How To Record Video From Samsung Phone Screen

The first way to enable screen recording on Samsung A50. without extraneous applications

Can a phone, in our case the Galaxy A50, take over the desktop? The phone has the function of recording to the desktop, but with a little trick you can do it for some applications.

This is useful when you want to demonstrate a work or method of setting up an application. You don’t need any external applications for this.

To record anything we need one of the functions already built into the Samsung A50 software.

Almost every phone can take notes using the Game Tools feature available in the Game Launcher app.

The system has a built-in recorder of games installed on the phone. The app will automatically inform you about the game tools when you first start the game.

In the Game Launcher window, you will NOT see the icon in any other application, except those that you added yourself.

To do this, follow the procedure below. You need to activate the “Game Launcher” in the “Additional functions” section of the settings and also activate the icon on the desktop. It’s easy to do.

Next, launch Game Launcher, click on the 3-dot menu (drag the bottom panel up) and then select the “Add Applications” option.

A list of third-party applications installed on our device will appear. We add what we want to record.

Please note that this option does not work for apps built into the phone such as Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

After adding the necessary applications from the panel, it launches the one that we want to record. The Game Tool icon will appear in the lower left corner or in the navigation bar.

Click the icon or, expanding the notification window, Click the notification and then the Record icon to start.

After this action, the process of recording the screen and the actions performed on it begins. Follow the reverse direction to finish. After completion, we receive information about the possibility of viewing the saved record.

You should also know that you can customize the recording method. To customize an app, just click the gear icon in its window.

In the settings, we can choose the format. MPEG or GIF, select the quality (maximum 1080p, by default 720p), adjust the bit rate and aspect ratio.

You can also choose between your own voice and the voice of the game. Choosing a voice (microphone) will allow us to record external sound using the phone‘s microphone.

This option is useful when we want to add our comment in the performed actions. The setting for the game will record the sound in the application itself and will allow you to record system sounds from the phone.

The recordings we have made can be found as standard in the Gallery application. You need to know that for each application added to the Game Launcher in which we use this feature, a separate folder will be created automatically.

It will contain all entries for this application, which can be easily and standardly edited and distributed like any other file.

What do you think of this method? Can it replace external applications? In my opinion, the service is NOT complicated, it is rather a matter of getting used to and the ability to use it.

The second is to record the screen on Samsung A50. “AZ Screen Recorder”.

We already have the opportunity to enable screen recording on Samsung A50, and now we will consider another one. through the AZ Screen Recorder application.

Installing applications is a free solution, unlike buying an external device.

One of them is AZ Screen Recorder. a free application that not only does not take up a large amount of memory (only a few megabytes), but also does not require root rights.

The program offers a large number of recording configuration options. you can choose the resolution (maximum QHD), the number of frames (up to 60 frames per second) or the screen orientation.

Interesting Simultaneous recording of a camera image or sound from a microphone built into the device, as well as the ability to stop, resume and combine these files into one.

It is important that the functions are available for free. the manufacturer allows you to purchase additional options, but they are not as necessary as those listed above. these are effects such as converting GIFs, the ability to use the front camera or cropping files.

I must admit that the program works very well on Samsung A50. AZ Screen Recorder has no problem with it.

The situation looks a little worse in the case of games. here the turnover is not so good, but it is worth remembering that it depends mainly on the technical characteristics of the game.

You can also note the problems with the recording of sound. it is muffled and can sometimes Riot of salesmen. The main solution, however, is a program that can be safely recommended.

3 Proven Ways to Enable Screen Recording on Samsung A50 Phone

I do not know why, but most of all they ask me if there is a built-in screen recording on the Samsung A50 and if so, where.

There is and no. Why is there and not? Find out about this below. In Samsung A50 you definitely need them, but it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used. They allow, among other things, to select the image quality, file name or save path.

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Samsung’s A 50 has a built-in screen recording function. NOT everyone can know about this, because this feature is heavily hidden.

Screen recording can be placed in a pop-up menu from the notification bar at the top of the screen.

Below in the pictures you will see how to do this. Once the screen recording goes to the Quick Access Toolbar, it only takes a few seconds to launch the function.

For whom the built-in methods will not satisfy, but such will be, I am sure, then for them I will provide other methods below. more effective.

The third way to record screen on Samsung a 50 is “Unlimited Screen Recorder

An interesting (and completely free) program is Unlimited Screen Recorder. an application that (as the name suggests) allows you to record an unlimited and unlimited amount of materials, in addition, absolutely free.

This is a good suggestion, although unfortunately it causes huge problems when recording audio inside an app or game.

Unfortunately, we can regularly encounter problems with the audio track, but it is possible that at the time of reading the manufacturer has already fixed this bug.

In this case, you have the opportunity to record our voice from the microphone along with the gameplay of the selected title or when using the system.

It is a very easy-to-use application that offers a number of configuration options such as determining the frame rate or choosing a codec between H.264 or MPEG-4.

It is important to note that the program does an excellent job with landscape mode, which is especially important in games.

So if you don’t really need audio from the app or selected production, then Unlimited Screen Recorder is definitely a good choice, given the fact that the recording quality is definitely satisfying.

How To Record Video From Samsung Phone Screen

Personally, I prefer to use the method below and here is the link to the application. success.

Samsung Phone Screen Recording

Most Samsung phones come with a built-in screen recorder. Keep reading to learn how to capture screen on Samsung with the built-in Game Launcher, and if Game Launcher is not included on your phone, learn how to use an alternative app called Mobizen.

How to take a screenshot of a recording on Android using gaming tools

Many Samsung phones include an app called Game Launcher, which has a utility to record the screen as a standard file. It is for recording games, but you can use it in almost any application.

1. Run the application Game Launcher.

2. Swipe up to drag the library window (currently at the bottom of the screen) up, then tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the library.

3. Click “Add Apps“.

4. You should see a list of all applications installed on your phone. Click on the app you want to record, then click Add in the upper right corner of the screen. This adds the app to the list of games in Game Launcher, which allows you to access game tools such as Screen Recorder when the app is running.

5. In the library, select the application you want to burn. When the app launches, tap the Game Tools icon in the lower left corner, to the left of the Back button in the navigation bar.

6. The complete Game Tools menu should appear. Click “Record” in the lower right corner of the screen and you will start recording on the screen. Follow the steps you want to record.

7. When you’re ready to stop recording, click the Stop icon at the bottom right of the screen.

8. To view the complete. you can click View Recorded. which appears for a short time ”, or you can find the screen recording with all the others in the“ Photos ”application.

How to Record Your Screen with Mobizen for Samsung

If your Samsung phone doesn’t include Game Launcher, or you prefer NOT to use it, you can rely on any of several screen recording apps instead. In particular, you may want to use a third party app if you need to record the Home screen or Apps screen at the top, as the recorder in Game Launcher only works inside apps.

There are a number of applications that allow you to record your screen, but the popular and reliable application is called Mobizen. Here’s how to use it.

2. After installation, launch the Mobizen application. When it’s launched, you should see its icon on the side of the screen. Click on it to see three options: entry. viewing saved content and taking a screenshot.

3. Click the record icon.

4. You should see the message “Mobizen will start filming “. If you want, click “DO NOT show again“, Then click”start now“.

5. After a three-second countdown, recording will begin. Unlike Game Launcher, Mobizen records everything including the homepage and app pages. Follow the steps you want to record.

6. When You Finish, click the Mobizen icon, then click the stop icon.

7. After a while Mobizen will display a popup, which allows you to either delete what you just did. or view it. You can also find the finished product in the Mobizen folder in the Gallery app.

This is for those looking like Xiaomi screen recording

Android screen recording with built-in system tools

If we talk about the possibilities of recording from the screen using Android tools, up to version 10, then, unless such an opportunity is provided by the manufacturer (for example, on Samsung Galaxy or LG, as in the next section of the instructions), you will NOT see such a function.

However, if you have stock Android 10 installed on your phone, you can try the following method (it doesn’t work on all phones):

  • Turn on Android developer mode.
  • Go to the options “For Developers” and find the item “Experimental features”, open it.
  • If the list is empty and the settings_screenrecord_long_press parameter is present in it, enable it.

After enabling this experimental function, to start recording the screen, you will need to press and hold the power button, then in the menu that appears, press and hold the screenshot button and then you can start the screen recording.

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Android Screen Recording on Samsung Galaxy

Depending on the Android version of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the screen recording capabilities may differ:

  • On Samsung smartphones with Android 10 and newer, just go to the notification area and find the “Screen Recorder” button (note that the list of action buttons can be scrolled horizontally). If it is absent, click on the menu button (three dots in the upper right), select the “Button order” item and see if the screen recording button is available among the disabled and add it if necessary.
  • When you start screen recording using this button, you can choose whether to record audio and from where: only from the phone (from the game, application) or from the phone and microphone.
  • When recording from the screen, a panel will appear on the floor where the recording can be stopped.
  • The screen recording settings on Samsung with Android 10 are located in Settings. Additional features. Screen captures and recording (for example, there you can choose the resolution of the recording).

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones with previous versions of Android, screen recording was possible in games: for this in Settings. Additional functions, you need to enable Game Launcher.

And during the game, open the panel with control buttons and use the Game Launcher button on it, where the screen recording functions will be.

Free Android Screen Recorder Apps

If the methods above are not suitable for you, you can use the free Android screen recorder apps that are widely available on the Play Store. Among them:

Using ADB for Screen Capture

If simple paths are not for you and you need something sophisticated, you can record from the Android screen Using the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands:

  • Download and unzip Platform Tools from Google.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android Phone and Connect it to Computer via USB.
  • Run the command term and enter the command cd PATH_TO_FOLDER_PLATFORM_TOOLS (if the folder is not in the C: drive, then first enter the command consisting of the letter of the desired drive with a colon).
  • Enter the command
  • As a result, the file will start recording what is happening on the Android screen in the sdcard folder, the file name You can stop recording by pressing CtrlC in the command line window.
  • If you want to copy to your computer, enter the command File will be saved to the current folder. Platform Tools.
  • The screen recording via the console supports the settings, a list of which can be obtained using the command

How to Record Android Screen on Computer

If recording on Android requires post-processing on a computer, you can immediately record on it. To do this, you can use the following methods:

  • Cast from screen to computer (even with Windows 10 built-in image broadcasting) and record with third-party recording software. such as OBS Studio.
  • Use special programs to broadcast the Android screen to a computer with a recording function, such as Apower Mirror or LetsView.

At the same time, given that this recording method is not very suitable for games due to broadcast delays, but for recording instructions and actions in the Android interface and regular applications, it will be more than enough.

Android Screen Recording. All Ways

If you need to record from the Android screen. from the system interface, games and other applications, you can do this in a variety of ways: in some cases, recording is available with built-in Android tools, you can almost always use third-party screen recording applications, there are also methods for recording from the smartphone screen to computer.

In this instruction, in detail about the various methods to record from the screen of an Android phone or tablet, one of which should definitely be suitable for your tasks.

  • Android screen recorder built-in
  • Screen recording with built-in Samsung Galaxy
  • Using the Play Games app
  • Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android
  • How to Record Android Screen on Computer
  • Using ADB for Screen Capture
  • instruction

Android screen recording in Play Games app

Many owners of Android phones and tablets have the Google Play Games app preinstalled. But not all of them know that it allows you to record from the screen, and not only from games, but also in other locations on Android.

Details on using the function in a separate instruction How to record from the Android screen in the Play Games application.


And, finally, one caveat. some content, for example, playable on Android. may NOT be recorded (the recording will have a black screen), this is due to the protection functions of such content.

That’s all. If you have something to add, for example, on the topic of built-in screen capture on second brands of smartphones. your comment will be useful.

Free Online Screen Recorder Service

In addition, I will tell you in the Screen Recorder service, which, unlike extensions, allows delight not only in the browser, but also on the desktop.

2. Click on “Start Recording” and allow the browser to open the “Apowersoft Online Launcher” application.

3. Press the “REC” button to start capturing.

4. Click “Stop” to stop. Then Click on the “save” icon and download the file to your PC.

on the computer


In the main window of the program there are tips on how to start and stop shooting with hot keys.

You can also do this through the menu: Capture. Screen Recording.

The saved files will be available in the Documents folder. ShareX.

If the program does not write sound, go to “Task Settings”.

Select the “Screen Recording” section and open “Screen Recording Settings”.

In the “Sound” parameter, specify the device.

  • Light program weight.
  • multifunctionality.
  • Export to GIF format.

How to record from phone screen

There are special screen recording applications for phones. They can be installed for free from Google Play on Android or App Store on iPhone. To do this, enter the query “screen recording” in the search bar.

I will show you how to shoot in popular android applications.

OBS Studio

One of the best free software for recording games and broadcasting streams online. On first launch select “Optimize for Write Only”.

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Next, you need to specify the screen resolution (it is determined automatically), the frame rate (for the best quality, select 60 FPS) and apply the settings.

1. In the program window, in the Sources panel, Click on the

2. Select “Screen Capture”.

A window will open showing your screen and setting the cursor motion capture setting.

3. Click on “Start Recording” to start.

4. To end the recording, click on “Stop recording”.

The new file will be written to the folder “”.

  • Capture in high definition (no loss of quality).
  • Optimization for passing games.
  • Broadcasting to YouTube, Twitch services.
  • Lots of setup instructions.
  • Russian interface.


In the main window, select one of the shooting modes. Click the Start Recording button or the F12 key.

To stop and save, press the “Stop Recording” button or the F12 key.

By default, all files are written to Documents. Bandicam.

  • Intuitive and clear interface.
  • Optimized capture settings.
  • Great opportunities for shooting games and applications.

Cons: in free mode, overlays a watermark.

Other noteworthy programs:

  • Free Screen Recorder (
  • Free Cam (
  • Screen Recorder (

The principle is identical for all: select an area, press the capture button or hotkey, perform actions on the screen, stop the process and save the file.


The extension can be downloaded from the link.

After installation, you need to log in with your Google account or Register on the service. In the next step, you will be prompted to allow access to the camera and drawing tools while shooting.

At the end, you will be asked to fill in information about yourself. can be skipped by clicking on “Other”.

Then restart your browser and click on the extension icon. Select one of the shooting modes and press “Record”.

Specify “Full Screen” and click “Share”.

To stop, click “Close access”.

A new tab will open, in which you can trim, view and save the resulting.

AZ Screen Recorder

On first launch, allow access to the screen image.

Click on the camera case icon. In the expanded menu, click on the camera again.

The shooting process will begin, to stop, tap on the “STOP” icon.

You can find the removed files in the program window and in the gallery.

  • no advertising.
  • Shooting restrictions apply.
  • Capture audio.
  • Resolution and bit rate setting.

Nimbus Screenshot Screen Recorder

After installation, click on the extension icon, select “Record” from the menu.

We activate the necessary settings for additional devices and click “Start recording”.

To stop, click on the shooting icon and click “Stop”.

Choose where to save the file.

How to Record Screen on Samsung

Hello! Today I will show you the Super App! You will be able to record from your Samsung Galaxy phone screen. You can very simply and quickly take a screenshot of the screen, GIF, screen, how you play the game, record instruction, live broadcast, call, etc. The application is suitable for any Android samsung galaxy smartphone, any model S, A, J 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc.

See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)


  • Choice of resolution, frame rate and bit rate;
  • HD support;
  • Pause and resume recording;
  • Using the front camera;
  • External sound recording;
  • On-screen drawing function;
  • Screen broadcasting to YouTube, Twitch;
  • Trim and remove part;
  • Combine several into one;
  • Add background music;
  • Change the volume of the music;

On the home screen, find the Play Store icon and tap on it.

This will open the Google Play app.

Search for the DU Recorder app at the top and install it on your phone.

Next, you need to Enable the pop-up window function in your phone settings to use this program.

Just click on the case switches and return to the app page.

Next, you will be shown instructions on how to use the application. Case on the screen will appear a special button to control.

At the top of the menu, you can use the tools:

  • Edit;
  • Connect and paintings (photos, images)
  • Make from GIF;
  • Setting up Wi-Fi transmission;
  • Change the image;
  • Combining and Combining Images.

In the settings (the button at the top right) you can change the resolution and quality, etc.

To record from the screen, click on the camera case button. Then click on the Record button (red circle).

Click on the red square to finish. Press two sticks to pause.

You will see the Recording Complete window. Click on the Edit button in it.

This will open an editor. Here you can trim, add music, subtitles, etc. Click the Save button at the top.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung

In the recording selection menu, click on the button in the form of a camera with a key.

In the window that opens, you need to enable the Screenshot function.

A button will appear on the left of the screen. a camera icon. Click on it to immediately take a screenshot.

Still have questions? Write a comment! good luck!

Table: pros and cons. SRC Screen Recorder App Rating: 3/5. : Recording with AZ Screen Recorder. No Root. Photo gallery: screenshots of the interface. functional

Main functionality: recording from the device screen, creating a screenshot.

Additional settings options:

  • There is a timer before recording starts;
  • availability of stop options;
  • there is a quick launch menu (magic button)
  • choice of name;
  • setting the recording size;
  • selection of screen orientation;
  • bitrate setting;
  • setting up the encoder;
  • the ability to disable / enable sound recording from the microphone;
  • selection of the quality of the recorded sound from the microphone;
  • show / hide screen tap;
  • selection of the directory where / screenshots will be saved;
  • there is a function of adding text / logo to;
  • camera setup;
  • there is a choice of different themes for visualizing the application;
  • there is the ability to record while playing (Game Launcher)
  • when using the application in your native language, you can correct various grammatical errors.