How to Record Screen on iPhone with Sound

IOS 11 and above

If you have iOS 11 or higher, you can record directly through the device settings. This option appeared in this particular version, so if you have iOS version below 10, you can safely proceed to the next item.

In our case, you need to perform a series of actions. Since this option is located in the control center and is only available from there, you need to add it to the quick access panel to use.

    Go to the “Settings” of your device and go to the “Control Center” tab.

Here you click on the control settings button.

Scroll through the list until you see the “Screen Recording” item and click on the “” icon next to it to add it to the general list.

Now, to start recording, just swipe up and from there press the button with the record icon.

The system will automatically start the timer and start recording after 3 seconds.

While recording, you will have a blue bar at the top of the screen that displays the timer of the recorded material. In the event that you need to stop the process, click on this tab and click the “Stop” button.

In the future, you will be able to view all your entries in the “Photos” section, and you can do everything with this material the same as with ordinary photos and videos. For example, edit in different programs, send to your friends, post on social networks.

QuickTime on macOS

This method is described exclusively for the iPhone macOS bundle. As you know, many iPhone users have a computer in addition to a phone, and often it’s some kind of MacBook or candy bar. This only SIMplifies the task, since the connection to the program here is carried out literally in a few clicks:

  • Install QuickTime on your computer, if not already, and run.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB and in the program, click the “File” tab, and go to “New video”.
  • A separate window with a preview will appear, in which you will need to confirm the operation by clicking on the record button.
  • To stop recording at the end, you will need to click on the same button, as a result of which the recording will be stopped, and the system will prompt you to specify the folder into which the current video will be saved. Here you can also specify a name for the file.
  • The main feature of this method is that you see everything that happens on your computer screen, and in the same resolution as your smartphone.

    At any time, you can turn off or turn on the microphone to record your voice, for example, if you want to comment on some actions. Here, under the recording scale, the current file weight will be displayed, and it will constantly change, depending on the length of the video.


    This is another tool that works through AirPlay technology. The program is distributed both for Mac and Windows, therefore, for most users, this product will allow you to record video from the screen in a few clicks. How exactly this is done:

      Download Reflector from the official site, just keep in mind that the free version has certain limitations. For example, it will overlay a watermark, and an impressive size. Also, the work of the program in this mode will be available only for a week.

  • Connect your iPhone to the same network as your computer. This must be done using Wi-Fi. This method is great for users who use a router as source that distributes the Internet immediately to a PC via a network cable and phones over a wireless network. This is mandatory, as the devices must be within the same network.
  • On iPhone, swipe up to bring up Control Center and press AirPlay, then select your computer as the source.
  • After all the actions, a video will appear in the Reflector program window with a demonstration of everything you do on your device. Here you can click on the record button and perform all the operations that you wanted to record from your iPhone.
  • iTools

    We have already talked more than once about the capabilities of this program, for example, data recovery, working with backups, using the built-in explorer and many other options. But at the same time, iTools can also be used to transfer the broadcast from your iPhone to your computer with the ability to record the entire process. And all this is done in a few clicks:

    • Download iTools to your computer and open it. You will be prompted to enter a license key, but you can refuse this action. You can broadcast data from your device to a PC without a license, but video recording will already require a key.
    • Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable and wait until iTools detects it.
    • In the main window of the utility go to the “Tools” section and find the “Screen mirroring” tab.

    The system will warn you that the developer mode will be activated. Just agree to this by clicking “Ok”. You can disable this option in your device at any time, so there is nothing to fear.

  • As soon as the data from your iPhone is loaded, a screen mirroring will appear in a special window on the screen of your PC. Please note that all actions are duplicated with a delay of about 1-2 seconds.
  • To start recording, click on the button with a red icon and select a location on your computer where all videos will be saved. Please note that the information is saved to your computer’s hard drive, not your phone, so you don’t have to look for this material in the iPhone later.
  • When choosing a save location, you will also be prompted to specify the source of the voice recording.

    It is important to know! If you do not see all the actions duplicated from a smartphone on the small screen in the program, you can click on the icon located above the record button to expand the video to full screen. The broadcast will be exactly in the resolution supported by your device. Also, do not forget to turn off the automatic lock of iPhone, otherwise you will receive such notifications:

    Recording using a computer

    The main feature of using a computer is that it allows you to work with a large number of different programs, and at the same time there is no special emphasis on the iOS version, so, in principle, there will be no problems with capturing video.

    As part of this article, we examined the most optimal tools, most of which are installed in a few clicks.!

    IOS recording

    All methods of recording video from the screen of your iPhone without using a computer are considered here, however, some methods involve installing additional programs and using third-party services. You already choose what is more convenient and faster for you.

    Problems and solutions

    Sometimes the screen recording in the standard iOS 11 settings does not start for some reason, for example, there is a record button, but the timer does not work. All this can be solved by several steps. As practice shows, sometimes users SIMply have restrictions enabled. You can turn it off in the following way:

    • Go to the “Settings” of your device and click on the “General” tab.
    • Then go to the “Restrictions” section and find the item “Screen recording”.
    • If there is an activated slider next to it, then disable it. It was this parameter that prevented you from recording video from the screen.

    IOS version 10 and below

    Unfortunately, if your iOS version is lower than version 11, in this case, you won’t be able to use the standard system tools to capture video. There are plenty of instructions on the Internet that will offer you to install individual applications from the Emu4iOS service, and without Jailbreak. This feature does not work at the moment. Applications are SIMply not installed. We personally checked this service and its work.

    You can try to find screen recording programs in the Apple Store, but this is generally problematic for devices with iOS 10 and below. In this case, we recommend using the methods using a PC. As a last resort, you can cut screenshots, and then, through special utilities, combine them together and make a separate video sequence, which will describe in detail all your actions.

    Why you might need screen recording?

    If you still do not understand what this is for, we have listed the main factors that make this option so popular among users:

    • Instructions. Very often bloggers and ordinary users record actions from the screen of their device in order to explain the procedure for working with a particular program, setting up the device. Also, screen capture is actively used when reviewing new versions of iOS;
    • Saving Stories. Yes, even for these purposes they use video recording from the screen. After all, they cannot be saved, as a rule, therefore, they launch someone’s stories on Instagram, activate the video recording option and the resulting segment of video material is already stored on their device;
    • Create a slideshow. Sometimes you need to quickly create some kind of slideshow and you don’t want to install third-party programs or you can’t. It is enough to launch the standard iOS tools and flip through the photos. The result is an automatic slideshow;
    • Demonstration of bugs. If a certain problem arises, but the user does not have time to take a screenshot in order to capture it, you can record a video from the screen, and then rewind to the desired moment and study the essence of the problem in more detail.

    Instructions on how to take a video screenshot from the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch screen with iOS

    Don’t know how to take a video screenshot from the iPhone screen? On this page you will find detailed instructions on how to record screen video with sound on iPhone.

    record, screen, iphone, sound

    Information about recording images with sound from the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11 or later is taken from the Apple official website. If you have an older iPhone, you can also record video from the screen. How to take a regular screenshot on iPhone, see this link.

    Let’s see how to enable screen recording in iPhone settings. Open “Settings”, then in the menu that opens, we find “Control point”, then “Configure controls” and then next to the “Screen recording” item, click on “” (plus). Now we can record the screen of the iPhone, iPad or iPod, the icon to start recording appeared in the control center.

    Swipe up from the bottom of any screen to access Control Center. On iPhone X or later, as well as iPad with iOS 12 or later, swipe down from the top right edge of the screen to get to the control point. See, in the picture I have selected the icon for screen recording.

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    Usually at the beginning the video screenshot icon is of a different color and if you click on record, the recording will be silent. We need to enable iPhone screen video recording sound.

    To do this, with little effort, click on the recording icon (on some models, you may need to hold it down a little) in the menu that appears, click on the “Microphone On” after which the icon will change color. which means video screenshot sound is on. Now you can record video with sound from the iPhone screen.

    Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of any screen. On iPhone X or later, as well as iPad with iOS 12 or later, to get to the control point, swipe down from the upper right edge of the screen and click on the icon and see how the recording began. To stop recording video from the screen, you can also touch the red status bar at the top of the screen and select “Stop”.

    You can also record video from the screen of models and earlier versions, but for this you need to use a computer or install third-party applications.


    The Record My Screen program allows you to record videos not only on old phones, starting with the iPhone 3GS, but also on gadgets with an unofficial version of the platform. jilbreak. Therefore, phone owners who have installed firmware not supported by Apple can also record videos. over, unlike iREC, the program is completely free on Github.

    Before you can record a video from the iPhone screen, the program should be downloaded, installed and launched. Sound can be recorded both from the application for which the screencast is being made and from the built-in microphone. The data is saved as an MP4 file at 30 frames per second and can be uploaded immediately to both the photo and video gallery and cloud storage.

    Among the advantages of the program is support for iOS 6.1, thanks to which it will run even on old iPhones, not to mention modern models. Due to hardware acceleration, video recording does not slow down the phone. an important feature for owners of old gadgets. Before capturing video from the screen on the iPhone, the user can manually select the display orientation and video quality.

    Options for new smartphones

    When using more modern versions of phones, you can do without installing third-party software. Owners of models with iOS 11 and higher, which can run iPhones from iPhones from 5s, just need to use the built-in functions. To capture video, perform the following actions:

    • Opens control settings.
    • In the ” controls” list, select the screen recording item by pressing the plus sign.
    • Exit settings and start recording from the “Control Center” of the phone.
    • Perform all actions that need to be recorded and turn off the built-in utility by pressing the same button again.

    A quick click on the start recording icon allows you to turn on saving the screencast without sound. Pressing hard on the screen will open a menu where you can turn on the microphone. Clips are saved in MP4 format with high frame rate (up to 50 fps and above).

    Display Recorder

    To work with the application, just download the Display Recorder, install it on the iPhone and follow these steps:

    • Run the utility and click on the record button. After that, a red bar will appear at the top.
    • Go to the main screen or to the program in which the actions will be recorded.
    • To stop recording video, return to the application and click on the stop button.

    Among the features of the program is support for operating systems starting from iOS 6.1. Other advantages include automatic encoding of clips in H264 MP4 format, the ability to select the screen orientation and recording quality. The created video is automatically exported to the smartphone library.

    Another way how to record screen video on iPhone is to use the iREC app. All you need to do is:

    • Download and install the program.
    • Launch and specify the name of the future video.
    • Click on the start recording button and perform all the actions for which you need to make a screencast.
    • Stop recording by choosing to save it to your phone.

    The disadvantage of the program is the need to pay 2.99 to developers. But among the pluses there is support for platforms, starting with iOS 7, on which even such old models as iPhone 4 work. In addition, the application supports iPads and iPods, and can not only shoot a video with sound, but also record conversations on a mobile connection, Skype or any messenger.

    How to Record Screen Video of Old iPhone

    Owners of older phones, starting with the iPhone 3GS, will have to download a special utility before making a video of the screen on the iPhone. Among the most popular programs are Display Recorder, iREC, and RecordMyScreen. over, if the first two are suitable for officially supported versions of iOS, the latter is intended for jailbreaks.

    For Windows computers

    The owner of a Windows PC can take a screenshot of a video from an iPhone by installing third-party software that receives broadcast via AirPlay, a protocol for wirelessly transferring video to other devices. To do this, you can use, for example, the LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver utility, which works with modern versions of Windows (starting from the 7th version). The advantages of this program are free distribution and small size.

    To capture video from a mobile device, follow these steps:

    • Run the program on the computer.
    • On an iPhone connected to the same network, go to Control Center and select Screen Repeat.
    • Find the LonelyScreen utility in the list of available devices and applications and select it for video transmission. After that, everything that is done on the iPhone will be displayed on the PC screen.

    In order to record videos in Windows 10, the easiest way is to use the built-in options by SIMultaneously pressing the WinG keys to launch the game bar. A PC user with a 7th or 8th version of the operating system will have to install third-party video capture software such as NVIDIA ShadowPlay or Open Broadcaster Software.

    How to Record iPhone Screen Video

    The owner of any mobile gadget, including Apple, may need to record a video from the smartphone screen. that is, make a screencast. How it works on iPhones is described in our article.

    There are several different ways to record iPhone screen video, starting with the very first models released back in 2009. If you have a more recent smartphone, it’s even easier to do this, even without installing additional software. the built-in features of iOS 11, 12 or 13 are enough.

    Recording videos using a PC

    In addition to using programs downloaded to a mobile gadget, there are ways how to take video from the iPhone phone screen using a computer. over, almost anyone. even with Windows.
    An important prerequisite for getting started is the need to connect your iPhone and PC to the same network using a cable or Wi-Fi. Because of this, you will most likely have to be in the same room with the computer to remove the video. But you don’t have to install additional software, the methods are suitable for phones of any model.

    IPhone Screen Recording on MacOS

    The owner of a MacOS computer will also have to use a special application to capture video from the iPhone. However, unlike Windows PCs, it is already built into the operating system. The procedure is as follows:

    • Connect the phone to the computer using a cable, allowing access to the device.
    • Launch the QuickTime Player program, which can be found via search.
    • Select the “File” item or a new video recording in the utility menu.
    • After enabling the default webcam video recording, switch to your mobile gadget by clicking on the small arrow.
    • Select the quality of the video and the sound source, which can be a microphone of a computer or mobile device.
    • Press the record button to start filming what is happening on the iPhone screen.

    Having recorded a screencast, you should click on the “Stop” button in the program and select a location to save the video. In the same way, you can record only audio by enabling audio recording in QuickTime Player and using the iPhone as an external microphone.

    How to Record iPhone Screen Video with iOS 11?

    Today, many models of “apple” smartphones run on the iOS 11. These are 5s, 6, 6s, 7, SE, 8 and, of course, the modern iPhone X. If your device also supports the latest operating system from Apple, then record video from the screen will be extremely SIMple. The fact is that the developers added an option to iOS 11 that allows you to do without jailbreak, various software and a computer, as it was before iOS 10 inclusive.

    Therefore, on an iPhone with such an operating platform, it is enough to do the following:

    • We go to the “Control Center”. This section is in the “Settings” menu.
    • Next, select “Customize Controls”. We tap on this line.
    • We look at the lower list called ” controls”. Here we are looking for the item “Screen Recording”. Click on the green plus sign next to it. Thus, we add the item to the list of active functions.
    • Close the settings. We call the Control Center with a swipe from the bottom edge of the display.
    • Below we find a button for recording from the screen (outwardly resembles a circle in a circle). She just should appear here after all the manipulations done. Click on it and hold your finger for a few seconds. If you just quickly tap this button, then the screen recording of the device without sound will automatically start. So be careful!
    • The menu that opens will ask you to start recording. The microphone on / off key will also be displayed here. You can click on it to turn on the sound on the screen recording. But this is at your request. In this case, be sure to tap on “Start recording”, and then click “Home”.
    • Use the device and do what you wanted to record on it. In turn, the blue bar will indicate that the recording is in progress.
    • How do you end this process? Just tap on the blue bar at the top of the screen. Then tap on the “Stop” button. The finished video.mp4 format will be saved to your library.

    Many users ask why there is no sound when recording from the screen on the iPhone? As we said above, this is done by default. In addition, you will not even have the opportunity to turn on the recording with sound, if you do not press with hold (or with force) on the “circle within a circle” button in the control center. To activate the sound and get a video with sound (sorry for the tautology), you need to press and not remove your finger from the “Screen Recorder” button for about 3 seconds. If you have a smartphone with Force Touch, then just use a strong press.

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    How to Record Screen Video on iPhone

    It is not often, but it still happens that you need to record a video from the screen of an iOS device. This procedure is not the most difficult. Although in some cases you need to use additional software, for example, tweaks or third-party applications. Therefore, certain difficulties for inexperienced users may arise. However, our article will help you. in it we will tell you about the most popular ways to record screen on iPhone.

    Record screen video on iPhone with iOS 8, 9, 10

    On devices with earlier versions of iOS, the stock screen recording function does not work. We have to connect special software. For example, the Reflector application. It is paid, but you can use it freely without paying a penny for a week after installation. Agree, not bad. Only, for such software to work, you still need a PC.

    As for how to use the utility, here’s a quick guide:

    • Download and launch the application (there is a program for both Windows and OS X) on a desktop computer or laptop to which the iPhone is connected.
    • Then on the smartphone, open the Control Center (swipe from the bottom of the screen).
    • Click AirPlay and select your computer from the list of available devices.
    • We activate the “Video replay” function.
    • A window will open with your iPhone screen broadcast.
    • All that remains is to click on Record in the upper left corner to start recording. Just remember that in the trial version of this application you can make videos no longer than 10 minutes. But through the program it will work even with an old iPhone 4s.

    Please note that you can record from the phone screen in this way only if the mobile device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. over, the video quality will be highly dependent on the internet speed. With a slow connection, the recording will definitely freeze, slow down or “disappear” part of the picture.

    If you suddenly do not like the Reflector program, then pay attention to another software. We can also recommend you:

    • QuickTime;
    • AirServer;
    • LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver, etc.

    How to record video with sound from the screen using YouTube

    Now there are many applications for recording video with sound from the screen, but in today’s article we will look at one that does not require installation of applications. With YouTube, you can record a video of the screen with or without sound, capture the entire screen or a separate window, and you can also create an online broadcast of your screen or window.

    Everything you need to record video from a screen or window: an Internet connection, a Google account and if you want to record video with sound. need a microphone. YouTube is a great tool to help you record video from your screen and share it with your friends, without requiring installation # 128578;

    Record video with sound from the screen using YouTube

    Go to YouTube and on the top right click “Login”

    Enter your Google account information if you don’t already have one. click on “Create an account”

    After logging into YouTube using your account. click “Add Video” at the top right

    On the right next to “Live broadcasts” click on “Start

    Next to “Live broadcasts” click on “All broadcasts”, and on the right select “Turn on live broadcasts”

    To use the video recording capability. you need to confirm your account using your phone, enter your number = receive SMS = enter the code you received.

    Now click on “Create Live Stream”

    If you want to stream it live. fill in all the fields: title, time, description and select “open access”. Also, instead of “open access”, you can select “Access by link”, and send links only to certain people. Or you can select “Limited access” and just record a video with sound (or without) from the screen, and then save it to yourself or send it to friends.

    Are we just recording video from the screen? Then select “Limited access” and click “Start live broadcast” (only you will have access to the video).

    To continue. click “OK”

    In the top menu you can: enable or disable the microphone; turn on the camcorder to be seen and much more. Click in the left pane on “Show Screen” (green monitor icon with an arrow)

    In the first tab, you can choose to record the entire screen, in the second, all open windows are shown. select any of them to record only it and click “Share”

    Now click on “Start Streaming”

    They will write to you that your broadcast should not be longer than eight hours. agree by clicking on “OK”

    That’s it, the video broadcast has started, during the broadcast you can invite someone, you can turn on the microphone and comment on what is happening, etc. To end recording, click Finish

    You can now find the recorded video in the “Video Manager” on the left panel. To just open up and see what happened. click on it to share it with others. click on the lock on the right side

    Click “Share” or change the restricted access to link access, or public access. so that everyone can see it. To download a video from Youtube. you can use

    It’s so easy to record video from the screen with and without sound, besides, you don’t need to install anything. That’s all for today, if there are additions. write comments! Good luck # 128578;

    How to record with sound screen on iPhone

    The founder of Mikhail Korolev is a great inventor. He constantly comes up with all sorts of innovations for working with the site, layout of articles and processing of images and teaches us these subtleties. But since he rarely succeeds in delivering the necessary information personally, he has to go to various tricks in order for the lesson to be learned. In this case, not only clarity is very important, but also sound accompaniment. Therefore, the standard screen recording function on the iPhone was not always suitable, because it allows you to capture a picture, but not to record sound. Anyway, we all thought so up to a certain point.

    It turns out that you can record the iPhone screen with sound

    Android features that I love it more for than iOS

    I love iOS for the fact that it never ceases to amaze me even after 10 years of use. Even when it seems that you have already explored all its nooks and crannies and know all the secret passages, at some point it turns out that there is something else that you have not heard of. The function of capturing images on the iPhone screen with the possibility of SIMultaneous voice recording on the built-in microphone of the device is certainly, if not amazing, then at least surprising. Especially if you did not know about its existence.

    How to Capture iPhone Video with Sound

    • To get started, go to “Settings”. “Control Center”. “Customize controls”;

    Add a screen recording button to Control Center via Settings

    • In the list of available controls, find “Screen Recording” and enable it by clicking on the green plus next to it;

    There you will find other functions that you can quickly access.

    • Return to the desktop and open the “Control Center” by swiping down from the upper right corner;

    Sound recording allows you to capture not only your voice, but also the sound from applications and games

    • Press and hold your finger on the screen recording icon;
    • Turn on the microphone so its icon is highlighted in red and start recording.

    How to quickly scroll to the end on iOS

    The recorded video is saved in the Photos application by default. To find it, you don’t even have to open it and manually search for a video. Apple has thought of everything for you: after you finish recording, you will receive a notification from the Photos application, clicking on which will take you directly to the newly recorded video. It remains only to view it and decide whether it is worth subjecting it to additional post-processing or you can send it like this.

    Screen Recorder with Sound on iPhone

    Thanks to the function of capturing images with sound, you can not only show what is happening on the screen of your iPhone, but also describe it with your voice. You don’t even need an external headset for this, because all recording is done on the built-in microphone. The main thing is not to cover the area with the microphone with your hand or something else during recording. Otherwise, the output sound may be either too quiet or not recorded at all. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, hold it by the side edges in weight, and iPad. vertically, if possible without pinching the bottom end.

    How to teach an app to always ask for location access on iOS

    However, in this mode, you can record not only your voice, but also the sound of the iPhone or iPad itself. Yes, you’re right, screen capture on iOS also captures audio in games, video services, and other applications with voice acting. That is, in fact, thanks to this function, you will be able to conduct, if not live broadcasts, then at least record the gameplay of the games that you play, and then, after slightly correcting it, post it on YouTube or send it to the person for whom the recording was intended. The main thing is to remember that it is illegal to record films and series on paid video platforms in this way, and then to send to someone or distribute in another way, is illegal and equates to piracy.

    Is it possible to create a video recording of the display of the gadget

    Now it’s worth understanding the question of how to independently record the iPhone screen with sound and how to turn on video on the phone at all. If the owner uses a smartphone with iOS 11 operating system, he can use this function. To activate the option, you must use the following instruction:

    • first, you go to the section with settings;
    • then “Control Center” is selected;
    • now you should click on the “Customize controls” button;
    • a list will be displayed on the screen, from which “Screen Recorder” is selected;
    • if you press the plus, then the function will be activated on the phone.

    Now the user should go to the gadget control center again. The “Record” widget will appear in the list, it should be opened. This way the user can enable the recording process.

    How to Record iPhone Screen with Sound

    Each Apple smartphone has the ability to create a video display. If necessary, the user can activate the sound on the gadget to comment on the process. The owner of the gadget should learn more about how to record the iPhone screen with sound and why you may need it.

    • When is it necessary to make a video from the screen
    • Is it possible to create a video recording of the display of the gadget
    • How to make a video of a gadget display with sound
    • What problems may arise when using the function
    • A few guidelines for creating video from a smartphone display
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    How to make a video of a gadget display with sound

    The user can activate the sound recording from the iPhone phone screen by using the phone functions. At the same time, it is possible to record only the owner’s voice or receive audio music on a smartphone. When the second option is applied, only the internal sound of the gadget will be heard.

    To activate the internal and external sound mode, you need to perform a number of such actions:

    • the section “Control Center” opens on the cell phone;
    • then you need to click on the “Screen Record” button and hold it;
    • the display will show the microphone icon;
    • to start recording external sound, you need to click on it;
    • after that the item “Start recording” is selected.

    If the owner only needs internal sound, he uses this method:

    • the “Control Center” is launched on the gadget;
    • after that the “Screen recording” section is pressed, it should be held for 3-5 seconds;
    • an icon with a microphone will be displayed on the screen, you must click on it to deactivate;
    • now the section “Start recording” is selected.
    • note
    • To complete the recording, you need to move the red bar to the inactive position.

    There are also additional applications that allow you to create video recordings of the display. For example, a customer can use the Vidyo program. While recording actions, the user gets 30 frames per second. This program is used on devices that have not been Jailbreakable. The developers assure that during operation it does not affect the device and its performance in any way. In addition to the fact that it can be used to create a video, additional material can be processed.

    Also, the client can use the program “Reflector”, this software is provided for gadgets Iphone and Mac. This utility is provided to customers for free, it also works on Windows and OS X platforms. The free version has certain restrictions on the use of functionality. We can say that the utility acts as a replacement for the AirPlay function. The application provides the option “Video replay”. Thanks to this, you can transfer the image from the smartphone screen to the computer in real time. Additionally, the program has the function of recording voice and sound.

    Separately, you can talk about the iTools application, with its help the client can also learn how to turn on sound on the iPhone screen recording. If the user does not have a wireless Internet connection, he can use this method. To use the utility, you need to install it on your computer. Also, the client must have a phone and an original cable with him.

    • note
    • ITools software is used as a replacement for the original iTunes software. over, this utility has broader functionality. For example, users can create screencasts through it.

    What problems may arise when using the function

    If the user has activated the option, but it does not work, the problem may lie in the following reasons:

    • Failure of the gadget. Video is not being recorded because the system has problems. It is recommended to restart your device and then try the service again.
    • Systemic problems. When rebooting doesn’t help, it’s advised to do a factory reset. After that, you should configure the gadget and try to record.

    If video recording does not start, you should check if the function has turned on on your smartphone. You also need to click on the button to start recording.

    When is it necessary to make a video from the screen

    Screencasting on the iPhone is used in a variety of ways. Most often, the function is used for:

    A few guidelines for creating video from a smartphone display

    Before recording screen with sound on iPhone, user should consider helpful tips and tricks. When the owner creates a video file, every action performed on the smartphone will be recorded there. This means that the procedure for deactivating the option will also be included in the frame. To avoid spoiling the video, you should trim the first and last seconds.

    When performing an operation with sound, it is recommended to turn off sound alerts. Every sound and vibration will be heard in the video. To prevent notifications from interfering, you should switch the gadget to the “Flight” mode. Additionally, you can connect the gadget to your Mac. This will keep your smartphone charged.

    The user can make a video of the smartphone screen with sound using the function on the smartphone. The client can also make a recording through additional applications. To keep the video file “clean”, we recommend following these SIMple tips.

    How to Record Mac Screen with Sound

    There are various reasons why you might want to record your screen from a Mac. Maybe this is a video you watched and you want to record part of it so you can watch it later, or maybe you want to send it to someone. Or maybe you’ve used Face Timing with someone and you want to keep a few minutes of that chat as a souvenir. It’s not easy to make a video like this, or you may have tried it, but it didn’t record audio. So how to record screen and sound on Mac? It’s easy if you know the right paths! Follow This Article To Learn How To Record Video On Mac Easily.

    How to Record Video on MacOS Mojave

    MacOS Mojave comes with some exciting new features. There was another application for the same purpose of screen recording called Quick Time Player, but this is an old application and users wanted something new with more options. So, Apple launched Mojave with a tool specifically for this purpose. So, if you want to know how to record your screen on Mac with Mojave, follow these steps:

    • Press Command Shift 5 on your Mac to open the Screenshot Toolbar.
    • You will have two options; You can either “Record the whole screen” or “Record the selected part”.

    If you select the first option, recording will start immediately, but if you select the second option, you can select the portion of the screen you want to record and then manually start recording.

    So, when the recording starts, you will need to stop it after a while. You can do this by clicking on the “Stop” button located on the “Menu” panel.

  • The recorded video will be saved on the Mac screen, possibly at the bottom.
  • Navigate to this video file and right click on it to use the markup tools.
  • Now if you need to edit this particular video, click the Trim button.
  • After that click on the holding points, you can find them at the beginning and at the end of the recording. You have to start dragging them inward to crop the video.
  • After that click “Finish”.
  • Now everything is ready, you just need to decide if you want to keep or delete the screenshot.
  • So, overall, this is a great screen recorder app for Mac. This is the newest and improved tool and a great answer on how to record screen on Mac with sound.

    How to Record Screen on Mac with QuickTime

    If you’re having trouble using Mojave, you’ll be pleased to know that there is another screen recorder app for Mac. The app is called Quick Time Player. While it is a bit dated and ineffective, it is free and supports Mac devices. Therefore, if you want to use QuickTime screen recording with sound, follow these instructions:

    Launch Quick Time Player on your Mac, then select the New Screen Recording option from the menu bar.

    You can also change the “Settings” from there. After you change the settings as you wish, you need to click on the “Record” button to start recording.

    If you click anywhere on the screen, the app will start recording the entire screen, but if you need to record a specific area of ​​the screen, select that area and hit the record button.

  • After you are done, you can click on the Stop button to stop recording.
  • After all this is over, Quick Time Player will automatically open the recording, after which you can edit or share the video.
  • So if you are wondering how to capture screen on Mac, Quick Time Player. correct answer.

    So, if you want to know how to record computer screen on your Mac, you can choose these two options. Both applications are really effective, they are professionally designed and work very efficiently. Quick Time Player. old app, but Mojave. newest addition. So, we recommend that you upgrade to Mojave as it is vastly improved and offers a more intuitive interface. As far as QuickTime is concerned, both apps are developed by Apple and are equally effective, but the new Mojave tool is slightly better overall. Also, if you lost records from your Mac, you can use a good data recovery tool to recover those data. There is an excellent third party app called Tenorshare UltData. Mac. You can use it to recover any type of data, even lost / deleted recorded and regular videos from Mac.

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