How to remove a chip on the phone screen

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How to remove Samsung Pay from the screen: step by step

To remove Samsung Pay from the screen, you must completely stop the application or remove the panel. Malicious software can also cause the problem.

In such a situation, you need to install an antivirus on your smartphone and clean it. If this is not possible, connect the device to your computer and scan from the latter. If the cause is not malware, factory reset your phone.

At the bottom of the screen

Sometimes, when using Samsung Pay, the application automatically installs a quick access bar at the bottom of the screen, similar to the top one. The difference of the panel lies in the provided functions: it is intended only for Samsung Pay, therefore it offers a corresponding set of actions. The panel often interferes with the user, but it is quite easy to remove it:

  • Go to Samsung Pay Settings.
  • Register, if you haven’t done so yet and confirm your account by email.
  • Open the additional menu by tapping on three horizontal lines.
  • Open the settings.
  • Go to quick access and disable all features.

This simple procedure will disable the shortcut bar from the bottom of the screen. If you need to return it, repeat the same steps.

From the home screen

Samsung Pay often causes frustration among users. From time to time, the payment system installs incomprehensible software, which is, as it were, used for work, but in fact it just consumes the charge. Plus, they’re not easy to remove from your phone. In addition, sometimes the program installs a quick access bar on the main screen of the phone.

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You can fix this problem by cleaning your phone. This can be done in two ways:

  • Self-removal of unnecessary software. To do this, you can install the file system or manually clean the list of applications by checking with a clean device. And you can also use root rights, but in such a case, access to Samsung Pay on the smartphone will be blocked.
  • Factory resetting your smartphone will restore it to its original state. This will keep the settings and applications installed during production on the device. This will help clear the phone of information junk, but it will not prevent the latter from reappearing.

To remove the quick access panel, the user will have to go to the Samsung Pay settings and find the corresponding menu item.

How to Disable Samsung Pay from the Screen: Bottom and Main

How to disable Samsung Pay is a question of interest to users who are bored with app notifications. In addition, the program interferes with use even with notifications turned off, installing a quick access bar on the device screen. But it can be turned off in two ways.

How to remove Samsung Pay from the lock screen

If Samsung Pay has installed the panel on the lock screen, there are three ways to get rid of it.

  • Go to Samsung Pay.
  • Go to settings by pressing the corresponding key.
  • Search for Samsung Pay in the app and open it.
  • Forcibly disable the application, if possible, uninstall updates. Clear data and check for problem.

Please be aware that disconnecting you will not be able to use Samsung Pay, and the application will stop using the charge and will no longer send notifications.

You can get rid of the application on the lock screen by uninstalling the program. This requires root rights. Please be aware that root installation will void the user warranty and Samsung will block the re-installation of the payment app. To remove you need:

  • install root on your phone;
  • download and install Titanium Backup software. It uses root to modify system files that cannot be accessed otherwise;
  • find Samsung Pay in the list of applications and open options;
  • uninstall the app.

Titanium Backup allows you to hide an application in the device’s memory by freezing it. This blocks power consumption, disables notifications and removes various panels that the program has created. In this case, the latter remains on the device.

3 6 ways to eliminate the trail of yellow from the smartphone screen

There are 6 methods of dealing with yellow spots on the screens of modern gadgets. You should choose the most suitable one based on the causes of the problems. You should not make attempts to repair the display with a yellow trace yourself, especially if you do not have the skills to perform such work. Here are some ways to help remove yellowish stains on the touchscreen of a modern mobile device.

  • Updating the phone firmware.
  • Replacing the temperature sensor.
  • Replacing the display module.
  • Coating the screen with a cooling solution from the inside of the plastic.
  • Replacing the battery.

If you decide to deal with a yellow spot on the screen of a touch gadget, use the professional support of the service center employees. The repair performed by a specialist will be long-term and of high quality. A professional will fix the malfunction, explain to the user the reasons for its occurrence, and give useful advice on using an expensive mobile device.

2 Yellow spots on a mobile phone screen: 5 reasons

Unpleasant yellow defects appear on the screen for the following reasons.

    Overheat. Gadgets overheat if improperly or excessively used. In the area of ​​the film where high temperatures are applied, the shape of the material changes. When the smartphone cools down, the film returns to its original position, but an ugly mark remains on it. Most often it has a yellow tint, but sometimes the color is different. It depends on the location of the spot. The mark located at the edges of the display has a light and almost imperceptible yellowish tint. The shimmer formed in the center is characterized by a rich yellow color. Over time, such spots darken even more, becoming more noticeable.

How to remove a yellow spot from your phone screen?

Owners of smartphones with a touch screen sometimes face the problem of how to remove the yellow spot from the phone screen. Malfunction of this nature is common to many gadgets. An ugly glare is usually noticeable six months after the start of the mobile device. Our article will show you how to eliminate the macula. It is possible to correct the situation if the cause of the appearance of a persistent stain is known. In this article, we will figure out why yellow reflections appear on touch screens and what to do to effectively remove them.?

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1 What are the symptoms of a malfunction?

Most modern smartphones do not have warranty coverage against the appearance of yellow spots on the screen. A characteristic defect often occurs among the owners of mobile devices from brand manufacturers:

  • HTC;
  • Alcatel;
  • Samsung
  • Huawei

After several years of operation, a yellow spot appears in all models of devices. The spot is located in different parts of the screen, so carefully examine it before buying a gadget. The defect is clearly visible on a white background, and to find it, open the search page in your browser. The severity of damage varies. In some cases, the darkening is very slight and noticeable with close scrutiny. Its color is brownish. Sometimes there are saturated spots, which in appearance resemble glue or vegetable oil spilled under the screen.

4 Useful hints for operating a touchscreen mobile device

In order for a brand new gadget to serve as long as possible, while maintaining its original appearance, the user must follow some operating rules. They are simple and we will consider them in more detail below.

  • The presence of a cover. Choose a waterproof accessory, because it is he who will protect the screen and internal mechanisms of the gadget from moisture. The presence of a cover eliminates the likelihood of scratches and chips on the case.
  • Compliance with the temperature regime. For a touchscreen mobile phone, cold is a serious enemy. Staying in cold conditions for a long time, the device quickly discharges and reboots spontaneously. When you come home, put the gadget in a warm room to warm it up a little. Do not put it on charge right away, even if the device is completely discharged. The fact is that fast charging after the device is in the cold leads to the formation of condensation on the microcircuits. The problem is dangerous with a short circuit and breakdown of the smartphone.
  • Wearing a mobile device separately from coins and keys. Cracks and chips on the case of a modern mobile device often appear if the owner carries the gadget along with coins or keys in his. To prevent a problem from occurring, put the phone separately from objects that could cause mechanical damage to it. Also complete the device with a high-quality protective cover.
  • Presence of shockproof glass or film. Components will protect the screen and case from scratches, chips, and other mechanical defects.

Use the tips above to maximize the life of your smartphone.

We use software

Removing yellow spots from the smartphone screen is carried out using special software. The product is called Dead pixel detect fix. Its download from the online market is available to users free of charge.

Typically, users download the program to the phone immediately after purchasing it in order to check for a manufacturing defect. If the defect was formed as a result of exploitation, it is enough to launch the application after its installation and click on the Fix setting. Then the phone should be left on charge until morning. Usually minor screen faults disappear after a few hours of software operation.

5 Rules for cleaning touch screens in smartphones

The following recommendations will help the smartphone owner to clean the sensor correctly and without damaging the working mechanisms.

Remember that malfunctions with the smartphone screen are often provoked by non-observance of operating techniques.

Before starting active use, be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the device.

How to remove a circle from the screen of Honor or Huawei

So, in order to remove the white circle from the screen of Honor or Huawei, you need to disable this function in the settings of the smartphone itself. In order not to be mistaken with the section, use the step-by-step instructions presented just below:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “System” section.

We go into the subcategory “System navigation”

As you can see, it is quite easy to clear the screen of the foreign mug. Even the most novice users of the Android operating system should have no difficulty in following the detailed guide.

How to remove the circle on the phone on the screen. instructions

Today, almost all new phone models are equipped with large and high-quality displays. At the same time, the overall size of the device practically does not change due to the reduction of the frames around the screen. Agree that it is quite difficult to control such smartphones, especially when it comes to a woman’s hand. Developers are trying to introduce new navigation tools, one of which is the multi-functional circle on the display. Let’s figure out what it is for, and also consider how to remove it from the device screen.

How to remove a circle when you tap the screen

Some users confuse the navigation button with a circle that appears when you tap the screen. In fact, these are two completely different things, so you need to do other things to turn off the display of touches. So, for clarity, a detailed instruction was drawn up:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to the section “About phone” or “Information about the device”.
  • Find the line “Build number” or “Firmware version” and click on it several times. This action should unlock the “For Developers” section.
  • Now we return to the initial settings page and open the “Advanced settings” menu.
  • Go to the subcategory “For Developers”.
  • Next to the line “Show touches” we move the slider to the inactive position.

Next to the line “Show touches” we move the slider to the inactive position

After following the steps in the instructions, the touch display function will be disabled. This means that when you click on the screen, no circle can appear.

What is the circle on the phone screen for??

Most often, such a navigation system as an interactive circle is used by manufacturers Honor and Huawei. However, it is possible that little-known Chinese companies have already introduced such technology into their flagships. The multifunctional button combines several tools at once. This is the ability to open the menu, as well as go back or to the main screen. Each movement is carried out by pressing differently in duration:

  • Return to the previous section of the program or settings occurs through a short quick press.
  • To go to the desktop, you need to hold your finger on the mug for 1-2 seconds.
  • To view the applications running at the moment, just click on the interactive circle and move it to the side.

If desired, the principle of navigation control can be changed using the special settings section. However, we will not consider this procedure, since most users want to remove the hated circle from the screen.

Our article has come to its logical conclusion, which means that we have considered all the options to remove the circle from the smartphone screen. Carefully follow the instructions in the instructions and no problems will arise. And if you still have questions, then write them in the comments.

Get rid of scratches with polish

Also, a composition designed for cars will help get rid of blockages on the screen. Car polish is not intended for smartphone screens due to its aggressive composition, therefore it must be used carefully and in small quantities. If after you grind the polish, there is no improvement, you should not repeat the procedure.

In addition to car polishes, there are also screen polishes. Such a tool will not damage your device.

Polishing the smartphone screen with toothpaste

You can remove scratches from the screen with toothpaste in the following way:

  • First of all, remove the dust from the phone screen. it can cause additional damage;
  • Cover the holes on the phone with tape so that the paste does not get inside the device;
  • After squeezing out a small amount of paste, spread it over the screen with gentle, pressing movements;
  • After polishing, get rid of the paste on the screen and check if you have achieved the desired result;
  • If there are still cracks, repeat the steps above.
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Screen polishing with baking soda

Soda is used to polish screens due to its availability and versatility. You can also use baby powder instead of baking soda. This method is hardly suitable for cases with large defects, because soda has an extremely small grind and will not be able to repair deep damage from the phone screen.

  • Dilute baking soda with water in a 2: 1 ratio. You will end up with a pasty substance;
  • Cover the vulnerable parts of the device with adhesive tape: slots, connectors;
  • Apply a little paste to the phone screen;
  • Within ten minutes, gently rub the paste with a cloth into the screen of the device;
  • When finished, wipe the screen with a dry cloth. If the result was not achieved, repeat the procedure.

Removing scratches from a mobile phone with folk remedies

Having decided to resort to folk methods of getting rid of scratches, you must be aware of all the risks. People who decide to use folk remedies often face the ineffectiveness of this method.

Before starting the polishing process, do all of the following:

  • Disconnect the device;
  • Seal all sides, buttons and holes with tape in order to avoid getting various means inside the phone;
  • Remember that often the efforts are not justified immediately when choosing this method, therefore you need to be patient.

We remove small scratches on the screen using vegetable oil

Oily liquids are not able to remove scratches from the phone screen, but they can make the device look attractive.

  • Remove any dust on the display before using the oil;
  • Apply one drop of oil to the screen;
  • Rub the oil into the screen with a cloth until the oiliness is barely noticeable;
  • Get rid of excess with a dry wipe.

Screen polishing with displex paste

Unlike GOI paste, displex is a more modern tool that specializes in cleaning touch screens. Today, many consumers give their preference to this tool.

The paste is produced in a small tube with a sharp nose, making it easy to use.

To remove scratches from the screen, you need a small piece of light colored cloth. Color is important because in the process, the fabric will darken, so you can control the process. After cleaning is complete, you need to wipe the display and check if you managed to get rid of the cracks. If some scratches remain, repeat cleaning. In the same way, you can polish the glass of the camera on the phone, thanks to which the photos will be of better quality.

Average for polish

The of various products vary greatly. The same GOI paste will cost 65 rubles. for 45 g. This is not enough for one time. However, a professional product from a foreign manufacturer has an average price of 300 rubles for a small tube.

How to remove scratches with GOI paste?

First of all, the choice of a means for cleaning equipment depends on the degree of damage to the screen. Many knowledgeable consumers use GOI paste to get rid of scratches.

The paste can be sold in 4 types, depending on the dosage of chromium oxide in it, in another way it is called “abrasiveness”. To correct defects on the screen of a mobile phone, a paste with the smallest m of chromium oxide is suitable for us.

Before you start polishing, you should seal all sides of the phone with tape so that the paste does not get inside the device. The paste can be purchased in two forms, the way it is used will differ from this:

  • Felt circle with impregnation. In another way, it is felt, which contains a certain dosage of paste. This option will be less effective, but it is not difficult to use it. You just need to walk with this device on the screen of the device, paying special attention to scratches and cracks;
  • Paste. Its main advantage lies in the fact that the user himself regulates the amount of the substance used. After squeezing some of the product onto the screen, gently rub the paste onto the phone screen using a soft cloth. When finished with cleaning, the paste can be removed with a dry cloth.

How to remove scratches from your phone screen

Just think, some 10-15 years ago, many of us only dreamed of becoming the owner of a mobile phone. Today, this gadget can often be seen in the hands of even a first grader. The use of a mobile phone does not have the best effect on its appearance, small, and sometimes not very, scratches appear on the screen. To return the device to its former beauty, it is not at all necessary to contact a service center. You can also remove scratches from your phone screen at home. Today we will bring to your attention several ways.

Before you start implementing the methods below to remove scratches from your phone screen, you should do some preparatory work.

  • Turn off the machine.
  • Cover the external connectors with masking tape or electrical tape. This will prevent water and other foreign substances from entering the gadget.
  • Please be patient, as some scratches can be very tough. Perhaps you will need not minutes, but hours of painstaking work.

Baking soda

  • Make a paste from baking soda and water in a 2: 1 ratio.
  • Apply it to a cotton pad.
  • Work the scratched surface in a circular motion.
  • After the scratches have disappeared, remove the traces of the paste with a clean cloth or napkin.

You can use baby powder instead of baking soda if you want. The procedure is the same as above.

Car or furniture polish

  • Apply a small amount of polish to a cotton pad.
  • Polish the phone screen in the same way as described above until the obtrusive scratch disappears.
  • Then dry the phone thoroughly with a soft cloth, since the chemical compounds that make up the products, if they get on the skin or inside the body, can cause great harm to your health.

GOI paste

Do not be confused by how this product looks like. It is one of the most effective in combating scratches.

  • Apply the paste to a piece of soft cloth.
  • Drop a couple of drops of machine oil on the screen.
  • Gently rub the surface of the screen damaged by scratches until complete reanimation.
  • Wipe your phone dry and enjoy its pristine beauty.

Vegetable oil

If the phone screen is mottled with small scratches, then you can polish it with ordinary vegetable oil.

  • Apply a drop of oil to the monitor.
  • Use cotton wool to polish it to perfect smoothness.
  • Wipe the screen with a soft dry cloth or tissue.


  • A little bit of toothpaste (gel will not work) apply to a cotton pad.
  • Gently polish the screen in a circular motion until the scratch disappears.
  • Finally, wipe the screen with a paper towel to remove any remaining toothpaste.

A mixture made from egg, aluminum and potassium sulfate

  • Combine one egg white and a teaspoon of potassium sulfate (popularly known as alum), which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  • Preheat to 65 degrees in an aluminum pan.
  • Soak a piece of microfiber in the prepared solution.
  • Place it on aluminum foil and place it in an oven preheated to 150 degrees until the fabric is completely dry.
  • Then dip the microfiber in cold water for half a minute.

The above steps should be repeated 3 times, then leave the fabric to dry for two days. After the cloth, you can polish the phone screen.

What methods are known to you to remove scratches from your phone screen? Share them in the comments!

What to do about defects on the display from impacts

Immediately you need to decide what to do if a dark spot from blows appears on the screen of your smartphone. Or from the fall of the smartphone, which is almost the same thing. Mechanical damage cannot be repaired at home. If the stain remains black even after turning on the smartphone, it will most likely require a sensor replacement. As well as related modules that are responsible for the operation of the sensor.

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How to remove dark spots that appear on a smartphone screen

Mobile devices have different touch screen arrangements. There are dozens of such schemes. And in some cases, more often in tablets, the screens are built in such a way that there is an air gap between it and the touch field.

When you press the sensor with your finger, the field of the screen surface bends and indicates on the sensor which area is involved. Also, under physical influences, two contact fields can stick together. And you will see a barely noticeable spot when the device is turned on.

In this case, it will not be difficult to get rid of the defect at home. You will need any suction cup.

  • You need to attach a suction cup to the edge of the spot. If it does not adhere well to the screen, moisten the surface of the suction cup;
  • With sharp, but not strong movements, pull the suction cup towards you so that the top of the screen lags behind the bottom;
  • Attach a suction cup to the other edge and do the same;
  • Depending on the size of the spot, the suction cup must be attached from different ends of the defect.

By these actions, you will get rid of the flaw on the sensor of your phone. The suction cup can completely eliminate these problems on tablets, mobile phones and touch screen desktop PCs.

Another way to eliminate black streaks on the display of a mobile gadget

Very often, the spots on the smartphone screen are black and do not change color under any circumstances. They can appear even without damage and without moisture ingress. As a result of the failure of some of the pixels. Most likely, such a device has been used for a long time. And in these cases it is difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of them. But it’s worth trying. Black spots can disappear partially or completely under pressure. Try pressing down on the formation with your finger. If there is progress for the better, then your case is not hopeless.

Try to get rid of it by applying pressure to different areas of the stain. You can also try to warm it up before applying pressure. In this case, you can use warm air from a hair dryer. The service centers are trying to eliminate such stains with a pressure chamber. If you have this device, use it. But before placing the smartphone in the camera, you need to remove the back cover and battery.

Or demand a refund, depending on the conditions described in the warranty card. Blotches on the screen with a factory defect are usually multi-colored, like gasoline that fell into a puddle of the street. This also means the poor quality of the adhesive that holds the touch panel and display together.

Disassembly of the phone to remove defects from the screen when moisture gets in

Due to the fact that the mobile phone is always with us, it can also get caught in the rain along with the owner. After that, spots appear on the screen, which can be either black or with a yellow tint, gray, almost transparent, etc. If your device has really recently come into contact with moisture or was in a room with a high concentration of moisture, it must be turned off immediately.

Then remove the cover and battery. Remove other parts if possible.

Disassemble the phone that has gotten water

Dry the display and battery. Don’t use a hair dryer. as this can facilitate the penetration of the liquid deeper into the parts of the phone. Water that gets on the microcircuits inside will evaporate much longer. And there is a possibility that, when turned on, a contact closure will occur, which can lead to more serious consequences. Wipe the display and battery well with a dry cloth. And leave in a warm place to dry for a long time.

In the house. this can be a place where the sun shines almost all day. Just don’t leave your smartphone out in the sun. You can put a thin cotton scarf on top of it. If you have experience in disassembling mobile phones, unscrew the screws that hold the case and get to the main board.

If there is liquid on it, the board must also be wiped with a dry cloth. And let the main board dry.

A black spot appeared on the phone screen. how to remove?

Mobile phone owners may notice the sudden appearance of various kinds of defects on the sensor. Their nature may depend on the conditions in which the device was. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of a black spot on a smartphone screen.

Reasons for the appearance of black spots on the touchscreen phone screen

Most often, black spots on a mobile phone appear unexpectedly. The gadget did not fall anywhere, did not hit, did not come into contact with moisture. But a strange blotch appears on his screen. Or even a few small sizes. over, their colors and shades, depending on the case, can also be different. When in contact with them, this area can change. Or be unshakable.

The reasons for the appearance of spots on the mobile phone screen are different:

Reasons: Features:
From bumps, phone drops As a result, defects appear in the screen matrix. When the device is turned off and when the device is turned on, such spots will have a uniform black color. And which will also mean that the pixels of this spot cannot be restored.
Sticking the touchscreen to the display of the device In devices that have an air gap between the touchscreen and the screen. The spots in this case look almost transparent when the smartphone is on. And clearly visible when the device is turned off.
Water entering the smartphone In this case, the color of the spot may be different.
Incorrect software operation In this case, light streaks may appear. Updates will help fix the problem.
Increase in battery volume. May cause splashes of color on the display.

Now let’s figure out how to fix all the listed breakdowns on your mobile device.

What to do if the black dot appears again after pressing

You used a suction cup to get rid of the stain on your smartphone screen. But after a while or immediately after pressing it, it appeared again. This happens when the touchscreen from the inside can press on either the insulation elements (if the smartphone has already been repaired). Or in the event that the battery of the smartphone has increased as a result of long work. There are two ways out of this situation: either you try to fix the malfunction yourself, replacing the battery or insulation inside, or send it to the service for repair.

If you yourself decided to solve the problem when a black or dark spot appeared on the screen of your mobile phone, you need to get rid of it only after turning off the device. Do not operate the gadget when the power is on. You should not experiment with a smartphone if you have no previous experience in repairing. The details are very fragile inside. And repairing them in the future can be too expensive.