How to record screen on Windows

oCam Screen Recorder

If you start looking for specialized software on the Internet, you will notice that almost all tools are distributed for a fee, and trial versions include certain restrictions. Therefore, first of all, we want to focus on completely free software called oCam Screen Recorder. Of course, the functionality here only includes the main one, and there are a ton of ads in the main window. However, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions and watermarks.

    To download oCam Screen Recorder and see the full list of features, follow the link above. After successful installation and launch, you will find yourself in the main window, where you can immediately start setting up the recording. First of all, we recommend that you decide on the size of the captured area. To do this, click on the corresponding button on the top panel.

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A green frame will appear, which can also be edited separately. Pinch one of its corners and drag to adjust the size, or cross in the center if you want to move the area to another part of the screen.

When finished, click on the “Record” button.

The successful start of the capture is indicated by a timer that appears. You can stop capturing, pause or take a screenshot at any time.

This will move to the directory that was created automatically. From now on, all captures and screenshots will be saved in it. This location is changed through the oCam Screen Recorder settings.

As you can see, the interaction with oCam Screen Recorder is extremely simple, however, there are no unique tools that deserve special attention. You can only note the freeness of the application. If it does not suit you due to its obsolescence, we offer a choice of the following two options.


If you prefer recording game walkthroughs or tutorials, you should definitely pay attention to Bandicam, as this application has long been popular in these areas. All the necessary settings are present here, allowing you to flexibly configure the audio capture device, webcam, set a suitable area or select the game mode right away. As for the recording, here it happens like this:

    Of course, immediately after installing Bandicam, you can go directly to capturing what is happening on the screen, but first, it is still recommended to set the basic parameters and additional options, which are also important. To understand all this will help separate materials on our website at the following links.

Next, go to the “Home” section. There are several operating modes here. choose one of the convenient ones and proceed to the next step.

After specifying one of the capture types, a panel will be displayed on top of which basic information will be displayed. On the right, there are additional tools that allow you to take a screenshot or use the drawing function.

When you’re ready to record, simply click on the Start Recording button or use the standard F12 hotkey. By the way, you can choose absolutely any combination or key, replacing it with F12 in the settings.

The recording ends either through the main window of the program, which is far from always convenient, or by pressing the same key again.

As in the previous review, Bandicam creates its own folder in the “Documents” section, where all materials are saved by default. This save location is edited all in the same settings window.

We have already said above that the remaining two programs that will be discussed in this article are paid. Accordingly, Bandicam also falls into this category. Of the limitations, it is worth noting the presence of a watermark indicating the use of this particular tool. You can get rid of it only by purchasing a license and registering it through the official website.

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Recording video from the screen in Windows 7

Now you know that there is no built-in recorder in Windows 7, and you are ready for the upcoming software selection. The algorithm of operation of each of them is identical, only some built-in functions differ, which may be unique. Therefore, the most important task is to find the optimal tool, and the capture is almost always performed in just a few clicks. Let’s break it down with three simple tools.

Screen video recording in Windows 7

Screen video recording technology allows you to quickly capture everything that happens, save the recording to local or removable media for further editing or viewing. If we take into account Windows 10, then many users know that it has a built-in capture function, which, unfortunately, is not in Windows 7. Therefore, the owners of this version of the operating system will have to resort to using additional tools in the form of third-party software, about which and will be discussed further.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

We are gradually getting to the final software called Movavi Screen Recorder Studio. The well-known domestic company Movavi has long been engaged in the production of a wide variety of products that allow you to record and edit video materials. Screen Recorder is also on this list. Its functionality includes both familiar tools and unique ones, one of which we will mention below.

    After starting Movavi Screen Recorder Studio, the user will see only a small window and a frame showing the capture area. On the left in the menu, this parameter is edited by selecting a free zone or specifying the exact resolution.

Then don’t forget to set up your webcam, system sound, and microphone. If the icon is green, then the sound is being recorded, and to the left of it is the volume control.

We advise you to look into the separate settings menu. Here you can change general parameters, hotkeys, effects and where to save materials.

After completing the preparatory work, set the timer to record by time or immediately press the button to start capturing.

A notification will appear that a trial version of the software is being used with certain restrictions, and below will be marked with hotkeys for quick control of the recording.

At the very top above the capture area, you observe the recording status, and below, in the same control window, you can pause or end the process.

After stopping, a new window with an editor will open. This is a unique feature. Here you can transform the recording, adjust the sound, effects, and also cut off unnecessary moments. Click on “Show file in folder” to go to view it.

A browser will open with a directory where all clips in MKV format are saved by default.

The trial period for Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is seven days, and the terms of use include a watermark and a recording limit of five minutes. However, this is enough to get acquainted with all the functionality of this software and decide whether to use it on an ongoing basis.

Above, we took into account only three representatives of the software that allows you to record video from the screen. Now there are a huge number of similar solutions from third-party developers. All of them cannot be described within the framework of one small article, besides, the algorithm of work is almost the same everywhere. If you are not satisfied with any of the tools discussed above, study a review of other popular software of this kind by clicking on the link below.

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Standard remedy

The tenth version of Windows also has a built-in tool for recording video from the screen. In terms of its functionality, it is inferior to third-party programs, it has fewer settings, but it is well suited for streaming video games and, in general, for recording gameplay. Actually, this is precisely its main purpose.

Note: The standard screen capture tool does not allow you to select an area for recording and does not work with all elements of the operating system, but it independently “understands” what you plan to record. So, if you call the window of this tool on the Desktop, it will be captured, which is similar to specific applications, and even more so to games.

  • Having prepared the ground for capturing, press the WING keys. this action will launch the standard Recording application from the computer screen. Choose where the audio will be captured from and whether it will be captured at all. Signal sources are not only speakers or headphones connected to the PC, but also system sounds, as well as sounds from running applications.

After completing the preliminary settings, although the available manipulations can hardly be called such, start recording a video. To do this, you can click on the button indicated in the image below or use the “WINALTR” keys.

Note: As we have already indicated above, the windows of some applications and OS elements cannot be recorded using this tool. In some cases, this limitation can be bypassed. if before the start of recording a notification “Game functions are unavailable” appears and a description of the possibility of enabling them, do this by checking the corresponding checkbox.

The recorder interface will be minimized, instead of it a miniature panel will appear in the side screen with a countdown and the ability to stop capturing. It can be moved.

Follow the steps that you wanted to demonstrate on the video, then click on the “Stop” button.

In the “Notification Center” Windows 10, a message will appear about the successful saving of the record, and clicking on it will open the directory with the resulting file. This is the “Clips” folder, which is located in the standard “Videos” directory on the system drive, in the following path:

The standard Windows 10 PC screen capture tool is not the most convenient solution. Some features of its work are not implemented intuitively, plus it is not clear in advance which window or area can be recorded and which cannot. And yet, if you do not want to clog the system with third-party software, but simply want to quickly record a video demonstrating the operation of an application or, even better, the gameplay, there should definitely be no problems.

Record video from computer screen on Windows 10

Almost every Windows user knows how to take a screenshot in the environment of this operating system. But not everyone knows about video recording, although sooner or later you may encounter such a need. Today we will tell you what are the ways to solve this problem in the latest, tenth version of the operating system from Microsoft.

Record video from the screen in Windows 10

“Ten”, in contrast to the previous versions of the OS, contains in its arsenal standard tools for capturing the screen, the functionality of which is not limited to just creating screenshots. with their help you can record video. And yet, we want to start with a third-party program, since it provides much wider opportunities.


This is a simple and easy-to-use, moreover, a free application for recording video from a computer screen, endowed with the necessary minimum of settings and several capture modes. Next, we will consider not only its use to solve our today’s problem in Windows 10, but also the installation process with subsequent configuration, since there are certain nuances.

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    Once on the download page, select the appropriate version of the application. standard installer or portable. We recommend staying on the first option. Installer, opposite which you need to click on the “Download” button.

Further actions take place according to the standard algorithm:

    Selecting the installation language.

Specifying the folder for placing the application files.

Add a shortcut to the Desktop (optional).

If a third-party screenshot application is installed on your computer and you use hotkeys to control it, the following notification will appear: Captura will not allow you to use the shortcuts specified in the window to control it, but in our case this is not critical. In the future, you will be able to customize everything for yourself. The application will be launched, but its interface language will be English.

  • The application allows you to record in several modes, all of them are presented under the line “Video source”.
  • Sound Only;
  • The whole screen;
  • Screen;
  • Window;
  • Screen area;
  • Duplicating the Desktop.
  • Note: The second point differs from the third in that it is designed to capture multiple screens, that is, for cases when more than one monitor is connected to the PC.

    Once done, click on the “Record” button marked in the image below. Most likely, instead of capturing the screen, you will be prompted to install the FFmpeg codec required for Captura to work. This must be done without fail. After clicking the “Download FFmpeg” button, confirm the download. “Start Download” in the window that opens. Wait for the download and installation of the codec to complete,

    then click on the “Finish” button.

    Now we can finally start recording video,

    but before that, you can determine its final quality by selecting the preferred format from the drop-down list, indicating the desired frame rate and the quality itself.

    As soon as you start recording the screen, the antivirus can interrupt this process. For some reason, the work of the installed codec is perceived by him as a threat, although it is not. Therefore, in this case, you need to click the “Allow application” button or something similar (depending on the antivirus used). Additionally, you will need to close the window with the error of Captura itself, after which the recording will still start (in some cases, you may need to restart it).

    You can watch the progress of the screen capture process in the main window of the application. it will show the recording time. You can also pause the process or stop it there.

    When you finish capturing the screen and perform all the actions that you planned to record, the following notification will appear: To navigate to the folder with the video, click on the button located in the lower area of ​​Captura. Once in the desired directory, you can run the resulting video in the default player or video editor.

    The Captura program we have considered needs a little preliminary configuration and installation of codecs, but after you do this, recording video from the computer screen on Windows 10 will become a really simple task that can be solved in just a few clicks.

    From our article today, you learned that you can record video from the screen of a computer or laptop on Windows 10 not only with the help of specialized software, but also using a standard tool for this OS, albeit with some reservations. Which of the proposed solutions to use. the choice is yours, we will end there.

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