How To Record Screen With Voice

Download Bandicam

As I always tell you, it’s best to download from the official site, of course, if there is such an opportunity. You can download the program from this link:

The free version has several limitations: there will be a watermark of the program and a maximum duration of 10 minutes. Professional screencast is NOT lifted with such restrictions, but the notion that this is the best utility of its kind is enough.

You can buy a license for 2400 rubles. for one PC or remember how to use a torrent)).

The Bandicam program advantage

  • Hotkeys. This is perhaps the most useful function for those who are recording. You can open the program and minimize it, when you are ready and open the desired material, you can turn on the screen recording with one button. Similar to pause, stop recording and more.
  • No conversion! Wow, how terribly annoying I was. Converting a recorded to a “Screen Camera”. Those. in Bandicam after you stop recording, the is already saved and you can work with it (processing, uploading to the Internet, etc.).
  • Flexible settings. This program allows you to do more than the most demanding user needs. Setting up microphones, WEB cameras, delighting HDMI signals.
  • Game Mode. With one click, the program is configured for recording games using DirectX.
  • There are many more internal processes that make the recording in the best possible way and as comfortable as possible for you.

How to record from the screen

After you have downloaded and installed the program, open it and you will see the following window:

After clicking on “screen recording” you will see a window with recording settings:

As you can see, here you can select 3 modes: 1. Full screen (recording the entire screen, including the toolbar), 2. Screen fragment (area you selected), 3. Selected window (for example, a browser window). In addition, you can choose to record with and without sound.

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After you press “Record“, a timer with a five-second count will appear and after the expiration the recording will begin. To stop shooting, just press the “F10” key and a ready-made will open in front of you, where you can save it, replace the sound, overlay copyright, trim, etc.

That’s all, as you can see, it’s pretty simple! Personally, I liked this program because it is very simple and at the same time has great functionality. Anyone can figure it out the first time, which cannot be said about similar software.

Screen recording

I hasten to share with you another program that I really liked. By the way, I add only interesting and cool (in my opinion) utilities to the software category.

In this short post I will show you how to record from the screen quickly and easily, as well as a link to a free software for capturing.

Screen Recorder

Everything is very simple, even easier than you think. First you need to download the Screen Camera program. Direct link to download from the office. site.

There is also a paid version of the program, but the free version is enough. An example of a recorded by this program:

you can also record with sound, or you can set up music right in the program. screensavers and more. Pss torrent you can download the full version).

Bandicam. Screen Recording Made Easy.

UPD guys, I’m updating the post. I have a new favorite on screencast recordings for my channel. Earlier I used the program in which it was said above, but recently I only use Bandicam and now I will explain why.

How to record through “Bandicam”

After you have downloaded and activated everything, open the utility and pay attention to the panel in the center of the screen:

You need to select the screen recording mode:

  • Capture mode. rectangular area. Those. will only record the part of the screen that you selected.
  • Full Screen. Including taskbar.
  • The area around the cursor. Rarely, but sometimes necessary.
  • Game recording mode.
  • Device recording mode. Those. any HDMI or USB connection.
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Now check if the sound is turned on if you need it (at the top is the microphone icon):

Done! It remains to press the button “Record”!

If you have any questions, write in the comments, I will always answer.

How to install the Voice Recorder app on Windows 10

Voice Recorder comes with every Windows 10 installation, but if it is not available on your device, you can install it using the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Stor.
  • Find Windows Voice Recorder.
  • Click the Get button.

After completing these steps, you can start using the audio recording app on your device.

Fix access to microphone

To enable Voice Recorder to access the microphone, follow these steps.

  • Open the standard “Parameters” window (Win I).
  • Press on Confidentiality.
  • Press on microphone.
  • In the “Allow access to microphone on this device” section, click Change.
  • Enable microphone access for this device.
  • Under “Allow apps to access your microphone” Make sure the switch is in the On position.
  • In the section “Choose which applications can access your microphone”, turn on the toggle switch “Voice recording”.
  • After completing these steps, you can start recording audio using the Voice Recorder app.

    audio recording

    To record audio in Windows 10, be sure to plug in your microphone (if applicable) and follow these steps:

    • Open the Voice Recorder app.
    • Allow access to microphone.

    Press the record button (it looks like a microphone).

    prompt: You can also start recording with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl R.

  • Optional. Click the Flag button. to add a marker to a record. (This option does NOT interrupt the audio recording in any way, but when editing a track, you can quickly jump to important parts of the recording.)
  • Optional: Click the Pause button. to stop recording without interrupting the session.
  • Click the Stop button. to end the voice recording session.
  • After completing THESE steps, the audio file will be automatically saved in.m4a format in the Sound Recordings folder inside the Documents folder.

    How to fix Voice Recorder problems

    If you’re having trouble recording audio, it might be a microphone or privacy issue.

    How to record voice in Windows 10 using a standard voice recorder

    While you can use a variety of audio recording apps on your device, Windows 10 includes a free voice recording app and you can use it to record interviews, discussions, lectures, and anything that makes sound.

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    The app is very simple and includes all the functions you need to record, trim, mark highlights and share audio effortlessly.

    In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll show you how to get started with the Voice Recorder app on your device.

    audio recording exchange

    To share a post on social networks or via email, follow these steps:

    • Open the Voice Recorder app.
    • Select an entry in the left pane.
    • Click the Share button in the lower right corner.
    • Continue with the onscreen instructions to share the audio file.

    If you want to import the audio file into another project, you don’t need to share it. You can simply copy and paste the file from the Sound Recordings folder to the Documents folder or to another location.

    Renaming audio files

    Although the application saves each voice recording file automatically, it uses generic names, which is NOT the best option for organizing your recordings.

    To add a more descriptive name to your sounds, use the following steps:

    • Open the Voice Recorder app.
    • Select an entry in the left pane.
    • Click the Rename button in the lower right corner.
    • Enter a descriptive name for the file. for example, Interview_Self-with-Myself_3.13.
    • Click the Rename button.

    After completing THESE steps, the audio recording will be saved with the specified name in the Sound Recorder folder inside the Documents folder.

    playback of audio recordings

    To play sound recorded on your computer, follow these steps:

    • Open the Voice Recorder app.
    • Select an entry in the left pane.
    • Click the play button. to listen to the recording.

    After completing the steps, click the Stop button. to terminate and save the recording session.

    How to use the Voice Recorder app in Windows 10

    Voice Recorder is a simple audio recording app and the only thing you need is a microphone (if not built into the device).

    How To Record Screen With Voice

    The instructions below show you how to record, listen to and edit audio recordings.

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