How To Record Video From Windows 10 Screen

How to record from the screen in Windows 10 without third-party apps

If your computer is running Windows 10, there is no need to install additional software for screen recording. In this article you will be able to read the Step by step instructions.

Using the Xbox Game Center

Many users are not even aware of the existence of this built-in tool (although Windows 10 LTSC does not have it by default). Others. immediately after installing the OS, they remove it as unnecessary, I think that such software is needed only for gamers.

In fact, Xbox Game Bar is a great way to record from your computer screen and take screenshots. they can be shared with students, colleagues, etc. But there are some limitations, in which we will download further.

  • To use the tool, open “Parameters”:
  • Go to section “Games”:
  • Turn on “Xbox Game Bar” (if the specified option is inactive):
  • In the tab “Clips” the sound quality is adjusted and. recording duration, storage location, audio, microphone volume. You will have to experiment with these parameters, depending on your needs:
  • To call the Xbox panel, use the Win G combination. Several blocks will appear on the screen. unnecessary ones can be removed using the main control panel:
  • First, you need to open the application whose window you want to record (all other programs will be ignored). Then, calling the Xbox panel, clicked on Win G. In the corresponding block, click on the record button:
  • An indicator appears with buttons to stop, turn on / off the microphone:
  • View “filmed” materials can be in the folder “Clips”, located inside the custom directory “” (if you have not made any changes to the location settings). Or on the Xbox Game Bar, open the window “Collections”, where the list of records is displayed, you can delete them, open them in the explorer:

That is, this method has one drawback. the ability to record the window of only one application / game. Perhaps this is not critical for you? Then it’s worth a try.

If you want to visually see how screen recording works in Windows 10 without third-party software. then we recommend our training. In it, we will additionally show the Xbox settings:

Recording with the introduction of the option “With CD / DVD player”

The option “With CD / DVD player” is intended for discs of type.R (read), that is, for those on which it is no longer possible to change the files once recorded.

The recording is done like this:

  • Open the disc burn wizard (as in the previous version), drag the files to the disc, in the “Burn disc” window, select the “With CD / DVD player” item and click the “Next” button. If a disc of a suitable format is inserted, the recording will start instantly, otherwise the system will ask you to insert the correct disc. Drag the files to the disk, in the window that appears, select “With CD / DVD player” and click the “Next” button
  • We are waiting for the program to finish writing data, and we remove the disk from the drive.

Burning a disc from an ISO file format

The process for burning a disc from an image in Windows 10 is different from the usual process for burning data. But no additional funds are required for this, everything is done using standard system tools.

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Writing an image to disk is done like this:

  • We open the folder with the image. Right-click on the ISO file and select “Burn disc image” from the context menu. Right-click on the ISO file and select “Burn disc image”
  • In the window that opens, select the drive with a pre-inserted blank disc and click on the “Burn” button, after which the files will start recording. Select the desired drive and click the “Next” button

Burn discs using standard Windows 10 tools

To burn files to a CD or DVD, you must have a clean and undamaged medium (“blank”), as well as discs with recordability. It should be remembered that the amount of recorded data cannot exceed the capacity of the “blank”.

Nero Burning ROM

Nero Burning ROM is one of the oldest and most successful disc burning programs. The application has many functions and capabilities for burning all kinds of discs in CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats. It can work with ISO images and can convert music of all popular formats.

Nero Burning ROM is one of the oldest and most successful programs for burning CDs and DVDs

  • Download and Install the program. We launch the executable file and in the program window that opens, on the toolbar, click the “New” button. To start the recording process, click the “New” button on the toolbar
  • Select the required format of the recorded disc (for example, DVD-ROM (UDF). data disc) and click the “New” button. Select the format of the disc to be burned and click the “New” button
  • From the window, drag the files to the left window for recording. From the window, drag the files to the left window to write
  • Make sure that the bar at the bottom of the program window is green. this means that the disk is capable of containing the selected files. Then, on the toolbar, click the “Record” button. On the toolbar, click the “Record” button
  • Select the write speed (it is better to set the maximum available), then click on the “Burn” button. Set the recording speed and press the “Burn” button
  • We are waiting for the program to finish copying files and discs will give out the burned disc.

Nero Burning Rom is a CD and DVD burning program for Windows, which I have been using for probably 10 years. It is always good. In recent years, with the addition of a DVD drive, the ability to write to DVDs has been added to it, respectively. The portable option appeared (portable, without installation). There is an English version, there is a Russian one. In short, for every taste. I use both portable and installer. Already accustomed and cannot imagine life without her. Here I recently discovered that Windows 7 has built-in disc burning. I was delighted, threw everything on the disc, pressed “burn”, and the disc was irretrievably damaged. It seems that something was recorded, but an error was issued at the end. Why. I did not understand, although a competent PC user. And then Windows constantly began to remind me that I have unrecorded files somewhere in the image. Some kind of mockery right! In short, I was once again convinced that Nero is the best program. The same disc was recorded on Nero without problems and in 3 minutes.

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ImgBurn is a disk management software for those who prefer functionality and quality to a friendly and intuitive interface. The application is small in comparison with its counterparts (less than 10 MB), but it can create disc images and burn discs from images, and also perfectly burns discs and tests the surface of the carrier for possible damage.

ImgBurn is a disk management software for those who prefer functionality and quality to a friendly and intuitive interface

  • Download and Install the program. Run the executable file, in the window that opens, select “Write files / folders to disk”. Open the ImgBurn interface and select “Burn files / folders to disk”
  • We click on the item “Show disk layout editor”. In the window that opens, drag the files for recording from the top to the bottom. Then, in the lower right corner, uncheck the box and select the format of the disc to be written. Open the disk layout editor and drag the files to the bottom of the window
  • Click the burn icon (a folder with an arrow pointing to the disk) and wait for the program to finish burning. Click on the record icon and wait for the program to finish burning


Recording with the introduction of the option “Like a flash drive”

Before starting recording, you must insert the medium into the drive. Otherwise, the operating system will say that the operation is not possible.

The “Like a flash drive” method of recording means that you can work with files on the disk, almost like with a flash drive. For recording, RW (read-write) discs are suitable. After the procedure for saving data is completed, files on the disk can be modified, erased and rewritten.

To burn a disc, do the following:

  • Open the folder with the files prepared for recording, mark the one of them that we are going to burn, and drag it to the left window on the timeline corresponding to the CD / DVD drive. Then, in the “Burn disc” window, mark the item “As a flash drive” and click the “Next” button. Drag the files to CD / DVD-disks, then in the window that appears, select “Like a flash drive” and click the “Next” button
  • Then we wait while the program formats the disk and writes files to it.


CDBurnerXP is a small utility for burning discs, but it has great capabilities. The program works with ISO images, data discs, audio CDs and is able to rip CDs and DVDs.

How To Record Video From Windows 10 Screen

CDBurnerXP. a small utility for burning discs with great capabilities

  • Download and Install the program. Launch the executable file, select “Data disk” in the application interface and press the OK button. In the application interface, select the “Data disk” option and press the OK button
  • Drag the files from the upper window to the lower one, then on the upper or middle toolbar, click the “Write” button. We are waiting for the program to finish recording the media. Drag the selected files to the bottom window and click the “Burn” button
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how to burn an image to disk in Windows 10

Third-party disc burning software

The standard Windows CD / DVD burning tools are limited. For example, they DO NOT allow you to create an audio CD or a DVD with a graphical menu for players. If the standard capabilities of the system are not enough, you can use third-party programs.

How to record gameplay in Windows 10?

Using the recording function is very simple: just press the WinG key combination to bring up the game panel, and then click the “Start recording” button. You can call the panel by pressing the “Xbox” button on a compatible gamepad, in addition, the use of hotkeys is supported for SEPARATE functions: WinAltG. record the last moment, WinAltR. start or stop recording, WinAltPrntScr. take a screenshot, WinAltT. show or hide the timer.

After the start of the recording process, the panel will automatically close, and a timer of the recorded game time will appear in the upper right corner of the game window. Such a counter is also available on the game panel, in addition, you can launch the Xbox application directly from there, save a clip if the recording has been in the background since the start of the game, take a screenshot of the screen and go to the basic settings panel.

In the settings panel, you can turn on background recording, set its duration and conditions of use (on battery, on wireless screens), turn off the timer display, tips for using the DVR for games, launch the game bar with a button on the controller, save the current application as a game in the Xbox database.

options are available in the Settings → Game DVR panel of the Xbox app. There you can disable this function altogether, set your own keyboard shortcuts for all the main functions, specify the maximum duration of clips, select the appropriate quality and resolution. disable sound recording and set its quality.

The recorded reels are saved in the \ Clips folder, the names of the MP4 files are assigned with the name of the game, the date and time of shooting. Then you can use them as you like: View, edit, publish, send to friends.

You can also view the recorded game in the Xbox application, in the section with the self-explanatory name “Game DVR”, by filterings and screenshots by games. Playback is supported in windowed and full screen modes.

If necessary, you can trim the directly from the application by Applying changes to the original (Trim the original clip) or its copies (Save a copy), rename or delete.

Finally, the can be published to the Xbox Activity Feed (Publish), and it will be uploaded to the Xbox Live servers and will be available even after deleting the local copy on disk.

It is possible that in this review we forgot to mention something else interesting in the function of DVR for games, if you have something to add or have questions, welcome to the comments below.

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