How to remove a crack from your phone screen

Displex paste

This tool is more effective and modern. Displex paste was created specifically for touch screens.

It is produced in the form of small tubes, with which it is very convenient to apply the mixture to the surface due to the presence of a pointed nose.

To get rid of scratches, you need a light-colored and soft enough cloth. Color is important because polishing will make the fabric darker for better control.

After finishing the procedure, thoroughly dry the glass surface with a cloth and check its condition.

Using this method, you can also clean the glass of the built-in camera to take the best possible photos.

Car polishes

To cope with scratches, drugs that are intended for processing road transport also help. For example, car polish will effectively cope with this task.

In doing so, great care should be taken as these formulations are not intended for mobile displays.

It should be noted that there are also special polishes for mobile screens.

How to remove scratches and cracks from your phone screen

The undoubted convenience of a tablet computer or a modern smartphone lies in the touch screen. it is very easy to work with it. But this is overshadowed by ugly cracks on its surface. You can prevent damage by sticking a special protective film on the device immediately after purchase, but it adversely affects the sensitivity of the touch cover. It is worth taking a closer look at how to get rid of scratches on the screen of a phone, tablet or any other touch device.

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Folk remedies

When thinking about how to get rid of scratches on your phone with home remedies, you need to understand the risks. Owners of mobile devices who decide to polish scratches on them often face insufficient effectiveness of the used home remedy.

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Various methods are being tried to improve the condition of the touch glass, for example, by making a mixture of water and baby powder. The effect of such tricks is in direct proportion to the depth of the defects.

Before removing the crack from the phone screen with folk remedies, the device must be prepared:

  • Turn off the gadget.
  • Cover all external holes and connectors with duct tape or double tape. They will not allow the product and water to penetrate inside.
  • Please be patient as some blemishes will be very difficult to remove. This may take not even minutes, but hours of careful processing.

Paste GOI

The choice of display polishing is in direct proportion to the depth and intensity of damage. Some people, trying to find a way to remove scratches from the phone, immediately remember the well-known GOI paste. In it, the role of an abrasive is assigned to a special powder based on chromium oxide, and the paste itself is of several varieties. To remove scratches from a smartphone sensor, an option with a minimum abrasive effect is suitable. Before processing, it is necessary to protect the sides of the device with adhesive tape so that the composition does not penetrate into holes and crevices. The paste can be produced in different forms, which are determined by the method of use:

  • Felt wheel impregnated with a special substance. Felt is very easy to use, but the second option is much more effective. In order to clean the glass surface of a tablet or smartphone using this device, you need to process it several times, especially carefully focusing on defects.
  • Paste. The advantage of this form of the tool is that the performer can independently control the amount of the applied abrasive substance. Squeeze some substance onto the display. Using smooth circular motions and a soft cloth, spread the layer evenly over the surface. After the procedure, dispose of residues with a clean and dry cloth.
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To remove scratches with this available tool, you can use the following aLGorithm:

  • Before removing scratches from the phone screen, the surface must be cleaned of dust particles and other contaminants that may abrasively affect it.
  • Cover all connectors and slots with tape.
  • After squeezing a little paste onto the display, distribute it evenly with a cotton swab.
  • Then wipe dry the device and check the result.
  • If defects are still present, then the procedure must be repeated.

Baking soda

At home, the methods that have been known since childhood are especially remarkable. For example, you can lighten the dishes using ordinary baking soda.

Step by step guide:

  • Create a pasty mixture of water and baking soda.
  • Protect all connectors and openings on the device.
  • Apply some of the prepared composition to the display.
  • Rub it in with a cloth for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Wipe the surface with a tissue.

Professional remedies

Pastes and liquids specially formulated to remove damage from glass surfaces contain aggressive ingredients that help to achieve good results without damaging the apparatus itself.