How to Recover Voice Recorder on iPhone

How to Recover Notes on iPhone?

Missing iPhone Notes. There is an easy way to recover notes and voice recorder recordings. And for this you will need a little time. With Tenorshare UltData, you can get your important data back from your iPhone in just a few minutes.

Recover notes and voice recordings on iPhone and iPad

To recover notes and voice recordings on iPhone, you need to follow these steps.

Download the program to your computer (Windows and Mac platform support is included). Install the utility. Then run it.

Now you need to connect your iPhone, which has lost or deleted notes / voice recordings, using a USB cable. The program should automatically recognize your mobile device.

In the top bar, select the appropriate data recovery method. If you do not have a backup file, then choose the first method. restore from an iOS device. Next, you need to check the box what type of files you want to recover on iPhone. notes and voice recordings from a dictaphone (Voice memos). After that, click on the “Start Scan” button. The scanning process will begin, which will not take you much time.

When the scan is complete, you will see your notes and voice recordings from the voice recorder in the main window. If necessary, view them, then tick the boxes that you want to restore. After that, click on the “Restore” button and wait for the process to be completed.

How to Recover Voice Recorder in iPhone via iTunes

Before using and restoring, you need to make a backup, and the program displays the latest backup, and you can restore the notes and voice recorder recording to iPhone and iPad.

Click “Recover Files from iTunes” and the backup files will appear. Select the last backup and recovery starts.

Select the data you want to recover, then click “Recover” and you can save the files to the device and to the computer.

3 solutions to recover notes and voice recordings on iPhone and iPad

Anything can happen after updating a new iOS system. Usually users complain about data loss after installing new software. For example, voice recordings, notes on the iPhone are deleted; missing messages, photos, contacts, etc. It also happens that the user himself mistakenly deleted notes or recordings from the recorder. What to do in such situation and how to recover lost or deleted voice recordings and notes on iPhone? Use the professional Ultdata software with a simple intuitive interface to recover lost and deleted data.

How to Recover Voice Recorder Recordings on iPhone

Very often, iPhone owners use the ability to record notes or any other valuable information on the voice recorder. Voice memos can also be lost, accidentally deleted or lost. UltData can solve this problem as well. You just need to choose one of three recovery methods. from an iOS device, from an iCloud backup, from an iTunes backup.

How to Recover Voice Recorder in iPhone via iCloud

And also if you need to restore data, do not forget that the backup is automatically saved to the “Cloud” and you do not need to think about their safety.

You need to click on the “Recover files from iCloud” button, and go to iCloud, then find lost and deleted files, restore them to your computer and device.

The UltData program allows you not only to recover notes and voice recordings on the iPhone, but also other equally important information: for example, your photos and videos, contacts, recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. calendar events, Safari bookmarks, call history, etc.


This is another application from Apple that provides much more opportunities than the Voice Recorder discussed above. This solution is focused on music production, and sound recording is just one of many functions. If you uninstalled it for some reason, re-install.

    Scroll through the notifications on the introductory screen of the program or immediately click “Continue”.

“Allow” or, conversely, deny sending notifications.

From the Tracks tab for the instruments available in GarageBand, find Audio Recorder.

Choose what you want to record. Voice or Instrument. We will only consider the first option.

Note: Voice can be recorded using the iPhone’s built-in microphone, headphone counterpart, or a compatible external device. We will not consider working with musical instruments, since this has nothing to do with the topic of the article.

Tap the red record button at the top, wait for the countdown to complete and start speaking or play back what you want to record.

To pause the process, touch the red button again, and to complete it. stop.

To save the received audio file, tap the downward-pointing triangle in the upper left corner. By default, two locations are offered. “My Songs” and “Tools”.

You can find ready-made recordings in the application interface and through the standard Files manager, in the GarageBand for iOS folder. Let’s take a look at additional features provided by GarageBand for sound processing.

    Controlling recording and playback, metronome, undoing actions, changing the volume for input and output, tone, compression, drive, etc all this is available in the main editor window;

Changing the voice, processing it with effects and additional settings. selectable in the main window and the editor menu;

Track settings, plugins and equalizers, master effects (called through the “Settings”);

Step-by-step editing and processing with multitrack recording of both voice and instruments.

Summing up, we note that GarageBand is a full-fledged sequencer with which you can create professional-quality music of any genre, as well as record various instruments, not only voice.


The iPhone comes with a pre-installed Voice Recorder application that you can use to record sound. If you uninstalled it for some reason, please re-install it using the link below.

    If the application is being launched for the first time or has been reinstalled, click on the “Continue” button on its main screen.

Once on the main screen of the Recorder, click on the red record button.

recover, voice, recorder, iphone

Important: If the iPhone is paired with wireless headphones, there may be slight delays in signal transmission from them to the device, but this is not critical when working exclusively with voice.

To save the audio recording as a separate file, do the following:

    Call up the menu (three dots);

  • Select a suitable folder on iPhone or iCloud and tap “Save”.
  • Let’s take a quick look at the additional features that a standard solution from Apple provides.

      Play / pause and fast forward in 15 second increments;

  • Renaming (for this, just touch the file and enter a new name from the keyboard);
  • Copy, share, duplicate and add to favorites;
  • Sort audio files, move to folders and delete.
  • Note that the Dictaphone built into iOS, despite its apparent simplicity, copes with the task of sound recording quite well and provides good quality, moreover, the iPhone itself is endowed with a very good microphone.

    Linfei Recorder

    An alternative to Apple branded products is a variety of third-party applications that provide the ability to record sound. Most of them are paid or work by subscription. As an example, consider one such solution.

      Install and run the application, in the window with a request for tracking activity, at your discretion, allow or deny it to do it. Better to choose the second option.

    Linfei Recorder is paid, at least in terms of access to all of its functionality. You can unsubscribe by closing the page below, or you can use the trial version. Close another welcome window.

    To start recording audio, click on the corresponding button and grant the application access to the microphone. Then allow or deny the use of your geolocation.

    Sound recording starts and can be paused or completely ended. There is also a very useful ability to set markers (red flag), which allows you to mark important places.

    Stop recording, bring up the menu and save the resulting file.

    You can put it in iCloud, Files, and even Camera Roll. Among the additional features available in Linfei Recorder, the following should be highlighted:

      Play control, accelerate, repeat, timer, etc.;

    Editing (cropping, adding markers / tags, etc.);

    Speech-to-text conversion. not working perfectly,

    but sometimes it can be useful, for example, when transcribing an interview;

    Sorting audio recordings and moving them;

  • Selecting the recording format;
  • Integration with “Quick Commands” and other parameters;
  • Standard Share function.
  • Linfei Recorder is a simple and convenient solution for sound recording and processing, surpassing the standard Voice Recorder in many ways, but definitely inferior to GarageBand. The only unique feature is converting audio recordings to text.

    Recording telephone conversations

    If the task of turning on the voice recorder on the iPhone is due to the need to record not just voice, but telephone conversations, you will definitely need to use third-party solutions. software or hardware. However, in both cases, things are not so simple. The fact is that there are many applications in the App Store, mostly paid and also unsafe, supposedly allowing you to do this, however, due to the closed iOS and Apple policy, it is impossible to properly implement this possibility, at least when it comes to its full and stable work. We will definitely not recommend such software for use, but if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with their features in the next article. Make further decisions at your own peril and risk.

    Read more: How to record a telephone conversation on iPhone Alternatively, you can use external recorders, but this approach is not rational, and it certainly is not affordable.

    Data recovery

    Application data can be stored in two locations:

    • On developer servers.
    • ICloud.

    If the program or game data is stored on the developers’ servers, then to return the gameplay, you just need to enter the login and password of the account that was previously used. The data that was stored in iCloud will automatically pull up after restoring the application. If this does not happen, then there can be two reasons:

    • The program does not support data storage in iCloud.
    • You have disabled the storage of information in the cloud when you first start the application.

    To save the data, open the Storage properties in the settings and move the slider of the desired program to the active position.

    Recovery conditions

    The only requirement is that you must be logged in under the Apple ID from which you downloaded the application for the first time. If you downloaded the program under one account, deleted it, and now want to restore it in another account, then nothing will work. If the condition is met, then it will be possible to restore any applications along with the data. that is, progress in games or information in the program will also return. A couple more nice points:

    • If you paid for the removed apps, you won’t have to pay for them again.
    • If apps are removed from the App Store and are no longer available for the first download, they can still be returned.

    It turns out that you can uninstall the program at least 5 or even 6 times. it will always be available for recovery. We figured out the conditions, now let’s see the most interesting. how to restore an accidentally deleted application on an iPhone.

    Sync with iTunes

    How can I recover deleted applications if my phone has no internet access? The option with downloading from the cloud will not help, so another method is needed. for example, downloading from iTunes.

    • Connect iPhone, open iTunes.
    • Select the device in the program window. Make sure you’re signed in to iTunes with the correct Apple ID.
    • Open the section with purchases.
    • Select an application and click on it to start the download.
    • Open the device page.
    • Select the “Programs” section.
    • Find the downloaded application and click “Install”.
    • Click “Sync” to transfer the app to iPhone.

    After disconnecting your smartphone from your computer, make sure the app is installed and working. All progress will be lost, but it can also be restored.

    Downloading from the App Store

    The easiest way to get deleted apps back on iPhone is to reinstall them in the App Store.

    There is another useful tab in the Shopping section called Not on This iPhone / iPad. Here you will find applications that are installed on another device with the same Apple ID. If you want to transfer some applications from another device, then use the same button in the form of a cloud.

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    Bypassing the size limit

    If you use mobile Internet to download an application from the cloud, you may encounter a size limitation. In iOS 11, you cannot download an object larger than 150 MB, and in previous versions the limit is even stricter. 100 MB. To get around the ban:

    recover, voice, recorder, iphone
    • Start downloading the application.
    • When a sign appears about the excess size and the need to connect to Wi-Fi, click “OK”.
    • Turn on airplane mode.
    • Reboot your device.
    • Turn off airplane mode.

    The download of the application will start automatically, provided that the mobile Internet remains turned on.

    Recover Deleted Apps on iPhone

    How to recover a deleted app on iPhone if you uninstalled it along with all data by accident? Redownloading the app from the App Store and syncing with iTunes.

    Using backups

    Another working way to get back deleted apps and other data is to restore iPhone from backup to iCloud or iTunes.

    The disadvantage of this method is that you will return to the previous state not only the application, but also the system with all the information. That is, all photos, videos, programs that appeared after creating a backup will be deleted.

    How to Recover Voice Recorder from iPhone

    When doing interviews or meetings, more and more iPhone users wanted to make detailed reports with music scores of video applications. Since the sheet music information is so precious, some users may ask: if I mistakenly deleted my video sheet music, I can get them back?

    The answer is definitely yes! You can have a free try on iPhone Data Recovery, which allows you to view and recover voice memos ever saved in your iPhone. No matter what reason it is you can restore all of them within minutes!

    recover all kinds of content, not only voice memos, but also contacts, call logs, messages, photos, etc.

    recover video documents no matter if accidentally deleted or lost with unclear reasons.

    Application of various iOS devices, including iPhone 6 plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4, all iPad and iPod touch 5/4.

    If you are facing the same situation, download this software in the correct version to fix your problem. The first is for Windows users, while the second is for Mac users.

    Below are 3 recovery solutions:

    If you don’t have a backup of your files, please refer to the first one. If you’re backing up before, move on to the second or third one.

    Solution 1 to recover voice recorder from iOS Decives directly

    Connect iDevice to computer and run iPhone Data Recovery

    Before you start, you need to install the recovery software on your computer. Link iPhone to computer via USB cable and launch the program. Within seconds, your phone will be detected which shows you 3 recovery modes. Select the first one and click the “Start Checkout” button.

    Scan and View Lost Music Notes from iPhone

    During the scanning process, you can scan all the data or only a part of it. The scan time depends on how many files you have selected for scanning. After that, you can see the image as below, which contains photos, messages, notes and so on.

    Recover Voice Recorder from iPhone

    To restore the voice of the documents, you can click “Recorder” in the “Music Others” menu directly to see the details by voice. Check the ones you want and click the “Recover” button to save them to your computer.

    Solution 2 get voice memos from iTunes backup

    Extract files from iTunes backup

    Run the recovery program and select the “Recover from iTunes backup file” mode to extract and extract the contents of the iTunes files. Then just check the target file from the list and click on the “Start Scan” button to check the details. You can also link to the following image.

    Check and restore destroyed or lost voice recorder

    When the check ends, a list of detailed columns is displayed. If you want to recover voice information directly, click on the “Voice Recorder” menu to check which one you are looking for.

    Finally, mark the ones you require and hit on “Restore” to save all of them on your PC.

    Solution 3 get voice memos from iCloud files

    Sign in to your iCloud account

    Launch a well-downloaded program and choose the third mode: Recover from iCloud backup file. You will be prompted to complete your iCloud account.

    When all the iCloud backup files are displayed as shown in the following interface, you need to download those voice content.

    Preview and find voice backup of documents

    When loading a finish, you can peek into the contents of each file by clicking one by one. To recover voice memos, you can click on the “Recorder” straightforwardly and then select the correct.

    Finish great! You should have perfect voice files now!

    In addition, iPhone Data Recovery allows you to restore other kinds of content, such as photos, videos, contacts, recall journals, bookmarks, etc., from an iOS device or backing up files if necessary. It does not take a lot of time!

    Get a free try now!

    How to Recover Voice Recorder (Deleted Music) on Android

    Good afternoon, dear visitors of the website. For 3 days I have received a lot of interesting questions related to deleting and restoring files, and I will try to answer them as accurately as possible. As usual, I remind you: you ask a question, like the page. I answer. Very often, visitors do not repost or like, which makes me sad. So I ask you to help the project and make a like. this will be the minimum gratitude for the time that I spent on the answer. thank!

    a week ago, delete a couple of photos from the vibe, and now they are very necessary, please advise how to restore them

    The Viber application saves all photos to the address / viber / media /. If you installed this application on a memory card, then for recovery you need to connect the SD card to the computer and use any program to recover files on the memory card, for example, Recuva or CardRecovery (the preferred option). If Viber was installed on the internal memory of the phone, then install the Undeleter program, which works with the internal memory of Android.

    Hello, I accidentally deleted some very important photos on my phone. phone Samsung Galaxy s2 plus. Please tell me how to restore them?

    I have a tablet tab4, yesterday all the pictures were deleted in the device’s memory, but now I don’t know how and what to do.

    The course of your actions is not entirely clear. However, there are a few tips. Try free Handy Recovery alternatives. For example, there is a reanimation program Recuva, and there is also a specialized utility for photo recovery. PhotoRec. The files may not be “khan”. unless you saved them to the same disk from where they were deleted.

    Inadvertently deleted the recordings from the voice recorder built into the phone (Android s 4) They were saved on the phone’s memory. How to recover these records. Very necessary.

    Since the audio files have been deleted on the phone’s internal storage, there are very few options. Try Undeleter for Android, it is one of the few that allows you to scan the internal memory of a mobile device.

    I wanted to transfer audio files from callrecordings folder from Galaxy c4 to external hard drive. To do this, I created a folder X on an external hard drive. I connected the Galaxy phone to the computer. All folders appeared on the screen. Opened the callrecordings folder. there were 28 folders. I marked them all together and right-clicked to move them to folder X. then opened one of the transferred folders. it was empty, and so were the others. and then I remembered that my husband had recently installed Windows 7 on my PC and I had not yet had time to install the Samsung kies program. spontaneously I marked all 28 folders in folder X again and did the opposite. those. put these folders back into the callrecordings folder in the Galaxy. checked. all folders are empty. my Galaxy has no SD memory, only internal memory. What to do and where to find these files?

    I accidentally deleted the AllCallRecorder. Cubot x17s phone, no root. Many programs do not recognize the phone at the identifity stage, so I had to BUY toolkit for Android (this is the only program out of many I’ve tried that immediately saw Android and connected with it correctly).

    Thanks for the detailed presentation of the problem. Root access is most likely required and the easiest way to root your device is with KingoRoot. In addition to the Dr Phone you mentioned, you can try DiskDigger ( with pre-activated root access.

    I have never (and, I hope, in the future will not have to) recover deleted files, I am generally poorly versed in this, so I cannot figure out what needs to be done. I found out that AllCallRecorder writes to internal memory, 3g format. Hence the question: in which section should I look for this file? As audio?

    Yes, audio files are stored in /data/data/Androidlab.allcall/files/AllCallRecorder in 3g format. You need to search for files regardless of the format, because after deleting the file extension may be missing. If does not allow you to do this, try DiskDigger (for Android) or Recuva. Recuva works only from a computer, to restore from internal memory you need to follow the instructions (or That is, make a copy of the Android internal memory and connect it as a disk to the computer.

    And yet, in the toolkit there are 2 sections, which, as it seems to me, should be searched for. Data Recovery and Data Backup Restore. Finds all files in Recovery except 3g. In Data Backup Restore, in the App section, it finds AllCallRecorder and writes a number in brackets next to it, i.e. AllCallRecorder (18). When trying to “” recovery “” asks for money for further and I would pay, but I do not understand if I am on the right path, if the file I am interested in is there. I ask you very much to help.

    It is unlikely that you can restore through the toolkit, free programs are more effective in this case.

    Please tell us in stages what you can do, this file is vital to me. Maybe it’s impossible to recover the AllCallRecorder file at all? Please tell me something. I’ve been betting for 3 weeks already I hope for you.

    I deleted the audio recording I needed on my phone. How can I restore it. The recording was in the phone’s memory. I have already read a lot of information and what programs I have not installed, but nothing works. Is it possible to restore the recording without the root program.

    I accidentally deleted an audio file with the.amr extension from my Samsung Galaxy mini i9192. I would be grateful if you can tell me the best, from your point of view, program for recovering audio (and not only) files for mobile devices. Regards, Yuri.

    Good evening. I accidentally deleted a voice recording on my Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, the recording was made through the GallX application. Very necessary recording, can I restore it? help me please.

    There was a wave format recording on the phone i.e. recording from a voice recorder. the spouse transferred this recording by cutting it to a laptop, after which, using the Adobe Audition 1.5 program, the recording was processed and saved incorrectly. I tried to reopen the record using various programs, nothing worked. This record is needed, and since we did not duplicate it, it opens damaged everywhere How can I restore the original file? Please help.

    By chance, I formatted a disk with files, there is only music, well, it is very important to me since I am a DJ, please advise something, 50GB of music disappeared (

    Removed audio recordings in Android phone. Xiaomi redmi 4x note. Removed manually from the Audio recordings folder.

    Can you please tell me if it is possible to restore them? Or where you can look for them in some kind of temporary storage?

    I made a recording on the ASUS smartphone dictaphone, pressed “Finish” and did not check the recording. The next day, the “OFF” button was accidentally pressed in my. And the volume up key, the phone froze, I turned it off and on, everything was saved, only this record is not active, it is not played. Is it possible to somehow fix this problem?

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    Almost a month ago, I moved about 2 thousand mega important audio recordings from a dictaphone to a laptop and they all disappeared when moved.

    Before moving, I renamed the folder (I don’t know if it matters) It is possible to restore them?

    Accidentally deleted the recording from the voice recorder (honor 9 lite) in the Undeleter program only search for photos, urgently.

    I inserted a memory card from an old phone (huawei p8 lite) into a new one (HUAWEI Mate 20 lite). As a result, all the music is gone, if you move the memory card to the old phone, nothing changes. help me please

    I have a Meizu m5 note phone, I recently wanted to throw off the music from the PC, it then threw off, but I can not find it on the phone, what should I do? How to solve this problem?

    The new Honor 10 phone. Everything worked well. Then the music suddenly disappeared, but not all. I noticed because the standard one began to play on the call. Then I look there are no photos of some. And there are some, but I press open, and it seems to be damaged. And then, very quickly, within an hour, almost all the photos were gone. What can you do without a factory reset? Kaspersky does not find a virus. Through some program I found Nomedia files. I checked all the folders and deleted them everywhere. Rebooted, but no result. There are a lot of useful photos. Help solve the problem. Thank you in advance.

    How to Recover Deleted Recording on iPhone: Several Ways

    Loss of important data on a mobile device is always accompanied by some kind of inconvenience. We will show you how to recover deleted recording on iPhone.

    To begin with, an iOS device is very specific. Restoring information on such a smartphone is possible only if we have taken care of creating a backup copy in advance.

    Restore via iTunes

    To do this, let’s turn to the tools recommended by Apple itself. Well, the iTunes program, familiar to all iOS users, will help us in data recovery.

    This application can be downloaded for free from the company’s website. We repeat that the method described above will not help us at all if we do not have a backup copy.

    • When data is restored via iTunes, synchronization is performed. Restoring information from a backup copy is also allowed manually.
    • Simultaneously hold down “Control” and the smartphone icon on the left side of the iTunes window.
    • Instead, you can call a submenu by right-clicking on the device name.
    • Select the item “Restore from backup”.
    • If we have a new mobile device in front of us, we perform the following actions.
    • Install the latest version of the iTunes application. We go to the “File” item, and from there. to the “Devices”.
    • There we click on the above option “Restore from backup”. In application version 10.7 and earlier, we can find this option by right-clicking on the name of the smartphone.

    It is worth noting that using the iTunes application, you can restore a backup from an iPhone, and not just an individual entry.

    We add that videos larger than 2 gigabytes must be saved in a separate order due to existing limitations in terms of volume.

    In addition, the path to the folder where iTunes backups are stored may differ depending on which operating system is installed on your computer.

    But what if we didn’t create a copy? If we’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars, we can purchase a device called the iPhone Spy Stick. It looks like a flash drive and contains special software that will help us recover data.

    ICloud recovery

    If we want to set up a new Apple smartphone without connecting it to a PC, the easiest way for us is to use an iCloud backup.

    • Through the basic settings of the mobile device, go to the “Software Update” menu.
    • There we check if a newer version of iOS is available to us than the one we have installed. If there is one, load it.
    • After that, you need to make sure you have the latest backup. We go to “iCloud” through the settings and select “Copies and storage”.
    • We pass from there to the “Storage”. In the “Backups” section, we find our smartphone and view the time when the last copy was created.
    • If we are having problems and cannot find the copy we are looking for, it is recommended that you contact Support Apple.
    • We go to the main settings of the smartphone and select “Reset”. After that, we go to the point of resetting settings and content. In the setup wizard, we find the “Configure device” screen.
    • We select the point to restore from the backup and enter the “cloud”. We will be prompted to select one of the iCloud backups from the list. We perform data recovery.

    we add that these methods are suitable not only for recovering records. This will also restore photos, videos, messages and other information.

    How to download recording from iPhone voice recorder?

    The Dictaphone application is present in the set of standard programs of any Apple iPhone, from the very first models to the more modern ones. 4, 4S. Most likely, the gentleman’s set of subsequent versions of iOS will also be equipped with this, sometimes useful, application. I think it makes no sense to talk about the step-by-step operation of recording voice notes, I pressed the red button. the recording went, but some users do not know how to download the voice recorder recordings from the iPhone to a computer and find their location.

    Before we look at the procedure for downloading voice recordings from the iPhone, I would like to tell you about one feature of the “Dictaphone” program. The fact is that you cannot record a telephone conversation in the iPhone using a standard dictaphone, so you cannot play Bond by recording the voice of the subscriber at the other end of the mowing line by standard means. Thus, Apple does not allow violations of the rights of the interlocutor.

    Now, there are two official ways to download voice recorder recordings from iPhone to computer. using sync in iTunes or you can transfer recordings by e-mail.

    Sync Voice Recorder Recordings to iTunes
    This method of copying recordings from the iPhone voice recorder to a computer is possible using iTunes installed and a USB cable.

    Launch iTunes and connect iPhone. Click on the phone that appears in the “Devices” section

    In the “Overview” tab, put the marker “Process music and video manually”

    After that, in the “Music” tab, put the markers: “Synchronize music” and “Include voice recordings”. Click the “Apply” button to start synchronization.

    Synchronization will help download voice recorder recordings from iPhone and they will appear in iTunes in the “Music” section

    The downloaded voice recorder recordings are also displayed in the “Voice recordings” section located in playlists or in devices. Here you can listen to them

    If you want to rewrite the downloaded recordings to Flash, you will have to find them on your computer, it’s easy to do. right-click on the recordings, select “Show in Windows Explorer” (depending on the OS version, this item may sound a little different) and a folder with Your entries.

    If a computer and iTunes are not at hand, and the records are urgently needed, then you can use the second method, using e-mail.

    Send voice recorder recording from iPhone by mail
    In order to transfer voice recordings from the phone via e-mail, we need to set up mail on the iPhone and make a recording using the “Dictaphone” application. Then we perform the following actions:

    Click on the button with three horizontal stripes
    2. Select the voice recording you need and press the blue arrow button
    3. Select “E-mail”, enter the recipient’s address and send

    The disadvantage of this method is the inability to send all voice notes together at once, you have to send one at a time, which is not very convenient. If the recordings are much more convenient to transfer them using iTunes.

    There is also a third way to copy voice recordings of the voice recorder from Apple iPhone to a computer, using the iFunbox program, you can try it, for many who could not transfer the voice recorder recordings to a computer using iTunes and mail, i-FunBox helped out.

    How to send a recording from a voice recorder by email

    To be able to upload audio files from the voice recorder to e-mail, a mailbox must be connected on the iPhone. If this has not been done yet, you can enter all the necessary mail data through the “Dictaphone” application.

    • Go to “Dictaphone”.
    • Select a record, click on it.
    • Go to the menu under the button “”.
    • Open item “Share”.
    • Select “Mail”.

    It is better to create a “Mail” account through the iPhone settings

    If mail is not configured, the program will transfer to “Accounts” with a list of services on which the mailbox can be registered.

    • Find the right one.
    • Enter name, email address, password and description.
    • Click “Next”.

    If all the data is entered correctly, the system will quickly identify the mailbox and in the future you can easily send files to it.

    Note! It is more convenient and more reliable to set up mail through the “Settings” iPhone. You can add an email account automatically or by manually entering data.

    The automatic method is available for those who use an email account registered with iCloud, Google, Yahoo. To configure it is enough:

    • Open the Settings app.
    • Go to “Passwords and Accounts”.
    • Select “New Account”.
    • Determine the desired site from the list of appeared.
    • Fill out the form (address, password of your email).
    • After checking the data, click “Save”.

    If the program has difficulties in detecting the e-mail box, it will offer to enter all the data about the settings manually.

    Important! IPhone audio files can only be sent to email addresses registered in the phone.

    How to transfer voice recorder from iPhone to computer via iTunes

    The updated application has the ability to not only record, make copies and edit recordings, but also share them. Sound information stored in the iPhone’s memory can be thrown off:

    • on computer;
    • email;
    • to social networks;
    • to cloud storage.

    Voice Recorder is a basic iPhone application that lets you create, edit and share audio files

    After the audio recording has been made and edited, the question will surely arise, how to transfer the recording from the voice recorder from the iPhone to the computer for further use or in order to save memory on the phone? The easiest way to download the audio file to your computer is through the native iTunes program. For this you will need:

    • Install iTunes on Computer.
    • Connect iPhone with USB cable.
    • After that, enter the program.
    • Open the “Music” section.
    • In the menu that opens, check the items “Synchronize music” and “Include voice recordings”.
    • Click on “Synchronize” (the button is at the bottom of the window).

    After completing simple steps, it remains to wait until all the voice files available in the recorder are copied to the PC. All recordings in mp3 format can be found in the “Voice recordings” folder. It will be placed last in the playlists of the library.

    Not forget! Before starting any download, it is imperative to make backups so that in case of unforeseen circumstances you do not lose information.

    How to Transfer Recording from iPhone Voice Recorder to Computer without iTunes

    How iTunes works is understandable, but how to transfer an audio recording from an iPhone to a computer if this program failed? This can be the case if you need to download a file longer than 10 minutes to your computer. In this case, you can use the i-FunBox program. The algorithm of actions is the same as through iTunes:

    • Download the program to your computer.
    • Connect iPhone to Computer with Cable.
    • Launch the i-FunBox program.
    • In the program, go to the “My Computer” menu.
    • Select “iPhone”, then the sub-item “Voise Memos”.
    • After the list of voice recorder recordings opens, select the desired.
    • Click on the file with the right mouse button.
    • Click on “Copy to PC”.
    • Determine the folder where you want to drop the file.
    • Click “Save”.
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    After that, the audio file will go to the specified folder. The disadvantage of this method is that you will have to transfer the recordings from the recorder one by one.

    Recording from the voice recorder can be reset to a computer via iTunes

    The second method is more convenient, but available only if you transfer audio information from iPhone to Mac. Apple programmers have provided their technology with a contactless and fast way to exchange data via AirDrop.

    To quickly move information from one apple device to another, you need:

    • Launch the “Dictaphone” application.
    • Go to the desired audio recording by touching it.
    • Open the menu under the button “”.
    • Select “Share” (after that, a list of devices in the immediate vicinity of the iPhone will appear at the top of the pop-up home screen).
    • Click on the recipient’s name, then “Done”.

    Note! If the device you want was not found, you need to check if AirDrop is turned on on the devices. If the function is enabled on all devices, and the gadgets do not see each other, you should try to place them as close to each other as possible.

    AirDrop is the fastest way to transfer data from one apple device to another

    How to transfer voice recorder recording from iPhone to computer

    Voice Recorder is a basic iPhone application and, I must say, not the most used one. The lack of demand for this option is primarily due to the inability to record a telephone conversation. Apple’s privacy policy remains unchanged. However, if there is a need to record audio information from an external medium, then you can be sure of the quality of the recording, since the developers of the application made sure that the recorder would suit even the most picky user.

    How to throw off a recording from a voice recorder in VK

    If you figured out the question of how to download a recording from the iPhone voice recorder to your computer, you can proceed to the next item. How do I share a post on social media? To send a voice file from an application to a social network, for example, VK, the application must be installed on the iPhone. If this condition is met, then there should be no difficulties. Further, a simple algorithm of actions:

    • Open the Voice Recorder app on iPhone.
    • Select the desired entry, click on it.
    • After the buttons for listening and editing the file appear, click “” on the right.
    • Select “Share” from the pop-up menu.
    • A list of the attachments available for upload appears. Select “VK”.
    • Determine where to post the post (to a page, to a community wall, to private messages).
    • Click “Share” again.

    You just have to wait for the file to load. It may take some time depending on the length of the recorded information.

    recover, voice, recorder, iphone

    ICloud cloud storage

    Apple has developed its own cloud storage, which is 5 GB free. The developers recommend storing all the necessary files in it, as well as backups. If the volume provided is insufficient, additional reserves can be purchased for a fee of just under a dollar per month for 50 GB.

    Note! Unnecessary information from the cloud storage can be deleted, transferred to other devices, archived.

    Why is this storage convenient? Unless specific settings are entered, all files from iPhone are automatically saved to iCloud. The data can be viewed from any Apple device with Internet access. And now iCloud storage is available for computers running Windows.

    To be able to use audio recordings from the voice recorder on Apple devices via iCloud, they need to be synchronized. This is done quite simply:

    • Open your account “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes” in the settings.
    • Select iCloud.
    • Find in the menu that appears “Dictaphone”.
    • Drag the slider to the right to access.

    After that, all audio files from the recorder will automatically go to the storage, where they can be used at any time.

    Upload iPhone Voice Recorder Recording to Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage is the most convenient way of storing information nowadays. They are easy to use, reliable, save space in the memory of gadgets. Anyone who has an address and password from the repository can use the posted information. In order to download the information, you do not need any additional programs and cables. Internet access is enough.

    Dropbox cloud storage

    Audio information from iPhone can also be uploaded to other cloud storages such as Dropbox. To download information, you need:

    • Log in to the Dropbox app.
    • Choose one of the proposed tariffs (2 GB of memory is provided free of charge).
    • Install iFile manager on iPhone and run.
    • Go to the “Settings” manager.
    • Go to the item “Link to Dropbox” (you need a username and password for your account in Dropbox.
    • Click on the button at the top “Change”, then on “” at the bottom of the page.
    • Select Dropbox folder.
    • In the list of folders that appear, go to the one where the desired file is stored and click on it.
    • Then activate “Change”.
    • Determine the action to be performed with the file from the ones suggested on the bottom panel. “Move”.

    It will remain to wait until the file is transferred to the Dropbox cloud. In the same way, you can copy any information from the iPhone.

    Important! Storage time in Dropbox is unlimited compared to other cloud storages.

    The options to transfer information from the voice recorder, share it, have access from anywhere in the world or any other device are enough to use the “Voice recorder” application without any difficulties and fears. This situation cannot but please users.

    Restore via iTunes

    You can restore recordings from the voice recorder to the iPhone through the user account in iTunes. But there is one clarification, the method is available if the owner made a backup of the data.

    • Sign in with your authorization pair to the iTunes service.
    • Press Ctrl and the smartphone icon in the left block of the service window or right-click on the name of your device.
    • In the context menu, select “restore from backup”.
    • Select the file you want.

    Not only selective, but also full recovery of smartphone data from a backup is available.

    Owners of the latest generation iPhones can do things a little differently. Open the appropriate application, go to the “Devices” section and find the restore command. The path to the folder with the backup files may differ depending on the gadget model. Let us remind you again that the method will allow you to restore the voice recorder recordings without any problems, only if the user created a backup copy before the last ones were deleted.

    how to recover
    deleted data on iPhone and iPad?

    how to recover
    deleted data on iPhone, iPad, iPod? Is it possible to recover
    iPhone data

    Recovering voice recorder recording on Iphone

    Let’s figure out how to restore a voice recorder recording on an iPhone that was accidentally deleted. The latter often happens after a software update or new software installation. You can solve the issue using iTunes and iCloud services. Let’s consider each option in detail.

    Restore via iTunes

    Recover recordings from recorder to iphone
    you can through your user account in iTunes. But there is one clarification, the method is available in the event that the owner has made a backup copy of the data.

    Not only selective, but also full recovery of smartphone data from a backup is available.

    The latest generation iPhone owners can do things differently. Open the appropriate application, go to the “Devices” section and find the restore command. The path to the folder with the backup files may vary depending on the gadget model. Let us remind you again that this method will allow you to restore the recorder recordings without problems, only if the user created a backup before the last one is deleted.

    ICloud recovery

    Let’s analyze the recovery process of the recorder recording
    on iPhone via iCloud and see if it can be done. This method allows you to restore data without using a PC, this option is also intended for the case of available backups
    . Otherwise, restore the recording
    the voice recorder will be possible only with the help of expensive professional software, which is not available to everyone.

    • Open gadget settings and go to iCloud.
    • Select the “Copies and storage” section and go to the storage service.
    • Open “Backups” and check the last sync. If the required backup file exists, continue.
    • Open the gadget settings again and select “Reset”.
    • In the setup menu, select the restore from backup option and enter iCloud.
    • Select the desired file with a copy of the content and start data recovery.

    This method allows you to restore
    any files, not just a recorder recording

    In addition to the described options, there are support programs that allow you to quickly recover lost data from iPhone via iTunes or iCloud. For example, UltData software does a great job. It is enough to download and install the program on the PC, and then connect the smartphone to the computer via the cord to start the scanner. The app will offer all available backup recovery options
    In one place.

    An important rule for each of the described options is to always make a backup, especially if there is a risk of losing data due to various circumstances.

    ICloud recovery

    We will analyze the process of restoring voice recorder recording to iPhone via iCloud and find out if it can be done. This method allows you to recover data without using a PC, this option is also designed in case of an existing backup. Otherwise, it will be possible to restore the dictaphone recording only with the help of expensive professional software, which is not available to everyone.

    • Open gadget settings and go to iCloud.
    • Select the “Copies and storage” section and go to the data storage service.
    • Open “Backups” and check for the latest sync. If the required backup file is available, go ahead.
    • Open the gadget settings again and select “Reset”.
    • In the settings menu, select the option to restore from a backup and enter iCloud.
    • Select the desired file with a copy of the content and start data recovery.

    This method allows you to recover any files, not just voice recorder recordings.

    In addition to the options described, there are auxiliary programs that allow you to quickly recover lost data from iPhone via iTunes or iCloud. For example, UltData software does an excellent job. It is enough to download and install the program on the PC, and then connect the smartphone to the computer via the cord to launch the scanner. The application will offer all the available options for restoring a backup in one place.

    An important rule for each of the described options is to always make a backup, especially if there are risks of losing data due to various circumstances.

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