How to Record Screen with Sound

ZD Soft Screen Recorder

The functionality of the free ZD Soft Screen Recorder includes screen recording, games, webcam. Sound can be recorded from a microphone. Supported avi, flv, mp4, jpeg, png, bmp, mp3, wav.

record, screen, sound

  • recording from multiple screens;
  • shift of the recorded area in accordance with the changes in the mouse;
  • broadcast over a local network;
  • combining images from different sources;
  • converting files prepared in ms powerpoint to video;
  • Russified interface.

Disadvantage. no full-fledged video editor.

WM Recorder, XSplit Broadcaster

WM Recorder interface. English only. Screencaster is paid. Free test version with limited capabilities available.

The program allows you to shoot video from a local network, the Internet, record sounds. Supports avi, asf, wma, flv, mpeg, mp3, mpeg, https, rtsp, mms protocols. There is a built-in editor, records several streams at the same time, password protection. Interesting for video tutorials.

XSplit Broadcaster is designed for screen shooting, games, webcams, transmission to the network, broadcasting to well-known video hosting sites. Works with youtube. twitch.

The program supports 60 frames, 4K resolution. You can add text, widgets, shapes, images, effects and remove the background. Preview. Several files can be edited at the same time.

Full functionality is available in the paid version.

iSpring Free Cam, Jing, Joxi, Loom

Unlike many applications, iSpring Free Cam is free to install and free from watermarks, ads.

Captures system sounds, voice from a microphone, selects a separate area, highlights the cursor. Suitable for structuring, broadcasting video courses. The built-in editor removes unnecessary fragments, background noise, edits sounds. The finished work is posted on youtube, saved on your hard drive.

Disadvantage. only wmv extension is used for saving.

Tenant jing only works in english.

Adds sound annotations, graphics, text, edit video. The finished work is integrated into social networks, video hosting. Used to prepare videos, courses, broadcast games.

The program works only after registering an account. The disadvantage is that the duration of the video cannot exceed 5 minutes, it is saved only in the swf format.

The free version of loom has a limited number of features. A wider selection is available in loom pro.

Video recording is carried out from the screen, camera, SIMultaneously from two sources.

The drawback of the app is the limited capture area from the front camera. The advantage is that the video is easy to share. It is enough to copy and paste.

Why is it needed

Saving what is happening on the screen may be required in many situations. Video recordings are needed for analysis, re-viewing of the material, proof of your innocence, demonstration of victories in the game, sports.

  • computer and video games. The resulting recording is looked at the subject of where the mistake was made, how it could have been played differently, what tactics to develop in the future. The material can be shared with friends, broadcast on video hosting. With its help, they talk about successes, complain about the actions of opponents;
  • video lessons. Consistent presentation of materials, photos, diagrams, images, graphs helps to create courses, training programs, prepare webinars. They can be devoted to the game on the stock exchange, psychological training, equipment operation, instructions for use;
  • video presentations. SIMilar to the lessons, aimed at presenting materials. They convey information in a more lively, dynamic form;
  • sports matches, competitions. Looking over again, analysis, discussion of actions, mistakes of athletes is carried out;
  • online chats. Reproduction can be used as proof of position agreement, agreement. For lovers and relatives, watching video communication is an important part of life;
  • video films. Editing tools allow you to cut out unnecessary frames, advertisements, swap parts;
  • family movies. From video chats, photos, clips, a video is created for the memory of events, relationships, people, a proposal for marriage;
  • frame-by-frame animation.

Program overview

There are many video capture applications on the Internet. In our article, we will analyze the most popular ones. Among them are multifunctional utilities with a built-in editor, audio recording capabilities, small video capturers without unnecessary tools.

Filters work according to the same principle. you need to select the capture area, set the settings, connect additional devices, enable recording.

Features of work, capabilities, advantages, disadvantages of each video master are analyzed in the sections of the article.

Replay Video Capture, Rylstim Screen Recorder

Replay Video Capture will upset Russian-speaking users with an English-speaking interface.

Screencaster captures the screen, individual parts, actions in the browser, playing movies, sounds. There are options for setting time limits for recording, schedule, sound settings. The frame rate reaches 100 per second. Projects are exported to mp4, avi, wmv. Suitable for video editing, gameplay recording.

Minus. the test period is 3 months. The general limit of recorded videos is 120 seconds.

Rylstim Screen Recorder also lacks Russian.

It downloads for free, does not require registration. The program has one window with several blocks. Allows you to remove the desktop, individual fragments. Available selection of frame rates, codecs, mouse button selection.

The advantage is ease of use. Disadvantage. export to avi.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Russified OBS Screencaster. free, does not require registration, account creation.

Designed for streaming, recording video from a web camera, games, browser, screen, additional devices to any service. Works on linux, mac OS, Windows. Adjust the settings for video, sound, audio mixing. There is an option to resume an interrupted broadcast. The material can be saved on the hard disk. Supports multiple encodings, Full HD resolution, frame rates up to 60.

Feature. open source.

Clip2Net, Corel VideoStudio Pro

Clip2net with a Russian-language interface provides video capture only in the PRO version. Basic and Lite options are only for saving screenshots.

The utility has no restrictions on recording speed. It is possible to use 10,000 MB for storing files, selecting a sound source. Designed for recording games, movies, tutorials.

Disadvantage. it is impossible to use the free version for video capture.

The period during which you can use Corel VideoStudio Pro without payment is 30 days.

  • filming from several tracks at the same time;
  • many effects;
  • different ways to transition frames;
  • work with video recordings with a transparent background;
  • adding comments, titles;
  • making changes to panoramic videos;
  • frame-by-frame animation;
  • the ability to share, exchange materials.

Advantage. project export to camera, DVD, Blue-Ray players, iPhone, android, iPod, computer, Internet, supports avi, avchd, dvd, HD-dvd, webm. You can download the work in. youtube, flickr.

Less. paid use, trial period. short.

Fast Desktop Recorder, FastStone Capture

Fast Desktop Recorder is a multifunctional application that produces avi recordings. Free to install. Shoots full screen, rectangular areas.

  • stop timer recording;
  • setting up hot keys, separate audio tracks;
  • video editing;
  • use of different codecs, while the program itself finds those available on the PC.

An important advantage is the activation of an additional window to display information about the area size, frequency, number of frames.

Minus. lack of Russian language.

Capturing video is an optional feature of FastStone Capture.

The utility is more focused on taking screenshots. Free to install, available in the system tray.

Video recording is carried out from the entire screen, a separate window. There is a tool for recording sound from a microphone, an editor, creating titles.

Capturing video from a monitor screen with sound in Windows

In this material, we will consider in detail the programs that organize video recording from the computer screen with sound in Windows 7, 8, 10. Such videos are used to demonstrate actions on the desktop, in the webcam, in PC games. Subsequently, the videos can be stored on the hard drive of the computer or uploaded to video hosting, for example, on YouTube.

Using standard tools, you can take a screenshot in Windows 7, 8, but you cannot record video from the computer screen, so you cannot do without third-party programs. Windows 10 has an Xbox app that’s more for shooting games, so let’s take a look at more versatile tools. Capturing video from the monitor screen with sound is carried out by both free programs and paid ones. I present a list of the best free programs, which we will consider in detail:

  • BB FlashBack Express
  • oCam
  • Camstudio

In general, there are a lot of applications of this kind with different levels of functionality. It is up to you whether to use the software described below, or find another. Already decided, then let’s look at the instructions.

BB FlashBack Express

Express in the title refers to the free version. Unlike the commercial versions Standard and Professional, there are limitations in functionality. The free edition has the ability to export videos only in two formats Avi and Flv, respectively, paid ones support an extensive list of formats. Express editors are also limited in video editing and applying effects to it. If you are interested, see the developer’s website for a full list of differences.

Go to this page, then select the language “Russian”. In the required field, enter the email address to receive the license key, then click “download”. During the installation of the program, specify the activation key that was sent to your mailbox.

Run the shortcut BB FlashBack Express Recorder.exe, click “continue” and wait for the program window to load. There are links to help materials, a list of the most recently recorded videos, and a “record screen” link, click it.

Before starting the process of capturing video from the monitor screen, I advise you to configure the program. In the menu click “tools” then “options”.

A huge number of options will become available to your eyes. To learn more about the settings section, go to it and click “help”. The help describes everything to the smallest detail, so we will not repeat ourselves here. If you need to record video of moving objects, set good quality and frame rate of at least 25. Do not forget that setting the maximum parameters will increase the size of the recorded file. Experiment with the optimal settings for your situation. After making changes, click OK.

Select the recording format from the drop-down list in the program interface:

  • Full screen. captures the entire screen area.
  • Area. recording video from a screen, a specific space.
  • Window. records the selected open window.

Next, check “sound recording”. Select the source “microphone” or “PC speakers”. You can also specify two sources at once, but first you must select “PC speakers”. If “microphone” is indicated, set the volume by moving the slider.

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If necessary, you can mark “webcam recording”. Click the Settings button, then set your webcam options, format (change pixel resolution, color depth), frames per second, and quality level. Click “close”. If necessary, check the option to show the video camera window during recording.

To prevent the program panel from interfering with the process of capturing video from the monitor screen, set the option “minimize to the system area during recording”. With this option enabled, use the hotkeys (assigned in the program parameters).

To start recording video from the computer screen with sound, press the keyboard shortcut or the red circle at the bottom of the window. In the Full Screen format, recording will occur immediately. With the “Area” format, you need to set the recording space with the mouse or in pixels, with the “Window” format, you must select a window and then click the “record” button.

After initialization is complete, screen capture will begin. After stopping the recording, the save window will pop up, click the “save” button. Next, specify the folder for saving files with the Fbr extension, set a name and click “save”.

Next, choose one of three actions.

  • Open. opens the video in the program player with the ability to edit, export to Avi and Flv formats, or send to video hosting.
  • Share. send the recorded file to video hosting.
  • Export. saves videos in known formats.

To make the video available for viewing in standard programs, click “export”. Select Flash or Avi and click OK. Depending on the format you choose, set the export options, then save the video and wait for the process to finish.

A free and very easy-to-use program that allows you not only to record video from your computer screen with sound, but also to take screenshots. Supports Russian, but is not fully Russified.

Download the application on the Internet, install and run it. Next, in the menu, click “tools”, then “settings”. By default, oCam sets up acceptable settings for capturing video from the monitor screen. Let’s take a look at the most necessary settings.

  • Encoding. here you can set the video and audio quality. You can change the frame rate (FSP), quality (quality) and audio bitrate. You can leave the rest of the parameters as they are.
  • Recording. an interesting option here includes displaying the mouse pointer and FSP in the game during recording.
  • Hotkeys. assigning hotkeys to control the process.
  • Highlight. enable and select a color for highlighting the mouse cursor.
  • Save. assign the path to save the file.
  • Restriction. specifying the time of the recorded file with the ability to set actions that will be performed after recording.
  • Watermark. add a watermark with the ability to set the transparency level and position.

The settings are very easy to figure out. After changing them, click OK.

There are several signed icons in the program window. Let’s take a look at their functionality.

  • Record. Click on the arrow next to this icon and select Record Image with Sound. You can also record sound separately.
  • Snapshot. takes pictures of the screen in the format specified in the settings.
  • Size. choose from preset sizes or full screen. When oCam is running, the display shows an area with a green border that can be moved and stretched in all directions. This is where you set the size of this framed area.
  • Open. quickly open the storage location of the recorded video.
  • Codecs. select a codec and video format. OCam app has a good collection of codecs.
  • Sound. choose to record sound from a microphone, from a computer or from two sources at once.
  • Game. switch to game recording mode. Select this mode, then start the game and press the capture start key. Then click the key (by default F2) again to stop the process and look for the video in the designated folder.

To record a video from your computer screen with audio, click the red circle. I advise you to minimize the program so as not to light up its window if you are working in full screen mode and control the process with hot keys.

In the process of capturing video from the monitor, you can track the recording duration, size, pause / continue, take a picture and stop. These actions are performed both in the application interface and by hot keys.

The video is immediately written to the hard disk in the selected format. To view it, click the “open” icon. There is nothing complicated in operating the program.

Other screen recorders

CamStudio is a free application that allows you to record your screen with sound. In terms of functionality, it can compete with commercial versions. Available in English only. Before using it, you need to configure.

CamStudio uses the codecs installed on the system, therefore it is recommended to download additional codecs to balance the quality. The program has flexible settings for changing video quality, frame rate, and also allows you to record audio from a microphone and sounds from a computer.

Recording is carried out in full screen, selected area and window modes in Avi and Swf formats. Supports the process of recording, pause, stop by keyboard shortcut. CamStudio main interface is shown below.

Ezvid is a free software that combines desktop recording with sound and video editor. During editing, you can insert, delete parts of the video, add pre-recorded audio files and effects. The program allows you to insert text slides and synthesize a computer voice. The developers have taken care of the possibility of shooting gameplay.

After creating and processing the video, it can be quickly uploaded to YouTube. In general, install the program and test its functionality. Below is the main window of Ezvid.

The described programs are quite enough to make high-quality video recording from a computer screen with sound in Windows 7, 8, 10. BB FlashBack Express is functional, fully Russified and has good help. The oCam application also copes with the set goals, I recommend using these programs. CamStudio and Ezvid can be used as an alternative.


One of the “pioneers” in computer screen capture, Camtasia Studio is a well-deserved popularity among video content creators. It’s a great solution for any type of video, whether it’s a SIMple screencast or an advanced video course. With the help of software, you can record the entire screen or a separate section of the monitor. The program has clear control and offers advanced processing capabilities of the recorded video file. Overlaying of graphic elements, video dubbing, adding cursor effects, embedding titles, text and more are available.

Camtasia interface

Camtasia runs on all versions of Windows, including XP and Windows 8, but it puts a lot of stress on the system. Also, a serious disadvantage for many users can be the lack of an official Russian translation.

  • Several recording modes;
  • Extensive editor capabilities;
  • Support for almost all codecs and formats.
  • The official version does not support Russian;
  • One of the most expensive programs in its niche;
  • Consumes system resources and slows down on weak devices.

How to Record Windows 7 Screen with Sound


Fraps was created to calculate the frame rate of video or games. However, it can also take screenshots and capture the computer desktop. The program can record video in full screen format along with system sounds. Its features also include the ability to automatically split the recorded video and highlight or hide the cursor. Fraps does not load the system processor and therefore runs quickly on low-power PCs and laptops.

Fraps interface

The disadvantage of Fraps is that you cannot influence the settings and recording process, as the capture takes place in the background. The unregistered version only allows you to record for 30 seconds and puts a watermark.

  • Doesn’t load the system;
  • Runs on all Windows versions.
  • Intricate management;
  • Doesn’t support some modern codecs;
  • No editor and converter;
  • No Russian language support.


Bandicam is one of the most famous programs that allows you to record screen with sound in Windows 7 and other versions of the operating system. Thanks to it, you can record the passage of the game, online broadcasting and webinars in high definition, up to 2560×1600.

The created video can be uploaded to YouTube in 720p or 1080p format. The app works with games and software that use DirectX and OpenGL for graphics such as Skyrim, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft.

Bandicam interface

Bandicam allows you to change the number of frames per second, select video and audio codecs and use hot keys. The free version of the program imposes a watermark on the video and limits the recording time.

  • SIMple controls;
  • Task Scheduler;
  • Cursor highlighting and hotkeys.
  • No video editor;
  • Saves video clip in MP4 only.

TOP 5 programs for video recording
from the Windows 7 screen

Recently, video content has enjoyed more popularity than regular articles. Viewers absorb this information better and are more willing to share an article if it contains a video. And it will be easier for you to show your actions on the video than to write a long text.

Today we will take a look at popular monitor screen capture applications. With their help, you can edit video tutorials and whole video courses.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to record monitor actions in just a few clicks. To start capturing, all you have to do is launch the application, draw the desired area on the screen and press the record button. The application allows you to highlight cursor actions and mouse clicks, display keystrokes on the video. The recorded file can be trimmed and unnecessary parts cut out. In fact, this is where its functions end, but it is a good tool if you need to quickly create a screencast without processing.

Movavi Screen Recorder interface

On the official website, the recorder is described as free, but after a few days the program requires a license purchase. During the trial period, audio cannot be recorded and a watermark is applied to the saved file.

  • Highlighting the cursor and mouse clicks;
  • Task Scheduler;
  • Capture from a webcam;
  • Very basic functionality;
  • The video editor is purchased additionally;
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Screen Camera

On-screen Camera helps to capture user actions on the monitor screen, and then process the created video. The program is easy to operate, but this does not reflect on its functionality. it has everything you need to create a training video. You can record the entire screen, select an area of ​​the monitor, or set up capturing actions in a specific window (browser, document, chat, player, etc.).

Screen Camera Interface

The recorder allows you to record without time limit, capture video with system sounds and record voice to the microphone. In the built-in editor, you can trim a video file, insert titles, make voice acting or add background music. The finished video can be exported in any video format.

  • Several capture modes;
  • Built-in video editor and converter;
  • Works on all Windows versions;
  • Doesn’t load the system;
  • SIMple controls.
  • Limited trial period.

You don’t need professional hardware to record video from your Windows 7 computer screen. However, even basic video tutorials require at least minimal processing. In order not to resort to the help of third-party software after recording a video, choose a recorder with a built-in editor. Of the applications we have considered, only the first two options meet this requirement.

Camtasia is packed with a wide range of professional features, but the lack of the Russian language may be a disadvantage for some users. Plus, it only works well on powerful computers. On-Screen Camera, on the other hand, runs easily on all types of devices and is fully translated into Russian. It is easy to operate and offers all the basic editing functions you need. You can download the distribution kit of this program for free and personally try all its functions.

Program for recording video from the game

The Fraps program does not know how to capture video from the desktop, but it can do it in games, and, by the way, not for free (read about the free application here). Its interface is very SIMple:

On the “Movies” tab, you need to define a hotkey to start / stop the recording process. You can also adjust the frame rate and picture quality. It is recommended to set the frequency from 30 FPS, and the quality can be reduced, i.e. select “Half-size”. Keep in mind that the computer is already loaded with the game at full capacity, so you still need to save each frame. You can record sound both from the game and from an external source, for example, from a microphone.

QIP Shot. in Russian

I decided to briefly show one more “usual” programme. Her joke is that it is in Russian and, in general, it works fine.

I think there will be no problems to deal with the interface. After starting the program icon appears in the system tray, clicking on which takes a screenshot of the screen. To capture, you need to right-click on it and select what you will write:

QIP Shot DOES NOT HAVE any built-in codecs, so if you do not want your file to weigh in gigabytes, and the video is of disgusting quality, you need to go to the settings and select the codec. Go to the “Video” tab and select “Video Codec”:

I will definitely not tell you which codec to choose, tk. it depends on what you have installed on the system. But I will give my recommendations:

  • Choose a codec that has one of these in its name: x264, H.264, VP8 / 9, Xvid, DivX, MPEG-4 (listed in descending order of preference)
  • Never Choose This: Microsoft Video 1, Intel and Cinepak Codecs, Indeo Video, No Codec

On the right there is a button “Settings”, which opens the settings for a specific codec, and they are all different. Without understanding what to do there, it’s better not to meddle. If you have a completely clean system and there is nothing to choose from, then install the x264 codec, and in general I recommend it.

After that, in the QIP Shot select the “x264” codec. Please note that good codecs require a powerful processor, so if the video slows down, then try choosing something else. Select 48.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono for sound recording. The file can be saved to a file or published on the site.

Fast video casts with their transmission to the Internet

If the recorded video needs to be immediately posted on the Internet, then take a look at the Jing program.

It has the same developers as my favorite screenshot program SnagIt! and video editor Camtasia Studio. Sharpened for small videos with a maximum duration of up to 5 minutes. It won’t let you write more, this is its main disadvantage. Saves to disk only in SWF format, which not all players support, but it can be easily opened in any browser with Adobe Flash installed. However, if the video is sent to a friend via the Internet, then the format does not matter.

After starting the program, a non-binding registration is required:

The Jing program has its own unique interface. it is the sun at the top of the screen, but it can be moved anywhere on the desktop:

From here, the settings are called and, in fact, the recording is turned on. There is nothing interesting in the settings, except for the choice of the sound source:

Click the “Select device.” button and select the microphone or system sounds here (usually called “Stereo Mixer” or “Wave”). Close the preferences window. After starting the recording, you need to select the area of ​​the screen to capture and in the window that appears, click on the “film strip”

After a 3 second countdown, video recording will begin. When you’re done, click “Stop” and save the file to your computer or upload it to the Internet at with one button:

As you can see, the Jing program is very SIMple and easy to understand even without knowing English.

FastStone Capture. SIMple and high quality

This is my favorite program because works always and on any computer, writes video without glitches and in good quality, tk. has built-in Windows Media Video codec.

To understand the issue, I will make a small lyrical digression. Any digital video is saved using codecs. A codec is, roughly speaking, an archiver for video data. The quality of the recording and the size of the resulting file depend on it. In most programs, you have to manually select the appropriate codec, otherwise the file size and quality of the recorded video will be appalling. In this case, you need to know what to choose, and if necessary, first install the codec.

FS Capture already carries everything with itself and saves video in WMV format. However, in my selection, almost all programs carry codecs “on board”.

The Russian version can be taken on trackers if you know how to download from torrents. There is a completely free analogue of the program:

Install the program and run. The interface looks very SIMple, to start the recording process click on the button:

A new window with capture parameters will appear at the bottom right:

We are offered four options for the capture area:

  • Window / Object. we select the program window, or part of it
  • Rectangular area. use the mouse to select the desired area of ​​the screen
  • The entire screen without the taskbar. recording everything except the bottom panel, where the Start button is
  • The entire screen is, accordingly, everything that is on the computer screen

If you need to record sound, then put a tick “Record audio” and choose where to get the sound from:

  • Microphone
  • Speakers. system sounds, i.e. what you hear from the speakers
  • Microphone Speakers. especially useful for recording Skype conversations with video

If the microphone is hard to hear, then read how to set up the microphone. Let’s quickly go through the program parameters, which are opened by the “Options” button:

On the first tab “Video” you need to set the frame rate in the resulting file. The higher the frequency, the smoother the video, and the larger the final file size. For capturing video clips or online video, select the maximum frequency of “25”, and for recording programs on the desktop, 5-10 frames per second are enough. We are also given the opportunity to choose the quality from “Good” to “Best”. Usually just “Good” is enough and the file size is smaller.

Let’s go to the “Audio” tab

Select a sound source and, if desired, enable “Record mouse sounds”. Note that when the microphone is on, they will fall into it anyway. If necessary, you can turn on “Stereo”, but it never came in handy for me. We don’t need the rest of the settings.

To start shooting, press the “Record” button and select an area or select an object, whichever you chose earlier. The following window will appear with confirmation of all parameters:

We agree and press “Start”. The recording has started, to complete it, use the small panel below:

Press Ctrl F11 to pause / continue. When you’re done, save the file and that’s it.

We write vidos from the screen using cool programs

Earlier I already wrote how to take a screenshot, but sometimes the picture is not enough and you need to record the whole video. For example, how to do something in some program on a computer, record an online video or even a fragment of the game.

There are special programs for all these purposes. Most have a SIMple interface and it will not be difficult for even the most “green” beginner to deal with them. All that is required is to launch the application, select an object and enable recording!

Free handsome oCam Screen Recorder

Quite by accident I came across this program and realized that it is worthwhile, despite the fact that it is distributed absolutely free! It has all the necessary features and built-in codecs.

Only at the end of the installation, I advise you to uncheck the boxes:

So, run the program and go to settings:

There in the section “Encoder” select the frame rate per second (“FPS”) and “Bitrate”. The higher the bitrate, the better the video quality and the larger the file. For ordinary video casts, 1000 Kbps is enough. Audio bitrate can be 192 or choose less. 128 Kbps for voice recording.

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In the “Record” tab, select your source of sound recording and the sampling rate (“SampleRate”) 48000. Instead of Stereo, I again advise you to choose Mono, because it may happen that the microphone in the recorded video will be heard only in one speaker, but the file size will be smaller.

Let’s close the settings and select the capture area by clicking the “Resize” button. You can select fixed rectangles, the entire “Full screen” or the “Select area.” object. The green window can be stretched with the mouse, clinging to the squares. Have you chosen? Now press “Record” and record. To stop the recording process, press “F2”, and to see what happened, the “Open” button will come in handy, which opens the folder with the received files.

I advise you not to go to the “Codecs” section if everything works fine. The program has built-in MPEG-4 codecs and the most optimal one is selected by default.

Camtasia Studio Video Editor

This paid program perfectly knows how not only to write video from the monitor, but also allows you to edit it. You can cut out pieces, add inscriptions, effects, zoom in on a part of the screen and much more.

This is what I use to record my video tutorials. There are whole series of video tutorials devoted to working with Camtasia Studio on the Internet, so it makes no sense to dwell in detail.

I will be glad if you share the article with your friends.!

For the lazy to read, I have prepared a series of 4 small video tutorials:

TOP 10 programs for recording screen with sound on Windows 10


Ezvid is the SIMplest video capture software. The goal of the developers was to save users’ time as much as possible, so everything in it is set to work quickly. You can create a video, add music from your collection and publish it to YouTube in minutes. Therefore, the app is popular with gamers and screencast creators looking for a basic video recorder without editing features.

Ezvid has a human voice SIMulator and text-to-speech conversion, video speed setting. Unlike many shareware counterparts, it does not leave a watermark. However, you cannot save the project to the hard disk here, there is no support for full-screen mode. The video editor only supports basic functions and does not contain any effects or transitions. The length of the rollers is limited to 45 minutes.

Disadvantages of this method: it is possible to download a clip along with an audio track only in MP4 format. In this case, the video quality should not exceed 720p. To remove these restrictions, you will have to install an additional third-party application Ummy.

Ezvid program interface

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is specially designed for creating educational videos and online courses. It includes a professional video studio where you can record screencasts with voice-overs, annotations, subtitles and text elements. The resulting video can be edited: remove noise, insert media, cut out unnecessary fragments, glue tracks and add transitions. You can also embed images, visual cues, infographics and PowerPoint slides into your project.

However, such a wide functionality negatively affects the usability of iSpring, making the program difficult to learn. In addition, it can only process MP4 files. This software is better to choose if you need to create a complex video course with a lot of interactive elements.

ISpring Suite interface

Free Cam

Free Cam is a video recording tool from iSpring. Even though it’s free, it doesn’t include hidden ads, watermarks, or time limits. E-learning users will appreciate the cursor highlighting and mouse tracking options. There is a voiceover function, you can remove background noise, mute and completely turn off the audio track. In the editor, you can create text prompts, trim or split elements, embed transitions, etc.

Videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube or exported to your hard drive. Despite the SIMple principle of operation, the software has rather high requirements for system resources. The downside is not very good picture quality and support for only one WMV format. If you need to capture a webcam broadcast or get help from developers, you will need to purchase a license.

Free Cam program interface


Camtasia is one of the most popular professional quality video preparation apps. Basically, it is a multifunctional media combine that offers all the necessary tools to create, edit and save video files. Thanks to its natively understandable interface, it is easy to work with for users of all skill levels. But the program is best suited for professional editing.

With Camtasia, you can capture live streams, online meetings, video tutorials, webinars, and TV shows. It allows you to record video and audio together or separately and then combine them into a single project. It is easy to add animation, embed transitions and work with multiple layers in it.

Camtasia differs from competitors in the ability to add polls and interactive elements. It supports importing video files, audio, photos and PowerPoint slides. It has an extensive collection of music and sound effects. The disadvantage is the increased demand on system resources, which sometimes causes the application to freeze while running. This is one of the most expensive screen recording software with sound on Windows 10 PC.

Camtasia program interface


Bandicam is called by many an alternative to Camtasia Studio. With its help, it is easy to capture everything that happens on the screen and save it as a video or image. It is especially useful for gamers, as it has the ability to record games with fast frame rates in high resolution. It is also often used for business purposes to track the activity of remote employees. Bandicam allows you to change the number of frames per second, select codecs and use hotkeys. Users are allowed to highlight cursor movement and select recording source (webcam and HDMI supported).

To start capturing video, mark the desired area of ​​the monitor, specify the quality, frame rate and used codecs and start the process. The resulting result can be sent to YouTube or after filming. In the free version, a watermark is imposed on the files, which can be removed only after purchasing a premium license. The disadvantage is also support for MP4 and AVI only and no video editor.

Bandicam program interface

Screen Camera

On-Screen Camera allows you to capture the monitor screen, record your favorite TV show or webinar. You can choose full screen, fixed slice, separate window, or manually adjust the size. The program SIMultaneously captures video and audio, which allows you to create professional projects with a few mouse clicks.

Process the finished recording in the video editor, remove unnecessary fragments and add audio tracks from the built-in collection. The program has the ability to embed splash screens and text prompts. The created video can be saved to your hard drive, choosing the appropriate format from more than 30 options. Fast uploading to YouTube, RuTube, and other sites is supported. DVD maker with interactive controls available.

This software does not make high demands on the system, therefore it starts quickly and works stably even on weak devices. A special advantage is the user-friendly interface in Russian and unlimited recording time. This makes Screen Camera one of the best software for recording computer screen activity on Windows 10.

Screen Camera program interface

BB FlashBack Pro

BB FlashBack is a multifunctional software with SIMple, convenient controls. In it you can record a video with sound from a monitor or camera and process it in the built-in editor. There is an option to customize the keyboard shortcut to control the process, so you don’t even have to use a mouse. If you need to add a voice comment, you can do it during capture or during editing.

The video editor adds text, images, buttons, arrows and other graphic elements to the project. Supports cursor highlighting, you can apply a blur effect, embed transitions that explain titles at the beginning and end of the clip. Video course creators will appreciate the ability to add text prompts and your own watermark. The result can be quickly uploaded to YouTube and FlashBack Connect, or exported to your hard drive as MP4, GIF, WMV, QuickTime, AVI and Flash. Flashback processes objects only in the FBR extension and creates a rather high load on the system.

BB FlashBack Pro interface

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a two-in-one solution. It helps to record the action from the screen and then process it in a video editor, add effects, text and voice comments. A wide range of tools and ease of learning make it a good option for both beginners and professionals.

You can use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to capture the entire desktop or a specific part of it, browser or player. In the frame, you can display all the actions of the mouse and even the keyboard, highlight text and overlay text tips. The editor contains a collection of filters and music. However, unlike most of its competitors, Movavi does not allow uploading video files to social networks from the control panel, and only export to hard drive is supported. In addition, despite the rather high license price, some modules must be purchased additionally.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio interface

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