How To Record Screen On Huawei

Screen recording disappeared from Honor 10 what to do?

This problem occurs due to insufficient free space in the smartphone’s memory. Delete the files you don’t need and the problem will be solved.

Built-in Screen Recorder

The first step is to analyze the ready-made solution. To open the stock program and start recording, you can use different methods, we wrote about all in more detail (more specifically, in 3) below.

With a special knuckle action

The third way is to use Accessibility and enable the knuckles option. This option is only available to those using the latest EMUI versions. Procedure:

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  • Go to parameters and to the section “Management”.
  • Select “Quick Access Gestures”.
  • Click on “Screen Recording”.
  • Enable the option by dragging the slider to the active position.

To enable or disable the function, just touch the knuckle to the display.

How to Record Honor and Huawei Screen

You can record from a mobile screen in several options. For one-time use, it is better to resort to the standard methods built into the smartphone. But, if you plan to constantly engage in such activities, for example, we write down instructions for using the phone for second users, then it is better to install special programs. Let’s consider each option separately:

  • The panel informs what the top curtain is.
  • combination of buttons.
  • In the application.

If the first two methods allow you to use the standard pre-installed capabilities of the phone, then the latter implies the installation of a third-party program.

Answers to popular questions. Screen recording with knuckles

On the latest versions of the proprietary EMUI shell, the ability to record using gestures created with knuckles is available.

  • Go to the smartphone settings through the icon on the notification panel, or through the shortcut of the main menu of the smartphone.
  • Click “Manage”.
  • Next “Quick access and gestures”.
  • Select the “Screen Recording” tab.
  • We activate the screen recording function. To shoot, double-tap the screen with two knuckles to start or stop recording. The recording can also be stopped as indicated in the previous methods.

Using “power key and volume”

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most convenient ways to use built-in smartphone functions. How to Record Honor and Huawei Phone Screen by Button Combination? Hold down “Power” and increase the sound. In fact, the instruction is identical to the procedure for creating a screenshot.

Setting up built-in screen recording correctly

A screen recording, “screenshot” or screencast is very helpful in explaining the mechanics of the device to someone while still at a distance. After all, it is much more convenient, instead of many words, just send to a person with detailed instructions.

There is nothing difficult in using the built-in recording, you just need to press a button and you’re done. However, during playback, sometimes additional questions arise, for example, why the audio comments, or the picture is of poor quality. Below we will analyze everything in detail.

How to record screen and screenshots on Note10

You can do incredible things with the new Note10 / Note10. And with a new function screen recording and taking screenshots, sharing your experience just got easier. Take screenshots of funny memes or.Reaction, Record how you play or show loved ones how to do something on the phone.

Note: Not all screens can record or take screenshots.

Note: The function does not work for phone calls, voice over IP. In addition, some applications may block the function screen recording by virtue of copyright protection.

for screen recording Galaxy phones offer you built-in recording instead of a third-party app. On Note10 / Note10 you can record almost anything that is shown on the screen! You can even use the front camera to record yourself while.

To open the quick settings panel, swipe the screen from top to bottom with two fingers. Swipe left and click on Screen recorder. As soon as the countdown ends, the phone will start recording everything that happens on the screen.

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To add yourself to using the front camera, click on the icon front camera. it looks like a picture of a person. A small window will appear in the left corner and everything you do will be recorded.

When finished recording, click the icon Stop. will be automatically saved to the gallery.

You can also write on the screen while recording. Click on the icon pencil, select the desired color and use your finger or the S Pen to write directly on the screen. But remember that while you are writing something on the screen, you will NOT be able to interact with games, and work with navigation. The screen will return to normal as soon as you turn off the on-screen writing function.

Do you want to be recorded Not only from the screen, but also the sound from the microphone? This and much more can be easily customized to make your perfect.

Open the quick settings panel by swiping the screen from top to bottom with two fingers. Swipe left, then press and hold Screen recorder. Here you will see the options available.

  • sound: Select which sounds will be recorded. You can choose from no sounds, media content sounds or media content sounds from microphone.
  • quality : Select the desired quality for. Available options: 1080p, 720p and 480p.
  • selfie size-: Set the size of the pop-up window to record yourself on the front camera during.

The screenshot function has not changed, but the buttons have changed. On Note10 / Note10, the power button also enables Bixby; it’s called the side button. It may take a while to get used to, but the plus is that you can now take a screenshot with one hand.

To take a screenshot, simultaneously short press on lateral button and volume button down. The screen flashes and a menu appears at the bottom of the display. The following options are available:

  • Scrolling screenshot: Take long screenshots to screen all content. This setting is only available if page scrolling is possible.
  • Painting: Edit screenshots before saving or sending them.
  • add tags: Save and tag screenshots.
  • share: Send screenshots to other apps or your contacts.

Key Recording

For fans of traditional Honor use cases, there is a way with the keys placed on the sides.

  • Press the lock and volume keys simultaneously on Android. The shooting process starts automatically
  • You can disable it in the same way as in the first option. touch the timer.

How to enable screen recording on Huawei with two knuckles?

Before you start recording from the screen of Huawei and Honor, you must first unlock your mobile, then follow these steps:

  • snap two knuckles;
  • decide on the regime. To be recorded. HD or mini;
  • stop the shooting process with two clicks of the knuckles;
  • open the gallery to view the captured file.

It should be borne in mind that work will pause for incoming and outgoing calls.

How to Record Huawei / Honor Phone Screen via Notification Panel?

You can record the screen on Honor using notifications:

  • Swipe down from the top of the device screen;
  • if the shortcut is already on the menu bar, open it. If not, then adjust. click on the icon and drag up. Now it can be quickly turned on if necessary;
  • after opening the icon, a timer is displayed on the top left, which measures the duration. To stop, just press the timer. After the file is saved in the gallery by itself.

How to Record Huawei and Honor Screen with Sound?

How to Record Screen on Huawei“? a question that often arises in Android users. There are times when you need to clearly explain to a person how to use the phone or transfer important information from it, share something interesting with friends. Previously, it was necessary to download a special program to the device. Today the company has made this task much easier for customers. The capture function is already included in the general settings of the phone. You can connect it in two ways.

Third-party recording apps with sound

In addition to the automatic function of a mobile device or tablet, there are special Android applications with which you can create with sound and effects.

  • AZ Screen Recorder. will make it easy to do. Using a convenient button to control, and not displaying unnecessary items. The image is captured by the front camera and has a countdown timer. With this application you can cut a file into several parts.
  • Ilos Screen Recorder is a simple app without ads or watermarks. Can be used while working on a PC.
  • One Shot Screen Recorder. Includes four steps to complete the process. The essence of the work is to take screenshots in HD and Full-HD quality. Unique in that you can pause and then resume shooting.
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Where is screen recording stored on Huawei?

If you need to open the file on your smartphone, then open the gallery or any other multimedia player. If on a PC, then click on My Computer, select the shortcut representing the phone, click on Internal memory, Pictures Screenshots. After displaying the file on a PC, you can download and transfer it to another folder or to a USB flash drive.

How to make a screenshot on Huawei. Normal or long screenshot from the screen, several ways.

Screenshot on Huawei how to do? On this page you will find several ways to save a screenshot on Huawei and other Android tablets and smartphones. You can not only screen the chest, but also take a long screenshot with scrolling of the screen, which is sometimes just necessary when creating a screenshot of Internet pages, chats or other information that takes up more than one screen.

1) The first method allows you to quickly take a screenshot on Huawei and most other Android devices. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, you must press and hold the button “Nutrition” and the button “Decrease volume” few seconds. If the save is successful, you will see a notification on the screen and hear a click as when taking a photo. You can see the screenshot in the gallery.

2) On some smartphones and tablets, you can press and hold the button “Power / Power On” Until a menu appears where in the list we select “Screenshot” opposite which there will be an icon with scissors. This method may not work on some devices.

3) Open the notification panel by pulling down from the top of the screen and click on this icon. which allows you to take a screenshot of the entire screen.

4) Some Huawei smartphones and tablets can take a screenshot with the knuckle. To take a photo of the entire screen, you need to double-tap the knuckle of the screen, as shown in the picture below.

5) It is possible to take screenshots of a part of the screen. You need to touch the screen with your knuckle and do not let go to circle the required part. What is inside the outlined line is preserved. See below picture. At the top of the screen, you can select one of the proposed forms that you want to save the box. Click on this icon to save.

6) Let’s see how to take long screenshots on Huawei, there are 2 ways using the icon or knuckle.
Open the notification panel by pulling the screen from top to bottom and click on this icon and we get a normal screenshot. Next, we need to click on this icon, after which, as the screenshot is taken, the screen will automatically scroll. (Attention! After taking a screenshot, the icon must be pressed NOT later than 3 seconds).

To save a long screenshot from the Huawei screen with a knuckle, you need to touch the screen with your knuckle and do not let go to draw a letter “S” and remove the finger. After that, you will see how the auto scrolling starts on the screen. When you see that this part of the screenshot is enough for you, you can stop scrolling by touching the screen.

After taking a screenshot, you can immediately edit the screenshot to do this, click on this icon and then you can save it. See the screen in the gallery, you can transfer or send screenshots like a regular photo or picture.

Smart screenshot function

In the more expensive Huawei and Honor models, you can perform various actions with your knuckles. Among these there is also the Smart Screenshot function. To activate, go to Settings. Management. Movements and find this item there. After activating it, you can quickly take screenshots on Honor and Huawei simply by double-tapping the screen with your knuckle. It is also possible to select a specific area of ​​the screen by drawing a closed circle or square with your knuckle. The selected area can be edited, its size and shape can be increased.

Screenshot on Huawei using hotkeys

If at a given time on the screen of your mobile device there is something that needs to be captured, then simultaneously press the power button and the volume down key for about 2 seconds, after which a sound signal will sound and a notification about saving the image will appear. Saved screenshot can be viewed go to gallery.

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Also, with the screenshot just taken, you can perform some actions:

  • Send. instantly share the captured area of ​​the screen using instant messengers, or send it wirelessly.
  • Edit. edit the image in the built-in editor, Resize it, add text, etc.
  • Long screenshot. if the displayed area does not fit the screen and you need to scroll to view it.

As an illustrative example, you can see how to take a screenshot on Honor10 below:

Taking a screenshot using the icon in the notification shade

You can also quickly take a screenshot, you can go to the notification shade, swipe from the top of the screen. Among the quick launch icons for various functions, there is also a “Screenshot” button. Just click on it and get what you want.

How to take a screenshot on Huawei and Honor

Quite often, the user needs to take a screenshot of the screen on Huawei and Honor. For example, you have installed a new theme, a splash screen on the main screen, or your smartphone displays incomprehensible messages, and you need to quickly share this right now. then the help in this situation will be provided by such a function as a screenshot of the screen in the Huawei and Honor phones. It’s actually quite simple: we take a screenshot, find it in the gallery and share the finished image. There are several options for taking a screenshot and in this manual we will take a closer look at the most popular.

How To Record Screen On Huawei

Screenshot by swiping across the screen with three fingers

Some inexpensive models have the ability to take a screenshot by swiping across the screen with three fingers at the same time. Just swipe three fingers from top to bottom on the launched screen at the same time.

Hidden chips, functions and features on Honor and Huawei phones

For a long time, users have been wary of Huawei and Honor, since their gadgets are entirely made in China. But the quality of the products allowed them to become on a par with such manufacturers as Samsung and Apple in terms of technological features. Plus, the hidden features of Honor and Huawei make potential buyers even more delighted. A detailed overview of what you need to know about the hidden features of Huawei and Honor in this article.

full screen mode

But not all apps can be used with a screen cutout. For their harmonious interaction:

  • open the section “Settings” / “Full screen display”;
  • run the app to run in full screen mode.

This secret is important for many users, as full screen mode creates the effect of an “installed web application”.

clone of applications

The option simplifies the use of a mobile phone for those who want to use multiple accounts. Messenger, etc. To enable the function, you must perform the transition “Applications and notifications” / “Application clone”. Confirm your choice.

Change screen resolution

Honor and Huawei‘s secrets help you save energy. To do this from below the image quality.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Screen” / “Screen Resolution”.

Intelligent resolution can be set, which automatically works on constant power saving.

energy saving

The “Energy Saving” option is activated after:

  • opening the phone shutter;
  • Selecting the Power Saving Mode icon.

This way the battery charge is controlled.

Face unlock

To unlock by face you need:

  • open “Settings”;
  • go to “Security and Privacy” / “Unlock Face Recognition”.

First you need to register your face. You can enable smartphone lock screen notifications.

screen recording

The function is used to shoot a game on a mobile phone. To activate:

  • pull down the notification panel;
  • wait for the recording touch button to display;
  • agree and wait for the recording to start.

When planning to shoot more than one. click on “Do not show again” so as not to constantly confirm your consent. If you cannot find the key, you can enable it yourself. Move the curtain and press the pencil button. Drag it from the screen, which is responsible for recording.

Home screen style

Not everyone likes it when there are too many shortcuts on the home screen. You can connect the built-in applications button directly from the settings. Find “Settings” / “Display” / “Home Style” in the menu.

Motion control

Knuckles can create photo display.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • Open “Settings”.
  • On “Control” / “Movements” / “Smart Screenshot”.

This way only part of the display can be captured.

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