How to record screen on a Mac

How to Record Videos on Mac

Step 1: Select the recording area

After downloading and installing Screen Recorder on Mac, you can launch the program for recording video files on Mac. It is a versatile video recorder for capturing video, audio and screenshots.

Step 2: Configure recording options

Select the third button to set the recording area. You can record full screen, fixed region, or custom region. Of course, this tool also works as a webcam, so you can click the webcam icon in the main interface to record video files.

Step 3: Start recording

When you’re done, it’s time to start the process of recording video on Mac. Just click on the REC button which is the red button on the right side of this video screen recorder. Now you can record what you want.

Step 4: View and Save

You can also draw a drawing or add annotations depending on your needs. After that, you can view the project and share it on various social platforms. If you are satisfied with your video, you can SIMply use it on your computer.

2 Useful Ways to Record Video and Audio on Mac

Posted by Jane Winston November 06, 2018 14:00

How to Record Video or Record Audio on Mac? Many Mac users often ask this question on blogs and forums.

Although there are too many different screen recorders on the app market, you can only choose a few to suit your teams.

In this article, we have a list of the best 2 screen recorders for you and how to record video and audio on Mac.

In fact, two softwares can completely fill all your needs. Just start exploring these methods from the article now.

  • best way to record video and audio on Mac
  • How to Record Video and Audio on Mac with QuickTime

How to Record Video and Audio on Mac with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

Besides QuickTime Player, you can also complete screen recording process on Mac with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder.

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is one of the most professional screen recorders that provide you with an easy way to record video audio as well as capture your screen. Once you try out this great software, you will fall in love with its high quality and advanced features. It is a really flexible video recorder to get whatever you want.

Record any video / audio and screen capture on Mac.

Locking the window or excluding the window for writing.

Edit video while recording.

Record videos up to 4K on Mac for free.

How to Record Audio on Mac

Step 1: Choose an audio recorder

As with recording video on Mac, you first need to select the Audio Recorder mode. Just select the second option, Audio Recorder, on the main interface.

Step 2: make sound settings

Now you need to make your sound settings. If you want to record your voice, just turn on the microphone. After that, you can record audio annotation for the video screen.

Step 3: Start audio recording

You are now ready to start audio recording. When it’s finished, you can preview it and then save it. You can also share it on or another social site.

Now you know how to record video on Mac as well as how to record audio on Mac.

If you want to know more screen recorders for Mac, you can click on the link above for more information on the best screen recorder for Mac.

How to Record Video and Audio on Mac with QuickTime

QuickTime was created by Apple and is considered one of the most professional and useful screen recorders for Mac. For most Mac users, QuickTime Player. is a built-in media player thanks to which they eliminate the need to download screen recording software on Mac.

There are many benefits of recording video and audio on Mac with QuickTime.

For example, this software is perfectly compatible with iPad as well as iPhone, so you can start the recording process as you like. over, you can also edit videos easily with QuickTime Player.

However, the QuickTime Player has some drawbacks. You have to do a few tweaks before recording as well as after the transcoding process is complete and it will waste your time. In a way, QuickTime Player is still a good choice for deciding how to record videos on Mac.

You can now follow us to learn how to record screen on Mac as well as how to record audio on Mac using QuickTime Player.

Step 1: Open QuickTime Player

Just open QuickTime Player on your Mac. It can be found in the Applications folder. If you don’t have QuickTime Player installed on your Mac, you may need to download this software to your Mac first.

Step 2: Select “New Screen / Audio Recorder”

Now you can see the top toolbar and you need to go to the File option and select New Screen Recording from the File menu.

record, screen

If you want to record audio, you need to select New Audio Recording here.

Step 3: Start Screen / Audio Recording

You will be shown a small window named Screen Recorder. First you need to click on the small arrow, and here you can select the microphone, quality and other parameters. Then, when you are done, you can start the recording process SIMply by clicking the record button. As for recording audio on Mac, the step is very SIMilar.

Step 4: Save your entry

After the screen recording or audio recording is complete, you can SIMply click on the stop option and then preview what you recorded. If you are satisfied with your entry, just save it.

Now you successfully complete the process of screen recording on Mac and video recording on MacBook.

In this article, you will learn how to record screen on Mac and also how to record audio on Mac using QuickTime Player and its best alternative program Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. Both are really great to use and can help you record what you want in a professional manner. Hope you can learn something from this article.

Cons and pros of QuickTime Recorder

Cons of QuickTime Recorder

  • Difficulty distinguishing audio files from different channels, such as a microphone.
  • Lack of annotation and editing tools to create video files or highlight important points.
  • Unable to adjust video quality, video format, audio format and other parameters for output files.
  • Unable to record system audio from Mac using QuickTime.

Pros of QuickTime Recorder

  • Universal media player for playing, recording and converting videos to various formats.
  • Easily Recorded Audio and Mac Display Screen Capture.

Best QuickTime Alternative to Screen Recorder on Mac

Download and install the QuickTime Recorder alternative on your Mac. After that, launch the screen recorder, audio capture and snapshot program on your Mac.

Adjust the video quality of the output file

Click Settings option to adjust frame rate and bit rate for video files, sample rate for audio files, mouse recording functions, countdown to recording, and more.

Customize recording frame for Mac

Select the Custom Video option to choose Full Screen, Fixed Region, Custom Region, or manually adjust the audio setting to get the best results for Mac output files.

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Add annotation elements to video

When you record screen actions on a Mac, you can also add annotation elements to highlight important points. After that, you can save the video to Media Manager.

How to take screenshot and sound with QuickTime Recorder

Whether you want to record full screen or part of the screen, you can use QuickTime recorder to take screenshot and audio with ease.

QuickTime Recorder. How to Record Both Screen and Sound on PC / Mac

You can just take QuickTime for granted as a media player. QuickTime has a useful feature for recording Mac screen. QuickTime Recorder is able to capture screen and record audio on Mac for SIMple on-screen actions.

But there are many limitations or disadvantages to QuickTime recorder. You can also find a better alternative to recording to iMovie, grab music files and take pictures from the article.

    List of manuals

  • How to Capture Screen and Sound with QuickTime Recorder
  • best alternative to QuickTime recorder screen recorder for PC and Mac

Best QuickTime Alternative to Screen Recorder on PC

Download and install the latest version of QuickTime Recorder. After that, you can run the program to record video from the screen, capture audio files or take snapshots on your computer.

Adjust the part for screen recording

Click VCR to select a full screen recording or select the desired part by clicking. You can find several presets for recording screens with different frames.

Select audio recording channel

Select Audio Recorder to record system sound, microphone sound, or both audio channels. Unlike QuickTime Recorder, you can easily select the desired audio channel.

Recording screen actions on a computer

After that, you can press the REC button to record both screen and audio files on your computer. Click on the Stop option after the recording process to save the video file to your computer.

Note: When you need to adjust the video format or video quality, you can go to Settings, choose the video format, video codec, video quality, frame rate, audio format and sound quality.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio, and more.

When you need to record screen and sound on Mac or Windows, QuickTime recorder is one of the SIMple decisions you should take into account. Whether you want to find a QuickTime recorder alternative to the recording screen, add annotation or adjust the output quality, FoneLab Screen Recorder should always be the right choice. If you have any other questions about QuickTime recorder and an alternative program, you can share more details in the comments.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio, and more.

Best QuickTime Recorder Screen Recorder Alternative for PC and Mac

What should be the best QuickTime Recorder alternative? When you need to record screen activities, FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder, audio capture and screenshot software for Windows and Mac.

  • Record gameplay, Skype calls, YouTube videos, streaming audio, and other on-screen activities.
  • Real-time HD video encoding technology using blue light ensures excellent picture and sound quality.
  • Numerous annotations and editing tools to add leaders, lines, arrows, text messages and more.
  • Adjust video quality, video codec, audio format, audio quality and other parameters.

How to Record Video from Mac Screen (macOS): 2 Ways

The macOS operating system has a large number of built-in programs. And some of them have much more possibilities than it seems at first glance. In this post, we’ll walk you through two standard macOS apps that allow you to record screen videos on your Mac.

How to choose a default save location for screen recordings on macOS Mojave and later

Despite the fact that for recordings after their creation you can select any location on the computer disk, the new tool allows you to make a default selection.

Open the Screenshot program in any of the ways indicated above, for example, using the keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd ⇧Shift 5.

Click “Options”.

Select “Desktop”, “Documents”, “Clipboard”, “Mail”, “Messages”, etc. to set the save location.

How to set a timer to start recording video from your Mac screen (for macOS Mojave and later)

Open the Screenshot program using any of the above methods.

Click “Options”.

To set the timer, select “5 seconds” or “10 seconds”, to disable, select “No”.

How to show the mouse cursor in screenshots (for macOS Mojave and newer)

Open the Screenshot program using any of the above methods.

Click “Options”.

Click Show Mouse Cursor.

When you enable the option to display the mouse pointer, while recording video from the screen, when you click on any object on the screen, a black circle will be displayed around the pointer.

How to Record Mac Screen Video with QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player Screen Recorder Introduces Mac Since OS X Lion Apple.

Recording video from the Mac screen using QTP is quite SIMple, for this:

Open the QuickTime Player application. The program is located along the path Finder → Applications, also easily opened via Launchpad (in the Other folder) or Spotlight search.

To start recording, you can use the keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd Control N or SIMply select the appropriate item in the menu bar.

Immediately after activating the recording, you will see a black window in which you can configure some options.

Here you can select a microphone for recording explanations for your video, as well as enable the display of mouse clicks on the video.

When you enable the option to display mouse clicks, while recording, when you click on any object on the screen, a black circle will be displayed around the pointer.

After clicking on the record button, you can choose: record an image from the entire screen or mark a specific area.

When finished recording, click on the “stop” button on the menu bar.

To share the video, click the Share button that appears when you hover over the window. The option allows you to upload video to YouTube, send by email, AirDrop, etc.

To save the video to your computer, go to the File menu and select Save. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd S.

To change the resolution (quality) of the video when saving, go to the File menu and select Export As.

How to Record Mac Screen Video Using Screenshot App (macOS Mojave and later only)

With the release of macOS Mojave, Apple developers have equipped the standard Screenshot application with the ability to capture video from the Mac screen. New tools make screen capture even easier. The feature does not require the use of QuickTime Player, the screen recorder application can be found in the new toolbar.

Open the Screenshot app. The program is located under Finder → Applications → Utilities → Screenshot, also easily opened via Launchpad (in the Others folder) or Spotlight search.

The Screenshot application is also launched using the keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd ⇧Shift 5.

After launching the program, a horizontal toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen, the left part of which is for taking screenshots, and the right part for capturing video from the Mac screen.

Click “Record Full Screen” or “Record Selected Area”.

To start recording, click the “Record” button.

Select the part of the screen you want to record if you only want to capture a part of it. The recording will start immediately after your choice.

Click the Stop button on the menu bar to stop recording.

If necessary, click on the captured video thumbnail that appears in the lower right corner to launch the video editing screen.

How to edit (crop) a screen recording video (for macOS Mojave and newer)

After recording a video, its thumbnail will appear in the lower right corner. Click on it to start edit mode.

If you didn’t manage to click on the thumbnail, open the captured video along the path specified in the Options. By default, this is the Desktop.

Click the crop button in the upper right corner of the edit window.

If necessary, move the capture points at both ends of the recording timeline to change the recording length.

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To share the video, click the Share button in the upper corner of the window. The option allows you to upload videos to YouTube, send by email, AirDrop, etc.

To change the resolution (quality) of a video when saving, open the video in QuickTime Player and go to the File menu and select Export As.

How to record screen video on Mac (Mac OS screencast)

It’s useful to know how to record screencasts. These videos of what’s displayed on your computer screen, with an audio commentary if you choose, are a good way of easily sharing a problem you’re having or something you’re working on. or helping others by showing them how to do something with their computer in an easy-to-follow-way.

Although there are plenty of apps available for recording screencasts, the most recent version of Mac OSX, Snow Leopard, has everything you need to get recording without paying a penny more. In case this option’s passed you by, here’s how to do it:

First, open QuickTime Player. This app comes bundled with OSX Snow Leopard and the fastest way to find it is via a Spotlight search.

Once QuickTime Player is open, click ‘File’ and select ‘New Screen Recording’.

This black Screen Recording window will open. Click the small arrow on the right-hand side of the window to select what microphone you want to use. If you’d prefer a silent video, select ‘None’.

You can also choose between ‘High’ and ‘Medium’ quality (strangely, there’s no ‘Low’ option). If you’re recording a long piece, Medium will give you a more manageable file size. However, High is a better option, especially if it’s only a short video, as you’ll capture the details of the screen more clearly.

Finally, you get to decide where your finished video will be saved.

If you’re going to be recording your voice, speak and you’ll see the volume level meter rise and fall. It’s best to keep the volume slider fully to the left unless you want to be distracted by audio feedback as you record.

When you’re ready to start recording, click the red record button.

At this point, the Screen Recording window will disappear and you can start doing whatever you want share. Everything you do on-screen is recorded, including mouse pointer movements.

When you’re ready to end the recording, you have two options. Either click the ‘Stop’ button that you’ll find in the OSX Menu bar at the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can press the Cmd, Ctrl and Esc keys together.

Once you stop recording, your screencast will open up in new window, allowing you to watch back and check all is well.

Assuming that you’re happy, the video, recorded format, is ready to be uploaded to the Internet, edited in iMovie or whatever you choose.

Pro-tip: zooming in

While sceencasting is quick and easy with QuickTime, it doesn’t offer any advanced features such as highlight effects and multiple recording formats which more advanced solutions like ScreenFlow do. However, one things it’s easy to do is zoom into your screen to highlight particular elements of the screen thanks to an accessibility feature built right into OSX.

Just zoom in to your screen using by pressing ‘Ctrl ’on your keyboard while dragging two fingers over your trackpad or Magic Mouse, or by scrolling up and down with the ball on top of other mice. If that doesn’t work, make sure ‘Zoom’ is activated by selecting ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu and selecting ‘Universal Access’.

Happy screencasting! Here’s the kind of result you can expect.

select an option

From the Cleaners module, PowerMyMac will show you the various options you can choose to clean your Mac. From that list, just select System Junks to get started. Here you will be able to clear all system cache, application cache, system logs, user logs, localization.

scan your mac

After selecting System Junks from the iMyMac list, PowerMyMac will ask you to scan your Mac. From here, all you have to do is click on the Scan button. Then the scanning process will start. You will see a full circle on the left side of the screen as soon as the scanning process is complete.

select files to delete

PowerMyMac will show you a list of categories shown on the left side of the screen. From there, go ahead and select the category you want and click on it.

Once you’ve selected a category, the files below it will be displayed on the right side of the screen. From there, go ahead and select all the files you want to remove from your Mac.

how to keep your Mac clean

Since you are using any of the programs mentioned above and are recording screen actions on your Mac, you will need more space to save your videos. So, so that you can clean up your Mac and uninstall whatever you no longer need, you need a perfect program that will surely do its job.

You know that maintaining your Mac will help you make the best use of any of the programs mentioned. And a tool you can count on when it comes to cleaning up your Mac and getting more space with the iMyMac PowerMyMac.

IMyMac PowerMyMac. it is one of the most effective tools you can use to keep your Mac performing as well as freeing up space on your Mac. It is a powerful tool you can use to optimize your Mac.

Now so you can clean up your Mac and free up space, here is a quick step-by-step method you can follow.

download and install

First, you must download the iMyMac PowerMyMac from our official website. And when the download is complete, install it on your Mac.

select module

Also on the home screen you can also have three different modules. Status, Cleaner and Toolkit. Now, to remove all unnecessary files from your Mac, all you have to do is select the Cleaner module.

How to Record Screen on Mac

Written by Jordan Baldo Last updated on Nov 30, 2019

Almighty writing expert who is well versed in Mac problems and provides effective solutions.

Video lessons. one of the best ways to show presentations about other projects. For some people, this is also one of the ways to learn something new on a specific device, in programs, and more. And if you are going to try searching the web, you may also find that there are several screen recording and screen capture tools that you can use. However, they differ from their functionality.

But the real question here is, how do you record the screen on Mac anyway? Well, if you want to know how to record your screen on Mac, then this article is definitely for you. We’re going to show you here how you can do this. This way you can complete your presentation or video tutorial. if you do it.

Method # 2: Record Screen on Mac Using Any Ultimate Video Converter

Besides QuickTime Player, there are other software that you can use to record your screen on Mac. It is with Any Video Converter Ultimate. This software will help you with screen recording on your Mac. Using Any Video Converter Ultimate, you can also record streaming videos, online videos, sports broadcasts, and more. You can all do it at a high speed that provides good audio and video quality.

So that you know how to record screen on Mac with Any Video Converter Ultimate, here’s what you need to do.

run Any Video Converter Ultimate on your Mac.

And then go to the “Recording Screen” section so you can choose the recording mode.

Then go ahead and select the capture option in the right pane.

Then click the Start Recording button to start recording on the screen.

so that you can stop recording, there are actually three options you can use.

  • You can click the Stop Recording button in the Recording Screen list.
  • You can click on the “Stop” button in the “Pending Entries” list.
  • You can also use the shortcut method by pressing Shift Command 1 on your keyboard.

NOTE: Any Video Converter Ultimate also allows you to convert your recorded video to other formats like WMV, MP4, AVI, 3G2, MP3, FLV, MPG, 3GP, WMA, SWF and others on your Mac.

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Method # 3: Screen Recorder on Mac using Camtasia Mac

The last thing you can use to record your screen on Mac. this is using Camtasia. This software was developed by TechSmith. This is one of the tools you can use that has the best combination when it comes to screen recording as well as video editing.

They say that Camtasia. This is a SIMple screen recorder It also gives you an additional tool that you can use to be able to customize and edit the recorded video yourself. Camtasia is considered the best screen recorder you can use. However, it also costs more than the first two we mentioned earlier.

Now so you can learn how you can record screen on Mac using Camtasia, here is a SIMple and easy guide you can follow.

Launch Camtasia on your Mac and you will see the preferences window.

Then go ahead and select the preset area of ​​your video. Then go ahead and just click on the record button located on the right side of the window. This will allow you to view and set the recording region.

Then start recording the activity on the screen by SIMply pressing the Record button.

NOTE: As soon as you finish recording your screen on Mac, Camtasia will open a video editing window. From there, you can continue editing your video by choosing some special effects, cropping, cutting annotations, and more.

If you are looking for methods to record screen for your computer, you can find the detailed process from this article. Regarding online screen capture, some browser plugins should be helpful.

When you need screen recording on Windows or Mac, FoneLab Screen Recorder is definitely the first choice. If you have any other question about how to record screen on Windows, Mac or the web, you can share other comments in the article.

Option 1. Screencast-O-Matic

Video Tutorials-O-Matic is an online screen capture to record the screen online for all activities on your computer. The free version only supports 15 minutes, you can upgrade to the Pro version from 1.50 per month in USD.

Click Launch Free Recorder The button with which the program will launch the recording window. After that, you can choose from Screen, Webcam or Both to record screen actions online.

Note: Add audio and narration with one click. You can record audio files from both system sound and microphone.

The free version only allows you to trim video files. If you need to edit videos with additional features, you need to upgrade to the Pro version or import the video into some professional video editing software.

After that, you can save the video to your computer, Chromebook, or Google Drive. Of course, you can also post your video to social media sites.

It should be a handy screen recorder for recording short videos. If you need to add mouse tracking functionality, drawing tools, remove watermark, or record unlimited video clips, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio, and more.

When it comes to recording your game screen on your computer, Bandicam should have free software for capturing and streaming. It allows you to write target files in DirectX and OpenGL.

  • Capture screen, voice and video SIMultaneously in a SIMple process.
  • Custom logo for video and real-time drawing functions.
  • Recorded video for free version has a watermark and a minute limit.

Select screen size

Click the third icon to choose Screen Size, Full Size, Fixed Region, or Custom Region.Just choose one default size or customize the frame of the recording window to record your screen on Mac.

Add a built-in camera

In order to use the screen on a Mac for gameplay or web meetings, you must add a built-in camera to record comments or presentations. Just click on the second Camera Icon for Active FaceTime HD Camcorder.

Customize audio files

After that, you can click the Audio icon to add built-in input or other audio settings to record audio from another source. Of course, you can also adjust the volume to get the best result.

Recording screen on Mac

Press the red REC button to take the screen on Mac. After that, you can click the annotate button to add text, lines, arrows and other elements to highlight important points.

When you need to capture multiple video highlights or capture multiple video thumbnails, you can use the camera button to capture screenshots in one click.

Option 1: Record Screen on Windows with FoneLab

FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile screen capture to record your screen, capture computer sound and take pictures, Blue light Real-time encoding technology guarantees you excellent picture and sound quality.

  • Customizable screen size for high quality recording of on-screen action.
  • Record online music, commentary from system audio and microphone.
  • Take a photo at any configured size and keep the useful part.
  • Multiple editing tools, annotation widgets and drawing panels.

Option 1. Record Screen on Mac with FoneLab

FoneLab Screen Recorder for Mac is one of the most professional screen recorders on Mac.The program accepts streaming videos, web meetings, skype chats, etc. in different formats.

  • Record screen in customized size as per your requirement.
  • Capture audio files from different sources in high quality.
  • Edit the captured Mac screen with multiple annotation tools.
  • Find, share and view captured files with ease.

How to take a screenshot online

What if you just want to record your screen online without additional software? This part uses two main online screen recorders to capture the files you want.

Option 2. Screencastify

Whether you just need to record YouTube files, online games, meetings, or other browser screen, Screencastify is a free Chrome plugin. Unlike other screen recorders, the program has a browser tab recording function.

Just add a screen recorder to Chrome. After that, you need to activate and run the program to bring the screen online. Select the desired recording mode to get the desired video. Adjust the settings for recording audio files.

over, you can get better quality for video and audio in settings. Then you can annotate your screen with the Pen tool or focus on your mouse.

Once you record your screen online, you can save the files to Google Drive. When you need to publish to YouTube or save a video to your computer, you can always find a solution with an online screen recorder.

If you need to export MP4 or GIF files, trim / crop your recording, or remove watermark from video files, you need to upgrade to Premium version to record online screen.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio, and more.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio, and more.

Adjust video screen size

After installing the video recording software on your computer, you can click the VCR option. It will automatically recognize the recording window. To record the selection screen in Windows, you can enter pixels or adjust the frame to capture the desired area.

Capturing the desired audio file

Click Audio Recorder to enter the audio recording interface. Select System Sound only if you need to record music from your computer. As for video meetings, you must turn on both System Sound and Microphone.After that, adjust the volume.

Screen recording in Windows

You can also schedule the screen recording process. Once you have everything set up, you can press the REC button to record your screen on Windows. During the process, you can also take screenshots for some important points.

Edit captured videos

During screen recording, you can add annotation elements such as text, lines, callouts to the captured videos, and even adjust the color of these elements to highlight the important part. Click on REC Click the button again to end screen recording in Windows.

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