How To Record Video Of Computer Screen Without Programs

How to record screen using Windows 10 Game Bar?

As mentioned above, using the Game Panel for sound recording is very fast and convenient. Here’s how to do it:

First, press the Win G hotkeys. This will open the game bar. By the way, the panel often does not open with hot keys or opens every other time. This is some kind of Windows 10 glitch.

If you pressed these keys, nothing happens, go to the Windows Store and download the Game Bar application from there. If, even after loading, pressing Win G Windows does NOT launch the game bar, go to “Start”. “Settings”. “Games”. “Game bar” and stopped the lever in the ON position.
Now click on the circle with a black dot to start recording. By the way, you can also do it using the Win Alt R button combination. And if the recording has started, you will see a small red icon on the screen at the top right.

To stop the process, you need to press Win Alt R again or the “Stop” button.

Well, we’ve sorted out the screen recording. But how to get access to the creation we created? Go to “This Computer”. “”. “Captures”. All new Saved Records are there.

In addition, you can accompany your comments. We need to turn on the microphone using the Win Alt M keys. It turns off by pressing the same composition again. The game pad was designed for recording games, but it works well for screen recording in any standard program. In some programs, such as web browser, Adobe Photoshop, etc., a message may appear stating that game functions are not available. To fix this, check the box next to “Enable gaming features for this app to record gameplay”.

This was the first way to record from a Windows 10 computer screen, which does not require the installation of an additional program. Let’s move on to the second method.

Best way to record Windows 10 computer screen?

First, let’s focus on recording what is happening on the monitor using the Windows 10 Game Bar and through the free OBS Broadcaster program. Which option is better, you ask? It all depends on the goals you pursue. When you need to record quickly, we recommend choosing the “tens” game panel. And if you need control over the process, for example, recording a specific window or adjusting the recording quality, we recommend using OBS Broadcaster.

It should be noted that the Game Bar only records events in the currently active application, not the entire screen. So, for example, if you launch the game bar when the active window is the Google Chrome browser, it will only record what is happening inside the browser.

2 Ways to Record from Windows 10 Computer Screen with Sound

Below will be described 2 absolutely free ways to record from the computer screen Windows 10 with sound.

One is to use a feature built directly into Windows 10, and the other requires a free software download. Both methods are simple, although each has its own nuances.

How to Record Windows 10 Screen with OBS Broadcaster

OBS Broadcaster is a screen recorder with audio. Game bar is a good and simple option for screen recording, but if you want more control over the process, we recommend using OBS Broadcaster.

Usually this program is used for streaming, but you can use it to record your own screen and save to local disk.

First, we need to download and install this application.

Here we need:

  • Select audio / microphones;
  • Select a program or window for recording;
  • Customize sound and recording.

Audio / microphone selection

This is a one-time process that needs to be done to get OBS to use the correct devices to record your sound and your voice. First click on the “Settings” option in the far right corner.

Then go to the “Audio” tab and select audio devices from the drop-down menu “Desktop audio devices “, as well as a microphone in” Mic / Auxiliary audio devices “.

Then accept the changes and click “OK”.

Select a program or window to record

Next, we need to add source so OBS Broadcaster knows what to record to. This can be done in the “Sources” field on the main application panel.

The easiest option is to add the entire screen. To do this, click “” and select “Screen Capture”.

Then click “OK”. The screen will appear in the OBS Broadcaster toolbar. This method is well suited for those who want to record everything that happens on the computer screen, as well as any open programs.

If you do NOT want to record everything that happens on the screen, set up recording the contents of one open program. To do this, click “” and select “Capture Window”.

Then select a specific program from the dropdown list. After OBS Broadcaster is ready to record the contents of a specific window.

Sound and recording setup

Having finished cooking, you can proceed directly to the process. However, before starting, do not forget (when necessary) to adjust the microphone and sound levels on the desktop. To do this, you need to use tools such as the volume slider, the mute button and the settings button. All of them are in the “Mixer” tab.

Having finished with the sound setting, press the “Start recording” button to start the process. You can stop recording by pressing the same button again.

Once the recording is over, all Saved Files will be sent to the C: \ Users \ your_username \s folder by default. But, if there is nothing there, you can see the path to the recording by clicking the settings button on the OBS Broadcaster toolbar, and then go to the Output section and clicked Record. If everything is done correctly, then it will be easy to record from the computer screen windows 10.

It is better to download the OBS Broadcaster program from the official website.

Of course, within the framework of this article, we cannot go into detail about all the benefits of the OBS application. But even here it is clear that this program allows you not only to record what is happening on the screen, but also to change the recording resolution, bit rate, frames, adjust sound settings and recording format.

the best programs for recording with sound from a computer screen: https: // / wp-content / uploads / 2019/07 / kak_zapisa_video_s_ekrana_kompyutera_windows_10.jpg 2019-08-01T20: 29: 2806: 00 Alexander Hi-Tech windows 10 Below will be described 2 absolutely free ways to record from a Windows 10 computer screen with sound. One is to use a feature built directly into Windows 10, and the other requires a free software download. Both methods are simple, although each has its own nuances. What’s the best way to record Windows 10 computer screen? Let’s start with recording. Alexander Alexander Administrator Reviews of smartphones and Internet services

Capture from a monitor screen with sound in Windows

In this material, we will consider in detail the programs that organize recording from the computer screen with sound in Windows 7, 8, 10. Suchs are used to demonstrate actions on the desktop, in the webcam, in PC games. Subsequently, thes can be stored on the hard drive of the computer or uploaded to the hosting, for example, on YouTube.

Using standard tools, you can take a screenshot in Windows 7, 8, but you cannot record from the computer screen, so you cannot do without third-party programs. Windows 10 has an Xbox app that’s more for shooting games, so let’s take a look at more versatile tools. Capturing from the monitor screen with sound is carried out by both free programs and paid ones. I present a list of the best free programs, which we will consider in detail:

  • BB FlashBack Express
  • oCam
  • Camstudio
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In general, there are a lot of applications of this kind with different levels of functionality. It’s up to you whether to use the software described below, or find another. Already decided, then let’s look at the instructions.

BB FlashBack Express

Express in the title denotes a free version. In contrast to the commercial versions Standard and Professional, there are limitations in functionality. The free edition has the ability to export in only two formats Avi and Flv, respectively, paid ones support an extensive list of formats. Express edition is also limited in editing and applying effects to it. If you’re interested, see the developer’s website for a complete list of differences.

Go to this page, then select the language “Russian”. In the required field, enter the email address to receive the license key, then click “download”. During the installation of the program, specify the activation key that was sent to your mailbox.

Run the shortcut BB FlashBack Express Recorder.exe, click “continue” and wait for the program window to load. There are links to reference materials, a list of recent recordings and a link to “record screen”, click it.

Before starting the process of capturing from the monitor screen, I advise you to configure the program. In the menu click “tools” then “options”.

A huge number of options will become available to your eyes. To learn more about the settings section, go to it and click “Help”. The help describes everything to the smallest detail, so we will NOT repeat ourselves here. If you need to record moving objects Set good quality and frame rate at least 25 Do not forget that setting the maximum parameters will increase the size of the recorded file. Experimentally Establish optimal settings for the required situation. After making changes, click OK.

In the program interface, select the recording format from the drop-down list:

  • Full screen. delight the entire screen area.
  • Area. screen recording of a specific space.
  • Window. records the selected open window.

Next, check “sound recording”. Select the source “microphone” or “PC speakers”. You can also specify two sources at once, but first you need to select “PC speakers”. If “microphone” is indicated, set the volume, move the slider.

If necessary, you can mark “webcam recording”. Click the Settings button, then set your webcam options, format (Change pixel resolution, color depth), frames per second, and quality level. Click “close”. If necessary, check the option to show the camera window during recording.

To prevent the program panel from interfering with the process of capturing from the monitor screen, set the option “minimize to the system area during recording”. With this option enabled, Use hotkeys (assigned in the program settings).

To start recording from the computer screen with sound, press the keyboard shortcut or the red circle at the bottom of the window. With the “Full Screen” format, recording will occur immediately. With the “Area” format, you need to set the recording space with the mouse or in pixels, with the “Window” format, you must select a window and then click the “record”.

After the Initialization takes place, the delight from the screen will begin. After stopping the recording, the save window will pop up, click the “save” button. Next, specify the folder for saving files with the Fbr extension, set a name and click “save”.

Next, choose one of three actions.

  • Open. opens the in the program player with the ability to edit, export to Avi and Flv formats, or send to a hosting.
  • Share. send the recorded file to the hosting.
  • Export. saves in known formats.

To make the available for viewing in standard programs, click “export”. Select Flash or Avi and click OK. Depending on the format you choose, set the export parameters, then save and wait until the end of the process.

How To Record Video Of Computer Screen Without Programs

A free and very easy-to-use program that allows you not only to record from the computer screen with sound, but also to take screenshots. Supports Russian, but is not fully Russified.

Download the application on the Internet, install and run it. Next, in the menu, click “tools”, then “settings”. By default, oCam sets up acceptable monitor capture settings. Let’s go over the most needed settings.

  • Encoding. here you set the quality and sound. You can change the frame rate (FSP), quality (quality) and audio bitrate. The rest of the parameters can be left as is.
  • Recording. an interesting option here is the display of the mouse pointer and FSP in the game during recording.
  • Hotkeys. assigning hotkeys to control the process.
  • Highlight. enable and select a color for highlighting the mouse cursor.
  • Save. assign the path to save the file.
  • Restriction. specifying the time of the recorded file with the ability to set the actions that will be performed after recording.
  • Watermark. add a watermark with the ability to set the transparency level and position.

The settings are very easy to figure out. After changing them, click OK.

There are several signed icons in the program window. Let’s take a look at their functionality.

  • Record. Click on the arrow next to this icon and select Record Image with Sound. You can also record sound separately.
  • Snapshot. takes pictures of the screen in the format specified in the settings.
  • Size. choose from preset sizes or full screen. When oCam is running, the display shows an area with a green border that can be moved and stretched in all directions. This is where you set the size of this framed area.
  • Open. quickly open the storage location of the recorded.
  • Codecs. select a codec and format. OCam app has a nice collection of codecs.
  • Sound. choose to record sound from a microphone, from a computer or from two sources at once.
  • Game. switch to game recording mode. Select this mode, then start the game and press the capture start key. Then click the key (by default F2) again to stop the process and look for the in the designated folder.

To record from your computer screen with audio, click the red circle. I advise you to minimize the program so as not to light up its window if you are working in full screen mode and control the process with hot keys.

In the process of capturing from the monitor, you can track the recording duration, size, pause / continue, take a picture and stop. These actions are performed both in the application interface and by hot keys.

The is immediately written to the hard disk in the selected format. To view it, click the “open” icon. There is nothing complicated in operating the program.

Other screen recorders

CamStudio is a free application that allows you to record your screen with sound. In terms of functionality, it can compete with commercial versions. Available in English only. Before using it, you need to configure.

CamStudio uses the codecs installed on the system, therefore it is recommended to download additional codecs to balance the quality. The program has flexible quality configuration settings. frame rate, and also allows you to record audio from a microphone and sounds from a computer.

Recording is carried out in full screen, selected area and window modes in Avi and Swf formats. Supports the process of recording, pause, stop by keyboard shortcut. CamStudio main interface is shown below.

Ezvid is a free software that combines desktop recording with sound and editor. During editing, you can insert, delete parts. add pre-recorded audio files and effects. The program allows you to insert text slides and synthesize a computer voice. The developers have taken care of the possibility of shooting gameplay.

After creation and processing. it can be quickly uploaded to YouTube. In general, install the program and test its functionality. Below is the main window of Ezvid.

The described programs are quite enough to make high-quality recording from the computer screen with sound in Windows 7, 8, 10. BB FlashBack Express Functional, fully Russified and has good help. The oCam application also copes with the set goals, I recommend using these programs. CamStudio and Ezvid can be used as an alternative.

How to record games, instructions, movies, and everything that happens on the Windows 10 screen to a clip.

Recording from the monitor, without installing additional software, built-in Windows 10 function

The method is interesting primarily because you do not have to search for and install anything, but it is not suitable for all purposes.
The point is that the built-in Windows 10 capture utility. after the start of recording, it will only record the game or program in which the recording was started and does NOT know how to record just the desktop, explorer, or other elements of Windows.

  • Remember that the built-in recorder will only work inside the game or program you need.
    In our example, we will be recording to work in Photoshop.
  • We launch the browser, or any other program that needs to be recorded on. and press the Win G key combination (that is, they hold down the “win” key, and, Do not release it, press the “G” key once)
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After that, a small window will appear on the screen in which you need to check the box next to the entry “yes, this is a game”

  • As soon as we check the box, the window will disappear, and to call the recording control panel. you will need to press the Win G key combination again (that is, they hold down the “win” key, and, Do not release it, press the “G” key once)
  • On the control panel that appears, all that remains is to press the round red button to start recording.
  • A mini-bar will be displayed on the right side of the screen to indicate the recording process and allow you to instantly turn on / off the microphone or stop recording.
    If this mini-bar gets in your way, you can hide it by pressing the arrow button. (In this case, it will be recorded further)

    And to return the Windows screen recorder panel, press the Win G key combination again

    You can end the recording by pressing the same red button, or simply close the game with the program or application in which the recording was conducted.
    Written down. will be automatically saved in the clips folder located at the address “C drive” folder “users”. the folder with “username”. folder “”. “Clips”.

    How to enable screen recording in Windows 10

    How to record what is happening on the monitor in Windows 10 without installing third-party programs. How to record in any Windows 10 window

    Recording what is happening on a computer or laptop screen in a clip has long become commonplace and every day is gaining its relevance for an increasing number of users. Someone records games, someone makes instructions for themselves or for others, and someone else comes up with other ideas that require delight in what is happening on the monitor and then save into a film.

    In general, it is NOT a suspension from the goal, the means used for screen recording alone. We will consider 2 options for recording on. everything that happens on a computer or laptop screen:

    • The first option will not require the installation of any programs and will provide an opportunity to record. I use only the built-in features of Windows 10
    • And in the second case, we will use the installation of a convenient and, importantly, a free program for capturing from the screen.

    How to create a clip of everything that happens on a computer or laptop monitor.

    The built-in recording function in Windows 10 is great for creatings in games or programs.
    However, when you need to record everything that happens on the monitor, desktop, switching between windows and / or running programs, games, and so on, you will need to install additional software.

    Best of all, Free Screen Recorder is suitable for screen capture.
    Download it HERE.
    (If the installation process causes any difficulties, you can refer to the detailed installation instructions for Free screen recorder)
    After installation, launch Recorder and see a small window approximately in the middle of the screen

    The working window of the program is minimalized in order to cover as little of the screen as possible, so that the user can freely navigate which window or which area he needs to select for recording.

    This small panel has six main buttons, each of which speaks about its purpose if you hover over it.

    To start recording. click on one of the three buttons.
    Here we are invited:

    • Recording everything that happens on the screen. “recording from the desktop”
    • Recording what is happening in a specific window or program. “recording from a window”
    • And the ability to record everything that happens in a certain area of ​​the screen, which we will be asked to pre-select. “Recording from the area”

    For example, we will select “Record from area” and click the corresponding button on the Free Screen Recorder panel

    After that, we press the “Continue” button to use the program for free

    And highlighting the area you need to write, hold down the left mouse button

    After you release the mouse button, the Selected part is fixed as a window for recording. and a panel of main commands will appear below it, to start recording in which, you need to click on the button in the form of a red circle.


    The frame around the recording area will blink to indicate the start of screen recording.
    2 buttons will appear under it. “pause” to stop recording with the possibility of further continuation of the clip, and “stop”. to end the recording.


    After clicking the stop button, the screen recording will be minimized, and the main Free Screen Recorder panel will appear in front of us again.
    In order to view the recorded, click on the icon in the form of a lattice case

    And select the item “open folder”


    As a result, the program will open a directory in which all entries made in it are saved.

    Screen capture in Movavi Screen Capture

    Download the installation file from the link above, complete the installation process
    Customize the program for your first recording
    Take advantage of basic editing features
    Save the result in a suitable format

    Movavi Screen Capture

    Movavi Screen Capture provides all the basic functions for capturing various types of screen images. Additional functions include a built-in editor for recorded material. The utility is compatible with all versions of Windows, starting with Windows 7, and is paid. The free version has a number of limitations, such as the lack of the ability to record system sound and a watermark on the recorded.

    OBS Studio

    OBS Studio is a specialized program for recording streaming from the screen simultaneously with streaming. It is open source and available on all modern operating systems such as Windows 10, the latest macOS and Linux. The application is popular among professional gamers and is rather difficult to master for the average user.

    OBS Studio recording

    Download the distribution kit and install
    Perform mandatory configuration on first launch
    Adjust image and audio capture sources
    Write down and save the file

    How to use the Xbox Game Bar

    Press Win G to run
    Customize capture area and sound
    To start and stop recording Use the keyboard shortcut Win Alt R
    Set the folder to save the file

    Xbox Game Bar

    Xbox Game Bar is a software built into the Windows operating system that allows you to sleep screen images with sound or take screenshots. The footage is immediately saved to the selected folder. For Windows users, this method is convenient because the software is already in the operating system and does not require any additional installations. The main drawback is that, like most other built-in utilities, the functionality of this application has only basic functions and does not have the ability to edit.

    You can download the software from the official Microsoft website.

    Free Screen Recorder

    Free Screen Recorder from ThunderSoft is a compact program that records from your computer screen. Its main advantages are that it is simple and free. The built-in functionality does not allow editing the recorded material; there is also no possibility of recording actions from the keyboard. In addition, the instructions for using this software are poorly localized into Russian, and the interface is only available in English. The installation file weighs very little, so you can download it even with poor internet.

    Working in Free Screen Recorder

    Downloading and configuring won’t take long
    It is easy to adjust the parameters before starting recording
    You can start and stop work using hot buttons
    File import is available in several formats to choose from

    How to record from a computer screen: 5 free programs

    Need to record a presentation at work or want to share your favorite game walkthrough with your friends? To record images from your computer, you need a dedicated application. We have prepared an overview of the five most popular and easy-to-learn programs.

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    After reading this article to the end, you will learn how to record from a computer screen with sound and which utility is better to use for this.

    Screen Camera

    Screen Camera is an application with a user-friendly interface and wide functionality. It will help you to independently record an image from a laptop or computer screen without reading long instructions and unnecessary effort. To understand the program, it will take only a few minutes from the moment of the first launch.

    Capturing images and sound is easy to set up before you start. You can record the entire screen, select a specific fragment or a separate window. Also, while recording, you can capture system sounds and voice from the microphone.

    The big advantage of this software is the ability to immediately view and edit the footage. You can trim unnecessary fragments or add music, screensavers and titles by choosing from ready-made ones or customizing everything yourself. After editing is complete, you will be prompted to share the file on the Internet, save it to your computer, or burn it to disk.

    You can download the screen camera for free at this link.


    You took pictures with UVScreenCamera, what to do next. You can save it in various formats like AVI, FLV and others. You can configure the necessary parameters in such a way that the will weigh kilobytes in a few minutes.

    There are free and paid versions. In the second, problems with sound were noticed, which was NOT recorded.

    Camtasia Studio

    Not only is it an editor, and a paid one, but the program’s capabilities include the function of recording from the monitor screen. After receiving the file, you can immediately edit it. The program has many different functions, both in terms of recording. and in terms of editing, so here it will NOT work to tell about it from and to, since for this you will have to create a course and more than a dozen articles.

    How to Record from Computer Screen in Windows 10

    Usually, there are many factory applications on Windows 10, some of which are NOT uninstalled, but at one point they may come in handy. This program is called Xbox. The application is capable of recording from the monitor screen, most often from games. To use it, you must have a Microsoft account.

    In the program, go to settings and change the parameters as you wish. There are many settings, but it is quite possible to figure it out. The only drawback is in recording purely from the game or any application, but not from the desktop.

    Screen Camera

    This program is well suited for capturing from a monitor screen. Thus, you can quickly organize the recording of a broadcast or record a training, for example, on a YouTube channel. Compatible with all modern versions of Windows.

    The on-screen camera also has the following features:

    • Recording of running program windows.
    • Capture online broadcasts.
    • Ability to edits.
    • audio overlay.
    • Export your project to dozens of different formats.


    This is just like short for Camtasia Studio, but these programs are very different from each other. CamStudio is capable of recording from the monitor screen in various formats. Often used to create presentation.

    The lack of the utility is the absence of the Russian language. It can also get caught in the anti-virus network, although in fact it is NOT malicious. If you are afraid to use it because of this, your right.

    Free Screen Recorder

    Super simple tool to capture from your computer screen. It can create screenshots in any convenient format. This program is really free and as you use it, you will NOT need to purchase the full version.

    The downside is that Free Screen Recorder is NOT designed to record games. If you try to record it, you will see a black background, although the sound will be.

    Open Broadcaster Software

    It was difficult for me to figure it out here, probably because of the crooked version. First it was NOT recorded from the desktop, although it should, and then the gameplay. Overall, the program is capable of producing high quality. And there is also the ability to broadcast to various services, such as Twitch or YouTube.

    There are a lot of parameters in the program, and you can also install various plugins. If you like these tools, then I recommend using Open Broadcaster Software.

    FastStone Capture

    I also used this program quite often. Simple and lightweight, but it has some advantages:

    • The output file is of high quality and small size.
    • There are watermarks and other bullshit.
    • 1440p recording capability.
    • Ability to record audio from multiple sources.
    • Dedicated keys to start and stop recording, very easy.
    • Lightweight and supports all Windows versions.
    • Before recording from a computer screen, you can select the desired image size, that is, the part of the screen that you want to record.


    Another paid program came in time for capturing from the monitor screen. A utility for recording gameplay is intended.

    Naturally, all the settings are available to ensure high quality. resolution, FPS, choice of codecs, microphone.

    What do you think is the main feature of the program? As far as I know, it is only in Dxtory. when recording, the is saved to all connected hard drives. Like a RAID array. Thus, the possibility of losing a file is reduced to zero. In this case, the recording will be very fast and high quality. No lags and brakes were noticed.

    How to remove from the monitor screen without installing Special programs

    Hello dear readers of the blog. In previous articles, I told you about Some online services that I use myself and recommend to you. Today I will share with you one interesting Internet project, with which you can take pictures from the monitor screen online. What attracted me to this service? Personally, I liked it because you can shoot. Without installing any programs on the computer, everything works through the browser. And yet, in my opinion, an important plus is that the cursor is highlighted when moving across the screen, which is very convenient for those who view the tutorial. And so, go to the acquaintance on the site

    The service can be used without registering in the system.

    There is a Start Recording button on the main page. I pressed it, you go to the ready mode for shooting from the monitor screen. If the player is NOT opened for removal, press again.

    For normal operation, the system will invite the launch of the Java plug-in for the browser, I allow the plug-in to work, and if it is not there, then Installing.

    The player window for recording will open on the monitor screen.

    The size of the window can be changed by dragging the cursor in the desired direction to any of its sides or by clicking on the button labeled “100%” Selecting the desired size. There is a recording function from a WEB-camera.

    The player controls are very simple. Press the button with red circles and recording starts from the monitor screen. Having finished recording, go to save it by clicking on the “Done” button.

    In the browser window that opens, the player opens for viewing removed.

    The case in the player menu will ask you how to save. Select “Publish to File” to save to your hard drive. can be saved in MP4 or AVI format, I do not take into account other formats, since we are saving. Next, select the resolution Full Size, HD or Set the size in pixels, while saving, clicked on the “Save” button. You can edit in the online service WeVideo.

    There is one drawback. The name of the site will be written in the footage at the bottom, since we use the service for free. If this is not important for you, then this service is very convenient.

    This was filmed using the service (Test recording)

    For more convenient use of the service, you can download an application that will launch the player from the “Start” panel.

    This concludes my review of the screen capture service. Thanks for reading the blog. If you liked it, Sign up for updates.

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