How to Record Screen with Voice

iSpring Free Cam

A free program for recording everything that happens on the screen to a video file. Allows you to quickly and easily create video tutorials, presentations, tutorials, etc.

The program is distinguished by its minimalism and rather modest system requirements (at least in comparison with analogues).

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ISpring Free Cam main window

  • there is a choice of capture area;
  • you can record both system sounds and voice from a microphone (you can record all this at the same time!);
  • the movement of the mouse cursor can be highlighted (for clarity);
  • the program has its own editor, it will help you make simple adjustments: remove unnecessary fragments, eliminate background noise, edit audio data;
  • the program allows you to save video in high quality:.wmv without loss of quality (HD 720p).
  • to download the program, you need to specify an e-mail (although there was no spam.);
  • not suitable for recording game video;
  • few formats to save the finished video.

OBS Studio

A free multifunctional program that allows you to record and broadcast to the network (if necessary) not only all actions on the screen, but also video from other devices (for example, from a webcam).

over, in a few mouse clicks, you can quickly adjust the size and position of windows, specify the compression rate, codecs, etc. ( very useful if you are capturing from several devices at once).

Capture desktop and game at the same time!

By the way, this software (recently) has been indicated by the manufacturers of some audio and video devices as the basic software for working with their equipment (for example, capture cards, video cameras, etc.).

  • free with a lot of options and settings;
  • allows you to capture from several sources at once: from the desktop, from a webcam (or other device), from a game, etc.;
  • the ability not only to record video, but also broadcast it to the network;
  • the ability to save videos in different formats: mp4, flv, mkv, etc.;
  • hotkey support;
  • the presence of a sufficiently large number of plugins;
  • works on Windows, Linux, macOS (supports Russian!).
  • difficult enough for beginners to set up ( help);
  • very demanding on hardware (besides, on AMD, in some cases crashes with a blue screen).

FastStone Capture

A very powerful program that can not only record high-quality video from the screen, but also take screenshots, edit and view them. Supported formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF.

You can record video and create screenshots of the entire screen or a separate part of it. The program is made in the style of “minimalism”, and its menu is quite compact and conveniently presented (example in the screenshot below).

  • video recording is very compact, the video is small (compression goes to Wmv format);
  • high quality video support. 4K, 1440p;
  • there is a mini-editor that will help you rotate the picture, add arrows, description, and other moments;
  • if you take a screenshot, you can rotate the web page completely, even if it does not fit the entire screen;
  • the captured video can be automatically sent to your own website, to a presentation, by e-mail, or simply save the video to a file;
  • support for recording sound from a microphone or Windows system sound. or from both sources at once (convenient, for example, to comment on everything that happens on the screen);
  • the video will not have any logos, blurring and other “priblud” that are inserted by other similar programs;
  • idle and quick start shooting function (in addition, you can configure hot keys);
  • during recording does not exert a strong load on the processor or hard disk of the PC;
  • support for all Windows versions: XP, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits).

Of the minuses: in some cases, the program is “naughty” and the video is not saved (instead of it. Black screen).

Most often this is due to the fact that you are trying to record video from the game (for this it is better to use Fraps, about this utility later in the article). or you have no codecs in the system (I gave the link to the codecs above, at the beginning of the article).

10 best programs to record video from your computer screen

Good day everyone!

To record video from the monitor screen, you do not have to stand in front of it with a camera (as in the preview picture on the left). now there are hundreds of programs that will shoot not only the entire video (what is displayed on the screen). but will also record the sound output to the speakers and headphones.

Actually, I wanted to touch on the best of them in this article (especially since, judging by the questions, the topic is really popular ✌).

To record video from Android screen. I recommend using these applications


One of the best screen recorder for games! The program has its own built-in codec, which has minimum system requirements, so you can record full-screen video from games even on weak computers.

  • low processor load allows recording on weak machines;
  • the ability to hide the mouse cursor when recording;
  • the ability to select FPS for video recording (60, 50, 30);
  • choice of resolution: full, half (when recording, try full first. if the PC will slow down. select half);
  • the ability to select a sound source;
  • you can save screenshots in addition to videos;
  • real FPS will be shown in games (see yellow numbers in the corner of the screen);
  • full support for the Russian language, work in Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.
  • the program can only be used for games;
  • the resulting video is large enough (requires a lot of free disk space). Subsequently, the video must be edited and compressed with another codec.

Screen Camera

This program is striking in its simplicity and unpretentiousness. Even if you have never recorded anything in your life, you will definitely figure it out with it (that is, with the “screen camera” )!

First, it is entirely in Russian. Secondly, all actions are done in steps (which is good news).

Thirdly, after recording a video, an editor opens in which you can view your recording, cut out all unnecessary from it, select a compression quality for the video and save the final result!

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An ideal simple and convenient tool for everyone who wants to record their screen video!

  • step-by-step actions (a big plus for all beginners, those who are poorly versed with all these codecs, renders, etc., and wants to record a video.);
  • recording a whole screen, a separate window or a manually defined area;
  • the ability to record all system sounds (for example, mouse clicks), sound from a microphone, etc.;
  • you can capture video from programs, games and online broadcasts (but in general for games. Fraps is probably better, since it does not load the processor so much);
  • after recording, it is possible to edit, cut out unnecessary, add music, make a splash screen, etc. (the editor is very simple for beginners);
  • after the editing step (you can skip it), you can save the video. Here you will find a whole range of options: you can burn the video directly to DVD, or save it to your hard drive. The video format and quality are configured in detail: you can select the codec (MP4, Divx, Xvid, etc.), resolution, sound quality, specify the desired final video size (i.e. manually set that the video should be 100 Mb. And the program will set itself desired bitrate. Convenient!).
  • paid program (free version only works for 10 days);
  • in the free version, in the created video, at the very bottom of the window there will be a small inscription that the video was created in the trial version of the program (it is, of course, not as huge as in some similar software, and yet it could have been made smaller.).

Note: for the video to be recorded normally, stop it with the F10 button, as the program itself recommends (if you stop recording in another way, the video may not be saved!).


An excellent program for recording training videos, presentations, and just video in various formats: SWF, AVI, UVF (its own format for a super-minimal size of the resulting video). EXE, FLV, GIF-animations (you can record with sound!).

You can record almost everything that happens on your screen (including all movements and mouse clicks).

  • the ability to select a recording area (for example, you can record the entire screen or a separate area of ​​it);
  • the ability to select a recording source: microphone, speakers;
  • you can record keystrokes (including system keys, for example CtrlAltDel);
  • the ability to record 3D games (however, the program eats up resources more than Fraps);
  • while recording the screen, you can draw with the cursor: for example, highlight the desired areas or show some area (focus attention for those who will watch the video);
  • the ability to edit, cut out unnecessary frames, add arrows, labels, etc.;
  • the ability to save video in different formats (the formats indicated above): both the quality of the video and its final size depend on this;
  • it is possible to create screenshots (like the previous program).
  • when recording large clips, sometimes the sound disappears;
  • video recording in the most compact size is carried out in “own” video format (there may be some problems with converting to another format).


Not a bad program for recording all actions on the computer screen. In addition to video, it allows you to capture cursor movements, record audio (sound in speakers, microphone).

By the way, another advantage: the program can be installed on a USB flash drive and used on almost any computer (where there is a free USB port).

  • selection of the capture area;
  • the ability to compress both video and audio on the fly (the video is quite small in size);
  • support for “hot” keys;
  • you can record video and audio in a variety of formats: AVI, WMV, ASF;
  • there is a pause: i.e. you can stop recording, and then resume it from where you stopped;
  • the ability to make text notes.
  • the program is shareware;
  • a problem with some types of microphones;
  • inserts a caption into the video when using the demo version of the program.

Captura. Free Screen Recorder

Reviews of programs for recording video from a computer or laptop screen have appeared on this site more than once (you can familiarize yourself with the main utilities for these purposes here: The best programs for recording video from a computer screen), but few of them combine three properties at the same time: ease of use, sufficient for the majority of functionality and free.

Recently I met another program. Captura, which allows you to record video in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 (screencasts and, in part, game video, with and without sound, with and without a webcam overlay) and, it seems, it contains these properties get along quite well. This review is about the specified free and open source program.

Using Captura

After starting the program, you will see a simple and convenient (except for the fact that the Russian language is currently absent in the program) interface, which, I hope, will not be difficult to understand. Update: in the comments they say that now there is also Russian, which can be turned on in the settings.

All the basic settings for recording screen video can be done in the main window of the utility, in the description below I tried to indicate everything that may be useful.

  • The upper items under the main menu, the first of which is marked by default (with a mouse pointer, a finger, a keyboard and three dots), allow you to enable or disable, respectively, recording in the video of the mouse pointer, clicks, typed text (recorded in the overlay). By clicking three points, a window for setting colors for these elements opens.
  • The top line of the video section allows you to configure the recording of the entire screen (Screen), a separate window (Window), a selected area of ​​the screen (Region) or audio only. And also, if there are two or more monitors, choose whether all of them are recorded (Full Screen) or video from one of the selected screens.
  • The second line in the video section allows you to add a webcam image overlay to the video.
  • The third line allows you to select the type of codec to use (FFMpeg with multiple codecs including HEVC and MP4 x264; animated GIF as well as AVI uncompressed or MJPEG).
  • Two bars in the video section are used to indicate frame rate (30. maximum) and image quality.
  • In the ScreenShot section, you can specify where and in what format screenshots are saved, which can be taken during video recording (made by the Print Screen key, if desired, you can reassign).
  • The Audio section is used to select audio sources: you can record sound simultaneously from a microphone and audio from a computer. Sound quality is also configured here.
  • At the bottom of the main program window, you can specify where the video files will be saved.
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Well, at the very top of the program is the record button, which changes to “stop” during the process, pause and screenshot. By default, recording can be started and stopped by the AltF9 keyboard shortcut.

Additional settings can be found in the “Configure” section of the main program window, among those that can be highlighted and which may be most useful:

If you go to the “About” section of the main menu of the program, there is a switching of interface languages. At the same time, the Russian language can be selected, but at the time of writing the review, it does not work. Perhaps in the near future it will be possible to use it.

Downloading and installing the program

To work requires.NET Framework 4.6.1 (in Windows 10 it is present by default, available for download on the Microsoft website Also, if there is no FFMpeg on your computer, you will be prompted to download it when you first start recording a video (click Download FFMpeg).

Additionally, someone may find it useful to be able to use the program functions from the command line (described in the Manual. Command Line Usage section on the official page).

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the program looks interesting, it’s a pity there are no encoding settings for those who understand what they are talking about (how many passes, bitrates, etc.). only runners in parrots. But the saddest thing is not in this. the program cannot capture a more or less lengthy plot, for example, a webinar.

Vladislav, what about long-term plots? I have not tried to shoot something for a long time, but I have not seen anything that would indicate restrictions

Already available in Russian. select Russian in the options menu))

Good day. The program does not write the sound of the system (Only microphone (

OBS definitely writes both, I recommend trying it:

Download FFMpeg does not download before it worked everything now refuses and asks to download but nothing happens

Can be downloaded manually, official site.

Captura stopped working for me. Help what to do? I deleted it, installed it again. everything is the same. It records video when I play it just everything is black, but the sound is writing. Previously, it worked great, I did not change anything. What can be wrong?

Captura worked for me. It’s just that if I set the quality to 100%, then the video is a black screen. And if a little less, for example 98%, then all the rules.


The process of creating a video screenshot using this utility is similar to working in AZ Screen Recorder. When you open the program, a menu pops up. the start recording button is at the top. After clicking on it, you will need to give permission and click on the start button again.

You can stop recording by clicking on the orange icon in the corner of the screen. It also provides the “Stop” and “Pause” functions.

Why is there no sound on the recording?

The most common reasons for the lack of sound are:

  • disabled microphone during recording;
  • old firmware version;
  • microphone inoperability.

How to Create Screen Recording on Lenovo

The ability to record video from the screen is standard. It appeared with the Android 6 update and is now available on almost all Lenovo smartphones. In addition, in 2017, the manufacturer increased the version of the Screen Recorder function to 2.0, which is why it has become even more widespread.

With sound

Recording video from the screen of a gadget with sound became possible not so long ago. In the same 2017, along with the functional update, the developers added a new option, which is now available on Lenovo M6, Pro 6, U20 and other models.

You can create a video as follows:

  • Swipe down by opening the notification shade.
  • Click on the arrow in the upper corner.
  • Select the icon with the camera “Recording”.

By clicking on the arrow opposite the function name, it is possible to select the recording resolution (1080P, 720P, 480P).

Next, there will be an automatic transition to the desktop, where an icon with recording settings will appear. If necessary, you can move it to any place on the screen. And to turn on the soundtrack of the video, you just need to click on the microphone icon to make it active.

To enable recording, press the “Start” button. While Screen Recorder is running, the icon will remain on the screen all the time, but it will not be displayed on the video itself. As soon as the work is done, the user only needs to press the “Stop” button.

ADV Screen Recorder

It is worth completing with the equally popular application for video recording of the display state. In principle, it is similar to the previous utilities. After starting the program, you need to press the “Accept” button. Then you need to click on the “” icon at the bottom of the screen and click “Start”.

In the future, the user will have to manage only one icon on the desktop. He, as in previous cases, is on the side. The green dot at the top makes it possible to enable recording, and to disable it. the buttons “Stop” and “Pause”.

Without sound

To record the screen without sound, the owner of the smartphone does not need to do any serious steps. The video creation scheme in this case is identical to that described above. The only difference is mute the microphone. to do this, you need to click on the icon with its image on the Screen Recorder icon. When the microphone is crossed out, absolutely no sound will be heard on the recording.

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The function of recording video from the screen without sound is useful in cases when the user needs to record better voice acting through computer programs.

AZ Screen Recorder

Easy to use and highly functional, the application leaves no questions asked about how to record a screen recording. By clicking on the utility icon on the desktop, a menu automatically opens on the side. The video activation button is located just in the center. After clicking on it, a 3-second report starts, after which the recording starts. You can stop it in the notification curtain by clicking the “Stop” icon. Additionally, the developers have provided the “Pause” button, which allows you to take a break in the video, and then continue recording it.

The program also makes it possible to make a screen, enable or disable the sound on the video, draw while recording, etc.

How to solve the problem of no sound on video?

Lost sound is often caused by a system failure. Then the solution will require a factory reset. If you used DU Recorder, then go to the options and in the “Audio” tab turn on the microphone.

As you can see, smartphones from Huawei and Honor, equipped with EMUI shell, have good functionality in terms of creating video from the screen. And the video screenshots themselves are a much more perfect tool for narrating information than simple correspondence.

Turn off phone screen recording

You can turn off video recording from Eran in two ways:

  • Click on the record indicator
  • simultaneously press two buttons on the side of the phone, the on / off button and the second button, the phone volume.

Built-in Screen Recorder

This function has the following names: “screencast” (video screen capture), “video screenshot”, creating a “video tutorial”.

There are several ways to enable screen recording, the simplest are:
1. Start recording through the Notification panel.
2. Start recording using “hot keys”.

The first way to record from the screen through the Notification panel:

Swipe down the curtain of the Notification Panel on the Home screen of the phone, i.e. swipe your finger down from the top line without lifting it off the screen.
We expand the opened Notification Panel even more, for this we click on the “Edit Notification Panel” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the Notification Panel, click on the “Screen Recording” icon to enable recording.

After that, the screen will ask you to confirm the right to access the microphone when you enable Screen Recording. Click “ACCEPT”.

After a 3-second countdown, recording will start from the device screen. During the recording, you can comment out loud your actions, they will also be recorded along with the video.

Timecode and blinking recording indication are at the top left of the screen.

To end the recording, you must click on the button with the word “STOP” in the upper left corner of the screen.

The second way to record from the screen using “hotkeys”:

You can start Recording from the screen of a Huawei (Honor) smartphone using a key combination: simultaneously holding down two keys. turn on and increase the volume.

The screen will ask you to confirm your microphone access rights when you enable Screen Recording. Click “ACCEPT”.

After a 3-second countdown, recording will start from the device screen.

To end the recording, you need to click on the button with the word “STOP” in the upper left corner of the screen or press the power and volume up keys again at the same time.

You can use this function when communicating with relatives on Skype, where your communication with the interlocutor will be recorded on video.

Also, video recording from a smartphone screen can be useful for simple video editing, when you cut out an episode of a movie you like to share it on a social network.

How to improve the quality of screen video recording?

Using “power key and volume”

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most convenient ways to use built-in smartphone functions. How to Record Honor and Huawei Phone Screen by Button Combination? Hold down “Power” and increase the sound. In fact, the instruction is identical to the procedure for creating a screenshot.

Swipe with three fingers

Unlike the previous methods, this method is not very popular, although the point is not so much in its complexity (the procedure for taking a screenshot is extremely simple), but in simple ignorance of the existence of such a function. The essence of the method is simple. to take a screenshot, you need to swipe three fingers (simultaneously) across the screen, starting from the top (that is, swipe with three fingers at once).

However, before proceeding to photographing, you must make sure that the function (option) is enabled (the fact is that by default it is not activated on all devices). The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Select the Movement section (if you are using a different language, look for the translated name).
  • Find the item “Screenshot three fingers”.
  • If this function is disabled, activate it by moving the special slider for this.

After the function is turned on, it is enough to simultaneously slide three fingers across the monitor, starting from the top of it. This option has several disadvantages. First, you have to use both hands. Secondly, due to this method, the screen will get dirty faster.

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