How to Record Screen on Windows Laptop

How to record video from the screen on a computer, laptop and smartphone

Many streaming sites block the ability to download video clips. If you want to have access to your favorite movie at any time and not depend on the Internet, screen capture software will come to the rescue. They will also be useful for the creators of web courses and videos in the letplay genre. Read our article to learn how to capture video from your computer or smartphone screen.

There are two ways to capture video from the desktop of your computer: using the built-in capabilities of the system or a special program. These options differ in feature set.

No programs in Windows 10

The latest version of Windows includes the option to record screen from Xbox. Although in fact it was created to capture the gaming process, it can be used to record actions in any window.

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To launch the built-in option, press the G and Win keys (Windows icon) at the same time. The capture function works only with an active open window or program, so first open a browser or start a video.

Press the red button to start recording. To open additional settings, click the nut icon.

The recorded video will be automatically saved in the “Videos” folder in the “Clips” subfolder.

This option is convenient because you can record video from the PC screen without additional software. But there is no control over the result in it. Use Xbox if you need to quickly capture games or browser action.

Using the On-Screen Camera software

Using a special recorder is useful if you want to create a full-fledged video with music or voice acting and edit the video. Screen Camera is perfect if you don’t want to waste time on complicated, overloaded professional software. The program launches quickly and runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP versions. The recorder is not demanding and practically does not load the system. Other benefits include:

To record actions on the monitor using this program, follow a few simple steps.

Install “Screen Camera”

Adjust the parameters

The capture control panel will open. Set audio capture in the appropriate item and specify whether you will connect a microphone. Then select the appropriate mode.

After selecting the mode, click the “Burn” button. To stop the process, use the F10 key.

Edit the video

Immediately after the capture is complete, you can modify the created entry. To open the built-in editor, click “Edit” in the player window. Here you can:

The editor interface is extremely simple, so there will be no problems with mastering the functionality.

Export the clip

It remains to save the finished video. To do this, open the “Video Creation” tab. Screen Camera allows you to save the result as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA and other popular formats. You can also export a video file for a smartphone or tablet, optimize for the Internet, send to YouTube or burn a movie to disk.

Sometimes you may need to record your mobile phone screen. The methods described below will help you cope with this task if you are the owner of an iOS smartphone or tablet.

We use built-in capabilities

The latest versions of iPhones already have a screen recorder built in, so you don’t need to install additional apps. The captured videos are saved in the Photos folder. The downside is that you won’t be able to edit the video.

Open Settings, then go to Control Center. After that find “Customize Controls”.
2. Mark “Screen Recorder” with a plus.
3. Return to the home screen and swipe up from the bottom with your finger. This will open the control panel.
4. Find the “Screen Recorder” button in the bottom row and click on the circle to start capturing.

Using third-party applications is more convenient because you can process the recorded clip. DU Recorder allows you to record what is happening on the iPhone screen, start a live stream and connect multiple devices.

Download DU Recorder App from App Store.
2. Add the function of recording to the desktop, as in the previous method.
3. Bring up the menu with control elements and press the record button. Select DU Recorder.
4. Click “Start Broadcast”. The application will start recording everything that happens on the phone.
5. To interrupt the recording, open the control panel and click “Stop broadcasting”.
6. Open the app and go to the “Video” section.
7. Highlight the video and find “Share” in the bottom pane, then “Save Video”. The clip will be exported to the “Photos” folder.

It should be noted that the DU Recorder app is available for iPhones with iOS 11 and above.

In the case of an Android smartphone, we will use the Mobizen app. It has a minimalist design and produces high quality videos. The difference between the program is that it allows you to capture what is happening in the background.

The downside of the free version of the app is that it loads a lot of ads even when you’re not using it.

How to choose the right option

The choice of a monitor recorder depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to create a short video for Instagram, mobile apps are enough for you. However, any other video requires additional processing.

Therefore, the “Screen Camera” becomes the best choice (you can download the software here). There is no time limit, so you can record marathons of TV shows or gamers’ walkthrough literally for hours. And the built-in editor will help you get rid of unnecessary video fragments and process the audio track.

How to record a screencast: step by step instructions

Screencast is a screen recording. Most often it is created to teach the viewer how to work with an Internet site or a computer program, such as Photoshop or Word. We tell you how to make a high-quality screencast, what tools to choose for this and what Honor has in preparation.

The article will be useful for novice video bloggers and distance learning specialists who want to record a screencast for an e-course.

Make a plan and write a script

10 seconds. this is how long viewers usually watch the video and leave if they don’t find anything useful. From the very first shots, they should understand that your video is for them. To immediately captivate your viewers, create a screencast outline. In fact, this is the structure of a future lesson: where to start, what to show in the middle, and how to end.

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In the lesson from “Excel Academy”, the screencast plan is at the very beginning, so that the viewer immediately understands what will be discussed.

Prepare the text for the voiceover of the video lesson in advance. Screencast creators also call it a script. He will help:

  • Think over theses and tips that will make the lesson richer and more valuable;
  • Avoid unnecessary pauses while recording. There will always be a cheat sheet at hand if you suddenly get lost and lose your train of thought.

The script reduces editing time: no need to cut out unnecessary phrases and glue different parts of the audio track.

Writing a script is easy. Start with the most interesting facts, or give a short summary of what will be discussed. In the middle, expand the topic of the lesson in as much detail as possible. Finally, summarize and go over the key points again. Make a short preview of the next lesson. the viewer should always want more.

Write as you speak: without complicated phrases and clerical words. Then people will understand you faster.

Hard Just
OM is a Russian cloud platform for teamwork management, customer service quality control and basic management accounting. “OM” is a program for business management. She oversees the work of employees, helps to serve clients and maintain management records. Works over the Internet. Made in Russia.

To be on the safe side, upload the text to Glavred. This service will help you find stamps, generalizations and other verbal “garbage”. And on the Readability website, you can check how simple the text is written.

To turn heavy text into lightweight, read it aloud and correct anything that is difficult to read. You need to read loudly and clearly, like an announcer. This is the only way to hear heavy phrases. Purring to yourself and whispering under your breath is not reading aloud.

“You can also make a draft reading and listen to the recording. it will immediately become clear how well the text is learned by ear.”.

Tip: The maximum screencast length is 3 minutes. Long videos tire the viewer. If your screencast does not fit into the timing, divide it into several episodes with a logical introduction and conclusion, like in a television series. Combine short video lessons into a training course.

Select microphone

A headset or the built-in microphone in a computer is not a good voice tool. Extraneous noise may appear on the recording: hiss, crackling or echo. If quality is important, a separate microphone is best. But first, decide on the type of device:

  • Dynamic microphones are good at canceling echo and background noise. Most often they are used by musicians at concerts, when there is no time for sound processing.
  • Condenser microphones, on the other hand, even pick up the ticking of a clock. But if you record voice acting in complete silence, you can achieve decent sound with a condenser microphone. Such equipment is most often used at radio stations.

Another important criterion when choosing a microphone is the connection method.

  • XLR microphones are of high sound quality, but they are connected to a computer via an external sound card or a special adapter. Buy it separately.
  • USB microphones connect to your computer via a regular USB port. It is easier. But the sound quality is sometimes inferior to the XLR models.

Below are six microphones most commonly used by beginners:

Video recording with sound from a microphone

Video recording from the computer screen is made with sound, but if you wish, you can switch the source and record sound from the microphone. To do this, just check the box on the corresponding item on the control panel. “record sound from the microphone”.

This option is useful when commenting on actions in a video, in the process of preparing training materials or video instructions.

QuickTime Player

Platforms: iOS 8-11 (via Mac), macOS.

QuickTime Player, which can be found on any Mac computer, records video of both the Mac screen itself and the iOS gadgets connected to it. So, if you can’t record the contents of your iPhone or iPad display using the built-in iOS 11 feature, QuickTime Player Mac will help you out.

To record a video from your Mac screen, open QuickTime Player and click File → New Screen Recorder. Then click on the arrow next to the red button that appears and select the required sound settings. Pressing the red button will start recording. You can stop it using the “Stop” button, which appears in the upper right part of the screen.

To record your iPhone or iPad screen, connect your gadget to your Mac using a cable, open QuickTime Player, and click File → New Video. Then click on the arrow next to the red button that appears and select the required settings. Pressing the red button will start recording. You can stop it using the “Stop” button, which appears in place of the red.

Screen Recorder

The latest iOS version has a built-in function with which you can record screen content and sound on an iPhone or iPad. Thanks to it, you do not need third-party software or a computer.

To enable you to use the recording function, add a dedicated button to the control center. To do this, go to the “Settings” → “Control Center” → “Configure Element. Controls “and press the plus next to the” Screen Recorder “button. It will appear in the control room, where it can be used to enable the recording function.

After a simple press on this button, recording starts without external sound, and after a long press, an icon appears to activate or deactivate the microphone. After pressing again, the record is saved in the “Photos” application, where it can be edited.

Is it possible to record the screen on a laptop

Screen video recording technology allows you to quickly capture everything that happens, save the recording to local or removable media for further editing or viewing. If we take into account Windows 10, then many users know that it has a built-in capture function, which, unfortunately, is not in Windows 7. Therefore, the owners of this version of the operating system will have to resort to using additional tools in the form of third-party software, about which and will be discussed further.


If you prefer recording game walkthroughs or tutorials, you should definitely pay attention to Bandicam, as this application has long been popular in these areas. All the necessary settings are present here, allowing you to flexibly configure the audio capture device, webcam, set a suitable area or select the game mode right away. As for the recording, here it happens like this:

    Of course, immediately after installing Bandicam, you can go directly to capturing what is happening on the screen, but first, it is still recommended to set the basic parameters and additional options, which are also important. To understand all this will help separate materials on our website at the following links.
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Next, go to the “Home” section. There are several operating modes here. choose one of the convenient ones and proceed to the next step.

After specifying one of the capture types, a panel will be displayed on top of which basic information will be displayed. On the right, there are additional tools that allow you to take a screenshot or use the drawing function.

When you’re ready to record, simply click on the Start Recording button or use the standard F12 hotkey. By the way, you can choose absolutely any combination or key, replacing it with F12 in the settings.

The recording ends either through the main window of the program, which is far from always convenient, or by pressing the same key again.

As in the previous review, Bandicam creates its own folder in the “Documents” section, where all materials are saved by default. This save location is edited all in the same settings window.

We have already said above that the remaining two programs that will be discussed in this article are paid. Accordingly, Bandicam also falls into this category. Of the limitations, it is worth noting the presence of a watermark indicating the use of this particular tool. You can get rid of it only by purchasing a license and registering it through the official website.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

We are gradually getting to the final software called Movavi Screen Recorder Studio. The well-known domestic company Movavi has long been engaged in the production of a wide variety of products that allow you to record and edit video materials. Screen Recorder is also on this list. Its functionality includes both familiar tools and unique ones, one of which we will mention below.

    After starting Movavi Screen Recorder Studio, the user will see only a small window and a frame showing the capture area. On the left in the menu, this parameter is edited by selecting a free zone or specifying the exact resolution.

Then don’t forget to set up your webcam, system sound, and microphone. If the icon is green, then the sound is being recorded, and to the left of it is the volume control.

We advise you to look into the separate settings menu. Here you can change general parameters, hotkeys, effects and where to save materials.

After completing the preparatory work, set the timer to record by time or immediately press the button to start capturing.

A notification will appear that a trial version of the software is being used with certain restrictions, and below will be marked with hotkeys for quick control of the recording.

At the very top above the capture area, you observe the recording status, and below, in the same control window, you can pause or end the process.

After stopping, a new window with an editor will open. This is a unique feature. Here you can transform the recording, adjust the sound, effects, and also cut off unnecessary moments. Click on “Show file in folder” to go to view it.

A browser will open with a directory where all clips in MKV format are saved by default.

The trial period for Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is seven days, and the terms of use include a watermark and a recording limit of five minutes. However, this is enough to get acquainted with all the functionality of this software and decide whether to use it on an ongoing basis.

Above, we took into account only three representatives of the software that allows you to record video from the screen. Now there are a huge number of similar solutions from third-party developers. All of them cannot be described within the framework of one small article, besides, the algorithm of work is almost the same everywhere. If you are not satisfied with any of the tools discussed above, study a review of other popular software of this kind by clicking on the link below.

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There are many situations in which you need to record video from your computer screen. Some use this tool in the process of their work, others record videos of the game’s passage, others prepare training materials for their YouTube channel, and someone needs to record a video “here and now”. I think it is unpleasant for everyone to realize their helplessness, in certain situations, but not in this case, since the tool you need is at your fingertips. There is no need to look for special programs on the Internet, download them and figure out how to use them for a long time. Plus, these easy-to-learn programs are no better than the standard Windows 10 computer screen recorder.

oCam Screen Recorder

If you start looking for specialized software on the Internet, you will notice that almost all tools are distributed for a fee, and trial versions include certain restrictions. Therefore, first of all, we want to focus on completely free software called oCam Screen Recorder. Of course, the functionality here only includes the main one, and there are a ton of ads in the main window. However, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions and watermarks.

    To download oCam Screen Recorder and see the full list of features, follow the link above. After successful installation and launch, you will find yourself in the main window, where you can immediately start setting up the recording. First of all, we recommend that you decide on the size of the captured area. To do this, click on the corresponding button on the top panel.

A green frame will appear, which can also be edited separately. Pinch one of its corners and drag to adjust the size, or cross in the center if you want to move the area to another part of the screen.

When finished, click on the “Record” button.

The successful start of the capture is indicated by a timer that appears. You can stop capturing, pause or take a screenshot at any time.

This will move to the directory that was created automatically. From now on, all captures and screenshots will be saved in it. This location is changed through the oCam Screen Recorder settings.

As you can see, the interaction with oCam Screen Recorder is extremely simple, however, there are no unique tools that deserve special attention. You can only note the freeness of the application. If it does not suit you due to its obsolescence, we offer a choice of the following two options.

How to start video recording in Windows 10?

To record video from the computer screen in Windows 10, you just need to use the following key combination. Win G. As a result of executing the command, a special game panel will appear on the screen. Initially, the program will “ask” a simple question to which you need to give the only answer. “Yes, this is a game.” After that, the control panel will be available to you on which you can easily find the record button.

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When you press the red button, you will see the video recording timer.

Depending on the actions during video recording, the timer may move to the right corner.

To stop recording, just click on the “stop” button (white square), after which you will find the saved video in the “Video” folder.

How to Capture Windows 10 Screen

If you’ve ever tried to stream video to your computer, you know it’s not that easy. There are many applications built for this purpose, but they all vary in functionality. Especially for you, we have collected the top of the best programs. When compiling this rating, we focused on such parameters as ease of use, the presence of a built-in video editor and unlimited recording time.


Bandicam is called by many an alternative to Camtasia Studio. It makes it easy to capture everything that happens on the screen and save it as a video or image. It is especially useful for gamers, as it has the ability to record games with fast frame rates in high resolution. It is also often used for business purposes to track the activity of remote employees. Bandicam allows you to change the number of frames per second, select codecs and use hotkeys. Users are allowed to highlight cursor movement and select recording source (webcam and HDMI supported).

To start capturing video, mark the desired area of ​​the monitor, specify the quality, frame rate and used codecs and start the process. The resulting result can be sent to YouTube or after filming. In the free version, a watermark is superimposed on the files, which can be removed only after purchasing a premium license. The disadvantage is also support for MP4 and AVI only and no video editor.

Bandicam program interface

Free Cam

Free Cam is a video recording tool from iSpring. Even though it’s free, it doesn’t include hidden ads, watermarks, or time limits. E-learning users will appreciate the cursor highlighting and mouse tracking options. There is a voiceover function, you can remove background noise, mute and completely turn off the audio track. In the editor, you can create text tips, trim or split elements, embed transitions, etc.

Videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube or exported to your hard drive. Despite the simple principle of operation, the software has rather high requirements for system resources. The downside is not very good picture quality and support for only one WMV format. If you need to capture the broadcast from a webcam or get help from developers, you will need to purchase a license.

Free Cam program interface

Screen Camera

On-screen Camera allows you to capture the monitor screen, record your favorite TV show or webinar. You can choose full screen, fixed slice, separate window, or manually adjust the size. The program simultaneously captures video and audio, which allows you to create professional projects in a few mouse clicks.

Process the finished recording in the video editor, remove unnecessary fragments and add audio tracks from the built-in collection. The program has the ability to embed splash screens and text prompts. The created video can be saved to your hard drive, choosing the appropriate format from more than 30 options. Fast uploading to YouTube, RuTube, and other sites is supported. DVD maker with interactive controls available.

Screen Camera program interface

BB FlashBack Pro

BB FlashBack is a multifunctional software with simple, convenient controls. In it, you can record video with sound from a monitor or camera and process it in the built-in editor. There is an option to customize the keyboard shortcuts to control the process, so you don’t even have to use a mouse. If you need to add a voice comment, you can do it during capture or during editing.

The video editor adds text, images, buttons, arrows and other graphic elements to the project. Supports cursor highlighting, you can apply a blur effect, embed transitions that explain titles at the beginning and end of the clip. Video course creators will appreciate the ability to add text prompts and your own watermark. The result can be quickly uploaded to YouTube and FlashBack Connect, or exported to your hard drive as MP4, GIF, WMV, QuickTime, AVI and Flash. Flashback processes objects only in the FBR extension and creates a rather high load on the system.

BB FlashBack Pro interface

My Screen Recorder Pro

My Screen Recorder Pro is a multifunctional program that can capture everything that happens on the desktop of a computer, laptop or mobile device. You can create and record video presentations for work, e-courses, webinars, and online calls. There is also a function of recording in high definition from a webcam or mobile device.

The application captures the entire area of ​​the monitor, tracks the cursor action. It supports work with AVI, WMV and MP4 formats, export to WebM is also possible. The resulting video can be password protected and even set an expiration date, which helps create anti-piracy video courses.

Webmasters will appreciate the automatic upload of files to servers via FTP. If for some reason you cannot turn on the program yourself, the scheduled recording function will come in handy. You just need to set the time when you want to start capturing. The software has a built-in editor, but it only supports basic processing: you cannot add animation, there is no collection of transitions and effects. In general, this is a good option for creating a video with sound, but its functionality does not justify the cost.

My Screen Recorder Pro interface


Camtasia is one of the most popular professional quality video preparation apps. Basically, it is a multifunctional media combine that offers all the necessary tools to create, edit and save video files. Thanks to its natively understandable interface, it is easy to work with for users of all skill levels. But the program is best suited for professional editing.

With Camtasia, you can capture live streams, online meetings, video tutorials, webinars, and TV shows. It allows you to record video and audio together or separately and then combine them into a single project. It is easy to add animation, embed transitions and work with multiple layers in it.

Camtasia differs from competitors in the ability to add polls and interactive elements. It supports importing video files, audio, photos and PowerPoint slides. It has an extensive collection of music and sound effects. The disadvantage is the increased requirement for system resources, which sometimes causes the application to freeze while running. This is one of the most expensive screen recording software with sound on Windows 10 PC.

Camtasia program interface