How to record video from the Instagram screen

About installation and requirements for ShadowPlay

When manually installing the latest drivers from the NVIDIA website, GeForce Experience, and with it ShadowPlay, are automatically installed, unless you specifically disabled this component. In case you don’t have GeForce Experience on your computer, SIMply download the installer from NVIDIA’s website, ideally complete with the latest drivers for your graphics card. But you can download GeForce Experience separately.

Screen recording is currently supported for the following graphics chip (GPU) series:

  • GTX 600, GTX 700 (i.e. for example, GTX 660 or 770 will work) and newer.
  • GTX 600M (not all), GTX700M, GTX 800M and newer.

There are also requirements for the processor and RAM, but I’m sure if you have one of these video cards, then your computer fits these requirements (you can see if it fits or not in GeForce Experience by going into the settings and scrolling through the settings page to the end. there in the “Functions” section, it is indicated which of them are supported by your computer, in this case we need an in-game overlay).

Record video from the screen from games and desktop in NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Not everyone knows that the NVIDIA GeForce Experience utility, which is installed by default with the drivers of this manufacturer’s video card, contains the NVIDIA ShadowPlay function (in-game overlay), designed for recording game video in HD, broadcasting games on the Internet, and which is also can be used to record what is happening on your computer desktop in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7.

Not so long ago, I wrote two articles on the topic of free programs with which you can record video from the screen, I think it is worth writing about this option, besides, in some parameters, ShadowPlay compares favorably with other solutions. At the bottom of this page there is a video shot with this program, if you’re interested. If you do not have a supported video card based on NVIDIA GeForce, but you are looking for such programs, you can look at: Free software for recording game video, Free software for recording desktop (for video tutorials and more).

Screen Recording with Nvidia ShadowPlay in GeForce Experience

Previously, the functions of recording game video and desktop in NVIDIA GeForce Experience were moved to a separate item ShadowPlay. In the latest versions of this item, there is no such item, but the very possibility of screen recording has been preserved (although in my opinion it has become somewhat less conveniently available), and is now called “In-game overlay”, “In-game overlay” or “Share overlay” (in different places of GeForce Experience and on the function is called differently on the NVIDIA website).

To use it, follow these steps:

  • Open Nvidia GeForce Experience (usually just right-click on the Nvidia icon in the notification area and open the corresponding context menu item, you can also find the program in the Start menu).
  • Go to settings (gear icon). If you are asked to register before using GeForce Experience, you will have to do it (it was not necessary before).
  • In the settings, enable the “In-game overlay” parameter. it is he who is responsible for the ability to broadcast and record video from the screen, including from the desktop.

After completing these steps, you can immediately record video in games (desktop recording is disabled by default, but you can enable it) by pressing AltF9 to start recording and then stopping, or by calling the game panel by pressing AltZ, but I recommend that you first examine the available NVIDIA settings ShadowPlay.

After enabling the “In-game overlay” item, the settings for recording and broadcasting functions will become available.

Among the most interesting and useful ones:

  • Keyboard shortcuts (start and stop recording, save the last segment of video, display the recording panel if you need it).
  • Privacy. this is where you can enable the ability to record video from the desktop.
  • HUD position. here you can add an FPS counter and adjust the position of elements over the recorded screen.
  • Audio. setting up sound recording from the game, system, microphone.
  • Capturing Video. Screen Recording Quality Options.

Pressing the AltZ keys at any time, even outside of NVIDIA GeForce Experience, will bring up the recording panel, where some more settings are available, such as video quality, sound recording, images from a webcam.

After all the settings are done, SIMply use the hotkeys to start and stop recording video from the Windows desktop or from games. By default, they will be saved to the system folder “Videos” (video from the desktop. to the subfolder Desktop).

Recording video from the desktop and from games in NVIDIA ShadowPlay. video instruction

Personally, I have been using the NVIDIA utility for recording my videos for a long time (now I switched to OBS Studio). I noticed that sometimes (both in earlier versions and in newer ones) there are problems during recording, in particular. there is no sound in the recorded video (or is recorded with distortion). In this case, disabling the “In-game overlay” function helps, and then re-enabling it.

The Bandicam program advantage

  • Hotkeys. This is perhaps the most useful feature for those who record video. You can open the program and minimize it, when you are ready and open the desired material, you can enable screen recording with one button. Pause, stop recording and more.
  • No conversion! Wow, how terribly annoying was the conversion of the recorded video to the “Screen Camera”. Those. in Bandicam after you stop recording, the video is already saved and you can work with it (processing, uploading to the Internet, etc.).
  • Flexible settings. This program allows you to do more than the most demanding user needs. Configuring microphones, WEB cameras, capturing HDMI video signals.
  • Game Mode. With one click, the program is configured for recording games using DirectX.
  • There are many more internal processes that make the recording in the best possible way and as comfortable as possible for you.

Screen video recording

I hasten to share with you another program that I really liked. By the way, I add only interesting and cool (in my opinion) utilities to the software category.

In this short post I will show you how to record video from the screen quickly and easily, and also give a link to a free video capture program.

Screen Recorder

Everything is very SIMple, even easier than you think. First you need to download the screen camera program. Direct link to download from the office. site.

The program also has a paid version, but the free version is enough. An example of a video recorded by this program:

Video can also be recorded with sound, or you can set up music right in the program. screensavers and more. Pss torrent you can download the full version).

Bandicam. Screen Recording Made Easy.

UPD guys, I’m updating the post. I have a new favorite on screencast recordings for my channel. Previously I used the program mentioned above, but recently I only use Bandicam and now I will explain why.

Download Bandicam

As I always tell you, it’s best to download from the official site, of course, if there is such an opportunity. You can download the program from this link:

The free version has several limitations: the watermark of the program will be imposed and the maximum video length is 10 minutes. A professional screencast cannot be removed with such restrictions, but to understand that this is the best utility of its kind is quite enough.

You can buy a license for 2400 rubles. for one PC or remember how to use a torrent)).

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How to record screen video

After you have downloaded and installed the program, open it and you will see the following window:

After clicking on “screen recording” you will see a window with recording settings:

As you can see, here you can select 3 modes: 1. Full screen (recording the entire screen, including the toolbar), 2. Screen fragment (area you selected), 3. Selected window (for example, a browser window). In addition, you can choose to record with and without sound.

After you press “Record“, a timer with a count of five seconds will appear and after the expiration the recording will begin. To stop shooting, just press the “F10” key and a ready-made video will open in front of you, where you can save it, replace the sound, overlay copyright, trim, etc.

That’s all, as you can see, it’s pretty SIMple! Personally, I liked this program because it is very SIMple and at the same time has great functionality. Anyone can figure it out the first time, which cannot be said about SIMilar software.

How to record through “Bandicam”

After you have downloaded and activated everything, open the utility and pay attention to the panel in the center of the screen:

You need to select the screen recording mode:

  • Capture mode. rectangular area. Those. the video will only record the part of the screen that you selected.
  • Full Screen. Including taskbar.
  • The area around the cursor. Rarely, but sometimes necessary.
  • Game recording mode.
  • Device recording mode. Those. any HDMI or USB connection.

Now check if the sound is turned on if you need it (at the top is the microphone icon):

Done! It remains to press the button “Record”!

If you have any questions, write in the comments, I will always answer.

Recording Streaming Best Ways

Recording an online broadcast is more difficult than downloading a regular YouTube video. We’ve rounded up the best ways to record streaming video to your computer.

Screen capture

There are many programs for recording screen video with sound: Fraps, Movavi Screen Capture, Snagit, Bandicam.

Let’s take a look at video recording using Movavi Screen Capture Studio as an example, since it’s easy to set up. The free version of the program is given for 7 days, it records videos up to 120 seconds and overlays watermarks. Where can you find the full version you know

  • Run the program.
  • Select the image capture size and drag the area to the desired location using the icon in the center.
  • Start playing the video.
  • Press the REC button.
  • To end video recording, press the F10 button.
  • After the end of recording, the program will prompt you to select a video format, edit it or save it.

Video instruction for capturing an online broadcast using Movavi:

Download Master

Another free software for recording streaming video is Download Master. She can download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Break,. Rambler Vision, Bigmir Video, Video. To download streaming video from other sites use DMBar for Firefox.

To start downloading via Download Master:

  • Click the “Add” button in the upper left corner of the program.
  • Paste the stream link and select the download folder.

Extract video from cache

The browser caches the video in the computer memory. These files can be “pulled” from the system folder. Each browser has a different path to the cache folder, so it’s easier to use the VideoCacheView program.

Run the program, it will scan the system itself and find the videos from the cache that you recently watched.

VLC Media Player

VLC can play and record streaming video. It is also a good Windows player that reads most video formats.

Free download from the official website:

To start capturing a stream in VLC:

  • Open the drop-down list “Media” and select “Open URL”, or press CtrlN.
  • Enter the broadcast address in the “Enter network address” field, and then the broadcast will start playing. Paste embed link to broadcast from youtube or direct link to stream.
  • Select the “View. Additional Controls” tab. An additional row of buttons for video recording will appear at the bottom.
  • Click on the “Record” button.
  • Another way to capture video via VLC:

    • Open the “Media” tab and click on “Convert / Save” or press CtrlR.
    • In the window that opens, go to the “Network” tab and enter the broadcast address in the “Enter network address” field. Click on the “Convert / Save” button.
    • A window will appear in which select the video format and check the box next to “Play result”.
    • In the target file field, click on the “Browse” button and specify the path and name of the target file.
    • The program will start capturing the broadcast after clicking on the “Start” button.

    These 2 methods are shown in


    FlashGot is an add-on for the Firefox browser, with which you can transfer downloads to external managers. But we are interested in another function. interception of video and audio streams playing in Firefox. This is done like this:

    • Install plugin: FlashGot.
    • Open the video page.
    • Play the video. Downloading to the end is optional, you can immediately pause.
    • Press CtrlF7.
    • The download window will open. Save the file and you’re done.


    When you enter a page with a video, a button for downloading will appear on the DMBar panel in Firefox. To activate it, you need to start video playback.

    Live streaming sites may not support all video recording methods. Therefore, if one of the methods does not work, try another. When capturing an image from your screen, consider the power of your computer. Not every computer can record high-quality video.

    How to use the Xbox Game Bar

    Press Win G to run
    Customize capture area and sound
    To start and stop recording, use the keyboard shortcut Win Alt R
    Set the folder to save the file

    How to Record Screen Video in On-Screen Camera

    Download the program and complete the installation;
    Adjust the parameters for capturing image and sound, record video;
    Start editing or add music;
    Download the resulting file to a PC, burn it to DVD or share it on the Internet.

    Free Screen Recorder

    Free Screen Recorder from ThunderSoft is a compact program that records video from your computer screen. Its main advantages are that it is SIMple and free. The built-in functionality does not allow editing the recorded material; there is also no possibility of recording actions from the keyboard. In addition, the instructions for using this software are poorly localized into Russian, and the interface is only available in English. The installation file weighs very little, so you can download it even with poor internet.

    Working in Free Screen Recorder

    Download and installation will not take long
    It is easy to adjust the parameters before starting recording
    You can start and stop work using hot buttons
    File import is available in several formats to choose from

    How to record video from your computer screen: 5 free programs

    Need to record a presentation at work or want to share your favorite game walkthrough with your friends? To record images from your computer, you need a dedicated application. We have prepared an overview of the five most popular and easy-to-learn programs.

    After reading this article to the end, you will learn how to record a video from a computer screen with sound and which utility is better for this.

    Screen capture in Movavi Screen Capture

    Download the installation file from the link above, complete the installation process
    Customize the program for your first recording
    Take advantage of basic editing features
    Save the result in a suitable format

    Xbox Game Bar

    Xbox Game Bar is a software built into the Windows operating system that allows you to capture screen images with sound or take screenshots. The footage is immediately saved to the selected folder. For Windows users, this method is convenient because the software is already in the operating system and does not require any additional installations. The main drawback is that, like most other built-in utilities, the functionality of this application has only basic functions and does not have the ability to edit.

    Movavi Screen Capture

    Movavi Screen Capture provides all the basic functions for capturing various types of screen images. Additional functions include a built-in editor of the recorded material. The utility is compatible with all versions of Windows, starting with Windows 7, and is paid. The free version has a number of limitations, such as the lack of the ability to record system sound and a watermark on the recorded video.

    Recording videos in OBS Studio

    Download the distribution and install
    Perform the required configuration on first launch
    Adjust image and audio capture sources
    Write down and save the file

    Screen Camera

    Screen Camera is an application with a user-friendly interface and wide functionality. It will help you to independently record an image from a laptop or computer screen without reading long instructions and unnecessary effort. To understand the program, it will take only a few minutes from the moment of the first launch.

    Capturing images and sound is easy to set up before you start. You can record the entire screen, select a specific fragment or a separate window. Also, while recording, you can capture system sounds and voice from the microphone.

    The big advantage of this software is the ability to immediately view and edit the footage. You can trim unnecessary fragments or add music, screensaver and titles, choosing from the ready-made ones or customizing everything yourself. After editing is complete, you will be prompted to share the file on the Internet, save it to your computer, or burn it to disk.

    You can download Screen Camera for free from this link.

    How to record video from the screen on a computer, laptop and smartphone

    Many streaming sites block the ability to download video clips. If you want to have access to your favorite movie at any time and not depend on the Internet, screen capture software will come to the rescue. They will also be useful for the creators of web courses and videos in the letplay genre. Read our article to learn how to capture video from your computer or smartphone screen.

    How to shoot on PC

    There are two ways to capture video from the desktop of your computer: using the built-in capabilities of the system or a special program. These options differ in feature set.

    Without programs in Windows 10

    The latest version of Windows includes the option to record screen from Xbox. Although in fact it was created to capture the gaming process, it can be used to record actions in any window.

    To launch the built-in option, press the G and Win keys (Windows icon) at the same time. The capture function works only with an active open window or program, so first open a browser or start a video.

    Allow starting game mode.

    Press the red button to start recording. To open additional settings, click the nut icon.

    The recorded video will be automatically saved in the “Videos” folder in the “Clips” subfolder.

    This option is convenient because you can record video from the PC screen without additional software. But it has no control over the result. Use Xbox if you need to quickly capture games or browser action.

    Using the Screen Camera software

    Using a special recorder is useful if you want to create a full-fledged video with music or voice acting and edit the video. Screen Camera is perfect if you don’t want to waste time on complicated, overloaded professional software. The program launches quickly and runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP versions. The recorder is not demanding and practically does not load the system. Other benefits include:

    To record actions on the monitor using this program, follow a few SIMple steps.

    Install “Screen Camera”

    Adjust the parameters

    The capture control panel will open. Set audio capture in the appropriate item and specify whether you will connect a microphone. Then select the appropriate mode.

    After selecting a mode, click the “Burn” button. To stop the process, use the F10 key.

    Edit the video

    Immediately after the capture is complete, you can modify the created entry. To open the built-in editor, click “Edit” in the player window. Here you can:

    The editor interface is extremely SIMple, so there will be no problems with mastering the functionality.

    Export the clip

    It remains to save the finished video. To do this, open the “Create Video” tab. Screen Camera allows you to save the result as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA and other popular formats. You can also export a video file for a smartphone or tablet, optimize for the Internet, send to YouTube or burn a movie to disk.

    How to shoot with iPhone

    Sometimes you may need to record your mobile phone screen. The methods described below will help you cope with this task if you are the owner of an iOS smartphone or tablet.

    Using built-in capabilities

    The latest versions of iPhones have a built-in screen recording feature so you don’t need to install additional apps. The captured videos are saved to the Photos folder. The downside is that you cannot edit the video.

    Open Settings, then go to the Control Center section. After that, find “Customize Controls”.
    2. Mark “Screen Recorder” with a plus.
    3. Return to the home screen and swipe up from the bottom with your finger. This will open the control panel.
    4. Find the “Screen Recorder” button in the bottom row and click on the circle to start capturing.

    With DU Recorder

    Using third-party applications is more convenient because you can process the recorded clip. DU Recorder allows you to record what is happening on the iPhone screen, start a live stream and connect multiple devices.

    Download DU Recorder App from App Store.
    2. Add the function of recording to the desktop, as in the previous method.
    3. Call up the menu with control elements and press the record button. Select DU Recorder.
    4. Click “Start Broadcast”. The application will start recording everything that happens on the phone.
    5. To interrupt the recording, open the control panel and click “Stop broadcasting”.
    6. Open the app and go to the “Video” section.
    7. Highlight the video and find “Share” in the bottom pane, then “Save Video”. The clip will be exported to the “Photos” folder.

    It should be noted that the DU Recorder app is available for iPhones with iOS version 11 and above.

    How to shoot on Android

    In the case of an Android smartphone, we will use the Mobizen app. It has a minimalist design and produces high quality videos. The difference between the program is that it allows you to capture what is happening in the background.

    The downside of the free version of the app is that it loads a lot of ads even when you’re not using it.

    How to choose the right option

    The choice of a monitor recorder depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to create a short video for Instagram, mobile apps are enough for you. However, any other video requires additional processing.

    Therefore, the “Screen Camera” becomes the best choice (you can download the software here). There is no time limit in it, so you can record marathons of TV shows or a gamer walkthrough literally for hours. And the built-in editor will help you get rid of unnecessary video fragments and process the audio track.

    Basic OBS Settings

    If you have not unchecked the installation finish, the program will automatically start. While you will have a black screen. Now you need to configure the basic parameters first.
    Go to the settings in the lower right corner.

    Here, basically everything is ready to go, but some settings need to be adjusted. Go to the “Output” parameter. At the top, you can choose SIMple or advanced settings. Leave it SIMple for now, later, when you get a little more comfortable, you can use the advanced settings.

    In SIMple settings, you can change the folder to save the recorded videos. If the C drive is low on space, choose any other drive. Adjust the recording format just below. I choose mp4. After completing the settings, click “Apply” at the bottom, but do not rush to click “Ok”, otherwise the window will close.

    Next, go to the “Video” settings. Here, depending on the parameters of your PC, make the settings. I haven’t changed anything. If the PC is weak, set FPS 20. Set the base screen resolution as on your PC. Also set the video output resolution or leave it as it is. Don’t forget to click “Apply”

    After completing the settings, click “Ok”

    How to record screen video with sound? OBS Studio software

    The topic of today’s post is how to record screen video with sound with free OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software). I have already published an article with instructions on how to work with a small FS Capture program, but where is it to OBS!

    Even many paid programs that have a screen recording function are far from OBS Studio. Why? Rather, because OBS is aimed specifically at recording from the screen and everything connected with it, cutting off all unnecessary.

    Here is a small part of what OBS Studio can do:

    • Record from the monitor screen
    • Record from WEB-camera
    • Insert a WEB-camera window into the recording
    • Record external microphone sound
    • Record sound from the screen
    • Has sound quality enhancement settings
    • Can close the screen by pressing a button (convenient when entering data)
    • Has a built-in Chromakey (removes the background behind the speaker)

    For some purposes, you need to record a video from the screen with sound, for others. remove the background from the WEB-camera. In other cases, it is important to combine all the listed possibilities. All this can be done in the OBS Studio screen recorder.

    We will analyze the basic OBS settings, as well as download and install the program absolutely free.

    • Setting up OBS Studio for screen recording with audio
    • Basic OBS Settings
    • Adding Screen Recording Sources to OBS
    • Setting up external microphone sound in OBS Studio
    • Screen recording video
    • If the black screen is not removed in OBS

    Setting up external microphone sound in OBS Studio

    If your microphone on a PC is of poor quality, then of course it is better to get something better. But in any case, there is an opportunity to improve the sound quality with built-in tools.

    At the bottom of the panel we find our microphone in the mixer, click on the gear icon and select “Filters”

    A window with filters will open. In your case, this will be empty. I have multiple filters installed. To add SIMilar filters, click the already familiar “” below, and add filters from the screenshot one by one.

    Below, I attach screenshots of the settings for each filter. After installation, click on each filter and adjust as shown in the screenshots. When testing recordings, you will already adjust for yourself.

    Throughput noise level

    Setting up OBS Studio for screen recording with audio

    To download the OBS Studio program, go to the official website Click the button corresponding to your system here.

    record, video, instagram, screen

    After downloading, launch the installer on your computer with a mouse click. Installation is intuitive and self-explanatory, even for beginners. You accept the “Agree” agreement, then you can specify the installation path if the default installation on drive C does not suit you, and then install the program.

    Adding Screen Recording Sources to OBS

    In theory, the scene for recording is already there by default, now you need to add sources to this scene. That is, the elements that the OBS program will record (screen, WEB-camera, etc.).

    If there is no scene, add a scene by clicking “” at the bottom of the window. Next, add the first source by clicking “” in the sources window.

    In the context menu, select “Screen Capture”

    Then we can not change anything and click “Ok”

    In the last settings window, you can uncheck the “Cursor capture” checkbox if you do not want the cursor to be displayed on the screen. Click “Ok” and finish the settings.

    Add a WEB-camera in the same way if you want to insert a “talking head” into the recording. Press “”, but only in the context menu select “Video capture device”

    A window with WEB-camera settings will appear. You can not touch anything and click “Ok”

    Then the camera window can be dragged with the mouse to the desired location on the screen, as well as resized.

    Screen recording video

    To start recording video from the screen, click the “Start recording” button

    Minimize the program and record the actions from the screen. When you finish recording, go to the folder specified for saving the recordings and see what happened.

    Test the sound from an external microphone and readjust the filters if necessary. The program writes sound from the screen by default.

    You can adjust the sound recording from the screen with the slider or remove it altogether by clicking on the speaker icon. After finishing work, click “Exit”. All settings are saved.

    If the black screen is not removed in OBS

    If you’ve set up your screen recorder and added the scene you want, but the screen is still black, try the following:

    • Exit the program (close OBS)
    • Hover the cursor over the program icon and press the right button
    • From the dropdown menu select “Run with GPU”
    • Next select “Integrated Graphics Hardware”

    Option number 2

    • Close OBS
    • Right click on the program shortcut and select “Run as administrator”

    If none of the above helped, type a request on YouTube, there you can clearly see the solution.

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