How To Record Screen On Samsung A51

Schedule TV Recording

On Samsung K series models there is a schedule function where you need to specify the TV channel for recording. time and duration of the procedure itself. You can record not one program, but a series of repetitions of the recording with an indication of their frequency.

  • Connect your recorder to your TV.
  • Press the button with the image of the house on the remote control, select “Live broadcast”, and then “TV guide”.
    How To Record Screen On Samsung A51
  • Select the required program.
  • Press OK on the remote.
  • Click “Schedule Recording” and set the parameters.
  • Now the program will be automatically recorded even when the TV is off.

On J and H series models, the scheduled recording is assigned after pressing the “Menu” button on the remote control, selecting “Broadcast”. “Schedule Manager”. “Schedule”. Next, you need to set the desired data (channel, recording time, etc.) and click OK.

On F-series TVs, to create a scheduled recording, press the “Info” button (or hold the yellow button on the Smart remote control), use the arrows to select the desired program in the schedule and confirm with the OK button. Mark on the screen “Schedule recording” and click OK.

How to record a TV show that is already in progress or will start soon

  • Start the first recording by pressing the red button from the remote control and confirm formatting.
  • All devices connected to the TV appear. You should select your device and press “Enter” on the remote.
  • Formatting will not last long depending on the size and speed of the drive. After formatting is complete, you can start recording the program. This requires confirmation in a dialog box.
  • Recording starts when you use the red button on the remote control and then the Guide button.
  • From the list that appears, select the program to be recorded. Then press “Enter” and “Record”.
  • Adjust the time to continue recording.

How to Record from Samsung TV Screen

In the case of recording from Samsung TVs, a similar principle applies (for example, M series TVs):

  • Connect a hard drive or USB flash drive to the TV.
  • Select the desired channel.
  • Press the four-color button on the remote control.
  • Select “” and click OK (round button in the center).
  • Select “Record” and click OK.
  • recording starts.

On J series TVs, recording will start after pressing the “REC” button (or “Menu / 123” on second models) on the remote control.

On H-series, recording starts after pressing and holding the “REC” button on the remote.

On Sumsung F series TVs, press the “Info” button on the remote control (or hold the yellow button on the Smart remote), then press OK, and then select “Record” on the screen, confirming again by pressing OK.

On K-series models, the first two points are similar, and then to record you need to press “Play / Pause” on the remote control, and then. “Record”.

Recording from TVs Samsung, LG, Sony Вravia, PhillIPs to a USB flash drive, external drive

The process of recording content (movies, TV programs) from a TV is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance to inexperienced users. To resolve this issue, you only need to follow the appropriate instructions presented in this article.

Recording a program that has NOT started yet

In this situation, the procedure is as follows:

  • The program to be recorded is selected.
  • Goes to the record and confirm using the “Enter” key.
  • Program recording is confirmed. This process will be displayed as a red icon to show that the recording has been programmed.

Recording programming

To start the process you need:

  • Go to the “Program Manager” and select “Add programming”.
  • Select the TV channel from which you want to record the program.
  • Assign the start date of the recording (on a specific date or any other order of days), specify the start time of the recording and its end.
  • To stop the current recording of programs, use the lowest right button of the remote control and confirm stop recording. You will be prompted to go to the recorded programs and view the recorded recordings.

How to record a TV broadcast to a USB flash drive (external USB drive):

TV capture devices. USB stick VS hard drive

Before recording, you should take care of connecting an external media in the form of a hard disk or USB flash drive. The disc must be formatted before use, and all materials from it will be lost.

The flash drive must be checked on the TV for compatibility (to do this, press the “Source” button, select the “USB” flash drive and press “Tools”), and, if necessary, formatted there via Smart HUB.

Capturing broadcasts from LG TVs

Many modern LG TVs released before August 2013 had a Time Machine feature that allows owners to perform various actions with. and also to record it. Now this function is supported only by televisions, which were not produced for the CIS countries, since changes were made to the legislative acts on copyright protection in the field of television broadcasting.

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Devices that support the Time Machine feature include:

  • recording on a schedule with a choice of time and channel;
  • playback of the recording directly on the TV;
  • the presence of the Live Playback function facilitates the rewinding of the picture in real time.

Limitations on LG TVs:

  • when broadcasting a digital channel using a satellite dish, not everyone can record:
  • if providers block the TV signal from copying, then no recording can be made;
  • if the recording was made on one TV, then it cannot be played on another device.

Performing the recording process for LG TV models in 2013:

  • Insert the flash drive into the back panel connector and initialize it.
  • Select the desired program in the list of TV programs and click on it.
  • Click on the “Record” button.
  • When finished recording in the menu, click “Stop recording”.
  • To view the program, you need to find the item “recorded program”.

How to Record Built-in on Android 10

Back in 2019, Google Corporation pleased its users with the news that the new Android 10 operating system will be able to record from the smartphone screen. Previously, this feature was not available on mobile devices.

To activate the screen capture mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to system settings and select the menu item “About phone”.
  • Go to the last line and press 3-5 times on the inscription “Build number” to activate developer mode.
  • Return to the phone settings and click on the “For Developers” item.
  • Select the column “Experimental functions” and activate the Settings_screenrecord property with a long touch.
  • Press and hold the power button of your phone until a pop-up window appears. Next select “Record Screen”. If there is such a button, Touch and hold your finger on the “Take screenshot” button for a few seconds.
  • After that, the recording menu will be available to you. Tap the red circle to start shooting.
  • When you press the button with the crossed camera, Selfie mode is activated, and your image appears on the recording.
  • To enable audio recording, press the crossed-out microphone button.
  • Click the last gear button to open the recording settings.
  • Click on the red square to finish shooting.

The finished recording will be saved in the device memory and will be available in the Gallery. It can be viewed using the built-in player, as well as sent to friends by e-mail, through instant messengers and social networks.

Depending on the phone model and the version of the Android shell, the names of the menu items may differ, but the procedure is approximately the same everywhere.

How to record screen on Android

All modern smartphones have a built-in function for taking screenshots, but the need to record from the phone screen also arises quite often. For example, to show on the phone the order of any actions, create instructions for the application or fall asleep in the game. This feature is also useful for bloggers and YouTube channel owners.

In Android 10, screen recorder is already included in the system. But users of smartphones on earlier versions of this OS do not need to be upset: there are programs that you have installed. You will not only shoot the screen. but also edit it.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is another popular smartphone screen capture app. It can also be used without ads, rather than buying a premium membership.

The program allows you to record with a resolution of up to 1080p, edit records, crop them, use filters, change the playback speed and add animation. It also makes it possible to pause shooting, switch to the front camera, record both system sounds and external sounds from the microphone.

How to record with DU Recorder:

  • To start recording, click on the white button with a red circle.
  • To add a selfie to the record, click on the icon with the image of the webcam.
  • You can pause or end shooting using the corresponding menu buttons.

DU Recorder will work on smartphones running Android 5.0 and higher. Its rating is 4.3 points, and the number of downloads is over 100,000.

Feature of this program. Significant file size. To install it, you need 25 MB of memory, which is more than in analogues.

Az Screen Recorder

Az Screen Recorder has a very high rating on the Google Play Market. 4.5 points, and has been downloaded over 50 million times. The application supports Android version 5.0 and higher. Its distinctive feature is the ability to work without root rights.

The program supports recording with soundtrack, which will be a plus when creating instructions. It also has the ability to pause recording.

How to Record with Az Screen Recorder:

  • Click on the camera icon. For the convenience of launching the program widget, it is desirable to place it on the working screen.
  • Allow the application to record audio, access the images on the device screen, and click Start. After that, you will see a countdown with numbers 3, 2, 1, then recording will start.
  • To pause shooting, press the button with two vertical bars.
  • Press square to end recording.
  • Recording parameter settings are available by clicking the button with the suitcase image, inside which is drawn a wrench.
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The basic functions of Az Screen Recorder are available for free, but if you want to get an editor with the ability to convert and cut files, as well as apply captions on the screen, you will have to install the premium package.

In addition to the considerable price, users attribute to the disadvantages of this program Incorrect creation of screenshots and periodic mute of the microphone on recording when Skype is running.

Screen Recorder No Ads

After installing Screen Recorder No Ads, its icon appears on the Quick Access Toolbar, making it very easy to launch. Immediately after downloading, the application opens in English, but in the settings you can switch the interface to Russian.

The program works without ads and has a large number of functions: it has the ability to add a selfie to the recording, edit the footage. save finisheds in any folder on the device, etc.

How to Record with Screen Recorder No Ads:

  • To start shooting, click on the red button with the camera image.
  • If you need to record with sound, click on the microphone icon.
  • A countdown of 3, 2, 1 will appear on the screen, and then recording will begin.
  • You can pause or end shooting using the corresponding buttons in the top notification menu.
  • To see the result, press the green button with the picture.

Screen Recorder No Ads has a 4.3 rating on Google Play and over 10 million downloads. For its correct operation, you need Android 6.0 or higher.

The disadvantages of the program, users include the inability to record only system sounds on Android versions below 10, as well as paid content.

Free Screen Recording Apps for Smartphones

The programs described below are convenient in that they can be installed on absolutely any smartphone with the Android operating system version 4.4 and higher. All of them are available in the Google Play Market.

The advantages of such applications:

  • Security (all programs in the Google Play Market are scanned for viruses).
  • A wide range of possibilities (you can choose a program with a set of functions specifically for your tasks).

However, they also have weaknesses:

  • Almost all free programs of this class have paid content. The user can get premium status and additional functions only for money.
  • Some versions of such programs do not overlay watermarks.
  • The length and quality of recording clips may be limited.
  • Like many free software, screen recording software often includes ads.
  • The application may require root rights to record system sounds.

And now let’s look at the most, in our opinion, the simplest and most convenient screencasting tools on an Android smartphone.

How to record on Samsung smartphones

On Samsung smartphones, the screen recording button is located in the quick settings menu (curtains). To start a survey, do the following:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings menu.
  • Find the icon that says Screen Recorder. If it is missing, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and find this function in the list that appears.
  • Then you can start shooting. Its launch is intuitive.

Recording settings are available in the “Additional functions” section located in the phone settings. Here you can define the quality and specify where to record audio tracks: from the phone (external sounds will not be heard) or from the microphone (so you can record a voice message).

Screen recording features are available on the following Samsung phone models:

  • Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10;
  • All Galaxy S flagships
  • On Samsung A series devices, the screen capture function is only available for some applications.

If you have NOT found such a function in your smartphone, just download one of the programs, which we will discuss below.

REC Screen Recorder

REC Screen Recorder is another excellent smartphone screen recording software. Its rating on Google Play is 4.2 points, and more than 1 million people around the world preferred it to its counterparts.

This application is ideal for creating instructions as it supports the function of recording sound from an external speaker. It allows you to creates up to 60 minutes long in high definition (UHD, FHD, HD).

REC Screen Recorder does NOT ask for root privileges. Its interface is simple and intuitive, it is easy to understand it without any explanation.

Like Az Screen Recorder, it has the ability to edit and add watermarks.

To run the application, you need a smartphone on Android version 5.0 or higher.

How to record with REC Screen Recorder:

  • To capture with sound, tap the speaker icon.
  • To prevent external sounds from being heard in the recording, select the camera without speaker icon.
  • Press the square button with a white dot in the middle to end shooting.

The user can adjust the shooting parameters at his discretion, the program will remember them and will use them by default in the future.

clips captured with REC Screen Recorder can be saved to internal phone memory, SD card or external USB device.


Mobizen is another free application for high quality screen recording without watermarks and time limits. It has built-in. and audio editors for quick processing of finished screencasts, as well as the function of adding background music. Root rights are not necessary for him.

How to record with Mobizen:

  • To start recording, click the button with the camera image. Shooting will start after the countdown.
  • To pause or end the recording, Use the Corresponding Buttons.
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Mobizen has a good rating on the Google Play Market with 4.2 points and has been downloaded over 100 million times. You can install it on any smartphone running Android 4.4 or higher. Installation requires 23 MB of free space in the device’s memory.

keyboard shortcut

Standard print screen version, implemented on most devices:

  • go to the screen or launch the application you want to capture;
  • press the volume down and lock buttons at the same time;
  • a message will appear below about saving the frame with the ability to send it to social networks, by email, Bluetooth or use the built-in editor.

After pressing the keys, release them immediately. Holding the buttons for 2-3 seconds will do nothing.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A51

All options for how to take screenshot on Galaxy A51 will be broken down:

  • to built-in: they offer to use the tools implemented by the developers into the interface;
  • third-party: Use the method from Google or install a third-party application from the Play Market.

Google Voice Assistant

When your hands are busy, and it is extremely necessary to make a screen, a solution from Google comes to the rescue, which must first be configured.

  • Open the Google app. Expand “” in the lower right corner.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Google Assistant”.
  • Go to the “Assistant” tab and scroll down. In the “Devices with an assistant” section, click on “Phone”.
  • Under “Voice Match” we activate “Ok Google”. A line “Sample voice” will appear, on which you need to tap.
  • Follow the instructions so that the smartphone can record the voice and can respond to it.
  • Return to the main screen and say “Ok Google”, then set the command “Take a screenshot”.
  • The assistant will offer to GIVE him access to the ability to take screenshots, for which click “Open settings”.
  • From the list of opened functions, activate “Use screenshot”.
  • try again.

Unlike integrated tools, Google’s solution may malfunction or fail to capture the desired frame. It is impossible to correct the settings.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A 51

The Samsung A51 runs Android 10 with a custom UI 2.0 skin. The latter contains 3 ways to take a screenshot of the screen. In addition, the box is made with the introduction of third-party software.

third party software

Google Play has tons of third-party apps that offer screen capture. As an example for Galaxy A 51, consider the “Screenshot Easy” project:

  • After installation and launch, allow the software to Access the internal storage of the smartphone to save images.
  • Then click “Start Capture”.
  • Go to the page or open the window you want to capture and tap on the camera icon in the upper left corner.
  • When the box is ready, click on “View”. A new window will open with tools for transforming the image.
  • Disable the program by reopening it and clicking on “Stop Capture”.

There is a “shake” function in the settings. Its activation will allow you to take screenshots by shaking the phone.

Edge panel

A tool for those who want to take a screenshot on the Samsung A51, immediately correcting its result

  • Swipe the screen from the location of the power button to the left. The first attempt will activate the panel, and the second will expand it.
  • Select the proposed screen option:
  • Rectangle selects the area of ​​the screen that corresponds to the shape name. Its position and size can be adjusted manually;
  • Oval works like the previous solution, but creates rounded images;
  • Animation allows you to record user actions on the screen and save them as GIF animation. Option to create a firmware overview or SEPARATE functions;
  • “Pin to screen” fixes the picture on the display in order to modify it: select separate zones, add a sticker or picture.
  • Finish the creation of the picture or animation by clicking on “Finish”.
  • Define Further actions with the image by sending it to friends, making changes or deleting it from the phone.
  • The function is deactivated by default.

    • Let’s follow in “Settings” and go to “Display”.
    • Find and activate the “curved screen” in the list.

    The tool is sometimes unavailable due to the user’s region of residence or an outdated firmware version.

    edge of the palm

    A non-standard gesture, which suggests using the palm, or rather its edge, to get a frame:

    • again go to the required window;
    • slightly touching the screen, slide the edge of your palm from the right side of the screen to the left;
    • by analogy with the previous option, an auxiliary line will appear with a proposal to correct or send a photo.

    This method takes into account the simultaneously used area of ​​the screen, which provokes the operation of the function.

    Where screenshots are saved

    Regardless of the method chosen, view the resulting images through the gallery by visiting the “Screenshots” folder. When you need to find images through the file manager, go to the “Pictures” folder, and from there to “Screenshots”. With active synchronization with cloud services, frames will also create copies on remote servers.

    Take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A51 using built-in or third-party tools. The convenience of this or that method is assessed directly by the users, who will have to apply them in everyday life.

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