How to record MacBook screen with sound

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3 Easy Ways to Record Screen on Mac

Want to record videos on Mac? You can record a special moment in a movie, take a short video note, or simply film yourself with a webcam. You know how to view a recording on Mac?

In fact, it is very easy to record videos on Mac. MacOS has a built-in screen recorder that can help you record your screen on Mac. In this post, we would like to share 3 easy ways to help you. record video on mac.

How to Record Screen on Mac with QuickTime Player

The easiest way to record your screen on your Mac. use the built-in QuickTime Player application. QuickTime. it is not just a media player. It also has a basic screen recording function for recording quick videos from your screen. The following guide will show you how to record screen on Mac using QuickTime.

Sign in to Finder and select Applications. then select and open QuickTime Player from the list of applications.

Click Submit on the top menu bar and then select New Screen Recording from the drop-down list.

A screen recording window will appear on the screen. You can click the arrow next to the Record button and then customize the screen recording settings according to your needs in the drop-down menu.

You are allowed to capture all or part of the Mac screen. If you want to record a video on Mac, just click on the Start Recording button.

The captured video will open automatically as soon as you stop the recording process. After that, you can click on Edit in the menu bar to edit the recording file.

After editing, you can click Submit in the top menu bar and then select the discount option to save the recorded video on your Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions About Screen Recording on Mac

Question 1. How to Record Mac Screen Online for Free?

Apart from the above Mac VCRs, you can also rely on free online tools to help you take a screenshot of your Mac. If you want to record videos on Mac, you can give the popular Free Online Screen Recorder a try. It has the ability to record HD videos on Mac. What’s more, it can capture audio track from system sound and microphone.

Question 2. How to record yourself on the Mac screen?

If you want to film yourself on a Mac, you can turn on your webcam and then use the one screen recorder above to take a screenshot of your Mac.

Question 3. How to take a screenshot of a recording on iPhone?

IOS has a built-in screen recording feature. If you want to record video on iPhone, you can rely on it. You can go to Settings and then add this screen recording feature to Control Center. For iPhone screen recording, you can simply bring up Control Center and use it to start recording with ease.

Question 4. How to record Zoom meeting on Mac?

If you are the organizer of a Zoom meeting, you can directly click the Record button to save all the contents of the meeting to your computer. As a contributor, you need to obtain write permission to record Zoom. Or you can use the screen recorder above to capture a Zoom meeting without any limitation.

Best Way to Record Screen on Mac with High Quality

You can also rely on a professional video recorder to record your screen on Mac. Here we highly recommend the powerful Mac screen recording software, Screen Recorder so that you can capture screen and sound in high quality. It has the ability to record high definition video even up to 4K. What’s more, it allows you to capture audio from your system sound card.

  • 1. Record video on Mac with high quality picture and sound.
  • 2. Record any activity including online videos, meetings, 2D / 3D gameplay, calls and more.
  • 3. Record Mac sound from microphone, system sound, or both.
  • 4. Record screen on Mac with full screen, custom area or specific window.
  • 5. Powerful video editing and export functions in formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI and others.

If you want to display the recording on Mac, you can double-click the download button above to install it on your Mac for free.

Start this Mac VCR and select the VCR feature. It also lets you record audio only and take screenshots.

When you enter the main interface of Video Recorder, you can customize the screen recording area and audio recording source according to your needs. It allows you to capture audio from your system sound card and microphone. If you want to record your own face, here you can enable the Webcam function.

After all these operations, you can simply click on the REC button to start screen recording on Mac. You are given full control over the screen recording. You can freely pause, restart or stop the recording process.

The recorded video will be automatically saved in MP4 format. If you prefer a different output format, you can click the Record Settings icon to enter the Settings window to change it.

How to Record Video on Mac with Screenshot

If you’re using the latest macOS, such as macOS Big Sur or newer, you can record screen videos on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac using the Screenshot feature.

Press Ctrl Shift 5 on your keyboard to open Screenshot on Mac.

A control panel appears at the bottom of the screen. It allows you to take screenshot or record video on Mac. In this step, you can customize the screen recording area based on your needs.

Click on Options to set your preferences. You can set certain parameters as you like.

record, macbook, screen, sound

Click Record to start screen recording on your Mac. When you want to finish recording, you can simply click the Stop icon and check where the screenshot is going.

Want to know how to view a Mac recording? Looking for a good Mac screen recorder? You can get 3 useful video recorders to help you screen capture on Mac with sound. If you still have any questions about Mac screen recording, you can leave us a message.

What if you haven’t taken a screenshot on your Mac? Just learn more about 6 best solutions to fix screenshot not working on Mac from article.

Where is Image Capture on Mac located? Can’t find Image Capture app on your MacBook? This guide will tell you how to find Image Capture app on your Mac.

If you want to take a screenshot on your MacBook, you can learn more about 8 handy Mac screenshot tools to easily take screenshots according to your requirements.

This post is a step by step guide to download Netflix on Mac. You can conveniently watch Netflix movies, TV shows and TV shows on Mac offline.

Option 1: How to Record Screen with Sound with FoneLab Screen Recorder

Step 1 Run FoneLab Screen Recorder on computer, then select VCR on the main interface.

Step 2 Then you don’t need any settings before recording, just press the REC button to start. However, you can choose an individual recording area, choose a different destination folder and much more.

What’s more, you can add annotations while recording to make your videos more vivid and professional.

Step 3 Just click the stop button and save the video to your computer.

Option 2. How to Record Mac Screen with Sound via Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder

To fix how to record screen with sound on Mac, Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder is highly recommended to you. It is a simple yet powerful screen recorder for Mac with sound in a few clicks. Undoubtedly, it can record screen, sound, webcam individually or simultaneously. over, it also allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen or a selected area.

importantly, you can enable taskbar scheduling to record screen for whatever you need when you’re too busy to do it on your desk. Shown below is how to record Mac screen with sound.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.
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Step 1 Open a browser on your computer, visit FoneLab Screen Recorder official website, then download and install the program. After that it will open automatically.

Step 2 You can see VCR, Webcam Recorder, Audio Recorder and Screen Capture. You must choose VCR here.

Step 3 You can simply press the REC button to start recording if you’re ready. And you can also customize the options for recording, mouse, hotkeys, output, or other options if you need.

Step 4 Finally, click the “Stop” button and save the recorded files to a folder on your computer.

How to Record Screen on Mac with Sound

Mac users, being one of the most popular computers, have to record screen with voice to create online courses, record online meetings, capture Skype calls, etc. There are various solutions for capturing screen with sound on Mac, including built-in functions and third-party programs.

Recording screen with sound in Windows

You have many options for Windows Screen Recorder such as PPT, Online Recorder, etc. Along with Windows 10 development, you can even have a built-in feature called Game bar to capture your computer screen. You should be aware of their limitations, for example, the game bar does not capture the entire screen.

Instead, you can try FoneLab Screen Recorder to record whatever you want accordingly.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Option 1: Record QuickTime Screen with Sound

QuickTime. It is a media player that you often use for playing videos, listening to audio files, and more. You should also be aware of its other functions, such as the recording screen, video compression, video format conversion, etc. You should note that you are limited in the choice of what will be used as the audio source.

QuickTime records the screen with sound from the microphone, not from the internal one. Thus, the music in the browser or other media player will not be recorded.

Below is the process of capturing a QuickTime screen with sound.

Step 1 You can easily click LaunchPad to find the QuickTime recorder, then click on it to open.

Step 2 Click Submit New Screen Recording from the menu bar. Then you can click the arrow next to the recording button to enable the Internal Microphone and Show mouse clicks in the recording if you want.

Step 3 Press the red circle button to start recording. Then you can drag to select then the recording area, or just click anywhere to start.

Step 4 Press the gray button with a black square button to stop recording. By default, the recorded video is automatically saved to the desktop.

Recording Mac QuickTime screen with audio is not difficult, but it doesn’t always solve your problem as QuickTime recorder cannot record internal audio from Mac in order to protect privacy.

So you can try the following recommendation for screen capture with both internal and external audio on Mac respectively.

Recording Computer Screen and Sound on Windows or Mac [2021]

To show more detailed information to people who do not know anything about what is happening on your computer screen, you can easily record your screen with a voiceover and then share the recorded video with them.

In addition, some people would also like to play the song as the background music of the video, so they will need to record the screen with system sound and microphone sound.

When you google “how to record computer screen with sound”, most of the answers mention a simple process. This is handy, but some may not fit your needs as only one of the internal or external audio sources can record.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you some proven methods of screen recording with voice on computer.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Option 3. How to record screen with audio using Shift-Command-5

MacOS Mojave or later, Mac comes with new features for screen recording or screen capture.
You just need to press Shift-Command-5, then you will see the on-screen control panel of Mojave Record Function, press the fourth record button. You will need to select the recording area if you want to capture a portion of the screen, then click the recording on the taskbar.

Option 2. Screen recording with audio from PPT in Windows

Here we will also introduce another feature for Powerpoint users. screen recording. As a functional tool for creating presentation files, sometimes people would like to save all information files as a video file.

This is a guide on how to record screen with sound.

Step 1 Select Insert Screen Recording to launch PowerPoint Recorder.

Step 2 Then enable Audio on the pop-up control panel, click Select an area to select a recording area.

As you can see, FoneLab Screen Recorder helps you record webcam, video and audio with simple operations. You can easily try it on your computer for screen recording for teaching and other presentation purposes right now.!

How to Record Screen with Sounds in Windows 7 / Vista with QuickTime 7

QuickTime 7. is the professional version for Mac and partly Windows users.

Currently Windows 7 and Vista users can download QuickTime 7 from Apple’s official page.

However, it only supports audio recording.

Similar to screen recording, you just need to select “Submit” “New Audio Recording”.

Then select audio sources from Aggregate “Internal Microphone” and “Line to”.

Remember to select High or Highest audio recording quality, and then click the record button to start recording audio on your Windows computer.

Note: QuickTime 7 is no longer supported by Apple, and Microsoft Windows now includes built-in support for many of the standard media formats that QuickTime 7 for Windows originally included.

As we can all understand, screen recording in Windows 7 using QuickTime is not available.

How to Record Windows 7/8/10 Screen with QuickTime Alternative

While Windows also has a pre-installed screen recorder like Xbox for Windows 10 and free recorders like OBS, VLC, etc., you may find that these tools are as weak as QuickTime.

In other words, we will recommend a screen recorder that performs better than both of them, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, which records screen on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac freely.

  • Record any screen from desktop, browser, webcam and window.
  • Screen recording with sound from the system and microphone.
  • Edit video file while recording, such as draw lines, add callouts, screenshots, etc.
  • Save your recording as HD / 4K MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, AAC, etc.
  • Preview and crop screen recording directly.
  • Set task schedule and adjust parameters before recording.

Run this screen recording software on your computer. Click “DVR” in the main interface.

For “Audio Recorder” it will only record sounds, while “Video Recorder” for screen recording with audio at will.

The main interface has the following settings that you must do.

You can choose full screen for recording.

Also, you can customize any part or window to record the selected screen.

You can enable both, none or any of “Microphone” and “Sound System” according to your needs.

Click the Settings button and you need to select the output format for the screen recording by clicking the Output tab.

Supported output formats: MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS and GIF. MPEG-2, H.264 and GIF supported for video codec.

Hotkeys, mouse and others (optional)

Other settings such as hotkeys, mouse, etc. can be set using the Settings button.

Screen Recording and Editing

When all the settings are done, click the “REC” button in this program to start recording your computer screen.

You can pause / resume video recording, and you can edit video files like draw lines, add captions, callouts, etc.

Note: If you want to record the movie screen, then you need to press the record button as soon as you press the movie playback button.

Preview and save screen recording

After you click the Stop button, you will be taken to a preview window where you can pin the screen recording file, and click the Save button to save the screen recording file to your computer.

Very easy, right? AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is as simple as QuickTime but more powerful than screen recorder.

How to start screen recording with sound on Mac using QuickTime

To start screen recording on Mac, it’s easy to do with QuickTime.

create a new screen recording file

Launch QuickTime on your Mac, select Submit New Screen Recording.

select recording sound

In the pop-up recording window, click the pop-up menu to select the recording screen area and sound.

Microphone: Select one of “all” “Aggregate” “Internal microphone” and “Line in”.

Options: Choose to hide or “Show mouse clicks in records”.

Recording screen on Mac

Click the record button and you get two options for full screen recording or part selection.

Record the entire screen by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Record the selected screen by dragging the mouse to select the recording area, and clicking the “Start Recording Button”.

Preview and save screen recording

When the recording is complete, click the Stop button on the menu bar.

Then choose “Submit” “Discount” to save the recording file on your Mac in H.264 MOV along with AAC soundtrack.

To play AAC or MOV files on other players, just convert QuickTime to MP3 or MP4.

Although QuickTime is built-in for macOS, it also has a Windows version.

How to Record Your Screen with Sound via QuickTime

Mac users always play video files via QuickTime. However, this media player can also work as a screen recorder for capturing Mac screen.

How to use QuickTime to record your screen?

How to Record Screen on Windows 10 Using QuickTime?

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Here is a complete guide to show you how to start screen recordings using QuickTime on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac.

This page shows you a complete guide to screen recording on Mac and Windows with QuickTime. In fact, like Mac screen capture software, it works well for capturing the entire or selected screen. However, when it comes to recording Windows screen, you are better off using the recommended AnyMP4 Screen Recorder because it works professionally.

Now you understand what you want to know in this post.?

Feel free to share this post and let me know by leaving your comments if you have any ideas.

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How to Record Video on MacOS Mojave

MacOS Mojave comes with some exciting new features. There was another application for the same purpose of screen recording called Quick Time Player, but this is an old application and users wanted something new with more options. So, Apple launched Mojave with a tool specifically for this purpose. So, if you want to know how to record your screen on Mac with Mojave, follow these steps:

  • Press Command Shift 5 on your Mac to open the Screenshot Toolbar.
  • You will have two options; You can either “Record the whole screen” or “Record the selected part”.

If you choose the first option, recording will start immediately, but if you choose the second option, you can select the portion of the screen you want to record and then manually start recording.

So, when the recording starts, you will need to stop it after a while. You can do this by clicking on the “Stop” button located on the “Menu” panel.

  • The recorded video will be saved on the Mac screen, possibly at the bottom.
  • Navigate to this video file and right click on it to use the markup tools.
  • Now, if you need to edit this particular video, click the Trim button.
  • After that, click on the holding points, you can find them at the beginning and at the end of the recording. You have to start dragging them inward to trim the video.
  • After that click “Finish”.
  • Now you’re done, you just need to decide if you want to keep or delete the screenshot.
  • So, overall, this is a great screen recorder app for Mac. This is the newest and improved tool and a great answer on how to record screen on Mac with sound.

    How to Record Mac Screen with Sound

    There are various reasons why you might want to record your screen from a Mac. Maybe this is a video you watched and you want to record part of it so you can watch it later, or maybe you want to send it to someone. Or maybe you’ve used Face Timing with someone and you want to keep a few minutes of that chat as a souvenir. It’s not easy to make a video like this, or you may have tried it, but it didn’t record audio. So how to record screen and sound on Mac? It’s easy if you know the right paths! Follow this article to learn how to record videos on Mac easily.

    How to Record Screen on Mac with QuickTime

    If you are having trouble using Mojave, you will be pleased to know that there is another screen recording application on the Mac. The app is called Quick Time Player. Although a little dated and ineffective, it is free and supports Mac devices. Therefore, if you want to use QuickTime screen recording with sound, follow these instructions:

    Launch Quick Time Player on your Mac, then select the New Screen Recording option from the menu bar.

    You can also change “Settings” from there. After you change the settings as you wish, you need to click on the “Record” button to start recording.

    How To Screen Record With Audio on Mac. Quicktime Screen Recording

    If you click anywhere on the screen, the app will start recording the entire screen, but if you need to record a specific area of ​​the screen, select that area and hit the record button.

  • After you are done, you can click on the Stop button to stop recording.
  • After all this is over, Quick Time Player will automatically open the recording, after which you can edit or share the video.
  • So if you’re wondering how to capture screen on Mac, Quick Time Player. correct answer.

    So, if you want to know how to record computer screen on your Mac, you can choose these two options. Both applications are really effective, they are professionally designed and work very efficiently. Quick Time Player. old app, but Mojave. newest addition. So, we recommend that you upgrade to Mojave, as it is vastly improved and offers a more intuitive interface. In terms of QuickTime, both apps are developed by Apple and are equally effective, but the new Mojave tool is slightly better overall. Also, if you have lost records from your Mac, you can use a good data recovery tool to recover those data. There is an excellent third party app called Tenorshare UltData. Mac. You can use it to recover any type of data, even lost / deleted recorded and regular videos from Mac.

    Timer screen recording

    Do you need the screen recording to start not immediately, but after a certain time? It’s just as easy to do. You will have the option of choosing a delayed timer for 5 or 10 seconds.

    How to record a selected area on a Mac

    To record a portion of the screen, click on the button that shows a screen with a dotted outline and a circle in the corner. A portion of your screen will be highlighted and you will see dotted lines indicating which portion of the screen you will be recording. You can resize or move this window. When you’re ready, click the Record button.

    To stop recording video, you can either click the Stop button in the right corner of the menu bar at the top of the screen, or press the Command Control Esc key combination. The same applies to stop recording the entire screen.

    Other screen recording options on Mac

    We also cannot fail to mention the three remaining menu items:

    • Display floating thumbnail. Enabled by default. We do not recommend cleaning.
    • Remember the last choice. A useful point. Remembers your last settings. In order not to set manually each time.
    • Show mouse clicks. It is disabled by default. But, if you need all your mouse actions to be displayed on the screen recording, enable this item.

    These are all the basic screen recording settings on your Mac that the standard tools provide. I assure you, they will be enough for everyday tasks for an ordinary user.!

    How to make a video screen recording with sound

    If you want the sound from the microphone to be recorded during the recording of part of the screen or the entire screen, select it in the paragraph. Initially, the check mark will be in the “No” line. Move it to the “Built-in microphone” to record with sound. If you have any other external microphone connected to record sound, it will also be displayed there.

    record, macbook, screen, sound

    Mac OS Screen Recording Options

    When you open the panel, you will have an item in the menu, which is called “Parameters”. Click on it. Here you can adjust and change the settings.

    How to change the save location of your finished screen video on Mac

    Initially, by default, the finished screen recording will be saved to your Mac’s Desktop. If you have a need to change it. it is done just as easily, in one click in this menu.

    You can choose from a list of ready-made options for saving, or you can choose your own folder, for this click “Other location”. And choose the path and folder that you need.

    How to Record Screen on Mac with Sound

    Capturing screenshots is by far one of the best ways to explain information or show the location of something on your Mac. But there are times when a screenshot is not enough. We need to record the screen on a Mac with sound or record a video with sound so that the person sitting many miles away can understand what we want to convey to him.

    In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can record your screen with or without sound (if necessary) on your Mac OS computer.

    In older Mac OS versions (before Mojave), you had to record the screen in a rather unusual way, through the QuickTime video player. Fortunately, in new versions of the system, this has become much easier. In addition, the functions and capabilities have been pretty much expanded.

    How to record the entire screen on a Mac

    To record the entire screen, click on the button that shows the screen with a solid outline and a circle in the corner. After selecting this item, you will have a camera sign, you just have to make one click with the mouse in any area. Or just click the “Record” button.

    If you have a MacBook with a Touch Bar, this bar will display the recording time and a button to stop screen recording.

    We write vidos from the screen using cool programs

    Earlier I already wrote how to take a screenshot, but sometimes the picture is not enough and you need to record the whole video. For example, how to do something in some program on a computer, record an online video, or even a fragment of the passage of the game.

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    There are special programs for all these purposes. Most have a simple interface and it will not be difficult for even the most “green” beginner to deal with them. All that is required is to launch the application, select an object and enable recording.!

    FastStone Capture. simple and high quality

    This is my favorite program because works always and on any computer, writes video without glitches and in good quality, tk. has built-in Windows Media Video codec.

    To understand the issue, I will make a small lyrical digression. Any digital video is saved using codecs. A codec is, roughly speaking, an archiver for video data. The quality of the recording and the size of the resulting file depend on it. Most programs require you to manually select the appropriate codec, otherwise the file size and quality of the recorded video will be appalling. In this case, you need to know what to choose, and if necessary, first install the codec.

    FS Capture already carries everything with itself and saves video in WMV format. However, in my selection, almost all programs carry codecs “on board”.

    The Russian version can be taken on trackers if you know how to download from torrents. There is a completely free analogue of the program:

    Install the program and run. The interface looks very simple, to start the recording process click on the button:

    A new window with capture parameters will appear at the bottom right:

    We are offered four options for the capture area:

    • Window / Object. we select the program window, or part of it
    • Rectangular area. use the mouse to select the desired area of ​​the screen
    • The entire screen without the taskbar. recording everything except the bottom panel, where the “Start” button is
    • The entire screen is, accordingly, everything that is on the computer screen

    If you need to record sound, then put a tick “Record audio” and choose where to get the sound from:

    • Microphone
    • Speakers. system sounds, i.e. what you hear from the speakers
    • Microphone Speakers. especially useful for recording Skype conversations with video

    If the microphone is hard to hear, then read how to set up the microphone. Let’s quickly go through the parameters of the program, which are opened by the “Options” button:

    On the first tab “Video” you need to set the frame rate in the resulting file. The higher the frequency, the smoother the video, and the larger the final file size. For capturing video clips or online video, select the maximum frequency of “25”, and for recording programs on the desktop, 5-10 frames per second will suffice. We are also given the opportunity to choose the quality from “Good” to “Best”. Usually just “Good” is enough and the file size is smaller.

    Select the sound source and, if desired, enable “Record mouse sounds”. Please note that when the microphone is on, they will fall into it anyway. If necessary, you can turn on “Stereo”, but it never came in handy for me. We do not need the rest of the settings.

    To start shooting, press the “Record” button and select an area or select an object, whichever you selected earlier. The following window will appear with confirmation of all parameters:

    We agree and press “Start”. The recording has gone, to complete it, use the small panel below:

    Press Ctrl F11 to pause / continue. When you’re done, save the file and that’s it.

    Fast video casts with their transmission to the Internet

    If the recorded video needs to be immediately posted on the Internet, then take a look at the Jing program.

    It has the same developers as my favorite screenshot program SnagIt! and video editor Camtasia Studio. Sharpened for small videos with a maximum duration of up to 5 minutes. It will not give more to write, this is its main disadvantage. Saves to disk only in SWF format, which not all players support, but it can be easily opened in any browser with Adobe Flash installed. However, if the video is sent to a friend via the Internet, then the format does not matter.

    After starting the program, a non-binding registration is required:

    The Jing program has its own unique interface. it’s the sun at the top of the screen, but you can move it anywhere on the desktop:

    From here the settings are called and, in fact, the recording is turned on. There is nothing interesting in the settings, except for the choice of the sound source:

    Click the “Select device” button and select the microphone or system sounds here (usually called “Stereo Mixer” or “Wave”). Close the preferences window. After the start of recording, you need to select an area of ​​the screen for capturing and in the window that appears, click on the “film strip”

    After a 3 second countdown, video recording will begin. When you’re done, click “Stop” and save the file to your computer or upload it to the Internet at with one button:

    As you can see, the Jing program is very simple and easy to understand even without knowing English.

    Free handsome oCam Screen Recorder

    Quite by chance I came across this program and realized that it is worthwhile, despite the fact that it is distributed absolutely free! It has all the necessary features and built-in codecs.

    Only at the end of the installation, I advise you to uncheck the boxes:

    So, run the program and go to settings:

    There, in the “Encoder” section, select the frame rate per second (“FPS”) and “Bitrate”. The higher the bitrate, the better the video quality and the larger the file. For ordinary video casts, it is enough to set 1000 Kbps. Audio bitrate can be 192 or choose less. 128 Kbps for voice recording.

    In the “Record” tab, select your source of sound recording and the sampling rate (“SampleRate”) 48000. Instead of Stereo, I again advise you to choose Mono, because it may happen that the microphone in the recorded video will be heard only in one speaker, but the file size will be smaller.

    Close the settings and select the capture area by clicking the “Resize” button. You can select fixed rectangles, the entire “Full screen” or the “Select area” object. The green window can be stretched with the mouse, clinging to the squares. Have you chosen? Now press “Record” and record. To stop the recording process, press “F2”, and to see what happened, the “Open” button will come in handy, which opens the folder with the received files.

    I advise you not to go to the “Codecs” section if everything works fine. The program has built-in MPEG-4 codecs and the most optimal one is selected by default.

    Program for recording video from the game

    The Fraps program does not know how to capture video from the desktop, but it can do it in games, and, by the way, not for free (read about the free application here). Its interface is very simple:

    On the “Movies” tab, you need to define a hotkey to start / stop the recording process. You can also adjust the frame rate and picture quality. It is recommended to set the frequency from 30 FPS, and the quality can be reduced, i.e. select “Half-size”. Keep in mind that the computer is already loaded with the game at full capacity, so you still need to save each frame. You can record sound both from the game and from an external source, for example, from a microphone.

    QIP Shot. in Russian

    I decided to briefly show one more “usual” programme. Her joke is that it is in Russian and, in general, it works fine.

    Deal with the interface, I think, there will be no problems. After starting the program icon appears in the system tray, clicking on which takes a screenshot of the screen. To capture, you need to right-click on it and select what you will write:

    QIP Shot DOES NOT HAVE any built-in codecs, so if you do not want your file to weigh in gigabytes, and the video is of disgusting quality, you need to go to the settings and select the codec. Go to the “Video” tab and select “Video Codec”:

    I will definitely not tell you which codec you need to choose, tk. it depends on what you have installed on the system. But I will give my recommendations:

    • Choose a codec whose name contains one of these: x264, H.264, VP8 / 9, Xvid, DivX, MPEG-4 (listed in descending order of preferences)
    • Never Choose This: Microsoft Video 1, Intel and Cinepak Codecs, Indeo Video, No Codec

    On the right there is a “Settings” button that opens the settings for a specific codec, and they are all different. Without understanding what to do there, it’s better not to meddle. If you have a completely clean system and there is nothing to choose from, then install the x264 codec, and in general I recommend it.

    After that, in the QIP Shot select the “x264” codec. Keep in mind that good codecs require a powerful processor, so if the video slows down, then try to choose something else. For sound recording, select the 48.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono format. The file can be saved to a file or published on the site.

    This is what I use to record my video tutorials. There are whole series of video tutorials devoted to working with Camtasia Studio on the Internet, so there is no point in dwelling in detail.

    I will be glad if you share the article with your friends.!

    For the lazy to read, I have prepared a series of 4 small video tutorials:

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