How to record sound from your phone screen

How to take screenshot and sound with QuickTime Recorder

Whether you want to record full screen or part of the screen, you can use QuickTime recorder to take screenshot and audio with ease.

How to Record Screen and Sound on Mac

Step 1 Launch QuickTime Recorder from your Mac’s Applications folder. If you cannot find the program in the spotlight, you can go to the Send menu New Screen Recording.Of course, you can use the hotkey to start screen recording on your MacBook.

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Step 2 Press the red record button to record the screen on Mac. As for the option, you can record both screen and audio files on Mac. Click the dropdown, you can access several other solutions like iPhone screen recording, external audio, and more.

Step 3 It will record the full screen of your Mac, or you can drag and drop to record part of the screen. After you select the frame you want for your presentation or iPhone, QuickTime Recorder will start recording a specific portion of your Mac’s screen.

Step 4 Click the Start Recording button to start recording your Mac’s screen and sound. You can end the recording by clicking the Stop button on the menu bar. After that, you can save and preview the recorded video in QuickTime Player.

Cons and pros of QuickTime Recorder

Cons of QuickTime Recorder

  • Difficulty distinguishing audio files from different channels, such as a microphone.
  • Lack of annotation and editing tools to create video files or highlight important points.
  • Unable to adjust video quality, video format, audio format and other parameters for output files.
  • Unable to record system audio from Mac using QuickTime.

Pros of QuickTime Recorder

  • Versatile media player for playing, recording and converting videos to various formats.
  • Easily Recorded Audio and Mac Display Screen Capture.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Best QuickTime Recorder Screen Recorder Alternative for PC and Mac

What should be the best QuickTime Recorder alternative? When you need to record screen activity, FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder, audio capture and screenshot software for Windows and Mac.

  • Record gameplay, Skype calls, YouTube videos, streaming audio and other on-screen activities.
  • Real-time HD video encoding technology using blue light ensures excellent picture and sound quality.
  • Numerous annotations and editing tools to add leaders, lines, arrows, text messages and more.
  • Adjust video quality, video codec, audio format, audio quality and other parameters.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Best QuickTime Alternative to Screen Recorder on Mac

Step 1 Download and Install Screen Recorder

Download and install the QuickTime Recorder alternative on your Mac. After that, launch the screen recorder, audio capture and snapshot program on your Mac.

Step 2 Adjust the video quality of the output file

Click Settings option to adjust frame rate and bit rate for video files, sample rate for audio files, mouse recording functions, countdown to recording and more.

Select the Custom Video option to choose Full Screen, Fixed Region, Custom Region, or manually adjust the audio setting to get the best results for Mac output files.

Step 4 Add annotation elements to the video

When you record screen activity on a Mac, you can also add annotation elements to highlight important points. After that, you can save the video to Media Manager.

QuickTime Recorder. How to Record Both Screen and Sound on PC / Mac

You can just take QuickTime for granted as a media player. QuickTime has a useful feature for recording Mac screen. QuickTime Recorder is able to capture screen and record audio on Mac for simple on-screen actions.

But there are many limitations or disadvantages to QuickTime recorder. You can also find a better alternative to recording to iMovie, grab music files and take snapshots from the article.

Best QuickTime Alternative to Screen Recorder on PC

Step 1 Download and Install Screen Recorder

Download and install the latest version of QuickTime Recorder. After that, you can launch the program to record video from the screen, capture audio files or take snapshots on your computer.

Step 2 Adjust the part for screen recording

Click VCR to select a full screen recording or select the desired part by clicking. You can find several presets for recording screens with different frames.

Select Audio Recorder to record system sound, microphone sound, or both audio channels. Unlike QuickTime Recorder, you can easily select the desired audio channel.

Step 4 Recording screen actions on the computer

After that, you can press the REC button to record both screen and audio files on your computer. Click on the Stop option after the recording process to save the video file to your computer.

Note: When you need to adjust the video format or video quality, you can go to Settings, choose the video format, video codec, video quality, frame rate, audio format and sound quality.

Smartphones from Huawei

For EMUI, the necessary manipulations are almost the same as those described above. However, for greater convenience, the necessary button is placed in a functional shutter. In this case, the user can choose to connect a microphone before recording. You need to do the following:

  • Find the “Screen Recorder” button in the blind. It can be hidden in the section with additional options.
  • In advance, the system will warn the user about the need to provide some permissions to work with the smartphone’s memory. You need to confirm the action.
  • Also EMUI will ask if you need to activate the microphone. If you plan to accompany actions with voice comments, you should enable the option.
  • Directly video recording can be activated in the same window. The timer and the Stop button will appear on the display for your convenience. No unnecessary tools will be visible on the video.

After saving, you can familiarize yourself with the resulting videos, as well as make the necessary edits through the standard gallery of the device.

Creation of video by standard means of a smartphone

As noted above, almost all well-known manufacturers build in the option to record actions on the screen without connecting third-party programs. If we talk about options with “pure” Android, then the necessary button is located in the notification shade. Records are saved to the general gallery and are available to the user at any time. Next, we will analyze the capabilities built into devices from popular brands.

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AZ Screen Recorder

The first application is equipped with good functionality, while it is provided completely free of charge. Nevertheless, during operation, ad banners will sometimes appear, and the developers will have to pay to disable them.

After installation, a shortcut will appear in the application menu, after launching it, a functional “Magic Button” will appear. Clicking on it will open a set of options, including:

  • General settings;
  • screenshot;
  • video recording;
  • fast activation of the stream in. YouTube or Twitch;
  • viewing live streams launched by other users through the app.

Saved videos can be viewed through the standard gallery of the smartphone or directly inside AZ Screen Recorder. Also, the program will help you correct the video, add music or stickers to it, create screenshots.

Third Party Applications

Smartphones from Meizu

For Flyme firmware, the necessary manipulations are also not particularly complicated. A quick guide looks like this:

  • In the curtain for notifications, you should find the “Screen Recorder” button. Here you can also select the video quality. 480 or 720 pixels (1808P is also available for smartphones with a Full HD display).
  • After starting the instrument, a small block with buttons for turning on an external microphone and starting recording will appear on the screen.
  • In parallel with performing the necessary actions, you can control the duration of the video. You can stop recording by pressing the “Stop” button.

As in the case with the previously described methods, the video will be saved to the general gallery.

How to record video from your phone screen

Android smartphones are equipped by default with the option to create screenshots. screenshots. Regardless of the shell pre-installed by the manufacturers, an image is created either by a combination of mechanical keys, or by a separate button in the notification curtain. In some situations, screenshots are not enough and it becomes necessary to record a video from the phone screen.

The mechanism for recording everything that happens on the display is integrated by default in Android version 5.0 and higher. At the same time, not all brands that produce devices with their own graphical shells make the necessary functionality available to users. This leads to the need to download the corresponding applications from the Play Market or third-party sources.

If we talk about creating screencasts on smartphones running Android 4.4 or older, then the task for users is a little more complicated. There is a need to obtain root rights to integrate the necessary files into the operating system. Since such devices can be safely considered outdated, we will consider the available options for recording video from the display of smartphones on Android 5.0 and newer versions.

Smartphones from Xiaomi

The vast majority of models from the brand from the Middle Kingdom come with MIUI shell. In order to shoot video from the screen, you do not need to perform unnecessary manipulations. For convenience, the necessary option is placed in a separate application. The instructions for use look like this:

  • In the “Tools” section, open the “Screen Recorder” program.
  • The first step is to open the folder where previously created videos are saved.
  • A record button appears in the lower right corner. After that, “Screen Recorder” can be minimized, clicked on “Start” and perform the necessary actions. The video will be recorded until the user clicks “Stop”.

Subsequently, the record can be edited through the standard gallery options or other applications, as well as transmitted by all available methods.

Editing and export

In the preview window, select an action: save without processing, send to the Internet or edit. In the built-in editor, you can trim the video, insert titles at the beginning and end of the video and add background music.

The finished video can be exported to your computer in any popular video format, burned to disc or sent to your YouTube account. To do this, open the “Video Creation” tab and select the appropriate item.

How to take video from the iOS screen

By default, the iPhone comes with screen capture built in, but in this case, the audio will not be able to be recorded. If you want to record your phone screen with your comments, it is better to use third-party applications.

Recorder RecPRO will help you capture the action on your iPhone or tablet in HD quality, and then process the video. The application includes a large number of useful tools, including overdubbing a picture from the built-in camera and connecting a microphone.

Videos can be recorded up to 1080 resolution at 60 frames per second. RecPRO also includes streaming features directly to the Twitch and YouTube platforms, as well as a collection of filters and effects. In the editor, you can superimpose labels and graphic elements on the clip, replace the background, apply textures, rotate and crop the video.

How to Record Screen Videos. All Methods

Create a video tutorial, record an online game walkthrough, or make a video report for work. screen capture may be needed for various reasons. Despite the seeming complexity, everyone can do it. Even if you’ve never recorded or edited video before, all you need to do is find an easy-to-use recorder. This article will show you how to take video from your phone or computer screen without technical knowledge.


Download the program from the official website and install it on your computer. Run the software and select “Screen Recorder”.

We shoot video in the Screen Camera program

Russian-language program for capturing video from the monitor screen and editing video. The on-screen camera has no time limit for recording and allows you to capture online webinars and TV programs, create educational and entertainment videos with voice comments and background music.

The recorder includes several types of recording. The user can capture with sound a movie or the passage of the game in full screen mode, select a separate area of ​​the PC desktop, or record the actions of a separate program on video. The video recording can be processed in the built-in video editor: create titles or a screensaver, remove unnecessary fragments at the beginning or end, re-sound the clip and embed a music track. On-screen Camera supports over 30 video formats and includes presets to optimize video for smartphones and tablets. There is also a direct sending of the clip to YouTube.

The program is optimized to work on devices of any power, so it is an excellent choice for laptops and weak computers. Another feature of the recorder is support for all Windows versions, starting from XP.

  • Simple and intuitive control in Russian;
  • Several recording modes for any purpose;
  • No capturing time limit;
  • Export videos in HD quality;
  • Editing, adding music and titles;
  • Capturing system sounds and recording from a microphone;
  • Export to more than 30 video formats, presets for gadgets;
  • DVD burning;
  • Direct upload of videos to YouTube;
  • Support for all Windows versions and low load on the system.
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To record a video using a recorder, it is enough to do a few simple steps:

Parameter setting and recording

Set the capture mode. If you have selected an area of ​​the screen, adjust the area to be captured by moving the borders of the window. When recording a separate window, click on the desired program or browser tab to indicate the capture area to the recorder.

Select the appropriate item in the “Sound source” parameter and check the “Record sound from microphone” checkbox to add your comments. Adjust the volume of the connected device. start the capture with the “Record” button and stop with the F10 key.

How to shoot video on Android

One of the most popular android screen recorder apps is AZ Screen Recorder. In the Google Apps market, its number of downloads exceeds 10 million. The program includes a large number of useful functions, including manually adjusting the video resolution and creating GIF animation from the video.

Once installed, the app widget will be embedded in the notification bar. To start capturing, click on the video camera icon. After the end of recording, the clip will be automatically saved in mp4 format. To edit a video, open the application again and find the desired clip in the list of recordings. Click on the three dots next to the clip name and click “Edit”.

AZ Screen Recorder is completely free and saves video without watermark when exporting. If desired, the user can expand the capabilities of the recorder by purchasing a PRO-account. After that, the function of converting videos will appear and the ability to draw on the screen while capturing.

As you can see, it is quite easy to record video from a monitor or mobile phone screen. Which of the methods is suitable for the task at hand is up to you. If you need to write down instructions on how to use the phone, of course, you should use mobile applications. In other cases, it is better to opt for computer programs, as they provide more opportunities for work.


Another fairly popular application, which has already accumulated over 100 million downloads. It allows you not only to record your smartphone screen, but also to take high-quality screenshots with the ability to edit them. And to go to the settings, you will need to click on the floating icon of the program, and then mark the icon in the format of squares. And now we turn on the microphone as follows:

We translate the slider to the right next to the line “Enabled”

In such a simple way, we managed to enable sound recording. Sounds received through the microphone will now be heard in the finished video. You can edit the available parameters in every possible way, adjusting them for yourself.

How to Record Sound from Android Phone Screen?

Any available program allows you to enable the use of a microphone while recording actions on the phone screen. For example, you need to open the settings, and then move the slider to the right next to the item of the same name. But sometimes the desired menu is hidden, so we have prepared instructions for various, mostly popular, applications.


Opening the XRecorder application settings

Now you can start shooting video without worrying about your voice not being recorded. To do this, you need to minimize the program and click on the small water icon. If necessary, you can change its position by moving the icon across the screen. This is a shortcut menu for managing all functions (pause, start, end recording).

Screen sound recording via built-in app

Almost every modern Android phone comes with a default screen recorder app. Finding it is easy enough. For example, on a Xiaomi smartphone, you need to open the “Tools” folder on the desktop. Or, even easier, you can unfold the notification shade and hold the Screen Recorder icon. In this case, the desired application will also open. And to turn on the microphone, do the following:

    Click on the gear icon (⚙) located in the corner of the screen.

Select “Sound source” and indicate “Microphone”

The presented manual is suitable for most smartphones, be it Honor, Samsung or Realme. Differences can be observed only in the names of the available menu items.

How to Record Sound from Android Screen. 3 Proven Ways

It’s no secret that with the help of special applications, you can record actions taking place on the smartphone screen. As a result, the created video can be sent to friends or uploaded to YouTube. But in some programs, the settings are quite complex, so novice users often have a question: how to record sound from the Android screen? Typically, by default, all system ringtones are captured, so your microphone remains inactive. We’ll show you how to fix this problem, and also take a look at some of the best quality recording apps.

Well, we have covered how to record sound from the screen of an Android phone. As it turned out, it is enough to activate the desired option in the settings of the application for shooting. If you still have additional questions, then watch the training video or describe your problem in the comments.!

How to Record Device Sound on Android [Video or Gameplay]

Liza brown

and more people are using videos to express their ideas and show themselves. Video recorded without sound is not complete because the sound makes the video more realistic. Previously, recording audio from an Android device was strictly limited by Google. However, the Android KitKat version finally allowed Android smartphone users to record sound from the screen on their devices, but record clear and perfect sound from the device. no easy task as Android OS policy does not allow screen recorder apps to record the sound of an Android phone or tablet after Android Lollipop version, so the only solution is to record device sound through a microphone. However, it picks up background noise during screen recording.

So how do you create an audio recording from your Android device? In this article, I will show you 4 different ways, divided into 3 parts, so that you can record logs with the recorded sound of the device on Android phones or tablets without rooting.

If you are looking for screen recording software to record gameplay with sound and voice-overs on a Windows or Mac computer, you should try Filmora scrn, which is a recording application as well as a video editor. It can record up to 120fps for some games, add markers to important frames while recording, and its powerful editing features make it quick and easy to cut, edit clips using a wide range of professional tools. In addition, you can add annotations, cursor or text effects to recorded audio and video.

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Record System Sound Through Android Microphone With AZ Screen Recorder

If you decide to use this method of recording audio from the device, make sure that the room you are recording is completely silent, since the microphone you will be using can pick up both external sounds and the internal sound of the device.

You can download AZ Screen Recorder from Google Play for free. Once the installation is complete, launch the app and tap the Settings icon. This application will not record audio until you enable this option, so you should find the “Record Audio” function yourself in the “Settings” menu.

To do this, you must exit the application and click on AZ on the side of your smartphone screen. Click on the recording icon to start a screen recording session and proceed with all the actions you want to do on your Android device. The audio will be recorded along with the video. When you’re ready, slide down the notification bar and stop your screen recording session.

To extract the audio file, you need to transfer the screen recording you made with AZ Screen Recorder to your PC and perform this action using video editing software. You may have to create several screen recordings from your smartphone before you get the perfect sound, because the device’s microphone will capture all the sound it can pick up, both external and internal.

Android sound recording via capture card

Capture cards. they are not just screen recorders, as they basically serve as a bridge between the PC and the device you are trying to record. Pros often use capture cards despite their price, simply because they allow them to record high quality videos, create live streams, and record internal audio from any device they are connected to, including Android smartphones.

Most capture cards come with their own screen recording software, so the process for adjusting video and audio settings depends on the capture card you are using. If you have an ELGato capture card, you can have full control over the audio recording process using ELGato’s audio capture feature. This powerful tool allows you to mix sounds from different sources, choose which microphones to use during live streaming, and adjust the volume of your music and sound. However, if you want to use ELGato, you need to make sure that your computer is compatible with this capture card and also connect your Android smartphone.

What is a Capture Card? Find out more in The Ultimate Guide to Capture Cards

Using capture cards to record your screen on your smartphone can be too expensive as capture cards are often used as part of professional gaming equipment used to stream or capture gameplay from Xbox or PlayStation 4 games.

Record device sound with Android screen recorder app

For a long time, the only way to record the sound of a device on an Android smartphone was the external microphone of the device itself. This audio recording method had many disadvantages, including poor audio quality and capturing distracting background noises.

There are several different ways to record system sound without the horrible background noise. Each of these methods involves the use of third-party apps or screen capture devices, as Android Lollipop and later versions of Android OS still do not offer an effective solution to this problem.

Use Mobizen Screen Recorder to Record System Sound on Android.

After you have successfully installed Mobizen Screen Recorder on your Android smartphone, you should launch the application and find the settings gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the Sound option and make sure the sound is turned on before proceeding. Once you turn on the Sound function, you will be able to see the Options menu, which offers external and internal functions. By selecting the Internal option, you instruct the application to record only the audio played by the gameplay of the video game you are recording or the YouTube video that you play during a screen recording session.

As a result, you will get crystal clear sound when recording your screen, but the Mobizen app only works well on Samsung and LG Android phones, so if you have an Android device from another manufacturer, this app may work much worse.

Record audio from Android device using Bandicam and Nox Emulator

This may not be the easiest way to record your smartphone’s system sound, but it is probably the best solution if you want to simultaneously create high-definition screen recordings from your smartphone and professional system audio recordings.

Before you start recording, install Bandicam on your PC. This program can be used to produce high quality desktop screen recordings, and it also offers excellent audio recording capabilities.

In addition, you will need an Android emulator, an application that sends images from your Android screen to a larger screen connected to your Android device. Nox App Player will allow you to run the applications you want to record on your computer. The NOxPlayer emulator has a recording function, while the Bandicam software can be used to record your desktop activities as well as the system sound during a screen recording session. Thus, it is recommended to use both Bandicam and NoxPlayer to record audio to video from Android phone to PC.

This method of recording system audio on an Android device is best used if you want to create high-resolution audio recordings that can later be edited and used in the final screen recording created with Bandicam software and Nox App Player.

So, we figured out how to record system sound on your Android phones and tablets. Write a comment below if you know an alternative way to solve this problem.

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