How To Record Screen On Pc

How to shoot games

Are you dreaming of sharing a new open city with your friends in GTA, or showing off a class in Call of Duty? Or maybe you just want to save the most exciting part of your game on your laptop in format? Share letsplay or create a real music with On-Screen Camera! This is a modern application with a Russian interface that allows you to quickly capture games in HD quality. Read on to find out about its main features.

Customize screen recording settings

Before shooting a game on a computer, select the mode in the main menu Screen Recording. Select the area you want to capture. On-Screen Camera provides the ability to record a full screen, a selected window or an arbitrary fragment of the desktop. To move the shooting area, drag the mouse on the icon in the form of four arrows in the center. Please note: this feature is only available when recording part of the screen.

Setting up screen recording

With On-Screen Camera, you can both record from the game with sound or without sound. In the second case, simply select the “Do not record” item in the “Sound recording” drop-down list. You can also enable parallel microphone recording. This feature can come in handy if you plan on commenting on an action that you commit to. for example, he voiced his battle strategy for Stryi Counter Strike (CS: GO).

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Edit the game recording from the screen

The player will open in which you can watch the recorded. If you need to make edits, use the on-screen camera editor. Just Click the button “Editing” under the player.

Editing a record

Here you can:

  • trim roller. To shorten the, move the black markers located at the edges of the playback track. Then click “Next”.
  • Add wallpaper. You can add a title or ending splash for. Click the Add Screensaver button, select one of the templates in the collection, and click Finish. Do the same with the final splash screen. If necessary, you can edit the finished template in the editor, as well as create a design yourself. In the second case, just select the item “Create a template from scratch” in the catalog and customize the design.
  • Overlay on music or voice comments. Click the “Music” tab, then a button of your choice: “Add Audio” or “Record from Microphone”. In the first case, a melody must be selected from a computer or from the proposed media files in the built-in collection of the program. In the second, activate the “Start recording” button. Dictate the text you want and stop audio recording. It will be automatically added to the project.
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How to record a game on a computer

Install the program

To get started, download the Screen Camera program from our website. The distribution kit of the program is lightweight, so the download process will not take very long. After the program has been downloaded, start the installation of the software: to do this, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the prompts that will appear on the monitor screen. Press the “Next” button one by one. After 2-3 minutes, the program will be fully installed on your PC. Having opened the application, you will immediately be able to appreciate the Russian-language user-friendly interface of the program, and then. will start working.

Record from the game

A countdown window will appear. When it disappears, the recording of what is happening will begin directly. When finished, this indicator will not be. Start playing and commenting. When you’re done, stop filming. To do this, press the hotkey F10.


The final stage is saving the project. The program allows you to export the result in more than 30 different formats. To do this, press the button “Creature”. To send the created by e-mail or watch it on your computer, click on the “Create screen” tab. Select Burn to DVD to burn your screencast to disc. The program allows you to upload a repo to YouTube or another online platform. To do this, use the function “Publish to the Internet”.

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As you can see, it is very easy to shoot games, record from a computer screen. We went through this process step by step: from the beginning of recording to saving the result. Now you can freely share your gameplay for Minecraft or Stalker with other people.

How To Record Screen On Pc

However, the scope of the Screen Camera application is much wider. With its help, you can also easily record anything from the monitor, manual, conversation on Skype or a second application. Thus, you can no longer be distracted from work or household chores, adjusting to the schedule of online webinars, just record them and watch them at a convenient time for you. Download the Screen Camera program right now from our website and record high-quality from the PC screen without lags and crashes!

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