How to remove a foot from a Samsung TV

Step 2

Place your Samsung flat-screen TV face down on a blanket.

Step 4

Remove the screws with a magnetized screwdriver. If you do not have a magnetized screwdriver, cover the end of a regular screwdriver with masking tape with the adhesive side outward so that it grips the screw and pulls it out of the hole.

How to remove the stand from a Samsung flat screen TV. Around-House

Samsung flat screen TVs are becoming a popular choice for home theater applications. A wide variety of flat panel screens in various sizes makes this TV the perfect choice for any room. Samsung Flat Screen TVs come with a standard stand on a stand, which can make it difficult to mount on a wall. The pedestal stand is designed so that the TV will lie on a flat surface at an angle to the room. However, when a homeowner decides to mount the TV on a wall to create an authentic theatrical feel, the stand can be a concern.

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Solved: Smart TV Titles Stuck On Screen

I have found two methods for getting rid of stuck closed captioning phrases that work for me !

1) Plug the TV into the wall, let it stand for a few seconds or so, then plug it back in. stuck credits disappeared.

2) Using the remote control, turn off the TV for about 15 seconds. there is no need to turn off the power. Turn on your TV. (don’t worry about the credits) Then turn off the TV again for about 15 seconds. Turn on the TV again. This time, you should see the Smart TV header. When the Smart TV title is cleared, the stuck subtitles will be removed as well!

The problem is, signatures get stuck on the screen all the time! So it’s easier for me to turn the TV on and off as it takes about 30 seconds than unplugging the TV from the wall often!

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Solved: TV automatically changes sources ! Samsung Community

I have an older Samsung TV, model LN40B530P7N. This is NOT a Smart TV.
Has been working great for many years!
But 2 nights ago it started to automatically switch sources from HDMI1 to PC and TV. He does it on his own while I try to watch the show!
The ONLY device connected to this TV. this is my dvr with Spectrum cable and it is just a dumb block connected to our home dvr.
I used my cable remote, Samsung remote, and buttons on the side of the TV to switch the source back to HDMI1, but WHEN IT WORKS, it will only stay on HDMI1 for a few seconds. sometimes he can stay there for a maximum of 10 minutes.
(NOTE: Right now it is extremely difficult to get ANY TV remote control or buttons to do anything at all. It is difficult even to get it to bring up the Samsung main menu. It takes a few tries and sometimes does not work at all. I inserted new batteries in both remotes to make sure that is not the problem.)
I have read other articles here so I have already disabled the Anynet function.
I tried to find a way to reset my TV, but I can’t find a way to do it yet.
I turned my TV and dvr off and on again and even rebooted the dvr. just out of sheer desperation looking for a solution.
And finally, I tried to figure out how to check for software or firmware updates, but since this is a “dumb” TV, I cannot find a way to do this.
This TV is not currently working!
PLEASE tell me there is a solution. Judging by the articles, this problem has been known for quite some time.!

How to install a foot on a Samsung TV

Before you start assembling the TV, be sure, first of all, you need to put some soft material on a flat surface under the TV screen.

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This is in order not to damage his screen.

The standard set of the 5th series of Samsung TVs includes: instruction manual, remote control, batteries, CAM module adapter, power cord, infrared sensor for the universal remote control, a leg consisting of two parts and screws.

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In order to assemble the leg, you will need a screwdriver and screws included in the kit.

We put the second adapter plate on the leg.

Insert two screws from the front and tighten.

Similarly, fasten two screws from the back side.

In order to screw the leg to the TV, first we insert it into the grooves.

Video about the assembly of the 5th series of Samsung TV you can

Modern TVs can be placed, according to the intended interior design, not only on a stand, but also on the wall. over, such an arrangement will maximally save the technique from frequent mechanical influences. This moment, of course, is provided by the manufacturer. And in this article, we’ll show you how to remove the stand from your Samsung TV.

If you are unsure of what you are doing, contact an experienced Samsung TV service center.

What happens if you put the TV on the stand incorrectly

The stand will pinch the optical cable and damage it. The TV will stop turning on.

Samsung TV Stand Removal Instructions

Before proceeding with the disassembly of this element, you need to place the device with the screen down on a flat and soft surface so as not to damage it in the process.

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Removing stand on a Samsung LED 7 Series TV

When you position the TV, visually assess the mount of the stand. If you see bolts, pick up a Phillips screwdriver of the correct size and unscrew them. It is very important to use the correct screwdriver, as if the screwdriver is not suitable it can damage the mount. It is very important to keep the removed screws, and remember the order of their location for the subsequent correct assembly.

In addition to the bolts, the stand can be fixed with special latches. Examine them and try to detach them. You may need a thin screwdriver. The main thing is to do everything very carefully and not to make unnecessary efforts so as not to break the fasteners and the parts themselves. On older Samsung TVs, you can see a button that triggers a latch release mechanism when pressed. It is important to remember that if you remove the stand for the first time, it can be very difficult to remove. The main thing is to do everything carefully, and choose the right effort so as not to damage anything.

Unscrew the screw that connects the bottom of the stand and pull gently towards you.

detailed tips for your specific TV model can be found in the instructions or on the manufacturer’s website.

How to properly install the TV on the stand

The complete process is described in the user manual that came with the TV. The electronic version is available at hhtps: //

First assemble the stand and attach it to the TV according to the manual.

Only then connect the optical cable to the TV. The cable must be routed over the stand.

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