How to record video from iPhone screen

Screen Recorder on iPad

To record a video or screen image on your iPad and complete all of the subsequent steps, you first need to add the Record feature to Control Center. This can be done by selecting the sequence “Settings” = “Control Center” = “Customize controls”.

Then select “Screen Recorder” and click the green plus sign next to it.

This will add it to the list of included items in Control Center.

At this point, we have completed the preparation for recording and now go to Control Center by dragging it from the upper right corner, where the Record button is located. By clicking on it, we start the selected record.

How to Record Screen Videos on iOS 11

The procedure for recording video from the screen in the new firmware does not require any special skills. It is enough to follow a few simple steps:

In the section, click on the item “Customize controls”. Among the proposed options, select “Screen Recording” and click on the green plus sign, which is located next to the item.

Close the “Settings” menu and call the “Control Center” application. To do this, you need to swipe up on the screen.

After the specified manipulations, the “Screen Recorder” icon will appear. With a long press, we call up the built-in menu of the application, which allows you to make additional settings (turn on / off the microphone during recording, other parameters).

To start shooting everything that happens on the screen, click on the “Start recording” item. Next, you can perform the necessary manipulations with the phone that you would like to display on the video. Information about the shooting process will be posted at the top of the gadget screen.

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  • After the shooting has been completed, click on the “Stop” button.
  • The recorded video is saved on your device in automatic mode, to access it, just go to the library of the “Photos” application.
  • QuickTime

    This software is standard for Mac OS computers. QuickTime allows you to work with playback and video creation quickly and without installing extra software. over, this service is synchronized not only with the iPhone of any OS version, but also with the iPad and iPod.

    • We connect the device to the computer using a cable.
    • Configure access by clicking the “Yes” button in the “Trust your device?” Window that appears on your smartphone.
    • On the computer desktop, in the Spotlight search field, enter “QuickTime”, launch the found shortcut.
    • In the program window, open the “File” tab and create a new record.
    • The recording mode will appear on the phone in the field that opens. In order to record the iPhone desktop, click on the arrow next to the play button and select “iPhone”.

    You can start or stop recording by pressing the red “Capture” key. During the process, you can temporarily stop recording and resume it.

    An important point is conservation. To prevent the video from being deleted, in the QuickTime menu, select “File”. “Save As”.

    How to bring iPhone screen to computer

    The first thing you need to do is connect to your iPhone PC using a Lightning cable or wireless Wi-Fi.

    How To Record Your iPhone Screen

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    The main meaning of this method is based on the ability of iPhones to broadcast a screen to an external receiver device. In this case, such a signal is intercepted by a third-party utility and the video is recorded.

    • Open the installed interception program on your computer:
    • Unlock the Apple iPhone smartphone, call the bottom pop-up menu with a short swing gesture from the bottom up. You must select the broadcast option. “Screen Repeat”. this is the standard Car Play utility:
    • A list of sources available for broadcast will be displayed in the window that opens. From the entire list, you will need to select the item corresponding to the name of the installed program:
    • Now you need to expand the program window on the monitor of the personal computer, there should be duplicated the image of the smartphone in real time.
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    Another interesting article for you: How to remove the scale of the video on the iPhone

    Click on the red button in the program interface on the computer to start recording

    The countdown appears on the timer to the left of the button. To end the recording, click on the same button:

    After you record a video or create an iPhone screen shot, it will be saved to your computer’s hard drive. To quickly go to the directory where the video was saved, click on the folder image in the lower right corner:

    In order to transfer it to the iPhone, it is recommended to use the iTunes program or upload a video through the “cloud” storage.

    The screen capture option is useful for iPhone owners when creating various training videos. And also if you need to quickly show someone how to use a particular function.

    Record video via PC with Lonely Screen AirPlay Receiver

    • availability of a paid or free version of the program;
    • pairing iPhone and computer via a single Wi-Fi network.
    record, video, iphone, screen

    How to record a display using this program:

    • Download and install LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver on the PC, open the program to access the detected networks.
    • Check if both devices are connected to the same network.
    • On the iPhone, go to the “Control Center”.
    • Click on the “Screen Repeat” button.
    • In the list of available devices for repeating, select Lonely Screen.
    • After syncing, your computer will display the iPhone interface.
    • To make a video, you need to use third-party Windows programs or standard features (for example, press the WinG keyboard shortcut).
    • From the opened game panel, launch the screen capture option.
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    How to Record Video from Your iPhone or iPad |

    You can take a screenshot on the iPad with a simple click of a button. However, screen recording requires a few additional steps.

    Tips for Recording Screen Videos Correctly

    If you want to get a high-quality video in which all your actions will be heard and seen without unnecessary frames, check out the tips that we have published below. They will help you 100%:

    • Be sure to turn on the Do Not Disturb option or activate the Airplane mode, otherwise all notifications that go to your device will also be captured in the video. But there may also be confidential information, for example, correspondence on social networks, notifications of purchases on the Internet, etc.
    • When you start recording, frames will be captured when you activate the screen capture option in the control room. But you can trim the beginning and end in a few clicks using the standard tools of your iPhone.
    • Remember to activate the microphone using 3D-Touch in the control center, otherwise you will not be heard. When doing this, try to stay away from other sound sources so that there is no overlap.

    In general, as you can see, there are a lot of options for recording video from the screen of your iPhone, but the most convenient is to use the standard iOS 11 tools. If you have an old version of the system, you will have to connect it to your computer, and in some cases, even. purchase additional software.

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