manufacturer. In this case, there is still a way to record the sound played by the computer.

The free program Audacity will help with this (with which, by the way, it is convenient to record sound even in cases where a stereo mixer is present).

Among the audio sources for recording, Audacity supports the special Windows digital interface WASAPI. over, when using it, the recording takes place without converting an analog signal to digital, as is the case with a stereo mixer.

To record sound from your computer using Audacity, select Windows WASAPI as the signal source, and the sound source in the second field (microphone, sound card, hdmi). In my test, despite the fact that the program was in Russian, the list of devices was displayed in the form of hieroglyphs, I had to try at random, the second device turned out to be necessary. Please note that if you run into the same problem, then when you set up a blind recording from a microphone, the sound will still be recorded, but of poor quality and with a weak level. Those. if the recording quality is poor, try the next device on the list.

You can download the Audacity program for free from the official website

Another relatively simple and convenient recording option in the absence of a stereo mixer is to use the Virtual Audio Cable driver.

How to record audio from a computer

In this manual, there are several ways to record sound played on a computer using the same computer. If you have already met a method for recording sound using the Stereo Mix, but it did not work, since there is no such device, I will offer additional options.

I don’t know exactly why this might be needed (after all, almost any music can be downloaded, if we are talking about it), but users are interested in the question of how to record what you hear in speakers or headphones. Although some situations can be assumed. for example, the need to record a voice communication with someone, the sound in the game and the like. The methods described below are suitable for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

Using a stereo mixer to record sound from your computer

The standard way to record sound from a computer is to use a special “device” for recording your sound card. “Stereo Mixer” or “Stereo Mix”, which is usually disabled by default.

To turn on the stereo mixer, right-click on the speaker icon in the Windows notification bar and select the “Recorders” menu item.

Most likely, you will find only a microphone (or a pair of microphones) in the list of sound recording devices. Click on an empty spot in the list with the right mouse button and click “Show disabled devices”.

If as a result of this, a stereo mixer appears in the list (if there is nothing of the kind there, read further and, perhaps, use the second method), then just right-click on it and select “Enable”, and after the device is turned on. “Use by default”.

Now, any sound recording program using Windows system settings will record all sounds from your computer. This can be the standard Windows Sound Recorder (or Voice Recorder in Windows 10), as well as any third-party program, one of which will be discussed in the next example.

Note: for Some NOT the most standard sound cards (Realtek), instead of the “Stereo mixer”, there may be another device for recording sound from a computer, for example, on my Sound Blaster it is “What U Hear”.

We record sound from a computer using NVidia tools

At one time I wrote in a way to record a computer screen with sound in NVidia ShadowPlay (only for NVidia cardholders). The program allows you to record Not only from games, but also simply from the desktop with sound.

In this case, sound can also be recorded “in the game”, which, if you start recording from the desktop, records all sounds played on the computer, as well as “in the game and from the microphone”, which allows you to immediately record the sound played back on the computer, and then what is spoken into the microphone. i.e., for example, you can record the entire conversation in Skype.

Technically, I’m not aware of how the recording takes place, but it also works where there is no “Stereo mixer”. The final file is obtained in.format, but it is easy to extract sound from it as a separate file, almost all free converters can convert to mp3 or other sound files.

This concludes the article, and if something remains unclear, ask. At the same time, it would be interesting to know: why do you need sound recording from a computer?

FastStone Capture. simple and high quality

This is my favorite program because works always and on any computer, writes without glitches and in good quality. has built-in Windows Media codec.

To understand the issue, I will make a small lyrical digression. Any digital are saved using codecs. A codec is, roughly speaking, an archiver for data. The quality of the recording and the size of the resulting file depend on it. In most programs, you need to manually select the appropriate codec, otherwise the file size and quality will be appalling. In this case, you need to know what to choose, and if necessary, first install the codec.

FS Capture already carries everything with itself and saves it in WMV format. However, in my selection, almost all programs carry codecs “on board”.

The Russian version can be taken on trackers if you know how to download from torrents. There is a completely free analogue of the program:

Install the program and run. The interface looks very simple, to start the recording process click on the button:

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A new window with capture parameters will appear at the bottom right:

We are offered four options for the capture area:

  • Window / Object. we select the program window, or part of it
  • Rectangular area. using the mouse to select the desired area of ​​the screen
  • The entire screen without the taskbar. recording everything except the bottom panel, where the Start button is
  • The entire screen is, accordingly, everything that is on the computer screen

If you need to record sound, then put a tick “Record audio” and choose where to get the sound from:

  • microphone
  • Speakers. system sounds, i.e. what you hear from the speakers
  • Microphone Speakers. especially useful for recording Skype conversations with

If the microphone is hard to hear, then read how to set up the microphone. Let’s quickly go through the parameters of the program, which are opened by the “Options” button:

On the first tab “” you need to set the frame rate in the resulting file. The higher the frequency, the smoother. and the larger the size of the final file. For capturing clips or online, select the maximum frequency “25”, and for recording programs on the desktop, 5-10 frames per second will be enough. We are also given the opportunity to choose the quality from “Good” to “Best”. Usually just “Good” is enough and the file size is smaller.

Let’s go to the “Audio” tab

Select a sound source and, if desired, enable “Record mouse sounds”. Note that when the microphone is on, they will get into it anyway. If necessary, you can turn on “Stereo”, but it never came in handy for me. We don’t need the rest of the settings.

To start shooting, press the “Record” button and select an area or select an object, whichever you selected earlier. The following window will appear with confirmation of all parameters:

We agree and press “Start”. The recording has started, to complete it, use the small panel below:

Press Ctrl F11 to pause / continue. When finished, save the file and that’s it.

Fast castes with their transmission to the Internet

If the recorded needs to be immediately posted on the Internet, then take a look at the Jing program.

Its developers are the same as in my favorite screenshot program SnagIt! and editor Camtasia Studio. Sharpened for small rollers with a maximum duration of up to 5 minutes. It will not give more records, this is its main disadvantage. Saves to disk only in SWF format, which is not supported by all players, but it can be easily opened in any browser with Adobe Flash installed. However, if you transmit the second via the Internet, then the format does not matter.

After starting the program, you will need a non-binding registration:

Jing has its own unique interface. it’s the sun at the top of the screen, but you can move it anywhere on your desktop:

From here, the settings are called and, in fact, the recording is turned on. There is nothing interesting in the settings, except for the choice of the sound source:

Click the “Select device.” button and select the microphone or system sounds here (usually called “Stereo Mixer” or “Wave”). Close the preferences window. After the start of recording, you need to select the area of ​​the screen to capture and in the window that appears, click on the “film strip”

After a 3 second countdown, recording will begin. When you’re done, click “Stop” and Save the file to your computer or upload it online to with one button:

As you can see, the Jing program is very simple and easy to understand even without knowing English.

Game recording software

The Fraps program does NOT know how to capture from the desktop, but it can do it in games, and, by the way, not for free (read about the free application here). Its interface is very simple:

On the “Movies” tab, you need to define a hotkey to start / stop the recording process. You can also adjust the frame rate and picture quality. It is recommended to set the frequency from 30 FPS, and the quality can be reduced, i.e. select “Half-size”. Keep in mind that the computer is already loaded with the game at full capacity, so you still need to save each frame. You can record sound both from the game and from an external source, for example, from a microphone.

We write vidos from the screen using cool programs

Earlier I already wrote how to take a screenshot, but sometimes the picture is not enough and you need to record the whole. For example, how to do something in some program on a computer, record an online or even a fragment of the passage of the game.

There are special programs for all THESE purposes. Most have a simple interface and it will not be difficult for even the most “green” beginner to deal with them. All that is required is to launch the application, select an object and enable recording!

Free handsome oCam Screen Recorder

Quite by accident I came across this program and realized that it is worthwhile, do not look at what is distributed absolutely free! It has all the features and built-in codecs you need.

Only at the end of the installation, I advise you to uncheck the boxes:

So, run the program and go to settings:

There in the section “Encoder” select the frame rate per second (“FPS”) and “Bitrate”. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality and the larger the file. For ordinary castes, it is enough to set 1000 Kbps. Audio bitrate can be 192 or choose less. 128 Kbps for voice recording.

In the “Record” tab, select your sound recording source and the sampling rate (“SampleRate”) 48000. Instead of Stereo, I again advise you to choose Mono, because it may happen that the recorded microphone will be heard only in one speaker, but the file size will be smaller.

Let’s close the settings and select the capture area by clicking the “Resize” button. You can select fixed rectangles, the entire “Full screen” or the “Select area.” object. The green window can be stretched with the mouse, clinging to the squares. Have you chosen? Now press “Record” and record. To stop the recording process, press “F2”, and to see what happened, the “Open” button is useful, which opens the folder with the received files.

I advise you NOT to go to the “Codecs” section if everything works fine. The program has built-in MPEG-4 codecs and the most optimal one is selected by default.

QIP Shot

I decided to briefly show one more “usual” programme. Her joke is that she, in general, works fine.

I think there will be no problems to deal with the interface. After launch, the program icon appears in the system tray, clicking on which takes screenshots of the screen. To capture, you need to right-click on it and select what you will write:

QIP Shot does not have built-in codecs, so if you do NOT want your file to weigh in gigabytes and the quality is disgusting, you need to go to the settings and select the codec. Go to the “” tab and select “-codec”:

I will definitely not tell you which codec to choose, tk. it depends on what you have installed on your system. But I will give my recommendations:

  • Choose a codec that has one of these in the name: x264, H.264, VP8 / 9, Xvid, DivX, MPEG-4 (listed in descending order of preference)
  • Never choose this: Microsoft 1, Intel and Cinepak codecs, Indeo, no codec

Case there is a button “Customization”, which opens the settings for a specific codec, but they are all different. Without understanding what to do there Better not meddle. If you have a completely clean system and there is nothing to choose from, then install the x264 codec, and in general I recommend it.

After that, in the QIP Shot select the “x264” codec. Please note that good codecs require a powerful processor, so if it slows down, then try to choose something else. Select 48.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono format for sound recording. The file can be saved to a file or published on the site.

Camtasia Studio editor

This paid program perfectly knows how not only to write from the monitor, but also allows you to edit it. You can cut out pieces, apply inscriptions, effects, zoom in on a part of the screen and much more.

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This is what I use to record my lessons. There are whole series of lessons on working with Camtasia Studio on the Internet, so there is no point in dwelling in detail.

I will be glad if you share the article with your friends.!

For those lazy to read, I have prepared a series of 4 small lessons:

BB FlashBack Pro

BB FlashBack is a multifunctional software with simple and convenient controls. In it, you can record with sound from a monitor or camera and process it in the built-in editor. There is an option to customize the keyboard shortcuts to control the process, so you don’t even have to use a mouse. If you need to add a voice comment, you can do it during capture or during editing.

The editor adds text, images, buttons, arrows and other graphic elements to the project. Supports cursor highlighting, you can apply a blur effect, embed transitions that explain titles at the beginning and end of the clip. Course creators will appreciate the ability to add text prompts and your own watermark. The result can be quickly uploaded to YouTube and FlashBack Connect, or exported to your hard drive as MP4, GIF, WMV, QuickTime, AVI and Flash. Flashback processes objects only in the FBR extension and creates a rather high load on the system.

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is specially designed for creating educationals and online courses. It includes a professional studio where you can record screencasts with voice-overs, annotations, subtitles and text elements. The resulting can be edited: remove noise, insert media, cut out unnecessary fragments, glue tracks and add transitions. You can also embed images, visual cues, infographics and PowerPoint slides into your project.

However, such a wide functionality negatively affects the usability of iSpring, making the program difficult to learn. In addition, only MP4 files can be processed in it. This software is best to choose if you need to create a complex course with a lot of interactive elements.

My Screen Recorder Pro

My Screen Recorder Pro is a multifunctional program that can capture everything that happens on the desktop of a computer, laptop or mobile device. You can create and record presentations for work, e-courses, webinars and online calls. There is also a function of recording in high definition from a webcam or mobile device.

The application captures the entire area of ​​the monitor, tracks the cursor action. Supported work with formats AVI, WMV and MP4, export to WebM is also possible. Received can be password protected and even set an expiration date, which helps to create anti-piracy courses.

Webmasters will appreciate the automatic upload of files to servers via FTP. If for some reason you cannot turn on the program yourself, the scheduled recording function will come in handy. You just need to set the time when you need to start the delight. The software has a built-in editor, but it only supports basic processing: you cannot add animation, there is a collection of transitions and effects. In general, this is a good option for creating a with sound, but its functionality does not justify the cost.


Bandicam is called by many an Alternative to Camtasia Studio. With its help, it is easy to fall asleep everything that happens on the screen and save it as an image. It is especially useful for gamers, as it has the ability to record games with fast frame rates in high resolution. It is also often used for business purposes to track the activity of remote employees. Bandicam allows you to change the number of frames per second, select codecs and use hotkeys. Users are allowed to highlight cursor movement and select recording source (webcam and HDMI supported).

To start the delight, mark the desired monitor area, specify the quality, frame rate and codecs used and start the process. The resulting result can be sent to YouTube or after filming. In the free version, a watermark is superimposed on the files, which can only be removed after purchasing a premium license. The disadvantage is also support for MP4 and AVI only and no editor.

How to Capture Windows 10 Screen

If you’ve ever tried to save streaming to your computer. you know it’s not that easy. There are many applications built for this purpose, but they all vary in functionality. Especially for you, we have collected the top of the best programs. When compiling this rating, we were guided by such parameters as usability, the presence of a built-in editor and unlimited recording time.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a two-in-one solution. It helps to record the action from the screen and then process it in the editor, add effects, text and voice comments. A wide range of tools and ease of use make it a good option for both beginners and professionals.

You can use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to capture the entire desktop or a specific part of it, browser or player. In the frame, you can display all the actions of the mouse and even the keyboard, highlight text and impose text prompts. The editor contains a collection of filters and music. However, unlike most of its competitors, Movavi does not allow uploading files to social networks from the control panel, and only export to hard drive is supported. In addition, despite the rather high license price, some modules must be purchased additionally.

TOP 10 programs for recording screen with sound on Windows 10

Free Cam

Free Cam is a recording tool from iSpring. Although it is distributed free of charge, it has hidden ads, watermarks or time limits. E-learning users will appreciate the cursor highlighting and mouse tracking options. There is a voiceover function, you can remove background noise, muffle and completely turn off audio tracks. In the editor, you can create text prompts, trim or split elements, embed transitions, etc.

recordings can be uploaded directly to YouTube or exported to your hard drive. Despite the simple principle of operation, the software has rather high requirements for system resources. The downside is not very good picture quality and support for only one WMV format. If you need to capture a webcam broadcast or Get developer help, you will need to purchase a license.

Apowersoft Recorder

Apowersoft Recorder is a handy recorder that helps you capture online broadcasts, Skype calls and chats, webinars and much more. Apowersoft has a very simple, minimalistic interface consisting of just a few buttons. Supports full screen mode or custom area, focus on mouse actions. After completion, an additional viewport opens.

The resulting file is of good quality and small size. Supports export to WMV, MP4, MKV and FLV formats for clips and MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV for audio files. There is a function to automatically start recording with setting the day of the week, date, duration. User manually sets the time to stop and shutdown PC after shutdown.

An annoying feature of the software is that some of the buttons in the menu bar are actually hidden links to the official website of the program. The software has a built-in editor, but it only contains basic editing functions. This is a good option for quickly creating a screencast, but it does not justify itself with its price / functionality ratio.

You can use the online version or download it as software. The first option is free, in the second case a trial period is available.

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