How To Record Video From The Screen

How to record from computer screen online


Considered the Most Popular Screen Recording Software. The official website offers a free trial download, the full version will cost 39.

The main advantage of the program is stable operation even on the weakest computer, since the RAM requirements are only 512 MB.

Key features:

  • allows a specific area on the screen to fall asleep;
  • compresses recordings without loss of quality;
  • supports formats: MJPEG, XviD, AVI, MPEG-1,
  • works Not only on modern Windows, but also on versions 2000, 2003 and XP;
  • there is a version that supports Russian.

Important. The program can continue to work non-stop throughout the day, I control the recording process, and independently turn off the computer after completing its work, if you set this in the settings.


This service allows you to record online without additional downloads, provided that your computer is running a modern version of Windows and, accordingly, supports Java. If there is no Java client, the service will offer to download it. Service works in English.

There are free and paid bases, which differ in functionality and recording duration (15 minutes in the free version).

Registration and authorization on the site is not required.

Service features:

  • Filming from the monitor screen and from the webcam. There is a possibility of simultaneous shooting.
  • Direct publishing to YouTube.
  • Additional information can be added: title. description, category and tags.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Variable display of the cursor on the record.

After the popular online recording service “retired”, the above site remains the only online service for screen recording.

Now let’s take a look at standalone free programs. There are a lot of them, and some of them are hardly inferior in their functionality to paid utilities.

Paid software for recording from the monitor screen

Сam Studio

An English-language program for recording from a monitor, one of the most popular among users. Differs from Similar free utilities in the ability to record different extensions: MP4, AVI and SWF.

Key features of the program:

  • Supports recording of microphone sound and system sounds;
  • allows you to select the area of ​​the screen to record;
  • records up to 2 GB.

Important. Your antivirus may consider the entries created in this program as malicious!

O Cam Screen Recorder

Another noteworthy program, the main feature of which is not technical, but aesthetic: a set of frames for decoration is included.

Key features:

  • full soundtrack: microphone, system sounds, music;
  • the choice of the quality of the recording;
  • overlaying a watermark on the;
  • supports Russian.

important. Takes up very little screen space in the computer’s RAM.

Let’s move on to an overview of paid screen recording programs, which are usually used by professional clip makers or bloggers.

How to record from computer screen for free

Camtasia Studio

The program can be purchased on the official website of the developer for 200, and, as users write on the forums, the price is fully justified.

The program can:

  • edit already recorded: resize the image and add various special effects;
  • simultaneously capture both the entire screen and a separate part of it;
  • work on any modern Windows system;
  • Compress files without loss of quality.

The program is supported by mobile devices and has a Russian-language interface.

This utility is most often used for professional purposes, however, support for the Russian language and a simple interface allow using Camtasia Studio at any level of training.

How to record from a computer screen: programs and online services

content rules. And speech Not only in media clips. In technical manuals, it is now possible not to guide the user through long descriptions and a heap of screenshots. it is enough to record the process itself from the screen. It is easy for the participants of the drawing on the social network to PROVIDE the proof of the winner’s choice, wrote it down at the agreed time. Recording software is used by gamers broadcasting their exploits in games and by teachers of online courses. And since the question of how to record from a computer screen is so in demand, we have prepared an overview of the most popular and proven online services and programs.

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Let’s start our review with online services. Working with them Takes less time, because they do not need to download, it is suitable for those who rarely face the need to record. The disadvantage of such resources is that their functionality is usually inferior to full-fledged programs that require installation.

Screen Camera

Also, the subscriber can use an analogue of WodBerner. the Screen Camera program. A simple and straightforward application allows you to record conversations through a webcam and edit the footage.

To record material, you must:

  • Download the installer. You can find it on the official website of the program (we left the link under the text).
  • Install and open the utility.
  • Select the required option. The application prompts the user to withdraw. open the finished project, view the training material.
  • Select an area for shooting. You can capture a certain area of ​​the screen, the entire desktop or a separate window. The settings also set the volume of the audio track.
  • Click on the “Record” button. Then start a Skype call.
  • After the end of the conversation, you need to name it F10 and select the required action.

Updated Skype

In this case, the function of recording the conversation, including from the participants’ webcams, is initially built in. Therefore, you do not need to download anything, just perform a simple configuration. In more detail, we have described the procedure here (immediately go to the section of the article “Modern Skype”). For now, consider a short version of it:

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Here you need the “Calls” tab.
  • Go to advanced options.
  • Activating the NDI function.
  • Start a call with a connection with the right interlocutor.
  • Click on the icon below and select “Start recording”.

Free Call Recorder

A simple utility allows the subscriber to record conversations. The user only needs to install the Free Call Recorder plugin and start recording. To record you need:

  • Run the program using the icon or the “Start” menu.
  • Select the appropriate mode. The user can record an audio track, a conversation with all participants in the conversation or with only one subscriber.
  • Specify the folder where the will be saved. To do this, click on the “Output folder” option.
  • Call a person via Skype.
  • Will start filming. To start, you should call the red circle. After pressing, a stopwatch will start, displaying the length of the.
  • At the end of the conversation, they will be named a red square.

You can view the captured conversation in the folder specified by the subscriber before filming. You can open the file using any player.

How to record from Skype

The simple interface and functionality of Skype has attracted over 450 million users. Using the application, created back in 2003, you can make calls, transfer recordings, photos, music and various files, share the screen, send messages, etc. But users often ask the question of how to record in Skype?

the details

This feature is available only in the new version of the program, but in the old one it is absent. Accordingly, the user has two options to choose from: update or download special software. But let’s talk about everything in order.


VodBurner is a simple utility with many useful tools. The program allows not only to shoot, but also to edit the footage. A person who decides to find out how to record in Skype during a conversation should definitely pay attention to WodBerner.

To use you need:

  • Install the utility. It is recommended to download it from the official resource at the link below.
  • will start the recorder.
  • Providing rights in the messenger.
  • Go to “Options. Recording”. In the settings, you can set auto-start shooting, select a folder to save files, adjust the display of the call window.
  • Open Skype, pressed the Go to Skype key located in the recorder itself.
  • Save the. Call recording starts automatically after the call starts.

Old version

Alas, there is no such possibility in un-updated Skype. So the user will have to download third-party programs to save from the screen. We recommend that you pay attention to them:

  • Free Call Recorder.
  • VodBurner.
  • Screen Camera.
  • Evaer Recorder.
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Evaer Recorder

If you only need to record a, without editing and additional options, you should use the Evaer Recorder utility. A person only has to adjust the capture area and image quality.

To start recording, select the desired dialogue and click on the red round button. After the end of the shooting, users can select the folder in which to save the file.

How to record a desktop

Are you far from new to working with a computer? Then, for sure, you sometimes have to explain to friends and colleagues how to install and use any programs. The easiest way in such cases is to ask the person to sit next to him and show him his actions on the computer screen. But what to do if you are asked for help by people you do not know personally, for example, community members on a social network?

It’s very simple: download Movavi Screen Recorder software for desktop recording and use it to create a that will show your actions. The program will also help you crop the resulting, for example, remove moments when you received personal messages or you accidentally showed unnecessary information on the screen.

With the trial version of Movavi Screen Recorder, you can screen capture for free. Please note that the free version has limitations, for example, there is no recording of system sound, but a watermark is applied to it. For unlimited recording Use the full version of the program.

For details on how to do it from the desktop, read this instruction.

How to record your desktop for free

Trim (optional)

After you pressed the button Stop, a window with a preview of your will appear on the screen. If you want to cut out some moments from the recording, you can do it right now. Select the edge of the line in the timeline that you want to cut and click cut. Repeat if necessary. After Click on this segment and press Delete fragment.

Set your desktop recording settings

After starting the program, click screen recording. Draw a frame to capture the floor of the part of the screen that you want to record; then you can adjust its size manually.

For greater clarity, you can show keystrokes of the keyboard during shooting, as well as adjust the cursor highlighting and display of clicks. To do this, click on the necessary icons on the vertical panel. The icons of the enabled functions will be highlighted in green.

Movavi Screen Recorder can record system sound, sound from a microphone, as well as these two sources simultaneously. Just make sure that the desired device icon on the bottom panel is highlighted in green.

Start filming

Click the button REC, and the program will start recording from the desktop. Control the capture process with buttons Cancellation, pause and Stop on a horizontal bar. The program also supports the use of hotkeys: if you are using Windows, press F9, to pause the recording, and F10, to end the delight. Mac users should click ⌥ ⌘ 1 and ⌥ ⌘ 2 respectively.

Install desktop recording software

Download, download and run the distribution kit of the program: it is available for both Windows and macOS. Follow the installation instructions and in just a couple of minutes you can record your desktop.

Save or share it

To save to your computer, click Save as. In the window that appears, enter the file name, select the folder and format for saving, then click Save.

You can also share the recording from the desktop. Click on the icon Share this and choose the appropriate option. You can post to YouTube or upload it to Google Drive.

Now you know how to record your desktop for free!

Best Screen Recorders for Android

Many people know the fact that the Android operating system is able to create screenshots. But in some cases, this function is not enough. It so happens that you want to create a complete recording. in order to then share it with your friends. But delight is already a non-trivial task that only third-party utilities can handle. Today’s collection will talk about how to record from the Android screen.

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AZ Screen Recorder

The developers of this utility try to immediately mention that their creation functions without root. in Google Play this fact is even displayed in the name of the program. But what can the application do? After all, it could not do without restrictions, since they are imposed by the operating system itself.

In fact, the program allows you to record from the screen on most smartphones, regardless of the version of Android installed. You can start the shooting process literally in one tap, if you have placed the Appropriate widget on your desktop. At the same time, not only the sound of the system can be recorded, but also the data coming from the microphone. This is very useful in cases where you need to record a lesson on mobile operating systems. And the utilities can also pause recording. a rare competitor can boast of this.

Download AZ Screen Recorder is completely free. But if you are generous with a certain amount, you will get additional functionality. For example, the developers will provide you with a GIF converter, a trimmer, and the ability to draw on screen.


    Free distribution. Doesn’t require root rights. Lack of advertising. There is a time limit. A handy widget that allows you to start recording with one touch. The ability to pause recording. Choice of resolution and bit rate. The ability to record sound from a microphone. Even richer functionality in the paid version.
How To Record Video From The Screen


    The microphone may be muted during Skype recording. Problems with taking screenshots are possible.

Screen recording

Another recording app. which functions stably. You can also download it for free, and then purchase the PRO version if you want to Get an extended arsenal of possibilities. The program allows you to record in high quality, and then send it to the “cloud” or social network.

The developers claim that their creation perfectly copes with recording gameplay, as well as creating a kind of tutorial. when the user talks about the capabilities of the operating system or some utility. Also, the application allows you to keep a memory of communication with other people via Skype. Of course, there is the possibility of recording from a microphone, without which it would be difficult to imagine a normal recording of a conversation.

The most interesting feature of this program is the presets. You can adjust the picture quality as you wish and save your choice as a separate option. This way you can create many presets, which allows you to avoid wasting time in the future choosing the resolution, bit rate and other parameters.


    One hour recording. You can download the program for free. Doesn’t require root access. There is a possibility of using a microphone. Simple and intuitive interface. The ability to save parameters as presets. Countdown timer and other useful features.


    Many of the above features are only available in the PRO version. Performance Issues on Some Devices.


One of the most simple programs designed to take pictures from the screen of a smartphone or tablet. It has a very simplified interface. The user needs to open the application and then press the “Start” button. Recording will start after 5 seconds. During this time, you can minimize the program. To finish shooting, you just need to press the “Stop” button, which is located in the notification panel.

In fact, this utility is rich in all kinds of settings. But you can find many of them only in the paid version, which cannot but disappoint. However, it costs only 50 rubles. if you really want to get quality. you can definitely be generous with such an insignificant amount.

ScreenRecorder allows you to accompany the recording with sound recorded from the microphone. And the functionality of the PRO version is slightly more advanced. It also boasts the absence of ads, which can be annoying in the free junk ScreenRecorder. It should be noted that the application works stably without root only on Android 5.0 and newer versions of the operating system. On older versions of the operating system, root access is still required. But this applies to almost all utilities reviewed today.