How to Record Screen on Laptop

Bandicam is a SIMple and handy screen recorder. I really like her and I hope you will benefit from her too.

Hello everybody! I use this screen recorder and it is very good for free software: there are no viruses, no problems with screen recording and it is easy to use.

I think this is the best screen recorder. It allows you to take pictures and record video from the screen WITHOUT DELAYS. The program allows you to record voice, and you can also record only a part of the screen that needs to be shown, or the entire screen!

Effective system monitoring requires the right tool. Bandicam is just right for this. The program allows you to record everything that happens on the screen. It can record all the actions that took place on your screen when you were at the computer or anywhere else. It can be used to monitor your computer, as well as to record video tutorials, games, etc.

Table of Contents

Mouse effects

Add effects and animations for mouse clicks while recording.

Drawing in real time

Draw and highlight elements in a screenshot or video in real time.

Site selection and recording

Select the area of ​​the screen to be recorded and you can start recording immediately.

Try Bandicam and capture any video from your computer screen.

Bandicam is a handy free screen recorder for Windows that allows you to capture any area of ​​the screen as a screenshot or video file. You can record lectures, webinars, games and Skype calls, add audio from your microphone and video from your webcam, and upload finished videos to YouTube or. Select Screen Recording Mode in Bandicam to record computer screen.

Adding a logo

Add your logo to the video so everyone knows who created it.

Video Review of Screen Recording with Bandicam

Screen recording mode can be used to record portions of a computer screen. This mode is suitable, for example, for flash games, streaming Internet videos and various programs in Windows.

How to enable screen recording in Windows 10

Video recording from the monitor, without installing additional software, built-in Windows 10 function

The method is interesting primarily because you do not have to search for and install anything, but it is not suitable for all purposes.
The fact is that the built-in Windows 10 utility for capturing video, after the start of recording, will only record the game or program in which the recording was started and cannot SIMply record the desktop, Explorer, or other elements of Windows.

  • Remember that the built-in recorder will only work inside the game or program you need.
    In our example, we will be recording video work in Photoshop.
  • We launch the browser, or any other program that needs to be recorded on video, and press the Win G key combination (that is, hold down the “win” key, and without releasing it, press the “G” key once)

After that, a small window will appear on the screen in which you need to check the box next to the entry “yes, this is a game”

  • As soon as we check the box, the window will disappear, and to call the video recording control panel, you will need to press the Win G key combination again (that is, hold down the “win” key, and without releasing it, press the “G” key once )
  • On the control panel that appears, all that remains is to press the round red button to start recording.
  • A mini-bar will be displayed on the right side of the screen to indicate the recording process and allow you to instantly turn on / off the microphone or stop recording video.
    If this mini-bar gets in your way, you can hide it by pressing the arrow button. (The video, however, will be recorded further)

    And, to return the Windows screen video recording panel, press the Win G key combination again

    You can end video recording by pressing the same red button, or SIMply minimize the game, the program or application in which the recording was conducted.
    The recorded video will be automatically saved in the video clips folder located at the address “drive C.” folder “users”. a folder with “username”. folder “Videos”. “Clips”.

    How to record video of what is happening on the monitor in Windows 10 without installing third-party programs

    How to record games, instructions, movies and everything that happens on the Windows 10 screen to a video clip.

    How to record video in any Windows 10 window

    Recording what is happening on a computer or laptop screen in a video clip has long become commonplace and every day is gaining its relevance for an increasing number of users. Someone records games, someone makes video instructions for themselves or for others, and someone else comes up with other ideas that require capturing what is happening on the monitor and then saving it into a movie.

    In general, regardless of the purpose, the means for recording video from the screen are used alone. We will consider 2 options for recording on video everything that happens on a computer or laptop screen:

    • The first option will not require the installation of any programs and will make it possible to record video, using only the built-in capabilities of Windows 10
    • And in the second case, we will use the installation of a convenient and, importantly, a free program for capturing video from the screen.

    How to create a video clip of everything that happens on a computer or laptop monitor.

    Built-in video recording in Windows 10 is great for capturing videos in games or programs.
    However, when you need to record everything that happens on the monitor, desktop, switching between windows and / or running programs, games, and so on, you will need to install additional software.

    Best of all, Free Screen Video Recorder is suitable for capturing video from the screen.
    Download it HERE.
    (if the installation process causes any difficulties, you can refer to the detailed instructions for installing Free screen video recorder)
    After installation, launch Video Recorder and see a small window approximately in the middle of the screen

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    The working window of the program is minimized in order to cover as little of the screen as possible, so that the user can freely navigate which window or which area he needs to select for video recording.

    This small panel has six main buttons, each of which speaks about its purpose if you hover over it.

    To start recording a video, click on one of the three buttons on the right.
    Here we are invited:

    • Record on video everything that happens on the screen. “Record video from the desktop”
    • Recording video of what is happening in a specific window or program. “Record video from a window”
    • And the ability to record everything that happens in a certain area of ​​the screen, which we will be asked to pre-select. “Recording video from the area”

    For example, we will select “Record video from area” and press the corresponding button on the Free Screen Video Recorder panel

    After that, click the “Continue” button to use the program for free

    And select the area you need for recording video by holding down the left mouse button

    After you release the mouse button, the selected part will be fixed as a window for recording video, and a panel of basic commands will appear below it, to start recording in which you need to click on the button in the form of a red circle.


    The frame around the recording area will blink to indicate the start of screen recording.
    2 buttons will appear under it. “pause” to stop video recording with the possibility of further continuing the clip, and “stop”. to end video recording.


    After clicking the stop button, the screen recording will be minimized, and the main panel of Free Screen Video Recorder will appear in front of us again.
    In order to view the recorded video, click on the grid icon on the right

    And select the item “open video folder”


    As a result, the program will open a directory in which all the videos made in it are saved.

    How to record video from a webcam built into a laptop?

    The first method is to capture video using the built-in Windows movie studio (provided that you have the appropriate version of this OS) or the familiar Windows Movie Maker. It is very easy to record a video in it, just start the program, select the item “Video from the webcam”, connect the camera, configure the sound device (external or built-in microphone), click on the “Record” button and save it to the hard disk after finishing. The program also provides the ability to edit the video sequence and publish the resulting file on social and media networks.

    The second way is to use the software that comes with the camera. Usually, all manufacturers complete their webcams with a SIMple video editor with the ability to capture images and video signals, which can be used to record video without any problems. Usually such software is supplied separately on disk or downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer. All that is required in this case from the user is to install the desired program, run it, and it will determine the camera itself and offer to record a video or take a photo.

    The third way is to install universal software to capture video from any connected webcam. There are a lot of options, it will be enough to list the most popular and proven ones: VirtualDub, Screen Capture Studio, WebCamMax, Altarsoft Video Capture, BandiCam and others. All presented programs allow not only recording video from a laptop camera, but also making it possible to edit it, apply effects, text and animation. An additional useful feature is computer screen capture, for example from Bandicam or Screen Capture Studio. This is very convenient when you need to both write down your comments and demonstrate some work on the computer.

    The fourth way. the easiest and most affordable for everyone. is to use online services that allow you to record video from a camera online. There are quite a few sites with such services, here are a few examples of the most popular:, Skype,,,, etc. The main advantage of such services is their availability and ease of use. You just go to the site and shooting begins. At any time you can stop it and save the video or publish the video on the network. A good example of this convenience and functionality is the popular YouTube, which allows for live streaming online. The main drawback of all of the above services is the need for a stable Internet connection, as well as possible problems with the quality of the saved video (some services support recording only in HD resolution and below).

    In any case, there are plenty of ways to capture video from a regular webcam of a laptop or desktop computer today. And they each have their own pros and cons. You just have to choose the most optimal one for you and use it as needed.

    How to record a Zoom meeting without permission on a computer

    What if you want to record a Zoom meeting without permission? Is it possible to record a Zoom meeting without notification? Well, the answer. “Yes”. You can use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to secretly record HD Zoom meeting effortlessly. In addition, there are many screen recording functions you can get.

    Record GoToMeeting, Zoom Meeting, etc. with high quality audio without permission from host.

    Record system sound and microphone voice with adjustable sound settings.

    Output recorded video, audio or screenshot in different formats.

    Edit your recording with built-in editing tools such as the swap cursor, paint bar and more.

    Free download and install Apeaksoft Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer.

    Start Zoom Recorder. To record Zoom meeting, select “VCR” in the main interface.

    Step 2Set the audio input source

    Draw a screen area for free recording. Here you can record a full screen or custom Zoom meeting region. Then enable both “Sound System” and “Microphone” Options. You can adjust the slider below.

    Step 3Managing output options

    The default output video format is MP4. If you would like to save the recorded video of the Zoom meeting in other formats, you can click the ” options” option in the upper right corner of the window.

    Find the Output section to select the target output video format, video quality, frame rate, and more. Later click “OK” to close the window.

    Step 4Start recording Zoom meeting with audio without permission

    Now press the “REC” icon to launch Zoom recording of meeting secretly. This screen recorder allows users to pause, restart and stop screen recording without time limit.

    When the process is complete, you will receive a preview window. Select “Save” and then click “Next” to continue.

    Finally, you can save the video to your computer or share it on YouTube easily.

    You may also want to know: How to Record Google Hangouts Video and Audio in High Quality

    How to enable Zoom Cloud Recording on Android

    First, you need to create a cloud recording subscription plan.

    Also, make sure your Android phone or tablet is running Zoom Recorder client version 3.5 or later.

    Well, don’t forget to enable the admin account in Account Management. After all these preparations, you can easily record Zoom meeting on Android.

    Step 1Enable Zoom Cloud Recording on Android

    Launch Zoom APK on your Android. Start a Zoom meeting. Click on the meeting screen, you can get the menu bar at the bottom.

    Click the Participants option. Later, select Record below to start recording Zoom meeting on Android.

    Step 2Start Cloud Recording Zoom on Android

    If you want to end Zoom recording, tap the Android screen. Select “Stop Recording” to complete the process.

    If you want to view the recorded video, you can go to “My Recording” in the Zoom app.

    Well, you can also see the “Process Record” when the meeting is in the conversion phase.

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    After the above operations, you can convert or edit the Zoom recording file for further use.

    Want to apply effects while recording on the Zoom screen at the same time? Just download Apeaksoft Screen Recorder for free to record, edit and convert Zoom recording.

    How to Record Zoom Meeting Without / With Resolution on Desktop / iPhone / Android

    Posted by Jane Winston on October 19, 2020 17:08

    The global coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the way people work and learn. For safety reasons, people must work or study at home. In such a situation, the Zoom meeting was instrumental in ensuring smooth communication between colleagues or between teachers and students.

    When you are attending a Zoom meeting, especially if it is a long one, it would be wise to record the Zoom meeting for future reference in case you forget any details. However, an attendee cannot record a Zoom meeting with the default Zoom recording feature unless the meeting organizer has given him / her permission. To be of service in such a case, here in this post we will share tips on how to record a Zoom meeting without permission on a computer or mobile phone.

    Record Zoom meeting without permission on iPhone. no third party app required

    It would be much easier to record Zoom meeting without permission for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. You don’t need to install a third-party Zoom recording app, just update to iOS 11, then you can record Zoom meeting without notification on iPhone by default. iOS screen recording function.

    Step 1Enable iOS Screen Recording

    Turn on your iOS device. Open the Settings app. Select “Control Center” from the list. Then select the Customize Controls option.

    Click the green add icon in front of Screen Recording. Press the Back button and turn on Access in Apps.

    Step 2Record Zoom Meeting on iPhone

    Open the Zoom app on your iPhone to attend the Zoom meeting as usual. When the Zoom meeting starts, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Click the Record icon in the Control Center.

    After the countdown, recording of the Zoom meeting on iPhone will begin. If you want to stop recording, just swipe down to click the Stop Recording icon.

    Users using iOS version prior to 11 need to download iPhone screen recorders to record Zoom meeting on your iPhone.

    Easy Steps to Record Zoom Meeting in Resolution on Computer

    It would be very easy to record a Zoom meeting with the host’s permission.

    When you start a Zoom meeting, you can go directly to the dashboard. There is a Recording icon at the bottom of the screen. So you can click this icon to start recording Zoom meeting immediately.

    Later, when you want to stop Zoom recording, you can click Stop Recording in the same place on the control bar.

    record, screen, laptop

    The recorded Zoom meeting will be saved in MP4 format. You can go to the default Zoom destination folder to get your export video.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Recording Zoom Meeting Without Host Permission

    Why can’t I record my Zoom meeting?

    This is because the organizer of the meeting does not give you permission to record the Zoom meeting. You can ask the host to grant you permission, or you can use a third-party recording tool to record a Zoom meeting without permission.

    Does Zoom alert anyone if I record an appointment without permission?

    If you are recording a Zoom meeting using a third-party recording tool like Apeaksoft Screen Recorder recommended above, the meeting organizer will not receive any alerts.

    Does Zoom secretly record meetings?

    Zoom will notify all attendees when the host decides to record a Zoom meeting. But if someone records a Zoom meeting without the organizer’s permission, chances are high that Zoom won’t be able to detect it and notify other attendees.

    That’s it, how to record Zoom meeting without permission on your desktop computer or smartphone. Share this article with other people if it works.

    How to record video from a computer screen
    2 easy ways

    The need to record video from a computer screen most often arises among fans of computer games. However, screen capture can be useful in other areas as well: saving online broadcasts and webinars, creating instructional videos, and SIMply having to film something to show to friends.

    How do you record from your desktop? There are many ways, but we will show you two of the SIMplest. no one wants to deal with the complex functionality of professional programs. It’s about the built-in Windows 10 game capture tool and the Screen Camera program.

    How to Record Screen Video in Windows 10

    Microsoft decided to take care of the gaming community and made a “native” tool for recording video from the screen. through the Xbox Game Bar. The advantages of this method are obvious. it is free and available to all owners of Windows 10. But not all users have switched to the new system, so those who have Windows 7, Vista and others will have to look for another option.

    The aLGorithm for using the Xbox Game Bar is SIMple. It is enough to find it in the system search or press the Win and G keys SIMultaneously. You will open a menu in which there will be a report on performance and audio settings. In the upper left corner, find the “Burn” panel. If not, click on the computer icon with a circle inside.

    The panel can be removed and called back by clicking on the icon in the top menu

    Click the Start Recording button to capture video. A timer appears on the screen. To the right of it there is a microphone turn-on point that allows you to dictate text for a screencast in real time. To complete the process, click on the white square, and the video will be saved in the “Clips” folder.

    You can turn sound recording on and off right during the broadcast

    This is a convenient way to record from the screen without additional software. However, for those who have Windows 7 and below (up to XP), it is definitely not suitable. In addition, you may need additional software to edit and convert the resulting clip. If you are looking for a program that can give your video a professional look right after recording, try Screen Camera.

    How to record a screen recording

    Screen video recording in On-screen camera

    Screen Camera is a completely Russian-language program in which you can shoot video from the screen of a computer or laptop of any model without restrictions. Gameplay, online broadcasts, skype conferences. all this can be recorded and saved in all popular formats. The software interface is SIMple and natively understandable, even an inexperienced user can figure it out.

    You can go back to processing the project recorded earlier

    One of the main features of the On-Screen Camera is the built-in editor, in which immediately after recording you can trim a clip, add music to it and insert colorful titles. Thus, the program outperforms the Xbox Game Bar in terms of functionality and at the same time turns out to be easier to learn than professional software. Watch the video tutorial with an overview of the program:

    AZ Screen Recorder

    Easy to use and highly functional, the application leaves no questions asked about how to record a screen recording. By clicking on the utility icon on the desktop, a side menu automatically opens. The video activation button is located just in the center. After clicking on it, a 3-second report starts, after which the recording starts. You can stop it in the notification curtain by clicking the “Stop” icon. Additionally, the developers have provided the “Pause” button, which allows you to take a break in the video, and then continue recording it.

    Why is there no sound on the recording?

    The most common reasons for the lack of sound are:

    • mute microphone during recording;
    • old firmware version;
    • microphone inoperability.

    ADV Screen Recorder

    It is worth completing with the equally popular application for recording the state of the display. It works SIMilarly to the previous utilities. After starting the program, you need to click the “Accept” button. Then you need to click on the “” icon at the bottom of the screen and click “Start”.

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    In the future, the user will have to manage only one icon on the desktop. He, as in previous cases, is on the side. The green dot at the top makes it possible to enable recording, and to disable it. the buttons “Stop” and “Pause”.

    Third party apps from Google Play

    Game Screen Recorder

    This program for recording video from the screen is designed specifically for working with games, but if necessary, the user can perform Screen Recorder of other actions on the smartphone. After opening the application, the first step is to grant it the requested permissions. Next you need:

    • Choose a suitable option for recording and click the “Start” button.
    • Click the “REC” button on the side of the screen to start the video.
    • Click on “Stop” at the end of the recording.


    The process of creating a video screenshot using this utility is SIMilar to working in AZ Screen Recorder. When you open the program, a menu pops up. the start recording button is at the top. After clicking on it, you will need to give permission and click on the start button again.

    You can stop recording by clicking on the orange icon in the corner of the screen. It also provides the “Stop” and “Pause” functions.

    How to Record Screen on Lenovo. 5 Ways

    The function of recording video from the smartphone screen is gaining momentum every day. It is necessary for completely different categories of users. from a schoolboy-gamer or blogger to the head of a large enterprise. This option allows you to save a record of some important actions performed using a mobile gadget. Our article takes a detailed look at different options on how to record screen on Lenovo. There are several ways, so it will not be difficult to choose the appropriate option.

    Record Mac Screen in Movavi Screen Recorder

    Movavi Screen Recorder

    Movavi Screen Recorder is a third-party program with a wide range of functions. In screen capture, you can add webcam video and record audio from two sources: speakers and microphone.

    If necessary, you can also record cursor movements, mouse clicks, keyboard strokes. all combinations or only hotkeys. The program also has a convenient “screenshot”, with which you can take screenshots.

    How to record:

    Run the program, click on the video camera icon and select the recording area.

    Click on the speaker and microphone icons. they should be highlighted in green to record the Mac screen with sound.

    Configure other options using the buttons on the panel: recording webcam, cursor and keyboard.

    Click on the red button to start recording, and in order to finish. click on the Stop button.

    Save the video in any format convenient for you, upload to YouTube or Google Drive.

    Recording Mac Screen in QuickTime Player

    QuickTime Player is the native way to record Mac screen. This is the default program, which means that you don’t have to search and buy others. However, there is also an obvious disadvantage: the inability to capture system sound.

    Audio can be recorded by connecting a microphone, but the sound from the speakers, alas, cannot be saved. Recorded video is saved in MOV format, which is quite predictable for Apple devices.

    By the way, QuickTime can be used to record iPhone screen too. This will suit owners of older models that do not have such a function (it appears since iOS 11).

    How to record:

    Launch QuickTime Player, click File. New Screen Recording.

    Configure the recording options in the dialog: recording audio from the microphone and displaying mouse clicks.

    Click on the red button to start recording, then select the capture area.

    Click Stop to end recording. After that, the video can be saved to the desired folder, uploaded to YouTube, and more.

    Record Mac Screen in Icecream Screen Recorder

    Icecream Screen Recorder

    Icecream Screen Recorder is another handy screen capture option. With its help, you can record sound from any source, add video from a webcam and even record the area around the cursor. The ability to take screenshots is also available.

    How to record:

    Launch the program and open the Screen Recording tab. Select the required area.

    Enable speaker, microphone or webcam recording by clicking on the corresponding icons in the right corner of the panel.

    Click on Record located on the left side of the program. Capture ends by pressing the Stop button.

    Recorded video can be opened in a cropping window or immediately saved in one of the popular formats.

    These are just some of the ways to record Mac screen, but these three programs do the best job. Remember that before buying any software, you can most often use the trial version (free, but with limited functionality).


    The application requires installation on a computer. And it also works in the background and is activated by the Win A key combination.

    How to screenshot a Mac window

    • Press the Shift Command (⌘) 4 keys → cursor becomes a cross.
    • Press Spacebar → the cursor is converted to a camera icon.
    • Move the camera icon to the desired window → select it → click with the mouse or trackpad.
    • If you change your mind about taking a screenshot, press Esc (Escape) → then click with your mouse or trackpad.
    • The snapshot will appear on the desktop in PNG format.

    How to take a screenshot on Mac

    Likewise with Windows. You can take a screenshot in full screen or part of it.

    How to take a screenshot on a laptop

    Some laptop models differ in keyboard layout. To activate the hotkeys, press the [Fn] button.

    • Screenshot the screen on a laptop: hold down the [Fn] PrtSc key combination.
    • Take a screenshot of the browser window on a laptop: [Fn] Alt PrtSc.

    Other combinations are identical to those described above.

    How to take a screenshot of the screen online using services?

    You can share a screenshot using special services. For myself I use SNAGGY and Clip2net.

    How to take screenshots of the entire Mac screen

    • Hold Shift Command (⌘) 3.
    • The finished photo will be on your desktop in PNG format.

    How to take a screenshot on a computer

    If you want to take a screenshot (screenshot, screen) of the entire computer screen, you need:

    • press the Print Screen button on the keyboard,
    • open Paint, Photoshop or Microsoft Word,
    • insert a snapshot into it,
    • save on computer.

    If you want to make a screenshot (screenshot, snapshot) of the screen of only the active window (program), press SIMultaneously “Alt” and “Print Screen” on the computer; Alt, Print Screen and Fn are on laptop. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. Now you can paste it into a letter, photo editor or Word (press SIMultaneously the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons).

    To screen a screen or a small fragment on a computer, the sequence of actions is immutable. Follow them according to the instructions.

    How to take a screenshot on Windows

    • Press the Print Screen (PrtSc) key.
    • Open the Paint program and press “Paste” (Ctrl V)
    • Click “Save” → select the file name and storage location.

    How to take a screenshot of a selected area of ​​the screen in Windows

    This is done using the Snipping Tool.

    • Go to the menu “Start” → “Standard” → “Scissors”
    • The cursor will become a cross. Select the desired area of ​​the screen.
    • When you release the mouse button, the selected part will appear in the “Scissors” window. In it you can emphasize or highlight the necessary elements.
    • Click “Save” (floppy disk icon) → enter the file name → select the save location.
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